I moved my other games because they were 'too stupid' so I have decided to something like my last games. Nice and simple. These games will have the Capitol and D1 - D13 and I will add 1 tribute. I hope now these are more 'mature', more people will join.

DISTRICT 1 ARE THE CONTROLLERS, Here is what it means, this is a extract from my previous games :)
""Now, I have a secret for you. The president himself has selected this District to participate in a little twist. The two tributes selected this year will NOT be participating in the bloodbath! How exciting! Instead you will be deposited into a little room where you get to watch, and when its after, YOU may choose one person to die. Such fun!""
―District 8s mentor telling the crowd about the new twist


  • No swearing
  • No fighting
  • 3 tributes each
  • Upload anything you want, but profiles from THGRP are preferred.
  • Reservations last 2 days
  • There will be no template to follow, just make you're own.
  • Don't moan if your tributes dies, Suck it up

The Arena

The arena is on a island that has been suspended 500 meters in the air, strategically placed so tributes can still make out the buildings below. The actual island is divided into 4 sections. There is a Fore
The Fall Arena

My failed attempt to draw the arena :3

st, a Desert, A Frozen Wonderland and a zero gravity area where you can float around in. The arena has a grid code, ranging from 1a - 5j and number will be called every 3 hours. So lets say if you are in 2f and 2f has just been called, you have 2mins to get out of there because the ground will disintegrate and everything above it will fall to the floor.

This table will show what sections that will disapear. Blue = Cornucopia,  Red = Dead Section and something like D8M = Where the District 8 Male is positioned  Ca = Careers Aca = Anti Careers and Something like D6 = Both district 6 tributes. And now introducing the purple zones, these segments are where the 3 new mutts are positioned. And 'E' means everyone 'EE' Means everyone else (Excluding others mentiond on the map

a b c d e f g h i j
Dead Space
Alive Space

The Tributes

District and Gender Name Age Weapon Token User
Capitol Male Julius De Mort 18 Axe and Knives None District3
Capitol Female Lauren Carrie 18 Sword, Katana, Throwing Knives Skeleton necklace MissRandomStuff
District 0 Male Sonic Ellis 16 Throwing Knives None MyWorld
District 0 Female Clarity Waterfull 13 Axe None KittyTheEmolga
District 1 Male Kane Meilyr 17 Mace None TypeWriter'sAreCool
District 1 Female Adeline "Addie" Hanran 17 Poisionous Darts and Throwing Knives None TypeWriter'sAreCool
District 2 Male Nathan Gage 18 Machete, Sword and Spear Golden Medallion Thresh Is Best
District 2 Female Teresa Silver 18 Sword, Throwing Knives Pen and a Notebook MissRandomStuff
District 3 Male Chip Parks 15 Traps, Mines and Knives His Glasses MissRandomStuff
District 3 Female Watt Chargy 13 Wire, Throwing Knives None WiressFan21
District 4 Male Clay Barines 18 Knives, Axes and Pickaxes None Tehblakdeath
District 4 Female Missy Longshore 16 Bow+Arrows Blue and silver ring Fern Shadlock
District 5 Male Jonathan Papoupodulis 16 Knives And Arrows Green Pin Yugimuto1
District 5 Female Akali Bloodmoon 16 Katana And Sai None WingsofDemacia
District 6 Male Baord Jolice 17 Throwing Stars, Sword None Everderp
District 6 Female Lemin Jolice 17 Curved Knives None District3
District 7 Male Barkley Bennett 18 Axes, Throwing Knives And Machette None WiressFan21
District 7 Female Firs Pinewood 13 Axe, Knives None WiressFan21
District 8 Male

Dimity Arachne 18 Awl snd Short Sword (Healer) None TypeWriter'sAreCool
District 8 Female Velveeta "Velvet" Lisle. 14 Slingshot None TypeWriter'sAreCool
District 9 Male Anthony Proxy 16 Knives, Swords And His Emotion None TehOnlyUmbreon
District 9 Female Paris Caverly 15 Bow+Arrow And Axe Mood Necklace Sgirl11
District 10 Male Luigi James 17 Dagger None MyWorld
District 10 Female

Xenia Bloodhound 17 Triple Mace And Long Knives None District3
District 11 Male James Whiterock 16 Bow+Arrow And Machete Coin With District Logo District22
District 11 Female Sasha Heartstring 15 Traps And Snares, Throwing Knives Locket District22
District 12 Male Malek Rath 17 Sword And Throwing Knives None EvilhariboMadness
District 12 Female

Delilah Brooklyn


Throwing Knives

Personally Altered Knife Handle


District 13 Male Glenn Wood 14 Throwing Knives None MyWorld
District 13 Female September Rollo 18 Saber Claws And Bow+Arrow None


The Reapings


Lauren Carrie

I open my eyes to the sound of the alarm. I wipe the tear-soaked tissues off my bed and I turn it off, I stand up and I walk over to my window, its a lovely day outside but its a shame that the reaping has ruined it. "Lauren! Lauren!" A voice shouts, followed by banging at the front door. I walk downstairs and I go into the bathroom and grab a wet wipe to remove the dried trickle of mascara from my cheek "Please Lauren, I'm sorry! You know I am?" The voice shouts "Go away Curtis! I don't want to talk to you!" I shout back "Please. Open the door, lets talk" Curtis asks. I walk over to the door and I swing it open to reveal Curtis holding a bouquet of flowers "I'm so sorry, Lauren, I have broke up with Mary, You're the one that I want" She pleads "But why did you cheat on me then?" I ask him "I don't know" He replies and then looks down to the floor "Wrong answer" I say and I close the door, but he has put his foot in the way "Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" He chokes "Go home Curtis. Go back to your little slut" I slam the door shut. Good thing he moved his foot. I go back up to my room and I curl up in my bed and I close my eyes. HORN. I am awoken by the sound of the reaping horn so i pull myself to my feet and I get dressed into something appropriate. I walk out the door to the square which is slowly filling up with scared and cocky teens. I make my way into the crowd and our escort bounds on stage "HELLO CAPITOL! ITS TIME TO SELECT OUR VICTORS!" She giggles "Lets start off with our lovely ladies!" She starts to hum to herself and then gently picks up the slip at the top "Ok, Lauren Carrie!!" I must be dreaming. No. I'm awake, but I won't be for much longer. The last thing I hear is Curtis screaming as I collapse on the floor. Unconscious.

District 0

Clarity Waterfull

All day. Everyday. Just staring at the stars hoping to find something new. But we never do. "Miss, can we go now? We need to get ready for the reaping" Asks a girl in my class "SHUT UP" Shouts Miss and she slaps her round the face "You go when I say you can go!" She shouts at her "Miss, please, the horn is about to go" The girl complains. Now Miss has lost it, she walks over to the girl who has just regained her footing, and she grabs a chunk of metal from a broken telescope and she smashes it round her face and she falls to the floor. Dead. By now the class has stopped to look at the girls body, and then like we all shared the same thought, we grabbed any blunt object we can find and we ran at her. Me and a few others break off the crowd just before the beating commenced, and we watched while our classmates bludgeon Miss's skull. I feel sick in my stomach and I run outside and I puke, releasing the content of yesterdays dinner. I walk down the road to my house, stopping to puke twice until I finally arrive at my front door. I knock and mum answers "Honey, what happened? You look awful! Come in!" I stumble inside and i land on the couch. I explain everything, including Miss getting savaged by school children. "Oh dear lord! Did, did, you do anything?" She asks me in disbelief "Of course not! I ran away and puke and I came straight home!" I tell her. HORN. "We will talk about this after the reaping, now come on dear" She strokes my fair and lifts me up. The next thing I know I'm in the square and our escort has picked up a slip "Ruby Frostlass!"Oh no, She is the girl Miss killed. "Ok, next name then!" She shouts after a Peacekeeper whispers in her ear "Next slip!" She shouts "Clarity Waterfull!" I walk to the stage and puke for the forth time, today is not my day.

District 1

Kane Meilyr

"Ok boys, one of you get to voulenteer for tomorrows reaping. To decide, you two know what to do" My trainer explains "But make sure the winner is actually able to voulenteer.." He adds. We stare at him for a bit until he gestures for us to start, but he got the message first and tackled me to the floor. I punch him but it doesn't phase him one bit. He starts to punch me in the stomach so i knee him in the balls. I've gone into a frenzy as I stand and start to kick him in the face. I have clearly broken at least 4 of his teeth and his nose. I can't stop. Suddenly the trainer runs in and low kicks me and I fall to the floor. The boy get picked up on a strecher and is carried out. I get to my feet and the trainer rushes over to me "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO!" He shouts at me "YOU COULD OF KILLED HIM!" He spits "GET OUT. YOU'RE EXPELLED!" He bellow. Those two words send shivers down my spine. My dad, hoped that I would become a victor like him. What am I going to do? I should go and tell him. I take the stomach renching walk home to break my fathers dreams. I arrive at my front door and I take a deep breath in and I open it "Hello honey, how are you?" My mum greets me from the kitchen "Not good, is dad home?" I ask her "No, he was called to the academy. Do you want some toast?" She smiles at me "Mum, I got expelled from the academy" I confess "Oh dear, what did you do?" She looks at me with a confused look on her face "I just lost it and I broke a kids nose" I tell her  "Oh well, sweetie,to be honest, I'm glad" Wait, what? Glad? "What do you mean glad" I ask her "Well, going into the games can lead to 2 things, 1, death and 2, coming home a cocky douche, like your father. I just want to keep you the same" She strokes my hair and hugs me "I thought you were going to go crazy..." I state "Well, I'm glad but I can't say the same for your dad, thats probably why he was called down to the academy" She looks out the window and her smile turns into a frown "there's your dad now, and he doesn't look happy" I walk to the window and I can see him barreling down the street "Oh no" I say as he rockets through the door "YOU LITTLE SHIT!" My dad shouts "Jade, leave him alone!" My mum shouts "No, Seraphina!" He gives her a dirty look and turns back to me "YOU STUPID, STUPID BOY!" He walks right up to me "YOU ARE NO SON OF MINE" He shouts and punches me in the face, making a cut on my cheek "Get out of my house" He turns away and points to the door. I walk out and I can hear my mum and dad arguing. I have no-were to go. Wait, Leah</span>. I go to Leah's place and I talk to her. She lets me stay for the night and I tell her everything that happened while she cleans my cut. I am awoken by the horn and we go to the reaping together. I can see my mum waiting for me by the check in tables "Honey, you need to volunteer. He said if he ever sees you again he will kill you. And I don't think he was lying" She pulls her sleeve down a bit "Mum, did he hurt you?" I ask "He got mad and he was going to come after you but I stopped him" I lift up her sleeve to reveal a big purple bruise "Mum, if I volunteer he will be my mentor!" I say "I know love. But I need someone to confirm it" She kisses me on the head and walks into the crown. Confirm? Confirm what? I don't know. I walk through the check in and the escort pick a name from the bowl "Honey Boo Bo---I volunteer!" I girl put her hand up "Up you come love" The girl walks up and announces her name "Adeline Hanran" She chokes "Hello Adeline!" She smiles at her "Now time for the boys!" She sticks her hand in the bowl "Trigger Storm" She shouts. I guess the academy have already chosen the boy that will volunteer. But I will beat him to it. "I VOLUNTEER" I shout and shoot my hand into the air, and a few rows behind me another hand goes up. "Umm. You!" She points at me and the boy starts to scream "I WAS CHOSEN YOU CREEP!" He shouts and runs towards me but gets knock out by a Peacekeeper. I walk up the the stage and I say my name "Kane Meilyr" I speak "Hello Kane!" she smiles at me too "Congratulations to the tributes from District 1!"

District 2

Teresa Silver

"Well done Teresa, perfect shot" Flaw starts to clap as I remove the knife from the dummies forehead "Thanks" I reply as I polish my knife "Ok, Lets start over" He says with a smile as he presses the button that starts the Throwing Knife station. Targets flash before my eyes, each receiving a knife in the center. The targets start to appear faster but I keep on going, its so fast now, I'm just picking them up and throwing. I pick one up but I fumble it and I cut my hand open "SHITE" I shout as a clasp my hand "Oh god! Teresa! Are you ok?" Flaw rushes over and examines my hand "Its a pretty deep cut. I will go and get the Peacekeeper" He does his gay little run out of the room. I look closely at my hand. Clean and deep. Nice. "I've got one!" Shouts Flaw "She is just over there" A man walks in with his helmet on and walks over to me "Thats a pretty big cut, better get you to the nurse, 6" Says the Peacekeeper. "What did you call me?" I look at him in horror as he removes his helmet "6" He smiles "I called you 6" My horror turns into hysterics and I run out of the room, leaving a trail of blood behind me. I carry on running until I get to the square. The reaping will commence in a hour, I better get this hand sorted out. I go to the first Peacekeeper I see and I show her it "Oh christ, thats a pretty good cut. Let me stitch it up" Luckily I know this Peacekeeper. One of the nicest Peacekeepers you will ever meet and she is trained in medicine. "How did you do this?" She asks me "Throwing Knife incident" I say "At the academy? Wouldn't someone there sort it out?" I think back to the man and I shudder "I was alone" I lie. She finishes stitching my hand back up and it looks alot better. "Thanks" I say and I smile at her. "No problem, now, I better get back to work, see you around" She walks away and the reaping horn sounds. HORN. Luckily I only need to move about 10 meters. I wait for 15 minutes and everyone has assembled "Welcome District 2! Lets reaping some tributes!" Our escort screams down the mic and picks out a name from the girls bowl "FLORIDA REED" She shouts and a dozen girls volunteer, including me.  Then a Peacekeeper whispers something into the escorts ear and she looks around the group of screaming girls and locks eyes with me "You, over there in the pink" She points to me. She points to me!!! I practically run to the stage and shout my name into the mic. "Now for the boys" She sticks her hand in the boys bowl "Alvin Dover!" She looks around and chooses a boy called Nathan Gage. He does not look 18. Thats all I know. "Congratulations to the tributes of District 2!"

District 3

Watt Chargy

"Wake up sleepy head!" Casidey is stood above me smiling "5 more minutes" I groan and bury me head in my pillow "Fine. What do you want for breckfast?" She asks "Toast" I say "With what?" She adds "Butter and Jam" I tell her "Ok, I will be back up in a bit" She closes the door and I manage to gather the few minutes of precious sleep until Casidey comes back up along with the welcoming aroma of freshly made toast "Up you get Watt" Her voice rings and I prop myself up and I take the toast "Thanks" I say and I take a bite. Her toast is the best thing I have ever tasted "Ok, I have laid out your reaping outfit downstairs, it will start soon so when you have finished that you better get dressed, ok?" She points to my toast and smiles at me "Ok, Casidey, I won't get reaped, will I?" I ask her "Of course not dear, you only have 2 slips in that bowl" She stroks my hair and I finish the toast. "Come on, follow me" She takes my plate and leaves the room. I stand and look in the mirror to adjust my hair, then I follow her downstairs into the front room. And there, layed out on the table, is my reaping dress. A lovely shade of green. "Its beautiful, thanks!" I hug Casidey and I quickly put it on "You look stunning dear" Casidey smiles and I run over to the mirror. I really like it! Its the same color as my eyes, only brighter "Thanks Casidey!" I shout "No problem love" HORN. "Lets go love" She smiles and opens the front door and I walk out towards the square with Casidey by my side. We arrive at the square and I hug her when she leaves to stand in the adult crowd. I walk over to the blood stalls and they prick my finger then I walk into the crowd of possible tributes. We wait there for at least half an hour then our escort gets forced on stage "I don't wan---" He is screaming at the Peacekeeper until he realizes that he is on stage "Hi. Reaping. The girl tribute is Watt Chargy" Wait, what? I hear a scream in the adult crowd but my mind is to distant to recognize it. I walk up to the stage and I start to shake "Hi" The escort looks at me and smirks for a second. I find Casidey in the audience and she is on the floor crying, getting comforted by two of her friends. She is distraught. I leap off the stage and I run to her, barging past Peacekeeper and I sit down next to her "I will come back. I love you. You have been like a mum to me, no, you are my mum" I say and she sobs into my dress "You don't know how long I've waited to hear you say that" She smiles and I stand up and walk back to the stage, this time escored by 4 Peacekeepers "Ok. The boy tribute is Chip Parks" A boy wearing glasses walks to the stage. He won't last 5 seconds in the games. "So. Yeah. Congratulations to the tributes of District 3"

District 4

Missy Longshore

I land in the water, a perfect dive. I paddle to the surface of the water where I can see the crowd and the judges holding up numbered signs. 2 10's and a 9, 29. "in third place with a score of 26, Gwen Lotua!" A girl seems amazed by the fact she even placed, she walks up to the third place step and she is presented with her bronze medal."In second place with a score of 28, Janice Flints!" The girl starts to throw a tantrum "NO I'M SUPPOSE TO BE FIRST!" She screams and throws her silver medal at the judges and storms out, crying "Right, well, that means in first place with a score of 29, Missy Longshore! I've won! I walk up to the first place step which is above the third and second place step and I get handed my gold medal and a trophy. When the ceremony finished I went and got dressed into my reaping clothes and I pick up the trophy and I walk home. When I get there i put my trophy on the stand next to my 3 others. Its the second biggest and it suits the stand pretty well. HORN. I leave the house and I start to walk into the square. The crowd has already formed, thats District 4 for you. Can't wait to start The Hunger Games. I merge into the crowd and the escort walks on stage "Hello guys! Time to select our lucky tributes! Now I shall pick the lady!" He dives into the bowl and chooses a slip "B California!" He announces "I VOLUNTEER" I shout. He points to me and and wiggles hisjh finger towards him, gesturing for me to come over. I walk to the stage and announce my name. "Time for the boys! Rift Coral!" He looks for volunteers and picks one, his name is Clay "Well, Congratulations to the tributes of District 4!"

District 5

Jonathan Papoupodulis

I start to run. This is mental, I can;t believe this is happening, that asshole! He framed me for shoplifting! There are 2 Peacekeepers running after me. I take a sharp left into a ally where the overweight had trouble to fit in, so now there is only one chasing after me. "STOP OR I WILL SHOOT!" The Peacekeeper shouts. I don't want to get shot, thats a no no. So I stop and turn and prepare myself to get tackled. But I get a bullet in the shoulder. "WHAT THE FUCK? I STOPPED!" I shout at him "You started to run at me" He is obviously lying. I just stood there! "YOU LYING BASTARD" I shout and he punches me "You're under arrest. Get up" He hoists me up and I scream. Then he punches me in the shoulder right where I just got shot "STOP RESISTING" I scream again but I am saved by the reaping horn "Lets go. When the reapings over I will book you at the station" He walks me to the square and I start to shake. We get there but I have left a long trail of blood behind me. I feel faint but I know what to do. The escort walks on stage and starts to talk. Then he eventually manages to stick his hand in the reaping bowl and reads the name "Akali Bloodmoon!" A beautiful girl walks onto the stage and smiles. He walks over to the boys bowl and I look at the Peacekeeper behind me but he nudges me back around. I turn back and he has already picked a slip "Jolt Everest!" A scrawny blonde boy reaches the 3rd step on the stage and I shout out into the crowd "I Volunteer!" And I turn around and kick the Peacekeeper in the balls, then I stagger on stage. "Whats your name?" The escort asks "Jonathan Papoupodulis" I say "Well, try saying that when your hammered!" He giggles to himself but no-one joins in "Well, congratulations to the tributes of District 5" At that moment I start to cough up blood and I pass out


The Tribute Parade

Judges: Francine Joker!!!

Distict Male Outfit Female Outfit
Capitol Julius De Mort, Julius is wearing a casual Capitol outfit; A blazer and a pair of luminous jeans. Topped off with black mascara and black lipstick. Lauren Carrie, Lauren is wearing a Multi colored maxi dress that shimmers around her ankles. Her hair has been frizzed just right so it softly dangles on her dress.
0 Sonic Ellis, Sonic is dressed up in a paper mashae green and blue ball, The Earth. And right there in the middle, our beautiful country Panem, with Albion at the lower corner, I'm quite surprised they put Albion in there, the president will not be happy... Clarity Waterfall, Clarity is also in a paper mashae, but of the moon. Her one is smaller, good to know that they have got their facts right. And, is that real moondust? Oh, amazing! I need to steal some of that...
1 Kane Meilyr, Kane is wearing a blue dress that seems to have blue jewels in the fabric, yes, Sapphires. It gives off a dazzling blue light that just brightens up his eyes, such a brave face too considering his mentor and father died on the train ride here. Poor boy. Adeline 'Addie' Hanran, Addie is wearing a lovely green dress that is embedded with emeralds that gives off a lovely green light that counteracts with Kane's blue light, creating a sort of disco effect, it kinda makes be wanna boogy :3
2 Nathan Gage, Nathan is dressed up as a soldier from the American civil war. More specifically an British Redcoat. His uniform is red (Duh) and he is wearing a kilt. He is wielding a axe and waving to the crowd. Teresa Silver, Teresa is also dressed up as a soldier from the civil war, but she is an American Patriot and her uniform is blue.She is wielding a sword though, but is still waving to the crowd with a big happy grin on her face.
3 Chip Parks, Chip is cocooned in a tangled mess of wire in which you can only just make out their face. I don't know whats going to here, pretty bad if you ask me. Watt Chargy, Watt is also inside a heap of wire, but we can see her face alot more clearly then Chip's. Oh no, the poor lass is crying , i would be too if I was in that!
4 Clay Barines, Cane is dressed in only green swimming trunks and his skin has been tinted in a greenish blue color to show the colour of the sea. Woah, Green and blue seem to be popping up together quite a bit!  Missy Longshore, Missy is dressed in a coconut bra and some brown bikini bottoms. Her skin has also been tinted greenish blue. District 4 has obviously gone for beachwear
5 Jonathan Papoupodulis, Jonathen Is dressed as a pylon, hehe, I get it. You can see tiny sparks of electricity sputing up and down the metal. And his hair is sticking up due the the pulse. Akali Bloodmoon, Akali is dressed as a pylon too and tiny bolts of electricity flow up and down her and over to Jonathan. Her hair is also sticking up, but her hair is much more wilder and untamed.
6 Baord Jolice, Baord is dressed in a inflatable red double-Decker bus costume . He is hand in hand with his sister and is waving to the crowd. Nice to see a brother and a sister. Lemin Jolice, Lemin is dressed up as a inflatable train and is hand in hand with her brother. Two classic modes of transportation from District 6
7 Barkley Bennett, Barkley is dressed in the traditional District 7 oak tree. His face is painted green and he is holding branches in each hand. Fris Pinewook, Fris is dressed as a  Pine tree. Probably due to her name. Her hair is entwined with twigs and leaves and her face is painted green. She looks annoyed,
8 Dimity Arachne, Dimity is dressed in a pair of designer jean, a designer t-shirt and a designer hoodie. And a pair of $1,800 vintage shoes and some designer sunglasses, heirs a fun fact, this outfit in total costs $5,680? And it looks like he wears this all the time??? Velveeta "Velvet" Lisle. Velvet is in a dress made of silk! I want that. And stunning cashmere cardigan on top?!?!?!? Oh my god, I'm so taking that! I'm taking that entire outfit. I don't care if I'm not aloud. I will. I'm going to get a bag.. No, a shopping trolly
9 Anthony Proxy, Anthony is, oh dear lord, Panem, divert you're eyes! They are completely naked! Nothing is covering them at all. He is pretty hot though to be fair. Paris Caverly, Did the stylists even bother to make a outfit! Hide you're shame!! Those poor, poor kids, is this even aloud? Holy hell, right, next chariot!
10 Ok, I'm ok. Right. Luigi James, Luigi and Xeina are wearing the same costumes as the previous D10 tributes, Matt and Jess. Luigi is dressed as a cow with the word 'beef' written on it.The humor has kinda worn off though... Shame. Xeina Bloodhound, Xenia is... PHAHAH. I lied, the pig in mud thing has still got that edge, hahahah--- What the hell? She has just ripped the costume of and she starts screaming, hitting Luigi off of the chariot in the fit of rage.
11 James Whiterock, James is in a harvester uniform, nothing really special to be fair. He is just stood their sharing fruit with Sasha, oh, I want some grapes. Sasha Heartstring, Sasha is wearing a harvester uniform too. She and James are just having a conversation while passing and eating grapes and strawberries.
12 Malek Rath, Malek is dressed as a coal miner. Well at least it beats being nude. Wait, whats going on with the pickaxe? Malek has raised it into the air and lights are flashing out of it into the sky. Leaving bits of flame behind them Delilah Brooklyn, Delilah is dressed as a coal miner too, and she has also raised her pickaxe and lights shoot to the sky and then erupt into red yellow and orange fireworks. District 12 has pulled it off this year.
13 Finally. Glenn Wood, Glenn is dressed up as a scientist and is holding a bucket and is catching all of the flames District 12 left behind, District teamwork! Now I love that! I wish I could see that more often... But I highly doubt that, everyone knows that District 12 and 13 are close September Rollo, September, let me just say how much I love that name, September... September...Oh yeah, She is also holding a bucket. And that concludes the 95th Hunger Games Tribute Parade! I'm Francine Joker, signing off!


Ok, I need alliances. I know so annoying... I will do what I already know but thats the best I can do... I'm guessing 1, 2 and 4 are careers... What I'm going to do is place people in a alliance just to get it over with, but feel free to comment and ask me to change it.

Careers: Clarity Waterfull (0) Nathan Cage (2) Teresa Silver (2) Akali Bloodmoon (5) Velveeta "Velvet" Lisle (8) Paris Caverly (9) DISBANDED

Anti-careers: Kane Meilyr (1) Luigi James (10) Malek Rath (12) Delilah Brooklyn (12) Glenn Wood (13) September Rollo (13)

District 4 and 9 alliance: Clay Barines (4) Anthony Proxy (9)

District 3 and 7 alliance: Chip Parks (3) Watt Chargy (3) Firs Pinewood (7)

District 6 alliance: Baord Jolice (6) Lemin Jolice (6)

District 10 and 8 alliance: Dimity Arachne (8) Xenia Bloodhound (10)

District 11 alliance: James Whiterock (11) Sasha Heartstring (11)

Loners: Julius De Mort (C) Lauren Carrie (C) Sonic Ellis (0) Adeline (Addie) Hanran (1) Jonathan Papoupodulis (5) Barkley Bennet (7) Missy Longshore (4)

Training Scores and Odds



Score Odds
C Julius De Mort 7 16/1
C Lauren Carrie 9 10/1
0 Sonic Ellis 2 46/1
0 Clarity Waterfall 8 13/1
1 Kane Meilyr 10 4/1
1 Adeline 'Addie' Hanran 10 4/1
2 Nathan Cage 8 12/1
2 Teresa Silver 10 5/1
3 Chip Parks 5 24/1
3 Watt Chargy 3 38/1
4 Clay Barines 8 11/1
4 Missy Longshore 9 9/1
5 Jonathan Papoupadulis 7 17/1
5 Alkai Bloodmoon 6 19/1
6 Board Jolice 9 7/1
6 Lemin Jolice 9 8/1
7 Barkley Bennet 1 56/1
7 Firs Pinewood 5 24/1
8 Dimity Arachne 7 16/1
8 Velveeta 'Velvet' Lisle 8 10/1
9 Anthony Proxy 7 15/1
9 Paris Caverly 5 25/1
10 Luigi James 4 30/1
10 Xenia Bloodhound 11 3/1
11 James Whiterock 6 20/1
11 Sasha Heartstring 6 19/1
12 Malek Rath 9 9/1
12 Delilah Brooklyn 7 16/1
13 Glenn Wood 6 18/1
13 September Rollo 11 3/1

Death Chart

Name District Killer District How Placing
Sonic Ellis 0 September Rollo 13 Arrow to the Eye 30th
Paris Caverly 9 Xenia Bloodhound 10 Stabbed in the Back 29th
Nathan Cage 2 James Whiterock 11 Strangled with Wire 28th
Malek Rath 12 Barkley Bennet 7 Axe to the Stomach 27th
Julius De Mort Capitol Teresa Silver 2 Decapitated with Sword 26th
Velveeta (Velvet) Lisle 8 Xenia Bloodhound 10 Spine Broke 25th
James Whiterock 11 Delilah Brooklyn 12 Knife to the Head 24th
Teresa Silver 2 The Capitol (Kane) 1 Spear through the Heart 23rd
Barkley Bennet 7 Lauren Carrie Capitol Decapitated with Sword 22nd
Delilah Brooklyn 12 The Capitol (Adeline) 1 Spear through the Skull 21st
Clarity Waterfall 0 The Capitol N/A Fell into Dead Segment 20th
Akali Bloodmoon 5 Xenia Bloodhound 10 Mace to the Head 19th
Glenn Woods 13 Missy Longshore 4 Arrow to the Chest 18th
Sasha Heartstring 11 Lemin Jolice (Assisted Suicide) 6 Nightlock Poisoning 17th
Luigi James 10 Adeline Hanran 1 Knife to the Chest 16th
Adeline Hanran 1 Kane Meilyr 1 Sword to the Heart 15th
Kane Meilyr 1 Dimity Arachne 8 Slashed Throat 14th
Chip Parks 3 Lauren Carrie Capitol Stabbed in the Eye 13th
Jonathan Papoupadulis 5 N/A N/A N/A 12th
Anthony Proxy 9 Missy Longshore 4 Arrow to the Temple 11th
Baord Jolice 6 Clay Barines 4 Throat Slit 10th
September Rollo 13 Missy Longshore 4 Arrow to the Abdomen 9th
Firs Pinewood 7 The Capitol N/A Crushed by Basilisk 8th
Dimity Arachne 8 Watt Chargey 3 Knife to the Head 7th
Lemin Jolice 6 Watt Chargey 3 Knife to the Stomach 6th
Lauren Carrie Capitol Missy Longshore 4 Strangled with Bow String 5th
Xenia Bloodhound 10 Watt Chargey/Clay Barines 3/4 Crossbow bolts to Stomach 4th
Clay Barines 4 N/A N/A N/A VICTOR

Watt Chargey 3 N/A N/A N/A VICTOR
Missy Longshore 4 N/A N/A N/A VICTOR

Let the 95th Hunger Games (aka. The Fall Games) begin!!!

Day 1 - Bloodbath

September Rollo - D13

I start to rise through the tube and the image of my stylist slowly disappears. It takes around 30 seconds of complete darkness to finally reach the top. When I reach the top I wince as my eyes adjust to the blinding light. The cornucopia catches my eye and I inspect the content, there are a few things I could use, Like that bow and quiver of arrows, I can't see any claws though. I look around at my competitors and I can see that the pedestal next to me is empty, Dimity, who is on the other side of the empty pedestal, had a idea, he jumped onto the empty pedestal and stepped off. No explosion. He gestured me to go with him and I followed. I jumped onto the the pedestal and grabbed Dimity's hand for support "40 seconds left, lets get choosing" I smile and run into the cornucopia and take my pick: The bow and quiver of arrows I noticed at the beginning and I run back to Dimity, who has gathered 4 backpacks, 3 first aid kits, a short sword and a awl. But suddenly, a figure comes running at me. Sonic. He must of came off the other empty pedestal. He has nothing in his hands but I still fire and the arrow sails through his skull.  20 seconds. "Ok, I will wait in the outskirts, Aim for the Careers!" Dimity shouts as he runs off into the forest. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0

The horn sounds and tributes run in from all angles. I fire at Missy but she dodges it with ease and comes running at me. I'm to slow to reload and she tackles me to the ground. My immediate thought is that I need to get out of here. I push Missy away and kick her in the face, blood rushes out of her nose and she backs away. I stand and run over to Xenia who has just finished stabbing the girl from 9 "Wheres Dimity?" She shouts "He is a healer, not a fighter. He is waiting for us in the forest!" I reply. And I start to run back into the fight.

James Whiterock - D11

"SASHA!" I shout and I run over to her wrestling Nathan from 2, I frantically search for a weapon and I find a bit of wire. Its the best I can do so I run up to Nathan from behind and I strangle him. I hold him until his body goes limp. "We need to get out of here!" She shouts. We starts to run towards the frozen wonderland and we see Barkley swinging a axe into Malek's stomach and Teresa beheading Julius with her sword. this is barbaric! We decide to hide in the cornucopia because everywhere else there are angry Careers and Anti-Careers slicing each other up. There is no chance in hell that we will get out of here alive. So I make a decision. I need Sasha to live. "Sasha, listen to me, I'm going to run out the and district everyone, then you run towards the wonderland, I will catch up" I lie "Ok, I will see you in a bit, yeah?" She asks, looking into my eyes "Yeah" I smile and dash out into the open and I attack the first person I see; Delilah. I pounce on her and I start to punch her. Until Luigi picks me up with a smile "Delilah, you can have him" She miles back and throws a knife at my balls. Square hit. I scream but Luigi covers my mouth "Shhh" She whispers into my ear. "Looks like the bloodbath is over, the careers have ran away!" Xiena struts into the cornucopia and picks up Velvet. She is seriously injured and I can read the words "Just kill me" from her lips and Xenia simply drops her on her knee. It looks like it worked though. And In that moment. I can see everything. Just for a split second, my life. The Delilah simply says "Sorry" And she throws a knife at my hea----


Adeline Hanran - D1

The buttons on my control panel have turned green, except for 7 of them. That must mean the deaths. Three Careers dead? Wow. "ATTENTION. IT IS NOW TIME TO CHOOSE WHO TO DIE" Ok, I inspect my panel and I see a light turn red, That must be who Kane chose. Yes. she is a major threat. Better to kill her now from the safety of this booth. I press the button and it too, turns red "THANK YOU. YOU WILL BE DEPOSITED INTO THE ARENA SHORTLY. AND MAY I REMIND YOU. HAPPY HUNGER GAMES. AND MY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR" A purple gas starts to seep into the room and I slowly start to lose consciousness.

Day 1 - Night Time

Missy Longshore - D4

"Attention tributes, attention. If you would please get your maps out for the first square removal. The first two squares to be removed are... 2F and 4C "Where the hell are we?" I ask and stand, ready to run "Relax, we are in 2C" Alkai replies, smirking at me. "Where the hell is Adeline?" Clay moans, and at that moment, a hovercraft appears above us and we back away. But a claw comes down and releases Adeline. She falls about 10 feet and hits the ground. We quickly surround her and she opens her eyes. "Hey, where am I, who are you?" She asks, bewildered by her surroundings "Your in the arena, and we are the Careers, you're our leader" I tell her as I help her up. Suddenly. A spear shoots out from the trees and we all duck. "Holy crap, who done that?" Addie shouts "Up there!"" Anthony shouts and we all run towards the tree, except for Teresa. I turn around to find her with the spear through her heart. BOOM. "Oh, Teresa! I run over to her and I rip the spear out. There is a note on the end that says 'Kane'. "Oh, I see. Kane chooses Teresa in the voting booth" Adeline explains. Shame. She was a good fighter. "We should head out towards forest, its freezing here! But the view is nice" Clarity suggests "I've got a better idea" Alkai announces her idea and we all nod in agreement. "But first, lets head to the forrest to get some sleep" I say and we head out.

Jonathen Papoupodulis - D5

Thank god, they are moving, I agreed to myself that I would stalk the Careers so I know where they are at all times. Best idea I've had since this thing started because they are so clumsy. I mean they left a entire loaf of bread for me to just pick up when they started moving. I pick it up and I follow them into the forest. But I don't dare to get too close. I like my life. After a hour of walking I can see the forest. And all of a sudden the temperature just, changes in a split second, from freezing cold to very humid. Thats the Hunger Games for you. You never know what to expect. The sky has turned pitch black and the fallen's faces start to appear above

Capitol - Julius De Mort

District 0 - Sonic Ellis

District 2 - Nathan Cage

District 2 - Teresa Silver

District 8 - Velveeta Lisle

District 9 - Paris Caverly

District 11 - James Whiterock

District 12 - Malek Rath

Both tributes from 2 are already dead, well, I already know that but still, I'm surprised. All together, 4 Careers dead. and only 1 Anti-Career. Woah. I decide to climb a tree and sleep, you need it in this place. I hear movement from the career camp so I jump to the tree next to me and inspect the camp. I everyone is asleep except from Clay. He must be on watch. He starts to rummage through backpacks and chooses 3 knifes, bread, chicken and a trident. Then he runs away. He has just abandoned them. Everyone is asleep and defenseless. This is my chance. I jump down from my tree and I walk into the camp. I take three backpacks, content unknown, and I run. Afraid that they will awaken and chase me. But no. They are bloody deep sleepers. I don't stop running until I reach the end of the arena. I climb a tree and sleep, at least I will be safe here. "Attention tributes, attention. The latest square removal is about to commence. 1A and 5B. If you are in these zones then you have a minute to escape. And may I remind you. Happy Hunger Games, And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor" I have no need to check my map. I now I'm In 3 because I can see The Frozen Wonderland.

Day 2 - Day Time

Lauren Carrie - Capitol

This place is so trippy. Its like I'm on the moon! Just bouncing along on the floor. I use rocks to keep me on the floor so I don't float away, because I'm not sure that if I float away, I won't come back. While jumping I cut my finger on a tree and tiny little beads of blood start to flow out of my finger. Fascinating. I inspect the drops of blood with curiosity until I finally snap-out of my daze. Its like swimming above water. I suddenly get a Erika moment and I look at my knife. Its been specially designed to be thrown without gravity! I mean, it will travel at speed, but it won't fall.Our technology is simply amazing! In the distance, I can see a figure in the distance. Its defiantly not a girl, her boobs would be as clear as day. And he is holding a axe, well, if I put 2 and 2 together, then thats boy from 7.

He has spotted me to, and starts to come over. "Hey, alliance?" I shout with a smile, but he throws her axe. Thats also been designed to fly in zero gravity. I narrowly dodge it "I take that as a no then" I think aloud. I grab my sword and and I prepare to fight him. I go to grab his axe but it has sailed off at the same speed as it was thrown. Have fun getting that back. "Ok, lets get this over with" Barkley remarks "With pleasure" I retort. He throws his fist towards me, but i deflect it easily. Perks of Zero gravity:1, You can't fight properly. I figure out that the only way to kill someone in this is to just stab them. 2, Its pretty hard to deflect a sword. I stab him in the leg and he screams. blood flows out of the wound and it gracefully sails into the air. 3, when you decapitate someone, its quite a show. I bring the sword to my shoulder, and I swipe the sword in front of me and i feel impact. Knowing that I have hit my target. BOOM. Barkley's head floats away from his body. Blood is going everywhere. But is just floating there. Its beautiful, in a sort of twisted way. I kick his body away and it flies upwards. I think i might leave the zero gravity section. "Attention tributes, attention. The next sections to be removed are. 4H and 2J.If you are in these areas then you have a minute to leave". I check my map. and my face turns to horror as I see the scribbled letters on my map, saying where I am. 4H. Oh, crap... I start running as fast as my legs can carry me towards the desert, at least I think its the desert. Yes it must be. I stop running and remove the rocks from my feet, then I carry on running. The no-gravity has slowed me down quite a bit but I was close to the desert anyway. I turn around and look at the floor, Its crumbling away! I turn back around and carry on running. I am at the edge so I jump, I can see the the entire square has turned to dust and I can see the tops of the highest Capitol buildings. I look towards my target and a grasp onto a rock at the edge of the desert. Gravity has been restored and i am hanging on by my finger tips. I slowly start to pull myself up and I reach the surface of the sand, then I just lay there and think to myself You made it. you are alive. For now. I wonder who won Big Brother....

Lemin Jolice - D6

"This is so good!" I exclaim as I sink my teeth into a leg of grooseling "I know, its so tasty!" Board smiles at me while swallowing a chunk of the chicken like bird "Board, what happens if we are the las---" "No, don't talk about it, lets just focus on the present" Board cuts me off and glares into my eyes "What do you want to do? Set up camp here of move along?" I ask him "We might as well stay here, we have a stream and a food supply. We will be ok" He gives me one of his smiles and I laugh. It strangely doesn't feel like I'm in the arena, for some reason I feel like I'm at home. But I must get into game. God knows whats lurking in the shadows. "Lemin, can you hear that?" Board stands up and grabs his sword. I can hear it too, a feint, sobbing sound "Lets check it out" I reply. I pick up my dagger and slide it into my belt. Its a girl, she is crying. "Board, its another tribute" I whisper. We reach a tree and we poke out heads around it. The girl from 11, Sasha, is were the crying is coming from. "What should we do?" I ask him. "Lets approach her" He replies. We both step out from the cover of the tree "Sasha?" Board asks and the girl springs up, aiming her bow at Board "Don't try anything or I will slash your throat" I spit at her "J-J--Just Leave me alone. P-Please" She drops her bow and slumps to the ground. Oh, now I get it. Her District partner, James I think, died in the bloodbath yesterday. I walk over to her and hug her. "Don't worry, its ok, we won't hurt you" I whisper in her ear and she starts to sob into my shoulder. I look over at Board and he nods. "I won't hurt you" I say, Making that silent alliance.

Luigi James - D0

"DELILAH LOOK OUT!" I Shout as a spear plummets towards her, She screams and tries to duck, but its too late. The spear has found a home in Delilah's skull. BOOM. "QUICK, IT CAME FROM THE TREE, AFTER IT!" Xenia yells and everyone runs towards the tree. I stay behind and inspect the spear. It has a note on the end. I rip it off and read the word Adeline. Thats who Adeline chose. Bitch, she is so dead when we get our hands on her! I walk away from Delilah's body and towards the tree where the spear came from "Its a machine! It was fired by the Capitol!" September shouts from the tree. She jumps down and flicks her hair. Clay walks over to Kane and whispers something into his ear. Its good we got Clay, he just ditched the Careers and stole a bunch of their stuff while he was on watch, then ran here. The Careers must have a hit on him "What's that?" I shout over to the pair "I was just saying that we should clear out, you know, to give the hovercraft some space to pick up Delilah" He replies "Hmm" I mumble and walk over to Xenia and Dimity. He is such a bad liar, but we should give Delilah some space. Kane leads us about 50 meters away from the camp and the hovercraft materializes from thin air, and picks up Delilah with its claw. Delilah's hat falls off halfway up so September walks over to it and puts it on. "For good luck" She states. You wouldn't think that she is the superstitious type.

Day 2 - Night time

Watt Chargey - D3

"I wouldn't get any closer if I were you Chip" I tell him "Don't worry, I'm fine" He smiles back at me. We have reached a edge of the segment that borders a segment that got removed. Its just a open space now, but if you look down its quite a nice view "Who do you think died today?" Firs asks me "Hmmm, I don't know, It could be anybody for all we know. The sky starts to get dark but it only feels like its 4pm, but I still yawn. "Lets get some sleep, yeah?" I ask Chip and Fris and they agree. The desert is nice and warm at night so Its easier to sleep. I slowly doze off while Chip keeps guard..."Watt, wake up" Chip shakes me awake and I can hear music "The faces are about to come up" He points to the sky as the first face lightens the sky

District 7 - Barkley Bennet

District 12 - Delilah Brooklyn

Me and Chip look at Fris, knowing that her District partners face just flashed in the sky "He was weird" She simply replied, looking at our melancholy faces "I'm fine, I hardly knew him, now, I will take watch. Both of you get some rest. See you in the morning" She reassures up. She is upset inside, I know it. I lie back down and watch the sky until I fall asleep.

Akali Bloodmoon - D5

I hate being on watch, its so boring. Nothing happenes at this time at night, well, except for the square removal, but that never effects us. How many are left? I just saw Barkley and that girl from 12, so minus them. God. We haven't even started yet. I think there are like, 19 left, a third dead and gone, on there way back to their seperate Districts, I wonder how they packed the one that got beheaded at the Bloodbath, did they just, place it on top? Maybe, but why do I care. "You ok Akali?" I turn my head towards the voice. Clarity is sat cross-legged playing with her Axe "I'm fine, its not you're shift until 5, why are you awake?" I ask her "Why do you think, we are in the Hunger Games, what normal person can have a sound sleep here?" At the word normal, Anthony gives out a big snore. And we laugh. The first time I have laughed in a while, it sort of feel good. "Attention tributes, attention" We stop giggling almost immediantly to listen "The next squares to be removed are as follows: 1h and 4f As always, if you are in one of these segments, then you have a minute to escape. That will be all"

I grab the map and I find our position "Oh, aren't we into a treat" I remark "What?" Clarity stands up anxiously "We are in 4f!" I stand up and look at the sleeping careers "OH, FEEL FREE TO SLEEP! YOU'RE ABOUT TO DIE DIPSHITS" I yell and that woke them all up "Wha---" Clay sleepily stands with the help of a tree "The square we are in!" Everyone understands and Missy is the first to bolt, so we run after her. We spent too much time talking. We will never make it. The ground is slowly fading away. Missy has stopped running, she must of reached the next segment, she is such a fast runner. We have run out of time. Hoping I'm the last one there. I dive towards Adeline; The safe spot. We all made it!!! Look, we are all here! Me, Addie, Anthony, Clay and Clarit--- "Where is Clarity!" I shout "She was... Right behind you" Missy clasps her hand over her mouth. I look at the edge, but there is no cannon, thats when I see the fingertips. I run over to the edge and I see Clarity dangling over the edge "Give me you're hand!" I shout. She grasps my hand and I try to pull her up, but my hand is too sweaty "HELP ME" I look behind at the rest of the Careers. And only Missy comes over. But its too late, She looks into my eyes and smiles "Good luck" She mouths and lets go. I watch her fall into the abyss until her body hits the floor. BOOM. I stand and turn around "WHY DIDN'T YOU HELP, WE COULD OF SAVED HER!" I look right at Anthony and he gulps "Akali, we have more things to worry about" He says timidly "And what the hell is that?" I ask "Us"

Xenia Bloodhound - D10

"Us" I answer him. That word signaled chaos. I throw my mace and It thumps into Akali's head. BOOM. Missy lets out a scream and fires a arrow behind me. BOOM. I glance around to see Glenn with a arrow in his chest. When I turn back around, Missy and Anthony have run off. Adeline and Clay are still here though, but why? So stupid. Adeline throws a knife but I easily dodge it. Oh wow. Clay obviously gets spooked and runs toward the direction Missy ran in. Urgh. I'm bored. I throw a knife at it hit Addie in the thigh. There will be no point in chasing her. She will bleed out soon anyway. "Hey, guys, Guess what?" September announces "Hmm?" I look at her "The Careers have disbanded!" She laughs. Thats right. The Careers need 3 people to be a alliance. But Adeline ran North West, Anthony ran South West and Clay and Missy ran West. We have beat them. Since its night, the faces will show in a minute. Oh, speak of the devil


District 0 - Clarity Waterfall

District 5 - Akali Bloodmoon

District 13 - Glenn Wood

I snicker and walk over to Akali's body and remove the mace. I will need that. Then we decide to sleep. I mean, what threats are left? The disbanded Careers won't return here, and the only other tributes that have made a impression are the District 6 ones. They are a threat, but god knows where they are. I lay down and shut my eyes, This has been a long night.

Day 3 - Day time

Jonathen Papoupodulis - D5

"I need to get moving" I say to myself. I think its around 5 in the morning. Everyone will be fast asleep at this time, which is good. I crawl out of my igloo and I am hit with the cold breeze. Such a beautiful view. The frozen landscape and the ice mountains. I can now see why its called 'The Frozen Wonderland'. I think I will head to the top of the tallest ice mountain. #yolo right? I head back inside the igloo and pick up my backpack and my Bow and arrows. This is going to be a pretty big trek. I will need food before I start this. I head back out of the igloo and I start my jeorny. About 5min in I find a groosling, how the hell? Its too cold for them to be here. But oh well. I lock the Groosling in my sight and I fire. Right in the neck. I walk over to it and remove the arrow. I don't want to skin it yet, so I just tie it to the outside oh my backpack and I carry on walking. I highly doubt that anyone in their right mind would head up that. Hehe, what am I then? Completely insane sounds about right.

Sasha Heartstring - D11

"Again, thank you so much" I say "For the thousandth time, its ok" Board frowns at me and I look to my feet. I'm surprised that they didn't kill me, I mean, they are brother and sister, wouldn't they do anything to make sure that they both win? And I'm pretty sure that includes killing everyone in there way. Oh no. I've made myself think of James again. I try and hold back the tears, but my efforts are useless. I fall to the floor and start sobbing uncontrollably. I miss him so much, he said he would come back. But, he didn't, he sacrificed himself just so I could live a few days longer. I swear to god, if I had the chance to kill that bitch from 12, I would rip her eyes out. Or her spine, like that Whisper kid done to the girl from 12 last year. But her face was in the sky last night, so I can't do that. "Oh, Sasha" Lemin walks over and crouches beside me "Try to forget, yeah?" She tells me "I can't. I can't live without him" I reply "Kill me" I say before she could get a word in. There is a long silence before Board speaks out "Ok" "BOARD!" Lemin shouts at him "She is distressed! You can't just kill her if she asks!" She adds"No, I'm serious. Kill me and get it over with" I say "I'm going to die one way or another, so just make it sooner. Please" I take hold of Lemin's hand and a tear rolls down my cheek "You have them Nightlock Berries. I will be dead in a minute, quick and painless" I smile and squeeze her hand "Lemin, do you want to do it?" Board asks "Yeah, ok" She whispers and I smile "I want this, remember, besides, I'm too weak anyway. Up against anyone left I would be dead within seconds" I reassure her. Board passes her a handful of Nightlock and she pops them in my mouth. "Now just swallow" She tells me "Thank you, so much" I swallow the berries and Smile at her. She grips my hand harder and starts to sob. Board walks over and hugs her, then he strokes my hair. "They will kick-in right about now, good luck" He says "Thank you" I can just reply. I can feel myself drifting away. And slowly, my vision turns black. BOOM.

Missy Longshore - D4

"Ok, we need to find Adeline and Dimity. They can't be too far away, right?" I ask Clay "I don't know" He replies "Ok, well. Lets search. What way?" I ask him again "I don't know" He simply replies "You do know that the English language has plenty more words then 'I don't know'" I remark, and he just glares at me. "Fine, I guess we will go this way then" I start to walk ahead when I can hear something fly from behind, I instinctively duck to find a trident in a tree, exactly in the trajectory of where my head would of been. I turn to see Clay charging towards me with a axe. "What the hell" I manage to squeak before I drop into the snow to dodge his axe "Oh, I see. Your going down!" I spit. I scramble up to the floor and quickly whip out a arrow and place it in my bow. He swings the axe for my head but i dive to the floor again, eating a pile of snow, and I fire my arrow. Its a hit. I got him in the knee. Ha "I used to be a adventurer like you once" I pause to quiver another arrow "Until I took a arrow in the knee". And I fire it into his other knee and he screams "You shouldn't of tried to kill me" I remark, and quiver another arrow "Pretty stupid" I fire the arrow into his left hand "Hmm, I think I will let you keep you're right hand, since I'm a nice girl" I giggle "JUST KILL ME" He yells "Oh no, why oh why would I do that? I'm going to let you live, well, for how ever long you last with 4 arrows in you, two in each knee, one in your hand and, oh, wait, I've only fired 3, oh well. Looks like you need one more!" His eyes widen when he see where I have positioned the fourth arrow. "Well, you won't be needing them anymore" I quiver my last arrow and toy with him "1" I grin and he starts to sob "2" I pull the bow string back and I gently whisper "3" And I fire. Right in the crotch. He screams in agony tries to remove the arrow with his undamaged hand, but the arrow is too slick with blood "You know that you will die quicker if you take them out right? Oh wait, I'm out of arrows, well, I better retrieve them!" I shout, giddy with excitement "Lets start with the hand" I wrap my sleeve around my hand and grab the arrow, and yank it out "Thats 1!" I smile. "Now, Lets do the knees! Both at the same time sounds good, right?" I ask but he can't stop groaning "I will take that as a yes!" I place my bow on the snow and I grasp both arrows with each hand and I yet again, yank them out and place them back in my quiver "Now time for the money shot!" I clamp my hands on the top of the arrow and I wiggle it around. Thats the loudest scream I've ever heard! Wow, boy and their tiny, tiny toys. I rip the arrow out and I take a, what is that? Oh god, oh no. This is not happening right now. PAHAHAHAHA, I'VE GOT HIS TESTICLE ON THE END OF MY ARROW!! BRILLIANT! Oh my god "I think I will let you keep this one" I try to contain my giggles but its very hard. "Well, I think that I will get out of your hair, so, see you around, maybe, unlikely" I wave at him and I walk to the East. He should be dead by tomorrow, just have to wait for nature to take its course. "Attention tributes, attention. The next square removal will be 5a and 2c. If you are in these areas then you have a minute to escape" I check my map. I'm fine, for now.

Day 3 - Night time

Anthony Proxy - D9

"Tick tock goes the clock
And what then shall we see?
Tick tock until the day
That thou shalt marry me
Tick tock goes the clock
And what now shall we play?
Tick tock goes the clock
Now Summer's gone away?
Tick tock goes the clock
And all the years they fly
Tick tock and all too soon
You and I must die.
Tick tock goes the clock
He cradled her and he rocked her
Tick tock goes the clock
Even for the Doctor...
Tick tock goes the clock
And what now shall we play?
Tick tock goes the clock
No suns -- Gone away.

      Tick tock goes the clock
      And all the years they fly.
     Tick tock and all too soon
     Your love will surely die!

     Tick tock goes the clock
     He cradled and he rocked her.
    Tick tock goes the clock
    Till River kills the Doctor!

Kane Meilyr - D1

"Who shall we hunt for next?" Xenia asks, sparking up a discussion "What about the Capitol girl? She has been pretty under the radar, god knows what she is planning, not to mention that she got a 9" Luigi suggests "Nah, what about the twins from 6?" September asks "Yeah, good idea. They both look dangerous, not to mention Adeline, we need to kill her too" I say "Who is left to choose from anyway?" Dimity asks me "Urgh, well, the Capitol girl, Adeline, the boy from 3, both from 4, the boy from 5, both from 6, the girl from 7 and the boy from 9" I answer "Christ, still?" Xenia groans "These games are going so slow, last years games took two days!" She adds "Well, to be fair that game did set a record" Says Dimity "But still, what did they do that we aren't?" She says "Killing" I reply. We get up and start to treck, after half an hour we re-discover the cornucopia, its still half full. "What the hell?" I say "I swear when we left it was empty" We walk over to it and see a table, full of food. Luigi picks up a turkey leg and goes to eat it "LUIGI" September shouts, knocking the leg out of his hand "God your stupid, look" She picks up some bread from the table and retrieves her own bread from her bad "See the color diffrence? Its poisoned" She explains. The bread from the table has a slight hint of purple that one would not notice on first sight "Well done September" Xenia smiles at her. Thats the first time I've seen her smile since she stabbed that girl at the bloodbath "I have an idea, Dimity states and explains "Lets hide inside the corncopia until someone comes along, sees the food and eats it" "Meh, why not" I say and I lead the group into the Cornucopia. We wait there for a good hour and a half until we hear something coming from the back of the horn. "Shh, I think we have got someone" I smile. Footsteps. It sounds like they are limping, wait. Yes, I threw a knife at her leg didn't I? "I look behind me and whisper "Adeline" She finally emerges from the side and limps over to the table "What the hell?" She asks to herself. She's mine. "Kane, stick to the plan" Dimity says. I think she heard him, or why would she throw a knife at the cornucopia? BOOM. I turn to see Luigi on the floor with the knife in his chest. This means war. I run from the shadows of the Cornucopia with my sword and yell. She has throwing axes. I know where she got them from. The replacment mentor seems to like her alot more then me. She throws one and it hits me in the shoulder, but I keep on running. I aim my sword for her heart and start to run faster and she grabs two of her axes and runs towards me. I'm going to kill her. I continue running until we collide. We fall to the floor. BOOM. Adeline now has my sword lodged into her heart. But one of her axes got me in the leg, not to mention the axe she threw in my shoulder, I can now really feel the pain. "I'm ok" I say as I look up to my allies. Thats strange, Xenia has that smile, the one she has right before a kill. "Let me help you with that!" Dimity runs over and removes the axe from my shoulder "Thanks" I say, gritting my teeth "Oh no, thank you. For my first kill" He snaps and raises the axe and puts it to my throat. September looks away while Xenia is smiling away to herself, that the last thing I see apart from Dimity's hand jerking to the side. BOOM.

Chip Parks - D3

"Three cannons, what the hell just happened?" I ask Firs "I don't know, but something big" She replies "The more the better, I'd say" Watt exclaims "I guess so" I say back "Oh, you ready, 3, 2, 1~" Firs counts down and on one, the announcement begins "Attention tributes, attention Happy final 13! And as it seems that nobody is in the Forest Segment, it shall be removed along with 4e and 5e. Oh, and have I forgotten? Happy Hunger Games, And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!" I can see what they are doing, removing section by section until only the cornucopia remains. Clever really. "Ding Ding" I look up and see a parachute "SPONSORS" I yell and jump to grab the container. Its pretty big and heavy, I open it to find armor, a loave of bread and little bite size rolls. The bread from our District! I grab one and rip it in half to stick my nose in, its so warm and fresh! The loaves must be for Firs as she has picked it up and is now staring at it, like its retrieving memories from her mind. We cut the loaves of bread in thirds and just divide the 18 rolls by 3. 6, a perfect split. We feast on the bread and meat from my backpack until we are full. We put the 7 remaining rolls in my backpack, heh, 7 will never divide equally until only one of us remain. Thats a happy thought. Trumpets start to bellow from the sky as the faces of the fallen appear

District 1 - Kane Meilyr

District 1 - Adeline Hanran

District 10 - Luigi James

District 11 - Sasha Heartstring

Both from 1? Woah. Brilliant! Thats 2 major threats gone, I high five Watt, I think we might have a chance of winning this. Even if we had a tiny chance, its greatly improved.

Day 4 - Day time

Lauren Carrie - CF

I start to climb a tree to reach the parachute, its quite obviously a Bow and quiver of arrows, but why would I receive this? I hate archery. I grasp the handle of the bow and hook the quiver and pouch, then I climb back down the tree. I reach the bottom and I look at the arrows, they are spray painted green. Cool. I unhook the pouch and open it;3 viles of poison. All of this is pretty good, but I can't use a bow. I continue walking and I see a grooseling, perfect target practice. I quiver my Arrow and aim, the bow has got a pretty good pull, and I fire. Hitting the grooseling in the eye. Beginners luck I suppose. I walk over to the dead chicken and remove the arrow, I'm fine on food so I don't need this. While cleaning my arrow I can hear groans. I walk over to these sounds to find a deer. Easy kill. I don't bother continue with my arrow-cleaning, its just going to get blood on it. I rise my bow and I reach for a arrow, but suddenly a knife flies into the metal of my bow. I spin around to see Chip running towards me. When he is close enough I stick my foot up and he runs straight into it and falls to the floor. I pounce on him and he starts to shout "WATT, FIRS! HELP" So, now I know that they are together, well, the more you know. I slide out my katana and I grab the blade and I raise it to his throat "Any last words?" I whisper "Bite me" He replies. I smile and stab him in the eye. BOOM. "Right, now thats over" I say to myself and I walk back over to the deer, how the fuck is he still asleep? Thats amazing. You know what? I'm going to leave him. Someone else will come for him, beside, I've got my kill for the day. "Attention tributes, attention. The next squares to be removed are: 3i and 2e. If you are in theses squares then you have a minute to escape, oh, and one other thing. We will be releasing 3 mutts into the arena. That will be all" Oh, mutts. Goodie

Clay Barines - D4

The bleeding has stopped, I guess that is good. I'm so hungry though, if only I had something to eat, anythi--- Wait. I reach over to the arrow Missy left me and I can feel the beads of semi-frozen blood on the shaft. I hold it up and I look at my testicle. I'm so hungry, it will keep me alive. I move it towards my mouth and I shove it in, ripping it from the arrow. Its disgusting, all the juices sloshing around in my mouth, its awful. Isn't cum stored in testicles? OH NO. I cringe but I continue chewing, its so fatty and horrible. I manage to swallow what remains of my mushed up testicle. The worst tasting thing EVER. "Finally! Clay!" Someone calls my name, oh thank god. Its Anthony. Hr runs over to me and inspects my injuries "Christ, who done this to you?" He asks, examining my knee "Err, Missy, she turned on me for absolutely no reason" I lie. I can't let him know that I betrayed a fellow Career, he would kill me on the spot. "That bitch, oh sweet Jesus" He looks at my crotch, I had to take everything off from the waist down due to the blood. "Where the fuck is your testicle? Well, anyway, I have food. You hungry?" I JUST ATE MY OWN GOD DAMN TESTICLE AND NOW HE COMES ALONG WITH A BACKPACK FULL OF FOOD. I want to say that, but I go for "Yeah, starving" Maybe it will get the taste of balls out of my mouth. "Right, well we need to stitch you up, I have a first aid kit with wound healing cream. Should be better my the morning, but now, lets move over there, the forest is alot warmer and its like, 50 meters away... Oh, wait, there is no forest anymore. Never mind. Its gotten cooler in here anyway". He is right about that, it doesn't seem that cold anymore. He starts to address my wounds, obviously leaving my balls till' last. God it hurts.

Dimity Arachne - D8

"Well, this is a nice surprise" I find Xenia and September kissing in the back of the Cornucopia "Oh my god, Dimity, how long have you been there???" September jumps up, but she is butt naked "Jackpot" I say as she realizes that she is nude "So, you two are..." I ask "Well, you know, #Yolo and all" Xenia replies "Well, why don't we make this a threesome?" I ask. Talk about High Expectations. They look at each other and smile "Ok" Wait, what? "Get here now!" Xenia shouts. Oh crap. I start to run out of the cornucopia bit she grabs me and drags me back. "No, Xenia, I'm gay! I was joking!" She continues to drag me back "I don't care, we are going to have fun with you"...

Day 4 - Night time

Baord Jolice - D6

"Did you hear that?" I ask Lemin. "It sounded like a scream" I add "No, you must be going mad" She mocks "Hm" I grumble and start to climb a tree. When I get halfway up I hear a noise, and in front of me there is a camera zooming up on my face. I grab my knife, stab it and it shatters. I continue climbing away from the buzzing until I reach the top of the tree. Its a beautiful view, but what is that? A sort of snake like thing is headed towards us. It lifts its head up and reveals its ugliness. I climb down in a hurry to regroup with Lemin. She stares at the snake too, well, where else could she be looking when there is a 20 foot snake right in front of us. We raise our weapons and prepare to fight this beast, then we charge. The snake lifts it head and strikes, shooting his fangs in-between  me and Lemin so we jump out the way "I WILL DISTRACT IT! YOU RUN UP IT AND STAB IT IN THE HEAD!" I take in her orders and I run to the snakes behind, and I start to climb the rugged surface, Lemin has kept him still so its easier to climb. I reach the head and I grab my sword. I look over to Lemin and smile, but she looked at me too, distracting her from the mouth of the snake, and it swallow her whole. "LEMIN!" I shout and stab the snake in the brain. I jump of the snake and I run over to the mouth "B-uhh-uuhgh" I can hear mumbles from the beasts mouth "Oh thank god, Lemin!" I hoist the mouth open and I see her crawled up into a ball, covered in slime. "What is this? BAORD. GET ME OUT, I'M COVER IN SNAKE SPIT!" I laugh, adding to her discomfort "I don't really want that over my ha----phahaha!" I can't even finish my sentence. "Attention Tributes, attention, the next squares to be removed are 1d and 2i. If you are in these areas then you have a minute to escape. That will be all" I look back to Lemin so that she can confirm our where-bouts, but I burst out laughing again. Well, we are in the arena and a day without laughter is a day wasted, and I fear that I don't have that many days to come...

Jonathen Papoupadulis - D5

I'm nearly there, all this climbing has taken me forever and I just want to get to the top. I'm finding all sorts up here, grenades, guns, swords. The gamemakers are clever, but who in their right mind would come up here? Well. Me. Along the mountain I can see a flame thrower, wait. Flamethrower? Brilliant! I now have a whole amnesty on my shoulders! I trip on something later on, a bit of wire. I follow it and I find that it heads directly down, so I do the logical thing, I turn the flamethrower on it. It burns through the rough terrain of the snow and it reaches ice, the flame thrower makes easy work of the ice and it melts away with ease. The floor which I melted crumbles away until all I can see is darkness. It looks like a massive ice slide! I do the careful thing and I start a flare, which I found a couple of miles back, and I chuck it into the hole and it slides down and down and down, until it slides to a halt. Why not? My plan was to jump of the tallest mountain anyway, but this might do it. I sit down on the side and I maneuver my weapons so when I slide the don't snag on anything, and I push myself. I start to slide down the ice and I get faster and faster. This is so much fun! My arm tracker starts to flash, and then I can hear a feint BOOM. Oh, The Capitol think I'm dead? Brilliant! "WOOOO!" I shout as the slide turns left, wait, left? I was walking alongside the edge of the arena, where the hell am I going? I gradually start to slow down and I catch up with my flare, so I pick it up and throw it. The flare lights up a hovercraft with the letter 'A' written on it, and thats where the slide ends. When I reach it I am greeted by a tall blonde woman "Oh my god, we got one!" She shouts behind her "Are you ok lad?" She asks "Fine, where am I?" I asked, bewildered by my surroundings "A hovercraft, you must of been that last cannon, thank god you found the slide. Whats your name?" She asks "Jonathan" I say "Ah, the District 5 boy, yes. We will send out for your whole family. They will meet you when we get there" When she finished, the hovercraft started to move "Where is 'there' exactly?" "You have escaped the arena. You are going to where the rest of the escaped tributes go" She says "And where is that?" A smile crops up upon her face as she says the word "Albion" (Oh yes, I've always wanted to do that!)

Missy Longshore - D4

12 left, including me. I might actually win this! The anthem blasts from the sky as again, the deaceased flash before me

District 3 - Chip Parks

District 5 - Jonathan Papoupadulis

One of them just died a minute ago, but who? I don't care. Thats your answer. I continue to walk towards the Cornucopia, well, according to my map I am headed there, but I don't really trust maps anymore to be honest, I mean, they are just bit of paper with drawings on them. The only thing that they have helped me with so far is not letting me be in a soon-to-be dead segment. I fold my map up again and shove it in my pocket, then I start to jog, I need as much exercise as possible. Clay, pahahaha, how did he get into my head? Oh god. I'm quite surprised that he is still alive. Well, he wouldn't starve now, would he? "Ahahahah" I laugh out loud, until I cringe at the thought of him eating his own testicle, I mean. Ew. I stop jogging and I look around, these bits are so plain, the in-between parts of areas. In the end I guess they are the safest, since the weather can't kill you "Attention tributes, attention. Since nobody is in the 'Frozen Wonderland segment. It shall be removed along with 3a and 3j.  If you are in those segments then you have a minute to escape. Oh, and tributes. The will be a feast commencing tomorrow at dusk and I would kindly ask the alliance at the Cornucopia to leave. That will be all" The trumpets stop and I take in the information. A feast! Yes! Just what I have been waiting for. Now, I better get some rest. I find a cave about 50 meters ahead so I enter it. I love it, its nice and comfy. I gather some rocks and seal the entrance to the cave, leaving a small space for me to get out in case of an emergency. Then I head to the back of the cave and I take out my sleeping bag and Clay's blanket. Clay... Pahahahahaha

Day 5 - Day time

Anthony Proxy - D9

I should of got some sleep, but oh well. I will have time for sleep when I'm dead. I walk over to a dozed out Clay and inspect his wounds. They're all better, wow. This Capitol medicine is ridiculous! I see if he can stand, because I'm sure that his knee caps were shattered "Oi, Clay" I shout "What?" He asks, rubbing his eyes "Stand up" I say. He takes in my order and tries to stand. Unbelievable. "What in the name of sanity have you got on your head?" I ask. He is obviously shocked that I look completely un=phased about his ability to walk, but I'm actually bewilders. "What? Oh, its a twig. But look at me! I'm standing!" He shouts "I know. Lets head towards the Cornucopia then. Since you actually can now" I pick up my backpack and start to head east, and Clay follows behind "Anthony, why did we make that truce at the training center?" He asks. "Because I knew something like this would happen, besides, are you regretting it?" I stop and look at him "N-No, you saved my life, why would I regret that?" He stutters "Because your talking about it" I hiss. This seems to shut him up. I love this, he is afraid of me! Well. Who isn't? I'm a psychopath. And I want to keep it that way.

September Rollo - D13 ~ The Feast

"That was good" I say, giggling. "You ok Dimity?" Xenia ask him "F-Fi-Fine" He replies, rocking backwards and forwards in the corner of the tent. Its a shame we had to stop halfway to move from the Cornucopia, but that didn't stop us. "Well, the feast is in a few hours so we better get ready" He states. Standing up is so much effort, but I guess we have to. I get to my feet and grab my bow and arrow. There is only 3 major threat out there now, and one of them has a bow. She will be mine, whats her name. Ah, Missy. Missy Missy Missy, the poor Career from 4. I will avenge Glenn, even though he wasn't much, he was from home. "There is no point in packing the tent away, we won't need it" I say "Everyone set?" I look at them both and they nod, Xenia nodding a bit too ferociously, whipping her ginger hair in front of her "Lets go then" We start to walk back to the cornucopia when a trumpet sounds "Attention tributes, Attention. The feast will commence in 1 hour. That will be all" He finishes off "Looks like they are holding the square removal up" Xenia says "Mhm" I reply. We reach the edge of the cornucopia segment and we decide to stay there until we see another tribute. Time seems to go twice as slow for some reason. We exchange in a bit of banter until we hear a gong. We look over to see a table, and on top the table there is a single loaf of bread. SINGLE LOAF OF BREAD???. Wait, this can't be right... That is what everyone else thought, or why would there be people running in?

Lemin Jolice - D6 ~ The Feast

I watch Baord run towards the table, accompanied by the boys from 9 and 4. I have a bad feeling about this... I start to run in too, fearing that Baord might get hurt. Halfway there my eyes lock with Anthony, I think thats his name. And he runs towards me. I take out my knife "PRINCESS POWERS AHOY" He shouts. What the fuck? He is seriously off his rocker. He swipes his sword in front of me and I dodge it and quickly swipe at his arm, a gash appears and blood starts to flow. He screams and tackles me to the floor, knocking my knife from my hand "Uh-oh, looks like your about to dieee" He spits. But I can hear a arrow being fired and then to my relief, hitting him through the temple. BOOM. I look toward the direction the arrow came from, and I see Missy reloading. I push the dead boy from 9 off of me and I continue to run. And in the corner of my eye I can the the Anti-Careers. Missy turns and runs away, sensing that she is outnumbered. I look ahead of me and see the worst possible thing imaginable. Clay holding a knife of Baord's throat "NOOOO" I shout and start to sprint. BOOM. I'm too late. Clay has already gotten up and ran. I don't stop running though. I look at Board and I collapse on his body... I think of all the good things just to get me to stand. Baord would want revenge. I start to rage and run after him. Taking one look back at my brother, then sprinting even faster towards his murderer.

Lauren Carrie - Capitol ~ The Feast

I thought pulling off a Foxface would never work, but look at me now? Just sat inside the cornucopia, watching the second bloodbath unfold. Then I look to see the final battle of the feast. Looks like Missy came back. September v Missy. This should be good. They both fire a arrow at the same time, both of them missing, September was quicker to reload though, and fires at her, but he narrowly avoids the arrow. Then Missy shoots, missing again. September, missing. Missy, Missing. and so on until one of them gets a solid hit on the other. A ear piercing scream echos through the arena as she falls to the floor. Right in the stomach. September doesn't stand a chance... Missy has already run away as Dimity kneels beside September. I don't know that they are saying, but they grasp each others hands, even after the cannon sounds. BOOM. Xenia bends down and closes her eyes. And they both turn and walk away, obviously wanting to leave the area of witch their ally just died. I finally emerge from the shadows and grab the loaf of bread, better then nothing. And I walk back into the Cornucopia. Since its safe here. I start to think and I realise that I'm in the final 8.. Woah. That means they're interviewing my family!! Such fun!

Day 5 - Night time

Firs Pinewood - D7

"How do you think the feast went?" Watt asks "Well, 3 cannons so I'm guessing it went pretty well, but there are still 6 more apart from us" I reply. I could actually win this. There are 8 of us left and maybe the 3 cannons were the strong ones like Xenia, Missy and Lemin. But I doubt thats the case, I sigh and take a sip out of my half - empty water bottle and I take a strip of beef jerky from my backpack. Even though its a bit dry by now, it still holds lots of flavor. Rumumumu "Whats that?" I ask, grasping the candle of my axe, waiting for predators to spring out from the bushes. But to my disapproval, two gaping snakes appear in front of us and they bow their heads down to us like we are royalty. "I think they want us to ride them or something" Watt suggests and I nod, we both choose one and start to scale it. I manage to reach the head and it suddenly bolts off south, closely followed by Watt's snake. After about 3 minuets we stop and take in our surroundings to prevent ambushes or mutt attacks and we lie down and a announcement booms into the arena "Attention tributes, attention; We will now kill the snake mutts due to they're popularity with the viewers" the snakes decide to die right here. Watt's snake falls to the side in nobodies way, but my on just falls towards me. In those few seconds my life flashes before my eyes. Watt screams my name and tells me to move, but I'm frozen to the spot and I scream until only darkness awaits. BOOM.

Xenia Bloodhound - D10

Urgh, its now just the two of us, how boring. I could only put up with him when September was here, but now all I can do is listen to him just talking and talking. Its driving me nuts. I think I might ditch him tonight, since there are now 7 of us. "Hey Xenia, remember Delilah? She was great, wasn't she?" He smiles at me and I scowl, about to talk back with a sassy comment when the faces start to appear in the sky

District 6 - Baord Jolice

District 7 - Firs Pinewood

District 9 - Anthony Proxy

District 13 - September Rollo

I swear that Dimity shut up for a second when her saw Sepetmber in the sky. I look at him in amazment but he starts to break down into tear. Ew. Emotion. "Oh, oh, don't cry" I say awkwardly. I would feel bad about just leaving right now, but I have to sooner or later. "Dimity, get some sleep ok?" I tell him and he nods and curls up into a ball. I sit for an hour until I decide that its time to go. I pack half of our supplies into two backpacks and I strap my triple mace, which is still stained with Akali's blood. to my belt. I look back at him, so defenseless. "COME AND GET ME. I'M OVER HERE" I shout and I run. I think Dimity is still asleep, because he can sleep through anything. I climb the tree and place a knife on the edge of a branch, so its dangeling above his head. I don't know why but I just couldn't kill him. I continue to run into the distance to find a new camp. Guilt free. Almost.

Lemin Jolice - D6

"You little asshole! Get down here and fight like a man you coward!" I shout up the tree where Clay is residing. I throw a rock up but it misses and I scream "Attention tributes, attention. The next squares to be removed are 1f, 1e and 1g. That will be all" I don't bother to check my map. I just want that sun of a bitch dead. "Likes its going to help you up there Clay!" I shout "I'm sorry!" He shouts down. "EXCUSE ME. 'SORRY'? YOU KILLED MY BROTHER AND YOU SAY 'SORRY'! JUST WAIT TILL' I GET MY HANDS ON YOU" I rage at him and while adjusting himself on a branch he trips and falls to the branch below him. Prick, he stopped falling. I don't know what to do. That pussy has run up a tree and I can't do anything about it "I could wait down here all day you know!" I shout up "I'm waaaattttinnnng" He gives out a whimper and I laugh "Not mister big Career anymore, are you?" I sigh and sit on the opposite trees trunk. I think I'm just going to have to wait this one out. What a pussy.

Day 6 - Day time

Watt Chargey - D3

I need to find out where that voice came from. I ignored it last night but now I need to know. It could of been either Lemin, Missy, Xenia or Lauren. Because it was a girls voice. I continue through the midland section, its pretty wierd, its just, nothing here. Just rocks, trees and gravel. I'm pretty sure that it came from over here, wait. I can see a foot sticking outside of a bush, when I walk around it I see Dimity. SUGAR, AN ANTI CAREER!. What should I do. What should I do. What should I do. What should I do. Oh jesus. I should just leave. I don't know! I think I should just leave. When I turn to go away I trip on my own foot and headbutt the tree. BOOM. Oh, am I dead? No, no, I'm not. But who is? I walk back around the tree to find Dimity, with a knife imbedded in the top of his head. Oh crap, his attacker must be here somewhere "SHOW YOURSELF" I yell. Nobody comes. I stand there fora while and I look at the tree. There is a branch right above him with a clip on it, thats wierd, it looks like even the slightest movement will set it of--- Oh god. I tripped and fell onto the tree! I killed him! I'm a murderour! I killed him while he was sleeping! "Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" I say to his dead body, even though he can't hear me. What have I done? Well, I done it and I will have to live with it, besides, whoever left it there is to blame, I guess its Xenia then, since it was him and her in the Anti-Careers. I walk away from the body and I head west, towards the Cornucopia according to my map. I can't believe I just killed him.

Lauren Carrie - Capitol

Oh god. How the hell did I get a lie in? I'm in the Hunger games... And I woke up at 2pm by a cannon? That could of been my cannon! I'm suppose to be up at around 6 or 7am! Not 2pm! Oh well. I'm not dead so I guess its alright. I look to the front of the cornucopia and I can see a crate that wasn't there yesterday, I sit up and stare at it for a while and I can see the Capitol seal on the side, I guess its time to see whats in there. I walk over to the big crate I stick my knife into the side and I wrench it open. I throw the lid to one said and I inspect the content. Sweet! A backpack full of food and, what? No... Is that a Katana??? I pick it up and remove the cover. It is! I inspect the long silver blade, its as thin as a needle, but as stong as steel. The handle has a greenish blue design on it, not to mention it fits perfectly in my hand, just like it was made just for me. This beats that rusty old sword by a mile!. I try it out on a side of the cornucopia, so I swing it on the side. It makes the sound of impact and goes straight through. Leaving only a tiny but long cut the goes right though the cornucopia. Now this is what I'm talking about. "Attention tributes, attention. Congatulations to Lauren, Watt, Clay, Missy, Lemin and Xenia, you have made it to the final 6! And now for a little, twist. You will all be seperated into twos where there will be a mini Cornucopia and you will only be relesed when you spend 6mins there. So your choice, Kill eachother or survive together. That will be all. NO. I JUST GOT MY KATANA AND NOW I MIGHT LOOSE IT? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. I can see a sort of purple gas desend from the sky. This must be to knock us out. I run to the back of the Cornucopia and I cling onto my Katana for dear life. I will not let it take m- m- me. No. I- do-dont-wan-t to g-g-go...

Clay Barines - D4 ~ The Face Off

I wake up and start to cought because of the dust. I'm in a tube on a platform. Oh god, I remember. The mini bloodbath. She starts to laugh and shout, wait, thats not fair, why does she get a weapon and I don't? Xenia kisses her Mace and then stares at me "Hey, so. How do you want to do this? Wait for 6 min and we both live, or we start to hack away at eachother until we are both chuncks of un-recognizalble meat?" She asks "Because I don't really want to get more blood other precious here" She looks at her Mace and smiles "I will wait" I say "Thats good" She replies, never looking at me, just that triple mace. "3, 2, 1 GO" The announcer shouts as the tubes retract "Would itbe ok if I chose something from that pile?" I ask Xenia "No, I have this, so I will be ok, actually, can you throw me a backpack?" She starts to mumble to her Mace, I can't make out what shes saying, but why do I care? I walk over to the plie of goodies and I pick up a backpack and toss it over to her, then I chose one of myself along with a Trident. The Capitol must be on the edge of their seats, but nothing will happen here. If I'm going to die, it will be at the finale, and no where else. I walk back over to my pedistal and I sit down.I just wait there until the tube rises again "Well, you have chosen to survive. Well done. You will be deposited back at your original positions soon." I smile as the gas engulfs me, my last sight is Xenia kissing her Mace, and then I black out

Day 6 Night time

Lemin Jolice - D6 ~ The Face Off

I waken with my face pressed against the glass of the tube. This is it, who do I need to kill? I look around, trying to regain my vision, eventually, I can see the figure of Watt, crawled up in a ball, sobbing. How can I kill that. She obviously can control her emotions, but I need to kill her, for Board. "3, 2, 1, GO" I run of the pedistal and I take out my knife, I just need to do it quickly, but. She is so sad, she reminds me of Sasha, and how I helped her commit suicde, I stop running and I start to walk slowly "Watt, are you ok?" I ask. I only get a mumble in return. I should just kill her, I need to win after all. I shake the vision of Sasha from my mind and I start to walk faster. The adrenaline from the up coming kill is overwhelming, I hate it. But it needs to be done. I walk up to her and I prepare to stab, she can't see me becasue she is sprawled up facing the opposite direction "Wait" She says "Before you kill me, can we just talk? I don't want to die alone" She sobs "Fine" I reply "What do you want to talk about?" I ask her "I don't know, anything would be nice, just the sound of someone elses voice is all I need" She states. "Well, er" I say "I'm sorry" She stops crying and springs up, stabbing me in the stomach. I yelp and fall to the floor "I'm sorry Lemin, but I need to win" She says "I actually liked you to be honest" She giggles "Its ok, Now I will get to see Baord "I manage to say "Again, I'm truly, truly sorry" She starts to sob and tries to heal my wound "NO. I'M NOT A MURDEROUR!" She yells. She runs over to a backpack and finds a first aid kit, she opens it and runs back "I will save you!" She starts to fiddle with my clothes next to the wound, and I cry out in pain "No, Watt. Leave me" I say "No, I won't leave you!" She sobs "Watt, stop, just sit with me, please" I grab her hand and lower it "Please" I add "Ok, but I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do" She says, wiping a tear from her eye "No, just sit with me" I smile at her, and she stays by my side until my vison starts to blur "Goodbye" BOOM.

Missy Longshore - D4 ~ The Face Off

I stand and lock my sights on a bow, I shoudn't of dropped it. I look at my opponent and she I holding a Katana. Brilliant. I bet she kept a good hold on that. She looks poised to kill me, she removes the Katana from its case and points it towards me, and then moves it across her throat. Great, what have I ever done to her? Oh well, she will be dead in a bit anyway. I continue to stare at the bow, thats my main goal. "3, 2, 1, GO" We both sprint towards the cornucopia and I grab the bow and quickly snach two arrows just seconds before Lauren swipes the rest of them, the plastic feathers falling to the floor. I quickly load the first arrow and fire it, but Lauren cuts it in half while its was in mid air, she is good. I will give her that, I load my last arrow and try to get a good shot. I aquire my target and fire, but it bounces of the side of her Katana, that lucky bitch. She swings it towards me and I use the bow to deflect it, it cuts straight through the bow and the metal string. The string. I quickly pick it up and try to find a way to get behind her, she swings the Katana and I narrowl avoid it, but she hits my shoulder the next time, it didn't cut deep, so it should be fine. I kick her in the stomach and I jump behind her, and I put each end of string in both of my hands and I pull the string against her neck, choking her "I tell you what, I could really use that Katana of yours, so thanks, happy choking by the way" I smile and start to laugh, she tries to hit me but she is loosing energy fast "Try to resist it, I will just pull harder" She scraches at her neck, trying to get a grip of the string until she just stops and relaxes. BOOM. I let go of her and she slumps to the ground. I pick up her Katana and its case and I walk back over to my pedistal and I sit down and dip my finger in some of my blood from the sword, and I draw a line on each cheek. The Capitol now knows that I'm not to be messed with. Ever.

Xenia Bloodhound - D10

I wake up against a tree, oblivious to the situation I'm in. It takes me a few minutes to remember where I am, and I scream. The final 4, I'm nearly there! Just two more people to die, and I think the finale is upon us. I think I should head to the cornucopia, because thats where it always takes place, well, apart from the time it fell into a volcano, but that is besides the point. I gather my stuff and place it in the backpack Clay gave me, well, he was useful for something I guess, he makes a good slave. "Attention tributes, attention. All tributes should head to the Cornucopia and must arrive there within 3 hours. Also, no killing until I say you can. That will be all" Oh you can fuck right off, no killing? Its a hunger games for fuck sake, the aim of the game is to kill other tributes. Hmph, I guess I will kill them later. I start to walk east, towards the Cornucopia according to my map. I wonder how Watt and Missy are doing, I haven't seen Missy since the September incident and I haven't see Watt, well, since the Bloodbath I think, it will be nice to catch up, and then kill them. I take a look up at the redish pink sky, its nearly dark, this is going to be the best finale ever, I just know it. I start to laugh, and then I laugh louder, and louder until I'm on the floor in tears "You are bonkers" I stop laughing and I prepare to kill the target "WAIT. The rules say no killing yet!" Watt screeches "Oh, right. I will see you at the Cornucopia then" I say and I turn around "Wait, alliance maybe? We can win together you know" She chirps "No" I simply reply and I walk away, its too late for alliances now anyway. If I win I don't give a rats ass who wins with me. I finaly reach the boarder of the Cornucopia, and I can see Missy, stood ontop of the cornucopia with a Katana and a bow with 12 arrows, I guess she was my main threat after all. I look behind me to see that Watt followed me, now all we need is, whats his face and we can play. I reach the Corncopia and I lean against the side, staring at Watt, I look up to see Missy's pale blue eyes staring into me. 10 minutes later and he has finaly arrived "Oh look, here comes 1 ball" Missy giggles "What?" I say "Oh, I shot his testical and ripped it out" She explains. I laugh, the hardest laugh that I have ever conjured, even Watt is giggling a little, I look to see Missy laying face down on the Cornucopia, pissing herself. Its funny, isn't it? How we are all ready to kill each other yet we can still share in laughter. Just one of lifes little treats. "Attention tributes, attention. Welcome all, to the finale, now, If you haven't noticed already, there are 4 podiums at the front of the cornucopia, the four of you must chose one and stand on it" I walk over to the one on left bottom corner and I stand on it, Watt stands on the one in front, Clay on the one Diagonal and Missy on the one to the right."You will now be supplied with a crossbow with one bolt. Now, the aim of the game is to shoot one of your enemies in pitch darkness and whoever is still alive when all bolts have been shot, wins, so there could be 4 victors and there even could none at all. You decide. This will be the final announcment" I pick up my crossbow and I look at my competitors, who do I shoot? Oh, its obvious. I look at her and get my barings. Suddenly, the lights go out and the countdown begins "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5" I lift the crossbow towards her and prepare to fire, goodbye Missy "4, 3, 2, 1,0" I fire. And the lights turn back on. I can see my bolt in Missy's arm. I missed. I look at Clay, he has been shot in the other testical, brilliant! Shit, ow, what? I look down at my stomach to see two bolts burried in there. I collapse to the floor and I start to twitch. I was so close, that cun---BOOM.


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