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I'm going to make a new games and this time people can choose their own tributes. These games will have Districts 1-13 and you can reserve a up to 3 spots and the reservations will expire in 1 week after the reservation has been placed. I know not many people will stumble across this but... WHO KNOWS? I will add 1 tribute but she will NOT win

Tribute Template (Feel free to add in your own information but please include the items in bold in the template XD)






Appearance: (Lunaii or real pic, if you want me to make a lunaii then ask :D)

Bloodbath Stratagy:

Game Stratagy:


The Arena

The arena has something special for all of our tributes, some may be houses, of a tiny cabin or maybe a part of a acctuall District?. But do not be fooled my the arena's tempting features, because for every action, there is a equal and opposite reaction. And the opposite reaction is something you will NOT want to see in your final minutes.

The arena is a circle, cut into 26 equal segments, and each segment belongs to a tribute (It has there name on the top). the cornucopia is in the center. The tributes MUST enter there segment because there is something bound to draw them away. and for the first 2 days, they will have to endure the arenas surprises. Some good. Some very, very bad...


1, There will be two victors

2, The Volcano

3, When there are 9 left, 1 may come back...

4, District 7 are the controllers.

Don't forget to cheer on your tribute so i know that you are still interested, even something simple like 'Go Soul' or something, it might just make you tribute last longer, you can also write ONE of your tributes a note and any gift to keep them going. But you can only do this once :D Happy Hunger Games! And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!

The Tributes

  • Zaph, D1
  • Orchid, D1
  • Soul, D1
  • Raven, D2
  • Wire, D3
  • Petra, D3
  • Ace, D4
  • Cassandra, D4
  • Generation, D5
  • Allana, D5
  • Konlile, D6
  • Luna, D6
  • Cole, D7
  • Ebony, D7
  • Silver, D8
  • Clothes, D8
  • Whisper, D9
  • Slutty, D9
  • Matt, D10
  • Jess, D10
  • Bash, D11
  • Plus, D11
  • Byron, D12
  • Euphrasie, D12
  • Radiant, D13
  • Caden, D13

District and Gender Name Age Mentor Weapons
District 1, Male Zaphire 'Zaph' Beux 17 District3 Dagger and spear.
District 1, Female Orchid Quartz 12 The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo Throwing knives and Throwing axes
District 2, Male Soul Silence 14 PumPumPumpkin :3 Scythe
District 2, Female Raven Silence 14 PumPumPumpkin :3 Throwing knives, Spear
District 3, Male Wire Elec 17 Tehblakdeath Anything
District 3, Female Petra Mines 17 District3 Any kind of Knives and tr


District 4, Male Ace Coals 16 TehOnlyUmbreon Sword, Hand and Leg Combat
District 4, Female Cassandra Oracion 15 PumPumPumpkin :3 Trident and Throwing Axes
District 5, Male Gerneration Tody 18 Tehblakdeath Khopesh, Anything
District 5, Female Allana Darkbloom 17 Nommehzombies Knife gloves
District 6, Male Konlile Hamlley 17 Jasmine Rosejoy Anything
District 6, Female Luna Fern 14 Misytmolla Axe
District 7, Male Cole Asher 15 TehOnlyUmbreon Knife, Throwing Knives, Sword.
District 7, Female Fern Ebony Shadlock 17 Fern Shadlock Knives
District 8, Male Clothes Fabric 18 Iron Berry Everything, Knives
District 8, Female Silver clocky clockson 16 TehOnlyUmbreon Double Knives
District 9, Male Whisper Raleigh 15 TypeWriter'sAreCool Pocketknife, Slingshot
District 9, Female Slutty Horella 18 Kid in my class wanted me to sooooo Blowgun, Nudity (Please excuse this...)
District 10, Male Matte Shoof 16 HungryTeen Knife, Dagger
District 10, Female Jessica Maik 15 HungryTeen Axe
District 11, Male Bash Gold 18 Thresh Is Best Club, Baseball Bat, Sledgehammer
District 11, Female Plus Delta 16 Nightlock Kryptonite Sword
District 12, Male Byron Samson 14 The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo Long knife and Short sword
District 12, Female Euphrasie Fauchelevent 15 The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo Dagger
District 13, Male Radiant Tayz 17 Tehblakdeath Throwing Knives, Anything
District 13, Female Caden Hillel 16 Brynn1999 Knife, sword


Careers: Orchid (1) Zaphire (1) Wire (3) Ace (4) Generation (5) Clothes (8) Bash (11) Euphrasie (12)

District 2: Soul (2) Raven (2)

District 6 and 4: Luna (6) Petra (3) Cassandra (4)

District 7 and 8: Silver (8) Coal (7)

District 10:  Jessica (10) Matt (10)

District 11, 9 and 7: Plus (11) Slutty (9) Fern (7)

District 13 and 3: Caden (13) Radiant (13) Konlile (6)

The Loners...: Allana (5) Whisper (9)  Byron (12)

I will change if someone doesn't like their alliance.

The Reapings (I'm doing 1 from each district)

District 1

Zaphire (Zaph) Beux:

BEEP BEEP, I jolt awake. I remember its reaping day and i get ready, its in a hour. I really should wake up earlier, I walk downstairs to find a full English breakfast with my name on it "There you go, sweetie" says a voice from the kitchen. My mother. I have always loved my mum, she has supported me when i was getting bullied and was fine when i came out as gay, she accepted it, can't say the same for my school. I finish my breakfast and i bring my empty plate into the kitchen and i put it on the side "Well, someone was hungry, do you want some more?" she asks me with her trademark smile "No, thanks mum. That was absolutely amazing" I say, giving her a smile and a big hug. "Get off, Zaph, hahaha Zaph!" She giggles. "The reaping in a hour" I say, looking at my watch. "Yes, and you better get ready. Oh, and wake your sister up please!" She shouts after me. Cleo. She, like my mother, has also accepted my sexuality and she loved it, she said that she has always wanted a gay best friend. "CLEO!" I yell when i walk up to her bed "AHHH WHAT. WHATS GOING ON!" She shouts "Nothing, just waking you up" I say gleefully "There is a special place in hell for you, Zaph" She jokes "I know" I say while i walk away. I get naked in my room and walk naked to my bathroom, passing my sister and mother. I have a shower and i get dressed into a nice blue suit. When we walk out of the house we head for the square, but i get stopped by a boy from my school "You alright, gay boy?" he taunts "Go f**k your self" says Cleo. "What are you gonna do about it? Short stuff?" he chuckles. Then she slaps him and kicks him in the balls and he falls to the floor in agony. Its hard to think that she is only 14. "That" We walk over his body and we arrive at the square, my mother kisses us "Good luck you two" she says "Thanks" we say in unison. I walk over to the 17 year old section and our mentor, Trender, prances onto the stage and starts to sing "happy happy hunger games, to you! and may the odds be evvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr... in your favour"  That was as weird as expected. "Now time to pick our tributes" he says. "Ladys first" he puts his hand in the bowl and plays around with the first on he made contact with, he pulls it out and reads "Orchid Quartz." A girl walks up to the stage but there was no volunteers, which is odd. I know her brother. He is a prick. And i bet hes going to volunteer. Not on my watch. Trender picks out a name from the boys ball "Emerald Opal!. I volunteer!" We both shout, she gives me a look of thanks because she doesn't want her brother to die along with herself. "You, up you come then" he says, pointing at me. I walk up to the stage, making sure i walk past her bother and give him a evil smile, he launches himself at me but two boys hold him back. "YOU PRICK. IF YOU COME BACK I WILL KILL YOU" I snicker and stand next to his sister "Thanks" she say to me with a small smile "Congratulations to the tributes of District 1!"

District 2

Raven Silence

"You give up? Huh?" "N-Ne-Never!" She stutters "Fine" With one quick movement brings a sharp crack and a piercing scream "Looks like you wont be going Capitol" I taunt "Congratulations to the winners of the District 2 career tournament! Raven and Soul Silence!" Shouts Clover, our trainer. Soul, my brother, won the boys tournament yesterday by shooting a 18 year old in the shoulder. And i just beat a 17 year old called Alexa. Even though we are both 14, we pack quite a punch. And now we will win the games and come back as victors. As Alexa gets escorted to the nurses office, me and Soul get taken into a room and we get told what to do and what will happen if we get kills. Like we need to be told how to kill people... We are trained assassins for god sake! But they don't know that. And we would like to keep it that way... "Remember, 1 kill=Soup, 2 kills=Knife, 3 kills=A note from you mentor or family and over 3... Whatever you want. (Applies to all tributes) "We know, ok, now can we go for Christ sakes!" i shout, irritated. "Raven, calm down yeah?" Soul tries to calm me down but that makes me more upset "I HATE HAVING TO SIT HERE AND LISTEN TO YOU BLABBER ON THINGS THAT WE WERE TOLD WHEN WE WERE 3!" Clover looks at me me in disbelief and i storm out, i can hear Soul say "I'm so sorry Clover, I think shes on her, you know..." Then he quickly follows after me, he knows where i have gone. To the Nut, well, in a little cave we found which is right next to the entrance but has never been discovered, since 5 years ago that is. we found it when we were 9 when we were playing, so we made it our little den, when we were 11 we became assassins on order of the Mayor, mainly to take out targets like rebels or illegal immigrants from other Districts, so we thought we would make it our...Base... This one time, we had to kill a mailman for not delivering the mail to his house. In other words, the Mayor is nuts. He walks in to see me throwing knives at a dummie, skewering them in the head, he throws me a spear and i hit the dummie right in the heart. Now that's got to come in handy. "Come on Raven, Its nearly time for the reaping." he says, removing the spear from the dummie "We better hide this place, just encase if we don't come back" he adds "Yeah, I guess, lets go" I reply. We walk out and conceal the entrance to the cave with logs and a camouflage tent cover. No-one will find it. We go home and tell mum the news that we both won, she congratulated us but then started to cry "Mum, whats up?" i ask "Oh, nothing, just make sure you come back, you hear me? She mutters, trying to conceal her tears "Of course, there are two victors, and they will be us" I tell her, it makes her stop crying "Well, ok, we better get going then" she tells me while looking for something, tissues maybe. We walk down the road to the square, when we arrive, everyone is looking at me and Soul. They must of been told. We stand in the 14 year old section and my mum kisses us goodbye "Welcome District 2! Now, i think its time to choose some tributes, Lets start off with our lovely ladies!" Our mentor announces while she warbles to the bowl on the left, sticks her hand in and shouts "Alison Kaboby!" She walks up to the stage. Raven, now! I think to myself and i shout "I VOLUNTEER!" Then I walk up to the stage and my mentor asks me my name "Raven Silence!" I state. "Well, now for the boys, lets see here, this one!" She shouts "Well, well, well. Didn't see this coming. Soul Silence!" Wait. What? Soul was reaped. This is bad, very very bad "I VOLUNTEER!" Make that extremely bad. When he pushes Soul, trying to get him off the stage, then I punch him in the face. He falls down the stairs and I think he broke his leg. "Well, erm, any other volunteers?" our mentor asks. Just as I though, no more volunteers. And now we can go together.

District 3

Petra Mines

Just do it. After all they've put me through. After all the times they weren't there for me, they deserve it. I walk into the kitchen and i go for the knife block, I run my fingers between the knives and I pick the bread knife. Nice and jagged, perfect. I walk into my parents room, they are still sleeping so I stand there for a bit, pondering on who to kill first. They have loved me, but it was him who invited that---man---round. And it was her who was never at home. Yeah. Him first. I walk over to my dad, I put the knife to his throat, i quickly swipe a pillow and i press it on his head and I slice, unfortunately I didn't cover his throat so i got splattered with blood. She is still asleep so I look away and slice. Then I walk into my room, get dressed and walk to the square. I stand and watch our mentor drone on about how great the Capitol is, but all I can think about is my parents. "Now, time to pick our tributes. Minus Silence" she giggles. "I VOLUNTEER" I shout "THANK YOU! OH MY GOD, YOU SAVED MY DAUGHTER!" I turn to look at a very tall women with a tear on her cheek "Like i did it for her" I reply and then walk to the stage. "Whats your name, hun?" She asks me, I scowl and say "Petra Mines" "Well, Petra, lets pick your male counterpart!" She says "Wire Elec!" She shouts, slightly mispronouncing his name. I can see him walking up to the stage. It looks like he could even be a career. "Well, shake hands then" I grab his hand in a death grip and he jerks his hand back "Whats your problem?" He asks "You don't want to know."

District 4

Ace Coals

"Mum, get up! MUM! WAKE UP" I shout, waking up my mother from her alcohol ridden state "Oh, what!" She says "Its reaping day, you need to get dressed" I say "Oh, right, yeah." She stumbles as she stands but regains her balance. "You ok?" I ask "Yeah, I'm fine sweetie, just a headache" she says. Hangover, in other words. I walk into my little brothers, Boone's room. He is still fast asleep, I feel bad for waking him, for he is only 6 and isn't eligible for the games for 6 years, but the rules are that EVERYONE must be present, unless your on your death bed, that is. "Boone, Booooonnnnneeee" i whisper into his ear "Yeah" he replies "Get up, its reaping day, and everyone needs to go so get up" I say "grrrr" he replies "Wait, did you just growl at me? Hahahah" i laugh and walk out of his room. I get dressed into my 'smart clothes and I walk down to the docks. Our house is like, 100ft away from the seafront so I don't have to walk that far. I just stand and stare at the sea, I absorb its vast beauty,p. The sea is so I always do this, before the reaping that is, I do it because I might never see it again. Oh damn. I need to go to the center to get my prize, I walk down to the secret staircase which leads to the center. I walk into the office to see a very happy coach; Tenn. "Ace! I guess your here for your reward! Here it is!" He hands me a envelope with £500 inside "WHAT. NO WAY" I say, gobsmacked. This is a huge amount since District 4 is poor. "Thank you so much Tenn" I say "Its my pleasure" he says. In the distance i can hear a horn. Its reaping time. I say goodbye to Tenn and i run home to find my dad and Boone waiting at the door, my mother doesn't have to go because she has a letter from the doctor because she suffers from depression. I walk in to her bedroom and hug her goodbye, then I walk to the reaping. I pick up Boone "Hey, I will see you in a bit, yeah" I tell him "Yeah" he says, I put him down and I give dad the envelope "Whats this?" He asks "£500" I say flatly "Oh my god" he replies "See you in a bit" I say. I walk into the crowd and I can see our mentor complaining about how she hates this District. She walks up to the stage and just says "Les get zes over with, girls.." She picks up a name "Liv Seasal" she reads out "I VOLUNTEER" A girl says, she has a peacekeeper walking with her and shes crying, the peacekeeper has a gun? What the hell did she do? Well, I don't want to know. "Now for zee boys" our mentor says "Ace Coals" Thats me. Oh crap.

District 5

Generation Tody

"Yeah, I quit, so what?" I say to my mum "What do you mean quit, they will kill you?" She says "I saw this arena, hell, I created it! And I hate It!" I shout "How bad can it be" she says "Mum, it taps into the tributes minds! Its awful!" I shudder, "Yes, its awful, but everyone has a job which they need to do, some better then others while some like yours, are worse" she says "And you know whats going to happen now right? They are going to reap you!" She says. And she is right, you cant just quit from a job in the capitol. There will be consequences. "Don't you think I know that? In two weeks time, you could be killing me! Thats how this god forsaken arena works!" This seems to shut her up "Oh, Gen..." She says, melancholy. I hug her and i go into the kitchen to make a sandwich but my mum screams "MUM!" I run in to see the window smashed and my mum is stood next to the couch "Some men threw this, it has a note, it made me jump" I unwrap the note to see the words 'HAPPY HUNGER GAMES GENERATION' written in, what seems to be, blood. "Oh no." I say "Mum, I love you" I say as i hand her the note "Jesus Christ" she says. The horn sounds, summoning us the the reaping. "I'm dead. Mum, I love you so much. Be safe, and hide, just hide" I hug her and stay there for quite a while, then I walk out of the door to the square, the lady pricks my finger and gives me a solum look "I'm sorry" she says "I know" I smile back and I walk into the crowd "Welcome, Welcome welcome, Time to pick our tributes! Now, ladies first! Now, errm how do I pronounce this? Er Allana? Yes Allana Darkbloom" A 17 year old walks onto the stage, she is smiling... Won't be for long. "Now, for the boys" she rummages her hand around in the bowl, that touches me because I know she is just shuffling a bowl of 'Generation Todys' "Well, I wonder who this might be, ah, of course, Generation Tody"

District 6

Konlile Hamlley

My vision is, twisted. I drop the needle from my arm and I lay down. Nothing can wake me up from this. I'm at peace for a little bit longer. The drug fully kicks in, all of my worries are gone, I can see so many colors and shapes, and the colors are morphing into the shapes. I'm so, so, ALIVE. I just lay on my bed laughing because no-one can stop me, nothing can get in my way. My vision fades when I hear the horn for the reaping sound. I try to move but I can't, I'm getting sleepy and i eventually pass out. I wake up a hour later and I can hear banging on my door. "KONLILE!" A voice shouts. They must of found out that I have missed the reaping, now I'm in trouble. I open the door to my friend, Jas, "What the hell are you playing at!" She shouts "What? Its not like I missed something important. Just two people getting chosen to kill each other. Big woop." I say with a sarcastic smile. "Yeah, and guess who was one of those unlucky people" She says "Oh, let me guess. Was it me?" I say, laughing "YES!" She shouts "Shut up Jas." I say "Thats not funny. I will talk to you later" I say. A group of Peacekeepers approach "I told you so" Says Jas "ARE YOU KONLILE HAMLLEY" Says the Peacekeeper at the front "Yes" I reply "You have been reaped. Come with us" He replies. Christ, she was telling the truth, I'm going to die. I get taken to the train to see Luna. She must of been reaped too. Poor unfortunate Luna. Poor unfortunate me...

District 7

Fern Shadlock

I walk into the square. To the reaping. I hate the reapings, they bring so much misery to our people and there is nothing we can do to stop it. I walk to my area and I stand there "Hello my lucky, lucky tributes to be!" Our mentor, Stanza has bounded on stage. "Now, I have a secret for you. The president himself has selected this District to participate in a little twist. The two tributes selected this year will NOT be participating in the bloodbath! How exciting! Instead you will be deposited into a little room where you get to watch, and when its after, YOU may choose one person to die. Such fun!" She states with a massive smile "But this is our little secret and shall not be shown on the 'Reaping Recap!' Now, time to choose our lovely lady!" She lunges into the bowl and it topples and smashes "Oops... Well, I managed to grab two slips, err, 'eney meny miney mo'" She starts to taunt us with the names until she drops one and open the other while kicking glass off her Gucci boots "FERN SHADLOCK" She shouts. I stand there in utter disbelief as a circle forms around me, a circle with a single exit, and that leads to the stage. I walk up the side of the stage because the front is covered in glass . Now for the boy, his name shall be... "Cole Asher!" A boy with a sort of crow mask on, why does he have that? I don't know.

District 8

Silver clocky clockson

Tick, tock, tick, tock; That is the noise I have to drown out day after day just to remain sain. Its reaping time. I walk to the justice building to endure the reaping, and then to watch the games. Its not that bad, actually, watching the games, it feels like its just a movie and that everyone is fine and are sat backstage. But its not, its nothing like it. Tick, tock, tick, tock. ~stop it! stop it right now! I say what did you say you little fvck! he replied and punched me fvcker blinded my right eye I say~ I snap back into the real world, I must of had a flashback. Right back 4 years ago. When i was partly blinded, and when I stabbed him. He deserved it, that bastard. "Welcome tributes, welcome. time to begin our hunger games experience, for two of you that is. Now, for the tribute..."CLOTHES FABRIC!" Wait, he is a boy, and that is the girls bowl? Must of been a mix up. Oh, wow! He has, has, SWAG! Look at him! OH NO! HES A PROSTITUTE! People around me start to laugh, I think I said that out loud, because he heard me, and he is in the stage. "YOU BET I AM!!" He shouts "YOU KNOW WHY? YOLO! THATS WHY!" He adds (yes i wrote YOLO. sue me.) I look at him In disbelief. "SILVER CLOCKSON!" Our mentor shouts. Ive just been reaped! I walk up to the stage "Oh, of course its you." Says the mentor. Clothes swags over to the train station and jumps on while I follow behind. This will be fun. "Honey, what is in your eye?"

District 9

Whisper Raleigh

"Whispa, Whispa! Whats that?" Asks my brother, Cotton, he likes to ask the stupidest questions, like this one, right now he is pointing to a chair. "Its a chair, Cotten, come on, you know that" I say "Oh yeah!" He smiles and runs off. He has always been like that, he has always liked to annoy people with his silly questions of which he already knows the answer. My mum died when I was 9 and that has effected all of us, especially me. I lost my trust in everyone except for my family, and my best friend, Lyric. Lyric saved my life when a dog came and started tearing me apart, but she threw some rocks at it to scare it off, we've been friends ever since. "AHHHHHHH" Lacy shouts and I run straight to her room "What? Are you ok?" I ask "Ive gained 2 pounds!" she shouts, with tears streaming down her face. "It doesn't matter, 2 pounds is nothing,ok?" I tell her. "But, It is though!" she fights back "Lacey, Its fine, you are not fat or anything, you are perfectly fine" I say "And-----HOOOOOORRRRRRRR" My voice is cut off by the reaping horn. "Come on, its time to go." I walk out of her room and she trails right behind me. I can see my dad standing at the door with Cotten, who is still asking ludicrous questions. We leave for the square and my scar from where I got whipped starts to itch, Which is normally a very bad sign. "Whispa! Whispa! Where are you going!" Cotten asks me when i hug him to say goodbye "Oh, no-where, I will be back in a second" I reply "Good luck son" says my dad "Thanks" I say and I walk into the crowd. "HELLO DISTRICT 9! HOW ARE YOU?" Our mentor waits for a reply that will never arrive "Right, well, on with the reaping! Ladies first" she picks up a slip and opens it "OH MY! Well, that's quite a name! SLUTTY HORELLA" She says with a giggle in her voice. The name is her description. She looks like a slut. With her lipstick and her clothes. "Well, lets see if we have a normal boy." She sticks her hand into the boys bowl. My name is in 20 times. I guess the odds are not really in my favor. "WHISPER RALEIGH!" She says "NOOOOOOOOO WHISPA! NOOOOOOO WHISPER DON'T GO!" My brother and sister run up to me and hug me, but all of a sudden a Peacekeeper punches Cotten in the face "WHAT THE HELL! YOU BASTARD! YOU PUNCHED MY BROTHER! HE IS 8 YOU A**HOLE" I punch the Peacekeeper in the throat and he starts to cough up blood, then he slumps to the ground. Dead. I pick Cotten up and I take him to dad. "He should be fine, just a bloody lip. Take care of him, and Lacey" I say "Of course. Make sure you come back yeah" He asks with a tear on his cheek "I will" I say. I always have been a good liar.

District 10

Jessica Maik

"Matt, Matt stop! hahaha" He puts me down and I playfully slap him on the shoulder. "The reaping is soon, we better get back" I say "In a bit, but first..." He picks me up and we go inside his house and I get dressed, I left my clothes at his. Matt is my best friend, and he has been for ages. Ive always seen him as more then that, but I'm not sure that he sees me in the same way, I guess I just have to live with that. "Hey, Jess?" Matt asks me while we are walking to the reaping "Yeah" I reply "What If I got reaped, what would you do?" He says "I would cry" I say, "What would you do if I was reaped?" I add "Well, the same..." He states. We break off to go into our separate sections and our mentor walks to the stage "Hello. How yal' doin'? I think its time for a good ole' reaping". I hate our mentor. Just because we are the Livestock District, she thinks that we are all cowboys and cowgirls. Stereotypical uptight bitch. "Now, time to choose our rootin' tootin' tributes!" Bitch "Now, are little lady is..." Bitch "JESSICA MAIK" Bit----What? Did she just say my name? No, there are plenty of Jessicas in District 10. But everyone is looking at me "Whats happening?" I ask the girl next to me. "I'm sorry" She simply tells me. No. It cant be me. I stand there still while two Peacekeepers drag me to the stage. I stand there, petrified. "You ok, pumpkin?" ask my mentor. "No" I reply. "Ok, time for the boys, LIBRE LONGSHORE" she announces "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" A voice calls out, and as quick as that, Matt is stood next to me, kissing me.

District 11

Bash Gold

"Where the hell were you! I had to cover your shift!" My mum comes running up to me "I was out with some mates" I reply "Like hell you were! You were meant to be helping me! Your doing the next shift by yourself" She sates and walks off "No way mum! Mum! Thats well unfair!" I shout after her "Lifes not fair bash!" She calls back "And get ready for the reaping!" Oh, crap, I forgot about the reaping. I run to my house and I put on my smart clothes, get a apple and I walk to the door. The reaping horn sounded and everyone emptied their houses and then headed to the justice building. Our mentor was sat on a chair and was also eating a apple "Hey, time for the reapings!" She shouts and throws the apple to the floor "our female tribute this year is.... Plus Delta!" A yellowed haired girl walks to the stage with a sort of calm look on her face "Our male tribute is... Bash Gold!" Oh no... I cant do my shift. I walk up to the stage and Plus hugs me, She was one of the girls I went out with last night. She is the nicest girl in the world, and now she is going to die... So bad. Our mentor separates us and tells us to shake hands "Well, its good you know each other." She says with a smile "Congratulations to the tributes of District 11!

District 12

Euphrasie Fauchelevent

"JUST SHUT UP!" I shout "WHAT? WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!" My dad shouts back "YOU HEARD! ALL YOU DO IS TALK ABOUT HOW ASHAMED YOU ARE OF ME, AND I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! WHEN THE REAPING IS OVER I'M GONNA MOVE OUT!" I shout back "Well thank god, it will give us a little bit of peace for once in our lives! 15 years wasted over, over, YOU!" My mum snaps. That one hurt. I pick up a chair and throw it out the window, completely shattering it, then the reaping horn goes. I pick up my coat and I storm out, whilst I'm walking away I look back at my childhood home, all those memories. All gone. When I arrive at the reaping I go to stand in the 15 year old section, I wipe off my tears as our mentor, Flake Trinket, strides to the stage "Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever  in your favor!" He shouts "Now, time to choose our female tribute!" I start to daydream. Where will I go after the reaping? I will be living on the streets. I can't do that, there must be some other way. Wait, there is. "I VOLUNTEER!" I shout half-mindlessly "Whats this? A volunteer? This is rare... Well, up you come love" he calls down. I start to walk to the stage and I lock eye contact with my mum, she is crying and I mouth a few words to her 'Serves you right, bitch' then she breaks down completely and I smile. I get to the stage "Whats your name sweetie?" he asks "Euphrasie Fauchelevent" I reply "Well, that's quite a mouthful" he remarks, expecting a horde of laughter but all he gets are the distant sobs of my mother. Poor mother, hahaha.

District 13

Caden Hillel

Caden.... Caden..... CADEN. I jolt awake from my dream. Its was of my childhood sweetheart, Ive been having that dream for ages now, I wonder why... I think I'm just afraid of the reaping, everyone is in District 13, even though kids train for the games here. Our District consists of a bunch of wannabe careers, and we even admit it, but I would never do the career training. Matrix did though, stupidly, he always wanted to be part of The Hunger Games and was always at the top of his class, and he wasn't popular for it. He was killed by my old boyfriend, Everett, just because Matrix always beat him. He chased Matrix though the woods and stabbed him, I saw something going on so I ran straight towards them and i say him. Dead on the floor with Everett standing over him, the Everett ran at me and I hit him with a rock on the head and I didn't stop.... I'm awake again? What? Thinking about it must of made me pass out... Well, its reaping day so I better get ready. I get dressed and I walk downstairs. I walk out of the door to the square and the reaping has already stated so I stand back and watch."CADEN HILLEL!" "OH CRAP" I shout. I try to run but I get caught by a Peacekeeper and he chases me through the crowd. Unfortunately he grabs the scruff of my neck and he literally drags me to the stage. When I get there I slap the Peacekeeper and he falls down the stairs. I giggle. "Now, after that fiasco, time for the boys, lets see... This one! Radiant Tayz!" A scrawny boy walks up to the stage. Dead meat.


I will be doing the chariot rides and costumes in a table form because I want to get on with killing your tributes ;)

The Chariot Rides

Comenter: Frances Joker

Distict Male Outfit Female Outfit
1 Zaph is wearing a diamond and sapphire encrusted suit. the two jewels together give of a mesmerizing shimmer that is beautiful to the eye. his hair is slicked over to one side. The crowd love this costume and so do I. Orchid is wearing a diamond and ruby studded dress which too gives off a enchanting glow. Her hair flows down like silk to her shoulders and she has got on a pair of sexy leather boots. Yum. District 1 never disappoints.
2 Soul is wearing a Peacekeeper uniform but it is more colorful. The Helmet is green and the rest of the Armour is silver. He has a sword in one hand and his is pointing it up, this outfit simply tells the crowd to 'back off or ill kill you'. Raven is also wearing a Peacekeeper uniform and the only difference between Raven and Souls costumes are that Ravens helmet is pink. She however is holding up a machine gun. This seems to strike fear into the crowd.
3 Wire is wearing a lycra skin tight body-suit that fades into different colors, from pink to green to blue to yellow and many more. His shoes and hair do the same. And as a side note, he has a awful wedgie that goes right up his bum. Just saying. Petra has basically the same idea but she is wearing a maxi dress instead of a suit but it does exactly the same thing but her hair and eyelashes are electric blue and her lips are pink. Very retro and hip. Brilliant.
4 Ace is dressed as King Neptune. He is wearing a tunic and is holding a old fashioned trident that looks like a fork. His blue hair is made to look more vivid with some sort of product, he is looking very happy and excited. Cassandra Is dressed as a green mermaid who is covered in seaweed except for her upper half, where she wears a blue bikini top. Her blue hair falls down to her shoulders and the color complements her outfit nicely.
5 Generation is dressed as a power plant worker. He has got on a lab coat the conceals everything. But he takes it off to reveal his ordinary clothes, but they are glowing a bright white color and have strobe lights coming out of it. Truly beautiful and is a clear favorite for the crowd and the President himself. Allana is wearing the same lab coat and has a pair of sexy glasses on. When she takes off her lab coat she is also glowing, but glowing a black light witch contracts with Generations white light and in-between them, sparks start to go off in all directions, putting the crowd in a state of amazement.
6 Konlile is dressed as a pilot. She is in a white uniform and has a pair of sunglasses on. Also, his hair is slicked back to make him look cool, and it kind of works. The crowd seem to like District 6 this year. Luna is dressed as a sexy stewardess for a plain. She is holding a martini in one hand and her other is wrapped around Konlile waist. She has bright pink lipstick on and the crowd are whistling.
7 The design for District 7 never changes. Once again they are trees. The only thing different to his and Ebonys outfit is that he has more branches. Big woop. Not to mention he looks like he has just witnessed a puppy being shot. Just like Cole, Ebony is a tree with only 3 branches while Cole has 4 she looks very bored and the crowd gives out groans because they are so bored with the District 7 tree thing, but to be honest, who isn't? Ebony is smiling but it is clearly fake.
8 Silver and Clothes are wearing a mix and match outfit with loads of materials stitched onto it. I swear I've seen something like this before. All together its not that impressive and there are lots of groans. Clothes is a boy, but is being classed as a girl for some obscure reason. Its deffinatly not because the creator of the games found out the there are two boys in District 8. That would be stupid of him...
9 Whisper is wearing nothing but shorts made from barley and a crown made from wheat, but he is holding a scythe in one hand. You can see that his hair is spiked up underneath the crown, he has a slight look of determination on his face. Slutty's outfit was obviously made to show off her body, she is wearing a bikini made from wheat that can barely hold her breasts. She is also wearing a bit of body glitter for what I think is just to make her look sexy, and it works.
10 Obviously, the theme for District 11 is farm animals. Matt is dressed in a cow costume with the word 'beef' written on the costumes chest, pretty full on if you ask me. And Jess, Jess... PAHAHAH! She is dressed as a pig and she is covered in mud! Her face is absolutely priceless. I would not like to be her at this moment in time...
11 Bash is dressed in dungarees with assorted fruit stuck to his body. Underneath his dungarees he is wearing jeans, a white Te-shirt and some green boots. His hair is untidy but sort of puffy. He looks like he wants to kill everyone in the crowd... Plus has a denim jacket and jeans on, she is also holding a vine of grapes and she is picking one by one off and are throwing them to the crowd. Her yellow hair is put in a bun and has something in it which sparkles in the sunlight.
12 Byron, as per District 12 tradition, is completely naked  and covered in coal dust and fire dust, also his hair is gelled up in spikes. He is smiling but nobody is convinced. Its more like a sympathy smile Euphrasie, like Byron, is completely naked with only her hair covering her breasts. She also has a flame and coal dust coating all over her body. She looks very annoyed, just like usual.
13 And last but defiantly not least, District 13, Radiant is wearing an all black costume. In-between him and Caden there is a little bowl that looks like its just there for show until they both pull the two leavers either side of it. The crowd looks in confusion until the levers are pulled. Caden is also wearing a all black costume until Ger and Radiant pull the leavers. There is a little explosion inside the bowl that turns into a mushroom cloud. A atom bomb. Then their clothes reflect the image of the mushroom cloud, making them look like a nuclear explosion.

Training scores and Odds.


Name and District

Score Odds
1 Zaphire 'Zaph' Beux 10 4/1
1 Orchid Quartz 9 6/1
2 Soul Silence 10 4/1
2 Raven Silence 11 3/1
3 Wire Elec 3 38/1
3 Petra Mines 8 7/1
4 Ace Coals 10 4/1
4 Cassandra Oracion 10 5/1
5 Generation Tody 6 17/1
5 Allana Darkbloom 8 11/1
6 Konlile Hamlley 4 19/1
6 Luna Fern 5 17/1
7 Cole Asher 7 8/1
7 Fern 'Ebony' Shadlock 7 9/1
8 Clothes Fabric 11 3/1
8 Silver Clocky Clockson 6 10/1
9 Whisper Raleigh 6 9/1
9 Slutty Horella 1 52/1
10 Matte Shoof 7 9/1
10 Jessica Maik 6 11/1
11 Bash Gold 8 6/1
11 Plus Delta 9 5/1
12 Byron Samson 4 17/1
12 Euphrasie  Fauchelevent 10 4/1
13 Radiant Tayz 6 12/1
13 Caden Hillel 7


Death chart

Name Distict Killer District With what Placing
Radiant Tayz 13 Whisper Raleigh 9 Spear 26th
Plus Delta 11 Byron Samson 12 Rock 25th
Ace Coal 4 Soul Silence 2 Bow and arrow 24th
Wire Elec 3 Orchid Quartz 1 Sword 23rd
Bash Gold 11 Matte Shoof 10 Knife 22nd
Byron Samson 12 Fern Shadlock 7 Falling (Button) 21th
Caden Hillel 13 Cole Asher 7 Falling (Button) 20th
Silver clocky Clockson 8 Cole Asher 7 Slit Throat


Luna Fern 6 Orchid Quartz 1 Axe in the Stomach 18th

Zaphire 'Zaph' Beux

1 Allana Darkbloom 5 Axe to the Head 17th
Allana Darkbloom 5 Orchid Quartz 1 Fallen Branch to the Head 16th
Clothes Fabric 8 Euphraise Fauchelevent 12 Dagger in the Back 15th
Slutty Horella 9 Petra Mines 3 Electrical Wire (Electrocuted) 14th
Coal Asher 7 Gamemakers Capitol Incineration 13th
Generation Tody 5 ------ ------ Suicide 12th
Konlile Hamlley 6 Orchid Quarts 1 Axe To The Head 11th
Orchid Quartz 1 Whisper Raliegh/Fireball 8 Shot In The Heart then Fireball 10th
Fern Shadlock 7 Herself (Petra if you think about it) --- (3) Ice Skate To The Head 9th
Cassandra Oracion 4 Fern Shadlock (Accidental) 7 Fell/Dragged Into The Volcano 8th
Matte Shoof 10 Suicide 10 Jumped Into Volcano 7th
Jessica Maik 10 Suicide 10 Jumped Into Volcano 6th
Euphraise Fauchelevent 12 Whisper Raleigh 8 Spine Ripped Out 5th
Raven Silence 2 Whisper Raleigh 8 Shot In The Heart 4th
Whisper Raleigh 8 Soul Silence 2 Spear In The Forehead 3rd


Quick Recap:

Ok, Just to recap the arena. The arena will be split into 26 sections and during the bloodbath you must run into your section. People in a alliance will have their sections next to each other. Tributes will know each segment is there's because there will be a picture at the front of something special to them. In each section the tributes will have a decision to make. One good, one bad. If they choose good, their segment will disappear and become part of the two segments next to it, but if you choose bad, you will have to defeat your demon, then it will disappear. So if one alliance member chooses good but another chooses bad, the one that chose good can help the one that chose bad. When each section has disappeared the arena will be normal. For a short period of time. And remember, Cole and Ebony do NOT participate in the bloodbath. Oh, almost forgot. Happy Hunger Games, And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!

Day 1


Whisper D9:

I walk onto my pedestal as I wave my stylist goodbye, then the glass door closes and I'm raised up. Up to hell. I put my hand over my face while my eyes adjust to the blinding light. We are trapped in a dome and there are pictures everywhere, there's a pocket-watch, a mask, and--Some weed? What the hell is going on here? Wait, that's a picture of Cotten and Lacey! 30 seconds left. The cornucopia if full of weapons. And I mean full, Its overflowing with swords, knives, tridents and everything else. 15 seconds. Where the hell are the District 7's? their pedestals are empty. 10 seconds. I get ready to run into the bloodbath because there is no other alternative.






I sprint towards the bloodbath and I surprisingly reach it first. I can't really use a slingshot right now but I stuff one into my pocket, i grab a spear and a pack of knives. I hear footsteps behind me so I whip around and throw the spear, impaling Radiant through the heart. Beside me I can see Byron bashing Plus's skull in and Zaph stabbing Luna in the side but I think she is still alive because she is limping away. I start to run towards a segment with a picture of the arena on it but when I reach it i just slam against it face first. Ouch. "I NEED TO GO AND FIND THE PICTURE THAT'S IMPORTANT TO ME!" I scream "Thanks!" shouts Allana as she runs through her segment to safety. I start to sprint towards the picture of Cotton and Lacey but a knife finds my leg and I trip the floor. That mute kid threw it. I rip the knife out and I throw it at her, but to my amazement, a arrow flies right at it and it knocks it to the floor. The arrow was sent from her brother, and now he is aiming at me. I get up and run when he fires the arrow, it misses but hits the dome and bounces off and flies into Ace's chest and he falls to the ground. What a trick shot. I make it to the picture and I launch myself through it. I'm safe, for now.

Zaph D1:

"Orchid, behind you!" I shout and at that moment Orchid plunged her sword into Wire's throat. Nearly everyone has escaped except for the career alliance and the District 10 couple "Go and get them then!" I shout at Bash and Euphrasie, they start to run at the couple "Zaphire, you do know that's a trap, right?" Generation asks me "Of course I do, now watch" I say. The trap is that they are running towards them while they are in their zones so they won't be able to kill them. Euphrasie was smart enough to notice this and she stopped running, but Bash carried or and hit the barrier and rebounded onto the floor, the the D10 boy, Matt i think, pounced on him and stabbed him. He then ran off into the distance side by side with the girl. "Remind me to kill them later" I say. "The bloodbath is over. when we've done this stupid task meet back here, ok?" I shout and everyone nods "Grab whatever you need and lets set off"


Fern D7:

That was awful. Plus died and I had a front row seat! "ITS TIME TO CHOSE THE PERSON TO KILL" A voice boom "As you can see there are buttons in front of you with every tributes name. Press one now, if you'd please" I don't know. Who should I kill! Wait, its obvious! Who killed my alliance member? I find his button and a close my eyes and I slam it down "Thank you, this will be carried out soon" I just killed someone without even looking. I'm a monster!

Cole D7:

Looks like its my time to chose, but who? There is only one way to sort this out. Ip dip do, doggy did a poo. the cat done another one and out goes YOU. On 'you' I pressed a button. Poor girl. I kinda feel bad but she was going to die sooner or later. "Fern. You have chosen to kill...BYRON and Cole, with your wizard method you chose...CADEN." They will die momentarily. And as for you two, sleep tight!" A gas fills the room and I slowly become drowsy and I fall into a deep sleep...

The Challenges

Slutty D9:

Great. Plus is dead and Fern isn't actually in the arena. But I guess alliances don't apply here, where the hell is here anyway? It sort of looks like something I've seen before, almost like it was taken from my memory, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I'm walking along a path when I see a house. And now I remember. That house. Its the hore house I was put in because my own father bet me in a poker game and he lost, hour after hour of men taking advantage of me and violating me. At the front of the door there are two big buttons, one saying remember, and the other saying forget. What does it mean? I think forget might mean forget what happened, but it might also be the cowards way out, and there are sure to be consequences. I flick my pink hair back and I hover my hand over the forget button. I know what they are trying to do "You really think I'm that stupid?" I call out and I move my hand and slam it down on the remember button, and the button flashes green. Something starts to happen at the door of the house. Its me when I tried to run away, but I got caught and brutally beaten, I can almost feel those viscous punches on my face and then in the blink of an eye, I'm stood next to Fern in her section. It must of taken over mine. And its immediately obvious that she pressed the wrong button.

Soul D2:

I look around for Raven but is obvious that she isn't here, she went into the section next to me. I walk along and I find mine and Raven's training base. How could this be here? I walk into it and I find that everything is how I left it, even to the finest detail. Except for one thing, in the middle of our training area there is a podium with two buttons: Fight and Retreat. Its obvious what to chose, I'm from District 2, we never surrender. And nonchalantly, I press the fight button and then the podium turns red and the dark side of the training area lights up and I can see Raven. But its not, I know its not. It looks just like her. She grabs a spear and throws it at me, I dodge just in time. this is to play with my mind, and I'm not falling for it. I grab a scythe, my weapon of choice and I charge at her, but I can't seem to deliver the final blow, she then kicks me back and I fall to the floor. She looks down at me and smiles. I quickly stand and I take a swipe at her leg but she is still standing. I run towards the knife rack and I throw it at her. Why did I do that? I could o----- Wait, the knife rack has stayed in place and is covering her face, the rack falls to reveal a knife lodged in Mutt Raven's throat. She slumps to the floor and the podium goes green, then my segment gets replaced with a identical one, but its covered in blood and I can see myself standing over something. Raven. He runs towards me and I grab a axe and I throw it at him then I run towards Raven, she has a knife in her chest and I hold her and stroke her hair to tell her that everything will be ok. She smiles at me, raises her hand to my face, then slowly relaxes into the eternal sleep. BOOM.

Petra D3:

My Podium turns green and I turn to see Luna who is about to press her button, this made her jump and she pressed the other button, then the podium turned red "PETRA!" she shouts "I'm sorry! I'm so so sorry!" I reply "Oh crap" she whispers as a Peacekeeper appears out of the mist "LUNA" he shouts and he starts to shoot. "HE HAS A GUN! HOW IS THAT FAIR?" I shout "What weapons have you got?" I ask her "A axe, you?" she asks, ducking while bullets ricochet of the tree trunk "Just a knife" I say "Ok, on three, we run in different directions, ok?" She shouts over the gunfire "Fine, one, two, THREE" We run and he aims for Luna and hits her in the side, I throw my knife and it lodges in her leg, then he charges towards me with his gun. I close my eyes and wait. THUMP. I'm still alive? I can see the Peacekeeper on the floor with a trident in his head, then I turn to see Cassandra standing with a single cut on her cheek. "You ok?" She shouts "Yeah, that alliance is still on, right" I call back "Yeah"she says

Caden D13:

The podium is telling me to press die or die? What kind of option is that? I hit the 'die' on the left and the podium turns purple and a smoke shoots out of it but I bolt before it catches me, Poison darts shoot from all directions. Why is this happening, this is far to extreme. I can hear the ground behind me disintegrate, its like they want me to die. I reach the edge of my segment and I can see Konlile telling me to run, I jump and hold my hand out. My fingers touch with Konlile's and I fall into the abyss BOOM. BOOM.

Matte D10:

This is the part I like: Just wandering around without a care in the world, well, except Jess. I hope she is ok, two cannons went off and it could of been anyone. But I can't think like that, not in here. I can see a pedistal with only one button and it says 'SAFE' in big block letters. That is a weird button to place in the middle of no-wer---Wait, this is my forest! Oh my god! This is awesome, look! There is even the place where I first met Jess. I walk over to it and I sigh, the memorys come flooding back as I sit down were I sat 3 ago when the shy little girl hurt her knee. Look at us know, about to tear other people apart for someone elses amusement. My podium starts to flash so I run over to it and I push the button, then the world I'm in gets sucked from underneath my feet, then I see Jess crying on the floor with a girl, she can't be older then 4, and she is talking to Jess "Why did you do it Jess, I thought we were friends" Her ghostly voice mutters while she fiddles with the knife in her  "IT WAS A ACCIDENT!" She shouts, crying at the same time. I run over to her the second I know who it is. She told me about the game her and her friend played when they were little that resulted in the girl, I think her name was Bailee or something, getting stabbed by Jess herself. I place a sword in her hands and I lock mine over hers "You don't have to face this alone" I whisper into her ear and I raise her hands so the sword is upright "You have me" I say and, together, we drop the sword onto the little girl and she gives a sharp scream and drops to the floor.

Silver D8:

"Hello, you little fvcker. Ready for round two?" I turn to see Steve, smiling at me. how can he be here? "Oh, no. This is sick!" I shout "Your dead! Why are you here? I stabbed you" I add "What do you call yourself now? 'Clocky', is it? Well 'Clocky' , You killed me, now its my time to kill you!" He charges at me and tackles me to the ground then he punches me in the face twice. I spit blood in his face and he jolts back, I run and retrieve my knife, then I pounce on him but he just shoves me away and grabs my knife "Time to see the cogs of your clock, 'Clocky" I don't know what this means until he brings the knife up to my clock and starts to dig into my eye socket and it pops out along with alot of blood. I start to scream and I grab the other knife hidden in my jacket and I stab him in the eye "HOW DO YOU LIKE IT, HUH?" I Shout at him as he falls to the ground. I've done it again. Killed him, and I would do it again. As I stand I feel a sharp pain on my throat as I am grabbed in a headlock. I tilt my head to see the last person I would of thought. Coal. "I'm so sorry, but I have to" He says and his hand jolts to the side. BOOM. (Just if you haven't noticed, of there is nothing bad in the back story then there will only be a button that says 'SAFE')

Allana D5:

The button says safe, just safe. Well thats boring... "Give me a challenge for god sake!" as I rub my fingers across the smooth surface of the button and I push down on it with my middle finger and my segment and it disappears, then reveals the last thing I would of wanted, Zaphire and Orchid, covered in blood, stood over two dozen disemboweled animals with a crazed look in their eyes. "Zaph can you get this one bro?" She smirks to him "Sure" he smirks back "Start running then?!" He shouts at me and I bolt, I start to run back into what used to be segment and I just keep on running with Zaph on my tail, I can see a holographic light and I run straight through it and to my left, I can see Cassandra, Petra bandaging Luna's hip and I tell them to run but its too late, Orchid has already caught up and is throwing Axes left right and center. I hear a thump and a high pitched scream but I don't look back to see who it was. BOOM. I have gained a good head start and a axe comes flying past my head and into a tree, so I grab it and continue running then I finally gain the courage to turn around  and throw the axe. I see it soar through the wind, its almost like its in slow motion. Just flying toward Orchid, sure to hit her but suddenly, Zaph pushes her out of the way and the axe lodges its self into his head. BOOM. "ZAPHIRE!!! NOOOOOO. YOU BITCH" She throws a axe in my direction but it hits a tree. "Nice try!" I shout back, but the branch the axe hit started to fall and hits me on the head. I fall to the floor and my vision is fuzzy I can make out Orchid picking up her axes, wiping off tears as she does. I put my hand to my head and there is alot of blood and a massive crack. This is bad "Your finished, 5. Rott in hell. Bitch" She says and walks away. I get up and I try to chase after her but I just fall to the ground. Thats it. There is no more waking up, no more anything. I close my eyes and I picture everything good in my life. I curl up into a ball and I close my eyes. The darkness takes over, and I slowly slip away... BOOM.

Whisper D8:

I can't believe I killed him. I just threw it, it could of been anyone, even that 12 year old, but she's a Career, she must of known whats coming in the end. And for all I know, shes dead already. I just killed someone, I don't even know their name. This place really does change people. Wait, This is my road, and thats my home, right there, and that, whats that? There is this,, pedestal on the door of my house. I walk up to it with a quizzical look on my face. There are two buttons, One says 'Cotton and Lacey' and the other says 'Lyric'. What does this mean? I really don't know. I'm drawn to press Cotton and Lacey's button, but I don't know what it will do. I stand there for a good 5 minutes. I don't know. My podium starts to flash, signaling that I have a time limit. I let it run out, and then my segment turns purple. And then, through the door of my house emerges Cotton, Lacey and Lyric. But in a sort of mutt form. But there is no difference. There they are. Stood there. I run up to hug them but Lyric punches me in the face. I grab my spear but I can't throw it at the 3 people I love most in my life. Lacey runs towards me and, almost on purpose, she impales herself on my spear. "LACEY! NO!" I shout as she curls around the spear and then fades away. They are not real. They are not real. They are not real. They are not real. They are not real. I close my eyes as the next figure runs into the spear. Lyric. They are not real. They are not real. They are not real. They are not real. And then finally, Cotton runs up to me, but doesn't impale himself, he hits me and then grabs a knife from his pocket and slashes my cheek. I fall backwards and Cotton pounces on me, I start to scream, telling him to not do it. and then, a sword plummets through Cottons chest, narrowly avoiding me. And he coughs up blood, and then fades. And then, a hand appears above me and I grab it to see the boy from District 6: Konlile.

The Living

  • District 1: Orchid
  • District 2: Soul
  • District 3: Petra
  • District 4: Cassandra
  • District 5: Generation
  • District 6: Konlile
  • District 7: Coal and Fern
  • District 8: Clothes
  • District 9: Whisper and Slutty
  • District 10: Jessica and Matte
  • District 11: 13th Place!
  • District 12: Euphraise
  • District 13: 12th Place!

Day 2

Generation D5:

"PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T HURT ME" I shout at Clothes "Why should I? Your of no use to us? We just let you join because we didn't want you to make a scene!" he spits "Clothes, wai-----" Euphraise gets cut off by Clothes "Shut up!" "Please, I can help you! I know things!" I say "And what can you possibley know that would be any use to us?" He shouts "I just know things" I plead "Sigh. Goodbye 5" He smiles and raises his sword to my head "I CREATED THE ARENA" I yell "You what?" He asks as he drops his sword "I used to work for the Capitol to create the arena, I know everything about it" I admit "So, let me get this right, you helped create the arena that will kill us?!" He shouts "Your dead!" He raises his sword up again, but then starts to cough up blood and falls to the floor, he has a dagger in his back. BOOM. And I know who uses a dagger. "So you know the arena, that means you must know how to defeat it, right?" She asks "Right"  I confirm "So, lets go and find Orchid, I'm sure she would want to know this.

Cassandra D4:

"Petra! Look!" I shove Petra awake "What?" She asks "PARACHUTES!" We shout together and run towards the three containers, one is small and the other two are biggish. I reach the small one open it to reveal some wire and a shock charger "I think this is for you, Petra" I say as I hand her the items "Oh yes!" she shouts and fiddles with the wire "This will be very handy!" she chuckles "There is still two more, lets open them!" I shout with anticipation. I open the lid and to my surprise, the box contains ice skates "What the hell?" I say "Have you got ice skates too?" She asks "Yeah, this must be a challenge or something, better keep them close" I say, and she nods back "Do you think everyone got a pair?" She asks me "Yes, probably" I reply. I stand up and I walk over to Petra "What can you do with that then?" I ask "Well, I will charge it up and make it electrical, then we will lure someone over here and it will electrocute them" She replies "Its not as painful as you may think" She adds. Petra gets up and unravels the wire "Grab this and wrap it round that tree, please" she asks while handing me the end of the wire "Sure" I take it and I wrap it in a triple knot. At the other end Petra shouts "Don't touch it from now on, ok? Its now active!" I stick my thumbs up and she smiles. "Right, lets go" She says. We start to walk through the forest and by pure luck, we come across a pink haired figure "Yoo hoo!" I shout and then run. The girl stands up and sees me, so she chases me. I am so close to the wire and she is right behind me. I can see the tiny line and I dive under it and the the girl runs straight into it and starts to shake "TURN IT UP" I Shout and then the girl starts to twitch like crazy and then falls to the ground. BOOM. "Thats how its done" She calls back with a laugh. I bend down and I close her eyes. I do feel bad for her. Who wouldn't? Well, except for Petra.

Konlile D6:

"ATTENTION TRIBUTES, ATTENTION. As you may know, we have reached halfway. So that means its time for a twist. Everyone must gather at the cornucopia in one hour, for there will be a feast. But. This is no ordinary feast, There will be things in the cornucopia for you to steal, but there is no killing at this feast. The aim of this is to see, well, who's the quickest. The final two people to make it to the feast will be sealed off and then incinerated. So you better be quick. That is all" The booming voice of Demetrius Templesmith shook the arena. "Whisper, we better go!" I shout as I grab my sword "Yeah, I guess so. Incineration will not be fun." He replies. We start to jog towards the cornucopia and to our left we can see Fern. I could go over there right now and stab her. But the rules say no killing, so we just carry on running. We start to slow down until we remember that the last two there get incinerated, so we start to run even faster. We finally reach the cornucopia and there is a table stacked with food. Succulent turkeys, mouth watering beef. Its like a dream come true. Me and Whisper arrive there first, closely followed by Fern. We exchange looks and quickly turn away. The next here is the pair from 10, obviously please that they aren't last. Next is Petra and Cassandra. And that leaves Coal, Generation, Orchid, Soul and Euphraise. I can see a small figure form from the tree line; Orchid. And the Soul bursts through the trees, it looks like he sprinted the whole way. In the distance I can see Generation, Euphraise and Coal, Sprinting. Coal throws a rock at Euphraise and she tumbles to the ground, tripping over Generation on the way. So I run out there and I punch Coal in the face. Now I have to choose. Save Euphraise and kill Generation, or vice-versa. I choose to save Euphraise and I drag her into the dome. Coal has gotten up but was too slow, and the cornucopia is sealed in a massive dome. Then, suddenly, a blaze starts from behind the tree line in the distance. And its progressing. Slowly, it reaches Coal who was trying to escape the flames and his screams travel through the wind. BOOM. When the flames were about to reach Generation, he pulled out his knife and the lips mime the words "I'm not playing this game anymore" and he stabs himself in the heart. Instantly killing him. BOOM.

Soul D2:

I look around at everyone's horrified and tired faces. Nearly everyone just wants to get this over with, and after seeing Clothes burn alive and Generation killing himself, everyone is trying not to look at their mutilated corpses, but they can't help to look at it now and again due to curiosity. We've been stood here for a good hour and nothings happening, and to add things to my worries Orchid looks like she is going to throw some of her axes right at my head. Finally, the girl from 4 breaks the tension "Whats going on? We've been here for ages" She whines "I don't know, perhaps they think we will start to tear each other to shreds?" Ponders Konlile. There was complete silence for two hours after that until a announcement shatters through the arena "Attention tributes, attention. Thank you for waiting, we've had a bit of a technical with the... Never mind. Earlier this morning you all received a pair of ice skates, put them on if you please." He stops talking while we put the skates on. They fit perfectly, almost like they have been molded to my feet. "Right. To play this task one person must die. Choose as yo---. BOOM. I whip around to see a axe sticking out of Konlile's head and Orchid retrieving it with a few squirts of blood hitting Petra. "Done" she shouts with a evil laugh "Thank you Orchid, now. We shall be bringing one of the fallen back to life fully healed, its up to you 9 to choose who. Talk soon" I walk over to Jessica because she understands sign language but she flinches 'Don't worry, I won't hurt you' I sign "Oh, ok" She says 'Tell everyone that we should bring Raven back. She's my twin and I miss her so much' She nods and smiles at me, probably seeing a nice side to me. "Soul says that he wants Raven back. And I can see why, she's his sister; His twin. So I vote Raven" She states "Me to" Says her boyfriend and I smile. I've gone soft. "4, what about you?" Jess asks "Err, yeah. I guess so" says Cass "Petra" She asks "Fine" She answers. Euphraise, Fern and Whisper all say yes too. "Orchid?" Jess asks her "I vote Zaph" She says simply. I want to rip her face off right now, but I will save it for later. "Well, good thing its a majority vote" Jess states. "Attention tributes. Please state the name of the tribute you want to bring back" The voice booms "Raven Silence" Shouts Whisper. "As you wish, the Death Chart has been changed. Raven will be with you presently" Demetrius says "Oh, and, watch out for that er, Volcano thats about to erupt under the cornucopia. Happy Hunger Games And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!" Demetrius finishes. A hovercraft appears overhead and a figure gets dropped down. I can see a whip of black and blue hair. Her blue and red eyes stare back into mine, she smiles at me and I smile back. The last time I saw her she had a knife in her stomach. I grab her in a tight hug. My sister is alive! My mind jolts back to the announcement, Wait, What? Did I just hear volcano?

Orchid D1:

I can't say that I'm not happy for Soul and Raven, but I still want to kill them. The ground starts to shake, why the hell were we given ice skates? Oh I see, I bet the Capitol people are having a right laugh - Ice skates on a volcano - I take them off and I realize that these could make a good weapon, so I shove them in my pack. The ground then starts to shake and on the underneath of the cornucopia a massive crack appeasers and then it shoots up into the sky. A volcano. The cornucopia is on a ledge at the mouth of the cornucopia. In the corner of my eye I and see Whisper running away and then smacking into a force-field and stands up, pretending nothing happened and then kicking the force field. Time to go into Career mode. "Euphraise!" I shout and she runs over "You take 4 and 3, l will take the 2's" I tell her. The volcano starts to spit and dribble lava down the base. I can see Soul and Raven running to the over side of the volcano and I start to chase them. I narrowly dodge a fireball that has been launched from the mouth. There is a tunnel at the edge of the volcano and I run into it, its a tunnel system with loads of caves that split off. I don't know where they went. I look inside one of the caves and, is that?... Oh yes! A crossbow lies ahead of me and I grab it. I fire it at the wall and it works perfectly. Time for some killing. I run outside the cave and I can see daylight. I head towards it and I am now at the mouth of the volcano, I look into the depths of the molten rock. Horrible way to die. Easy way to kill. I can see Fern on the other side of the volcano so I start to run around, and she runs too. We are just running in circles. I decide to throw a ice skate at her and it sails through the wind, over the volcano, but before it reaches her, Whisper aims a crossbow at the ice skate and fires, knocking the skate into the fire. I lift my crossbow and we aim at each other "Hey" I shout "Hey" He replies. On 1 I will shoot. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4--- "AHRGHAHHA" I shout, he fired and it hit me in the heart. It hurts so much. Whisper walks over to me and whispers (see what I did there?) into my ear "I'm sorry" Then he walks away. I want to die in style, not like this! I can still move but it hurts so much. And then, a fireball flies towards me. My final moment. I close my eyes and then impact. BOOM.

Petra D3:

That girl from one is dead! I thought I was going to have to do that myself. I can see that Fern girl running. I've got a Idea. I run into the cave where I found that pack, and I can see rope so I take it "Cass, Take this end" I say politely. Something about Cass makes me nice and kind. Humph. We run to the mouth and start to tie the rope to some ledges and hiding them with scorched leaves, looking around just encase someone pushes us off. "Cool, now, get Fern please" I ask "Sure" Cassandra smiles and runs towards Fern "Come and get me!" I hear her shout and Fern chases her. When she is close enough I pull the rope and she trips, but Cass trips too. "CASS!" I shout and I run towards her. This is the situation that I didn't want. Fern is hanging onto the ledge and Cass is on her foot. There is only one way to get Cass back; Save Fern. I grab Ferns hand and I pull her up followed by Cass. Suddenly, the rock that was supporting Fern gave way and the hand that held her ice skates jolted up and hit her on the head, cracking her skull. BOOM. She was dead before she hit the lava. But the rope Fern was tangled in was still attached to Cassandra, and she tripped. I launched forwards to grab her hands, but I grab her coat sleeve. She smiles at me and says "Thank you" and then her coat slips off and she tumbles towards the lava. I look away and the BOOM. made me shudder. Poor Cass. A single tear trickles down my face, which is very rare for me. "I'm so sorry Cass" I'm going to win. For her, for Cassandra.

Matte D10:

"JESS! RUN!" I grab her hand and we run. Euphraise is right behind us charging with a sword. She's gone insane, I'm sure. We would fight back but we have no weapons. So we run. We run towards the volcano because there is no-were else to go. We reach the mouth of the volcano and we try to escape but a Trident blocks our path "WHERE THE HELL IS SHE GETTING THESE WEAPONS FROM?" Jess shouts. Just to add to our horror she pulls out a set of daggers. We look at each other, knowing that we are about to be torn to shreds. But there is one other option. And Jess has seen it first. I'm still holding her hand and I squeeze it tight. I look at the lava and she pulls my face up and smiles "I know" We back up towards the edge. I grab her in a tight lock. "Matte, I'm scared" Says Jess "Me too" I kiss her on the head and I rub it to comfort her. I lift her chin up and I kiss her. We lock eyes "Matte, I love you" smiles Jess "I love you too. And I always will" I reply "On 3" I add "1" we say together and I hug her again "2" I look into her eyes and I brush her hair out of her face "3" we fall. Locked in a tight embrace. My final sight is her smile. The only sight I will ever need. BOOM. BOOM.








Whisper D8:

I just saw Jess and Matte jump! Oh my god! Euphraise has seen me and starts to charge at me head first, so I run. She throws a knife and it hits me in the leg. I scream and fall to the floor. I rip the knife out, causing me to scream louder and I throw it back, but she doges it easily. "Nice try 8. You done well, 5th place is real good for your district, but even better for mine. And now look? I'm going to win!" She starts to laugh. That girl is looking at crazy in the rear-view mirror. My leg starts to pulse and a bit of blood squirts out. "Your insane!" I spit "Yeah, maybe I am. But who cares? This is The Hunger Games! And besides, we all get a little crazy sometimes" She states and picks out a long, sharp bread knife and cuts my cheek, letting a little blood trickle down my face. There is no way to escape this. Raven and Soul are probably battling Petra at the moment, so they won't help me. "Just get it over with" I sigh "Nope, I'm going to make a show out of this. Give the Capitol a little show, and your little brother and sister? It was them on the picture? Right? Well, they are surely going to enjoy seeing there big bro get tortured and mutilated! hahahahah" She starts to laugh and she stabs me in the shoulder. "JUST KILL ME!" I shout "Weren't you listening? No" She smiles at me and starts to kiss me "You sick bitch" I manage to say, but it was muffled due to me having to many tongs in my mouth. I see that she has dropped the bread knife to kiss me, so I reach out and grab it. I lift it up and I stab her in the back, she screams but hasn't died yet "Ouch, that hurt!" She shouts. She knocked the knife out of my hand, but she trips and falls over, so I stand up with every bit of energy I have left, I bend down and I shove my and in the hole in the back, I can feel her spine, so I grab it, and I rip it out. BOOM. I throw it to the ground and I limp towards a opening of a cave. I turn back to see Petra running towards the cave. She is quiet far away so as quick as I can, I limp into one of the openings where there is a massive dojo with lava pools, weapons and supplies. I walk over to a pack and I look inside it: Wound cream, brilliant! I apply it and I instantly feel better. I walk over to the weapons and I pick out a slingshot and I sit down. And I wait. This is the final arena.


Raven D2:

It felt so weird. Dying. It was just like sleeping, all of my worries just went away and I felt, sort of lost. A cannon just went, It was either Petra, Whisper or Euphraise. I turn to look at Soul and he smiles. We start to scout the base of the volcano and we could see the outline of Petra running into a cave. So we start to run. When we arrive at the cave we can see Euphraise's mangled body and her spine two feet away. That sick, even to our standers. there are many exits, but we don't know which one Petra went down. But we wouldn't dare split up. So we go to cave to cave, picking up different supplies as we go. Soul grabbed a Spear and I found a lovely Trident with green streaks in the curves. This was probably meant for Ace or Cassandra, but its mine now. The 5th cave we get to we see Petra aiming a sword at Whisper, and Whisper has his slingshot aimed at Petra. So me and Soul chose someone to aim at ourselves. Me on Petra and Soul on Whisper. "Who's going to try first? huh?" Asks Whisper, looking everyone in the eyes. Everyone remains silent. The Capitol must be on the edge of their seats. No-body wants to go first. We stand aiming at each other for a good half an hour. Petra speaks out "I'm bored" "We all are" Snaps Whisper. Silence falls again. Until Whisper passes out. Petra went to see whats wrong with him, but it turns out, nothing. Thats what it looks like when he sprung up and shot me in the heart. I fall to the ground. Its happening again! I don't want to die again! It was so awful. I have just a bit of energy left to throw my Trident. I hear impact and the cry of Whisper... Soul bends down and kisses me on the head. And yet again, I drift away into the light BOOM. BOOM. 

Petra D3:

The spear flew straight past me and into Whisper's head. Wait, if Raven has just died, and now Whisper. Oh my god. I've won. I've won The Hunger Games! Me and Soul have done it! The cave above us disintegrates and there is a hovercraft and the sound of trumpets "Congratulations Soul and Petra. You have won. You will arrive in the Capitol shortly. I look at Soul and I smile at him, he smiles back. The podium falls to the earth and we are told to get on. And we are lifted. I hold out my and and he takes it. And then, he kisses me... (Now thats what you call a twist...)


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