I'm really bored and have nothing to do so I've decided to do a games, the idea will be taken from the 5th Prom on WeAreFewhale and because we never finished I'll be reusing it.


Sample image

7 countries - Canada, Egypt, United Kingdom, Japan, Antartica, Brazil, Australia. 

7 wonders of the world - Great Wall of China, Colosseum, Pyramids of Giza, Taj Mahal, Stonehenge, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Mount Everest. 

7 deadly sins (muttations) - Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy, and Gluttony.

There will also be 7 islands where the 7 wonders are.

In each country there will be landmarks too, but it can be less or more than 7.

Tribute form








They have to have at least 1 strengh and 1 weakness and the max number you can have is 4.


Name & Age              District Strength//Weakness
Bridgette Dime, 18  1 F Strong, close combat fighting, swimming//Overconfidence
Avid Dime, 16 1 M Long distance combat, swimming//Underconfidence, socially awkward
Orelia Vesilissa, 18 2 F Tall, fit, strong, very fast, good with weapons//Anger issues
River Skyfall, 18 2 M Confident, determined, strong//Swimming, camouflage
Jone Depaul, 18 3 F Long distance combat, skilled with tools//Not physically strong, not a very fast runner
Damian Byte, 14 3 M Stamina, smart, making traps//Making alliances, not physically strong
Amethyst Moraitis, 17 4 F Quick and nimble, skilled with knives, smart//Not very strong, afraid of heights
Callam Delaney, 17 4 M Stamina, making traps, planning, rock climbing//The fucking weakest shit ever, fucking insects
Taronja Diada, 17 5 F Trap making, can go long periods of time without food//Not physically strong, frail, hand to hand combat, paranoid
Matt Hamil, 15 5 M Close combat, climbing, fast//Stealth, long range combat, impatient
Emilia Oswald, 15 6 F Swimming, agility, reflexes//Fear of heights, has ADHD
Beckett Camden, 15 6 M Strong, stamina//Swimming
Jessica Woods, 16 7 F Strong, aim//Not very fast, climbing
Trip Haunter, 16 7 M Strong, athletic, not bothered about killing//Stupid, useless if alone
Phelan Quince, 15 8 F Stamina, intelligent, agile, manipulative, trap making//Lacks in strength, quick to anger, close combat
Orlando Johnson, 15 8 M Good with weapons, fast runner//Weak, swimming
Leila Timó, 16 9 F Good build, good with weapons, climbing//Can be outsmarted easily, cowardly, swimming
Silas Kopatsis  9 M Plant identification//An idiot
Shae Summerfield, 15 10 F Speed when running, persuasive and intelligent, fairly physically strong//Bad stamina, climbing, antisocial
Stallion Grieve 10 M Charm, strong, knot making//Climbing, stealth, swimming
Leona Soleil, 16 11 F Friendly, physically strong//Loudness, swimming, unprepared
Charlie Mcdonald, 14 11 M Plant identification, climbing, speed//Not very strong or smart
Guinevere Bordeaux, 15 12 F Climbing, speed//Swimming, physical strength
Willie Fry 12 M Charm, tactical and intelligent//Weak

Training scores

Female Male
Bridgette Dime: 10 Avid Dime: 12
Orelia Vesilissa: 11 River Skyfall: 9
Jone Depaul: 8 Damian Byte: 7
Amethyst Moraitis: 9 Callam Delaney: 9
Taronja Diada: 4 Matt Hamil: 5
Emilia Oswald: 6 Beckett Camden: 7
Jessica Woods: 5 Trip Haunter: 8
Phelan Quince: 7 Orlando Johnson: 6
Leila Timó: 5 Silas Kopatsis: 7
Shae Summerfield: 7 Stallion Grieve: 6
Leona Soleil: 8 Charlie Mcdonald: 5
Guinevere Bordeaux: 5 Willie Fry: 3


Phelan Quince POV:

The Colosseum looms over us, strewn around it are small bags and weapons. We would have to go into the Cornucopia to get the good supplies and weapons, something that most non careers would never attempt.

The countdown starts...





The other tributes look around, trying to locate their allies.




A cannon sounds before anyone even knows what's going on. The boy beside me, Willie Fry had stepped off of his pedestal, blowing him to bits. Chunks of him land on me and River Skyfall, a career, who is on the opposite side of him. River looks over at me and smiles devilishly as I grimace.




The gong sounds and I jump off of my pedestal, being careful to stay out of River's way. I run as close to the cornucopia as I dare and grab a bag and a pack of knives before turning and fleeing.

Death chart

Name & District Cause of death
Willie Fry, 12 Stepped off pedestal too early

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