After the 75th Hunger Games, the 2nd reballion started. President Snows Grandaughter made up a game without killing. She found one of the Survivor Australia games, and called it Survivor Panem.

Each week there will be an elimination for each team after each game. You will be wounded, and there are 4 teams.


No spamming, or I will block all comments and make a new page.

No Fighting with other users

No Inapropiate Behaviour such as swearing

Have Fun!

4 teams as been announced:

Careers: Katharin, Starry

Outlying:Katy, Auvelina, Illiad

Assassins:Ava, Reece, Quineroo, Mia, Keith

Hawaii: Dakota,

District 1,2,4 will join careers

District 8,11,12 will join Outlying

District 3,5,7 will join Assassins

District 6,9,10 will join Hawaii

   Name:             District.                  Age.               Team 
 Katharin Seroine.       1.                      17.               Careers

 Starry Moone.          2.                       17.               Careers

   Ava Winter.          3.                      15.                Assassins

  Reece Eric.            3.                      14.            Assassins

  Keith Mitchell.        5.                       13.          Assassins

 Dakota Plummington.     6.                       16.           Hawaii

  Quineroo Salvix.       7.                      17.            Assassins                   

  Mia Freyile.          7.                       15.             Assassins 

  Katy Rose.             12.                     12.            Outlying

 Auvelina Lorphelin.     12.                      13.           Outlying

   Illiad Cross.          11.                      13.           Outlying


 Points :         0

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