Welcome to the 6th Quarter Quell. 12 players will join each game (2 games) until only 6 remains, and that will be the deathwatch. Each tribute recives $500 to spend on each tribute. Winner will get an advantage in my next hunger games. Sorry I have been fast, it's my first games and I want it over and done with by Monday. Rules: No spamming

No Inapropiate behavior or Swearing

No Being mad if you don't win

Have Fun!

Each tribute has 1 week, or arena will be destroyed, and no victor will occur. Top 6 win, and then the major games. You have 1 week to sign up.


Careers Ethan, Luke, Layla, Auvelina, D1 male, D2 female, D1 female

Scavengers Light, Jack, Perry and Violet Arena Wear:

District 1 - Silver ( representing Luxury)

District 2- Grey. (Representing Masonry)

District 3- White. (representing the new era of technology)

District 4- Aqua. (Representing water and fish)

District 5- Gold (Represting Power)

District 6- Dark Blue (Represnting Transportation at Night)

District 7- Dark Green (Representing Trees)

District 8 - Blood Red (Represting Fabrics)

District 9 - Dark Yellow ( Represting Grain)

District 10 - Brown (Represnting Livestock)

District 11 - Beige - (Representing Agriculture) 

District 12- Black (Representing Coal)

Arena 1

This years arena is a wasteland. All tributes will be launched at the bloodbath, then waiting for the countdown. You may hide in small areas which contain interesting weapons that you can use. Don't pick up the objects in the wastelands, they contain bombs. Watch out for Acid Lakes, and Fercious Bulldogs. When 10 tributes remain, we will begin a deathmatch. All 10 tributes are teleported back to their pedestal for the 60 second countdown. 4 tributes must die in this time, or arena will be destroyed.



District 1.

                      Female.          Amber Pierce    
                       Male:           Travis Arrowrose

District 2.

                      Female :          RESERVED FOR HGCLATOLOVER
                      Male:             Ethan Atkinson

District 3.

                      Female.          Ella Ceres
                      Male:            Connor Gadget

District 4

                      Female:            Layla Mist
                      Male:             Luke Odair

District 5

                      Female:           Nena Kando
                      Male:             Light Honesty

District 6.

                       Male:              Jack Poliniom
                       Female:            Lavinia Terrain


District 7.

                     Female :           Mia Freyile
                     Male:              Quineroo Salvix

District 8

                    Female:              Violet Sunset
                     Male:               Eric Sunshine

District 9.

                      Female:               Fleece Paretheon
                      Male:                  Darren Sprinter

District 10

                      Female:                Choice Path
                      Male:                 Perry Hilberton

District 11.

                    Female:               Maya Soil
                     Male:                 Hoe Jordan

District 12

                     Female:               Auvelina Lorphelin                     
                     Male:                 Reagen Preneia 

Need picture or Lunaii are good, Write down Stategy, Name, Age and all those other things.


District 1 - Amber Pierces P.O.V.

I woke up to the sound of a hovercraft appearing over District 1. "MOM! Today is the reaping!!" I yell as loud as a roaring car. "Oh my god Amber, you gave me a fright" she yells back. I race downstairs to get my pack and go to the reaping with Sally, my friend. We ran to the town to get some food then go to the reaping. " Sally, do you want to enter this years games??" I ask her. "Not really, but oh well" she says, quietly.

We run to the hall to get our fingers pricked. "Ouch!" I yell, as I enter the 16 year old section. I think I would not be reaped, since that dork Anna moved in from district 9, so I think this years victor of the 150th hunger games is this gal, Amber Pierce! Maia Rose, our district escort walks up to the podium. " I VOULUNTEER!" A voice comes from the crowd. "Ugh. You district 1 children have no taste in the hunger games. This years quell will be a special one. 12 tributes from districts 1-6 will battle it off it 1 arena, while the Others in another. First to both 6 tributes win and be collected in a hovercraft for the final arena"

I wait anxiously for my name to be picked. "Ladies first!" She screeches. "Sally Wingrove!" She screams. I see Sally run up to the podium. "I VOULUNTEER as tribute!" I say. That little brat so called friend stole my spot in this years games. She gives me an angry look. "Name?" She says. "Amber Pierce. "Next up.... Travis Arrowrose!" I see Travis walking up to the podium from the 17 year old section. " Ladies and Gentlemen, your tributes of the 150th Hunger Gamez for District 1!!"

District 2 - Ethan's P.O.V.

Ugh. Another dumb day ahead of me. Can't believe I fell for that trick. My brother played a trick on me. Threw a butter sack at me. Today is the reaping. I am deeply excited, and if anyone takes my spot, I'll be mad. I walk out onto the Streets of District 2. Large Poles and tools curl up against my foot. District 1 and 4 are waiting for me in that arena. I go to my local training camo across the road from my house in a village, where the nut was. "Hey Ethan, today's the day??" Asked my coach. "You bet coach" I yell, excitedly.

We all gather around to get our fingers pricked. Ouch. That hurt. The smell of Opal Harnei lies ahead of us. She begins with this years quell twist and goes onto ladies first. I see a girl that I haven't seen in District 2 yet. Then she goes onto boys. "Ethan Atkinson" yay, as I run up to the podium. I wave and turn to the crowd before I enter the train.

Okay, since everybody has been reaped, we will move onto other stuff.

Connors P.O.V.

I walk into my room, as I see my districts seal. I look at the Capitols view, and I see everything. After my meal, I sprint to jump on my bed and fall asleep. The next morning, training begins. I pick up what our instructor tell us to do. I look at the survival stations, telling us about nuts and berries before I meet onto the spear throwing. I pick out a spear, and throw it, missing its target by far. I hear the Careers mocking and laughing at me. " what's the matter diaper boy? Can't pick up a spear? Nerd!" He says, I think it's the boy from 1.

"Shut up!" And I aim a spear at them. " hey guys, look at our first target in the arena!" They say, as they walk away. I'm gonna kill them first.

Luke's P.O.V.

I have just heard the fight between the Careers and the boy from 3. Poor kid. I grab him in a alliance if he is still alive after the bloodbath. He accepts, but says he probably will die. We discuss a plan, before I hear the careers calling me. I say goodbye, And head towards the Fighting section. The next day, I heard bell, and it's time for the training sessions. I hear the Male from 1 called up, then 2, and so on. Connor says good luck, as I pick up my trident and go in. I pull out 2 dummy's, and aim it at the one painted "5" and throw it into its heart, then head then back.

Light's P.O.V.

I go in, with my sword and dagger, and pull out 3 dummy's, and start slashing. Slash, slash, slash. Then I cut its head off, and then start slashing it. I did pretty well, and then I walk out, as proud as ever, showing the Capitol that District 5 has a good chance of winning. My mentor and team show up, and get me ready for the big day tomorrow.

Jacks P.O.V.

I get my Shurikens, and walk in. I aim at the head, and release, causing the dummy to somersault. 3 more come in. I throw another one, hitting its heart, then chest, then leg. I walk into the Sword section, and finish the dummy off. I did do a really good job, and hopefully Lavinia did the same, as me and my team get me ready for tomorrow.


Amber : 9

Travis: 10

Female 2': 9

Ethan: 8

Connor : 8

Ella: 5

Luke: 10

Layla: 10

Nena: 7


Jack : 10

Lavinia: 9

Day 1 - Bloodbath

Death Chart!!

Killer: Luke (4)                               12: Lavinia (6)        
Killer: Amber (1)                              11. Light (5)
Killer: Ethan (2)                              10. Ella (3)
Killer: Luke (4)                               9. Unnamed Female Tribute (2)
Killer: Neno (5)                               8. Jack (6)
Killer: Amber (1)                             7. Travis (1)
Killer: Neno (5)                             6. Layla (4)

Connors P.O.V.

I look around and see the careers staring at me. 54.. 53..52...51...50 I look at the sword and the backpack and stare at it, while another 10 seconds past, and soon the gong will go.

Luke's P.O.V.

I see Connor looking at that sword and backpack


I look over to see Lavinia. My first target as I look at the trident on the wall. Yay, finally something that I like.


Ethan's P.O.V.

Connor is looking at that sword. Nah, he will die before he gets to it.


Can't wait till I get to the next arena!! I think Luke is looking at that trident. No he will not get it.

Lights P.O.V.

I look at all the other tributes. Careers look strong this year, maybe this year is not my year.


Ambers P.O.V. 1..0.. Let the 6th quarter quell commence!!

I dash to get a spear. Luke (4) has received his trident and is chasing Lavinia. BOOM! I look over and see Light with his sword. I charge at him. BOOM! 2 down, 4 to go. I see Connor (3), as he is running away.

Connors P.O.V.

I look to see if anyone is chasing me, and sure enough, there is. I throw a knife at her, and it meets her leg. She walks away, as I find Luke and run away. We camp at the edge, when Nobody Else is there. BOOM! Another cannon. Night falls, and faces appear in the sky. Ella, my district partner, Light (5) and Lavinia (6). I fall asleep, and Luke is also fading fast.

Day 2- Feast

Luke's P.O.V.

I have to ditch Connor as I heard a feast is on. Hopefully nothing will happen to him and that he will make it to the final arena. Hopefully. I pack my trident,and head towards the Cornucopia. It's a long walk, and I remembered not To pick anything up, apart from weapons. I suddenly find myself near the camp, as a girl charges at me. " how dare you enter Career Zone, Luke! You traitor!" As she struck her knife, and I ran, with a big huge mark in my shoulder. I ran towards our camp, then I stopped, and looked around, and she had already gone back. I ran to pick up my bag and run, then she appeared. She swung a machete at me. I dodged it, and planted my trident into her chest. BOOM!

Jacks P.O.V.

I run to the Cornucopia to get my bag. I see 1 dead body who is picked up by the hovercraft. It's the female from 2. She must of died during the Feast. I search for any tributes, then grab my pack and run, before Nena shows up. " where do you think your going?" She asks, as she swings her sword at me and cuts my leg. I grab my axe, and we fight, until she makes her final blow. BOOM! I feel my whole world going black...

Layla's P.O.V.

" Welcome all tributes to the deathmatch. All 7 tributes must join, and there is a twist. Yes, I know only 6 from each arena, but only 5 comes out!! 7 from the other arena will come since heaps died and we want more action. So 2 die in deathmatch. Good luck! We all are picked up, and dragged into the start. The countdown begins, and my first target is the girl from 5, and then Travis goes down. Let the deathmatch begin!! I run over to the girl from 5 and swing my axe , and it misses. BOOM!!! BOOM!!! Wonder who that one was for. Then I see my world fade away, as I see Neno pull he sword out of my back. BOOM!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, your victors of Arena 1, Luke (4), Connor (3), Amber (1), Nena (5), Ethan (2)

Arena 2

This years arena will be a desert, with lots of clear spaces, leaving only 7 victors towards the next arena. We will have some special Capitol entertainment for you all, and these games will succeed

District 7- Mia Freyiles P.O.V.

I groan as I walk out of my bedroom. Great. Reaping day. I walk downstairs to find a meal of breakfast. I reach into my pocket and find a piece of glass that I had been saving for ages. I had just been watching the last hunger games, and looks like Luke is my biggest threat. That's when I will strike and win this years games. Last year, the District 4 tributes killed all our tributes. I will avenge all those who died, and hopefully win. I pack up my stuff, say my goodbyes, and head towards the reaping with my best friend. She is 12, but she is so nice Her name is Bailey. This is her first hunger games. My finger is pricked, and I flinch, then it's her turn. I can see the pain in her eyes, as I walk over to my age section. "Welcome to this years hunger games! Today will be a twist in this years games which You probably know. So ladies first!" I watch as Sadie draws a name.

"BAILEY JACKSON!" I see bailey, my 12 year old friend walk up to the podium. "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" I yell, as she steps down. I know I have to win this. "Our next tribute is" she says. "Quineroo Salvix!" I see a boy walk up to the podium. "Ladies and gentleman your tributes for District 7!!"

Violet Sunsets P.O.V.

I storm downstairs to find breakfast. It's Wheat. Yuck. I practice for this years games, if I was reaped. I hope I don't, since one girl was reaped, Amber Pierce, and she looks so strong. I want to find a bow and arrow, because that would really help. I mean one year, 2 victors won, and one of them had a bow and arrow, while the other joint the careers. I walk over to the hall, and my finger is pricked. Ouch. I wait anxiously for her to call the names out. "Ladies first!" Squeals Justin Tanger. " Violet Sunset!" I walk up to the podium, and introduce my age. "Let's get our gentlemen started. "Eric Sunshine" he says, as I see a boy come up." Ladies and gentlemen, your tributes for District 8"

Darren Sprinter P.O.V.

I have just arrived in the Capitol, where screeching fans just adore me. I walk into my hotel, and press the button 9, and it takes me to my team, mentor and escort. I also get to meet my district partner. I claim my bed, and she claims hers, and we start to fall asleep. The next morning, training started. My plan is to grab some throwing knives. I run to the station, and begin throwing them, as I look behind me seeing the 2 districts, 10 and 11 with my district partner. I think they have an alliance. An angery wave shoots past me,as my knive hits the dummy's heart, then head, then leg. They see this,and walk over to me. "Hey you! Your pretty skilled. Join our alliance?" I accept, as they drop the offer between them and my district partner.

Perry Hilberton P.O.V.

Night falls, as I lie on my bed, and think about tomorrow's training sessions. I mean now we have Districts 11 and the boy from 9, who we will ditch later. I fall asleep, and the next thing you know, it's the training sessions. District 7,8,9 go in first, then my turn. I walk in and pick up a mace, and throw a direct hit into its belly. It's shatters, and I know they are impressed. I throw another one hits its head. Now a dummy head is on the floor. I grab an axe and chuck it at the dummy's leg. I have done pretty well.

Hoe Jordan P.O.V.

I walk up to the game makers, and pick up a spear, and throw it into the heart, then leg, then it completely misses. I throw another one at its head, and bullseye. I chuck a mace at its foot, then sword, the. I start slashing the dummy. I think I have done pretty well before the buzzer is on, and its already time to leave. I jump into bed, knowing a busy day will be ahead of me.

Auvelina 's P.O.V,

I feel my tube rising to a hot desert. I know what I will get, and who iS my target. I am gonna get a backpack and a axe and kill that guy from 8. He looks so weak, as I give him a I'm gonna kill you glare. 50...49...48. I stare at the other tributes, as another 20 seconds pasts me. 22..21...20.. I look at the others, picturing in my mind of what's its like to win. 10..9...8...7...6... Then I stand still. 4...3...2...1.. Lets the 6 quarter quell begin!

I race to the golden axe and retrieve it, and the back pack,as I sling it over my shoulder, and charge at the male from 8. I throw it at him and BOOM! Then I see Hoe (11) with a spear, as I grab my axe and throw it at his head. BOOM!! I am on a killing streak! I grab a backpack and run to a sandy hole. I see 2'faces in the sky. 10 tributes left. 3 left to kill, as I unpack my backpack and find 2 strips of beef, a water canteen and a sleeping bag. I go to sleep, and dream.

Mia's P.O.V.

I hear snoring from 4 people, as I grab my axe. It's 5 tributes! I throw one of my axes at there head, then another at its back. BOOM! BOOM! I run away and go to sleep. The next morning, I see 3 tributes looking angry at me. I throw an at his leg, and he is like so angry. He charges at me, and I grab my axe then BOOM! That must of been for someone else.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your victors of Arena 2, Mia (7), Perry (10), Maya (11), Choice (10), Quineroo (7) , Auvelina (12), Fleece (9)

So that means the Final arena will be these tributes:

Amber (1)

Ethan (2)

Connor (3)

Luke (4)

Nena (5)

Mia (7), Quineroo (7)

Fleece (9)

Choice (10), Perry (10)

Maya (11)

Auvelina (12)

Maya's P.O.V. DAY 1 Bloodbath

I hear a strange noise as I rise up in my tube. Too bad Hoe isn't here. I adjust my foot, and aim for what I am getting. I spot a set of throwing knives that Amber (1) is staring at, giving me a meaningful glare. 60..50..40..30..20 as time flew my target was secure. Ten seconds. I race towards the clock 5..4..3..2..1.. Let the games begin! I grab the pack and loaf of bread, as Amber throws a spear at me. Into my chest. I hear my cannon. BOOM!

Fleeces P.O.V. Day 1 - Bloodbath.

I happily run with Choice and Perry discussing what we have in a bush. A strip of beef, a machete, chicken, dagger, 12 pack throwing knives and a arrow. We each divide a piece of the strip of beef, and relax.

Auvelinas P.O.V. Day 1- Bloodbath

I spot the kid from 3 running away with pack. I sprint to him but see Perry behind a bush, as I throw a knife at his head, and his cannon goes. I see Choice and Fleece sprint away with a backpack, and I throw a knife at Fleece. BOOM

Quineroos P.O.V. Day 1 - Bloodbath

I sprint with Mia as she carries her axe. Ethan comes along with a spear. " where do you think your going!" He screeches, as Mia plunges an axe into him. BOOM!!! I watch s Me and Mia sprint to the forest.

Nena's P.O.V. Day 1- Bloodbath

I see a Mia and Quineroo run away, but I focus on Connor. He is already at the forest, as I throw a knife and it meets Auvelinas Back. BOOM!!!

Deaths Today:

        Killed By: Amber                                            12. Maya
        Killed By:Auvelina                                             11. Perry
        Killed By: Auvelina.                                          10. Fleece
       Killed By: Mia.                                                9. Ethan 
       Killed By: Nena.                                               8. Auvelina
       Killed By: Choice.                                             7. Connor
       Killed By: Luke.                                              6. Choice
       Killed By: Nena                                              5. Amber
       Killed By: Quineroo.                                           4. Nena
      Killed By : Mia.                                                3. Quineroo
      Killed By: Luke.                                                2. Mia 

Day 2 - The escape.

Choices P.O.V.

I eat a tiny piece of beef, and pack up. I aim one of my throwing knives at Connor, and it hits his head. BOOM!!! 6 tributes left. This competition is heating up fast.

Luke's P.O.V.

I look over and see Choice's hand go up as I see Connors lifeless body. Out of anger, I throw my trident and it meets her back. BOOM!!

Ambers P.O.V.

It's almost night, and an announcement goes on about a feast tomorrow. 5 of us left, and we need supplies. I think it's Luke, Nena, Me, Mia and Quineroo. I see Nena hiding behind a bush, and I throw my axe at her. It doesn't make the target, but instead she throws a knife at my forehead. BOOM!!!

Nena's P.O.V.

I look up at the sky and find Connor (3), Choice (10) and Nena (5), and the feast is tomorrow. Great. It's me, Quineroo (7), Mia (7), and Luke (4)

Luke's P.O.V.

I look over to see Quineroo and Mia playing happily. I walk out and ask them for an alliance. They accepted, and suggests that we go hunt for Nena.

Nena's P.O.V.

I have just overheard about the hunting for me thing. Wrong. I will wipe out the whole group. I sprint towards the other end of the bushes, when Quineroo finds me. "Where do you think your going?" He throws an axe and it hits my forehead.BOOM!!!

3 Tributes Remain! Luke (4) , Quineroo (7) and Mia (7)

Day 3 - The Betryal

Quineroo P.O.V

I suggest that I go hunt, so we could eat tonight. Night Falls, and we all camp at the Cornucopia, and Mia grabs an axe. The Capitol anthem goes up in the sky, and only 1 death, Nena the tribute from 5. She was horrible. Mia aims her axe for a rabbit, but then swings around and hits me. "You really fell for that one, Quin" I shut my eyes, and I blackout. BOOM!!!

Tributes!! Only 2 tributes remain!! Tomorrow is a death match, and you will now be picked up by hover craft. Congratulations Luke (4) and Mia (7) on making it this far.

Luke's P.O.V.

" Kill me" I say to Mia. I watch as she lifts her axe above her head, then brings it Down, not onto me, but onto the Cornucopia. "No" she answers. I grab a machete. "Then we have to fight" I say. " very well" she answers, as she swings her axe at my leg, and it scrapes. I slash her face, and then plunge it into her leg, as she swings her axe into my other leg. I make my final blow, and it ends up on her back. BOOM!!


Aftermath of the 6th Quarter Quell

Luke's P.O.V.

I arrive at District 4, as all my family is cheering for me, as I make a speech. I am very pleased with myself, as I walk to the exit. Looks like the odds are in my favour. Happy Hunger Games, And may the odds be ever in your favor!!

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