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  • Ninja~Toast

    I doubt I'll get any tribute templates... oh well. Welcome to the 3rd Hunger Games in my series; The Devil Amongst Us! My 2nd Hunger Games is still progressing. These won't start, or at least they won't be the highest priority, until the last cannon sounds in the arena. This is my 2nd games where I'm accepting tributes, I think I'm more experienced this time around so hopefully I'll hold these games to my potential. Hopefully if I don't come with an update every day when these become my first priority, I'll find a way so users are still active.

    These games, or at least the twist of these games, are inspired. I don't want to tell you by what, because I want it to stay a bit of a secret. That's why I've only reveal the name of these games. It…

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  • Ninja~Toast

    2nd Hunger Games

    November 18, 2012 by Ninja~Toast

    Welcome! I'm still continuing with my 1st Hunger Games. These games will only start when the 1st Hunger Games end. If you haven't seen it yet, I guess it won't hurt to check it out, won't it?

    I've already went through the process of making games, though this is the first time where I'm accepting tributes from users. I'm sort of used to the whole process, and now I'm going to put it to the test.

    So, yeah. Read the rules and if you want to, sign up! :D

    1. There is no certain amount of tributes yet, so it will be wise to think about your tribute submissions.

    2. You have from now till the end of my 1st Hunger Games to submit tributes. You may submit as many tributes as you'd like. The first user that comments will get the spot, however if the trib…

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  • Ninja~Toast

    This is my first blog and my first games I've made. However, to start off I'm going to submit my own tributes, because I don't think I will get very much tribute templates. Read, enjoy and maybe even sign up for the 2nd Hunger Games, which will accept tributes. If you put in tributes, they will not be in this hunger games, but I can hold them until the 2nd hunger games where I can put them in if you're still willing.

    I'm bound to make some sort of mistake, since this is my first user blog post. If this happens feel free to correct me

    1. Do not submit tributes, I'm going to be using my own tributes for this first blog, however next hunger games I do will have sign ups.
    2. Although you can't submit tributes JUST yet, you can bet and sponsor other tri…

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