Welcome! I'm still continuing with my 1st Hunger Games. These games will only start when the 1st Hunger Games end. If you haven't seen it yet, I guess it won't hurt to check it out, won't it?

I've already went through the process of making games, though this is the first time where I'm accepting tributes from users. I'm sort of used to the whole process, and now I'm going to put it to the test.

So, yeah. Read the rules and if you want to, sign up! :D

Rules & Things to know

1. There is no certain amount of tributes yet, so it will be wise to think about your tribute submissions.

2. You have from now till the end of my 1st Hunger Games to submit tributes. You may submit as many tributes as you'd like. The first user that comments will get the spot, however if the tribute is poorly written there is a chance that old tribute will be replaced. Just because someone submitted a tribute before you, doesn't mean that they deserve the spot more than you do.

3. There are no reservations for tributes, because there may be more than one spot for a place you might want. If there isn't, then just make a high quality tribute and hope you get the spot. I don't do profiles, either. I'm sure that commenting on a blog isn't too much work.

4. If there are spots open after the 1st Hunger Games end, any open spaces will be free. It will be first come, first serve no matter how horribly written the tribute is.

5. There are requirements for tributes, however that doesn't mean you should write more options.

Tribute Template:

Name: (First and Last name minimum.)

Age: (Ranged 12-18)

Gender: (Male or Female)

District: (List as many as you are willing to take, in order of preference.)




Appearance: (Typed, lunaiis, or rl pics are accepted.)

Weapon: (1 minimum, 3 maximum)

Strengths: (List a maximum of 4)

Weaknesses: (List a minimum of 2)

Fear: (1 minimum)

Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Tribute Token:


Bold words are requirements, and I won't accept a tribute without one. Adding more information will increase your chances of getting picked. The optional options listed will back-up your tribute from being replaced by another.

6. I will accept new or old tributes, and it won't affect my decision. I won't go on profiles, so don't bother. The more information, the better. However, just spamming the same relative thing won't do anything.

7. I will use adult language a lot, but no sexual references.

8. The higher quality you make your tribute, the more likely your tribute will survive. Also, sending your tributes advice and cheering them on as they proceed through the games will help your tribute as well.

9. That's about it! I will update the tributes daily, and there will be changes in the tributes depending on submissions. Currently, we will start off with four tributes per user, however that quantity may increase overtime.

10. If absolutely ANYTHING got messed up or there is an error, just say so in the comments. I'll fix it right away.


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
Capitol Male Morolith Dmitry 18 6'7 Kopis, Mace YoungGuy5
Capitol Male Louis Haymond 17 5'8 Spear, Knife, Sword Equestria Gurl
Capitol Female Sapphire Blackwood 16 5'4 Bow & Arrow, Blowgun & Darts, Muttations Blissfully Mine
Capitol Female Callie Haymond 17 5'8 Bow & Arrow Equestria Gurl
1 Male Ryan Roy 18 5'11 Sword, Spear Cloveismywife
1 Male Nitro Shifter 17 6'0 Axe, Sword TBWTPT
1 Female Rebecca Roy 18 5'8 Axe, Throwing Knives Cloveismywife
1 Female Mercury Shifter 17 5'9 Whip, Lasso TBWTPT
2 Male Ryan Johnson 17 6'1 Spear, Trident Theman77
2 Male Spencer Miernava 18 6'3 Spear, Trident ViniciusDeAssis1999
2 Female Timber Fable 17 5'7 Axe, Sword, Throwing Axes AxedFox
2 Female Sovereignty Song 12 4'5 Knives, Axes .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
3 Male Micah Gigga 12 5'5 Electronics Moviepopcorn123
3 Male Digit Starr 17 6'0 Explosives TheMysteriousGeek
3 Female Naria Avenforth 15 5'6 Throwing Knives, Axe, Blowgun & Darts Fawkes and Dobby
3 Female Enera Summers 14 5'2 Wire, Axe CloveJohanna
4 Male Creek Mooris 14 5'8 Trident, Throwing Knives CloveJohanna
4 Male Infinity Ocean 18 6'4 Trident, Fishing Hook, Net Nhtomahawks22
4 Female Elena Pierce 17 5'7 Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes, Trident Eleni12
4 Female Elizabeth Tunstall 16 5'6 Trident, Sword ~PopTart~
5 Male Tameo Arghus 14 5'7 Bow & Arrow, Knife ViniciusDeAssis1999
5 Male Ryin Fizi 17 5'11 Knife Moviepopcorn123
5 Female Megan Land 13 5'1 Bow & Arrow Dedejacob
5 Female Jade Venus 12 4'11 Traps Hello im cat lady
6 Male Lance Majore 17 5'8 Mutations, Mace Blissfully Mine
6 Male Hadix Maven 17 5'7 Mace, Knife Raven HG
6 Female Jeanette Hannity 14 5'5 Spear ~PopTart~
6 Female Carolyn Maven 15 5'3 Crossbow, Dagger Raven HG
7 Male Jacob Gibson 13 5'0 Throwing Knives, Bow & Arrow Dedejacob
7 Male Kenneth Gropes 15 5'8 Axe, Sword Ougi-kun
7 Female Zoe Harrison 13 5'11 Hypnosis TheMysteriousGeek
7 Female Sierra Waters 15 5'4 Throwing Knives, Axe, Bow & Arrow Blissfully Mine
8 Male Kalab Harrah 15 5'7 Knife, Throwing Knives CloveJohanna
8 Male John Kirk 18 6'1 Spear, Knife Ougi-kun
8 Female Araneae Web 15 5'7 Blowgun & Darts Fluffeh Kitteh
8 Female Camellia Winchester 16 5'9 Axe, Knife Beetee19
9 Male Daniel Oakman 16 5'7 Throwing Axe AxedFox
9 Male Connor Miller 16 5'11 Sword, Axe MyWorld
9 Female Venaya Atlas 17 5'5 Scythe, Bow & Arrow CloveJohanna
9 Female Treeden Smith 15 5'6 Bow & Arrow AxedFox
10 Male Satan Lockwood 16 6'6 Knife, Poison TheMysteriousGeek
10 Male Kahlo Mulciber 13 5'6 Sword, Bow & Arrow ~PopTart~
10 Female Revolution "Eve" Militia 16 5'8 Knife .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
10 Female Sydney Thesisen 17 5'7 Bow & Arrows Dedejacob
11 Male Barbarium Polar 12 4'11 Slingshot


11 Male Parker Viola 14 5'7 Knife, Traps Moviepopcorn123
11 Female Sarah Clereden 15 5'5 Axe ViniciusDeAssis1999
11 Female Jay Sparrow 15 5'3 Wildlife TheMysteriousGeek
12 Male Art Caspania 13 5'1 Knife, Axe


12 Male Alex Sequera 15 6'1 Knife Alexeque1
12 Female Melanoi Jet 16 5'9 Death Star, Shurikens TBWTPT
12 Female Firethorn "Fire" Massey 16 5'6 Bow & Arrow, Slingshot Blissfully Mine
13 Male Alexander "Alex" Freefall 17 5'7 Knife, Sword Hypnosis DoragonXD
13 Male Collin Miller 16 6'1 Throwing Knives MyWorld
13 Female Vanessa Barista 17 5'6 Knife Cloveismywife
13 Female Dyoski Milleray 16 5'5 Bow & Arrow, Spear ViniciusDeAssis1999


- *If your tribute is in an alliance he/she isn't in, or there are any mistakes, tell me.*

Careers: [OPEN]

Ryan Roy (1), Rebecca Roy (1), Ryan Johnson (2), Timber Fable (2), Creek Mooris (4), Elena Pierce (4), Elizabeth Tunstall (4), Morolith Dmitry (Capitol), Louis Haymond (Capitol), Callie Haymond (Capitol), Sapphire Blackwood (Capitol), Zoe Harrison (7), Art Caspania (12), Alexander "Alex" Freefall (13)

District 1, 2, & 4 Alliance: [PRIVATE]

Nitro Shifter (1), Mercury Shifter (1), Spencer Miernava (2), Infinity Ocean (4)

District 3 & 12 Alliance: [PRIVATE]

Enera Summers (3), Firethorn "Fire" Massey (12)

District 5 & 7 Alliance: [PRIVATE]

Megan Land (5), Jacob Gibson (7)

District 5 & 8 Alliance: [PRIVATE]

Tameo Arghus (5), Camellia Winchester (8)

District 7, 10 & 13 Alliance: [PRIVATE]

Sierra Waters (7), Kahlo Mulciber (10), Vanessa Barista (13)

District 9 Alliance: [PRIVATE]

Daniel Oakman (9), Treeden Smith (9)

Anti-Careers: [OPEN]

Sovereignty Song (2), Digit Starr (3), Ryin Fizi (5), Lance Majore (6), John Kirk (8), Connor Miller (9), Revolution "Eve" Militia (10) Jay Sparrow (11), Collin Miller (13)

Bloodshed: [OPEN]

Hadix Maven (6), Carolyn Maven (6), Kenneth Gropes (7), Kalab Harrah (8), Alex Sequera (12)

Tribute Style: [OPEN]

Venaya Atlas (9), Sydney Thesisen (10), Sarah Clereden (11), Dyoski Milleray (13)


Naria Avenforth (3), Micah Gigga (3), Jade Venus (5), Jeanette Hannity (6), Araneae Web (8), Satan Lockwood (10), Barbarium Polar (11), Parker Viola (11), Melanoi Jet (12)

- [OPEN] = Anyone can join

- [PRIVATE] = Owner(s) permission

- [PENDING] = Not Comfirmed

Tribute Gallery


The second rebellion turned out just like the first rebellion; a failure. The Hunger Games were re-started and Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark were executed. The rest of the member's active in the second rebellion instead were just punished and sent back to their districts.

Twist 1:

President Snow has announced a new twist into the games, and has made a mandatory broadcast. President Snow walks onto the Interview Stage, being viewed by a crowd of thousands. He clears his throat and begins to talk.

"Welcome, citizens of Panem. As you know, the Hunger Games have been restarted from the 1st Hunger Games. The Capitol was astonished by the games, and is anticipated for more. However, the Capitol is starting to get bored of the main plot of the Hunger Games being repetitive each year. The Capitol has made a final statement of the Hunger Games and it has come to a conclusion. To show that the District are never safe from harm, the Quell's have been abandoned, and instead each year will be treated like a Quell. There will always be a new twist for the unique year, which will bring excitement to our Capitol audience." The audience starts to cheer and clap, however back at the Districts, everyone watched in misery and grief. "This year, we are bringing back the 50th Quarter Quell. This year, there will be twice as many tributes as normal. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" President Snow signs off, and the District prepare for the worst few years of their lives.

Twist 2:

After the Reaping's were over in each District, President Snow announces another new twist into these games, and made a mandatory broadcast. All the tributes watch the announcement in their tribute train. President Snow walks onto the Interview Stage, being view by a crowd of thousands once again. He clears his throat and begins to talk.

"Welcome, citizens of Panem. As you know, a new twist has been added to the Hunger Games that each year would be presented as a Quell. However, the Quell for this year's Hunger Games hasn't been announced yet. Furthermore, a final verdict has been decided. This year, we brought back the 50th Quarter Quell. However, here in the Capitol we don't like to be repetitive. So, we've added two arenas. In the first arena, the tributes will fight to the death until one boy and one girl from each District has been killed. Then, the counterparts of the dead tributes will be transported to the second arena. In the second arena, only the strongest of the tributes will succeed. However, they'll also have to face another challenge. What will that challenge be? It will stay a mystery." President Snow says, as the tributes from each District look at each other. "Furthermore, to show that during the Dark Days you could never trust anyone, all 56 tributes will be transported into the first arena. A male and female tribute from each District must die in the arena for their counterpart male and female tribute to proceed into the second arena. In the second arena, the final 28 tributes will go into the games and they will proceed like normal. However, they'll have to face a challenge. The question is, what challenge will they face? Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" President Snow signs off and the broadcast ends. The tributes stare at their District partners, deciding who should be trusted and who shouldn't.

Twist 3:

Will be announced once the 2nd arena has started.


I will have two POV's per District; one male and one female. The first POV will describe the actual reaping itself, while the other POV will describe the arrival to the Capitol training center.


Sapphire Blackwood

I wake up to the sound of birds chirping and singing outside my window. I groan as I get out of bet and sit up straight. I hate nature. I get up from my bed and stomp my feet on the ground. The birds stop their melody and fly away immediately. I smile as I yawn once more. I'm going back to sleep. The birds arrive back at my window frame, singing even louder than before. I grunt as I stomp towards my window and without looking I pick something up and throw it at the bird's direction. I scare the birds away for good, but not until I realize what I just threw.

"NO!" I shout as the picture frame falls onto the ground, breaking into two. I'm awake now. My eyes widen in shock as I sprint across the stairs and bursting through the front doors. I dash to the front yard, and kneel next to the picture frame. I slowly slip the picture out of the broken picture frame.

"I'm sorry..." I say to myself, as I look at the only photo I have of my brother. He died in the Hunger Games a few years ago, before the second rebellion, and this photo is the only thing I have left that reminds me of my brother. I clutch the photo in my palms as I slowly walk back into my house. I wish he was still here with us. His death was so emotional, that my parents moved to the Capitol just so they wouldn't risk me being reaped as well. However, I didn't want to move here. I wanted to avenge my brother in the Hunger Games. In the Capitol, I trained in the finest academies to avenge my brother, and that is exactly what I'm going to do. And nobody will stop me.

I walk past my mother and father, who are brewing a breakfast for this morning. They know about me volunteering for the games, though they aren't very approving of it. I walk back to my room, and replace the picture frame. I slide the photo in its new home, and rush back downstairs. I meet my parents in the kitchen, where they serve me the breakfast for a king.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" My mother asks me, as she sets down the last plate on the dining counter. I nod in between bites as I gulp down some orange juice.

"You know, you still have two more years left. Maybe you could stay for a little longer?" My father pitches in. I ignore him as I pour syrup on a batch of pancakes and take a huge bite.

"Honey, you have to think this through," My mom says, trying to convince me of a different action. "With a big matter like the Hunger Games, anything could happen."

"I'm ready." I reply as I dig into the buffet. My mother and father sigh, and leave the room, given up. I finish my breakfast and rush upstairs to get dress. I set up an elegant dress for me and rush into the bathroom. I use the rest of my time getting ready for the reaping's. My parents bang on the bathroom door, though I'm taking all the time I need to get ready.? If you gave me the whole year to get ready for the reaping's, I'd use every single minute. You can't tell me I'm wrong, because I've used every single second to prepare for the Hunger Games. I just finish applying a final coat of make-up. I put down my utensils as I march out of the bathroom, looking greater than ever. My father's watch starts to beep and he groans.

"No time to get ready, the reaping's are soon." He informs us. My mother follows him into their bedroom, while walk over to my bedroom. I get changed for the reaping's and I sprint right back downstairs again. As I make my way out of the door, I remember one important thing. I enter my room once more, and I look at my photograph of my brother once more.

"I'm doing this for you." I tell him. I grab a rubber bracelet, that used to belong to him, and I head out the door and downstairs to the main corridor. My parents are waiting impatiently for me, and drag me over to the car so we can get to the reaping's.

"This is your last chance." My mother tells me, in a strict tone. "Are you sure you're going to volunteer for the Hunger Games?"

"Yes, mom. I've already told you!" I retort.

"These games are a serious matter." My father pipes in, backing up my mother. "Besides, you can always keep your brother in spirit by doing the things he enjoyed."

"If I did that, I wouldn't feel like I actually avenged him. Besides, if I were to do either things I would make him proud. Can't you just accept my decision?" I ask them. We stare into space in silence as we arrive to the reaping. I jump out of the car and race towards the line-up. I look to the person in front of me, who is cowering in fear as she is being pricked by the lady with the zapper. She pricks her finger and she squeals in pain.

"Wimp." I grunt. The girl runs away crying, as I laugh to myself. I get my finger pricked and I walk towards the 16-year-old-girls section. Habacuc, our first escort of the Capitol, walks onto stage and clears his throat. His fashion taste is too horrid to not remember, he is an array of blues and pinks excluding his skin which is a bright red. I couldn't possibly hate him more.

"Welcome, citizens of the Capitol! As you all know, my name is Habacuc Mirza, and I am glad to escort the Capitol for another year!" Habacuc announces. The crowd starts to cheer and shout. I start to boo the escort.

"YOU SUCK!" I shout. The audience stops to cheer and they all look around, wondering who shouted the rude remark. Habacuc ignores the insult, and he continues with the reaping.

"Let's begin with selecting a female tribute from the reaping bowl!" He shouts, as he walks over to the girl's reaping bowl. I know that you're supposed to volunteer after the name is called, but not like I'm going to listen to that.

"I VOLUNTEER!" I shout, just as Habacuc is about to read the name. I run onto the stage, and wave at the crowd, confidently and proudly.

"Well, it looks like we have a volunteer!" Habacuc states, as I wink towards the crowd.

"What's your name, hon?" He asks me. He hands me the microphone, and I announce my name to the crowd.

"My name is Sapphire Blackwood, and I'm the Capitol's next victor!" I shout. The crowd starts to applaud loudly; I know I'm going to be a favorite.

"Wonderful! Now, for the next female tribute!" Habacuc announces as he pulls yet another slip from the girls reaping bowl.

"Kathryn Haymond!" Habacuc announces. The crowd goes silent, as a little girl in the front of the audience looks up in shock. Another girl who looks alike from her rushes to her aid.

"I don't like the Hunger Games anymore. I want my mom!" She squeals. I think that's the same girl I tormented earlier. I sort of feel bad, well not really. A girl clutches the soon-to-be-tribute tight, reassuring her protection.

"I VOLUNTEER!" The girl shouts. The audience applauds some more, as the girl walks onto stage.

"Two volunteers! That's the best yet! What's your name?" Habacuc asks the unknown female tribute.

"Callie Haymond." She responds. Habacuc announces her name to the crowd, as Callie (C) stands beside me. Callie (C) looks at me and grins, while I grin back. Not because I want to, but because I want to make an impression while I'm on camera.

"Now that we have our female tributes," Habacuc states. "Let's select our two Capitol male tributes in these years Hunger Games!" Habacuc trots towards the boys reaping bowl, and pulls out two slips. He clears his throat, and is about to announce the two names.

"I VOLUNTEER!" Sings a choir of boys. I look towards the crowd, and I see around 3 guys raising their hands. Habacuc chooses the tributes, and they jump up with glee as they march towards the stage. The rejects rampage with anger.

"Four volunteers? Something tells that this year's victor is in this District!" Habacuc states, as the crowd applauds like crazy. "What are your names?" Habacuc asks the two of them. He lowers the microphone to their mouths, so they can announce their names to the crowd.

"Morolith Dmitry." Says a guy with blonde hair, with a touch of turquoise near his forehead.

"Louis Haymond." Says another guy, with bright orange hair and blonde hair.

"Fantastic! Ladies and gentlemen, your tributes from the Capitol, Morolith Dmitry, Louis Haymond, Sapphire Blackwood, and Callie Haymond!" Habacuc yells once more. The crowd cheers us on, as the four of us are conducted into the Justice Building. Two Peacekeepers slam the door on me, and I am left in a room alone. The room I am left in is valuable with riches, though I can find more technology in my very own house. My parents barge into the room, with tear stained eyes. They knew I was going to volunteer, why are they surprised?

"Honey, we know you wanted to volunteer, so we're not going to try and stop you." My dad cuts to the chase. "We just want to let you know that we love you, and we only wanted to encourage you to not volunteer is because we couldn't bear not to see you every day."

"Will you promise us, that not only will you try to win for your brother, but us too?" My mother asks of me. I nod my head; because really what else can I do at a time like this. I roll my eyes, as the Peacekeeper comes into the room and disrupting us.

"Time is up." A Peacekeeper grunts.

"That wasn't even a minute. Can we have more time?" My mother requests.

"No!" The Peacekeeper retorts. The Peacekeeper drags my parents by the shirt collar out of the Justice Building. Finally, the Peacekeeper escorts me to the tribute train, where my fellow counterparts wait for me.

"Let's go to the train!" Habacuc sings, as he boards the train. We awkwardly follow him.

Louis Haymond

I step onto the train with Callie (C), and enter the dwelling of riches. This place is fine I guess, though I'd rather watch the games back in my as equally rich house than take part of it. Still, I can't wait to see how this turns out for me. I'm a pretty skilled fighter, and I am certain I have what it takes.

A dining table is already set up with the finest cutlery. The four of us sit down, and gaze at the food that has been handed out to us. Habacuc expects us to dig into the feast, like we've came from District 13.

"You guys are going to LOVE the training center!" Habacuc announces, cutting into the silence. "And there is another added twist to the games, which I'm sure you'll all love!" I stare in shock as I look at Callie (C), who is just looking at Habacuc weirdly. I decide that there is no way to escape his conversation but to eat, so I feast on the food given to me as Habacuc mumbles about the Hunger Games. Minutes pass consisting of Habacuc running through the games and Sapphire (C) gloating about her skills, we finally are given a break. I head to my headquarters. I turn on the television, anxious to see the broadcast that Habacuc thought was so important to die for. Callie (C) joins me, and she sits down next to me as I turn on the television.

"What importance does the announcement have to make in necessary to broadcast?" Callie (C) asks me.

"I'm not too sure, but whatever the new twist is, I'm sure it won't do us any good in the arena." I reply. Callie (C) laughs, as we turn our heads to President Snow who has just made his way across the stage.

"Welcome, citizens of Panem. As you know, a new twist has been added to the Hunger Games that each year would be presented as a Quell. However, the Quell for this year's Hunger Games hasn't been announced yet. Furthermore, a final verdict has been decided. This year, we brought back the 50th Quarter Quell. However, here in the Capitol we don't like to be repetitive. So, we've added two arenas. In the first arena, the tributes will fight to the death until one boy and one girl from each District has been killed." President Snow announces. My eyes widen and so do Callie's (C). We turn heads to each other, and realize we'll have to kill the other two Capitol tributes. Well, at least I won't have to kill Callie (C), and we may be able to proceed into the second arena together.

"Then, the counterparts of the dead tributes will be transported to the second arena. In the second arena, only the strongest of the tributes will succeed. However, they'll also have to face another challenge. What will that challenge be? It will stay a mystery. Furthermore, to show that during the Dark Days you could never trust anyone, all 56 tributes will be transported into the first arena. A male and female tribute from each District must die in the arena for their counterpart male and female tribute to proceed into the second arena. In the second arena, the final 28 tributes will go into the games and they will proceed like normal. However, they'll have to face a challenge. The question is, what challenge will they face? Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" I turn off the television immediately, and I wait for what Callie (C) has to say about the broadcast.

"Maybe we can work with this." Callie (C) says. "We both could ally, and hope that Sapphire and Morolith die in the arena. Then maybe President Snow will add a new twist where we can both go home together!"

"Yes, but I don't want to kill them. They haven't been mean to me, so far..." I pipe in.

"Louis, we have no choice." Callie (C) retorts. "They know we're siblings, so their first intentions will be that the two of them will ally."

"What if we joined the careers?" I add. "If we were to do that, then we'd have the upper-hand in the competition."

"Hmm, that could work." Callie (C) ponders. Our strategies are interrupted when Habacuc bursts into the room.

"We're here!" Habacuc announces. We get up, as Habacuc escorts us to the tribute building. We pass by Sapphire (C) and Morolith (C), who seem to be chatting with each other. I thought they'd do so. The four of us arrive to the tribute building first, and we enter the front doors. We walk down the hall, until we reach an elevator. Habacuc pushes the "up" button, and the elevator doors descend. We enter the elevator and head up to our District floor. We reach our floor and we burst into our District residence and enter our dorms. The Capitol was too lazy to renovate the building, so there ended up being only two dorms; each separated by gender category. Morolith (C) and I enter our dorm, and we are greeted with two training uniforms that sit on our respective beds.

"You have a few hours to get ready. Then, it's off to training!" Habacuc announces, and then leaves to go and sleep. Morolith (C) and I stare at each other, not saying a word. We both know that one of us have to die for the other to proceed into the second arena, and I hope that person is me. I decide to break the silence by exiting my dorm. I bump into Sapphire (C), who exits her dorm as well, so she could talk to Morolith (C). I enter my opposite dorm, where I see Callie (C) getting ready for training.

"So, what should our appearance be during training?" I ask Callie (C).

"Maybe act fierce, and join the careers, though maybe we should do something else..." Callie (C) replies.

"What if Sapphire and Morolith join the careers as well?" I ask Callie (C) again.

"I'm not too sure..." Callie (C) responds.

District 1

Nitro Shifter

This is a day I'll never be able to forget. Mercury is volunteering today. I'm really happy for her, yet I'm a little depressed. What if she doesn't come back? Oh what am I saying, she will come back. She's trained for this moment for her whole life, and I can't wait to see the day where she returns from the Hunger Games and we move to victor's village.

I prepare a suitable outfit for the reaping, and I head downstairs where my family has already prepared breakfast.

"Good morning." Mercury greets me.

"Good morning." I reply back, as I make my seat at the kitchen table.

"So, you're going to volunteer today?" I ask Mercury, trying to stir up conversation.

"Yes, I told you already." Mercury says, laughing. "I'm certain I'm ready for this."

"I think so too." I reply. We finish our meals and we get prepared for the reaping's. I ponder what my games will be like. I'm going to volunteer next year, so the both of us can come home. I can't wait to get into the arena next year. I'd have no problem killing anyone, and I'd come home before the end of the day. However, this isn't my year. This is Mercury's. I hope she does well. I get dressed into my reaping outfit.

"You look great!" Mercury compliments me. I just shrug, as I pass her and I load into our family car. Eventually, my family files in one by one and we all carry off to the reaping's. Once we get there, Mercury jumps out in excitement, as I slowly follow her. She makes her way to the zapper lady and gets her finger pricked as do I. We both file into our respective age and gender categories. The escort is already on the stage, adjusting his microphone.

Last year, his outfit was terrible. Now, I take that back. This year is much worse. This guy literally has no taste in fashion, even for a person coming from the Capitol. What is he wearing? I see clumps of fabric and ripped holes everywhere, as if he had ran through a field of razor blades.

"Welcome, District 1! As you all may know, my name is Digby Lance, and I'm here to escort District 1 for yet another year!" Digby announces. "Let's get the reaping's on a roll! First, the girl's!" Digby walks along the stage and heads over to the girl's category. I bite my nail as Digby announces the names.

"Bethany Kit and Clarice Edie!" Digby announces.

"I VOLUNTEER!" Shouts a melody of girls. I cross my fingers that Mercury is picked, as Digby observes the crowd. Digby points to a girl with dirty blonde hair, and finally Mercury. The audience claps for the two volunteers, however my applause stands out the most out of the crowd.

"On a roll, as usual! What are your names?" Digby asks the two of them.

"Mercury Shifter." Mercury replies.

"Rebecca Roy." Her counterpart responds. I cheer on Mercury as she looks at me and smiles as she waves to the crowd.

"Now for the boy's!" Digby shouts, as he goes to the boys reaping bowl. I look back up to the stage, to see Mercury (1) chatting with Rebecca (1). Hopefully they can ally, though I'm not too sure if that's enough. Although I'm confident that Mercury (1) will emerge as victor, though there is a small chance Mercury (1) might not win. I wouldn't want to live with myself if she didn't win. I'd throw myself in front of all danger just to protect her. I know what I must do.

"Monte Prudence and Gavin Lonnie!" Digby announces.

"I VOLUNTEER!" I shout at the top of my lungs, trying to get Digby's attention. I stand up on my toes, trying to stand out as Digby focuses the crowd of volunteers. Digby points to me first along with some other kid, and I run up to the stage. Mercury looks at me oddly, as I stand meters away from her.

"Wow, you guys look very similar to each other. What are your names?" Digby asks us.

"Nitro Shifter." I respond.

"Ryan Roy." The other male tribute replies.

"Wow, we've got ourselves two pairs of siblings this year! Let's give a round of applause to Ryan Roy, Nitro Shifter, Rebecca Roy, and Mercury Shifter!" The audience applauds the reaping as we all walk to the Justice Building together. Mercury (1), Ryan (1), and Rebecca (1) are all chatting together. I think we might make an alliance consisting of District 1. However, I'm not too sure if I want that. I think I'd be better off with just Mercury (1) and I. We all go into the Justice Building and I am lead to a separate room from my fellow tributes. Two Peacekeepers slam the door, as I stare at the ground, alone. I have no visitors; my parents are probably talking to Mercury (1) right now. My time is almost up, until my parents finally finish talking to Mercury (1) and head over to my room in the Justice Building.

"What happened? I thought you weren't going to volunteer until next year..." My mother stutters.

"Yeah, but this year is a quell. I just felt like I had to protect Mercury..." I reply back.

"Well, we don't have much time, anyway we feel great that you want to help your sister. However there is most likely not going to be one victor." My father replies.

"Time is up." A Peacekeeper mutters. My parents look back to the Peacekeeper.

"Good luck, and do your best out there." My mother says before the door slams shut. I sit in the luxurious room in silence until the same Peacekeeper comes to pick me up. I arrive outside of the Justice Building, where my other three counterparts are still talking with each other. I'm not too sure if I'll be comfortable with a big alliance. The four of us and our escort are driven by car to the train station. Before we board, I pull my sister, Mercury (1), and talk with her.

"I'm not too sure if I'm comfortable with an alliance of 4. Can we just go into the games, just you and I?" I request Mercury (1).

"Relax, it'll be fine. The more the merrier. Besides, it's not like we're going to be forced to betray and kill each other." My sister whispers back. "We have a lot in common; we're both siblings and we're both volunteers. We'll be a powerhouse, I promise. Let's go." Mercury (1) dashes into the train, and I reluctantly follow her.

I wonder how this'll turn out...

Rebecca Roy

Mercury (1), Ryan (1), and I dash into the train and absorb the wonders that are set for us. This is what we've been fighting for. The three of us wonder around the train cart, observing the place, while Nitro (1) walks into his headquarters for the day and slams the door shut. What's his problem? He's been acting shady this whole time period. Besides, what is there to worry? So far, looking at District 1's tributes this year the careers are going to be a real powerhouse. Especially with the doubled tributes this year, we'll dominate the arena. I'm sure some of the tributes from the career Districts won't end up going for the careers, but I'm still certain that nothing will stand in our way.

There is a buffet set for the tributes of our District; though we're not exactly hungry we sit down on the dining table anyway. I pick up a fork. It's thick, silver skin is the same color as the inner of the train walls. Ryan (1) is talking about the Hunger Games, and how he plans to torture his kills, and Mercury (1) is sitting there, nodding. I'm not too sure if she's the killing machine type, but she definitely does have the potential of a career.

After the reaping's, I realize I'm sort of hungry. I dig into the plate I have, and enjoy the time I have until I arrive at the training center. I'd better refuel on my energy in order to stand out during training. The three of us are sitting and laughing, until Nitro (1) slams his dorm door open. The door smashes into the wall, nearly making the train shake.

"You guys may want to see this." Nitro (1) informs us, as he walks back into his dorm. He motions us to follow us.

"What do you think it could be?" Mercury (1) asks the two of us.

"I guess we'd better find out." Ryan (1) replies. The three of us exchange looks and walk into Nitro's (1) headquarters. Nitro (1) is sitting on the floor, looking into the television like he's in a trance. We look at him, a bit puzzled, as we sit down next to him. His hands are trembling on the remote. Ryan (1) steals the remote away from him, and flickers the television on.

"Furthermore," President Snow says. This must be a replay of a broadcast. Mercury (1), Ryan (1), and I watch attentively as President Snow continues his speech. "to show that during the Dark Days you could never trust anyone, all 56 tributes will be transported into the first arena. A male and female tribute from each District must die in the arena for their counterpart male and female tribute to proceed into the second arena. In the second arena, the final 28 tributes will go into the games and they will proceed like normal. However, they'll have to face a challenge. The question is, what challenge will they face? Happy Hunger Games, and may the-" Ryan (1) immediately turns the television off. Ryan (1) looks stunned, and I think Mercury (1) might be crying. Ryan (1) keeps a straight face, and leaves the dorm, abandoning our once friends. I look at Mercury (1) and Nitro (1), examining their reactions. Nitro (1) is taking this announcement well; he even looks a bit happy. However, Mercury (1) definitely isn't too happy about the broadcast. I leave the room and close the door shut. Due to this new twist in the games, I'm pretty sure that they would form an alliance. That leaves me with Ryan (1).

I walk out of Nitro's (1) dorm, and join Ryan (1) back at the dining table. I sit down, and notice that Ryan (1) is stabbing his food repetitively with his fork.

"Fuck this..." He murmurs as he stabs his food with greater force.

"What's wrong with him?" Digby asks us.

"Nothing." Ryan (1) retorts. "Let's go, Rebecca." Ryan (1) stomps over to his dorm, as I follow him, gripping my fists together. I walk into his dorm, and I don't see him. I'm a bit puzzled, until I hear a loud slam that makes me jump. I turn around, and I see Ryan (1) pushing a bookshelf towards the door. He barricades it and motions me to sit down. He sits down next to me and I'm expecting a lecture.

"Although we've been very close ever since like a few hours ago," Ryan (1) starts. "We have no choice but to kill them. They are our enemies now. If we get to attached to them, we will die. Understood?" I start to think. Mercury (1) has been a really great friend, though I haven't grown too close to Nitro (1). I don't know what I'd do if I killed Mercury (1). However, this is the Hunger Games. I must stay strong. I am a career after all. I nod in approval.

"Good. Once we get to the training center, we join the careers immediately. Nitro and Mercury won't have the chance, and they'll go into a duo. We'll have the advantage. Besides, I doubt they'll go into a careers alliance anyway." Ryan (1) informs me, as he pushes the bookshelf back into its place. Immediately, Digby bursts into the room and falls face first onto the floor.

"Um... hello." I greet Digby.

"Ugh, I was trying to open the door forever!" Digby whines. "Anyway, we're here!" The both of us are overwhelmed with excitement as we burst out of the train and we explore the glory. Digby opens the entrance doors, as the four District 1 tributes follow him. We walk down a long corridor, until we make it to a single elevator.

"Here we go!" Digby shouts, as the five of us load into the elevator. Digby presses the "1" button and the elevator immediately bursts up into the sky in the speed of light. We get to our District floor in a little under a second, and we sprint out of the elevator and head into District 1's residence. Nitro (1) and Mercury (1) go into the den, and start to watch the Hunger Games reaping's and observe their competition. Ryan (1) drags me into his residence. He locks the door, just in case Nitro (1) tries to enter his residence. There is a knock on our door.

"Get ready, because training starts when the last District gets here." Digby informs us. Ryan (1) takes Nitro's (1) training outfit and throws it out the door for Nitro (1) to get. He finally closes the door, and locks it firmly. Ryan (1) turns on his television in his dorm, and starts to watch the reaping's replays.

'We don't need to observe the tributes. We'll have time for that in training. For now, we should discuss our games strategy." Ryan (1) nods, and he flips off the television.

"Alright. So, what should we do?" I ask him.

District 2

Sovereignty Song

My eyes flutter open, I feel like I've been in a deep, long sleep. I wake up and I check my surroundings. I'm on a hospital bed. I look around me, to see surgeons everywhere. I dread for this day to come. I'm back in the science lab. I look all around me, to see the gimmicks the scientists are experimenting. And I am their latest project.

The scientists around me excuse me so I can stretch my newly updated body. Although by body has been decaying for years, my skin looks absolutely flawless. I grip my fist, clenching my skin. It feels as good as new. How long have I been out for? Certainly not for too long, because I was still alive before I went into surgery. Those brain dead scientists just wanted to perform an operation before I volunteered for the reaping's. I don't understand how the Capitol hasn't figured this out. How the same little helpless little girl from District 2 continuously volunteers for the Hunger Games just to be killed. Then, my body is cloned and sent into the Hunger Games again. It's insane, though I'd love to go back into the arena and go on a killing-spree like I had before. Once I win, I'll be able to get back at those scientists that put me through torture through all of these years. Letting me go through pain just to go into the Hunger Games and die again. Once I finally win these stupid games, I'll be able to get back at those lazy ass scientists for what they've put me through

The scientists release me from their laboratory, as I walk down the streets of District 2. I fear for the day I'll be operated again. If I lose this year, my dead body will just be tampered with. I walk over to the orphanage and burst through the front doors. All the kids look at me. I've disappeared last night, and nobody knows where I went. I got abducted by scientists, that's what. And no one went to search for me. I walk through the room, as all the orphans at me, strangely. I waltz into my room, and slam the door shut. Although I can't see it, I'm pretty sure that all the orphans are standing outside my door, looking towards the direction I went.

I pick up a ring, sitting on a table next to my bed. It's the only thing I've had ever since my actual body was alive. I palm it in my hands; although it once didn't fit me, it does now. It's the only memory I have from my past. I don't even remember my past family when I was alive during my first life. I don't even remember the names of my parents. The only thing I can remember is the ring I hold in my hand right now. Well, besides the Hunger Games where I volunteered for, and died later. There is a knock on my door.

"Sovereignty?" A voice calls from behind the door.

"It's time for the reaping's." The headmaster of the orphanage says, as he opens the door. I get up from my bed, and I walk outside. All the orphans are dressed in their finest clothes, and ready to attend the reaping.

"I'll be ready in a minute." I tell them, as I close my door again. I open my hands open, and clasp them shut as if I was palming a knife in my hands. I can't wait to get back in the arena again. I get dressed into my reaping clothes, and I exit my room. The headmaster rented a bus to go to the reaping's, and we all load into the buses provided for us. I sit at the back of the bus; nobody dares to go near me. I stare off into space until we get to the reaping's. I hear the laughter and cheer of my fellow orphans. Most of them don't like the Hunger Games, but they've got nothing to worry about because they're volunteers that could possibly take their place. We arrive at the reaping's and everyone files out of the buses. I go up to the lady with the zapper, and she pricks my finger. I slowly walk to the reaping crowd, and fill into the 12-year-old-girls category. I wait and wait for the escort to come onto stage, and he finally does. The escort has some wacky make-up on, as he caked himself in red. However, his clothing style isn't abnormal, since he has a simple white shirt and blue jeans.

"Greetings, District 2!" The escort shouts. "I'm Burgundy White, and I'm happy to be back for another year to host the reaping's of District 2" The crowd goes wild, as Burgundy smiles.

"Now let's get the reaping's on a roll! Let's start with the girls!" Burgundy announces. He walks over to the girls reaping bowl and pulls out one slip.

"Omega Atherton!" Burgundy announces.

"I VOLUNTEER!" I shout, along with a bunch of other girls. I shove my hand up high. The sooner I win these things, the sooner I can sue those horrible scientists. Burgundy observes the crowd and finally points to a girl. Sadly, that girl isn't me. Another girl with black hair runs up to the stage. She has tanned skin and is somewhat tall. That bitch!

"What's your name?" Burgundy asks the diva who took my place.

"Timber Fable." The girl responds. I frown, until Burgundy starts to shove his hand in the bowl for another name. Oh yes, I forgot. This is a quell, and there are double the tributes! I smile with glee, I still have a chance. I won't let it slip away.

"Kimberlie Hatch!" Burgundy shouts once more.

"I VOLUNTEER!" I repeat, along with a bunch of other girls. I need to do better. I let out some puppy eyes, and stand on the tips of my toes. Although I'll come off as cute and adorable, it'll fool the rest of the tributes. I'll dominate in the arena when they don't expect it. Burgundy lays eyes towards me and smiles. I smile back. He motions me to come up to the stage and I do so.

"What's your name?" Burgundy asks me.

"Sovereignty Song." I respond.

"Wonderful! Now, let's reap the male tributes from District 2!" Burgundy announces as he struts across the stage, and makes his way to the boys reaping bowl. He pulls out one slip, and announces the name to the crowd.

"Garth Trinidad!" Burgundy announces. A boy looks up in terror, but he calms down when 50 other guys volunteer to take his place. Burgundy points to one of the monsters in the back. However, I'm surprised by the new male tribute. Although he is tall and strong, he seems very gentle and nice. You could say he is a gentle giant. I wonder why he volunteered.

"What's your name?" Burgundy asks him.

"Spencer Miernava." The boy responds. Burgundy smiles, as he pulls one more slip out of the reaping bowl and announces the name.

"Ulysses Dye!" Burgundy shouts into the microphone.

"I VOLUNTEER!" A bunch of guys shout once more. Speeding up the reaping, Burgundy immediately points to a random volunteer and he smiles. Luckily, he seems pretty strong. Another tall guy walks up to stage. He is just as tough as his counterpart, except he seems like he'll take no mercy.

"Four volunteers! Though, I wouldn't expect anything different. What is your name?" Burgundy exclaims.

"Ryan Johnson." The boy responds.

"Wonderful!" Burgundy announces. "Let's show our appreciation to our four tributes from District 2! Ryan Johnson, Spencer Miernava, Sovereignty Song, and Timber Fable!" The crowd applauds us, as the four of us flee into the Justice Building. I am left alone in my own room, as I sit down in silence. I clutch the leather on one of the sofas, and grip it tight. I remember this room. I never have visitors. I get up from the sofa, and exit my room without being dismissed. I don't care, not like I have any visitors. I exit the Justice Building, as Peacekeepers look at me weirdly. Two of them hold me back, though I power through them. The Peacekeepers aim to fight back, until the three other District 2 tributes exit the building. The Peacekeepers give me a cold look, as Ryan (2), Spencer (2), Timber (2), and I walk to the train. I look up, as I see the tribute train. I remember that too. A silver shuttle pulls into the station, and I step into the train.

Spencer Miernava

I enter the train, and admire the technology. I'm amazed at how the Capitol is able to come up with such advanced technology like this. Then again, it's the Capitol; they could probably do anything. Ryan (2) and Timber (2) admire our home for the next few hours, excluding Sovereignty (2), who sat down on a leather chair looking bored as ever. It's like she's already been here.

After working for a while, we've finally got the treatment we deserve. Although I dropped out of the academy a few years ago, I just had to get out of District 2. It brings too many memories about Jade. My parents. I'm hoping that they are all looking down upon me and wishing me the best. Except for my mother. She's probably burning in the depths of hell. She caused me so much pain, so I'd say that was karma that killed her. However, she had to bring my dad with her. I wish my father was still with me right now. I sit down on a couch as Timber (2) and Ryan (2) join me. I'm not too sure if they are trying to be friendly, or trying to scope the competition with me, because I have no intuition to be with them. I look through the reaping's, watching each District that has already concluded their reaping. About an hour through, all the reaping's have been broadcasted. There is one tribute that stands out in mind. I handle the remote, and re-play that reaping continuously.

"Why do you keep on re-playing that Districts reaping?" Ryan (2) asks me, a bit annoyed.

"Oh... sorry..." I say, immediately switching the channel to statistics of the Hunger Games. So far, there is nothing. However, the Capitol citizens are betting on what tributes to bet already. I doubt any of the Capitol citizens have seen all the reaping's yet, but for some reason they're still betting. At most, each tribute has about $200 on them. However, the games have just begun. I excuse myself to my dorm, as my fellow District partners nod. I rush into my dorm and lock the door. I turn on my personal television, and turn on the reaping's. I re-play a certain reaping over and over. I feel like I'm in a trance when I see this certain girl being reaped. Her appearance and her style got me immediately drawn to her. I can't tell, but I feel that we have an amazing connection between each other and I'm not too sure if she knows I exist yet. Something warm and tingly inside sparks up whenever I hear her name being announced by the escort. I think I'm finding a new love all over again...

I look up into the sky, and wonder if Jade would be mad if I ditched her for another. I immediately dismiss that thought. She'd be happy that I was able to move on and find another person that I like. Although I do not know this tribute yet, I am going to very soon. Something about her makes me want to protect her. That this was meant to happen. I only made up my mind of volunteering a few months ago. Maybe this was meant to happen. That the both of us were to be reaped. All of a sudden, the television flips to a different channel without my command. I'm a bit puzzled, though I continue to watch anyway. President Snow walks onto the interview stage and begins to talk. I wonder what's so important about this.

"Welcome, citizens of Panem. As you know, a new twist has been added to the Hunger Games that each year would be presented as a Quell. However, the Quell for this year's Hunger Games hasn't been announced yet. Furthermore, a final verdict has been decided. This year, we brought back the 50th Quarter Quell. However, here in the Capitol we don't like to be repetitive. So, we've added two arenas. In the first arena, the tributes will fight to the death until one boy and one girl from each District has been killed. Then, the counterparts of the dead tributes will be transported to the second arena. In the second arena, only the strongest of the tributes will succeed. However, they'll also have to face another challenge. What will that challenge be? It will stay a mystery." President Snow says. I lift my eyebrow at the new twist. Is that is? That can't be it. Oh well, at least this twist won't affect me too much. Although Ryan (2) is a tough competitor in these games, though I'm confident I can take him.

"Furthermore, to show that during the Dark Days you could never trust anyone, all 56 tributes will be transported into the first arena. A male and female tribute from each District must die in the arena for their counterpart male and female tribute to proceed into the second arena. In the second arena, the final 28 tributes will go into the games and they will proceed like normal. However, they'll have to face a challenge. The question is, what challenge will they face? Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" The television flips back to my previous channel, which isn't showing the reaping's anymore. I exit my dorm and go to the main compartment, wondering what Ryan's (2) reaction is. I enter the compartment, and I see Ryan (2) glaring at me, viciously. I don't think he'll go easy on me. I look towards Timber (2), who is trying to torment Sovereignty (2). Sovereignty (2) walks away from Timber (2) and enters her dorm, as if it couldn't possibly matter to her. Burgundy bursts into the room, and immediately senses the coldness in the room.

"Yikes, what put you guys in a bad mood?" Burgundy asks us. I look puzzled at him. Didn't he see the twist? If not, doesn't he already know about the twist either way? I just don't know. As I said, you can never predict what the Capitol will do.

"Well, anyway, we're here!" Burgundy exclaims. "Follow me!" Ryan (2), Timber (2), Sovereignty (2), and I follow Burgundy out of the tribute train and we enter the training center. The building is even more advanced than the train. The three tributes and I burst into the building and sprint across the hall, with Burgundy trying to catch up with us. We continue across the corridor, making turns along the way, until we finally reach an elevator.

"I guess we board here." I say, as I press a button. The elevator doors open, as we all enter the elevator. We hold the door for Burgundy, as he eventually gets in the elevator. We make our way to District 2's floor and we all file out into District 2's residence. The place is amazing.

"Once the last District gets here, training starts. You can go to the training center any time you want, as long as you wear the uniforms that are placed on your beds. Sadly, there are only two dorms which will be shared by gender category. Have fun!" Burgundy exclaims, as he goes into the kitchen to make himself a coffee despite being around 4 in the afternoon. I sigh as I enter my dorm to rest. Ryan (2) enters the dorm with me to get his training uniform, and exits right after leaving me in peace. I turn on the television to watch the reaping's again, specifically the girl I've had my eye on for a while. Once training starts, I'll think about making a first impression.

Although these are the Hunger Games, I'm still not too sure what to do. I'm not too sure if I should just continue on with the games, only observing this girl from a far, or setting aside my life so I can let this girl win. Both options I feel are the right thing to do. My parents are looking down. My first love is looking down on me. What would they want me to do?

District 3

Naria Avenforth

It's still dusk by the time I wake up. The moon is setting, and the stars are dulling. I gaze up at the stars as they fading away one by one. I look up towards my drive way in hopes of my mother returning. Although I've overheard a conversation about my mother's death, I've never wanted myself to believe it. I await my mother's return every day, but she never returns. I'm starting to lose hope every day. Although there is no proof I have that my mother actually died, there is definitely a high chance.

The sun is rising from the east, and I've waited for a few hours. My mother hasn't returned. I'm starting to lose hope. What they said must be true. My mother is dead. And I will never see her again. I turn from the window, given up. I turn towards my bedside table and grasp a necklace in my palms. I've kept it close to me ever since my mother died. I wrap the necklace around my neck and I bolt downstairs to the kitchen. My father is preparing breakfast for me, there is a plate prepared with my favorite foods on the kitchen table. I sit down on the table and examine my feast.

"Are you prepared?" My father asks me.

"Prepared for what?" I ask him back.

"Today is reaping day. Are you prepared?" My father replies. So that explains the big breakfast.

"I don't know..." I reply back. I forgot all about that. I know I'd have the skills to win, though I know that my chances of being picked are slim to none. Still, there always is that possibility I will be picked. If I do be picked, I won't go down without a fight. I've restrained myself from practicing fighting techniques since my mother died. I couldn't let myself practice combat techniques; it reminds me of my mother. I was so excited to see my mother the day she was supposed to come back; I practiced combat techniques so she would be proud of what I accomplished ever since her mission to spy on the Capitol. I never expected she wouldn't come back. I never suspected that being a spy could've been a very risky job, though I should've known better. Although I've stopped training in the arts of a spy, that was a year ago. I'm sure I'll remember what I've learned in the past if I were to be reaped. The reaping bell starts to ring, signaling the reaping occurring soon.

"Well we'd better be prepared soon." My father says. He turns off his oven and cleans up the kitchen before getting dressed. I finish up my breakfast and I rush into one of the bathrooms in my house. I take a shower and I apply a thin layer of make-up. I'm out quickly in 10 minutes. I'm not like most of the girls in my school, who spend hours in the bathroom applying makeup and hair care products. I don't see the need of it, unless if it's a special occasion. And there is absolutely nothing special about reaping day. I put on a jacket and my father and I walk to the reaping's. We arrive to the reaping's, and my dad and I go into the plaza. I get my finger pricked and I go to my age and gender category.

The reaping's start, and I look towards my father. He gives me thumbs up, telling me not to worry. I turn back to the stage, waiting for the escort to come. She doesn't. The audience starts to chatter and talk and I stand there looking into space. I sort of forgot last year's reaping's, but what I can remember is that she was late. Peacekeepers descend backstage to find the escort, and they drag her onto the stage. Her face isn't recognizable, as there is a thick layer of white make-up on her face. The layer looks like it's at least an inch. She dressed herself in a long black dress with tentacles sticking out of her back. Her look is too vibrant to not forget.

"Welcome, humans." The escort says in a deep, emotionless tone. I thought our escort was a female, but now I'm starting to think District 3's escort is a male. "My name is Ladislava Krysten and I am very happy to be here for another year." Ladislava announces, although she looks extremely bored. The crowd goes silent and Ladislava continues.

"I'm glad we're all excited. I know I am." Ladislava murmurs. "Let's start off by reaping the two girls from District 3." Ladislava slowly walks across the stage. One of her tentacles on her dress starts to move towards the girls reaping bowl. I'm starting to think that those tentacles are part of her body. The tentacle pulls a slip from the bowl, and she holds it up in front of her face.

"Naria Avenforth." Ladislava announces. I stay still. I'm absolutely stunned. I didn't think I'd be reaped. This isn't possible. Out of all the kids in District 3, I'm probably the least likely to be reaped. This is bizarre. The votes must've been rigged. I slowly exit my category and I walk towards the stage. Everyone stares at me as I slowly walk up the stairs and plant my feet on the stage. Ladislava pulls out another name and shouts the name into the microphone.

"Enera Summers!" Ladislava announces. Another girl approaches the stage. She has brown hair and bright amber eyes that shimmer in the sunlight. She walks up to the stage making no impression. She's boring. Hopefully there will be another tribute I can ally with.

"Now let's announce the male tributes." Ladislava states as she struts to the other side of the stage. She pulls out a name and announces the name to the audience.

"Micah Gigga." Ladislava says as a boy emerges from the audience. A boy with brown hair and blue eyes walks towards the stage. He made the same impression he made with Enera (3), nothing.

"Digit Starr." Ladislava says. Another boy comes up to the stage. He has dark red hair and brown eyes. He walks towards the stage, gloomy and sad. These tributes are boring. I'm going into the games alone.

"What an exciting day." Ladislava cheers, though no emotion comes out of her phrase. "Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applause to Digit Star, Micah Gigga, Enera Summers, and Naria Avenforth!" The crowd stays silent, though Ladislava ignores the fact. The four of us walk into the Justice Building. The last thing I see before being dragged into the building is my father lunging towards the stage in tears. I must stay strong. For my father. For my mother. I am left alone in a room by myself. My father joins me a few minutes later. He enters the room, trying to stop his tears.

"Naria. Listen to me." My father says, in a much more strong and stern voice. I nod my head.

"You have to win. Your mother is gone; I don't want to lose you too." My father tells me in a shaky voice.

"I'll do my best..." I reply. My father quickly hugs me and I hesitate for a moment before wrapping his arms around him back.

"Time is up." A Peacekeeper says after bursting into the room.

"No! Please!" My father begs. The Peacekeeper sighs, and then goes into the room to drag my father out.

"Naria!" My father shouts. I get up from my seat and try to rush to save him. It's no use; the Peacekeeper is out before I can react. I sit back down, determined to win. I only have my father and my father only has me. I can't let him down now. Another Peacekeeper bursts into the room.

"You're coming with me." He tells me. I get up from my seat and exit the Justice Building. I meet my fellow District 3 tributes and we all go to the train station. The silver shuttle finally pulls into the station and Ladislava boards the train. She turns back towards us, realizing we're not boarding.

"Aren't you guys coming?" Ladislava asks us, as she turns back to board the train. My partners exchange looks as we all board the train together.

Digit Starr

We all board the train and gaze at the sight. This will be our home for the next few hours. Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy myself before I enter the arena. Micah (3), Enera (3), Naria (3), and I all sit down. Naria (3) immediately flips the channel over to re-plays of the reaping's. Naria (3) attentively examines the tributes while the rest of us talk and get to know each other better. I've sort of accepted the fact that my chances of winning are slim to none. I know I do have potential to win, though I want to enjoy myself before what could be my final days of life. Enera (3) and Micah (3) are nice in their own ways. They're both somewhat shy, but we all get along very well. Naria (3) has her eyes drawn to the television screen and is completely ignoring us, but I think we'll gain her trust before we get to the arena.

"What do you guys think of this place?" Enera (3) asks us while biting into a muffin.

"It's definitely better than my place back at District 3..." Micah (3) replies.

"Well, you're in for a treat when we get to the Capitol." Ladislava informs us. "The Capitol is filled with cheer and grace, even making me warm up with glee." I somehow doubt that. Hunger overcomes me and I sit at a table set up with all kinds of goodies and treats. Enera (3) and Micah (3) follow me as we feast on the best meal we've ever had. Naria (3) is glued to the couch, and won't keep her eyes off the television.

"Oh no." Naria (3) moans.

"What's wrong?" Enera (3) asks her, as she finishes her meal and joins her. Micah (3) and I follow Enera (3) and watch the television. President Snow is on the interview stage and he's continuing a speech.

"This year, we brought back the 50th Quarter Quell. However, here in the Capitol we don't like to be repetitive. So, we've added two arenas. In the first arena, the tributes will fight to the death until one boy and one girl from each District has been killed. Then, the counterparts of the dead tributes will be transported to the second arena. In the second arena, only the strongest of the tributes will succeed. However, they'll also have to face another challenge. What will that challenge be? It will stay a mystery. Furthermore, to show that during the Dark Days you could never trust anyone, all 56 tributes will be transported into the first arena. A male and female tribute from each District must die in the arena for their counterpart male and female tribute to proceed into the second arena. In the second arena, the final 28 tributes will go into the games and they will proceed like normal. However, they'll have to face a challenge. The question is, what challenge will they face? Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" President Snow concludes as he walks off the stage.

Oh no. This can't be possibly happening. I look towards Enera (3). She has her head in her lap, trying to hide her tears and sniffling. Micah (3) turns towards me and also expresses a sad look on his face. I thought that Micah (3), Enera (3), and I would make a great alliance in the arena and have a great bond between each other; well I guess that can't happen now. Enera (3) runs into her dorm crying, as Micah (3) walks away. I sit down on the couch with Naria (3). She ignores me, and I feel like I'm all alone. I can feel the Capitol's laughter, as they tear up the trust in Districts. They've definitely done a good job. I look towards Naria (3), and she looks confident, almost happy about the twist. If she can stay strong, so can I. I straighten my back and keep my head high. I don't want to kill Micah (3), but if I were to choose between his life and mine, I think I'll know what to do. If I avoid Micah (3) for the rest of my time in the Capitol, the less guilty I'll feel if I kill him.

I head back to my dorm for a little nap. I still have time, right? I reach my dorm and I drag my feet on the carpet until I reach a broad bed in the corner of the room. I jump onto the bed and settle in immediately. I rest my eyes and go to sleep, until I feel an un-easy feeling. Like... someone's watching me. I toss and turn around in my bed as I imagine a creek of a door and footsteps approaching me. The tension is finally getting to me. I open my eyes and I see Ladislava staring at me with a creepy expression on her face.

"AHH!" I scream.

"Terribly sorry to startle you," Ladislava apologizes. "Though I must inform you that we've arrived at the Capitol. Once we get to your residence, you'll be able to nap all you want." Ladislava slowly creeps out of the room, as I follow her. Enera (3), Naria (3), and Micah (3) are already outside the shuttle as I exit the train. We make our way to the Training Center. I gaze at the large skyscraper as the five of us pass the doors and look at the decorations. Ladislava is right after all, the train is nothing compared to the construction quality of the Training Center. We walk down the corridor until we reach a single silver elevator. Ladislava instructs her tributes to enter the elevator, and we do so. The elevator takes us to our tribute floor and we all flood out of the elevator eager to see our santuary for the week. I enter our residence and I give myself time to admire and get used to the place.

Although the sun is still bright and shining, I head to my dorm to get some sleep. I bump into Micah (3) in our dorm, and he's watching the television finishing the re-cap of the reaping's. I don't mind, as long as I don't bond with him I won't have the fear of killing him. I dig under the covers and fall asleep quickly, hoping that I'm in an endless nightmare desperately trying to wake up.

I never do.

District 4

Elena Pierce

I slowly flutter my eyes open. My alarm clock sitting on my bedside beeps frantically. I clasp the clock with all my might until the clock shatters into pieces. The clock's screams decease as I jump off of my bed. I walk over to my dresser, getting dressed for the new day. Once I'm dressed, I examine all the photos I have standing on top of my dresser. My eyes hover over my past, as memories run through my head. My eyes stop when a concrete memory stands out in my mind. In the picture, my ex and I are leaning against each other. That was when I though he was the one. That was when I thought he was perfect. He was never perfect. I trusted him with my heart and he crushed it. My veins swell and surge with anger. My heart rate increases as I run through all the memories I've had with him. How he completely betrayed me and vanished from my life. How he left me for some other girl I doubt he knew. I walk over to my window and open it. What surveys me is a lovely view of the beach and sunrise. I chuck the photograph out into the ocean. The photo sinking into the deep blue signalizing our break-up. That photo should've been gone from my life months ago.

I slam my window shut and walk away with my back facing the beach. I never want to be reminded of him again. I stomp down the stairs and make my way to my families' kitchen. I see a plate set up, and I'm assuming that's for me. If not, oh well. I sit down at the kitchen table and feast on my meal. My parents exchange glances, then return their attention towards me.

"Are you okay?" My mother asks me.

"No, and it's none of your business either." I retort.

"I thought you'd be happy. Today is the reaping's, and you've been anticipating the day for months..." My father adds.

"You're making this sound like this is a problem." I mumble, as I stab my fork into my food.

"Well, we're going to miss you being around the house." My mother says. 

"Are you not confident of my return?" I demand of them.

"Well-" My father starts.

"Do you not think I'm strong enough for the Hunger Games!?" I tell them, in a much louder tone.

"No, it's nothing like tha-" My mother explains.

"NO! I don't want to hear it!" I scream at them. Having enough of their company, I immediately march out of the house and make my way onto the streets. I'll prove them wrong. I walk down the street and onto a beach. This is where the reaping's normally take place. I walk down across the beach, admiring the scenery. This place has many memories, some good and some bad. One in particular terrible. The memory of my ex-boyfriend runs through my mind while walking on this beach, and I immediately diminish it. I arrive to the reaping's ceremony, where everyone has already gathered. I smile, as I walk over to the lady with the zapper and get my finger pricked. I join the crowd as I go to my age and gender category. I look into the crowd, and I see him. My ex-boyfriend. I stare at him for a long time, until he finally realizes my location. I give him an unforgivable look, and he immediately turns away and walks deeper into his section. That serves him right. The reaping's finally start and the escort walks onto the stage. He is as abnormal as I remember him. He has long, straight white hair and misty blue eyes. He obviously didn't dye his hair very recently, because strands of yellow hair emerge from his scalp. The horrible fashion trends the Capitol gives out is utterly disgusting, however I'm sure there are worse than him.

"Welcome, District 4!" The escort shouts, getting the crowd on their feet with excitement. "As you all know, my name is Davin Emmett and I have eager to be here again!" The crowd claps and cheers, though I still remain silent.

"Let's start off with the girls, shall we?" He asks the crowd as he heads over to the girls reaping bowl. Davin pulls two slips out of the bowl and announces the names.

"Anastacia Keefe and Salome Strain!" Davin shouts.

"I VOLUNTEER!" I shout over the rest of the female volunteers. Davin surveys the crowd and first points his finger towards my direction. I smile and head up towards the stage along with another girl.

"What are your names?" Davin asks the two of us. He lowers the microphone towards my female District partner, but I clutch the microphone and move it towards my direction before she can reveal her name.

"Elena Pierce." I say, sweetly. Davin yanks the microphone away from me.

"Elizabeth Tunstall." The girl with blonde hair and blue eyes replies.

"Wonderful! Now let's reap the male tributes!" Davin cheers, as he travels to the boys reaping bowl. He palms two slips in his fists and reads the names.

"Elwood Bayer and Dwain Culberson!" Davin yells into the microphone.

"I VOLUNTEER!" Shouts a bunch of guys. I look through the crowd, wondering which one of them will be picked. A Peacekeeper glares at one of them, and he immediately tenses up and raises his hand. Davin immediately chooses him, along with another guy. The two of them walk onto stage.

"Magnificent, four volunteers! Well, I guess that's normal for a career District. What are your names?" Davin asks the two of them.

"Infinity Ocean..." Whispers a boy with light brown hair and sea blue eyes.

"Creek Mooris." Says the other with caramel hair and light blue eyes.

"That ends the reaping's, District 4 give a hand to your representatives Creek Mooris, Infinity Ocean, Elizabeth Tunstall, and Elena Pierce!" Davin announces. The crowd applauds once again, as I walk over to the Justice Building with two Peacekeepers guarding me. I am left alone in a room, with two Peacekeepers guarding me from outside my door. My parents barge into the door the second I get in there, and come in to comfort me.

"Elena, to win these games you've got to be-" My father starts.

"I told you already. I know what to do. I know how to win." I tell my father.

"We believe in you, though we just want to do our part int-" My mother pitches in.

"I've made this clear already. I know what I'm doing. I don't need to be told what to do, because I'm already certain I'll win." I retort.

"You haven't won yet. Elena in order to win these games you can't be-" My father says trying to help me.

"Sorry, but I don't need any help. Although it's appreciative, I know what I must do in the arena. I promise I'll win." I reply back, in a sweeter tone hoping they'd finally shut-up.

"But you don't only need the skill-" My mother says.

"Actually, if you have the skill you have what it takes. I have the skill. I have what it takes. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine." I respond.

"Elena! Listen to us! You can't be-" My father yells at me.

"Time is up." A Peacekeeper informs us. Well, at least I didn't interrupt him this time. My parents walk out of the room, worn out. All they can do now, is watch what happens on the screen and hope for the best. Unexpectedly, I have another visitor. A person walks into the room, and stands still. At first I had trouble identifying him, but now I remember. Tyler. My ex-boyfriend.

"What do you want!?" I shout at him, still angry at him. There is nothing he can say or do to make me forgive him.

"Babe, I'm sorry for what I did that day." Tyler starts, as I'm already steaming with hatred. "I'm telling you, that girl and I had nothing going on between each other."

"Then why'd you do it!? Why would you even think about it!?" I retort. "And really, there's nothing going on between you two? I bet she's waiting outside the Justice Building waiting for you!" I shout at him once more.

"It wasn't what it seemed!" Tyler tells me. "I can explain everything!"

"OUT OF EVERY SINGLE GUY IN DISTRICT 4, I CHOSE YOU!" I scream at him. "I THOUGHT YOU WERE BETTER THAN THAT!" Tyler opens his mouth for an excuse, but I stop him. I punch him in the jaw and he falls backwards. He slams into the wall as I close in on him. I kick him in the groin and punch him in the nose. He rubs the blood away from his nose as I pick up a vase from the table. It is so beautiful with elegant designs and patterns; it's a shame I have to break it. I slam the vase onto Tyler's skull, nearly knocking him out cold. I'm about to punch him once more, until the Peacekeepers come in. They widen their eyes in shock; the room was a mess.

"Oops...?" I whisper, trying to get out of it. No use. I am escorted out of the Justice Building as Tyler is taken to an infirmary near by. As I'm walking out, I catch eyes with the girl I saw with Tyler at the beach. That jerk will never change. I'm sure I'll be hearing about this in the arena. No matter, I'm still positive I have a good chance at winning. I exit the Justice Building with Elizabeth (4), Creek (4), and Mooris (4). We all load into a car as we are driven to a nearby train station. The train station is nearly deserted, as residents don't commonly travel from District's while the Capitol tries to isolate the Districts to a maximum amount. A shuttle speeds into the station, and the doors slide open. I smile, as I enter the train eager to get the treatment I deserve.

Creek Mooris

Infinity (4), Elizabeth (4), and I enter the train and observe the sight. We'll never want to leave this place. Elena (4) stomps in after us and pushes us aside. She dragged her feet across the floor and entered a dorm. She slammed the door shut, nearly rattling the shuttle. I shrug it off and sit down to watch the highlights of the reaping's. Elizabeth (4) and Infinity (4) join me as I identify my allies and competition. Elizabeth (4) and Infinity (4) look strong, Infinity (4) stronger than the average career. However, they're both very quiet. Elizabeth (4) keeps to herself and Infinity (4) looks like he doesn't want to be here. I've already seen Elena (4), she's a brute. She'll probably get a kill before anyone gets into the arena. I start to pay attention to my competition and keep some strong competitors in mind. The Capitol girl, I think her name is Sapphire (C). She seems arrogant and strong, like she was meant to be a career. I hope she joins us. Besides that, the Capitol and District 3 don't stand out in my mind too much. I hope the competition this year will be easy and then the careers are guaranteed a victor.

Bored, I start to flip through channels until I find something interesting. I stop in a games where I remember a tribute from our District won. His victor was sort of similar to Annie's, he won because he escaped a flood, though we're still proud. Elizabeth (4) immediately starts paying attention and gives eye contact to the monitor. The District 4 male escapes the flood and is transported into a hovercraft.

"Yay!" Elizabeth (4) cheers, as she smiles and applauds the victor, although he already won years ago. Once the games finish, I start flipping through channels again. I continue to do this until the channel sticks to a certain one. I try to proceed through channels, but it's like the buttons were jammed.

"What the hell?!" I panic, as I rapidly press random buttons. Infinity (4) and Elizabeth (4) both look up to the broadcast and I give up and join them. The setting takes place at the interviews stage, prepared for some sort of announcement. President Snow walks onto the stage, and I'm eager to figure out what's so important.

"Welcome, citizens of Panem. As you know, a new twist has been added to the Hunger Games that each year would be presented as a Quell. However, the Quell for this year's Hunger Games hasn't been announced yet. Furthermore, a final verdict has been decided. This year, we brought back the 50th Quarter Quell. However, here in the Capitol we don't like to be repetitive. So, we've added two arenas. In the first arena, the tributes will fight to the death until one boy and one girl from each District has been killed. Then, the counterparts of the dead tributes will be transported to the second arena. In the second arena, only the strongest of the tributes will succeed. However, they'll also have to face another challenge. What will that challenge be? It will stay a mystery." President Snow says. I hear someone laugh evilly from another room, and it doesn't take long to register that the person was Elena (4). Elizabeth (4) bites her lip, as Infinity (4) looks at me in horror. Although Infinity (4) is strong, his confidence will break him like a twig.

"Furthermore, to show that during the Dark Days you could never trust anyone, all 56 tributes will be transported into the first arena. A male and female tribute from each District must die in the arena for their counterpart male and female tribute to proceed into the second arena. In the second arena, the final 28 tributes will go into the games and they will proceed like normal. However, they'll have to face a challenge. The question is, what challenge will they face? Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" The screen flashes and fades to black. I turn on the television and the remote responds normally. Elizabeth (4) looks worried, Elena (4) will be an extremely tough opponent. Infinity (4) will be hopefully an easy opponent. I'm not too worried.

"Hi..." Elizabeth (4) says. I turn around, to see her perched near me. "What do you think of these years' tributes?" She asks me, as she leans in closer to me, playing with her hair. I'm not too sure, but I think she's trying to flirt with me. Something tells me it's not because she actually likes me. I sigh as I push her off me and walk into my dorm. The last thing I see is Elizabeth (4) flirting with Infinity (4). Oh so I see, she's trying to get one of us to help her kill Elena (4). She's clever, though will it be enough? Elena (4) is strong, and she may be able to take two careers at once.

I sit on a bed and decide what I should do. The careers may separate because of this twist, and I need to make sure I have the upper hand advantage. But how? If Infinity (4) was able to corner me at a weak point, I'd be doomed because I'd have no one to have my back. This will be harder than I thought. I can almost hear the Capitol's laugh as they force the careers to fight. It's always been illegal to train before the games, and now the Capitol can finally get their say in it. After hours of running strategy through my mind, the train makes a sudden stop and I look out my cabin window. Buildings and architectural structures spread out in a landscape like no other. That can only mean one thing. We're in the Capitol. I rush out of my residence where the rest of my counterparts wait for me. Our escort, Davin, waits outside of the train station and escorts us to a limo which transports us to the Training Center. I smile as we all enter a building filled with gadgets and items I can't recognize or describe. We pass through a long stretched out corridor making lots of turns until we reach an elevator.

"All aboard!" Davin announces as he trots inside. Elena (4) sneers as we all enter the elevator and proceed to our District floor. Elena (4) pushes everyone out of the way and enters the room. The four of us trail her and enter our residence. Elizabeth (4) immediately talks Infinity (4) into helping her. I knew that Elizabeth (4) would probably help Infinity (4) back, and I'd probably be stuck. I think about turning to Elena (4) for help, but I dismiss that. She'll accuse me of being a weak link. This'll be harder than I thought. Should I just stand around and hope that Elena (4) is stronger than the two of them and not intervene? Or should I try to talk to Elena (4) and make a truce with her. Although we'd be stronger, she'd never accept to it. I sit down on a much finer and luxurious couch to finish the re-caps of the reaping's. Each District finishes their reaping's and I eventually fall asleep on the couch, with the remote in my fist.

District 5

Tameo Arghus

I shiver under my sheets from the cold embrace, unable to sleep. I get goose bumps all over as my hollow body seeks warmth. My ribcage pushes my chest out, stretching my stomach. I shiver and quiver, trying to release the cool air from my body. I can feel my lips turning blue. I look for possible openings for wind to release from and I see my window slightly opened. I walk up to my window to close it, until I realize that I’ve over slept and the sun has already popped out of the horizon. Another sleepless night. Hopefully today will be better. I slowly creep down the stairs and walk into the kitchen.

“Good morning, Tameo!” My mother greets me, as my father waves. At least I’ve always got my parents close to me. They’re always so supporting of me. I smile as I return the greeting, trying to look to the positive sides of life. I notice a plate has been already set up for me so I cave in and decide to eat before the reaping’s. I take a spoonful of soup prepared for me and suddenly feel sick to the stomach. My face turns green and my parents rush to my aid.

“Are you okay?!” My father panics.

“I t-think I’ll be fine…” I stutter. That’s enough of that. I sit down on my seat as I slowly recover. My parents breathe the sigh of relief as my face slowly fades back to normal. The clock on the counter chimes as my parents immediately spring into action.

“The reaping’s must be soon. Tameo, you can take anything from the cupboard to eat along the way to the reaping’s. Let’s get ready.” My father informs us. I sprint to the bathroom as my mother and father leave the room to get dressed. I vomit out the little I had to eat today and flush it down the toilet. I lean against the wall, trying to regain focus. I sense my parents coming to check on me, so I immediately pour mouth wash in my mouth as they knock on the door.

“Tameo? Are you alright? We hear noises…” My mother says, concerned.

“Yeah, um, I’m fine…” I reply. My parents exchange worried looks as I walk back upstairs to get ready. They’ve been concerned about my health for a while, and they’ve been encouraging me to get back on track. But I can’t, I just can’t. I’m not going to return to my past. The thought of being bullied is too much to handle. I get nightmares every time I pass that old factory…

I don’t think too much about my style. I just throw on some clothes and brush my teeth and I’m out in a few minutes. My parents arrive fully dressed and we all travel to the reaping’s by car. Most of the residents stare at us; not everyone owns a car in District 5. We’re one of the lucky ones. The three of us arrive at the reaping’s and we all unload into the plaza. I go in line to get my finger pricked when I feel someone push my head forward. I turn around and see three guys from my school laughing. I shiver, not knowing what to do. They’ve been bullying me for the past few years, and right now it’s getting out of control. The lady with the zapper holds her hand out; I point out my index finger and I cringe when I see blood. The three stooges laugh as I glare at them. I run away from them as fast as I can and get in my age and gender category. I wait for our escort, Dianna, to come onto stage and give her speech.

“Greetings to District 5!” Dianna shrieks into the microphone. “You all know me as Dianna Noelle and I’m extremely excited to be escorting District 5 for another year!” The crowd stays silent for a while, and Dianna glares at them.

“Well anyway, I’m glad to know that this District produced the first victor and mentor!” Dianna announces.

“Let’s welcome… Chrissie Seyong.” She mutters. I can tell Dianna doesn’t like her. Chrissie walks onto stage, looking completely miserable. The crowd stays silent as she walks across the stage and sits down on a reserved seat. If you didn’t tell me Chrissie’s or Dianna’s last names, I would’ve expected they were related in some sort of way. The crowd looks in despair as they see what the Hunger Games can do to a person. If I were to be reaped and win these games, which probably won’t happen, I’d probably be a mess afterwards.

“Let’s give the honor of Chrissie to reap District 5’s tributes!” She announces. Chrissie glares at her in anger as Dianna hands the microphone to her.

“Alright. Let’s make this quick.” Chrissie mumbles. She stomps across the stage and sticks her hands into the girls reaping bowl.

“The female tributes are…” Chrissie says while she unfolds the slip. “Jade Venus and Megan Land.” The crowd gasps hauntingly as a twelve year old walks onto stage. A girl with aqua and brown hair and a girl with light and dark brown hair walk onto the stage. One of them, I’m guessing is Jade (5) starts to sniffle a bit, but quickly brushes the tears away as Megan (5) consoles her.

“And the male tributes are…” Chrissie announces, as I turn my head towards her. “Ryin Fizi and Tameo Arghus.” No…. NO! I stare in shock, as I try to make out in my mind what’s happening. I’ve been reaped. The three bullies start to laugh and point at me, and I feel like I’m at the urge of crying. I walk up the stage with Ryin (5) beside me. After being reaped, he still continues to smile. He stares at the bullies coldly until they finally stop, and he consoles me after.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Tameo Arghus, Ryin Fizi, Megan Land, and Jade Venus.” Chrissie quickly says, as she brings all four of us into the Justice Building. I am locked in a room by myself as the Peacekeepers conduct my visitors to my room. My parents storm off into my room and start to comfort me.

“Tameo, everything will be alright. I promise you….” My mother says, although she sounds like she’s already given up.

“You can do this. We’re your parents. We believe in you. Whatever you do, never give up. We’ll be fine for now, but right now you have to think about yourself. You don’t need to be the most athletic if you are smart. You can do this.” My father informs me.

“Time is up.” A Peacekeeper informs us.

“But-but…” My mother stammers.

“We’ve only been here for like a few seconds!” My father shouts. The Peacekeeper growls, but my parents continue to stay put. Swarms of Peacekeeper invade the room and take away my parents. I look in shock as my parents are painfully dragged out of the room.

“Tameo! We love you!” My mother cries before she is dragged out of the room. I can feel massive amounts of tears roll down my face. What could possibly get worse? I look down in sadness. The door creeks open and I look up. More visitors? Three teenagers stand before me. The ones who constantly bully me. I just had to ask.

“Well, well. Look who it is.” The tallest one says. I don’t know their names, but their faces are recognizable at an instinct. Oh no. Not this again. I quiver in fear as I run to a closet and lock myself in it. Safe, for now. The trio proceeds to the closet and start to hack at it. I fear for my life. District 5 will be forever ashamed if they have a tribute die before they get to the Capitol, though I can’t stop it. The three of them claw at the door and start punching the closet doors with their fists. The oak wood starts to snap and break as I cradle in a feeble position and shift back and forth. The closet door breaks and the three of them evilly grin. They’re about to take turns torturing me, and maybe even worse. Everything buzzing through my mind. The old factory. Those goons tied me up and took turns sexually abusing me. I shut my eyes close, fearing the worst of possibilities.

“Time is u-“A Peacekeeper says. He examines the closet and stops the three of them before they do any harm to me. All the Peacekeepers there rush at them and carry them out. I hear screaming and shouting for a few seconds, and then silence. I’m still shivering; I’m not too sure what those Peacekeepers did to them.

“It’s safe to come out.” A Peacekeeper grunts. I can’t believe it. They saved me. I never expected the Capitol to do anything positive towards me. Well, I guess they couldn’t let a tribute die. I’d rather die in the arena then at the claws of those bullies, so I’ll take it. All the Peacekeepers there surround me and guard me from trouble as I’m escorted to the train station. Dianna, Jade (5), Megan (5), Ryin (5), and Chrissie all wait for me in the shuttle. I smile when I see them; so far they haven’t judged me for my appearance. They seem like nice people so far. I step foot into the train, as the doors close behind me and the train shoots through the tracks.

Jade Venus

The six of us enter the compartment. It’s amazing. I never thought all this would be at the disposal of my fingertips. Our mentor calls us over to a table filled with goods. We all sit down, as Chrissie starts a conversation about strategy.

“Hi, I’m Chrissie. As you know, I am your mentor.” Chrissie says. I’m overwhelmed by the goods and I take a bit out of a cookie. Tameo (5) reaches for something to eat to and then his face turns pale. He rushes into the bathroom and locks himself in there. I place my cookie back onto its plate, afraid of food poisoning.

“Alright then…” Chrissie remarks. “Anyway, there are many ways to achieve the title of a victor. What I did was stay under the radar most of the time, and that seemed to work out for me. It all depends on the status in the arena and the skills of other tributes.” Tameo (5) starts to groan and moan in the washroom, as if he is dying.

“Erghh… you know what? I’ll talk about strategy later…” Chrissie says, grossed out. “I’ll leave you guys’ time to settle in and I’ll suggest strategies to you guys when we get to the Capitol.” Chrissie walks out of the compartment and into a reserved dorm for her. She exited with a look like she was going to throw up as well.

“Um… what now?” Ryin (5) asks us.

“I don’t know…” Megan (5) replies.

“NO!” Chrissie shrieks from her dorm.

“What’s wrong?” Ryin (5) asks her immediately. No response. I bite my lip. I wonder what her problem is.

“Erm… want to observe the competition?” I ask the remaining tributes in the room. They nod as we all sit down on a comfortable couch and turn on the television. Reaping recaps play and we observe the careers. All of them look fierce and strong, even the girl that is smaller than me by a lot. All of them look tough. Some of the careers nearly double my height. I start to get nervous. Megan (5) senses me shivering and she comforts me once more. I’m glad I have such nice District partners. I pay attention to the screen when it all of a sudden flickers to another channel. I’m puzzled by this, but whatever is happening in the setting must be important. There is a landscape shot of the interview stage, which is specifically set up and viewed by a crowd of thousands of Capitol citizens.

"Welcome, citizens of Panem. As you know, a new twist has been added to the Hunger Games that each year would be presented as a Quell. However, the Quell for this year's Hunger Games hasn't been announced yet. Furthermore, a final verdict has been decided. This year, we brought back the 50th Quarter Quell. However, here in the Capitol we don't like to be repetitive. So, we've added two arenas. In the first arena, the tributes will fight to the death until one boy and one girl from each District has been killed. Then, the counterparts of the dead tributes will be transported to the second arena. In the second arena, only the strongest of the tributes will succeed. However, they'll also have to face another challenge. What will that challenge be? It will stay a mystery." President Snow announces. Oh no.

"Furthermore, to show that during the Dark Days you could never trust anyone, all 56 tributes will be transported into the first arena. A male and female tribute from each District must die in the arena for their counterpart male and female tribute to proceed into the second arena. In the second arena, the final 28 tributes will go into the games and they will proceed like normal. However, they'll have to face a challenge. The question is, what challenge will they face? Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" President Snow signs off and the broadcast ends. I can’t believe this. Megan (5) and Ryin (5) are expressing shocked looks, while Tameo (5) continues to reside in the bathroom.

“Guys… I have some news…” Chrissie says, entering the room. I break down into tears and rush out of the compartment and into an assigned dorm.

“So I guess you already know…” I can hear Chrissie say, just before I close the door. I lean my back against the door and slowly slide across it into I reach the ground. I start to rub my eyes to clear the tears, but I can’t seem to stop the water flow. Being in the Hunger Games is bad enough; I don’t want to be forced to kill my own District partner. My own kind. The worst part is if I don’t kill her she’ll kill me. There is a knock on my door, but I don’t respond. The door yanks open and I fall backwards.

“Oops… sorry.” Chrissie whispers. I look up and I see her feet resting under my head. Chrissie helps me back on my feet and talks to me.

“Listen, I know this is hard…” Chrissie informs me. “But whatever happens you have to stay strong. You won’t get out of it if you don’t try. I was just as upset as you were when I heard the second quell twist, but you won’t be able to have a chance at fighting back if you’ve already given up on yourself.” I’m back on my feet and I’ve blocked all the tears. I sit down as Chrissie continues to talk.

“You have to stay strong and be prepared for what the Capitol throws at you. If you show them that you’re unbreakable, you’re this much closer to getting sponsors.” Chrissie says. The shuttle jerks to a stop, and Chrissie continues to talk.

“I guess we’re at the Capitol now. Let’s go.” Chrissie walks out the door, and I follow her. I exit the shuttle and I see Megan (5), Ryin (5), Dianna, and even Tameo (5) waiting outside the station. We all travel to the Training Center. Megan (5), Ryin (5), and Tameo (5) race into the building where I slowly trail them. Although this is a nice place and all, I’ll only be here for a little while until the Capitol ships 56 teenagers into an arena to fight to the death. I walk down the hall with my escort and mentor until we all arrive to an elevator. The two of them enter the elevator and I hesitate to follow them. I’ve never been in a contraption like this before. Chrissie presses a button and we shoot up into the air in the speed of light.

We arrive to the District floor and the three of us enter the room. The only person in the room is Ryin (5), who is sitting down calmly at a kitchen table feasting on a bagel. Megan (5) and Tameo (5) are nowhere to be found. I’m guessing it’s because they don’t want to be near their enemies. Chrissie points out my sanctuary where I will be living in, and tells me that Megan (5) will be sharing the dorm with me. I gulp, I’m not too sure why the Capitol is trying to force us together just to end up having us kill each other. I walk towards a bathroom before heading into my headquarters. I jiggle the doorknob, yet the door doesn’t open. What follows is Tameo (5) groaning once more. Of course. I head straight to my domain and I lie down on one of the two beds offered. I drift to sleep, hoping I’ll wake up the next morning in my bedroom. I’m not too sure how the next week will play for me, though I hope I’ll see myself heading back to District 5.

District 6

Jeanette Hannity

I wake up early in the morning and sit up from my bed. Although I'm tired, I can't bring myself to going to sleep. If I don't get to the reaping's on time, the punishment is most likely death. However, if I don't get enough sleep I'll eventually cave over and die as well. There is no way out. I stretch my limbs and I shake my brother, who is sleeping beside me like an angel. I wish I could have it easy like him.

"It's time to get up. We've got to get to the reaping's." I tell him.

"But it's sunny!" My brother complains.

"Because, we won't get there on time if we leave later. We need to get prepared now if we want to get to the plaza." I reply calmly, negotiating with him. "When we get back, I promise I'll have something planned for you." My brother smiles as he leaps out of bed to get ready. I lean to my right to wake up my grandmother, but what remains is a bunch of pillows stacked. I walk to another room in the hut where my grandmother is.

"Grandma, it's time for the reaping's." I say. She's already woken up, and she looks shaken up.

"What's wrong?" I ask her sadly, sitting next to her.

"Oh honey, I love you so much. I couldn't live with myself if you were reaped." My grandmother replies.

"Don't worry, that'll never happen. Besides, if you do, you'll know what to do. You're a strong-willed woman, and I'll know you'll stand through anything." I tell her. She smiles, and immediately regains confidence. I help her stand up, until she dismisses me, deciding that she could didn't need help with anything else. I sigh in relief, realizing I can focus on my own needs. I walk to our family dresser, where I get dressed quickly. I don't have much time. I'm out in around 5 minutes, able to help my family. I walk into another room, to see that my brother is just fooling around.

"I told you to get ready for the reaping's!" I say laughing. I look through my brother's drawer and look for some clean clothes. I lay the clothes on our bed.

"When I come back, I want to see that you're dressed." I inform him, as I leave the room once more. I return to my grandmother again, who I'm glad to see actually focused on getting ready. She's waiting by the door, eager to leave as soon as possible.

"Let's get this over with." She says. My brother starts running down towards us, this time fully dressed in his finest clothes, and starts to jump up and down. I clutch his hand and the three of us exit our little hut by the border of our District and start to hike towards the plaza. I look at the electric fence, and shiver. If I knew how to hunt, I would. But I can get by food if I set snares inside the District, because harmless wildlife still resides in the District. Besides, if I were to go out hunting I'd have no time to do other various chores in the house.

"My legs are sore!" My younger brother complains, although we've barely started walking.

"Don't worry, we'll be there soon." I lie. We're not going to be there until for half an hour at this rate.

"But I'm tired!" My brother wines. I get tired of his complaining and I lift him up over my shoulders and let him rest there. He's young and light enough for me to carry. After what seems to be hours of hiking, we finally make it to the plaza. Although we would've gotten there sooner, I guess I was slowed down by carrying my brother, though really if he walked with us we'd just be early. I lift my brother off of my shoulders.

"You'll go with grandma, okay? Follow her until the reaping's end." I instruct my brother. My brother nods his head "no", and whispers something in my ear.

"She smells weird..." My brother whispers.

"I'm sorry, haha, though it'll only be for a little while." I laugh. My grandmother walks my brother away as I head over to the lady with the zapper. She pricks my finger and I make my way to the audience. Time to get this over with. The escort, Gary comes onto stage, wearing the same outfit a regular capitol resident wears. He has blue skin and dark blue eyeliner. His hair and eyes seem remotely unchanged, still remaining black. His outfit could use a little adjusting too, though I guess District 6 could've had worse.

"Welcome, District 6!" Gary shouts, as I cringe my eyes shut and cover my ears. I forgot how high pitched his voice is, I'm pretty sure my voice has a lower tone compared to him. "My name is Gary Radclyffe and I am District 6's escort from last year. I'm happy to be hosting District 6's reaping's this year! Let's start of the reaping's with District 6's female tributes." Gary skips over to the girls reaping bowl and pulls out a slip.

"Evette Saldana!" Gary announces. 

"I VOLUNTEER!" A girl shouts from the crowd. She walks up to the stage and waves to the crowd, expecting applause. The only person that claps is the girl who was called, thanking the person who took her place.

"Wonderful! Another volunteer! At this rate, District 6 may be a career District! What's your name?" Gary exclaims.

"My name is Carolyn Maven." She replies.

"Wonderful! And our next female tribute is..." Gary states as he reaches his hand into the bowl. "Jeanette Hannity!" Gary shouts. Oh no. Not me. How will my brother and grandmother survive on their own? Why couldn't have I been called first, so Carolyn (6) could take my place? I walk up the stairs, shaking and quivering. What have I done to deserve this?

"Congratulations." Caroyln (6) says to me, giving me a friendly slap on the back. I don't know how this is any good towards me.

"JEANETTE!" My brother calls. My grandma is trying to have him stay calm, but he runs away from her and starts making his way up the stage. A group of Peacekeepers attempt to block him, but he pulls off something I've never expected. A Peacekeeper grabs him, but my brother kicks him in the stomach. Another Peacekeeper tries to grab him, just to have my brother bite him.

"OW!" The Peacekeeper shouts, in rage. My brother runs up to me, arms raised, with tear stained eyes. I'm happy he's here for me, though the Peacekeeper that just got bit does something unexpected. He raises a gun and aims towards my brother.

"NO!" I shout, but it's too late. He's released the trigger and my brother falls to the ground. The crowd gasps as I clasp my hands over my mouth, trying not to shout or say anything drastic. A Peacekeeper just killed my brother. He was so young, not even young enough to go to school. I've been his somewhat teacher ever since he was born, because at our current state he needed the knowledge. Even for a Peacekeeper, this has gone way over the edge. My soulfulness drains from my body as I start to cry. The crowd boos, as the escort tries to return the reaping's to silence.

"And the next tributes are Thurman Falcon and Lance Majore, what a great reaping's see you next year everybody!" Gary concludes.

"WAIT! I VOLUNTEER!" Another boy from the crowd shouts.

"Perfect! You'll substitute the place of Thurman; now let's go into the Justice Building!" Gary shouts quickly, as he tries to get the tributes to a safe zone and escape the wrath of the crowd. Carolyn (6), two unnamed male tributes, and I walk into the Justice Building. The crowd starts to chant rants as I am escorted to my very own room in the Justice Building. I continue to cry in silence as I try to let the memory of the reaping's escape. Not only did I just get reaped, but even worse, a Peacekeeper just shot my three year old little brother. He didn't know any better. He just loved me so much. This is terrible. Now, my grandmother is all alone by herself. What'll she do? Right on cue, my grandmother walks into the room. After what had just happened, she looks like she was able to take the news.

"Grandma, you must get yourself somewhere to stay." I plead to her. "Go to a retirement home, anywhere, as long as you're able to get the nuritment you need."

"I'll be alright, though I'm not the one being forced into an area to fight to the death. It's you who I'm worrying about. I'm really distraught about your brother's death, but you need to fight through it at a time like this." My grandmother manages to say. Bringing up her grandsons death makes her shed a tear, though she is toughening herself to fight it.

"I promise..." I stutter.

"Time is up." A Peacekeeper says. It hasn't even been a minute. However, my grandmother can't afford to put up a fight. She gets up from her seat and exits the Justice Building.

"Remember, I'll always love you." She says before she exits the building, leaving me for what could be the rest of my life. This is terrible. The Peacekeeper comes back, and asks me to follow him. He leads me to a car, which I've just heard of. Its functions are unbelievable, though I guess this is only the beginning of what the Capitol could make. My fellow tributes talk with one another as I stay silent. We arrive to a train station, where a silver pod pulls into a set of train tracks. I open my eyes at the sight of it. I've never had any advanced technology at my fingertips. I've lived in a hut for all my life, and I've never used anything that required energy, besides getting my finger zapped by a zapper. I step foot into the train, when I realize this is just the beginning.

Hadix Maven

I stand up straight and observe the "luxurious" train the Capitol has to offer. I expected much better, but whatever. Carolyn (6) and I sit down on a couch and flip the television on.

"Let's see our competition." Carolyn (6) tells me, grinning evilly.

"If we have any!" I reply, chuckling. The television flickers to the reaping's which starts off with the Capitol. Soon, we've run through every single reaping and I turn to Carolyn (6) to rant on tributes.

"So, who did you think was threatening?" I ask her.

"The careers seem strong as usual, so we should avoid them. One of the capitol girls seemed fierce too, though with the both of us banded together she won't stand a chance." I tell her, determined that one of us will win.

"You know, you can't always be so confident..." Our annoying escort, Gary pipes in. "All of the Capitol tributes seemed promising this year. And one of the girls from three really looked mysterious, like she is hiding a true talent."

"NO ONE ASKED YOU!" Carolyn (6) shouts at him. Gary sneers as he walks away, across the compartment.

"Pft, we're the real threats. He should've seen that." Carolyn (6) back talks.

"Exactly. With District 6's performance, they should've been declared Careers sooner. Even if we're not going to join them, unless the Careers get on their hands and knees and beg at least." I murmur. We continue to scan through reaping's. District 7 doesn't show promise. They seemed okay, just okay. Nothing more.

"This is boring." I complain. Carolyn (6) nods, and I reach for the remote to change the television channel. A white flash sparkles across the screen, soon changing back to color. The interview stage comes to view.

"This should be interesting.." Carolyn (6) states her opinion. President Snow quickly walks up to stage. I grin. Another twist, this ought to be interesting. Whatever the Capitol throws at me, I can take. Bring it on.

"Welcome, citizens of Panem. As you know, a new twist has been added to the Hunger Games that each year would be presented as a Quell. However, the Quell for this year's Hunger Games hasn't been announced yet. Furthermore, a final verdict has been decided. This year, we brought back the 50th Quarter Quell. However, here in the Capitol we don't like to be repetitive. So, we've added two arenas. In the first arena, the tributes will fight to the death until one boy and one girl from each District has been killed. Then, the counterparts of the dead tributes will be transported to the second arena. In the second arena, only the strongest of the tributes will succeed. However, they'll also have to face another challenge. What will that challenge be? It will stay a mystery." President Snow states. Oh this is great. I look behind us and across the room, where Jeanette (6) and Lance (6) are sitting at a table eating. Jeanette (6) recently recovered from a trauma, but she looks like she'll go into a breakdown all over again. Lance (6) doesn't look too happy either. Wimps.

"Furthermore, to show that during the Dark Days you could never trust anyone, all 56 tributes will be transported into the first arena. A male and female tribute from each District must die in the arena for their counterpart male and female tribute to proceed into the second arena. In the second arena, the final 28 tributes will go into the games and they will proceed like normal. However, they'll have to face a challenge. The question is, what challenge will they face? Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" President Snow signs off. I smile wickedly and Carolyn (6) does the same. We can easily take the two of them. This twist will probably do us good, and we'll proceed to the next stage in no time.

I turn to the direction of Jeanette (6) and Lance (6) who are shocked and mortified. I hold the remote up high, so Jeanette (6) and Lance (6) can see what I'm holding. I crush the remote in one move, to show how quickly I can end a live. Jeanette (6) squeals as Lance (6) comforts her. This is priceless. Carolyn (6) and I laugh evilly and high-five, to prove our superiority. They'll probably ally against us, because they'd probably know that we'd ally to kill the two of them. Still, the odds are in our favor. Jeanette (6) and Lance (6) walk into a dorm while we watch them and laugh.

"That was really cruel." Gary says.

"Again, no one asked you." Carolyn (6) snaps. Gary looks at us strangely, and then walks away. I shrug, and turn towards my dorm. I close the door, looking forward for some time for myself. I walk into a room, with appliances that I don't have at home. Some I can't even identify. Still, I expected more from the Capitol. I walk into the bathroom, and I twist a knob activating the shower. After a long day, the hot water relaxes me and my body freshens up. After trying out dozens of the Capitol's gadgets in the bathroom, I feel better than ever. I exit the bathroom, and I approach a window, letting me see the outside world. I'm surrounded by a portal of darkness. Literally, I can't see what's outside. I'm puzzled for a moment, until a dim light approaches from the west. It's still dark, but the Capitol is in range and we're crossing the bridge into the busy city. My heart races. We're finally here.

I exit my dorm, and make a turn so I'm facing the residence belonging to Carolyn (6). I pound on the door until Carolyn (6) finally answers.

"WHAT!?" She shrieks. She looked stressed after being kicked out of the bathroom in short notice, only getting half way through a coat of make-up she applied and not being able to wash her hair completely

"We're here!" I exclaim, as I run across the compartment and look out the window. Carolyn's (6) grouchy face turns into a smile of glee when she follows me, looking out the window, not caring about her appearance. We pull into the train station, alarming Gary, Jeanette (6), and Lance (6). The five of us exit the train station, and Gary instructs us to enter a limo. We are driven to a large building which I am assuming is the training center.

"I'll race you!" I shout at Carolyn (6) quickly, as I speed through the hall with her trailing me. I sprint through the hallway, not too sure where I'm going. I come across an elevator, which I'm assuming will lead to my District floor. I enter the elevator pod and press the button "6". The doors close just after Carolyn (6) is able to enter the elevator. We both wait patiently for the elevator to proceed to our District floor. Once the doors open up, the both of us race to the door, which we're assuming will lead to our residence. Carolyn (6) flings the door open and sprints into the room.

"I win!" She cheers with glee.

"Wow, this place is amazing!" I state. We both check out the place and it's technologies while Gary, Jeanette (6), and Lance (6) make their way to the room in their own pace. Caving over from sleep, I slowly walk towards my dorm and slam the door shut. I lock the door, so Lance (6) will have no choice but to sleep on the couch tonight. As bad as it sounds, he'll have to deal with it. I flop onto a bed and pull the sheets towards me. I can hear banging on the door for a moment, but it immediately deceases. I'm guessing that was Lance (6). I slowly drift to sleep as I think about training, which will most likely take place tomorrow.

District 7

Sierra Waters

I slowly wake up in my little log cabin and I sigh. I look around the room, and I'm all alone. I've been like this for 3 years, and nobody's bothered to care. I remember when my parents were around. I was as miserable back then as I am now. Though, it's no use complaining. Besides, I have no one to complain to. I jump out of bed and I look around the place to see what I have to eat. Not much. I'd better go hunting soon. I groan as I yank some meat from the cupboard. I don't know what kind of meat it is, but whatever. As long as it's not spoiled I will eat it. Besides, not like I have anything more appetizing to eat. I'll take whatever I can shoot, which isn't much. I remember when I didn't have to get food by hunting. I start to think about my parents. They were harsh and cruel, just like how I am now. I never liked them, though my life would be so much easier if they were still with me. But no, they were beaten to death by Peacekeepers. Although I despise my parents, I despise the Peacekeepers and all those Capitol morons even more.

I nibble at my rancid breakfast, knowing I'll never get better. I'll just have to wait a while until I can become a lumberjack of some sort. That would be much easier than hunting, because I never get any good game out here. I finish my breakfast and decide to go out for a little hike out in the plaza of District 7. I walk around, and see that nobody is outside. Everyone's shutters are closed and doors are locked. I'm puzzled about this, until I reach the heart of the plaza. I see the Justice Building stage being set up for a special occasion. I see. It's reaping day. Not like I care. I can feel the uneasy vibe around the village, and most people hate this time of year, though I couldn't care less.

There is no point in showing up for the reaping's early, so I walk away from the Justice Building and back in the outer regions of the plaza. I don't want to be near anything organized by the Capitol. I walk down the streets of District 7. Looking through windows, I can see citizens distraught on what to do during the reaping's. I look at the porch of a house to see a little girl receiving comfort from her parents. That wasn't me when I was younger. Instead, my parents yelled at me and stated how they wished I had been older so I could be reaped and get out of their lives. And now I am. I give myself more time to walk around the square until I check the clock tower. The tower bell rings, signaling the reaping's starting soon. I have nothing better to do, so I arrive to the center plaza once more.

A line has already assembled in front of an attendance stand.

"Move it." I mutter, pushing other eligible teenagers out of my way. Most of them step out of my way, and I make it to the front of the line. I hold out my finger for the zapper lady and I then file out to the 15-year-old girls category. Soon, our idiotic escort arrives to the stage. Her dress is an array of the colors of the rainbow, while her skin represents the sky and clouds. Little miss sunshine hands the microphone to a Peacekeeper; since fancy bitch has such a big mouth she doesn't need it. She clears her throat and begins to speak.

"A warm welcome to all of District 7's residence!" The escort shrieks. "It's that time of year again; the reaping's! Let's start off by reaping two female tributes!" She walks along the stage and pulls out two slips from the girls reaping bowl.

"Zoe Harrison and Sierra Waters!" She whines. I got reaped... oh well. Not like I care too much. I'll finally be able to avenge my parent's death and get revenge towards the Capitol once I become rich and famous. I walk onto the stage with some other blonde and we stand next to each other. She didn't pull off a whole water works; so far this girl doesn't seem totally bad. Though, I still won't have any trouble killing her. I tighten my eyes, grip my fists closed, and give a cold glare towards the crowd and the cameras, to tell them I'm not as vulnerable as the other tributes. I actually stand a chance in the arena.

"Wonderful! Now let's reap the male tributes!" The escort squeals as she walks to the boys reaping bowl.

"Jacob Gibson and Kenneth Gropes!" The escort cries. A short guy and tall guy, both with blondish brown hair come up to stage. The short one rubs his eyes and clears his glasses while the tall guy breaks down. I immediately hate the tall one, who I think is Kenneth (7).

"Congratulations to District 7's tributes! Kenneth Gropes, Jacob Gibson, Zoe Harrison, and Sierra Waters! My name is Gylda Györgyi and I am this year's escort! That's all for today, I'll see you next year!" The escort shrieks. I immediately hate her; she is from the Capitol and her personality sickens me. The four of us walk into the Justice Building, to have our last good-byes to our loves ones. Only for me, I don't have anyone I love. However, I think that'll just help me stay strong. The Capitol will never be able to break me, no matter how much they push me.

"Alright, let's go." A Peacekeeper informs me. I glare at the Peacekeeper as I slowly sit up and follow him. I'm the first one out, as I didn't have any visitors, and soon Zoe (7), Jacob (7), and Kenneth (7) exit the Justice Building after. We all load into a car. My three counterparts try to make small talk, though I ignore them. I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to win. We arrive at the train station, and a silver pod rests on tracks. I've never seen this time of machinery before. Sliding doors open and the tributes and escort from District 7 load into the train. The train speeds out of the station, and I take one last glimpse of District 7.

Good bye, District 7. I won't miss you.

Jacob Gibson

We leave District 7, and the five of us continue our journey to the Capitol. I never thought things could get any worse. First, I'm separated from the one I love. Now, I know I'll never get to see her again. Though, I know she'd want me to continue going on. And that is what I'm going to do. I'm going to try and win these games, for her.

Besides that, I have something else in the way; I've been reaped for the Hunger Games. I have absolutely no idea to do. Well, I guess it be better to go into the games with an ally. I look across the compartment for a possible ally. I'm afraid Sierra (7) will slit my neck in my sleep, so she's out. There is something that doesn't seem human about Zoe (7), so I guess my best option right now is Kenneth (7). I walk up to him. He is silently sipping on some sort of Capitol drink, which looks really good.

"Um, hi." I greet Kenneth (7). He looks up from his drink and sees me.

"Erm... hi..." Kenneth (7) replies back.

"What are you drinking there?" I ask him, trying to start up a conversation.

"Um... dunno..." Kenneth (7) replies back, as he tsips his drink. Maybe I should've stuck with Zoe (7).

"Alright then." I say, leaving afterwards. Wow, awkward. I guess he's out. I sort of feel bad for the guy, he's probably going through a lot, telling by his mood. No matter, because right now I need to focus on my safety. I look across the compartment and I see the remaining two tributes from District 7. Zoe (7) and Sierra (7). I guess there is only one other option. I build up the guts to walk over to Zoe (7).

"Hi!" I exclaim. Zoe (7) turns her head away from me and closes her eyes.

"Good afternoon..." Zoe (7) replies back, in a soft emotionless tone.

"Erm, so," I start. "How was your day?" Zoe (7) stays silent for a moment, then stares directly at me with a look unforgettable. I become light-headed and dizzy. I scratch my head a bit, only to see the room spin around me. My vision distorts the room and I start to have trouble standing on my own two feet.

"You know what; maybe this isn't the right time..." I immediately spit out. I don't know why, but I did. I turn around and walk away from her as she resumes doing what she had been doing before. I struggle to walk towards my dorm and I slowly close the door shut. Once the hinges snap shut, I start to regain my vision and have full control of my body. What just happened there? It was like I was in some sort of trance. That couldn't have been right. Something tells me if I approach Zoe (7) again, I'll fall into the same process. And there is no way I am trying to talk Sierra (7) into being my ally. Maybe I'll find someone sane in the training center. For now, I have hours to myself in a luxurious train ride.

I flip on the television set on a massive drawer, and watch the program. Back in District 7, the only time I watch public screenings are usually Capitol or school related. I've never used technology like this for the purpose of entertainment. I switch to a channel which is showing landscape shots of the interview stage. Oh no, not the Hunger Games. I try to switch the channel, but the remote doesn't respond. Oh well, I guess this has some importance, since I'm taking part in these. President Snow walks onto stage; I'm guessing he's making an announcement.

"Welcome, citizens of Panem. As you know, a new twist has been added to the Hunger Games that each year would be presented as a Quell. However, the Quell for this year's Hunger Games hasn't been announced yet. Furthermore, a final verdict has been decided. This year, we brought back the 50th Quarter Quell. However, here in the Capitol we don't like to be repetitive. So, we've added two arenas. In the first arena, the tributes will fight to the death until one boy and one girl from each District has been killed. Then, the counterparts of the dead tributes will be transported to the second arena. In the second arena, only the strongest of the tributes will succeed. However, they'll also have to face another challenge. What will that challenge be? It will stay a mystery." President Snow announces. Oh no. I can imagine that Kenneth (7) is depressed, if he is seeing this. I can hear gasps from the main compartment room, so I'm guessing my other three District partners are viewing this.

"Furthermore, to show that during the Dark Days you could never trust anyone, all 56 tributes will be transported into the first arena. A male and female tribute from each District must die in the arena for their counterpart male and female tribute to proceed into the second arena. In the second arena, the final 28 tributes will go into the games and they will proceed like normal. However, they'll have to face a challenge. The question is, what challenge will they face? Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" President Snow signs off and the broadcast ends. I bite my lip. I don't want to kill Kenneth (7), he's done absolutely wrong. Another twist the Capitol brought to tear us a part. This is just great. I've decided that I don't want to keep contact with Kenneth (7), because that would be for the best

I flicker the television off, and decide it's time to get some shut-eye. Although I'll be at the training center soon, I might as well do something. I scramble under the bed sheets and I rest my head against a pillow. I quickly fall asleep, after such a big day.

"Good morning sunshine! Or should I say, good night!" A voice sings. I open my eyes and I see Gylda, my escort, standing in front of me.

"You've slept a little too long, we're at the Capitol! Everyone is waiting for you outside, so you'd better get ready! Don't worry; it's only around 10 at night so you'll be able to get plenty of sleep afterwards." Gylda informs me, as she exits my residence. The Capitol! We're finally here. I guess I'd better get ready. I leave my residence in a hurry and exit the silver shuttle. Sierra (7), Zoe (7), and Kenneth (7) wait for me outside as I exit the train station. We are all taken to the training center; a large high class building made by the Capitol. The five of us enter the building, and we admire the architectural work; this building is much better designed then our lousy log cabins. We reach the end of the corridor and we enter another silver compartment. A little pod that Gylda told us is designed to take us to other floors in a building. Huh. I thought stairs were meant for that purpose. Gylda pressed the button "7" and we shoot up into the air and make it to the floor in no time. The elevator doors open and the five of us finally reach our residence.

Kenneth (7), Zoe (7), and Sierra (7) immediately go to their dorms. After Gylda informs us that we'd be sharing dorms depending on gender, I immediately didn't feel drowsy; being in the same room with Kenneth (7) would be awkward. I'll just go into the room and sleep once Kenneth (7) is sound asleep. I walk out of the District floor and head to the elevator, seeing what other floors the elevator can take me to. I see a button labeled "R", and I immediately get curious and press the button. I am lead to the roof-top of a building, concealed with a glass so I can see what's happening on the outside yet hear no noise. I'm not too sure why there is glass on the roof-top, but I'm assuming it is so tributes don't escape or commit suicide. I reach the roof-top, and I see a tribute is already there. I get a little shy, but then decide to appear and greet the tribute; she could be a possible ally. I walk towards the center and I am immediately surprised. It's Megan (5).

"Megan?" I ask, wondering if it's actually her. It seems too good to be true. The tribute turns her head, revealing her face.

"Jacob!" She cries, as she lunges forward with her arms open. I spread my arms out wide as she jumps forward and I cradle her around me. It's a miracle.

"I missed you so much..." She says, in tears with joy. I kiss her on the cheek and she hugs me tighter. We walk towards a bench, to catch up on each other. We adore the view of the Capitol, admiring the bright lights and creative architecture. I casually wrap my arms around her shoulders.

"I never expected we'd meet here..." Megan (5) says, breaking the silence.

"Me neither, but I guess it was fate that brought us back together." I reply, turning to her, smiling. She returns the smile back.

"Though at a time like this, I mean..." Megan (5) trails off.

"Worried that we might not make it out?" I help her. Megan (5) nods.

"The Capitol won't accept two victors. And if we pulled off what Katniss and Peeta did we'd just get punishment from the Capitol." Megan (5) mutters, gloomily.

"What if they do this year?" I say, brightening the mood. "They could have more than one victor this year."

"I guess that could be a possibility..." Megan (5) admits. "But what if one of us doesn't make it out? I couldn't handle..." Megan (5) trails off once more, realizing that we probably wouldn't want to bring that up.

"We have to think positively if we want to make it out." I tell Megan (5). "Besides, we don't have to win. We just have to get out of the arena."

"How will we do that?" Megan (5) asks me, eagerly.

"We'll figure out a way..." I reply.

District 8

Araneae Web

I stare up into the celestial sphere; the vault of heaven shines a luminescence ray through the glass shutter and into the sinister chamber. I posture myself onto a stool and continue to seam my reaping apparel. My attire is constructed out of raveling silk, one of the more luxurious items of my creations. Arachnids escalate up the walls, weaving cobweb of their own. With them close at hand, I'll always feel immune from harms wrath. The shack I reside gives me comfort and masks me from the exterior world. Unlike the atrocious citizens that exist out there, the arachnids approve me for the person I am. The arachnids truly recognize me as one of them, and treat me with the suitable affection and consideration I deserve. This is my personal heaven and I never want to leave.

My mother walks into the shed, and observes me working away at me attire.

"Wow! We'd never become such a successful business with you working in the tailor!" My mother exclaims. I look down and close my eyes. I hate human interaction, even with the person that is known as my mother.

"Much obliged." I address.

"Anyway, I've come to check up on you for the reaping's! Do you have anything to wear?" My mother asks me. I raise my gown and she stops to praise my apparel.

"It's beautiful." My mother compliments.

"Much courtesy." I respond. 

"Everything seems accounted for. I'll be here in a while to pick you up for the reaping's." My mother informs me.

"Understood." I utter. The rusty hinges on the shed door creak closed, and I store my mechanisms. I bestow my reaping uniform and angle myself in front of a fractured mirror. I can barely catch a glimpse of my gown in the decaying speculum addition to my poor vision. I slowly run my fingertips through hair, trying to abstract the grime. I prepare my appearance for the reaping's just after my mother enters the shack.

"So, are you ready?" My mother asks me.

"Affirmative." I reply, as I sit up from my stool and wander out of the shed with my mother by my side. We silently march over to the Justice Building, where the reaping's are in the alpha stages. I slowly creep over to the lady with the zapper and she punctures my finger. I stand in my age and gender territory and the escort arrives onto the Justice Building stage. District 8's escort doesn't have the impression a standard Capitol citizen normally pocesses. I'm content that District 8's escort isn't a lunatic like other escorts in neighboring Districts.

"Welcome, welcome, I know District 8 isn't populated with fans of the Hunger Games, let's make this quick." The escort announces. "As you know, I'm Johovanh and I'm District 8's escort. Let's get things started." Johovanh slowly strides over to the girls reaping bowl and pulls out two names.

"The two female tributes are Camellia Winchester and Araneae Web." Johovanh states. Oh no. I don't know what to say. I know the basic process of the Hunger Games, and I'm not too thrilled to take part in such a ceremony. I turn my attention towards my mother, who is distraught and hysterical. I bite my lip as I emerge from the crowd and wander towards the stage. I hear a few snickers from the crowd, presumably from the devils that tortured me with threats throughout the years. I pose next to Camellia (8), as Johovanh progresses with the reaping's.

"The two male tributes are John Kirk and Kalab Harrah." No volunteers strive forwards as the two male tributes of District 8 rise forward. Both are emotionally shocked, and struggle to make their appearance onto the stage. The four tributes of District 8 stand in front of the crowd, trying to cope with their possible fate. I gaze back into the audience, and I can barely catch a glimpse of the figure that is my mother.

"The tributes from District 8, Kalab Harrah, John Kirk, Araneae Web, and Camellia Winchester." Johovanh quickly says, as he hurries the four of us into the Justice Building. I sit in a disclosed area by myself, and I urge for the aid of the arachnids. I shift my head all directions, but nothing spawns. My mother enters the room, distracted by misery.

"Honey, I'm sorry this happened." She apologizes. Although I'm not too thrilled of my decided future set by the lottery, I'm surprisingly not emotionally damaged. I'm taking this incident much more positively than I ever apprehended. My mother reaches for my gown sleeves.

"May I?" She asks me. I think she's asking to rip the upper area of the sleeve off my shirt. I nod as I don't have an reasons for owning this gown anymore, and she yanks off part of the soft fabric and hands it to me. I grip tight on the soft silk; this will give me great relief and comfort in the arena.

"Take this as your tribute token. You're a great seamstrist, you can turn it into anything. I nod once more, insightful of the fact that I'll have the archanids morale during my journey to the Capitol.

"Time is up." A Peacekeeper informs us. My mother slowly steps out of the room, and the Peacekeeper conducts me out of the Justice Building. I pursue the Peacekeeper, squeezing the layer of silk in my palms. Kalab (8), John (8), Camellia (8), Johovanh, and I are left at a train station, anticipating for our shuttle to arrive. A silver pod pulls into the statioin, and Johovanh instructs us to enter. Sliding doors descend out, as I step foot into the compartment.

John Kirk

My counterparts observe the train and gaze at the luxurious details. However, I've more important things on my mind. Although these accommodations are amazing, it doesn't change the fact that I may or may not be alive by the end of the week. For now, I'll try not to stress out. However, I need to have a game strategy if I want to make it out. If I'm going to have a shot at winning these games, I'm going to need some help. The shuttle takes off, which gives me a little under a dozen hours to make alliances. I'm sort of limited on tributes currently, so I decide to give my district partners a shot. I flash a look at Araneae (8), trying to determine an estimate of what she may be like. Right now, Araneae (8) seems to be in some sort of trance. I take my chances and approach her.

"Hello.." I greet her. No response. "Hello?" I greet her once more. Araneae (8) looks forward, into space. I wave my hand in front of her eyes, though it's like she can't see me. She's strange. Next?

I spin around, looking for my remaining two District partners. I don't see Kalab (8) around anywhere, though Camellia (8) is in vision, watching the television of reaping recaps. She looks sane. I walk up to her, hoping that she'll at least respond.

"Hi, Camellia!" I exclaim, happy that she is at least moving.

"Don't call me Camellia. Call me Cam." Camellia (8) retorts.

"Alright. So, Camellia (8), what are you looking at?" I ask her, monitoring the screen.

"Our competition." Camellia (8) responds. "So far, I'm not very impressed." We're viewing District 6, and I'm not too sure why she thinks all of them are so bad, because I think they're all threats. Hadix (6) and Carolyn (6) volunteered; they must have some special talent. Lance (6) seems very fit and strong, while Jeanette (6) is very strong witted, I wouldn't have been able to go through a situation like she had. I would've been crying all over the place. Then again, maybe that's just me, because I'd do anything for a younger sibling, or a relative at that. I try to remember the memories I've had with my parents, but sadly the only one that comes up is the memory of my parents being shot by Peacekeepers. I shiver, as I continue to look at the television.

"District 7. Even worse." Camellia (8) grunts. Once again, I'm not too sure if I disagree. Zoe (7) has that mysterious look about her and Sierra (7) seems very fierce. As for the other two, I know they have potential to do better.

"Sierra seems pretty strong, right Cam?" I add.

"I guess, but not strong enough to win." Camellia (8) mutters. I shake my head. I'll probably do better with someone like me. I silently creep away from the couch as I search for the only tribute from District 8, Kalab (8). I look around the compartment, and finally I see him emerge from his dorm. So that's why I couldn't find him before.

"Hello..." I say, hoping he won't turn out like the last two.

"Hi!" He eagerly responds.

"So, how was your day?" I ask him, trying to start of a conversation. Kalab (8) starts to snicker.

"Really?" Kalab (8) laughs, as I join him. "Well, I guess it could've been better. There isn't anything I can do about it anyway." I smile. This guy seems very cheerful, I wouldn't mind being around him.

"Alright. I guess it's best to make every minute of our time worth it. Is there anything particular you want to do?" I ask Kalab (8). Although I'd be using time up on doing mindless things, I guess Kalab (8) has got a point. When there are 56 tributes, the odds won't exactly be in my favor. I'd hate to admit it, but the chances of me surviving are very little. As the saying goes, you have to enjoy life to the fullest. Besides, when we get to the training center, it probably be a good idea to test our knowledge every now and then. Maybe I'm pressuring myself to hard, because in the end I'll always be a victor if I go into the games with my best enthousiasm and effort. Although I'd rather not die, living on the streets of District 8 isn't very plesant either.

"Eh. Nothing comes to mind. Want to just relax for now?" Kalab (8) asks me.

"Not like I have anything better to do. I follow Kalab (8) into his dorm, where he's been for the last few hours. An Avox comes into the room; I'm guessing he's for assistance. He picks up a mug on Kalab's (8) bedside table and turns to me as if he's asking me if I wanted anything.

"Um.. sure. Whatever drink there is, I will take." I reply. The Avox nods as he walks out of the room to serve our needs. I feel really bad for him, because I'd rather go into the Hunger Games than slave for the future tributes of Panem. That would be something I'd never like. I probably wouldn't make it through the second year with a job like that. Kalab (8) takes a silver remote, that communicates with the television with the click of a button. I try to start conversation, and I pay attention to a bracelet wrapped around Kalab's (8) hand.

"What's that?" I ask him, pointing to his wrist.

"Oh.." Kalab (8) stammers, as his eyes start to tear up. "A bracelet... that someone made for me..."

"Who made it?" I ask him, and I immediately regret mentioning it.

"The girl I love from back home..." He responds, as he starts to tear up even more.

"I'm sorry," I apologize, knowing that I may have pushed it too far.

"Don't worry... it's not your fault." Kalab (8) assures me, as he starts to wipe away his tears. I turn back away from him, immediately feeling guilty. I hope my luck doesn't continue. I've never know what it was like to have someone close to you. Well, I do, but I guess he's feeling a lot of pressure at a time like this. He has a girlfriend, and most likely parents and siblings crossing their fingers for his return. All I have is myself. The Avox comes into the room with two white purees.

"It's something called Piña Colada, rum free of course. I'm not too sure what your opinion is, but I like it." Kalab (8) informs me, as he sips into his drink. I take a sip of "Piña Colada", it tastes of coconut shavings and pineapple; two rare delicacies that rarely come my way. I consume the contents in the mug just after the Avox leaves the room; if you lived in a District like I did, you'd probably dive into the food the Capitol provides. I finally look up from my drink, to see Kalab (8) looking in shock. What's he looking at? I turn towards the television, to see President Snow talking into a microphone, speaking to a crowd of thousands in the interview stage. I groan.

"So, we've added two arenas. In the first arena, the tributes will fight to the death until one boy and one girl from each District has been killed. Then, the counterparts of the dead tributes will be transported to the second arena. In the second arena, only the strongest of the tributes will succeed. However, they'll also have to face another challenge. What will that challenge be? It will stay a mystery." I hear President Snow say. I turn towards Kalab (8), who isn't taking the news well. I don't want to kill him. He's been overall kind to me so far, and really I'd rather not kill anyone at this point of time. I creep into my dorm, leaving my mug at a counter for the Avox to clean up. I lock the door up tight, just in case.

I can't kill Kalab (8). He's got his whole family that'll be impacted by his death. However, that doesn't mean I can't exactly let Kalab (8) kill me. At a time like this, I'm not too sure what to do. Can I just hope that he randomly dies out of the blue? Or will I die before he'll even get the chance? One thing is for sure, I still can't hold back. I don't want to kill Kalab (8), but what if I'm forced to? And besides, even if I do kill him I'll probably be next to follow him, addition to the fact that if I were to win without killing my District partner, the haunting nightmare of the games would still be there. I guess in some ways, I'd still feel miserable at the end. There is no way out.

I look outside to see the sun is setting. I turn to my bed, and fly under the bed covers. Maybe I just might wake up from this nightmare. Or better yet, not wake up at all. I toss and turn in my mattress, not being able to sleep. What time is it? I look outside, to see that it's completely pitched black. I can't see a thing. Then all of a sudden the window floods with light, giving me a fantastic view of the Capitol. I groan, as I jump out of bed. I didn't get any sleep at all. I slowly tip-toe across the compartment and I stand in front of the sliding doors waiting for the shuttle to make its way to the station. Johovanh goes to wake up the rest of the remaining tributes, except for Araneae (8), who had sat in the exact same spot ever since we took off from the train station in District 8. She doesn't even look tired. Camellia (8) and Kalab (8) emerge from their dorms just as the pod steers into the train station.

The five of us hop out of the train, and we're escorted by Peacekeepers who take us by limo to the training center. My three District partners and escort walk in first, as I trail behind them. I want to keep a distance between Kalab (8) to prevent those awkward moments. I make it to the end of the corridor and we all board an elevator lying at the back of the hallway. We proceed all the way to our District floor, and I sigh of relief when I see my accommodations. Then I realize; there are only two dorms.

"Each dorm offered will be shared. Since there are only two, each gender to a room." Johovanh informs us. I cringe as Johovanh walks deeper into the floor, disappearing. I immediately sprint into the room, and I'm nearly sound asleep before Kalab (8) can even enter the room. The last thing I hear is the door cringes creaking open before I'm already sound asleep.

District 9

Connor Miller

I float on the sheet of water resting in the lake. Most people believe that the lake in District 9 is inexistent; well I can tell them they’re wrong. Today couldn’t be any better; the clouds parted, letting the sun shine onto District 9. The climate is perfect and the scenery is magnificent. Although something tells me something is wrong. Some friends were supposed to join me at the lake, but for some reason all of them are absent. Though without the loud ruckus, I’m given time to truly relax. I run my hands through the deep blue, and I close my eyes listening to the soft whisper of a bird’s melody.

I cringe my eyes as the bird’s soft lullaby turns into the loud havoc of a bell. The reaping bell. I totally forgot the reaping’s today. No matter, because that was only the first bell and I still have time. I swim towards the shore and surface. I pick up a worn out cloth and I dry the water drenching my body. I slide on my red t-shirt and I make a fast dash to my little home in the heart of District 9. I collapse through the private entrance, to find my mother waiting for me.

“Where were you? I was getting so worried!” My mother exclaims.

“Sorry, I forgot the reaping’s were today. I’ll get ready quickly.” I respond as I race towards my room. Although it’s small, it is what I call home. I slide open a dresser drawer and I replace my old soggy outfit with another replica of clothes much alike. After brushing my hair, I decide that I don’t have enough time to get ready and my look will have to do for now. I hurry back towards the private entrance, where my mother waits patiently.

“Finally, let’s go to the reaping’s! We have no time to waste.” My mother informs me, as the two of us walk out the door and head to the plaza of District 9. I finally arrive there, and my mother wishes me luck. I head over to the lady with the zapper so she can prick my finger and take my attendance. I walk past a group of girls along my way to my age and gender category, and they start to whisper and mutter. I wave at them, and they start to giggle and blush as I pass by them. I camouflage myself in the crowd, as the escort comes onto stage. She looks like the average Capitol freak, which doesn’t surprise me. She brought a wine glass filled with some sort of alcohol, and by the looks of it she spilled some on her dress.

“Welcome District 19!” The escort shrieks, although there is no District 19. “My name is Muna Eleonora and I will be your escort. Let’s start the reaping’s off with the girl tributes.” Muna trots along the stage and sticks her hand into the reaping bowl. I yawn as she tips the reaping bowl over. The porcelain glass bowl smashes into several tiny pieces.

“Oops! Sorry!” Muna exclaims, although I’m not surprised. She did this last year. “Treeden Smith and Venaya Atlas!” Muna squeals. Two girls, both owning black hair walk onto the stage. Both of them show very little grief; maybe District 9 won’t die in the bloodbath. Well, last year they didn’t, but these tributes show some potential, though I doubt there is a victor here. Muna sticks her hand in the boys reaping bowl and pulls out two slips.

“Hey! I didn’t break the reaping bowl this time! Yay me!” Muna cheers in excitement, though the crowd still stays silent.

“Daniel Oakman and Connor Miller!” Muna shouts. I frown. I didn’t expect to be reaped, though I must stay strong. For my mother, and most importantly the cameras that follow my every move. Daniel (9) and I walk onto the stage and I stand beside him. Daniel (9) runs to comfort Treeden (9), and Treeden (9) doesn’t hold back her emotions this time. I moan in disgust as Muna continues the reaping's.

“Magnificent! I only broke one bowl this time!” Muna repeats once more, gloating about something nobody cares about. “Ladies and gentlemen, Connor Miller, Daniel Oakman, Venaya Atlas, and Treeden Smith! Yay!” Muna jumps in joy. Muna spills her drink and the liquids scatter all over the floor; more specifically on an electric wire. The wire sparks once, and the whole stage turns dark, with only the sun to brighten the area. Muna is clumsier than I thought. Well, I guess I shouldn't expected anything better from those idiotic Capitol citizens.

“Oops…” Muna says, as she blushes in embarrassment. Avox’s rush into the scene, to cut the power and clean up the mess. Daniel (9), Treeden (9), Venaya (9), and I are rushed into the Justice Building. I remain in the room in utter silence. I try to relax and keep my mind calm, though the haunting thought of me dying isn’t very pretty. I’m not too sure how my mother reacted to this whole scene but I’m certain that she didn’t respond positively. My mother runs into the room and hugs me tight.

“Oh honey... I can’t believe it...” She stammers, as tears run down her cheeks. “First your father, your brother, and now you… There are so many things I hadn’t told you…”

“What do you mean?” I ask her. She was hiding something from me? I don’t remember anything about a brother. As for having a father, I’d probably have one or else I wouldn’t have been born. Although I’d normally be a bit mad, the thought of being forced to kill focuses my anger towards the Capitol. I try to remember my childhood, but most of it has been erased from my mind.

“When you were younger you had a twin brother. Your father and I raised you in District 9 until he wanted a divorce. I never knew why, but I couldn’t stop him. He moved to another District without me realizing and he took your twin brother with you. This happened when you were around 1 or 2.” My mother admits. “I never brought it up because the thought of him leaving was just too much.” I sit on the leather couch, emotionless. I can’t believe my mother would keep such a big secret, especially from her own son. I guess I can show a little consideration since she was heartbroken from the news too, though that didn’t mean she could keep it from others. On another note; a long lost brother. I won’t even be able to meet him. Now, I’m even more determined to win the Hunger Games, so I can conduct a search for the other side of my family.

“Time is up.” A Peacekeeper mutters. My mother stays put, until a Peacekeeper approaches her. She reluctantly follows the Peacekeeper out of the Justice Building. My visitor period is up, and I am escorted out of the Justice Building with a swarm of Peacekeepers guarding me from every corner. I meet Venaya (9), Treeden (9), and Daniel (9) at the train station. I observe my District partners; they seem alright, just alright. None of them are extremely fit, though they have enough strength to last a few days in the arena. I doubt I'll find any alliance worthy of my presence, so I'll probably just go alone. A silver shuttle shoots into the train station, sparkling in the sun.

“Let’s go everyone!” Muna sings, as she tries to board the train until she trips while entering the shuttle. I roll my eyes, as I board the train after, stepping over Muna’s body.

Treeden Smith

I walk into the train, impressed by the constructed furniture's and goods assembled by the Capitol. However, that won't change the fact that they're planning my death. I walk around the room, trying to adjust to the drastic change. Venaya (9) fled to a food cart to enjoy the Capitol's treats while Connor (9) decided to watch reaping re-caps. The shuttle gives out an eerie feeling. Although this place to a resident in District 13 would be heaven, being designed for the Hunger Games doesn't make this train any more special or unique. I feel like I'm standing in a human slaughter house, where we are going to be brutally killed and de-gutted. I think Daniel (9) could read my mind, as he comes to comfort me. He wraps his arms around my shoulders and he conducts me to the couch where Connor (9) is casually sitting, blinded by the reaping re-caps. He sets me down and takes his place next to me. Once he's beside me, I start to relax a little. At least in the arena, I'll have someone I can definitely trust.

About an hour through in those silly reaping re-caps, District 13 is the last reaping remaining. Once one of the District 13 males is called, Connor (9) widens his eyes. He is drawn to the screen for quite a while and then keeps on replaying the reaping over and over. Although one of the males sort of looks like Connor (9), I'm not too sure why he's overwhelmed about it. I don't see anything too special about it. Looking at the screen broadcasting the reaping's motivates bad thoughts into my brain.

"I'm bored." Connor (9) mutters. He flips the television on to last year's games. Oh no. Daniel (9) notices the worry in my eyes and tries to stand up for me.

"Maybe we should watch something else..." Daniel (9) explains to Connor (9), snatching the remote away from him.

"Or how about, no." Connor (9) retorts, ripping the remote away once more. And of course, Connor (9) just had to pick the most gruesome moment in the games. From our very own district, Rowanne is slowly being torn apart by a mutt and drowned by a rising tide. The Capitol did a good job trying to savor every moment of her passing. How could they be so cruel; she's only 12, yet she's proven to be more than a tribute making it to the final day. I cringe my eyes while Daniel (9) holds me closer to him, clutching my hand with a reassuring squeeze. I don't like this. Rowanne's fate could easily become mine as well.

"That's enough of that." Daniel (9) announces, as he snatches the remote from Connor (9). Connor (9) glares at him, but then decides he isn't worth it. Daniel (9) softly mutters to himself, as he tries to figure out how the remote works. I giggle, as Daniel (9) blushes a bit. The television finally flickers and a new channel is being broadcasted.

"You figured out how to use it?" I ask him.

"No..." He responds. I give him a confused look. What does he mean by that? He must've had learned, because the television wouldn't have responded to a command not given.

"Welcome, citizens of Panem." A voice says. I turn to the screen, and I see President Snow on stage, making a speech. I despise him so much. He's the one that has the power in Panem. He could easily call off the Hunger Games, but no, he still continues them today. If I could, I'd throw him in the arena with the rest of the Gamemakers.

"As you know, a new twist has been added to the Hunger Games that each year would be presented as a Quell. However, the Quell for this year's Hunger Games hasn't been announced yet. Furthermore, a final verdict has been decided. This year, we brought back the 50th Quarter Quell. However, here in the Capitol we don't like to be repetitive. So, we've added two arenas. In the first arena, the tributes will fight to the death until one boy and one girl from each District has been killed. Then, the counterparts of the dead tributes will be transported to the second arena. In the second arena, only the strongest of the tributes will succeed. However, they'll also have to face another challenge. What will that challenge be? It will stay a mystery." President Snow announces. I turn to Daniel (9). I know I can still trust him. After all, the twist won't affect our relationship.

"Furthermore, to show that during the Dark Days you could never trust anyone, all 56 tributes will be transported into the first arena. A male and female tribute from each District must die in the arena for their counterpart male and female tribute to proceed into the second arena. In the second arena, the final 28 tributes will go into the games and they will proceed like normal. However, they'll have to face a challenge. The question is, what challenge will they face? Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" President Snow signs off and the broadcast ends. Connor (9) snickers and laughs, just to switch the channel again. I turn to Venaya (9), who is over at a table eating a gingerbread cookie. I don't think she even saw the broadcast. Either way, she is bound to learn about the new twist soon.

Daniel (9) and I remain in our seats, like nothing happened. Though, I can't help but worry. I'm sure that Venaya (9) wouldn't want to kill me, but how would she react if she was forced to? She seems inexperienced with weapons, similar to me, so I do stand a chance. Even if Venaya (9) does end up dying, that doesn't give me a free ticket back to District 9.

"What are we going to do?" Daniel (9) whispers to me, so that our other two counterparts can't hear.

"I'm not too sure," I admit. "But whatever you have planned I'm ready for." I smile, and he returns the smile. Muna ruins the moment by stumbling into the compartment, utterly drunk. The worst part is; she didn't even drink any alcohol. It's as if she got drunk by breathing.

"Salutations, sky children!" Muna sings, as she snatches the gingerbread cookie Venaya (9) was eating, and takes a big bite out of it. Venaya (9) looks at her weirdly as Muna returns the cookie to her. Connor (9) grumbles, as he stomps into his dorm, locking the door tight so Muna doesn't plan on giving him a surprise visit.

"What's his deal?" Muna giggles, as if she thinks she's acting normally.

"He's probably just tired." I lie, laughing.

"Yeah, we really should get going to bed." Daniel (9) pitches in, as he hurries me away from the deranged Muna.

"Well that's out of the way. Good night!" Daniel (9) says. He kisses me on the cheek and leaves the room. I slowly touch the area where Daniel (9) had kissed me, and I climb into a bed cleaned for me. I toss and turn, not being able to go to sleep. With the mission of kill or be killed, who could? I slowly jump out of bed and exit my dorm to grab a cup of water. I bump into Daniel (9) as I pour tap water from a faucet into a glass cup.

"Hi! I didn't expect to see you here!" I exclaim.

"I was thinking the same thing." Daniel (9) replies back.

"Yeah, it's just that I-" I trail off.

"Couldn't sleep?" Daniel (9) finishes my sentence.

"Yeah. I guess I'm just getting stressed." I sigh.

"Yeah. I just can't get myself to sleep. Do you want to sleep in my room tonight?" Daniel (9) asks me. A bit straight forward, but that's what I've been wanting him to say.

"Alright." I say. Daniel (9) grabs my hand and we both walk into his dorm. I climb into bed and Daniel (9) cuddles beside me. I rest my head on his shoulders as he plays with my hair. With him by my side, I feel more comfortable and I abolish the thought of The Hunger Games in my mind. I slowly and softly fall asleep with Daniel (9) by my side.

I wake up a few hours later to the sound of an air horn, which jolts me awake.

"AHH!" I scream. Although it wasn't intentionally, I wake up Daniel (9) and he immediately poses in a stance as if he was trying to protect me. Muna stands over us, with an air horn and silly string seltzers in her hands. She sprays the silly string towards our direction, and I struggle to get the sticky string out of my hair.

"Happy Midnight!" Muna cheers.

"What was that?!" Daniel (9) exclaims, obviously angered.

"We're at the Capitol, and you guys were still asleep! I didn't want to wake you guys up, so I brought an air horn with me!" Muna explains. Although it didn't make sense, you can't expect things to me logical with Muna around. Muna dances towards of the door and trips on the door frame. I walk towards Muna and try to help her stand up. I shake her body a bit, but she still doesn't move. I check for a pulse, which obviously, was still there; but her body didn't make a sound. She's passed out. Daniel (9) tries to bring Muna back to her senses but it's no use.

"Oh well. She'll wake up eventually." Daniel (9) sighs. I laugh as we step over Muna's body and exit the shuttle. Connor (9) and Venaya (9) wait outside.

"Where's Muna?" Venaya (9) asks.

"She tripped and passed out." I tell her. "Not like it's surprising though. Avox's will come to her aid." We all load into a car which brings us to a big building which the Capitol calls the "Training Center". A group of Peacekeepers escort us to an elevator. The pod shoots up into the air and delivers us to our District floor.

"Muna will return shortly. There are two dorms, separated by gender." A Peacekeeper informs us, before he shuts the door. I look at the time; it's currently 2AM. I stretch and yawn, as Daniel (9) and I walk into his dorm. Connor (9) isn't here, though if he was he'd probably kick me out. I climb under the bed covers as Daniel (9) snuggles up against me. I calm my mind and softly close my eyes, lying in Daniel's (9) arms.

District 10

Kahlo Mulciber

"Are you going to be alright?" Thor asks Nayomide before he leaves the room. Naymoide, near to sound asleep is unable to respond.

"I'm sure she'll get better soon." I assure Thor. He walks out of the room to hunt for cattle. I pay my attention back to Naymoide, her wound is swelling and she's coming up with a tremendous fever.

"You'll be okay." I promise her, as I stroke her hair. Although she's out cold, I know she can still hear me. I hope for her best, but so far her condition is not looking too well. No matter what medicines we can get our hands on, no matter what we try, Nayomide's wound only continues to get worse. This isn't fair. She deserved to live her life to her full potential and so did everyone else that survived the aftermath of the tornado. At such a young age, six kids were forced to live on their own, and no one bothered to help them. I remember life back at the orphanage. I couldn't say I was necessarily happy, but I was satisfied. It was definitely better than being abandoned on the streets as a newborn. Now the orphanage is gone, and the remaining orphans are left to fend on their own.

I start to apply some sort of leaf onto Nayomide's infection, and hope for the best. Soon, I start to claw at my arms; for some sort of reason they've became irritatingly itchy.

"Hi! How is Nayomide?" Cassadee greets me, walking into the room.

"Fine, so far. I'm just testing some sort of remedies that could work." I reply.

"Um.. that's Poison Ivy." Cassadee exclaims. I widen my eyes as I brush the leaves off of Naymoide's wound. I take a bucket of water and scrub my arms to remove the rash the plant gave me.

"For all we know, we could just be killing her." I murmur, sadly. We don't have much knowledge of medicines, and if we don't get the proper medication Naymoide will be a goner. I wrap her waist with bandages after applying some type of ointment we were able to buy from our kills. It seems to do very little to improve the health of the wound, though it's a start. Nayomide slowly flutters her eyes open and I smile.

"Feeling better?" I ask her.

"Not really..." She groans.

"Well, you'll have to tough it out. Today is the reaping's, and we've got to get you on your feet somehow." Cassadee explains to her. Naymoide nods and she struggles to stand up, just to crumple back to the ground. Cassadee and I quickly come to her rescue and help her up.

"Thank you." She manages to murmur. We slowly walk her out of the room and outside, where Thor and our two other friends Madhu and Leroi are cleaning up a kill after slaughtering a cattle.

"Guess what we're having for dinner?" Leroi mutters sarcastically.

"We have no time for that." Cassadee snaps. "We have to make it to the reaping's. They're today, and Nayomide needs help getting there." Thor, Madhu, and Leroi jump onto their feet and they escort Nayomide to the reaping's. We arrive there at a good pace and we all get our fingers pricked by the lady with the zapper. I stop the group so I can make a quick discussion.

"Alright. We're here." I announce. "Cassadee, since we can't help Nayomide it's up to you. Can you do it?"

"I'll try... I guess." Cassadee says. She wraps Nayomide's arm around her shoulder, and she struggles to half walk, half carry her to her age and gender category. I wish I could help her, but there's nothing I can do. Thor, Madhu, Leroi, and I proceed to the 13-year-old boys section and we wait for the escort to arrive onto the stage. I cringe when she arrives onto stage. Her style is absolutely atrocious. She's shaved her head bald and her skin is completely white. Her clothes, hair, eyes, make-up, and everything else remaining is black. I shake my head, disappointed of the Capitol's opinion of style.

"Welcome, District 10! I'm happy to host the reaping's, the most marvelous time of the year! My name is Gwendoline Dulce, and I'm back once more!" She announces. I take a deep breath as Gwendoline continues the reaping's. She reaches into a reaping bowl and pulls out two slips. I cross my fingers, hoping that neither Cassadee nor Nayomide are called. 

"Revolution Milita and Sydney Thesisen!" Gwendoline cheers. She applauds alone as two girls emerge from the crowd. One with brown hair and pink highlights and another one with pure red hair. One of them looks determined to win, as if she had been expecting to be reaped, and the other is worried for her life. I can see Nayomide and Cassadee let out a sigh of relief, and I do too. If Nayomide was reaped, she wouldn't stand a chance. They wouldn't heal her injury on her waist, and they'll just throw her into the arena no matter what condition she is in. Gwendoline skips over to the opposite reaping bowl and pulls out two names. Before I believe I might survive another year. Gwendoline calls out my name.

"Kahlo Mulciber and Satan Lockwood!" Gwendoline squeals. I look down to the ground as I walk towards the stage. I look towards my male counterpart, and he looks like an absolute beast. He looks like he could kill anyone in a heartbeat, and I won't be surprised if he killed anyone before.

"What an exciting day! District 10! Let's welcome your tributes for this year's Hunger Games! Satan Lockwood, Kahlo Mulciber, Sydney Thesisen, and Revolution Milita!" Gwendoline applauds, imagining the audience was applauding with her. I shake my head in frustration. Well, at least Nayomide wasn't reaped. I couldn't stand that. I look up into the crowd, and I can see Nayomide back on her feet, as if she was never injured. She's lunging towards me, only having Cassadee holding her back. A group of Peacekeepers escort Sydney (10), Revolution (10), Satan (10), and I into the Justice Building, where I await my friend. I don't know what they'll do. With me gone, it won't make much of a difference. Though they could be emotionally wounded for a long time. Nayomide is the first to burst into the room, and she rushes towards me and hugs me tight.

"Wow, you're okay!" I exclaim.

"Actually, I'm still in a lot of pain. I just wanted to get to you as soon as possible. I just fought the pain." Naymoide reveals. She slumps down on the sofa next to me, and Thor, Madhu, Leroi, and Cassadee follow.

"I can't believe it. I just can't..." Madhu whispers.

"We've lost so many people during the tornado! Now we're losing you!" Thor screams in distress. I frown. It seems like they've already given up on me.

"Guys, stop it. He isn't done yet." Leroi informs the group.

"He still has a chance. Kahlo, we all believe in you. We'll be fine for now, so you must focus on your own safety." Cassadee consoles me.

"What about Nayomide?" I ask, turning towards Naymoide.

"I'll be fine. I promise. If you escape the arena, I'll guarantee you I'll still be standing here to greet you first." Nayomide assures me. I manage to make a smile, as I realize something.

"If I come back, I'll be able to get the medicine. You'll recover!" I exclaim.

"There's something to motivate you. You can do this, Kahlo. You need to fight your way back here. We won't be able to manage without you." Nayomide states. Everyone starts to nod, as I feel better about myself, knowing that everyone is on my side.

"Time is up." A Peacekeeper grunts. Everyone exits out of the room willingly. Nayomide lays a kiss on my cheek before leaving. I feel good that my friends are supporting me, though that won't help me get a better chance at winning these games. I've already seen my district partners, and District 10 seems pretty good this year. I won't stand a chance. Especially with double the tributes, I'll have to put up a pretty good fight. I step out of the Justice Building and I'm driven to the train station. I eagerly wait for the train, and I open my eyes in shock as it pulls into the station. It's absolutely flawless. I take one big step into the train and I give myself time to absorb my environment. An Avox walks towards me and hands me some sort of drink. Assuming it's good, I take a sip out of it. The flavor is tasteless to me, because I can't help but think that my friends are struggling to survive on their own back in District 10, and I'm here living a week of luxury. Although these accommodations are sweet, I won't have them for long. I need to try my best to win these games.

For my friends back home, and for Nayomide.

Sydney Thesisen

I take a seat as the shuttle takes off into the forest outside District 10's fence. I take one last look at my home before I abandon my land, most likely never to return alive. My other counterparts seem to be dealing with the whole reaping situation fine. Well, at least what I can see right now. Satan (10) and Revolution (10) are watching a screen broadcasting the reaping's, laughing at their competition, as if they're enjoying being reaped. Kahlo (10) doesn't look too thrilled, but he's taking it better than me. How could anyone take this with ease? The Capitol executes children each year as punishment for what our great grand-parents did years ago. Why can't we just live in harmony? Value each other's rights and treat people equally instead of dividing the districts. If the Capitol doesn't want the district to rebel against them, they should give the districts equality instead of punishment just for the reason to prove that they're higher in authority.

But no, here I am on a one way train to my graveyard where I will join 55 other tributes in an eternal sleep. Although, if my district partners can handle this, I'm determined to do so as well. It'll be a struggle, though as much as I think I'll die, I won't go down without a fight. I look around the room, not knowing what to do. I sit at a dining table, filled with goods and treats.

"Try the biscuits! They're my favorite!" Gwendoline sings. I nearly forgot she was there. I look up, and I see Gwendoline perched on a chair across from me. Not trying to be rude, I take one and take a bite into it. Coming from the Capitol, the taste is phenomenal; though it won't change my point of view on them.

"How is it?" Gwendoline asks, trying to be friendly.

"It's good, very sweet." I reply, hiding my anger towards the Capitol. She may be a Capitol citizen, but at least she's trying to be nice, in her own way. And who knows? Maybe if I become her favorite she'll focus on my return to District 10.

"Well that's only the beginning of what the Capitol has to offer! Although it'll only be for a while, all this is yours!" Gwendoline cheers. I give her a friendly smile, and she returns her attention to applying another 50 layers of make-up. Well, it's definitely a start.

"Are there any tips you can give me for when I go into the training center?" I ask Gwendoline.

"Easy! First we need to find a way to present you! For example, Foxface! She went into the games with a sly and elusive personality. Maybe you can do that! You somewhat look like her." Gwendoline exclaims. "Let's use her as an example. To present you like she did, you must blend in with the tributes and leave yourself forgotten. Her plan did get her very far into the games!" She does have a point. Foxface did place very well in her games, and maybe I can mimic what she did. I'm not too sure if I should listen to Gwendoline entirely, though what she is explaining seems like a good idea so far. The more I talk to Gwendoline the more better I feel about my decision. I may despise the Capitol, but whom else to ask about the Hunger Games then the creators themselves?

"So yeah! That's about it." Gwendoline concludes, as she adds another 50 layers of make-up. I sigh, a little more confident about my chances. I walk away, thinking to myself. I never thought anything from the Capitol would help me in anything. Then again, if it weren't for the Capitol I wouldn't have needed help.

I walk around, realizing that my fellow district partners aren't in the room. I spin around, realizing that Gwendoline had left as well. I look out the window, realizing that the twilight has commenced. I guess I'm getting overworked over the Hunger Games. I walk into a dorm, where I walk into the bathroom and wash up. Most of these appliances I've never heard before. The most I can identify is a tooth brush. After testing every single appliance in my dorm, I finally decide that I should be getting some rest; I'll need it in the arena. I rest on a bed provided, and I give myself time to go to sleep. As I lose sight with the world, a soft hush voice wakes me up. I look up to see Gwendoline standing above me.

"Did you get any sleep?" She asks me.

"I was about to, why?" I ask back.

"We're at the Capitol! Don't worry, you'll still have time to rest before the big day. Let's go!" Gwendoline exclaims, as she motions me to exit the dorm. I never realized I stayed up so long. I rub my eyes, and I exit the train with Gwendoline. We wait for Revolution (10), Kahlo (10), and Satan (10) to exit the train and we finally leave the train station and travel towards the training center. Far along the horizon, I can see a dim light shining behind a mountain. Are we this close to dawn already? Did I stay up all night? I'd better sleep in today; although I may miss training at least I'll be able to pull a Foxface act. We arrive to the training center and Satan (10), Revolution (10), and Gwendoline sprint into the building. I, not having the energy, walk at my own pace with Kahlo (10) by my side. We may not have the strongest friendship, though he's the most like me. We board an elevator and we try to figure out how to operate the elevator. I press a button labeled "10" and we're surprised by a jolt of speed soaring towards the air. We make it to our district floor and I'm in my dorm in no time. Although I'm sharing a residence with Revolution (10), it won't hurt, right?

I walk into my dwelling, and I catch Revolution (10) giving me a deadly stare.

"Um hello, Revolution." I greet her.

"Don't call me that. Call me Eve." She retorts, as she continues to glare at me. If looks could kill, I'd be dead by now. But why is she treating me like this? We're district partners after all, and I know I don't want to kill her. Eve (10) flickers on the television and I fall asleep to the sound of a broadcast. I hear one last thing before I finally drift to sleep.

"A male and female tribute from each District must die in the arena for their counterpart male and female tribute to proceed into the second arena." A voice rings.

Oh no... I think before I black out from fatigue.

District 11

Sarah Clereden

I wake up in the shadows of an ally. The cold winds brush against my skin, though living here for a while has allowed me to tolerate such condition. I look beside me to find Raquel polishing her axe, cleaning a kill.

"Um.. who's blood is that?" I ask her. She looks up from her axe and grins evilly.

"Some random dude. He saw me with an axe; it was too risky to let him go." She mutters. I look deeper into the ally and I see a corpse leaning against the brick wall. I walk up to the body to fully observe him. There's a bloody stain on his forehead and his eyes are rolled back. Another victim at the hands of us.

"He should've seen it coming. Nobody should be on these streets." I mutter, as I spit on his body. Raquel laughs as I kick his body. I continue beating up the body until I hear a crack.

"What should we do with the corpse?" I ask Raquel, turning to her direction. She smiles wickedly and holds up a box of matches. She wants to burn the corpse. The sound of the idea makes me burst with adrenaline.

"Let's do it." I say, as I throw the body over my back. Raquel peaks her head out of the ally, checking for any bystanders. She runs back into the ally and hurries me into the wall. She claps her hands over my mouth and puts her index finger over her lips. I see a group of girls walking down the street, chatting non-stop. I groan; those girls think of me as their friends, though they make me sick to the gut. I pretend to act friendly towards them, though those half-wits don't suspect anything. I'm just using them to disguise my reputation around here. The group passes by and turns a corner.

"I thought this street was deserted. Why would they be walking here?" Raquel sneers, as she quickly drags me out of the street. We both make a mad dash, turning blocks and corners. We make it to another ally, luckily with nobody around to notice us. I throw the body onto the ground and Raquel lights a match. She stuffs the match down the dummies throat and flames fill into the air.

"RUN!" Raquel whispers, and we dash out of the ally and back to the area we were once in before. I lean against the wall to catch my breath, and Raquel gives me the thumbs up. I look down the street, to see the group of girls gathered around the mess. One is on her knees, crying.

"Do your stuff, kiddo." She laughs, as she gives me a friendly slap on the back. I know what she meant by that; cover up the scene with a friendly act to decrease suspicion. I run up to the group of girls, and I start to fake my old personality.

"Oh my gosh! What happened?" I cry, as I kneel over to a girl in hysterics. I can feel my own stomach shrinking as I feel sick to my stomach. I don't know why I'm doing this. I can hear a faint laugh, and I see Raquel peering from the ally, laughing. I turn my head towards her and give her an angry expression, though she still continues to laugh.

"That was my father in there! Someone save him!" She cries, yet does she know he was already dead before the fire progressed. I run towards a well, and grab three buckets. I fill them up with water, and I quickly return to the scene. I toss the water into the mess, and the worst of the damage is gone. The wind finishes off the job by putting the fire out. It was a good idea to set the body into flames, because the flames had burned into the scars given by Raquel's axe. The girl runs up to her father and cries at his dead corpse. I console her through expression, though in my mind I'm awaiting for all of this to end.

"I'm sorry we couldn't save him..." I lie. The girl I yet to learn the name of settles down and replies.

"Don't worry; it's not your fault..." The girl stutters, only to start crying again. I leave her for the hands of the rest of her group as I walk back to the ally. Raquel is tearing up in laughter. I'd like to see her pull off something like that.

"Shut up." I say, slapping her on the back until I end up laughing along with her.

"Come on. Let's go to the reaping's." Raquel pipes in, grabbing her axe.

"Why?" I retort. "What has the Capitol done for me?"

"Nothing. Though if I'm called, they'll have a high-scale search for me if I'm not there." Raquel mutters. She doesn't want to show up just as much as I do. Though, we have no choice. And I didn't just pretend to care for nothing. The two of us walk down the abandoned street and we eventually make it to the town square. The escort has arrived on the stage early, and is talking to a Peacekeeper. A group of people that consider me as their "friend" is cramped in a corner, talking. I silently creep past them, hoping to avoid conversation. I get my finger pricked along with Raquel and we both file into the audience. The escort grabs the microphone and clears her throat so she can sing. She looks like what you'd expect from any numbskull Capitol citizen, ugly and horrifying. At first glance I'd accuse her of a devil worshipper.

"Greetings District 11" The escort cries. "You may know me as Petunia Phantom, and I'm here to start of this year's reaping's! Let's start off with the reaping's, shall we?" Petunia trots along until she reaches the girls reaping bowl. She pulls out one name and reads it out loud.

"Jay Sparrow!" She shrieks. A girl that looks like she came from the Capitol comes up onto the stage. I know she's from here, because I've seen her ever since I was a small child, but I've never had any friendship with her whatsoever. She looks like an absolute hippy. She walks onto the stage, not saying a word. At least she hasn't gotten on my nerves, yet.

"Sarah Clereden!" Petunia squeals. Reaped? I guess I'll be able to handle it. I walk up to the stage, and I see a group of girls squealing my name, as if they didn't want me to go. I snarl, as I look to the only person that I might actually miss. Raquel doesn't seem to be riled up about my reaping, which I'd prefer. She's pulling off the same expression as I am. I walk up to the stage, taking a side step away from Jay (11).

"Barbarium Polar!" Petunia announces. A scrawny 12-year-old emerges from the audience, and the crowd gasps. Although the crowd is upset by the reaping of a young child, I couldn't care less. I see him rubbing his eye a bit, but that's about it. At least he looks normal unlike my other district partner. He glares at the mayor, and the escort draws another name.

"Parker Viola!" Petunia finishes. The final District 11 tribute emerges from the stage. At least he isn't shrimpy or weird looking. The scar on his cheek makes me believe he might've gotten in some sort of struggle, which makes him not hate him as much, though who knows how that ended up there. Petunia begins to announce our names, though I dash into the Justice Building before a girl posy can stomp all over me. I lock myself in a room, and I sit there in silence and hope that I'm not crowded by a bunch of visitors I hate.

My wish is denied, as a crowd of dozens bursts into the room. I'm unable to tell what's happening, because everyone is so loud. Each person is throwing words at me, and I can't think. I'd yell at them to shut-up, though this is the last time I'll have to fake a personality. I cover my ears, and hope for them to end. I cringe my eyes closed until I feel a tap on my shoulder. What stands in front of me is Raquel.

"Those bitches are the loudest cunts I've ever seen." Raquel mutters. "I've got to hand it to you, I couldn't ever handle those dorks."

"It's not easy..." I sigh. Raquel sits down on a couch in the room.

"You'd better come back." She forces me. "I'll still need my "hunting" partner."

"You thought for one second I wouldn't come back?" I retort. "Believe me. The next time you see me, it's in District 11's Victors Village."

"Alright. If you win, you'd better invite me." Raquel jokes. "If n-"

"Time is up." A Peacekeeper snarls.

"You're not the boss of me!" Raquel yells, stomping out of the room pushing the Peacekeeper out of her way. The Peacekeeper glares at her, then at me with an evil look.

"Don't you dare try anything." I growl at him, getting up and walking out of the room behind Raquel. The Peacekeeper points to a car, and I walk there willingly. The car leads to a train station and I dash into the station. Parker (11) and Barbarium (11) are already waiting for me. Jay (11) arrives right on time before the train enters into the station. We all load into the train, and I look at my district partners. One thought occurs to me.

They'll be dead soon. Killed by me.

Parker Viola

That Sarah (11) girl freaks me out. I turn my head around, and see her grinning at me evilly. I quickly shield my eyes away from her and walk away. Barbarium (11) storms off into his dorm, looking angry and betrayed, while Jay (11) accepts her reaping and walks over to the food cart for a quick nibble. I have no intentions in making an alliance with either of them.

I rush over to a couch and I decide to take a nap. I've still got a lot of time before I arrive to the Capitol. I lay down and the comfort brought by the leather is not describable, coming from a poor district I barely know what leather is. My annoying escort, Petunia, skips over towards me and sits down on a chair next to me.

"Hello!" She exclaims. I look away, pretending I never heard her, and softly close my eyes. She pretends I responded and eagerly clicks a button on a remote. A screen flickers brightly and a projection is seen. I've never seen such a device. Clearly defined pixels move across the screen, changing colors vibrantly creating some sort of animation. I can see one of our tributes from a few years back being clawed at by a career. I think this is the 74th Hunger Games. Petunia starts to boo, as if she just wanted to have a representative from her district win. It's sickening. She gives absolutely no care for the tributes sent into the arena. I doze off a bit, wanting to drive the memory of what I just saw out of my head, until Petunia gets riled up by something on screen. A little curious, I open one eye open to see what Petunia is all excited over.

What displays is a mutt clawing at the tribute that had just killed our District 11 male in the 74th Hunger Games. Petunia starts to clap and cheer, happy. All of a sudden, I feel bad for this man. Although he volunteered to participate in these games, nobody deserves to go through that. I rub my cheek, more specifically the area where my scar has been for a while. A mutt similar to the mutt the District 2 male has just tussled with. A memory of the harm the Capitol had brought down upon me. It shattered who I once was, and I was never able to cry for help. Sick of watching the Hunger Games I cover my ears with a pillow and soon drift to sleep despite still being the early evening.

I wake up, expecting broad day light.. I rise from my seat, to see that nobody is around. I hear slight snoring coming from dorms, and I know that everyone is asleep but me. With nobody around, I finally feel comfortable. I've got a whole compartment in a train to myself. I cautiously maneuver through the compartment and sit down at a table made with fine marble. I push a tab and a dispenser pours hot liquids into a mug. I take a little sip, absorbing the sweet taste through my taste buds. I've never tasted anything like it. I've certainly never have been able to come by something like this at home. I walk towards the couch again, hoping for something else to broadcast. Instead, I am greeted by the face of President Snow standing on the Interview Stage. I sigh, though continue to leave the television on knowing he has something important to reveal.

"Welcome, citizens of Panem. As you know, a new twist has been added to the Hunger Games that each year would be presented as a Quell. However, the Quell for this year's Hunger Games hasn't been announced yet. Furthermore, a final verdict has been decided. This year, we brought back the 50th Quarter Quell. However, here in the Capitol we don't like to be repetitive. So, we've added two arenas. In the first arena, the tributes will fight to the death until one boy and one girl from each District has been killed. Then, the counterparts of the dead tributes will be transported to the second arena. In the second arena, only the strongest of the tributes will succeed. However, they'll also have to face another challenge. What will that challenge be? It will stay a mystery." President Snow says. "Furthermore, to show that during the Dark Days you could never trust anyone, all 56 tributes will be transported into the first arena. A male and female tribute from each District must die in the arena for their counterpart male and female tribute to proceed into the second arena. In the second arena, the final 28 tributes will go into the games and they will proceed like normal. However, they'll have to face a challenge. The question is, what challenge will they face? Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" President Snow signs off and the broadcast ends. I turn to Barbarium's (11) dorm, and frown. I don't want to kill him, though if I were to go in combat with him I'm pretty sure I could take him. After all, he's only 12.

The train comes to a halt, and I peer outside. We're at the Capitol. I see that nobody emerged from their dorms, probably still sound asleep. I'd wake them up, but something doesn't want me to engage in conversation. I just can't. Instead, I just walk straight out of the train and Peacekeepers lead me to a car. I am driven to what people in District 11 would think is the vault to heaven. Although that sounds nice when you put it into words, you'd have to die before you go into heaven. I walk into the building, admiring the architecture. I wish the Capitol never held back privileges to the districts. They've been hiding so many discoveries that could change us as a nation. If we were treated with equality they wouldn't need to be afraid of rebellion. I emerge in front of an elevator and I press a button labeled "11". The elevator takes me to my district floor, and I walk in. I see the exact same dispenser where I had gotten a drink before, and I use it again. I take one sip, and let the tension release from my body. I sit down at a table, and wait for my district partners and escort to arrive.

District 12

Firethorn "Fire" Massey

I quickly sling an arrow and target some sort of bird running across the plains. Plump and fat, it'll give me enough food for the day. The arrow released from the sling and the arrow goes straight through the bird. I let out a small gasp, so quiet only I could ever hear. The arrow pierced through the bird's tongue. The bird coughs out blood and lies on its side. I emerge from a bush and examine the bird. The bird is bigger in size to be a regular bird you normally see in the trees. I rip the arrow from its body, and I look for life in the specimen. Nothing at all. Its tongue is disfigured and bloody. I clutch my mouth with both my hands. What if that could be me? I've yet to know, and I'd rather not find out.

Knowing it's no use crying over it, I pluck the feathers off of the bird clean. I rush to a river, to clean the dried blood off of my arrow. In District 12, arrows are hard to come by. I slide my arrow back into a quiver and I dash back into the district before I'm caught by a Peacekeeper. Today, there is bound to be lots of them; I have to be extra careful. I sneak under the fence of the district, until I accidentally come in contact with the fence wire. The fence happened to be active, and luckily for me the shock hurts. I let out a small squeal as my life flashes before my eyes. I quickly regain my senses and slap my mouth shut with my hands. I dash to a nearby building, and I peer from a corner. A few Peacekeepers caught onto the sound, and are inspecting the scene. It wasn't too hard to find out that someone had messed with the fence. With a hole in the fence, it was pretty obvious someone also tried to escape.

"YOU!" A Peacekeeper shouts, as he points to my direction. I dart out of the scene before the rest of the Peacekeepers have time to react. I storm off through the seam, dodging pedestrians and moving objects that stand in my way. Although I'm somewhat strong, there is no way I can take on a bunch of armed Peacekeepers with only a bow and arrow to defend myself. I might be able, but I don't want to stick around to find out. I run the whole length of the seam, and I rest behind a building to catch my breath. I turn around and I see that the Peacekeepers hadn't bothered to trail me. I ran so far for no purpose. But why?

I soon learn the reason when the reaping bell rings. I guess you can say I was saved by the bell. I calmly walk towards the plaza, trying not to attract suspicion. I make it to the plaza on time, and I get my finger pricked and blend in with my age and gender category. The escort comes onto stage, and judging by her appearance she's a recolor of our old escort, Effie Trinket. She is a collage of purple's and yellows, painted all across her appearance. It's silly what the Capitol calls a trend, when in reality it's one of the reasons the districts can laugh about the Capitol.

"Hello, District 12!" The escort announces. "Welcome to the 2nd Annual Hunger Games, I am Heilwig Trinket and I will be your escort! Last year, we did pretty decent. We had a tribute survive 3 of the 6 days in the arena! Let's see if we can do better! Firstly, let's reap our female tributes!" Heilwig walks across the stage and pulls two names out of the female reaping bowl.

"Melanoi Jet... and Firethorn Massey!" Heilwig shrieks, clapping for the reaped female tributes. Oh no. Not me. I emerge from the crowd with another girl my age. We both walk up to the podium resting on the stage and we stay silent. I can't recognize Melanoi (12) from anywhere; she's sort of like me. Keeps a silent reputation and keeps away from the village. At least, I'm assuming.

"And our male tributes are..." Heilwig says, as she sticks her hands into the boys reaping bowl. "Alex Sequera... and Art Caspania!" Heilwig applauds once more as two guys walk up to the stage. One looks moderately healthy, but another looks worn down and tired. I've seen one of them, always begging to survive. As for the other, he looks like he's always had food on the table. Art (12) and Alex (12) walk up to the stage, both looking a bit sad and gloomy.

"Wonderful! Ladies and gentlemen, your District 12 tributes! Art Caspania, Alex Sequera, Firethorn Massey, and Melanoi Jet!" Heilwig starts to applaud, and a response is heard from the crowd. However, nobody claps. I'm guessing it's coming from the speakers. The four of us are brought into the Justice Building, and I crowd myself with my thoughts. Well, at least I know I can't exactly be punished for sneaking out of the district now. They still need their District 12 female tribute. Though being reaped in the Hunger Games is a punishment even worse than any other punishment the Peacekeepers could even try to attempt. The only thing I'd rather do than die in the Hunger Games is live a life of misery after with the guilt of lives you've taken. Though, if victors have been able to tough it out I'm certain that I can, too.

A Peacekeeper opens a door, and I immediately get up and follow him. He leads me to a car; something I've never seen before. I'd be lucky if I owned a bike. I am driven to the train station, where Art (12), Alex (12), and Melanoi (12) follow shortly. A shuttle speeds into the station, and sliding doors open. I hop onto the train, determined to win.

Art Caspania

I hop onto the train, overwhelmed by the food carts spread all over the compartment. For someone that has never had enough to eat, this is something big. I'm absolutely starving. I run up to a table and sit down, next to Firethorn (12).

"Hi!" I exclaim, trying to start a conversation. Firethorn (12) waves back at me.

"Can I call you Fire?" I ask her. She smiles and nods. Fire (12) takes a small bite of some sort of biscuit. She immediately clutches her mouth in pain as if her tongue was split in two and runs off.

"Um, alright then." I say awkwardly, as I look back to the table where I eat like a pack of pigs. My escort, Heilwig, starts to ramble about my table manners, but I couldn't possibly care. She came from the Capitol; she actually has the time to worry about table manners. Right now I need to prepare a strategy so I don't die; the last priority I would ever think about is table manners. Besides, I've never been able to taste foods like this, in fact work for my own food at all. I was lucky when someone threw me a scrap every now and then. I ignore Heilwig, and I look towards my other district partners. Alex (12) is sitting on the couch, trying to flirt with Melanoi (12). No matter how many times Melanoi (12) rejects him and pushes him away, Alex (12) still doesn't seem to get the message. I roll my eyes, and return to an aggressive Heilwig, still lecturing me about being polite.

Her argument towards me has faded; she is more the less muttering to herself about how annoyed she gets when she's near people that aren't polite. I'm just dumbfounded by the Capitol's stupid-ness. I'm surprised their level of common sense has given them the riches of the country, while the districts are left to actually work for a living. I turn my head away from her, roaming through my brain with thoughts. My thought bubble pops when I hear the crack of a champagne bottle. I turn around to see an enraged Heilwig, with a snapped off champagne bottle in her hand. The other half is clustered in several glass shards spread across the table. Her light purple skin slowly fades to bright magenta. One thought runs through my mind; I'm not dying in the arena. I'm dying at the hands of my escort.

"Are you even LISTENING to me?!" Heilwig shrieks at me. She stares at me with a look that could kill, waiting for a response.

"Uh... I-i... U-uh..." I stutter. Someone help me. Heilwig picks up a wine glass, and smashes that too. She stomps away, and slams her dorm door, shaking the whole compartment. Avox's rush to the table to clean up the shards of glass with a vacuum. Peacekeepers run into Heilwig's headquarters, probably to calm her down. I'd rather have Effie than her. I walk away, stunned. I decide to sit next to Alex (12); he can't be as insane as Heilwig.

"I can tell she's your favorite." Alex (12) jokes, laughing.

"Yeah. Haha." I say sarcastically. I didn't find that very funny. I was sure she was going to pierce my eye out. This is going to be a long week.

"Don't worry. She'll get over it." Alex (12) assures me.

"I hope so..." I mutter under my breath. "Though we haven't had a good start." Alex (12) laughs again, though he is cut off when the television randomly switches on.

"What the-" Alex (12) stammers. President Snow arrives onto the reaping stage.

"Welcome, citizens of Panem. As you know, a new twist has been added to the Hunger Games that each year would be presented as a Quell. However, the Quell for this year's Hunger Games hasn't been announced yet. Furthermore, a final verdict has been decided. This year, we brought back the 50th Quarter Quell. However, here in the Capitol we don't like to be repetitive. So, we've added two arenas. In the first arena, the tributes will fight to the death until one boy and one girl from each District has been killed. Then, the counterparts of the dead tributes will be transported to the second arena. In the second arena, only the strongest of the tributes will succeed. However, they'll also have to face another challenge. What will that challenge be? It will stay a mystery." President Snow says. "Furthermore, to show that during the Dark Days you could never trust anyone, all 56 tributes will be transported into the first arena. A male and female tribute from each District must die in the arena for their counterpart male and female tribute to proceed into the second arena. In the second arena, the final 28 tributes will go into the games and they will proceed like normal. However, they'll have to face a challenge. The question is, what challenge will they face? Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" President Snow signs off and the broadcast ends.

"Well then," Alex (12) trails off. I bite my lip. I don't know Alex (12) very well, but he's been nice so far. I wouldn't feel bad about killing him, though I wouldn't feel good either. We both sit in silence for a while until Melanoi (12) emerges from her residence. Alex (12) immediately tries to approach her, and I use that opportunity to escape. I silently creep away and I make it to my dorm without making a sound.

I look through my peephole, to see Alex (12) leaning against Melanoi (12), until she walks away, unamused. Fire (12) finally exits her residence, still clutching her jaw. I don't want to kill either of them, nor Fire (12). We haven't grown close, and they may not be much, but they're from home. Though if I don't kill Alex (12), I'll die in his place. It's unavoidable. What should I do? Just wait until he may unexpectedly dies? What are the odds of that? Other tributes will probably target their district partners, than be out of sight until it comes down to me and him. I shake my head, tired from my headache. I decide I'll sort this out tomorrow. I walk to my bed and I roll under the bed sheets. If I go to sleep, who knows? Maybe I'll wake up in District 12. I softly drift to sleep, thinking about home.

The sound of brakes colliding with train tracks jolts me awake. I look around, realizing I'm still in the Capitol train. I frown. I guess it was too good to be true. I sit up from my spot, and look out a window. Our train makes a complete stop in a high technological train station. We're here! I hop out of bed and exit my residence. The only person up is Heilwig, who frowns when she sees my arrival. Alex (12), Melanoi (12), and Firethorn (12) shortly follow after, and we're all escorted to a limo where we're driven to the Training Center. After walking through a long corridor, we approach an elevator which takes us to our district floor. We enter the room, and Heilwig instructs us.

"Alright! So, you guys have about four hours to relax. At noon, all of you must report to the gymnasium for the head instructor's speech. Arrive in your uniforms, which are in your dorms. Once the speech is over, you can do whatever you want. You can even leave the gymnasium. Understood?" Heilwig informs us. Without letting anyone answer, Heilwig walks out of the residence, leaving us by ourselves. I look at the dorms, and realize there are only two. I have to share with Alex (12). That'll be awkward. I sprint into my dorm, quickly pick up my uniform, and sprint out. My stomach growls; and I realize I'm starving. I prepare a bagel for breakfast, and I sit down to eat while plotting my strategy.

District 13

Alexander "Alex" Freefall

I take one last look at the house I used to reside in and I walk away into the deserted streets. The house is scheduled for a family to move in, which means I can't reside there anymore. It wasn't much, just a one roomed house with old, rusting appliances and rotting walls and floors, though it was something I could call home. Now I'm all alone, left to survive in the cruel vast land called District 13. Ever since the second rebellion, the Capitol forced District 13 into the games, and in return the Capitol would participate as well. Thing's around here have gotten a lot different. More strict scheduels, more Peacekeepers on duty, it's a disaster. I've stayed away from daily life in District 13, and I still have until now.

I walk into an ally and lean my back against my wall, deciding to rest. I'm not too sure where I should go, but anywhere that's not here would be nice. The only person I ever cared for is dead. I have no business here. Ever since my dad had been declared "missing" by District 13, I had to hide myself for my own safety. Nobody knows the whereabouts of my dad's corpse... except for me. For those who think I'm fraud, I've got a vile of blood to prove it. I didn't even want to, but my dad was a cruel, harsh man ever since my mother died. I was forced to. Now that I've committed a homicide, I can no longer be seen by anyone. Nobody suspects me of being a murderer, I am no more than just a shadow in District 13. And that is how I like it.

I can hear movement and energy rush through the city. Everybody files out of buildings and working areas. A huge crowd starts walking down the street, while a huge bell rings. Of course. The reaping's. I walk normally, pretending I'm one of them. I camouflage myself in the crowd, as I follow them across the street to the plaza. Eligible participants in the reaping's are lined up in an orderly fashion towards a stand, which I'm assuming is some sort of attendance. I line up with them, and get my finger pricked with a lady with a zapper. I run towards a bunch of guys my age, assuming I have to be with them during the reaping's. After a while, the escort finally emerges on stage. She's got her light pink skin to look like plastic. Her purple make-up and her purple and pink attire make her look like a porcelain doll from the 21st century. Although she looks absolutely hideous, some of the shallow guys in the audience stare at her.

"Welcome to the reaping's of the 2nd Annual Hunger Games!" The escort sings. "You all know me as Magenta Grace, and I'm your escort. Let's get these reaping's on a roll!" Magenta walks over to the girls reaping bowl and pulls out a slip.

"Vanessa Barista!" Magenta calls. A few gasps are heard in the crowd, and a brunette emerges from the crowd. She is known very well by the district, using her fortune to help those in need. It must be terrible for a legend like her to be reaped.

"I VOLUNTEER!" A girl calls from the audience. Another girl emerges from the audience and hugs Vanessa. She must be remarkably wealthy, because she applied make-up. She is somewhat known too, I've passed by her house every now and then when I was younger. From what I know she trained for the Hunger Games. Maybe District 13 will have a possible victor. Not like I care, though. As soon as these stupid reaping's are done I'm ditching this god damn district.

"Wow! A volunteer! What's your name, honey?" Magenta asks the volunteer.

"Dyoski Milleray." The girl responds.

"Wonderful! And our next female tribute is..." Magenta says, sticking her hand into the bowl. "Vanessa Barista!" The crowd gasps once more and the girl emerges from the crowd again, and this time nobody volunteers. She makes her way up to the stage and Magenta continues the reaping.

"Now, let's reap the male tributes of District 13!" She says, walking to the other side of the stage. She sticks her hands in the reaping bowl and pulls a slip out.

"Collin Miller!" Magenta exclaims. A silent guy with blonde hair walks towards the stage. He seems unpredictable, although he seems shy with his height advantage he could take on anybody with a little bit of confidence.

"And our last and final tribute is..." Magenta says, reaching for another slip. "Alexander Freefall!" Damn it. Oh well. Not like there is much to live for. I could take on any of my district partners, and I could probably take on most of the tributes I face. I walk up to the stage, smiling a bit to let the Capitol viewers know I'm not afraid. I make my way up to the stage, and Magenta ends the reapings.

"That's it for this year; let's give a round of applause to Alexander Freefall, Collin Miller, Vanessa Barista, and Dyoski Milleray!" The crowd stays silent, and Collin (13), Vanessa (13), Dyoski (13), and I are escorted into the Justice Building. I am left in a room alone, and I already know I have no planned visitors. Nobody knew my existence until I was reaped. My family name either stops here or continues as a legend. I have to make the best of this. Who knows? If I win, I could possibly erase the memory of my parents and I could live the rest of my life in peace, where nobody can bother me. I don't care if I would have to mentor future tributes, I couldn't possibly care if they died; the only person I'm worried about is me.

A Peacekeeper opens the door, and I follow him out of the Justice Building. I am escorted to a limo along with my district partners and escort and we're taken to a train station. A high class shuttle quickly pulls into the station, and Magenta ushers us to board the train. I take one step into the train, and I know there is no turning back.

Vanessa Barista

I can't believe it. Two of my only six slips were pulled out of the reaping bowl. About one in a hundred children in District 13 don't take tesserae. People considered me as a once in a lifetime chance of being reaped. But here I am, as an elected tribute in the Hunger Games. I step into the train with my district partners. Alexander (13) runs into his room, and securely locks the door. Collin (13) just slumps on the couch, watching the television. Dyoski (13) stumbles to a food cart, looking at the selection. I'm really thankful that she tried to save me, although she would've probably volunteered even if I hadn't been reaped. I approach her so I can truly thank her.

"Hello!" I say, cheerfully. Dyoski (13) turns around, and smiles.

"Hi!" She replies back.

"I can't thank you enough for volunteering for me when my name was called." I say. "Even if I did get reaped right after, I appreciate what you did."

"Oh, it was nothing. Don't worry about it." Dyoski (13) assures me. A thought slips through my mind, and I wonder if I could possibly ally with her. She seems nice and loyal enough, especially to me, and she must be pretty strong if she volunteered. With my likeability and her wits we could become more than just a duo in these games.

"Say, do you want to ally in the arena?" I ask her, jumping to conclusion.

"It's a deal." She replies, happily. She reaches her hand out and we both shake hands on a deal. I immediately feel much safer. With Dyoski (13) on my side, maybe I'll have a shot at this.

"Come," She instructs me. "Let's scope our competition." She winks, and motions me to come with her. We both sit down on the couch, next to Collin (13). He is blinded by District 9's reaping. All of them look like what you'd expect from District 9, though Connor (9) looks pretty athletic.

"He looks like you." Dyoski (13) comments.

"His last name is Miller too! Could you guys be related?" I ask Collin (13). He just shrugs, and we continue to watch the reaping's. We're scanning through District 10's reaping, the tributes look better than usual, though one of the males is extremely scary looking. This may be harder than I thought. I look towards Dyoski (13), and she looks bored out of her mind. I guess her competition isn't scaring her. The more time I spend with Dyoski (13), the more confident I feel about allying with her. I turn my attention towards the television, where the District 11 reaping's are about to begin. All of a sudden, the television screen flashes once, then a new scenario is seen. Landscape shots of the interview stage are shown, and President Snow is seen on the stage. I don't question this, and I just continue to watch. President Snow clears his throat and begins his speech. 

"Welcome, citizens of Panem. As you know, a new twist has been added to the Hunger Games that each year would be presented as a Quell. However, the Quell for this year's Hunger Games hasn't been announced yet. Furthermore, a final verdict has been decided. This year, we brought back the 50th Quarter Quell. However, here in the Capitol we don't like to be repetitive. So, we've added two arenas. In the first arena, the tributes will fight to the death until one boy and one girl from each District has been killed. Then, the counterparts of the dead tributes will be transported to the second arena. In the second arena, only the strongest of the tributes will succeed. However, they'll also have to face another challenge. What will that challenge be? It will stay a mystery." President Snow says. I flash a look at Dyoski (13) and my eyes become misty. "Furthermore, to show that during the Dark Days you could never trust anyone, all 56 tributes will be transported into the first arena. A male and female tribute from each District must die in the arena for their counterpart male and female tribute to proceed into the second arena. In the second arena, the final 28 tributes will go into the games and they will proceed like normal. However, they'll have to face a challenge. The question is, what challenge will they face? Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" President Snow signs off and the broadcast ends. Dyoski (13) looks down and I feel tears welling up in my eye socket.

"I'm sorry..." I mutter. Dyoski (13) takes one last look at me as I run away. I storm off into my dorm and lock the door tight. I kneel against the door and I tears stream down my cheeks. I can't kill Dyoski (13) now. Not at a time like this. I'll have to kill the girl that saved me. If I even do end up killing her, there is a possibility I'll just die later into the games in vain. Even if I do live, I'll just be put in distress by the trauma of the fact that I had to take lives in order for me to live. Dyoski (13) probably has a family or guardian cheering for her return, as well as every other tribute reaped into the games. If I were to survive it would meant the broken hearts of the tributes loved ones. I could never be able to live like that. I slowly drag myself to bed, and cry myself to sleep.

I wake up to the roar of an alarm clock. I flail my arms in the alarm clocks direction, and eventually the sound finally drifts away. I stretch my limbs before getting out of bed, and I enter the main room in the compartment. I sit down on a table, and see that a breakfast platter has already been set-up. I bite on an omelet while I wait to arrive at the Capitol. Eventually, Dyoski (13), Collin (13), and even Alexander (13) join me. We all eat in silence, knowing that we could be responsible for each other's deaths. The shuttle stops at the train station, and Magenta escorts us to a limo. We all sit in silence, until we reach the Training Center. We walk down a luxurious corridor until we reach an elevator, the click of a button signals the elevator to transport us to our district floor.

"Here we are!" Magenta sings, as we walk into the room. "Training starts in two hours, you'd better get ready! Your uniforms are in your room, put them on and arrive at the gymnasium by noon."

"Two hours?!" Alexander (13) whines. Magenta walks away, as the rest of us prepare for group training.

Group Training

Just like the reaping's, there will be 2 PoV's per district. One male, and one female. Each tribute should have two PoV's before the games actually start, so if your tribute gets a PoV in the reaping's and group training, don't expect any more until the bloodbath starts. If you haven't seen a PoV from your tribute after Group Training, there will be more to come. A PoV doesn't have to take place when Group Training starts, it just has to take place during that day. There will be 3 days, each day having 10 PoV's excluding Day 3, which will have 8.

Day 1

Parker Viola - District 11

I'm in my dorm, getting prepared for training. Barbarium (11) barges into the dorm, and takes his uniform. He gives me a stare, and I stare back. Ever since the twist had been announced, Barbarium (11) and I never even had the courage to greet each other. He runs off carrying his uniform, while I change into mine. I quickly check the clock; 11:30AM. I only have half an hour until I have to be in the gymnasium.

I walk out of my dorm, to see nobody is here. Everyone is probably at the gymnasium already. I take the elevator to the gymnasium, and I burst through the double doors. All the tributes are already here. Some look very friendly, one even waves at me as I pass by. Others seem cold hearted and cruel, snickering behind my back as if I wasn't any competition. I stand in a circle along with the rest of the tributes, and I get a clear look at most of them.

I thought last year's Capitol tributes were good. This year, they're amazing. I think the Capitol will become a career district soon. District 1 and 2 are what you'd expect; strong and intimidating. District 3 doesn't look intimidating physically wise, though one of the girls look mysterious, as if she has a special talent nobody knows about. Most of District 4 tributes seem a bit weaker than usual, except for one girl. She looks like she could be the strongest in the whole competition. District 6 has a pair that looks pretty strong, or at least, cocky. There is a girl from District 7, although being a bit small looks like she's ready to kill. There is an absolute giant in District 10, who looks like a huge threat. Nobody from my district seems any good. Ever since Sarah (11) flashed me a cold look when we boarded the train, she's sort of drained in personality, looking weak and helpless. I thought she was a potential victor, but I guess I was wrong about her. Finally, a pair from 13 looks more physically athletic than usual. Last year, District 13 did horribly, the female was lucky to have made it far. This year, I think District 13 could actually stand a chance.

"Everybody! Listen up!" A voice echoes from across the room. The head trainer bursts through the double doors, and she walks towards us. Everyone stays silent, as if their life depended on it. The head trainer stands in the middle of the circle the tributes form, and she starts to make a speech.

"Welcome to the Training Center. My name is Atala, and I'll be your head trainer." Atala greets us. "I'm here to insure that at least one of you make it out alive. In order to win, you must have a combination of physical and mental strength. The Hunger Games doesn't rely on physical skills to win, dehydration kills just as easily as a knife." Everyone looks at each other; some worried and scared, others confident and cocky.

"There is to be no conflict of any manner during training. You can save that for when you're in the arena." Atala says, winking. "There are many stations offered here, such as a weapon station, knot tying station, camouflage station, and so much more. Each station teaches you a valuable life skill, some more important than others depending on the type of arena you're put in. Use your time here wisely, as it doesn't have to be your last. You're all dismissed."

Tributes run all around the gymnasium, some trying to assemble alliances, others rushing to stations, some even leaving the gymnasium. I walk to an unwanted station, and I start a lesson.

Lance Majore - District 6

Atala just dismissed the tributes, and everyone is running off. I see a few small alliances forming, but none of them are bigger than one specific one forming near the second weapon station. Of course, they aren't bigger than the careers, though they're lined in a way as if they were going to take down the careers. I walk with Jeanette (6) around the gymnasium, looking for a possible alliance. For some reason, I'm trained on the alliance down by the weapon station.

"How about we join them?" I suggest, pointing towards their alliance.

"I don't know... have Hadix and Carolyn joined them?" Jeanette (6) asks.

"No. Or, at least, I don't think so." I guess. "Oh wait. There they are, forming an alliance of their own." I point towards them and Jeanette (6) nods.

"Oh okay. Though, I'm not too sure if I want to join either alliances." Jeanette (6) admits.

"Why not?" I ask her.

"I'm not too sure. I guess I'm not comfortable with huge alliances. I think I want to go alone..." Jeanette (6) says.

"OK..." I reply. Jeanette (6) hugs me, and she runs off to a tree climbing station. I look over to the slowly increasing alliance, to see one of the girls from 11 calling out for alliance members. She keeps on chanting "Anti Careers!", and she seems to be attracting a lot of tributes. I run over towards her, to see that a lot of tributes have already joined. I look around, to see some really talented tributes here. Even a career joined! Sweet.

"Hi! Are you joining?" A voice asks. I twirl around to see the girl from 11 standing in front of me. If I were to guess, I would've thought she was from the Capitol.

"Sure!" I exclaim.

"Alright. Welcome to the alliance. I'm Jay, by the way." Jay (11) says, shaking my hand.

"Nice to meet you." I reply. Jay (11) goes off to accept other members to her alliance. I already feel more safer.

Collin Miller - District 13

I'm in the tree climbing with Connor (9). We're not too sure if we're even brothers, but with the last name and physical appearance similarities, the odds are we are brothers. Even if we aren't, I doubt we wouldn't break off as an alliance because of that. So far, we treat each other very well, like a brother. We both struggle at climbing the trees; we're unable to get 8 feet in the air. This won't be good. Connor (9) falls again and plummets to the ground.

"Alright, I can't do it. Let's go somewhere else." Connor (9) mumbles, rubbing the back of his head. I stop where I am and look around. I see a huge alliance over by the weapon station.

"How about we go over there and join that alliance?" I suggest, pointing to their group.

"Sure, I guess." Connor (9) mutters, as I climb down the tree. We both walk over towards the group, and a girl from 11 greets us.

"Hi! I'm Jay, from 11." She says, reaching for a handshake. Connor (9) rolls his eyes, so I reach for a handshake for him.

"Hi! I'm Collin, from 13, and this is Connor." I reply. "Can we join?"

"Sure!" Jay (11) exclaims. "Come on, we're going to try the weapon station." She runs over to the weapon station, where we all follow. The girl from 2 approaches the weapon rack, and she picks up an axe. She approaches a dummy, and one slash separates the dummy in half. Wow, she's strong. Despite being one of the smallest in the competition, I can see why she was at least considered a career until she joined the Anti-Careers. I'm happy she's in our alliance. We all clap for her and she looks down, though she smiles a little bit. One of the guys from 5 approaches the rack next.

"That's Ryin." Jay (11) whispers, as Ryin (5) picks up a knife. He sprints towards the dummy, and pounces on it. Before the dummy collapses onto the ground, Ryin (5) stabs a knife into its head. The knife goes straight through its head, and pops out of the other side. He's pretty good, though not as great as the girl from 2. Everyone claps for him as he walks to the side, smiling.

Maybe there's hope for us yet.

Elizabeth Tunstall - District 4

I rush towards the careers, and I get there before Elena (4) does. However, she doesn't care. She pushes me aside, and mutters something under her breathe.

"Leave. I'm not going to let you get in the way of the careers." She threatens me.

"Do what you want, but I'm staying." I retort back. She grunts, and let's go of me. She walks towards the careers, and she elects herself as leader

"Alright! Let's start recruit try-outs!" Elena (4) announces. We got more than last year's recruit try-outs. All of the Capitol, a girl from 7, and two guys from 12 and 13.

"Let's see what you got." Elena (4) mutters. "Probably nothing." She stands aside while she gives the recruits a turn at the weapon station. A girl, I think her name is Sapphire (C), approaches the rack first. She picks up a bow and arrow. She takes three arrows from her quiver. She fires one, then another, and another. All 3 of them amazingly stack onto each other, piercing the bulls-eye of the head. Wow! She's nearly as good as Elena (4). I flash a look at her, and she looks mad. Probably doesn't want her, since she will make Elena (4) look not as great. Another girl from the Capitol is up next. She uses a bow and arrow too. She tries the same strategy as Sapphire (C), but it doesn't work for her. However, all three arrows got extremely close to the bulls-eye, so I would think it's good enough. Another Capitol tribute approaches and wields a Spear. He tosses the spear, and it goes straight through the stomach. The final tribute picks up a Kopis; not a very favorable weapon. He slashes at the dummy, and the head comes clean off after two slices. Pretty good, but compared to his counterparts he is the worst. The Capitol is finally done, and the girl from 7 comes up next.

"Would you be a dear, and go get me a knife?" She asks politely to Elena (4).

"Over my dead body!" She shouts at her back. The girl from 7 becomes inpatient, and then her eyes start to glow. Elena (4) shakes her head as if in some trance, and reaches to get her a knife. What? How did she do that? Hypnosis?

The girl from 7 holds her knife, and she stabs the dummy in the throat with a right upper-cut. The dummy falls to the ground, and crashes. She's pretty good, though all she'd be is just an addition from an outlying district. Art (12) comes up next, and he picks up an axe. He slashes at the dummies chest. Three slashes send the dummy hurdling to the ground. Finally, the 13 male. He picks up a sword, and he does a bunch of cool tricks with it. He twirls around and sends the sword straight through the dummy. A big hole appears through the dummy, and it falls. He then grabs a regular knife, and mimics the exact same performance. Wow, another good tribute! The recruits seem good this year.

"Alright, we'll decide who to send through." Elena (4) mutters. She calls the careers for a huddle, and we decide who to elect.

"The guy from 13's performance was golden, I say only him and Sapphire from the Capitol. She was even better." Elena (4) says.

"All of the tributes from the Capitol were great! They should all get through!" Ryan (1) exclaims.

"We might as well let the girl from 7 in too. She is good enough to make the careers, anyway. Besides, if we deny her she'll probably use her hypnosis just like the guy from 13 can." Timber (2) pipes in.

"She's right." Creek (4) mutters. "So everyone but the boy from 12." No. I think I heard from my mentor to let him in. He'll probably be on my good side too, if that's the case. I can't let that happen.

"No. Let him in." I retort.

"Why?" Elena (4) hisses. "Why should we listen to you?" The area turns quiet and I struggle to come up with an excuse.

"Because, we need him." I say, quickly trying my best to think of an excuse. "He could become useful later on. The bigger the alliance we have, the better."

"Fine!" Elena (4) shrieks at me. She turns around, and we're about to give all the recruits the good news.

"You're all accepted." Rebecca (1) says, as she smiles. Some recruits smile, while others just smirk. We all gather together, to discuss game strategies.

Carolyn Maven - District 6

"Wow!" Hadix (6) exclaims. "Some of the alliances got a lot of tributes!"

"And we're stuck with these bozos." I whisper, as I look at our recruits. We waited for a while, and all we got was a few guys from weak districts. None of them look like they could ever survive, either. Hadix sighs, and then accepts the idiots.

"Fine. You guys can join." Hadix (6) mumbles. The new team members jump with joy, as they join us at our station.

"One of us will never going to win with these guys dragging us down." Hadix (6) whispers. "I say we kill them before they can kill us with their stupidity."

"Don't. Leave them for now." I whisper back. "Not until we get near the end. If they do anything silly, then we'll kill them. Besides, who knows? We can teach these guys something and they'll become more than a tribute. With our expertise, anything can happen." Maybe to full on ourselves, but who else is going to win?

"I guess you're right." Hadix (6) mumbles. "But one false move by either of them, we kill them all."

"Not that either." I hiss.

"Why not?" Hadix (6) mutters. "If we kill either of them, the rest will be set off and leave."

"No they won't." I whisper. "If any of them try to escape, they know we'll just kill them. They know that if they teamed up, they would never be able to defeat us."

"Alright. I guess you're right." Hadix (6) agrees with me.

"What was that?" Micah (3) asks.

"Nothing!" Hadix (6) replies, cheerfully. Micah (3) nods, and minds his own business.

"If that time ever comes, I'm going to make the kill." Hadix (6) grunts. I nod, and our alliance stands up to wander throughout the gymnasium.

Megan Land - District 5

The two of us hadn't been at training all day, excluding when there was a mandatory show-up to attend Atala's speech. We left early on during the day to spend more time with each other. The only reason we decided to come back to the gymnasium is because we decided the training would do us good, and to eat lunch. We arrive at the gymnasium just as Atala announces the upcoming lunch break through an onyx black megaphone.

We walk to the cafeteria in the gymnasium hand in hand. He volunteers to get a food tray for me, while I sit at our table, observing the competition. Jeanette (6) is going along in the competition, and is sitting at our table. I allow her, because I saw what happened during her reaping, and I feel really bad for her. I'd work up enough courage to talk to her, but in the Hunger Games you never know who to trust. Jade (5), my counterpart, is sitting at the other side of the cafeteria. I can see her glancing at me every now and then. She's made it pretty obvious that she doesn't trust me. Though I have a feeling that she's scared of me instead of disliking me. If the twist never came to play, I'm pretty sure I'd protect her like a little sister. After all, she is only twelve. Jade (5) doesn't deserve this, and neither does every other tribute reaped.

"Hey, babe." Jacob (7) says, carrying two trays. I look up to him, and smile. At least one good thing came from getting reaped. I get to spend the last few days with someone I know I love. I stare back at Jade (5), who doesn't seem to be at her table. Her food tray had been left on the table and a milk carton had been turned over, emptying the rest of its contents. I quickly shift my head towards the entrance to the gymnasium, seeing the doors slam closed. She must've left.

"Is there something wrong?" Jacob (7) asks me.

"It's nothing... just..." I mutter. "This twist is turning everyone against each other." I cringe my eyes closed and I feel tears running down my cheeks. 

"I just want to go home..." I weep.

"Don't worry, it'll be alright." Jacob (7) assures me, reaching his hand out and clutching my hand. "We'll find a way out, together. I promise."

Kahlo Mulciber - District 10

Sierra (7), Vanessa (13), and I wait in the camouflage station, waiting for a spot in one of the weapons stations to be vacant. The two huge alliances, the Careers and Anti-Careers, have been hogging the stations ever since training started. It's pretty obvious the Careers aren't going to leave, though Sierra (7) convinced us to wait for the other group to leave. Vanessa (13) and I are focusing on our lesson, though Sierra (7) has already broken her brush in bitter anger of impatience. Although Sierra (7) isn't like Vanessa (13) and I, so far I haven't seen her be nice to anybody but us. She must have some sort of loyalty towards us.

The Anti-Careers finally leave the station, and Sierra (7) looks up, looking satisfied.

"About time." She mutters, before she drops her brush and ditches her lesson. We have to catch up to her, though Sierra (7) already has ahold of an axe before we reach the station. She lets out a roar and sprints towards a group of dummies. She slashes the dummies with tremendous strength, using moves I could never perform properly. I look at her performance in shock; I flash a look at Vanessa (13), who looks even more surprised by the strength of her ally. We're lucky to be allied with her. The last thing I'd want is to be on that girl's bad side. She finally finishes her performance. Every single dummy had been damaged physically in every single way possible. She looks up at us, and smirks. We then look around the room. She's got the attention of a few people. A duo of two girls looks up at Sierra (7), stunned by her performance.

"What?!" She screams, stomping her foot on the ground. The duo immediately looks away, as if nothing happened. She then looks towards the careers, specifically at her district partner. She's the only career that had been paying attention, and by the expression on her face she looks worried. If Sierra (7) had tried for the careers, she'd replace her in a heartbeat. Sierra (7) laughs evilly, and her district partner gives her a cold stare. I can tell the fight between them won't end pretty.

"You have to admit, she's pretty good." Vanessa (13) alleges. I nod, and Vanessa (13) and I take a turn at the weapon rack. Vanessa (13) picks up a knife, and I test my luck with a sword.

"If the boy in the Anti-Careers can pull this off, I'm determined that I can." Vanessa (13) says. I grip my sword tight, and Vanessa (13) and I both lunge at dummies, testing our skills.

Camellia Winchester - District 8

I'm at the rope course station with my alliance, Venaya (9), Sydney (10), Sarah (11), and Dyoski (13). We've not done much today, in fact, only Dyoski (13), Sarah (11) and I actually attempted the rope course. Sarah (11) didn't even put an effort into it, she didn't even make it to the ceiling, where the rope course got challenging, and fell. Maybe she isn't capable of it, though something about her just makes me know that she could've done a little bit better. Everyone else in our alliance just stood around, laughing and chatting. We went to the gauntlet just after lunch, but the trainer kicked us out after we had spent too much time there doing nothing. I understand that they want to make the most of their time here, as it could probably be their last, though if that had been my area of entry into the games I wouldn't have shown up at the gymnasium at all. I would've just stayed at my district floor, having Avox's serve my every will. Though, that wasn't my game plan. I knew that as long as I used my time wisely here, I could learn some lifesaving skills which could mean the difference between life and death.

"Guys, why don't we try some lessons out? Sydney, do you want to try the rope course?" I say, friendly.

"No thanks. I'm good." Sydney (10) replies, not getting my message. She just jumps right back to talking with Venaya (9), and I can feel my anger burning even more.

"Do you want to go to another station? Maybe test the axes out?" I ask Sarah (11).

"I... I don't know. I'm not very good with those..." Sarah (11) whispers, as if she's afraid to make a fool of herself again. I bite my lip. At this rate, I'll be an early victim. I start to test my luck with leaving them for now, until I hear someone pleads for help. I turn around, to see one of the 5 males being singled out by a few careers. The lack of equality these people treat others is insane. I won't stand for it.

"Guys! We should help him!" I whisper, pointing to the epidemic.

"Are you sure?" Dyoski (13) questions my suggestion. "That would just get us in hot water with the careers."

"Maybe Dyoski is right..." Sarah (11) murmurs.

"What if that was you on the line? What if you were to be in his position? What if you were the one being picked on, not being able to defend yourself?" I retort back. Everyone stays silent, not being able to respond. They know I'm right, but I also know they have a point. The careers may target me in the arena for trying to stand against them. Though, I'm pretty sure that they'd target their counterparts first during the first arena. Maybe if I were to reach the second arena, the careers would just forget this ever happened. Besides, I only need to cause a little ruckus so Atala can come and stop this whole nonsense.

I storm away from their alliance, they weren't trustworthy anyway. I walk into the thick of things, and I stand in front of the careers. Maybe not the smartest thing, but nobody deserves this treatment.

"Stop it! Leave him alone!" I shout at the group. The boy from 5 looks up and a sparkle shimmers in his eyes.

"Oh please, like you're going to tell me what to do." The tallest Capitol tributes say, pushing me aside. His posy laughs, but I don't give up very easily. 

"YOU KNOW WHAT I'M GONNA DO TO YOU RIGHT NOW?!" I lie, shouting at the top of my lungs. Before the Capitol tribute can spit some stupid insult at me, Atala comes to the scene with her megaphone.

"Break it up, break it up!" She announces through her megaphone, getting the attention of the careers. A group of Peacekeepers escort the careers away, as I comfort the District 5 male.

"I'm sorry this happened to you, but don't worry now. They're all gone." I console him, smiling. His frightened eyes start to sooth, and I help him stand up.

"I can't thank you enough..." He says.

"Don't worry. You couldn't help it." I assure him. "I'm Camellia from 8, by the way."

"Tameo. From 5." He manages to say. Judging by the whole event, I doubt this is the first time he's ever been bullied. He also seems trustworthy. Although he isn't very strong, he's already a better ally then the allies I had before. I don't feel like going back to them, and I will never have intentions of doing so. I don't exactly feel safer with Tameo (5), but compared to my old alliance I'd choose him in a heartbeat. At least he'd try and save me, Venaya (9), Sydney (10), and Sarah (11) would probably just run away. Dyoski (13) may stick around and help me, though if there is someone I can leave my trust with, it's Tameo (5).

"This may be a bit of a jump, but do you want to form an alliance with me?" I request. Tameo's (5) smile brightens and he leaps forward and hugs me.

"Yes! Of course! Thank you!" He cries, fully ecstatic. I can see tears seam through his eye sockets; tears of joy. I guess there is more to his past that I don't know. Either way, maybe he finally made a friend.

Enera Summers - District 3

"Ready?" I hear the trainer ask me, he palms his stop-watch and lowers his fingers on the timer. Fire (12) is standing at the end of the gauntlet waiting for me and I'm about to start the gauntlet obstacle course. I'm not aiming for perfection, though I have a few people spectating me, I need to pull off something.

"Go!" The head trainer exclaims. I jog and leap from platform to platform, I may not be the fastest person ever though I'm certainly very agile. I leap on each platform with ease, and getting through trainers with paddles is easier. As long as I take my time, I'm hard to catch. I finish the gauntlet, and I turn to the trainer for my results.

"Pretty decent. Not the best time, though most tributes just fall off the course." The trainer informs me. Well, it's definitely something I can hold with pride. I walk towards Firethorn (12), and she points to one of the weapon stations. The 7 female, 10 male, and 13 female finally left, and it's vacant of use. I nod, and the both of us dash to the weapon station before anyone else can get there. That girl from 7 is scary. I thought she'd tear our heads off when she snitched on us while flinging her axe everywhere. I wish I could be as good as her.

Firethorn (12) picks up a bow and quickly notches an arrow. On her first try, she hits a bulls-eye.

"How did you do that?" I ask her in shock. "It's like you've used that before..." Firethorn (12) just nods.

"You have? Wow." I ponder. "I wish I had the talent to do that." I stare at the weapon rack, not even able to identify half of them. Firethorn (12) shakes her head, and she runs up and retrieves an axe for me. She guides my arms and positions me in a fighting stance. I charge at the dummy, and I slash the dummy the way Firethorn (12) told me to. The dummy collapses. There is a big scar on the dummies torso; I'd expect it would die of blood loss if that had been a real person. However, the dummy is inanimate. Had it been a six foot giant, I'd probably stand no chance. Though, it's definitely a start. I turn around, to see Firethorn (12) clapping.

"Good job." She mutters under her breath, barely opening her mouth. I smile in glee. Maybe the two of us will stand a chance after all. Maybe it was a good idea to monitor the 2 and 7 female; we picked up some good techniques with an axe. I stand aside, as Fire (12) continues to practice with her bow.

Connor Miller - District 9

The day is slowly ending, and I've watched tributes one by one leave the gymnasium. Because of the new rule, we can stay here whenever we want, because there are always Peacekeepers on duty. Though, most tributes wouldn't dare stay up all night practicing. And I need some sleep. Our alliance disbanded for the day. We didn't separate as an alliance, though as more alliance members left we decided that we'd regroup tomorrow. I'm at the snare setting station with Ryin (5) and Collin (13). Ryin (5) is very cool, and positive. I couldn't get on his bad side if I tried. The three of us bonded very well. Although Ryin (5) isn't related to me, it's like he is now. Time went by, and only about a quarter of all the tributes are still in the gymnasium. About half of those people are careers. Every time I look in their direction, at least one of them is giving me a sinister look. I'm not going to lie, it's getting really awkward. It's as if they're trying to get me to leave. If I could beat their faces in, I would. The damn head trainer would pull me back from conflict, so there's no point.

"I'm getting tired. I'm going to go back to my district floor. I'll see you tomorrow!" Ryin (5) announces, waving at us before he leaves. Collin (13) waves back, and I start muttering, aggravated at the careers. They think they're all that, though I can guarantee you that nobody from the career pack will win this year. I won't let them intimidate me.

"Those careers aren't going to leave, are they?" Collin (13) points out. I look around the room, to see only the pair of siblings from 6 is still in the gymnasium, excluding the careers. The girl from 4 looks at us creepily, while stabbing a trident in the dummies head.

"This could be you soon." I can imagine her saying. I look at her with a bored look, hopefully sending a vibe that I couldn't care less, which is true. I turn to Collin (13), who is petrified.

"Alright, that's it. I'm leaving. Coming?" Collin (13) asks me.

"I guess." I stammer. The last thing I really would want to do is being left in a gymnasium with the careers. I follow Collin (13) out of the gymnasium, and we make our way through the corridor. We step inside the elevator, and I click "9".

"Connor?" Collin (13) asks me, breaking the silence.

"Yeah? What is it?" I ask back.

"How do you think we got separated?" He asks me. I think for a moment. It could be anything, really. Though I guess it's for the best. If he had stayed with me in District 9, the both of us probably wouldn't have been reaped together. If we had, we'd be forced to kill each other. Before I can state my opinion, the elevator doors open.

"Oh well. We'll discuss it later, I guess." Collin (13) pipes in. I walk out the elevator, and Collin presses his district floor button.

"Bye!" Collin (13) says, cheerfully.

"Later," I reply. The elevator doors close and I'm left alone. I enter my district floor, and I attempt to open my door eager to lie down on the Capitol mattress. I enter the dim room, to see two bleak figures sleeping in a bed. Daniel (9) and Treeden (9). Of course. I sigh, exiting the dorm leaving them in peace. I flop on one of the sofas, and softly close my eyes drifting to sleep.

Day 2

Callie Haymond - Capitol

I look back at the bed one more time; Sapphire (C) is sound asleep. Phew. I raise my hand towards the doorknob, until another hand grabs my wrist. I feel a tremendous force lift me from my shirt collar, and my body is held against the door. Sapphire (C).

"Listen here, blonde." Sapphire (C) mutters.

"But I'm not-" I say, before she interrupts me.

"SHUT UP!" Sapphire (C) screams. I quiet down, and let Sapphire (C) finish. "Now. We both know that we can't proceed to the second arena together. Put into the same alliance, we'll just slow everyone down. I bet the careers are even plotting one of our deaths right now." She could be right; yet she could be wrong. Who knows what the other careers are thinking? She is right about one thing; the both of us won't survive.

"I'll give you two options..." Sapphire (C) negotiates with me. "You can either finally admit you're an excuse of a career, and you'll leave the careers."

"Or... you can foolishly stay in the god damn alliance, and DIE IN MY HANDS!" She threatens me, tightening the grip on my shirt collar, pushing me against the door. I wouldn't be surprise if the door hinges broke soon.

"What is going on?!" Habacuc exclaims. I can hear footsteps approaching our dorm, and I know it's a matter of time before Sapphire (C) is caught. I'm not the brightest tool in the shed, though one thing I do know is conflict of any kind isn't allowed. Sapphire (C) releases me just before Habacuc steps into the room.

"What are you two doing?" Habacuc asks us. Sapphire (C) takes a moment to make up an excuse.

"Oh nothing..." Sapphire (C) ponders. "Just Callie and I finally decided to settle our differences and become acquaintances even with the twist in play. Right, Callie?" She nudges me with her elbow.

"Play along, or you're dead." I can imagine Sapphire (C) saying.

"Totally!" I say, wrapping my arms around her shoulders friendly. Sapphire (C) does the same, though I can tell she's disgusted by every second of it. Habacuc rolls his eyes and walks away; I can tell he doesn't believe us. It's not like he has any proof to report us though, right? The second Habacuc closes the door; Sapphire (C) pushes me away from her.

"Think about it..." Sapphire (C) mutters, before stomping out of the room. I bite my lip. I have two options; leave the alliance or stay where Sapphire (C) plots my death. Though, even if I were to leave, what would stop Sapphire (C) from killing me? My death would mean her survival, after all. Really, I could do whatever I want. Either way, one of us would die at the bloodbath. I have to make sure it's not me. Though, I have a feeling that either leaving or staying could probably keep my safe from death. The question is... what should I do?

Art Caspania - District 12

I watch as the elevator doors slide close, and I am lifted down to the bottom floor, where the gymnasium resides. I'm very proud to make the careers; with my performance I thought that the careers wouldn't consider my spot in their alliance. Now that I'm in, I know I have to try harder in order to gain their trust. In order to survive. At first, my district partners were friendly. Once the twist had been held and I join the careers, none of my district partners treated me the same. Heilwig despises me more, though I couldn't care less about her. It may be out of one's mind to join the careers coming from District 12, though all I really want is to survive. Besides, the careers would have no good reason to target me in the first arena, because I have no reason to target them. Killing me won't let them advance to the first arena, and I'm obviously not considered a weakling to them. If the careers didn't see something in me, I would've never have been accepted. Though, I heard the careers chattering, and from what I heard Elizabeth (4) talked them into accepting me. Either way, I couldn't have been that bad if the careers ended up accepting me anyway.

The elevator doors open, and I can see the gymnasium doors nearly empty of tributes. I guess I'm early. I walk into the gym, to see some of the careers. Timber (2) and Elena (4) are talking with each other, probably becoming friends. I squint my eyes and start to think. Elena (4) making friends? I never thought that was possible. Just yesterday she appeared fierce and ruthless, now she seems really sweet. I walk up to my allies, and surprisingly Elena (4) greets me pleasantly.

"Hi, Art!" Elena (4) says cheerfully. Timber (2) looks at me, and smiles. I guess the careers may not be as ruthless as I ever thought they were. After all, they are human just like us. However, something tells me that this is just a once in a blue moon. Elizabeth (4) emerges into the gymnasium, and I decide to talk to her and thank her properly until Elena (4) grabs my arm.

"Wait!" Elena (4) stops me. "Where are you going?" I turn back for a brief moment to hear what Elena (4) has to say.

"I'm just going to Elizabeth. She's an ally to, is that a problem?" I ask. I know that Elena (4) and Elizabeth (4) can't both go into the second arena, but they don't seem to hate each other too much.

"Don't worry, she'll come later. Right now, I think we should get to know each other better!" Elena (4) exclaims.

"We're allies! We have to stick together, right?" Timber (2) pipes in.

"Yeah, though she is an ally too isn't she?" I ask, running back to Elizabeth's (4) direction. Elena (4) squints her eyes, pouts, and folds her arms as I walk towards Elizabeth (4).

"Hey, Art!" Elizabeth (4) greets me.

"Hi. Listen, during the drafting session, was that you who suggested I joined before?" I ask her, jumping to conclusion.

"Oh... yeah. Sort of. It took a lot of convincing than usual, though it finally worked. A little concerned?" She admits.

"No, not at all. More grateful than concerned. I couldn't thank you enough for fighting for me." I say.

"Oh, it was nothing." Elizabeth (4) laughs. She walks off towards the careers, and I follow shortly after.

Nitro Shifter - District 1

My alliance is at the weightlifting station. We're all relatively strong, stronger than a good three quarters of the whole competition. If our alliance had been a bit bigger, we could possibly be able to take on the careers. Though, I was hesitant about an alliance. At first I wanted a duo with just Mercury (1) and I, though Spencer (2) and Infinity (4) aren't bad company. They are nice enough, and usually keep to themselves. It was simple to tolerate them being around.

I toss two heavy kettle bells on the ground, like they were nothing. I look over to Ryan (1) and Rebecca (1). Rebecca (1) just rolls her eyes, and Ryan (1) sneers and turns away. I ignore them, and turn back to two kettle bells even heavier. They can't deny that they can lift double of what I'm training with. In fact, who knows? I could possibly be stronger than both of them. Though I'm no match for Spencer (2). I look over to him, and he's lifting a barbell with weight disks I'd normally have a little trouble to lift. He sets the barbell down, and he doesn't even break a sweat. He'll be a good ally to have in the arena. Infinity (4) and Mercury (1) are minding their own businesses, and focusing on the station too. They handle the weights easily as well, though Spencer (2) still outshines them, but not by too much. The more I am forced into the gymnasium with my alliance, the more I start to trust them. I still keep my eye open from any suspicious activity from Spencer (2) and Infinity (4), though I still think that things went better than expected

I toss my kettle bells down, deciding to take a short break before continuing once more, and possibly switching stations. The only person that took a break from their weights is Spencer (2), so I just decide to walk over to him. As I approach him, I see that his eyes are in a trance, staring out into the gymnasium. I stare to where his eyes are looking at, and it looks like a person. I approach closer to Spencer (2), and I realize he's staring at some chick.

"Who are you staring at?" I ask, standing next to Spencer (2).

"Hmm... what? Oh! Uh, no one." Spencer (2) mutters, picking up the barbell again and focusing on .lifting weights like nothing ever happened. I stare at the area where Spencer (2) was just staring at before, and I get a closer look at her

"Who is she?" I ask Spencer (2). The only people I actually paid attention to were the other tributes of District 1 and my allies.

"Um... no one." Spencer (2) mutters.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking...?" I ask Spencer (2) once more, catching onto something. I doubt Spencer (2) was looking at her because he thought of examining competition.

"Um... alright fine. You caught me. Want to keep it a secret for me?" I think for a moment. Not like I have any intentions of revealing his "secret", though it wouldn't take much thought into figuring it out.

"Your secret is safe with me." I assure him, walking away.

Micah Gigga - District 3

I duck under the cafeteria tables, taking one quick look at my former alliance. Did Hadix (6) see me? I'd best not blow my cover. I should've known that their alliance wasn't safe the first time I stepped foot into their territory. After overhearing Hadix's (6) and Carolyn's (6) conversation, I'd be foolish to stay knowing that I'd be killed due to one false move. I would've invited the other members of the alliance except the siblings, though that would just stir up suspicion. Why would I be afraid of that? I didn't want Hadix (6) and Carolyn (6) to target me in the arena. If they still think I'm apart of them, I won't have anything to worry about. Maybe they'll think I was up in my district floor all day, not bothering to show up. They wouldn't care as long as I didn't quit the alliance. If they see me here now, they'll just call me over to them. And I already know one thing, and that is I don't want to be a part of them.

I spy on their alliance, until Hadix (6) flashes a look at me. I turn my head away and camouflage myself out of Hadix's (6) vision. This might not be a safe place, though I still have a lot to learn before I go into the arena. I'll probably not learn everything by tomorrow, though all the information I learn the better. I take one last look to Hadix's (6), to see him, Carolyn (6), and the rest of my former allies coming at my direction. One thought springs forward; they finally spotted me. I spring to my feet, still trying to desperately hide myself, until I realize that everyone else is heading for the cafeteria. What's going on? I flash a look at Atala, and she announces a lunch break one more time before setting down her megaphone. I wipe the sweat beads on my forehead, though I know that there is still a chance of me being caught.

I quickly make a dash to the doors, and I'm out of the gymnasium before anyone notices. I run through the corridor, not too sure if I want to return to the gymnasium or not. If I were to stay in my district floor until individual training, I'd no longer risk being caught. If I were to bump into Hadix (6) and Carolyn (6) in the arena, they'd probably just greet me since they still think I'm a part of their alliance. I wouldn't mind having a few good people on my side, even if I am just manipulating them. If I happen to not come across them and meet with either one of them during the break into the second arena, I'll just say I couldn't find them. Although being simple, it's foolproof enough to believe. I enter my district floor, and Avox's immediately are alerted of my presence. They spring into action and start preparing something for me. In seconds, I see a dish resting on the dining table. What is the food? I don't know. Though it came from the Capitol; it must be good. I sit down at the table, eating the lunch prepared for me.

Timber Fable - District 2

I place my tray at one of the large cafeteria tables, and the careers follow me. We all sit down at the same table to prove our superiority. Elena (4) comes along carrying a tray of her own and sits next to me. Today, Elena (4) and I became great friends despite practically ignoring each other yesterday. With such a change of personality from Elena (4), I sort of feel she's getting close to me so she'll have an advantage against Elizabeth (4). Though if that is the case, at least I also know that Elena (4) has no intentions of ditching me. Besides, her nice side is really admirable, which is why we've been close friends even though we've only talked for a few hours. She also promised to help me kill Sovereignty (2), and I'll face it; she's going to be a tough one to defeat despite being 4'5. The other careers have started to get to know each other well also, to a non-career tributes eyes they may see us as cruel and harsh though from a careers perspective like me my allies are all supportive of each other, I guess that's the point of an alliance after all.

Sapphire (C) takes a straw out of her drink and starts to point it out like a blowgun. I've seen her use a blowgun, she's just as equally skilled with a blowgun than she is with a bow and arrow. She shoots a wad of paper, out of the straw and it makes its place behind one of the District 5 males head. Where did she get the wad of paper? I don't know, but why question it? Sapphire (C) begins to laugh along with the rest of the careers. I stare at the boy, feeling a bit of guilt, then back at the careers. I don't really want to be like the careers, although what Sapphire (C) did could've been worse, I still know I'm not as cruel as the careers. Don't get me wrong, I want to gain their respect as much as I can, though I don't want these games to change who I am.

"What's your problem?" The boy's district partner, the District 8 female yells at us, guarding her ally. The careers ignore the girl, and just continue to nasally laugh at the two of them. Sapphire (C) spits another wad of paper, landing onto the girls face. She wipes the spit off her face with a napkin, revealing a boiling red face. That doesn't look very pleasant.

"Oh that's it..." She mutters under her breath, as she stomps over to us.

"Try me." Sapphire (C) mutters as well, getting up from her seat trying to pick a fight.

"Cut it out." A Peacekeeper grunts, giving the two of them a cold stare. I know it's a matter of time before he steps into the conflict.

"Come on, Tameo. Let's go somewhere else." The girl grunts, instructing her ally. So his name is Tameo (5). Tameo (5) and his ally pick up their trays and walk away, as the careers stare them down. I roll my eyes, and turn my attention towards Elena (4). To my surprise, she didn't try to make the situation worse. Instead, she looked at it in disgust. The two of us take tiny sips of our soft drinks, and try to enjoy the remainder of our lunch.

Ryin Fizi - District 5

We finally left the weapon station after Jay (11) suggests we go to another station. We're at the tree climbing station, and I can immediately tell Connor (9) and Collin (9) hate that station. I immediately join the club; I never thought climbing would be this hard. I look up further into the artificial tree to see John (8) nearly at the peak of the ceiling in less than thirty seconds.

"John..." I pant, trying to catch my breath. "How do you do that...?" John (8) is taller than Connor (9), Collin 13), and I yet he is able to climb about five times as much as the three of us could.

"Years of practice." John (8) says, winking once before disappearing further into the tree. I lose my grip once more on the tree branch, and I come hurdling down towards the floor. Connor (9) falls as well, and lands right on me. We both struggle to get up, winded from falling. I lean against a wall, trying to regain my mobility before giving another try at climbing.

"Come on, guys!" Jay (11) calls. I look up, and see that she's at the top of the tree with John (8). Lance (6) and Digit (3) are making their way up the tree, while Sovereignty (2), Eve (10), Connor (9), Collin (13), and I struggle to even climb a few feet in the air. This may be a problem; more than half of us aren't very good at climbing, though not like climbing is an extremely important skill to master in these games.

The stars spinning around my head finally disappear, and I finally get up. I sit next to Connor (9) and Collin (13) for the rest of our time in the tree climbing station, admitting that me achieving the ability to climb is hopeless.

Dyoski Milleray - District 13

My alliance had been at the camouflage station once more, though once the Anti-Careers declared the station vacant the four of us washed the paint off our arms and quickly scrambled over to the station. Venaya (9), Sydney (10), and Sarah (11) gaze at the weapons, from what I see I doubt they have any experience with anything.

Sydney (10) walks up with a bow and arrow. The careers look over to us and start to laugh; I can tell Sydney (10) is doing something wrong. I run up to her, and help her reposition herself with the bow. Sydney (10) finally releases the arrow and it hits the left arm. Not very good, but considering it's Sydney's (10) first try it was amazing. Sydney (10) smiles with delight, though the careers didn't appreciate her performance; they just snicker and laugh. I don't know why they can't mind their own business. I high-five Sydney (10) and we let Venaya (9) have a try.

Venaya (9) picks up a bow and arrow too, hoping for the same results as Sydney (10). She mimics Sydney (10) but gets even worse results. The arrow skims the knee, though at least a noticeable mark was left. The careers laugh even harder and Venaya (9) looks down in shame. She walks away, though I don't let her; I want her to regain her dignity against the careers. Although being hesitant at first, I finally convince Venaya (9) to pick up a scythe. Although she seems to have no experience with the scythe, she walks up to the dummy and slices the head off after two slashes. The careers still roll their eyes after her performance, but at least she did better, right?

Sarah (11) approaches the weapon rack and picks up an axe. Once it's off the rack, she squeals and lets the axe clatter onto the floor.

"Don't worry, Sarah. You can do it!" Venaya (9) and Sydney (10) say simultaneously, encouraging her to go on. Sarah (11) tries to pick up the axe, but ends up only dragging the axe across the floor. She approaches the dummy, and I can see her desperately trying to lift the axe off the ground. After a worthy attempt, her muscles cave in; she drops the axe, and the handle stubs her foot. She squeals, shaking her foot. The careers laugh like crazy, pointing at Sarah (11). She bites her lip and walks away from them; though that doesn't stop the careers cackling. I let her walk away, because I'm pretty sure she'd just humiliate herself again if I made her stay.

Sarah (11) sits down next to a bench, and the three of us surround her, comforting her.

Morolith Dmitry - Capitol

That alliance was terrible. We haven't seen the girl from 13's skills, though I bet she's just as bad as they are. Those three girls were a disgrace, especially the District 11 girl. She couldn't even lift the thing. I nudge my fellow careers, and I start to stomp over to the alliance, ready to pick with them. That alliance will be an easy target in the arena. A few of my fellow careers and I approach the girls alliance. The four of them look up, most of them in fear. Rebecca (1) grabs an axe; the same axe the girl from 11 tried to use but failed with, and tossed it in front of her.

"See that?" I taunt her. "She can barely lift the thing." The girl tries to look away, though she is paralyzed, emotionally shocked. Just the way I like it.

"If you want to live..." I sneer. "You're going to have to do better than that." The District 11 girl looks at the axe, at me, then at the axe again. Two of her allies stand in the distance, not wanting to take part in the conflict. They're smart. One of her allies glares at us, shielding the District 11 female from our wrath. She'll be an early victim. I lift up the axe, and I look at the girl.

"Try again!" I yell, tossing the axe in her. She squeals, taking a short step away from the axe as it clatters onto the ground beside her. Wimp. She stares at the axe in shock, shaking her hand.

"What are you waiting for? Go!" I threaten her. She hesitates for a moment, and then tries to lift the axe again. She grips on the handle, and tries lifting the axe. Even after trying with all her might, the sharp blade still remains in touch with the ground. As time passes on, I start to lose my patience.

"PATHETIC." I snarl, stomping on the wooden handle, breaking it into tiny pieces. The District 11 female falls to the ground once I step on the wooden handle, and start to crawl away from us. I stomp towards her, as she starts to crawl away. She backs up into the weapon rack, while most of the careers swarm around her. She decides to get up, though I push her right back down into the weapon rack. She brushes by a knife, and she howls in pain. She is clutching her left arm, which has a bloody gash. She squeezes her arm in pain, which makes even more blood pour out of the wound. We close in on her, kicking at Sarah at the girl's body.

"What's going on?!" I can hear our head trainer, Atala, exclaim. She storms our direction, and pushes the careers away from the District 11 girl.

"Get out! If something like this happens again, serious precautions will take place." She growls, as Peacekeepers come to help Atala. The District 11 female is taken away on a hospital bed, so her wound can get treated. I roll my eyes, as the careers move out. Our work here is done.

Sydney Thesisen - District 10

We came back to the camouflage station, figuring the careers wouldn't pick on us there. We haven't been focusing too much; we just stayed silent the whole time. I couldn't stop thinking about Sarah (11), will she be okay? She never deserved that kind of treatment. Alright, I'll admit it, she isn't very talented with an axe. Though does it mean she has to be punished for it? Back in her district, I doubt anyone would judge her for being incapable of handling an axe. Now look what's happened; she's stuck in the infirmary getting her arm stitched up, or worse. I feel a bit guilty for standing in the background not helping, but I'll admit it again; I'm not very strong either. I came from a regular family with a regular life; I'm not the blood-thirsty killer everyone fears. If I stepped in, I'd probably share the same fate and be in a hospital bed alongside Sarah (11). Though still, stepping in to resolve a fight is what a friend would do, no matter what the circumstances are. And I failed to achieve that.

Hours pass, and Venaya (9), Dyoski (13), and I had stayed silent the whole time. The tragedy that happened to Sarah (11) is unspeakable, and nobody can keep her out of our minds.

"Do you think she'll be okay?" Asks an anxious Venaya (9), with a worried look.

"Don't worry, Venaya. Sarah may not be strong physically, though she never gives up. I'm sure she's fine." Dyoski (13) assures Venaya (9). As if on cue, a once injured Sarah (11) comes out of the gymnasium doors; not totally brand new, though she's acting as if the bandages on her arm were never there. I expected a bit more from the Capitol nurses, though right now I'm just relieved that Sarah (11) is okay.

"Sarah!" I exclaim, as I hug her tight, not wanting to lose her again. Venaya (9) and Dyoski (13) join in for a group hug. "I was so worried about you."

"Don't worry, I'm fine." Sarah (11) giggles. "The Capitol nurses applied some sort of cream. My wound isn't gone, though my arm feels as good as new." We give Sarah (11) some space, and she wiggles her arm to show us that her arm doesn't work.

"Well, now that you're better, what do you guys want to do now?" Dyoski (13) asks us. Sarah (11) stares at the careers, and gives one of those Capitol guys a dirty look.

"After what just happened, I want to stay as far away from them as possible." Sarah (11) mumbles. "Do you just want to head back up?"

"Alright. I have nothing better to do." Venaya (9) agrees with Sarah (11). The four of us walk out of the gymnasium, away from the careers. We head up to the elevator, and the elevator stops at Venaya's (9) district floor.

"Hey, do you want to just hang here?" Venaya (9) asks us. Our whole alliance nods, and we stay at Venaya's (9) district floor for the rest of the day.

Treeden Smith - District 9

Daniel (9) and I are both up in our district floor, just relaxing. We were at the gymnasium, showing off our skills with weapons. Turns out I'm pretty deadly with a bow. I didn't have too much confidence in myself until today, and even if I didn't it never meant I would never go down without a fight. The careers didn't care though; they still laughed at my performance, as if I was nothing towards them. I could tell in the look in their eyes, they still were a little bit worried about Daniel (9) and I. Though after an alliance came up to the weapons station, it made me look a thousand times better. One even ended up in the infirmary after the careers taunted them. Now their alliance is on the same district floor as us. It has been a bit awkward, with Venaya (9) and I in the same room, but I guess I'd rather just ignore her than become bitter adversaries with her.

I walk past the group while going into the kitchen; the alliance gives stares at me. Not necessarily in a mean way, though they must know that I'm not exactly what they would consider a friend in the arena. I'm just glad that I don't know Venaya (9) too well. It won't be too hard killing her in the arena. Then again, she is from home. I'd much rather ally with her than kill her. Though the Capitol's strength forces everyone a part. This is their plan to hurt us; to break us. Though I won't let them break me. I'll never live with myself if I do. I may not be the strongest tribute in these games, but I won't go down without a fight.

I walk back to where Daniel (9) sits. He's sitting on the couch, watching some film projecting on the monitor. Personally, I'm just surprised that the Capitol is screening something that isn't involved the Hunger Games. I sit down by Daniel (9), leaning beside him.

"What are you watching?" I ask him, looking at the screen.

"I... actually don't know." Daniel (9) says, confused. I giggle paying attention to the screen. It's foolish what the Capitol consider as entertainment. Of course, they consider the Hunger Games as entertainment. This would probably be one thousand times better. Daniel (9) and I talk with each other for the rest of the evening, ignoring the atrocious film the Capitol calls "entertainment."

Day 3

Melanoi Jet - District 12

I cringe my eyes closed, and pull the bed sheets over my head. A cackling noise vibrates off the walls, bringing the room to life. I've tried just about anything to block out the horrible noise, though the racket is unavoidable. The bags under my eyes start to get heavier as time progresses. How long has it been? Either way, I'm not going to get enough sleep with noises waking me up. At this rate, I'll probably fall asleep during my training session. That will be the end of me.

I grip my fists together, grit my teeth, and hope I can last the night. Maybe I can finally get to sleep. Nope. After hours of attempting to sleep, I let out a loud groan as I slowly sit up. Useless. I look over to Firethorn (12), who is tossing and turning as well. Obviously she isn't having a good time sleeping. I take a quick look at a bedside clock, which reads 2AM. Well, I guess I can sleep in for some part of training since I don't need to show up until training sessions. Though still, last minute training would do me and Firethorn (12) both good. If I don't win these, I want Firethorn (12) to win, even if she is the person I need to kill in order for me to survive. I have to admit; we're both alike in many ways. We've both sort of accepted the fact that we'll be targeting each other in the arena. Though one thing is for sure, it won't be for the joy of it, more the less out of anger for the Capitol. If we were both given the choice, I'm guessing we wouldn't try and kill each other. Heck, probably not kill at all. However the Capitol pushes us on the brink, expecting respect for the lack of equality they give us. I would gladly take them out no matter what the costs, the same goes for about nearly every citizen of Panem not involved with the Capitol.

I slowly jump out of bed, tired of the rattling noises disturbing the apartment. I'll put a stop for this for Firethorn (12) and I. I enter the apartment's main room, trying to trace the noises lurking throughout the floor.

"You've been a bad tribute." A ghostly voice sneers, nearly making me jump. "Manners! Manners!"

I finally locate the particular noises behind a door, leading to a dark room. Upon opening the door, the noises are loud enough to identify. I can hear the loud shouts of an escort, and the weak cries of another. I illuminate the room and look at the scene in horror. Our one and only escort Heilwig has Art (12) tied up, and Heilwig appears to be beating the tribute with a high heel shoe. Heilwig looks at me awkwardly, while Art (12) looks at me with a look of despair. I can imagine him calling for help, if his mouth hadn't been stuffed with a sock. The scene is horrible, and now I'm involved. What should I do? Heilwig is horrible, I'm sure if I were to report her she'd get replaced. Though I doubt we'd get a new escort this year, we'd lose an escort and lose chances of winning these games. And I want to survive. Art (12) is from home, and not a Capitol freak like Heilwig. However, he joined the careers. I could never live with that; joining the careers is ruining the name of District 12. Besides, I doubt Heilwig will return for a third year. She'll be long gone and out of my hair. Besides, I have other things to worry about. If not, then I won't have long to live in that case.

"Let him go, keep the noise down, and I'll consider not reporting you to a Peacekeeper." I mumble, walking out the room like the problem had been little. Heilwig nods, keeping quiet. I doubt she'll be able to do damage now, and I don't think we'll be hearing any drama from her. I exit the room, returning to my dorm. I see Art (12) quickly escape and run away from Heilwig, as I return to my dorm and get the sleep I deserve. Although I didn't intentionally try to, I sort of just saved Art (12). I'm not too sure what he thinks of me now, though I hope it'll benefit me in the arena.

Rebecca Roy - District 1

The careers are at the weapons station, bright and early. The tributes around us seem to be paying more attention to us than ever before. And that's just the way I want it. If I do die in these games, which I'm pretty sure I won't, I want everyone to think of me as a threat. Nobody will overlook me, and that's how I want it.

I rip an axe off the rack, and stare at the District 2 girl that ditched us. She may be good with an axe, though she isn't the best. I'm pretty sure I'm just as good as her. If we were both to go against each other with an axe, I'd win with my height and strength advantage. Even if she is better than an axe than me, I know that it doesn't count me out. I rush the dummy, using the same technique the girl from District 2 used, and performed it with accurate precision.

The dummy falls, making the tributes draw attention to us closely. I lock eyes with my other district partners, Nitro (1) and Mercury (1). I'll have to admit; it'll be tough attempting to take them down. They're threats, though Ryan (1) and I being in the careers will give us an advantage. We may have grown close during the train ride, but not close enough to persuade me not to kill them in the arena. If I were to choose between Mercury's (1) life and mine, a knife would appear in Mercury's (1) neck in a heartbeat. Nitro (1) looks away without one thought about it, though Mercury (1) looks at me in sorrow, even though she's expected to be one of the fiercest tributes in the arena. She shakes her head and then turns around regrettably. I bite my lip, wondering if this was all worth it.

"Their loss. If there is going to be a victor from District 1, it'll be us." Ryan (1) mutters, walking away. So he witnessed the whole thing. I shake my head, snapping back to my senses. He's right, although we've been pretty good friends it doesn't mean I'll sacrifice my lives for them. Out of the many reasons Ryan (1) and I may have volunteered for was never to make friends. The two of us came here to insure at least one of us wins, and we won't stand for anything else. I stare back at Nitro (1) and Mercury (1), knowing that they'll be dead in the next few days, and uncertain if Ryan (1) either snapped me back to normal, or to an abnormal state.

I turn my attention towards the careers, trying to make as big of an impression as possible before their assessments. I take one knife from the rack, and grip it in my hands. It's now or never. I take aim at a dummy, and whip the knife to the center of the dummy's forehead with all my might.

John Kirk - District 8

My alliance, or the part of my alliance that showed up, is at the tree climbing station. We agreed to meet here, and travel throughout the gymnasium once our whole alliance arrives or it gets too late. Most of my allies are incapable of climbing a tree, though I wouldn't expect an alliance as huge as ours to cramp ourselves in one tree. We'd probably just end up getting hurt. I can feel the tree vibrating; I look down to see Sovereignty (2) punching the tree angry and furious. I guess she got to fed up with attempting to climb the tree.

Looking towards the careers, they seem extra picky for a fight. If yesterday was bad, I would hate to see what they could possibly do today. The cruelty in their personality is horrible. It's a shame how they find these games to be a title to hold in pride. Volunteering just to have the sick joy of murdering others, when they could instead just continue with a positive life ahead of them. Where in districts like 1, 2, and 4, they teach twelve year olds how to kill someone with a blade. I guess living a life in victor's village would always have its benefits, though knowing that you had to kill someone to get to where you are now is unbearable in my eyes. Of course now that I'm here, I have to survive; even if it means if I have to kill someone. However, I didn't come here by choice. And I always wished that I did have that choice.

I'm resting on a tree branch, observing tributes. I can identify nearly every single tribute in the arena. I look to a tree across from me; nobody is in it. Until I hear a branch rustles. I look closely, and see a hint of red hair. A tribute female pops out of the tree, staring at me. Not necessarily in a cold, harsh way, though in a way where you're immediately repelled and creped out. That girl isn't ordinary. Araneae (8) I think her name is. She rests on a tree branch similar to mine, stretching her arms forward. A spider that looks similar to a Black Widow crawls up onto her arm, and Araneae (8) pets the insect with affection. I'm a bit puzzled at first, until the spider lets out a hiss revealing its sharp talons. That's no ordinary spider. Am I imagining things?

The hiss startles me, shaking me up a bit. I lean a bit too much backwards, which sends me hurdling down to the pavement below. I cringe my eyes as I hear a loud crack. I struggle to get up; luckily I only suffered a minor sprained ankle. I doubt the Capitol doctors would treat that. No matter; with the proper attention my ankle will heal sooner or later. I lean against the tree, stretching and massaging my ankle in hopes of improvement.

Zoe Harrison - District 7

The careers still continue to remain in the weapons station. Some of the careers had suggested moving, though the thought has been turned down. We want to stay here as much as possible, so other tributes won't have a chance to pick up weapon skills making them vulnerable. Last year that didn't plan out so well, but since our alliance isn't outnumbered I'm pretty sure we'll be fine provided the tributes don't pull anything too quickly. With our expertise, I'm nearly certain this year's victor will be a career.

Today is our last day of training, and I don't want to leave the name of the careers in shame. We need to make a lasting impression. Something that the gamemakers never seen before. The careers need to pull the upmost in perfection to insure a victory this year. Some of the outlying district including myself has very talented tributes, though career district tributes are even more skilled. I don't want to pull of the regular victory. Of course a victor from District 7 is already out of the ordinary, though I want to pull something that nobody has ever seen. I will not be left forgotten.

Most of the careers are aware of my hypnosis, so I'm not too sure if I could easily turn on my allies as easy as I thought now. Though this must be the first time the Hunger Games has had tributes with the skill of hypnotism. Well, including Alexander (13). I'm afraid he's too big of a competition here. He could easily use his hypnotism to frame me. I need to get on his good side. He has been pretty solitary during training, not even talking to most of the careers. He's been in the corner of the weapons station, stabbing dummies with a sword. Last year, District 13 did surprisingly good for their first year. I think the 13 female even got the most kills, though I can't be too sure. She got a lot, that's for sure. Though she wasn't any talented, it was more the less used with explosives she was able to find. With Alex (13), I'm sure that District 13 may even be considered a career district soon.

"Hey, Alex." I greet him, walking towards him. He throws his sword on the ground and stares at me. It must be the first time before anyone in the careers has tried to talk to him.

"What do you want?" Alexander (13) snarls. I can tell he isn't in the mood, but I keep going anyway.

"Well, we both know that we're both hypnotisms. We can use our powers to our advantage can't we? Hypnosis is a skill that nobody in the arena has, but us. We could leave a permanent memory in the Hunger Games; nobody will forget our names. If we were to team up within the alliance, we could do anything." I explain to him.

"You want to ditch the careers?" Alex (13) questions me.

"Of course not." I verify. "Just have like a duo within the alliance. So we both know we have each other's backs." Alexander (13) pauses for a moment, scratching his chin.

"I'll think about it." He mutters, as he picks up his sword and stabs another dummy. I turn around, and walk away satisfied.

Infinity Ocean - District 4

Our alliance is at the fire starting station. We're all sort of new to this, though Mercury (1) picked up enough information about fire starting and is sharing her information with us. I'm still not very good at fire starting, though at least I'm better than Nitro (1) and Spencer (2). I doubt we'll have use for a fire anyway; we'll probably get enough food from our supplies we retrieve from the bloodbath. We won't have any use to cook anything unless if we stay in the arena longer than predicted. Though, I guess fire starting wouldn't be too bad to learn; maybe the skill will become useful. I guess we'll never know unless we get to the arena.

A tiny spark forms while I apply friction between two sticks. A tiny fire forms, maybe not the best but at least there is no traceable smoke.

I can hear Nitro (1) grunt, I look over to him and he's shaking his hands. There is a red mark on the tip of his thumb; he must've gotten burned while trying to make a fire. The station leader comes to Nitro's (1) aid and he applies some sort of cream on his finger. After a few seconds, Nitro (1) resumes regular activity, until we make absolute no progress.

"Alright. Let's go somewhere else. I can't do it." Nitro (1) mumbles.

"Why? I can do it." Mercury (1) pipes in, as she lights a fire.

"Alright. If we ever need a fire, we can count on you. Now let's go." Nitro (1) says. Mercury (1) rolls her eyes, though does co-operate with him. Spencer (2) and I follow without a say in it. I don't mind Nitro (1) taking control; I'm not much of a leader anyway. I guess we need a leader to keep our alliance stable. If I were to fight against Nitro (1), that probably just get be kicked out. And although I was forced to volunteer, I still want to survive. Not for the title of victor, but to return to the fisherman that raised me ever since my parents died. The earsplitting scream that last rushed through my mother's mouth made a permanent dent in my brain for the rest of my life. They even tried to kill me. It's foolish to throw a baby in the ocean of District 4. Like expected, someone found me. District 4 basically lives in the ocean; every area is always covered or witnessed by a civilian. I know the fisherman my life; I guess I owe my life to him. If I win, I'd allow the fisherman to live a life of luxury with me.

"Infinity, are you there?" Spencer (2) asks me, snapping me back to reality.

"Huh? What?" I ask, trying to regain my senses after gazing through thoughts and memories.

"We're heading back to the weight lifting station." Spencer (2) informs me.

'Weren't we just there yesterday?" I ask back.

"Yeah, though it's something we're good at. Might as well work to perfection." Spencer (2) shrugs. Spencer (2) runs off to the weightlifting station, as I follow him.

Jacob Gibson - District 7

Megan (5) and I are chilling at her district floor. We haven't showed up much for training, though we've learned enough skills and basic concepts with potential to help us survive for a few days in the arena. However, we both know that the survival of the both of us is unlikely, as the Capitol won't allow double victors unless if we want to try and repeat the suicide pact of Katniss and Peeta. Bottom line is, I'd rather die than live with Megan (5). Back in District 7, I couldn't live a day without thinking about her. Knowing that she died in order for me to live would be too much. I'd rather die with her by my side than live knowing that she had to die in order for me to survive. Though that doesn't mean we haven't given up on life yet. We're debating on ways for the two of us to survive together. We're hoping that a suicide pact would work again, though the gamemakers are most likely prepared for another to happen, since a suicide pact has already been attempted with success in previous games. We thought and ran through ideas, and through much deliberation we're hoping that what we have will work with us.

"We're going into the arena soon..." Megan (5) stammers, looking down at the ground, playing with her hair. She's been very nervous about the games, especially since she thinks the risky plan I thought of might not work. Heck, I'm not too certain. Though I hope my instincts are right. I may not trust those gamemakers, though as long as they aren't just a gamemaker, there is always a chance.

"Don't worry. We'll survive. I promise. Just make it out of the bloodbath, and hope our district partners don't." I say, trying to cheer her up.

"I-I don't want them to die..." Megan (5) stutters. "I don't want anyone to die..." She buries her hands in her face, rubbing the swelling tears away from her eyes.

"I know, I know. I feel the same way..." I console her. "Though when the time comes, I know I'll always be alright as long as I have you." I reach out to grab her hand, and Megan (5) manages to smile. I hug her tightly, letting her know that I'll always be there to protect her.

"I promise."

Jay Sparrow - District 11

Training is coming close to an end, and our alliance is closer than ever. Most of our allies have friendships built within the alliance, and that is fine with me. I never thought that a little female tribute from an outlying district could attract so much attention and run an alliance which is now the second largest alliance. We've got some very fierce competitors, and we've build an unbreakable pact. The careers better watch out, because there is a chance someone from another district could win. Last year, the careers didn't play too well. Some placed good, while others placed terribly. Hopefully we'll get the same amount of luck this year.

"Everyone! Huddle up!" I announce to the alliance. "We need to conduct a plan in the arena, for any case we can think of." I explain briefly.

"That sounds like a good idea. Where should we start?" Revolution (10) asks the group.

"I think we should have a place to meet, for when we split up. I think we should go to the nearest lake from the Cornucopia if the alliance is split up..." Digit (3) suggests.

"That's not a good idea." Sovereignty (2) says. She is leaning against a wall, a distance away from the alliance where she is away from us yet can hear our conversation. I can tell she only joined us because she thought it was the smartest thing to do. She never fitted in with us, though is she decided to join us she must trust us in some sort of manner. "The careers are most likely going to be heavily guarding that lake. If not, then there isn't any lake at all." She's right.

"Alright. Then what do you suggest we do?" Digit (3) retorts.

"I think we should all go to the direction the tip of the Cornucopia's horn is facing. It's easy to identify, and it's certain to be there." Sovereignty (2) replies.

"That's actually a really good idea." Collin (13) says, smiling.

"So it's agreed. Everyone run in the direction the cornucopia's tail is facing, and we'll meet somewhere in that region. It shouldn't be too hard to find everyone." I conclude. "Now, are there any other matters to address?"

Ryan Johnson - District 2

The careers have been training non-stop; we want to get as much training done until individual sessions. We also want to decrease morale of the other tributes, hopefully that'll make one of our victories smoother. I think we've proven that the careers this year will be the tributes to beat. Last year, there was a lot of conflict and tension between the careers. This year, the alliance we set up seems to be perfectly fine; we're all able to make slight conversation with one another, and none of us desperately hate each other with a passion. I can tell this year's careers will plan out much better. This year, we'd better have a career victor or we'll ruin the name of the careers. I won't allow that to happen. I'm going to fight no matter what; I'll do anything to return home, even if it means I betray my fellow careers. I'll be a well-known name around District 2, nobody will forget me. We haven't had a victor from District 2 for a while, and I'm sure District 2 will be happy if I arrive with a jewel incrusted crown on my head. Last year, District 2 did poorly. I'm sure that if we achieve a victory, we'll undo the horrible display of last year's tributes.

"Everyone! Listen up!" Atala yells through her megaphone. All the tributes look towards her, and she continues to speak. "It has come to an end of training. Return-" Atala is interrupted by boos of the careers, pounding and stomping on the floor. Atala glares at us and we settle down after a few minutes.

"Return back to your district floors, arrive outside of the gymnasium doors by seventeen o'clock for individual assessments." Atala concludes, setting down the megaphone. The gymnasium starts to empty as tributes exit the room. Tributes leave the floor as tributes enter the elevator in groups of four. The careers all wish each other good-luck as the exit the gymnasium as well. The gymnasium quiets as it only occupies me. I take one last look at the gymnasium, as I exit the door joining the crowd of fifty-five tributes in the hallway. If there is anything I want to prove in my training session is that I'm the one to look out for. I haven't pulled quite of a show during training compared to the other careers; however the gamemakers should be anything but surprised to see me stand on top, there are many fierce tributes but that doesn't count me out.

The Capitol citizens better get ready, because the games are just beginning.

Individual Training

Woo-hoo! Two months of complete failure. Alright, so we're near individual training! As usual, two PoV's per district; one boy and one girl. These are going to be pretty repetitive, so hopefully these PoV's will be very fast and easy to go through. The PoV usually starts once the name is called and ends when the reaction paragraph in the perspective of a tribute is over. By the way, if a tribute has more than 3 PoV's by this point, alert me and I'll fix it; because each tribute should only have 2 PoV's.


Sapphire Blackwood

Individual training is supposed to start soon, some of the tributes and I am sitting on benches assembled by the Avox's waiting for our names to be called. Not all the tributes are here, since individual assessments usually take a while. Tributes usually arrive when their districts are approaching. The only tributes waiting around here are the careers, the District 3 tributes, and some of the outlying district tributes.

"Sapphire Blackwood." A voice announces from a loudspeaker. I smile, sitting up from my seat. All the tributes stare at me as I walk across the room. Everyone sees me as a threat, and I couldn't possibly care less. At least one of them will find one of my arrow heads in their corpses. I walk into the gymnasium, and the gamemakers are talking to themselves. I am the first assessment today. I'm not too sure why they're bored already. Maybe they're just talking about how the current tribute is so amazingly skilled. If so, I applaud them.

"Sapphire Blackwood, Capitol." I announce. My presence is alerts the gamemakers. They turn towards me; good. They'll get a performance they'll never forget. I run over to the weapon station, and I look at the rack. I eye fourteen dummies lined up in a straight line, side by side. With a combination of a blowgun and bow, I plan out my performance. I have about a bucket of darts and arrow; it'll take a long time though at the end it'll be worth it. I hold up my blowgun, and take deep breaths, remembering what my brother always used to tell me while training.

"Take deep breaths; retain focus until you're satisfied for a guarantee hit." I can recall him saying, as if he is right beside me now. I load in my darts and fire at the dummies with incredible accuracy. I swap my blowgun with a bow, and do a similar pattern. The gamemakers have their jaws wide open after seeing what I had just performed. The darts and arrows are aligned in a certain pattern, appropriate for the situation. I take a bow, leaving without them dismissing me.

I smirk once, taking one look at my masterpiece before leaving. On each dummy, I have aligned the arrows and darts to form letters, creating words.

"The Hunger Games." I silently read before turning away and exiting the gym with confidence. I'm hoping my performance was good enough. I'm not too sure what created such a shocking aftermath during Katniss' assessment, though I doubt that the gamemakers ever seen anything like what they just witnessed now.

I'd love to see Callie (C) top that now.

Morolith Dmitry

Callie (C) finally exits the gymnasium, looking satisfied. If his training session had been well, that must not be too good for me. The pressure is all on me to do well; I am the last tribute from the Capitol. Well, not last. Louis (C) still has to go. Though my performance can determine the overall verdict the gamemakers have on the Capitol. Although Louis's (C) assessment is used in the overall determination, there is so much pressure on me to do well today. From Callie's (C) and Sapphire's (C) facial expressions, it seems they had done very well during their individual training sessions. I hope I can receive that luck as well.

"Morolith Dmitry." A robotic like voice projects through a loudspeaker. This is it. I'm sure the gamemakers are expecting something from me. From what I've displayed during group training, I'm sure they're expecting more than just a tribute to approach the weapon rack. I walk into the room, and I can see the gamemakers inching more attention to my performance.

I approach the weapon rack, examining the weapons. They literally have every single weapon in mankind; I didn't expect them to obtain a kopis. I grip a kopis from the rack, and I stare down a dummy. I dash towards the dummy and slam the tip of the kopis blade into its forehead. The dummy crumples to the ground, with its skull snapped in two. If only I could kill Louis (C) that easily. I look around; searching for other dummies I can declare my victims. I slash and throw my kopis blade into the bodies of dummies, creating a collage of body parts scattered across the gymnasium floor. I'm not even too sure of my actions, just sinking my blade into the abdomens of dummies. Hopefully my strength will overshadow the fact that I hadn't planned an exact performance. I take one last hit at a dummy, tossing the kopis into the stomach, letting the tip of the blade pop out from the back. I turn, still not satisfied that I've proven my skills, unexpected when the gamemakers dismissed me. I turn towards the gymnasium doors, shaking my head in distress. I hope they didn't think anything less of my performance. I open the gymnasium doors, until I hear a rustle coming from a tree branch in the tree climbing station. I quickly look towards the direction, where the tree stays silent.

"Hurry up! We're on the meter!" A gamemaker yells at me. I stare at him coldly, before exiting. Let him know what that means.

"Louis Haymond." A robotic like voice projects once more, signaling another training session beginning. Louis (C) gets up from his seat, and dashes towards the gymnasium entrance. Due to the twist, if Louis (C) were to mess up it would do me a huge favor in the arena.

I walk towards the elevator, pressing my district floor as the elevator doors close. I'm left to wonder what the gamemakers though about my performance.

District 1

Mercury Shifter

All of our career recruits from the Capitol just went. The last one smiles with delight, while the rest of the competition anticipates for their assessment. I want to make my district proud of me, I want to represent them well. I've been thinking about my individual training session all day, and I'm finally prepared to show the gamemakers what I've got.

"Mercury Shifter." The loudspeaker announces. That's my cue. I sit up from my seat, anxious to show the gamemakers what I can do.

"Good luck." Nitro (1) tells me before I enter the gymnasium. I give him a smile, before disappearing from the room. I slam the gymnasium doors shut, creating a loud echo across the gym, which attracts the attention of the gamemakers. I first walk towards the knot tying station. I take a big rope, and start to craft a lasso and whip. After I'm done, I've got two weapons. They're not the best handcrafted models, but it'll show the gamemakers I can work under any circumstances. I take my weapons and approach the weapon station, where rows of dummies stand. I twirl my lasso, and let the loop of rope fly across the floor. The loop of rope makes its way through the head of a dummy. With a quick flick of the wrist, the loop tightens around the dummies neck. I pull the rope and the dummy drags across the floor, towards me. I take out my whip, and repeatedly hit the dummy until a huge crater appears where the dummies eye should be. I then take my lasso, which still has a hold of the dummy. I twirl the lasso while the dummy is still attached, then with another flick of the wrist launch the lasso forward. I loosen the loop of rope, which sends the dummy flying until it slams into the wall. I'm lucky the dummy is somewhat light.

The dummy slumps to the floor. If that was to be a real human being, it wouldn't be a surprise if the dummy would've died by now. I turn towards the gamemakers, as they dismissed me. I hope that was one of the better performances they've seen. I hope to see the training score flash on the screen with the proper assessment I deserve. Maybe not the impossible twelve, though if a three appears on the screen I'm not going to be very content. I exit the gymnasium, giving the thumbs up to Nitro (1). He smiles with delight, knowing that everything went alright.

"Rebecca Roy." The loudspeaker announces. Rebecca (1) prepares for her training session, while I sit down on a bench, waiting for the aftermath of Nitro's (1) individual training session.

Ryan Roy

Nitro (1) exits the gymnasium, smiling. Mercury (1) smiles too, as the duo exits the room and head for the elevator.

"Don't worry. We'll do better. I'm certain of it." Rebecca (1) assures me.

"No doubt about it." I add. If District 1 has to have only two representatives go into the final arena, I'm sure that Rebecca (1) and I would pull off a better run than Mercury (1) or Nitro (1) ever could.

"Ryan Roy." A robotic voice announces through the loudspeaker. I sit up, walking towards the gymnasium. District 1 usually pulls off a good year. The gamemakers are aware about the two sets of siblings in District 1, thus knowing that District 1 has been divided due to the new twist. If Rebecca (1) and I want to gain the majority of sponsors of the Capitol, we need to prove that we're superior compared to our other counterparts.

"You'll do great." Rebecca (1) says, before I enter the gymnasium. The gamemakers are paying attention; just how I want it. I run towards the weapon station, holding up a spear. I look up into the sky, tossing the spear straight into the air. Gravity brings the spear down right into the head of a dummy, which falls to the floor. I take the same spear out of the dummies corpse, and use it as a melee weapon against its proper use. I tear all dummies in sight, until the fabric of the dummies cover the spear head. I toss the spear out of sight, and pick out a sword. I lunge at a dummy, slicing the dummy diagonally in half. Doing a similar method with a spear, start to use a sword as a melee weapon. I throw the sword through the abdomen of a dummy, which creates a gashing hole through the stomach. I pick up the sword, stabbing the leftover dummies in every single area that could be fatal with a great gash and infection. After the dummies are completely demolished, I turn towards the gamemakers. They dismiss me, and I leave the room satisfied. I'm sure I could've done better; though I know what I've performed must set the standards high.

I enter the waiting room, where Rebecca (1) ponders about my performance, anxious about what went down.

"Mercury and Nitro better watch out." I gloat, laughing. Rebecca (1) smiles, giving me a congratulatory slap on the back. The two of us head towards our district floor, not able to wait for the final decisions on training scores which will screen this evening. This will be the deciding decision which will determine the final sponsoring layout. There has been a lot of tension between District 1's tributes, causing the tributes to split. If everything goes our way, hopefully Rebecca (1) and I will appear on top.

District 2

Sovereignty Song

"Sovereignty Song." The computer generated voice announces. I get up from my seat, and walk towards the gymnasium doors. I've got to ace these individual sessions. I've suffered through these once, and I don't want to again. I want to see the day back in District 2, not in constant fear and regret. Even if I do die, maybe there are hopes that I won't be brought back to life to repeat life all over again. I'm not just a puppet in the hands of scientists; I know I'm more than that. It's a life or die situation here; or should I say live or suffer the same fate again. I live the same life over and over again; I have something no other tribute has in these games, experience. I have to use that to my advantage. I know I have the skills, the experience, the natural talent; all I need is a bit of luck.

I walk through the doors, where the gamemakers are still hoping for greatness. Although this year has double the tributes, I'm sure the gamemakers aren't tired from the presentations given. I walk towards the rack, picking up an axe. It's time to show them what I am capable of. I chuck an axe into my fists, staring the dummies surveying me. I slash at a dummy, dividing the stomach. I think back to my past training sessions, and do everything that I've done that stands out in my mind. Although I haven't been here a lot, so far I've been through this process more than any person. After showcasing many several tricks, I go for a show finisher. I stare down my last victim, and slit the throat. The head rolls off of the body, lying limb on the ground. I walk away from the decapitated body, tossing the axe into the head just before leaving the weapon station.

I did very well; I know my performance was great. I'm hoping for one of the best training scores, though who knows what could happen? Though from that performance, I'm guaranteed the training score an average career makes. I walk along the corridor, anticipating the training scores to be announced again. I've done well before, though I'm hoping to do even better this time. After experiencing dying multiple times, I'm determined to not let that happen again. I may be small, though I know how to work a weapon. I have the gamemakers alibies to prove it. After all the years the scientists have put me through, I hope for the day that I'll either possess the victors crown or finally be able to rest in peace. I'll crave the day I can finally accuse the scientists of who they are.

After hiding in silence for so long, I'm prepared to fight for my rights and get my revenge on those who defy me. Nobody can stop me now.

Ryan Johnson

Spencer (2) walks out of the gymnasium, clasping his fists together. I can't tell if he did just how he wanted to do or if he messed up terribly. I'm not too sure, though it's not a surprise to know what I'm hoping for.

"Ryan Johnson." A voice rings from the loudspeaker. I sit up from my seat, as everyone watches me walk into the gymnasium. The gamemakers better soak in this performance, because there aren't very many decent performances in store for them once I'm done. I walk into the room; the gamemakers are still itching for more. Some are inching off to the food cart, though most are sitting attentively taking occasional sips of wine.

I rush over to the weapon rack, and pick up two tridents. Throwing them simultaneously, one hits the abdomen and the other hits the hamstring. Maybe not the best, but I doubt the gamemakers see this very often. I go a bit safer, only throwing one trident this time. After taking a few seconds to warm up, with all my might I whip the trident at the dummy's head which stabs dummies the skull. I replace the trident with a spear, hoping the gamemakers can see I can adjust between weapons. Taking the spear, I shove the spear head up a dummies head. I toss a few spears into dummies using all the techniques I know until the gamemakers stop me and dismiss me. I frown, exiting the gymnasium. I had so much more to present, though I guess there's no use crying about it. I gave it my all, and that's all I can do. The demonstration of my skills had to be great. I may not be the strongest tribute ever, though I know I have a great chance in surviving. With the careers on my side, we'll take down Spencer (2) in a heartbeat. Even if he does pull a better training score, it doesn't mean that he automatically beats me. I believe I have enough potential; enough potential to return home.

I walk back into the waiting room where over forty tributes still are waiting for their name to be called.

"Naria Avenforth." The female robotic voice announces again. Naria (3) sits up and walks towards the gymnasium. I make sure to bump into her and push her to the side. She turns around and gives me a cold stare, though I couldn't possibly care. She'll be dead soon. I walk away, pleasant of what I've performed. I walk towards the elevator and push the "2" button. As the elevator doors close, I hear the faint shrieks of the gamemakers, until their cries are drowned by the close of the elevator door.

District 3

Enera Summers

My individual training session is up next, and I'm not going to lie though I'm very nervous. I'm not very confident I'll get a high score, but I do want to prove that I'm not useless. While I'm waiting, I immediately hear the lights in the gym flicker off and the faint screams of the gamemakers. Everyone in the room is startled by this, and I approach the doors to sneak a peek. The room is absolutely pitch black, and the only think that can be heard is the screams of the gamemakers. One is heard over the others, until a complete silence is heard. Immediately frightened, I step back pretending I didn't see anything.

Moments later, Peacekeepers carry out a gamemaker. He isn't unconscious, though he doesn't look like he will be for much longer. He has a great cut on his torso, in the shape of an "N". Could've that been Naria (3)? She didn't try to make an impression during group training, and she seemed like she didn't want to be here. She seemed like me. Maybe I was wrong. She was always silent, though I didn't think she had the potential of such. Naria (3) exits the gymnasium, looking helpless and fragile. I can see a bit of blood on her sleeves, though she quickly rolls her sleeve up hoping nobody noticed. She walls down the corridor silently, and I start to worry if I'll be able to face her.

"Enera Summers." The loudspeaker finally announces. I take a deep breath in, and slowly enter the gymnasium. The gamemakers look a bit shaken up, though I'm pretty sure they may have seen worse... or have they? I walk into the gym, and I can hear a few gasps from their area here and there. I pick up an axe, hoping I don't do terribly. I slash my axe a dummy, creating a gash. I lash at the dummy a few more times, and then look at my progress. All I've done is scratch the dummy a few times, though I'm sure the wound would cause fatal injuries later on. Coincidentally, I accidentally carved an "N" in the dummy. The gamemakers gasp, one of them screams. They immediately dismiss me, and I walk away sad. I hadn't even been there for a while. I'm not too sure if they'll give me a good score or not. Either way, at least I'll know that I could've done much better if the gamemakers didn't stop me.

"Micah Gigga." The loudspeaker announces. Micah (3) groans, but willingly gets up.

"Good luck." I tell him. He looks back and smiles, walking to the gymnasium happily. Hopefully that boosted his confidence knowing that someone looked at him as a friend. I look around for Fire (12), though she doesn't seem to be here. I guess she's still in her district floor. I walk away to the elevator, knowing there is nothing more I can do. It's all up to the gamemakers now. What will they do?

Digit Starr

Micah (3) exits the gymnasium, looking overall content. I avoid eye contact from him, not wanting to create any contact. He isn't my friend, though he isn't my enemy either. The best thing I can do is just stay silent, and stay loyal to my alliance. If there is one thing we have, it is a bond and trust. The careers will turn on each other in a heartbeat, however for the rest of us we stay true to ourselves and we all have each other's backs. I know with them I'll have a good chance.

"Digit Starr." The loudspeaker states. I sit up, anxious to get this over with. I have a plan; it won't get me too far though I hope it works. The gamemakers have a worried look on their faces, though I couldn't care less. I just want to get out of here. I dash over to the snare setting station, and unravel a bundle of wires. I set them down in an orderly fashion near a fishing station. The generating current will be perfect for my plan. I set the wire in an orderly fashion, meant to guard the camp. I take a quick look at the gamemakers who continue to show no facial expression. I'll need to make this fast. I run to the weapons station, digging through weapons looking for a weapon that may contain a gear or turbine. After searching for a while, a high technical gadget containing a turbine is plucked and taken with me. Dipping the turbine into the water creates electricity. Connecting the turbine with the wire now makes the wire deadly.

I smile, impressed of what I've done. I didn't think it would work, but here it is. The gamemakers still look confused and puzzled; I'm not too sure they know what I could do with this. One of the station leaders approaches me curious of what I've created. Wrong choice. I let her examine the snare for a while. As she gets closer and closer to the set-up, I push her in front of the wire. She gets electrocuted, and falls on the ground. She is probably not dead, though if she was a tribute I'd be able to stick a knife in her in seconds. I cackle, snort, and laugh as I make a dash to the doors of the gymnasium. Peacekeepers arrive helping the station trainer though I'm nearly out of sight by the time they're there.

I walk through the corridor of tributes, wiping the smile off my face. I don't want them to think I've got anything special up my sleeves. I bet other tributes have potential to pull off what I've done, though I'll be able to use that trick later. I hope the gamemakers are impressed; I'm not expecting a 10 or 11 or anything high like that, though a 7 flashing next to my name and picture would make my day.

District 4

Elizabeth Tunstall

I sit awkwardly on a bench, listening to the evil cackle of Elena (4) from the gymnasium. I can hear the many dummies falling to the floor, along with various crashes and banging. Although I've forbidden myself to show it, I'm a little scared and curious. Is that a chainsaw? I can't tell. Soon, Elena (4) walks out with pride. There are various bloodstains, which confuse me. The dummies aren't real people, the name says it. Wow the hell did she come in contact with blood?

"Good luck." Elena (4) says in a sassy, sarcastic tone, flicking me on the forehead. I roll my eyes, showing her I have no interest. All Elena (4) does is sneer before walking away. This is going to be harder than I thought.

"Elizabeth Tunstall." The loudspeaker announces. I get up from my seat, walking towards the gymnasium. Even if I don't do what I want to pull off today, I should do fine either way. I jog into the gymnasium, getting the attention of the gamemakers. I thought they'd seem interested in a careers performance, though they look terrified than ever. I don't know what their deal is. I rush to the weapon rack, ready to give the gamemakers a decent performance. I clutch a sword, sprinting into a hoard of dummies. I ram the blade into the bodies of dummies, performing every single lethal move I can recall during my days of training. As I stare down the broken limbs of dead dummies, I quickly spin around and chuck my sword in the direction of the dummy. Just my luck; the sword blade lands in the bull's eye of the dummies head. The sword's weight tips the dummy forward, collapsing to the ground.

I look through the weapon rack, picking up a trident. I whip the trident at a dummy, creating a crater in the dummies torso. I retrieve my trident, and throw the trident again at the same dummy; the trident soars through the crater, lodging in the wall. I repeat this process a few times, until I can see the gamemakers getting a bit bored. I've proved my accuracy, now I've got to prove my forcefulness. I pick up my trident, and slam the trident into the head of a dummy. The dummy tips backwards, knocking down another dummy behind it, and another, and another, creating a chain reaction. The gamemakers stare at the domino line of dummies, pleased. They dismiss me, and I feel instantly relieved. I've proven what I've got, and I think I've excelled above expectations. I walk away with glee, performing backflips as I exit.

I walk through the mass of tributes still waiting for their individual training sessions.

"Infinity Ocean." The loudspeaker announces. Infinity (4) gets up, and walks towards the gymnasium for his assessments.

"Good luck!" I exclaim. Although he isn't part of the careers, I don't need him as an enemy. If I can get him on my good side, I'll have a better chance at winning. Infinity (4) stays silent, though judging by his personality I can tell it doesn't mean he chooses to ignore me. I walk away towards the elevator, happy of what I've performed. I'm not too sure what Elena (4) did, though I'm happy I accomplished my bare minimum.

Creek Mooris

"Creek Mooris." The loudspeaker announces. About time, I think. I get up, stomping my way towards the door, pushing tributes that are in my way. The time has finally come. I've been working for this moment for years. I've been waiting for this moment for 14 years, ever since I was born. I've spent years cramped in that academy, and I've devoted my life to this. Now, it's finally my time to shine. The Capitol won't know what hit them.

I burst through the doors, slamming them shut afterwards. This attracts the gamemakers, who are looking a bit tired but still are excited for my performance. Like any other career, my first intentions are to arrive at the weapon rack. I pick up a trident, focusing on my performance. I take a few seconds to plan out a format and then I begin. I whip the trident at a row of dummies lined up. The trident goes through five of the dummies stomachs before dropping to the ground. I look towards the gamemakers, who still don't look pleased. I'd better crank it up a bit. I replace the trident with a few throwing knives. I walk over to a different section in the weapons station, which challenging obstacles.

I ask a head trainer for a blindfold, which he gives me eagerly. I pretend to adjust the blindfold, but what I'm really doing is making a little gap for me to see. I don't care if anyone thinks I'm cheating. I'm here to get a good training score. A head trainer hits a button, and dummies appear. What's challenging about this course is that the dummies are in motion, though with part of my visibility this shouldn't be too hard. I toss a knife at a dummy, hurdling towards the head. I toss another at the same dummy, creating a hole in the stomach. Without turning my head, I take a quick look at the gamemakers. Out of the corner of my eye, I see them at the edge of their seats. Perfect. I hold up a bunch of knifes, throwing them all franticly nearly simultaneously. Each knife connects with at least one dummy; not all of them are completely accurate but they all hit. I remove my blindfold, pretending to look shocked and excited, as if I hadn't known before. The gamemakers dismiss me, and I walk out of the gymnasium with my head held high. It's a once in a lifetime chance you get to outsmart the gamemakers. I'm not too sure if that was the best performance; though I've got to say it was pretty good.

I walk into the corridor, proud of what I've accomplished. Now all there is to do is wait. I'm not too sure what the gamemakers were thinking back there, though judging by their facial expressions I'm hoping for high standards. This year's Hunger Games will be a year to remember, I can feel it.

District 5

Jade Venus

"Jade Venus." The loudspeaker announces. The chill voice scares me from my shell, and I start to shiver. I grip my hands on the bench, not wanting to go.

"I don't want to do this..." I mutter, afraid out of my mind.

"Don't worry." Chrissie assures me, patting me on the back. "Just do the best you can. Even if you do end up doing horribly, it doesn't mean everything is over. We can still work with whatever score you get."


"Yes! Of course! I believe in you." I start to smile, building up confidence. I march into the gymnasium with my head up high. I build enough confidence to make a good entrance, though once I lock eyes with the gamemakers my confidence quickly drains away like it had never been there in the first place. I start to shiver, running towards the weapon rack. I reach for the weapon rack, wondering what weapon I should try. I "decide" to go on the easy side with a dagger, until I "accidentally" tip over the weapon rack. The knife I tried to grab stubs my foot. I fake a squeal, even though I was only hit with the handle. The gamemakers laugh, and I pretend to blush looking like I want to run out of there. Though I don't. I stay where I am.

I start to think. What other skills could I be good at? I look around, finally deciding to go to the snare setting station. I was always good with stuff like this. Hopefully I'll build enough confidence to show what I can do. I stretch out a rope, lining it across the ground. Attaching the rope to a tree, I've got a foolproof trap. A bit of camouflage paints, surrounding leaves, grass, and branches from the station makes it nearly invisible. I call for a head trainer, and one approaches. She looks scared out of her mind, as if she was about to get electrocuted.

"Hello! I dropped something over there." I lie, pointing to where the trap is set. "Can you help me find it? I don't have very good vision." The head trainer hesitates, but nods. She walks over to my trap, unaware of what will happen. Immediately, she is yanked up into the air by my rope trap, hanging upside-down from a tree branch with only a single knot around her left leg. She screamed for help at first, but then for some reason looks relieved expecting something worse to happen. Head trainers come to cut the rope from the girl's leg, as I face the gamemakers who dismiss me. I rush out of the gymnasium, relieved it's over. I think I did decent. The rope trap I assembled undid the horrible "accident" I had done at the weapons station. I walk into the corridor where the rest of the tributes are waiting.

"How did you do?" Chrissie asks me anxiously.

"Not very well. I might've, accidentally, uhh..." I mutter. "Tipped over a weapon rack..."

"Aww. That's okay. We'll work something out." Chrissie encourages me.

Tameo Arghus

I shake and tremble in fear. I'm not exactly considered a threat. When the gamemakers get a good taste of what talents I have, the careers will consider me a weak excuse of a tribute. They'll single me out easily, taunting me before torturing me during my last few minutes of living. The thought of it scares me, though I shouldn't make myself think that now. I still have the opportunity to change that. Hopefully if I come with a decent training score, the careers will have thought to underestimate me. I guess a 6 isn't great, but from a careers perspective they're probably expecting a 1 from me. It'll have to do for now.

"Tameo Arghus." The loudspeaker says. This is it. I grit my teeth, clutch my knuckles, and start to walk slowly to the gymnasium. At least the careers won't be here to see this. They've already proven their superiority to me. I stumble into the gymnasium, and the gamemakers immediately turn away lacking interest. I sigh, ready to get this over with.

I walk over to the weapon rack, picking up a bow and quiver. I found use for this once, hopefully I will again. I sling an arrow through the string and release, clipping the ear. I quickly look at the gamemakers; still looking bored but paying a bit more attention than before. I test my luck again, this time the arrow hits the left shoulder blade. I start to tremble a bit, feeling a bit more nervous. I take another arrow, and release, hitting the adam's apple. Another glance to the gamemakers tells me they don't see anything special. Oh come on; that's a pretty good lethal shot. I can feel my arms shaking, not overcoming nervousness. I guess their expectations are higher than expected. I take my last arrow, aiming at a bull's eye. I close my eyes, hoping for the best. Upon opening them, I see an arrow in the center of the head. Did I do that? I beam in glee; that must've been something to adore. I take a look at the gamemakers, who still look bored. Oh come on. I guess I did take a little while aiming, though I did it didn't I? A gamemaker yawns, dismissing me without saying anything else. I frown, turning around leaving. I wasn't really expecting a standing ovation, though the gamemakers just sat there staring into space. I doubt they can recall anything about my assessment. Hopefully one of the gamemakers witnessed my individual training session, I mean, that was the whole point of all this right?

I walk out of the gymnasium, looking away from any career recruits still waiting for their individual training sessions. I bite my lip, hoping that they won't target me anymore. All I have to do now is grit my teeth and worry. Everything now is in the gamemakers hands. One slick movement witnessed will change their minds. It's nerve-racking to think about it, though in the arena it's a do or die situation. And I still don't know where to start.

District 6

Carolyn Maven

I tap my foot impatiently, waiting for my name to be called by the loudspeaker. I rub my knuckles together, trying to control my anger. I've waited long enough. The last thing I deserve is to be upstaged by some weakling just because the gamemakers don't have the attention span to focus on a god damn thing. I've come to the point where I'd literally walk up into the gymnasium, and yell at the tribute currently in there to hurry up. As I'm about to reach the brink point, the puny boy from 5 finally emerges. I don't know why we can't just skip him; give him a 1, and then move on to me. He hasn't done anything good during training, except being beaten by the careers. Maybe he does have some sort of natural talent, maybe there is a possibility that he was purposely trying to look weak, but judging by his body appearance I don't think he's anything special.

"Carolyn Maven." The loudspeaker says. I smirk once. Finally. I get up, and walk towards the gymnasium. I walk inside, and the gamemakers are talking to each other, drinking alcohol. They're not bored, though they aren't focused either.

"GET OFF YOUR DRUNK ASSES AND LOOK AT ME!" I shout, getting the attention of them. Some of them look a bit shocked, though most are excited hoping for a good performance; impressed of my forcefulness. I walk up to the weapon rack, picking up a spiked dagger. I walk up to a dummy, standing still for a moment building up suspense. After a few seconds, I scream at the top of my lungs launching the dagger to the dummies neck. The neck falls off of the body, rolling up to my feet. I pick up the head, cackling like killing isn't a problem.

I toss the head behind my shoulder, grabbing a crossbow. I quickly load the crossbow with an arrow, pulling the lever. An arrow flies through the air, landing in a dummies torso. I repeat this process, until 10 dummies have an arrow head puncturing their stomachs. I take a quick look to the gamemakers; most of them are looking attentively though I can spy one getting bored, drinking out of his wine glass. Out of an act of rage, I load the bow with an arrow, releasing an arrow shattering the man's wine glass. The glass shatters all over the place, with a juicy red liquid staining his nice, luxurious suit. I giggle and snort, running away out of the gymnasium like a maniac.

Hadix Maven

"They'll be scared of you in an instant, knowing that you're a sibling of mine." Carolyn (6) gloats. Carolyn (6) is very proud of her performance, and by the way she explained it she did pretty god damn good.

"Yeah. Though I'm sure I will do well anyway." I say. Even if Carolyn's (6) performance hadn't gone the way it did, I'd still dominate. I'm not going to be overshadowed by my sister, I want everyone to know me as "Hadix" instead of "Carolyn's brother".

"You'd better!" Carolyn jokes around, laughing.

"Hadix Maven." The loudspeaker announces. I step forward, marching towards the gymnasium. As I enter, I see that the gamemakers are eager, paying more attention. Except for one of them, who fled to the back of the viewing area hiding his wine glass. No surprise. I walk across the room, with the gamemakers watching every moment of it. I approach the weapon rack, reaching for a mace. I remember what Carolyn (6) told me about her performance, ready to repeat it. I stare up at a dummy, screaming as I toss my mace at it. The mace soars through the air, connecting to the head of the dummy. I smile, retrieving my mace. So far so good.

I stab the dummies face in repeatedly, laughing during the process. Similar to what Carolyn (6) did, letting the gamemakers know that I won't have a problem with killing. I lift my mace, revealing the bashed in face of what was once properly aligned. I spin around, colliding the spike of my mace into the bodies of other dummies. I destroy dummies in my path, limbs flying all over the place. I look over to the gamemakers, not pleased to find them nearly bored. I try to recap Carolyn's (6) performance, trying to remember what she did. I remember interfering with the gamemakers. I quickly replace my mace with a single knife, whipping it towards the gamemakers. I guess I did copy Carolyn (6) a bit, but who cares? She'll never find out. I run away, as the gamemakers try to settle down.

District 7

Zoe Harrison

"Zoe Harrison" The loudspeaker announces. I sit up, staring at the other tributes observing me. I may look like a sweet girl, though I've got a secret to hide. At least, I hope it is. I walk into the gymnasium, where the gamemakers are talking to each other recapping memorable performances. That won't do. I stare at the gamemakers coldly, though not getting much attention. I shut my eyes and sigh. I guess there is only one option. I send brain waves to the gamemakers, disrubting their memories, temporarily clearing their thoughts at the moments. I see the gamemakers start to settle, most of them paying attention attentively, like they didn't know what hit them. That's better.

I rush to the weapon station, grabbing a knife. I look at the knife, examining its tip. The gamemakers are still looking at me attentively; good. I want them to catch on every single moment of this. Faintly, I can hear tapping along the roof. Looking up, I see two rats running across a beam along the ceiling. Perfect. Illuminating my eyes once gives me full control. The rats pair up, nibbling at the main light source of the gym. As I start to believe the electricity won't hold up any longer, I dash towards a dummy. I'm able to slice the head off the dummy with my knife just before the lights flicker once before drenching the room with darkness. The gamemakers screech, though I can hear some sighs like this has already happened to them. No matter. With the edge of my knife, I lightly tap my index finger. Once the edge of the blade connects, blood spews. I take the headless dummy body, laying it down on the floor. I lightly dab blood on the dummies neck. Next, I scatter to find the head of the dummy. I drizzle blood on the bottom of the head, placing it somewhat near the body. I make a dash to the gymnasium doors, until I hear a faint rustle stopping me in my tracks. I think it came from the tree climbing station, though in the dark nothing is very visible from my view. I forget I heard anything, escaping the gymnasium before another set of emergency lights illuminate.

I take a big sigh in relief, knowing that my individual training session is finally over. Now all there is left to do is waiting and prepare for my interview. I can't wait to get into the arena, forcing one to turn on another with my hypnotism. I don't know what the gamemakers have in store, but whatever they have; I'll be ready for it.

Kenneth Gropes

Jacob (7) walks out of the gymnasium, stretching his limbs. Megan (5) smiles, running up to him. They join hands, walking to the elevator together. If I kill him, I'd be separating Megan (5) from him. I'd hate to be the jerk that separates a relationship; though I also have my younger brother and sister waiting for me back home. I'm not too sure if they'll be able to survive on their own. Maybe they'll be able to hold off with the money they have now, but who knows what'll happen?

"Kenneth Gropes" The computer generated voice announces. This is it. I walk into the gymnasium, with the gamemakers slightly bored. We're halfway through assessments, though for a normal games individual training would be over. I'm surprised the gamemakers are holding out so well. I walk over to a plant identification station, prepared to take a testing. The head trainer files a short registry, and soon a projection appears across the wall. There are pictures of types of plants, along with two boxes labeled "Poisonous" and "Edible". Using a track pad, I guide the photos to the appropriate categories, until all the plants have been categorized. The test is pretty straight forward, very simple given someone has experience. I've completed the test in no time, and the head trainer gave me a perfect score after a check through of my test.

I turn towards the gamemakers, who look bored out of their mind. I guess they were hoping for better. All the gamemakers care for is experience of a weapon, anything else not falling in that criteria they couldn't care less about. I roll my eyes, staring at them waiting to be dismissed. A gamemaker yawns before dismissing me, and I walk away towards the gymnasium doors. Along my way, I have to pass through the weapons station. All the weapons are tempting. Why not? In the blink of an eye, I quickly yank an axe from the handle, and whip the axe towards the direction of a dummy, splitting the head from the body. The head rolls on the ground, and the gamemakers look shocked. They've probably seen better, though I doubt they were expecting something from me. I smirk a bit, before walking the rest of my way towards the gymnasium exit. Hopefully, they'll think that there is more to me than they think, maybe not target me much in the arena so they can see true colors. I'm not too sure if they'll get much, though as long as they're anticipating more for me they'll keep me alive longer. At least, that's my theory.

I walk down the corridor, returning to my district floor. Tomorrow will be my last day in the Capitol, and will it be a long day. Just the interviews left, and I can finally say goodbye to the Capitol. This place may be great, but the thought they're planning at most fifty five of our deaths is unforgiveable no matter what circumstance. After all that happens, I just hope that my siblings are okay back at home.

District 8

Araneae Web

I peer through a part in the branches to see Kenneth (7) exiting the gymnasium. I breathe in a sigh of relief. My position was nearly disposed once Zoe (7) heard a rustle coming from my direction. Luckily Zoe's (7) vision was disoriented during the brief nightfall. I don't want my location to be given away; I plan on not being seen. If I'm obliterated from memory, then my plan can dominate in the arena. "Araneae Web." The computer generated feminine voice echoes. The gamemakers wait for me to arrive, but I don't approach the gymnasium. Why? Because I'm already an attendant. I've been concealing myself, masking myself in a cloak of leaves in the artificial trees. Faintly, I can hear the murmurs of bewildered tributes, curious of my whereabouts. Gamemakers order Peacekeepers to locate me; they move out immediately. Now is my opportunity.

I hold in my palms many darts and a blowgun I retrieved from the weapons station during group training. Placing the darts in a basket made of leaves, I'm finally ready. I glance out of my tree so I have a clear view of the wall in front of me. I instantly prod a few darts into the blowgun, firing them towards the wall. Whenever I ran out of ammunition for my blowgun, I would quickly reload. In seconds, I've created an artwork made out of darts resembling who I am. The darts are patterned in such a way to resemble an arachnid dangling from a cobweb. My heart warms up sensationally, reminding me of home. I continue to remain in my spot, waiting for a gamemaker to take notice. Soon enough, one gamemaker looks off into space, startled when he sees a glimpse of the portrait of darts on the wall. This gamemaker sets a chain reaction, as more and more gamemakers pay attention to the artwork of darts. With a little though into it, I'm sure they'd be able to identify who manufactured it.

So I did it, though now it'll be hard to escape without the gamemakers noticing. I look into my basket to find a single remaining dart. Thinking rapidly, I cast the dart to the side of the area. The gamemakers are briefly distracted by the sound, gazing towards the direction. While I have the time, I spring away, whizzing through the gymnasium doors before gamemakers have time to realize what's happening, leaving without a trace. After a brief moment, the gamemakers come to a conclusion and announce the next name.

"John Kirk." The computer generated feminine voice announces. I shuffle to the side as John (8) enters the gymnasium. I catch a glimpse of the gymnasium through a crack in the door, absorbing the memory of the dart arachnid before I race away.

Kalab Harrah

"Kalab Harrah." The loudspeaker announces. I crunch my eyes close, digging my head into my hands. The pain I'm feeling is indescribable. It's like we're all being called for slaughter one victim at a time. Being a sacrifice for the Capitol's pleasure. What has society come to where one's pain is another's entertainment? This is all inhumane. Little do they know; each tribute sacrificed to the Hunger Games has a life, a family, a purpose on this planet.

I look down to my arm, where a handcraft bracelet is wrapped around my wrist. The bracelet Lace made for me. Thoughts flood my mind, I recap all the happy memories Lace and I have had together. My eyes become damp knowing about the possibilities and probability of me ever seeing Lace again.

"Hurry up. We don't have all day." A Peacekeeper sneers. Oops. I silently get up, walking across the room as the Peacekeeper looks at me impatiently. I enter the gymnasium where the gamemakers have just as much attention span as the Peacekeeper in the outside entrance. Oh well. Let's get this over with. I approach the gauntlet, hoping that my agility will benefit me here. The head trainer holds up a stop watch.

"Ready?" He asks me. I give him a nod, and he presses a button. I guess that means go. I sprint away, jumping from platform to platform. I go as fast as I can, though my expectation of fast isn't very great. I'm one of the slower tributes, though I'm not as breakable. I can hold off the same pace for hours. The first obstacle comes to a distance; a trainer with a paddle. I pretend to duck under the paddle, though at the last second I jump over the paddle. The trainer swung the paddle below me, thinking I would be escaping from there. Perfect. I continue to hop on platforms until the second trainer comes in range. I do a similar strategy, except faking a motion on jumping over a paddle, while I duck under the paddle at the last second. When the third trainer approaches, I jump into the air as high as I can, landing on the plank. My body weight puts pressure on the paddle, the handle cracks in two and I finish the course.

"Not the best, though most tributes don't complete the course." The trainer informs me. I'll take it. I head over to the weapon station, grabbing a knife. I'm only able to toss a knife into the shoulder of a dummy until the gamemakers dismiss me. I sigh, exiting the gym without a word said. I hope I did well, because I'd do anything to get back home. Although I'm not certain I'll win, I'm going to try my best to return home. For Lace.

District 9

Venaya Atlas

My alliance and I are hunched in a corner, talking about silly things off topic. The subject of the Hunger Games is brought up every now and then; though letting my mind wonder relieves the nervousness from my system. I thought I would be very worrisome going into these games, but thanks to Sydney (10), Sarah (11), and Dyoski (13), I sometimes forget I'm in this situation right now.

"Venaya Atlas" We all look up to the loudspeaker and I shiver. I guess I spoke too soon. I wish this could all go away. I lived a relatively normal life until this happened. I thought I could avoid all of this; get a good job, find the man I've always dreamt of, have kids, feel fulfilled. I guess I'll have to work even harder for that to happen now.

I walk into the gymnasium, preparing for the worst. I already have enough common sense to know that the gamemakers crave strong tributes than smart tributes. Thus, I approach the weapon rack hoping I'll have some luck. I look at the bow and quiver, the weapon that ended up making me an easy target by the careers. Even though I'm not very good with a bow, I've probably have more experience with one than any other weapon here besides a scythe. I guess practice makes perfect. I hold up the bow, aligning it towards the head of the dummy. I release, and the arrow pierces the ear. The gamemakers don't look pleased, though that's better progress than I've ever expected. I shoot another arrow hitting the left hand and another hitting the right shoulder. I don't care what the gamemakers think; this is extraordinary for me. Definitely not the skills a gamemaker has, though this is something new for me. It's not like every single person will immediately adjust to being put to what could be a complete death sentence.

I pick up a scythe, gripping the handle. I sprint towards a dummy, hoping for better results. I'm about to show them what I can do until the gamemakers get bored and dismiss me. That's it? That's all the time they're giving me? I'm sure that they give the careers all the time they needed, unless, the gamemakers eventually got scared or intimidated by them or something. Either way, they're even treating us with lack of equality, even when they already put innocent people on death's row. I stomp out of the gymnasium, not angry but a little bit disappointed.

"So, how did you do?" Sarah (11) asks me sweetly.

"Not so good..." I reveal.

"Aww, it's okay!" Sydney (10) cheers me up. "It doesn't decide your fate yet. Don't worry about it now; you can do that once you're out of the arena. For now, just focus on what you're going to do next." I nod, sitting next to my alliance. Sydney (10) is right, I guess. What I did in the gymnasium is now my past. I can't do anything to change it now. I must not worry about it; I'll just get more nervous. The best thing I can do is sit around and wait for the gamemakers verdict.

Daniel Oakman

Treeden (9) and I are sitting on a bench, waiting for my name to be called. We've taken the stress of the Hunger Games very well; in fact we're pretty prepared. There is no point in weeping now; I'll do that if I get out of this nuthouse. Right now I just want to make sure that Treeden (9) is safe. I clutch Treeden's (9) hand as we lock eyes. She lets out a beautiful, luminous smile as she plays with her hair. I hold her close as I slowly lean in for a kiss.

"Daniel Oakman." The loudspeaker announces. We both jerk our heads back, frightened by the loudspeaker. Treeden (9) blushes as we both look around, realizing nearly everyone had been watching us. I hug Treeden (9) once before approaching to the gymnasium. It would take a fool to realize the gamemakers are absolutely high. It may just be me, though I think singing prayers while drinking vodka is a bit of an odd match. I rush to the weapon rack, arming myself with two throwing axes. This is it. I lob one axe after another towards a dummy hoping for results. I beam when my first axe decollates the neck, though my glee vanishes when my second hand only separates the hand. The gamemakers still don't pay any attention, chanting a melody instead.

I grit my teeth, walking to the plant identification station. I take a test, fairly easy being a tribute from District 9. The gamemakers assembled the quiz like they were expecting all of us to be amateurs. If the gamemakers appreciated the mental and physical skills of a tribute equally, I could qualify for a careers standard. I slide my finger across a tablet, dragging pictures of plants to their respective categories. A lime flickering light would illuminate onto a projecting screen each time I got a question correct. Soon, I ace the test the projector fades of color.

I sprint back to the weapon station, clutching two axes in each hand. I casually approach the dummy, staring it down. In a split second, I lash both my axes down onto the dummy, letting the blade tear into the fabric. The dummy separates into fours, declining to the ground. I'm about to go to the wrestling station next until the gamemakers take a break from their karaoke session to dismiss me. I cycle my eyes, walking away from their drinking fest.

I return to the waiting room where Treeden (9) smiles upon my advent. Hand in hand, we walk into the elevator together back to our district floors.

District 10

Revolution "Eve" Militia

My life is a mess. I never asked for it; I never did anything wrong. Or at least, I didn't intend to. Once the tribe I was born into got caught by the Capitol, I had to run. Either way, the Capitol would kill me, put me up for slavery, they could do anything they wanted. There was only one logical choice. I thought I was home free when I escaped. A few years later, my past catches up to me. Now here I am participating as a tribute in Hunger Games. Things couldn't get even worse. At times like this, I look at the bright side; I'm the only tribute who saw their parents in the Capitol. Too bad my parents had been turned into Avox's a few years ago. I thought my parents had died, though being turned into an Avox could possibly be even worse. Now, they're going to have to watch their own child suffer in the arena. At first, I didn't care if I died or lived. The Capitol would still torture me if I did become victor since they know about my past. However, now knowing that my parents are witnessing me untill the very end, I have to survive; for them. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to get them out of the Capitol and instead live a peaceful life. I doubt it, though that would be my dream.

"Revolution Militia" The loudspeaker announces. This is it. I proceed towards the gymnasium, looking straight ahead. I've grown so far apart from the Capitol that I can't even look at the gamemakers faces. Knowing that they're participating in such an act is despicable. I avoid eye contact from them, walking to the camouflage station. A head trainer offers me paints, though to come across aggressive I slap the cans of paint out of his hands, spilling out the paint onto the grass, creating a collage of colors. The head trainer stands there speechless as I dig out some mud from the ground. I smear the mud across the trunk of a tree, adding in various leaves and branches. What appears in my final result is the very head trainer running the camouflage station.

I walk over to the weapons station, grabbing a knife. Walking back to the camouflage station, I stare at the portrait of the head trainer. In a flash, I whip the knife into the skull of the portrait. The head trainer silently squeals as the knife sinks into the rough bark. I continue whipping knifes into the picture until the head trainer walks away in fear despite best attempts to try and hide emotion. I laugh at the head trainer as he walks away, yet does he know that I'm also hurt inside. After all that's happened, I don't want to die in vain. I want to return home with my dignity intact. However, what's done must be done. I walk away after being dismissed, returning to the lobby, eager to return to my district floor where my parents await. They may be nothing more than slaves at the moment, though I love them more no matter what. They may have caused my reaping due to their role in the tribe, though I could just as well have been in their position now, which I couldn't handle. My parents haven't done anything wrong intentionally. They're not the enemy here; the real war here is against the Capitol. If I die in the arena, I hope another will rise and fight back the Capitol. They can't take control forever.

Satan Lockwood

Tributes are scattered all across the lobby; however all of them are distanced away from me. Nobody has been comfortable around me; personally this is how I prefer it. Human interaction is revolting; none of these pests are worthy to be walking on this planet. I will have no trouble killing them in the arena, I wasn't reaped for nothing. I don't see why they aren't trembling to their feet begging for mercy; I'd probably let them live a bit longer.

"Satan Lockwood." The loudspeaker announces. I stand up, walking towards the gymnasium. As I walk down to the gym, some tributes scurry out of the way and others try to look not intimidated. I push the double doors with great force, cracking one of the hinges, causing one of the doors to crash to the ground. Oh well, I guess the Capitol will have to perform some maintenance soon. I walk towards the weapon rack, grasping a knife. I check for an audience, displeased to find one of the gamemakers drinking a wine glass. I scream, launching the knife towards the glass. Instead, I hit the gamemakers hand. Oops, oh well. I never cared for them anyway. The gamemakers panics, pulling the knife out of his hand. He starts to run around screaming, shouting, and cursing. I ignore his cries for help, continuing with my individual training session. It looks like he's going to retire soon.

I reach for another knife, fastening the handle around my fingertips. The long pointed tip can take any life I pleased. Now it's time for everyone to see how lethal I can be with it. I catapult a knife into the skull of a dummy. The veins in my muscles stretch as I plunge the knife deeper into the flesh of the dummy. In seconds, the knife creates a crater in the dummy's forehead. I take a quick look towards the gamemakers, depressed to see they're not impressed. What, have they seen better? Well, maybe I should show them a bit of personality behind the mastermind. I push dummies into a big pile, reaching nearly to the ceiling. Going to the fire-starting station, I quickly snag a few branches and quickly run back to the weapon station where the dummy hill is. Before head trainers figure out what I'm doing and try to stop me, I've already set fire to the dummies. An enormous flame starts dancing and flickering before their eyes.

I snicker and cackle running out of there before the gamemakers can punish me for my troubles. I can hear a loud warning siren followed by the flow of water. I slam the gymnasium doors as the smoke detection system works on killing the fire. Good; that'll show them. I'm participating in their little game; they should give me the respect I deserve. After all, I'm going to bring back the title of the victor. Nobody can stop me; I'm practically immortal.

District 11

Jay Sparrow

I'm in the room outside of the gymnasium, waiting for my name to be called. After being trained, I feel like everything paid off. I think I'll do well this year, I think I made a good enough impression to stand out. Also, I'm alike from last year's Capitol male. The gamemakers might be a tad fonder of me because of the resemblance between the two of us. I'll be able to tame mutts in the arena with ease, possibly mutts stronger and ferocious. If I was reaped last year, I'm sure that he and I would make good allies. We'd be a power house in the arena. Past is past however, and I'm equally as fine with the alliance I have now. We're sizable to take on the careers, possibly even win.

"Jay Sparrow." The loudspeaker announces. I walk up to the gymnasium, waving at my allies before entering. Once I enter the gymnasium, I immediately notice black ashes scattered across the tiled floor near the weapon station. Out of the corner of my eye, I see an Avox pushing the remains of a dummy arm in a closet near the corner of the gymnasium. The thought stands out in my mind, though I brush the memory away a few seconds later. I need to focus on my training session.

I first head over to the camouflage station. I dig through a bunch of supplies, grabbing small cans of paint. I yank a few leaves from the artificial branches and I rip bark off the trunk of the tree. I cake myself in the supplies, cloaking myself in what could be an invisible blanket. One of the head trainers creeps around the station, looking to assist me. She looks kind of lost, not knowing where I am. As she passes the tree I've camouflaged myself in, I pounce, jumping on her back. If that was a tribute in the games and if I had a weapon, they'd be a goner. The girl shrieks, plunging to the hard marble floor.

I'm about to continue my assessment until a loud belch of a gamemaker interrupts me. He sends me out of the gymnasium, ending my individual training session. The gamemakers lack of attention doesn't really pass through my mind; training scores won't control my performance in the arena. Some victors earn training scores of 3 during their games, so I don't think that Individual Training will be that big of a setback. I'm still confident; if I keep my head held high I'm sure I will survive.

Barbarium Polar

"Barbarium Polar." The loudspeaker announces. I take a deep breathe in, stepping up to the doors. I've never felt so nervous in my life. Who could imagine; a 12 year old boy being reaped for the Hunger Games. I didn't even need to take tesserae. We weren't very rich, though we got enough food to survive. I always thought that I was safe from the reaping's. After all, my uncle gave me his word that he'd sneak my ballet out of the reaping bowl every year. He is the mayor. That was never true, it was all a lie. At first, I started to take my anger out on others, though now I think I've calmed down a bit. I'm more focused on surviving; I can't let my rage tamper with my chances in winning.

I enter the gymnasium, expecting the gamemakers to be tired and restless. After all that alcohol they drank, I'm surprised none of them passed out. I guess that's better for me, they won't be pointing out my flaws the whole time due to their lack of attention. I go over to the tree climbing station, grabbing the rough bark covering the trunk. I push off of my feet, nearly flying up the tree. District 11 is known for their tree climbing skills, though mine are at another level. During the Harvest, the youngest are in charge of climbing to the top of the tree to retrieve the apples away from reach. After years of this, jumping from tree to tree is a natural talent of mine.

I slide down the tree after demonstrating my talents. The gamemakers are spinning a bottle around a table, giggling whenever the bottle would come to a stop. Their silly drinking games fail to amuse me, especially at a drastic time like this. As I'm about to approach the camouflage station, I hear the crack of glass and an ear-piercing shriek. I turn to the gamemakers balcony not surprised to see a cracked wine glass on the floor, next to an injured female gamemaker. The gamemakers dismiss me in hopes to give them time to resolve the problem. I'm glad to see that went well, not. What keeps me going is that I did my best; the gamemakers just weren't paying attention. I hope for consideration during the tally of my training score. I'm not expecting the best, though I'm not expecting the worst either.

"Parker Viola." The loudspeaker broadcasts as I walk into the room.

"Good luck!" I say cheerfully. Parker (11) raises an eyebrow, walking to the gymnasium. I don't blame him for being puzzled, though I don't want to leave this place in vain. I don't think I'll win these, though if I do, I want to come back knowing all my decisions were right. I could've been nicer to Parker (11) during the process of these games, or at least less disrespectful. Personally I wasn't very nice before the second twist was announced where we were forced to kill our gender counterparts. I guess I was at a weak and confused state. Well, not anymore. Obviously I won't stand still and let Parker (11) take my life, though I'm going to make actions I won't end up regretting. I'm back and I'm sure I'll do my district well.

District 12

Melanoi Jet

We're nearing the end of individual training; only eight tributes remain in this room. Surprisingly, some of the tributes from District 12 and 13 don't look half bad; some even made it into the careers. I'm not too sure if District 12 is guaranteed a victor this year, though I'm sure at least one of us has potential.

"Melanoi Jet." The loudspeaker announces. I take a deep breathe, walking to the gymnasium with my head held high. Alex (12) smiles at me and flashes a wink. I roll my eyes, looking away. I'm not too sure why he's trying. I don't hate him or anything, though in The Hunger Games I'm going to try and survive, not chase around finding a guy I could possibly like. I step foot into the gym, where a good half of the gamemakers aren't able to stand on their two feet without falling down. I'm not too sure why the gamemakers think that drinking would be appropriate during a time like this.

I walk to the weapon rack, prepared to show the gamemakers what I can do. I think for a second; do I really need to show perfection? I don't want to appear as a threat. I'm not the best in these games; I'd be better off scaling the radar. I've spent my whole life under the shadows uncaught; I could probably stay in the arena for two weeks without any of the tributes knowing my name. Of course getting a high training score would help sponsor wise, though if I can maintain a good amount of supplies I won't need sponsors.

At the last second, I grab a bow. This shouldn't be too hard; I've used one a couple times. Not enough to be an expert, but I can at least hit a target. I quickly load a few arrows and release. One hits the shin, another hits the lower left torso, one clips the shoulder, and the final lucky one hits the right eye. Better than expected, especially considering I didn't try too much. I pull a fifth arrow out of a quiver until the gamemakers dismiss me. That's it? I was only in the gymnasium for about two or three minutes. I shot four arrows and apparently that was enough for the gamemakers to evaluate. I didn't wait for hours just to have a three minute assessment. Their arrogance will be their downfall.

I try to hide my anger, walking out of the gym calmly. I don't want personality to tamper with their decision. Even if I only received a few minutes, I still think that assessment was decent. Not too bad, not too good. That's what I was aiming for, after all. As I am walking down the lobby, Alex (12) stands up to try and talk to me. I give him the hand, walking straight past him. I wish he'd just take a hint. He seems nice, though in the arena, we're nothing but rivals. I'm not too sure if I can trust anyone in the arena without my mentor's consent. In a gladiator free-for-all, the only person I can trust completely is me. I'll have to fight my hardest no matter what it takes.

Alex Sequera

"Alex Sequera." The loudspeaker utters. My training session is approaching, and I have literally nothing in mind to present. The only weapon I could ever practice with in training was a knife. Now, I've paid the price. I thought this would all be easier. I didn't think I could win; though I didn't think I could do this terribly so far either. Being one of the taller tributes, I'm expected to do a bit more by Panem. Hopefully this will all be over soon and I'll get it all out of my hair.

I creep through the gymnasium, the gamemakers look absolutely exhausted. They should've known that drinking has a horrible aftermath. Yet they do it every single year. You'd think with a maximum of fifty-five deaths on the line they'd pay a bit more attention. I quickly run through my mind, thinking of the best option for me. If I want to gain sponsors, a high training score will be a good start. The careers make well with the weapon station, that station must be a favorite to the gamemakers. I should probably start there first. I approach the weapon station, looking at the selection available. I'd pick a knife, though I doubt that would satisfy the gamemakers to their needs. I'll need something greater. I pull a sword from its scabbard; it's heavier than it looks. I'm able to hold it up, though I'm not too sure if I'll be able to attack. I try my best to hold the sword up, but from the gamemakers expressions my face is probably red and drenched with sweat.

You can do this, Alex. You have to; think of your family back home. I tell myself. I start to walk at a snail's pace, slowly picking up speed. I'm about jogging when I can see the dummy in reach. When I'm about to make my move, I see a female head trainer watching me which is a bit too close for my concerns. I snap my eyes shut, slamming the sword down. At first, I think it's the dummies foot, until I open my eyes completely. The dummy stands a few meters away from me. Instead of hitting the dummy, I instead hit the girl's foot. Shit. I guess I should've had my eyes open the whole time. Even then, I probably wouldn't have made a big impression. The girl pouts, groaning as she slowly pulls the sword out of her foot. Blood quickly flows out of her wound and her face turns pale. She tries to stand on her foot only to end up falling in her own clot and gore.

Avox's quickly rush the head trainer on a stretcher, patching the wound with bandages and oxy-cotton. The gamemakers dismiss me and I turn around with my head down in shame. How could I end up failing that miserably? Not only did I miss the dummy all together, I hit one of the head trainers. The gamemakers could've thought of it as a fit of aggression, though I've made it pretty obvious that the whole scene unintentional. I should've probably laughed at the head trainer, yelled at her, or anything that would've made it look intentional. With that performance, who could've possibly done worse?

District 13

Dyoski Milleray

Venaya (9), Sydney (10), and Sarah (11) have all came down to the lobby to cheer me on during my training session. They all could've done better during their training sessions, though they all believe that training scores won't be the end of the world. Unlike them, I'm going to fight my heart out just to get a training score an average career gets. I didn't volunteer for nothing; of course I'm loyal to my allies, though it's going to take much more to take me down physically wise. Mentally wise, I hope for the best.

"Dyoski Milleray." The loudspeaker mutters. I smile, standing up and heading towards the gym with my allies cheering for me. I enter the gymnasium, sort of disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm. I understand that after hours of drinking all they want to do is go home, though the loud snoring of a gamemaker is bothersome and disrespectful. To draw attention to the gamemakers, I'd do what any career tribute would do; head over to the weapon rack and display skills.

I yank a spear off the rack, deciding what to do first. I ponder about making a trap using the spear and some rope, though the only one I could think of involves climbing. I can't climb for my life; I'll save that for when I'm in the arena, where I have my allies.

I settle for just appearing as the girl who isn't a threat, though has a chance. I want to stand out, though I don't want to over shine. Not like I am the best of this whole competition, though I've decided not to push myself to my fullest. I'll save that for the arena as well. I detract another spear off the rack, eyeing a few dummies. I toss both of my spears towards a dummy, the spears pierce both eyes. Huh, better than I expected. I take another spear, targeting another dummy. Being a bit more careless, I hit the upper left area of the abdomen. I can sense the vibe the gamemakers are giving me; I can tell they're already starting to become uninterested after looking at fifty individual training sessions. I equip a silver bow and quiver, notching an arrow and casting my arrow towards a dummy. I pull back and release, letting the arrow soar through the air and land in the nasal region. I'm about to load another arrow until the gamemakers dismiss me. That's it? Oh well, I don't think I can do anything about it. I give the gamemakers a friendly smile before heading back into the lobby.

"How did you do?" My allies say in unison as I burst through the gymnasium doors.

"Alright, I guess. I think I represented District 13 pretty well." I predict. I'm not too sure what the gamemakers thought about my performance, though I'm sure they're taking me into consideration, especially since they've limited my time drastically. I can't wait to see my training score and odds broadcasted this evening, I hope I do decently.

Alexander "Alex" Freefall

The room is quiet and subtle, occupying only one tribute left. The only thing heard is the creak of the hinges on the gymnasium doors. Collin (13) exits, looking down on the floor. Not in a way that he'd be worry about messing up, but in a way that he couldn't possibly care less, like he just wants to get out of here. I can hear the elevator doors open, then close. I'm all alone. I cock a devil like smile, rubbing my hands together. A Peacekeeper stares at me awkwardly, but I don't care. For most of training, I've been confined in the shadows. Soon enough, everyone will see my true colors.

"Alexander Freefall." The loudspeaker announces. I slowly sit up, walking into the gymnasium cracking my knuckles. The gamemakers attention is preposterous, considering they're viewing a tribute of high standards they should be all ears. It's their loss, I can really make an impact on these games, with the gamemakers enthusiasm or not.

I approach a course testing my accuracy and agility with ranged weapons. The head trainer plays with a high technological gadget and a series of dummies immediately shoot up from the ground. The dummies are in motion to make the assessment harder. I take my knives in hand, hitting all the dummies with incredible accuracy. Whenever I would run out of knives, the head trainer would deliver me more. Eventually, about half the dummies have throwing knives arranged in a vertical dotted line plunged deep into their skins. After, I take my sword and decollate a few dummies with my sword.

"You are dismissed." I can hear a gamemakers voice echo as a third head of a dummy rolls across the ground. I can feel something snap inside of me. A fire starts to burn in my heart, anger flushes through my veins. Without any hesitation, I dash to the weapon rack, yanking and whipping a knife towards the gamemakers balcony. The knife sinks into the wall. The gamemakers stagger back, startled and frightened.

"I will depart to my desire." I mutter, as if my previous actions had meant nothing at all. I take my sword, decapitating a few more dummies. I poke each head through my sword as if I was sticking chopped meat into a kebab. I toss the head totem pole away, walking out the door without the gamemakers dismissing me.

Training Scores and Odds

Will be done once all Individual Training PoV's are up.

Tribute Training Score Odds Rank in Training
Morolith Dmitry 8 25-1 26th
Louis Haymond 9 17-1 18th
Sapphire Blackwood 11 6-1 4th
Callie Haymond 9 17-1 18th
Ryan Roy 10 8-1 6th
Nitro Shifter 10 8-1 6th
Rebecca Roy 10 8-1 6th
Mercury Shifter 10 8-1 6th
Ryan Johnson 9 15-1 15th
Spencer Miernava 9 15-1 15th
Timber Fable 10 12-1 11th
Sovereignty Song 11 7-1 5th
Micah Gigga 5 57-1 47th
Digit Starr 6 45-1 40th
Naria Avenforth 11 3-1 1st
Enera Summers 3 75-1 55th
Creek Mooris 10 10-1 10th
Infinity Ocean 9 15-1 15th
Elena Pierce 11 3-1 1st
Elizabeth Tunstall 10 12-1 11th
Tameo Arghus 5 60-1 50th
Ryin Fizi 7 35-1 33rd
Megan Land 6 48-1 42nd
Jade Venus 2 80-1 56th
Lance Majore 8 30-1 28th
Hadix Maven 8 20-1 23rd
Jeanette Hannity 5 52-1 45th
Carolyn Maven 8 20-1 23rd
Jacob Gibson 7 35-1 33rd
Kenneth Gropes 5 57-1 47th
Zoe Harrison 9 18-1 20th
Sierra Waters 9 14-1 13th
Kalab Harrah 5 54-1 46th
John Kirk 6 46-1 41st
Araneae Web 7 38-1 35th
Camellia Winchester 8 28-1 27th
Daniel Oakman 7 32-1 30th
Connor Miller 8 30-1 28th
Venaya Atlas 4 62-1 51st
Treeden Smith 7 32-1 30th
Satan Lockwood 9 14-1 13th
Kahlo Mulciber 6 50-1 43rd
Revolution "Eve" Militia 7 32-1 30th
Sydney Thesisen 5 58-1 49th
Barbarium Polar 3 70-1 54th
Parker Viola 6 50-1 43rd
Sarah Clereden 4 68-1 53rd
Jay Sparrow 7 40-1 36th
Art Caspania 9 18-1 20th
Alex Sequera 4 65-1 52nd
Melanoi Jet 7 40-1 36th
Firethorn "Fire" Massey 8 22-1 25th
Alexander "Alex" Freefall 11 5-1 3rd
Collin Miller 6 42-1 38th
Vanessa Barista 6 44-1 39th
Dyoski Milleray 9 18-1 20th

Lime tributes have an extremely high chance of winning.

Green tributes have a high chance of winning.

Yellow tributes have a moderate chance of winning.

Red tributes have a low chance of winning.

Dark red tributes have an extremely low chance of winning.


Once these are done, the games can start! Took a while, though thanks to all that continue to follow these. If I make another games, they'll definitly not be this long again. Just complete torture. Anyway, once the Interviews are done each tribute should have 2 PoV's. If you spy a tribute with 1 or 3 PoV's, just alert me in the comments section or something. PoV's will start from possible thoughts before Interviews to post-reaction. I'm accepting advice now, though just leaving a comment is equivilant too.


Callie Haymond

I press my ears against the wall to hear the uplifting roar and cheer of the Capitol audience. After all this, I can't help but let out a cheerful grin. Most tributes despise the Capitol, although they seem nice and generous now, they're still plotting and betting on our deaths. However, throughout this whole experience the interviews are the most positive phase in the Hunger Games. I'm going to make the best of it while I can.

"SHUT UP BEFORE I DRIVE STICKS THROUGH YOUR EYES!" I can hear Sapphire (C) shout. The crowd goes speechless for a moment, until erupting in applauds seconds after.

"Oh come on." Louis (C) mumbles. You'd think that if someone was given death threats to others, they wouldn't explode with pleasure. I know that Sapphire (C) is one of the strongest tributes, but that doesn't mean everything should go her way. Either that or all the Hunger Games worshipers from my home city are all idiots. I hate how they give the Capitol such a terrible name. I mean, I can guarantee you not every single Capitol citizen is like this. The Capitol is filled with nice and generous people, however the ones that crave blood and gore are the only people noticed by the surrounding districts.

"It's going to be a tough audience to work with." I say sarcastically, rolling my eyes. I peak through the curtains, watching the rest of Sapphire's (C) interview. Eventually, her interview ends and she walks down the stairs giving me a dirty glare. She's still frustrated with me since I didn't leave the careers; though I can tell her aggression against me is slightly decreasing.

"Now, let's welcome to the stage, Callie Haymond!" Caesar announces. The crowd hollers and cries. Louis (C) gives me a friendly pat on the back before I walk onto stage. I brighten my smile for the audience, waving to the crowd. I show off my fabulous interview dress and take my seat. So far so good!

"Callie! We've been dying to see you out here today! You're training score is definitely admirable, isn't it? What's your secret?" Caesar asks me.

"I definitely think so." I reply cheerfully. "Just get the attention of the gamemakers and you're set."

"Well, whatever you have been doing must've been a common strategy this year. Most of the tributes performed above the original average!" Caesar exclaims. "Speaking of other tributes, Sapphire is an eye catcher. She obtained an 11! She's a threat, and you'll need her gone in order to advance. What are your thoughts?"

"Well, Caesar, let's just say anything can happen. I'm ready and prepared to take on anything." I say deviously, winking to the crowd.

"Well whatever happens, the Capitol audience will still continue to cheer you on. At the reaping's you were the mere talk of the Hunger Games, volunteering for your young sister. What were you feeling then?" The thought of Kathryn swarms my mind. All my memories are happy with her. This question will be too easy.

"Even if she didn't get reaped, I definitely would've volunteered next year anyway. However, I keep Kathryn deep in my heart. I would rather me take her place in a situation like this. It wouldn't hurt to volunteer a year early, especially if it means keeping my little sister safe. In a safe and friendly environment like the Capitol, I'm sure Kathryn is as safe as she could ever be." I respond.

"I'm sure she's cheering for you at home. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she's watching right now. If she happens to be watching right now, what would you say to her?" Caesar questions me.

"I love you Kathryn, and I promise I'll win these for you." I say to the camera. I blow her a kiss, and the crowd goes wild. BUZZ.

"I'm afraid that's all the time we have for now. Ladies and gentlemen, our very own Callie Haymond!" Caesar announces. The crowd stands up to their feet and applauds with a boosting cheer. I walk off the stage to see an angry Sapphire (C), glaring at me; most likely jealous of my interview. Despite the tension, I give her a friendly smirk, walking away.

Louis Haymond

Callie (C) and I are socializing by a nearby bench. She's already completed her interview, which was very impressive, yet I'm in the alpha stages of mine. It's a bit nerve wrenching, though I shouldn't get too overworked at this phase of the games. In the arena, I'll have all the time in the world to ponder.

"I don't care about him. I'm nearly a foot taller than him. He doesn't intimidate me at all. I'll have a fun time taking care of him in the arena. I don't care what the gamemakers think; there is no way I'll be classified as weaker than that pathetic punk." Morolith (C) rants from the stage. It doesn't take long to figure out this anonymous person is me.

"You shouldn't let him intimidate you either." Callie (C) pipes in. "The gamemakers saw what they saw. They obviously saw more potential than you than in Morolith. You'll do fine, I know it." I'm glad to have Callie (C) with me. She brings me a positive outlook in these games. If she wasn't here with me, who knows what mental emotions I'd be suffering right now? Callie (C) and I continue to hold conversation until a Peacekeeper signals me to arrive onto the stage. Callie (C) wishes me good luck as I walk up the steps leading towards the stage.

"Everyone, let's welcome Louis Haymond!" Caesar announces. I smile briefly for the audience who is in an uproar of applauds.

"Louis! Louis! Louis!" A young voice comes out. I shift my head towards the direction of the voice to see a true gift for me. My little sister Kathryn along with my parents taking the time and money to visit me during what could be my last days in life. Even if they can't actually interact with me, this is an irreplaceable offering from the gods that'll stay stained in my memory forever. My smile shines brighter than ever as I sit down in the interview chair next to Caesar.

"Louis, the Capitol can't get enough of you! There are also many questions and mysteries still yet to be answered. Firstly, at the reaping, what were your emotions to make you volunteer along with your sister, knowing that there is a great possibility that you both won't get out alive?" Caesar starts. Gee, thanks, way to remind me.

"I thought it was remarkable how Callie volunteered for Kathryn, though I also feared for her life too. During a time of desperate measures knowing I couldn't take her place, I instead volunteered as the male tribute to maximize her chances of returning." I reply.

"Even if it means you prosper?" Caesar asks. I nod my head solemnly. The crowd cuts short for a second before applauding in my honor and act of bravery.

"I'm sure Callie is lucky to have a brother like you." Caesar exclaims. "With both of your skills, you guys could be a real powerhouse! Your training score truly suits your personality. However, your district partner reconsiders otherwise. Morolith, I can recall. He said some..." Caesar stops to clear his throat. "Nasty things. Is there anything you'd like to retaliate?" I shake my head.

"I heard very well what that brute said. I won't let myself sink to his level. His overconfidence won't do him very well. I'm not focused on him; my priorities are to keep Callie safe." I respond firmly, showing no emotion to Morolith's (C) remark. If he's spectating my interview right now, he's probably not very happy. I couldn't care less though, as I said my mission is that Callie makes it out of here. BUZZ.

"I'm afraid that's all the time we have now. Ladies and gentlemen, our very own Louis Haymond!" Caesar cheers, influencing the audience to follow his lead. I take a bow before walking downstairs and back to the lobby.

"Callie." I whisper. She turns to me in anticipation. "I saw mom, dad, and Kathryn in the audience!" Callie (C) beams with delight. Although she didn't get to see them, she still seems satisfied.

"That's amazing! I wish I could see them one last time..." Callie (C) susurrates.

"Don't worry," I assure her. "They'll always be watching us on the screen every minute. They may not be present, but they're always here in spirit." I look back towards the stage, where I can see my family exit the auditorium through a large part in the curtain. Kathryn who happened to be paying attention locks eyes with me and waves cheerfully.

"Come home." She mouths before exiting the room completely, for me to possibly never see again.

District 1

Mercury Shifter

I'm sitting awkwardly next to Rebecca (1) while we both wait for our interviews. Ever since the twist has been announced, we haven't spoken. It's as if all the bonding we've been through during the train ride has completely vanished. On the train ride, it's as if we amalgamated immediately along with Ryan (1) and Nitro (1). Now, we're forced to turn into bitter adversaries. I cannot allow myself to associate with Rebecca (1). Letting my emotions take over will result in my death, becoming a servant to the beast. I look towards Rebecca (1), who gives me a dirty look, which I exchange back letting her know that the never ending rivalry between us is inevitable.

I see Louis (C) walking down the stairs leading to the interview stage. He assembles with his sister Callie (C) and they both venture to the elevator leading to the district floors. Which reminds me, I always have Nitro (1), right? Although we agreed that he would volunteer next year, I'm grateful to have a protective brother like him. With him by my side, we'll find ourselves flying through the competition.

"Let's welcome District 1's first tribute, Mercury Shifter!" Caesar blasts. I hop from my seat, exposing myself to the audience. Being on the stage is almost overwhelming. I have to be perfect, or at least get a bit of attention from the audience. My stylist and escort worked out a routine for my interview, though all the training we've done sits at a blank in my head. What am I supposed to do?

"Mercury!" Caesar exclaims. "District 1 has been the talk of the Capitol! With the feud that's going, everyone is neck in neck! What do you think about all this?" Feud? What feud? Unless if Nitro (1), Rebecca (1), and Ryan (1) were bad mouthing each other behind my back, it seems the Capitol's media has spread rumors and lies to their citizens. I'm about to reveal the truth, until I realize it could jeopardize everything. Should I keep the war going? It could gain popularity between all of us. If I die, at least Rebecca (1) can continue holding District 1 with pride. I don't plan on letting her take the title, though the whole controversy could possibly be doing more good than bad.

"We've been in hot water ever since the train rides to the Capitol, yes." I start. "Ever since the training scores have been announced, I'm not too sure what's going to happen..." I respond.

"Speaking of which, the gamemakers gave all District 1's tributes the exact same training score and predicted odds of surviving! What do you think about that, what is your input?" Caesar asks me.

"Uhh, I can't really tell if the gamemakers are trying to stir tension or if they really believed District 1's tributes overall skills were equal. Nevertheless, it's driving us to the brink."

"Whatever happens, I wish the best of luck for you." Caesar says cheerfully. "Anyway, since all of District 1's tributes joining the careers would turn their alliance into chaos, you and Nitro decided to form an alliance of your own consisting of other tributes from career districts. How is that going for you?" Caesar questions me.

"Fairly well, I hope. Spencer and Infinity both received good training scores. However, with a sizable number the careers have, I don't think we'll end up dominating the bloodbath..." I mumble. "Though, hopefully, we'll all escape in one piece." I maunder. BUZZ.

"Well that's all the time we have now. Let's give a hand to Mercury Shifter!" Caesar bellows. I receive a standing ovation by the audience before I depart from the stage.

"Good job out there!" Nitro (1) exclaims. "Are you going to stick around for my interview?" I'm about to give him an answer until I hear a grunt. The two of us turn our heads to see the menacing faces of Rebecca (1) and Ryan (1).

"I think I'll bolt, watch from out district floor." I whisper. Nitro (1) nods in approval, giving me permission to return to my district floor to watch his interview without the intimidation of my district partners.

Ryan Roy

I roll my eyes as Nitro (1) gains the hearts of the audience with his overprotection for his sister. It's sickening; just sickening. Why would anyone want to sponsor someone who plans to pretty much die later on in the games? The Capitol audience should be drawn to those who are adamant, ruthless, and barbarous. I'm not too sure if those are character traits to hold above your head with pride with, though it's certainly character traits that'll put you up on top of the food chain. I plan to dominate these games, one way or another. Even if it means I need to asphyxiate everyone in my way, one at a time.

Nitro (1) casually walks across the lobby after his interview, still receiving applause from the audience in the interview stage. Everybody seems to think of him as charming, though all I see is an ignorant, lethargic bastard. I don't care what anybody thinks of me, I don't have any regrets. If I do die in these games, I'll see that little devil in the burning pits of hell with me.

"Everyone, let's give a warm welcome to Ryan Roy!" Caesar cheers. The crowd gives a warming welcome to Caesar's request. I stomp up to the interview stage, giving out an aggressive vibe. I don't want anybody to underestimate me, and this is how I'll prove it.

"Ryan! District 1 has provided quite the tributes this year. According to the gamemakers assessments, District 1's tributes have the best odds of winning! Your competition will be tough this year, what are your thoughts?" Caesar asks me.

"I disagree; I'll fly though this competition with ease. I'm not going to disown my district; I'm going to make it all the way to the end. I'll easily pick off my competition until few remain. I'll guarantee you I'll gain the upper hand in this competition, that I'll be able to savor each and every one of my kills." A few murmurs echo through the crowd, though the majority of the audience is boosting and applauding.

"Well, one thing for sure, your dauntless characteristic will get you far." Caesar renders. "Nitro doesn't think so otherwise. He thinks he's got pretty good shots. He's your competition; get him out of the way, you'll also get half the competition out of the way too. What do you think about him, do you see him as a threat?" Nitro (1), he's absolutely nothing to me. That train ride was all a mistake; there is a reason why all of this is happening. I simply have tougher competition than him, although being my one way ticket to victory; he doesn't come across as intimidating.

"Not at all. He'll be someone to take out before the real fun begins." I mockingly sneer, a bit abundant of myself but gets the job done. He won't be a free kill, though the only thing that could block my pathway to the second arena is misfortune. "In fact, I'm not surprised he hasn't come crawling to me pleading for a hasty annihilation. Otherwise, I plan to savor his death, letting him cling on to his last brutal moments of life. He'll be begging me to finish him off, but I plan to put on a show and I'll have no mercy." BUZZ. I leave the crowd with stunned expressions. Not necessarily in a negative way. My statement is backed up when the crowed erupts in applause as I walk down the stairs leading to the interview stage once Caesar announces my name once more to the crowd.

Walking across the lobby, I spot Nitro (1) in the crowd of tributes. What is he still doing here? I'd expect he'd be running to his sister in angst by now. He gives me an inexorable look with his arms folded. Fine; maybe the interview went over the deep end, though I'm not going to fall into a whirlpool of sympathy for him. This is the Hunger Games; only the strongest mentally and physically will survive. If his death will lead to my survival, then by all means will I be the one puncturing his vital artery ultimately ending his life. If Nitro (1) won't man up and represent our district well, I will. I guarantee it.

District 2

Timber Fable

I unravel the bead crochet from my hair, letting my hair fall gracefully. I don't want to blow my interview; this will be my last chance to make an impression on screen before I go into the games. I can just picture the bloodbath now. I can vision an axe handle in my grasp, sliding the blade across the neck of my victim, causing fractured artery splitting in two, drizzling tiny droplets of clot until their face turns pale. It'll feel good to dominate the bloodbath.

I take a quick look at my district partner, Sovereignty (2). She's been a bit grumpy for the past few days; I'm assuming she's not too happy with her alliance. I'm sure she'd much rather be with the careers. At first, I'm pretty sure that the careers wouldn't be happy to have a 4'5 tribute in their alliance. However, her training scores already surpassed tributes that are 2 feet taller than her. I'm not too sure what her tactics are, but she's a threat. I'll need her out of the way soon.

The sound of footsteps pops my mind bubble. Ryan (1) is slowly walking down the stairs, glaring at Nitro (1) as he walks across the lobby. That must mean that my interview will follow shortly after.

"Everyone, let's welcome Timber Fable to the stage!" Caesar exclaims. I smile eagerly as I quickly walk up the stairs, appearing onto the stage. I wave friendly to the crowd, who returns the favor showing high enthusiasm. Good; I really want to work up the crowd.

"Timber, great to see your dazzling smile here today!" Caesar flatters me. "How has your visit here been so far?" I fake a blush, beaming. I've got this in the bag.

"Absolutely magnificent so far! I've always known that the Capitol has many fine luxuries to offer, though the Capitol skyrocketed past my standards. The community is very welcoming and sincere. I sometimes wish my visit here isn't temporary." I say gracefully, twirling my hair.

"We'd wish you could stay here longer! Don't worry; the Capitol's spirit will carry on through the arena. It'll be like you've never left!" Caesar exclaims. Yeah, no kidding. I think. "Onto the arena, and the overall topic of the Hunger Games, what do you think of this year's twist?" I ponder for a second. Sovereignty (2) is a threat, though my height advantage will give me a great advantage. Still, I'm really curious to find out what she can do.

"Well, if you've obtained the upper hand of the twist, half of your competition is eliminated. With an opponent like Sovereignty (2), I don't know what to expect. I'm not too sure how she was able to pull off that score, though with my height advantage I think I will prevail." I pleasantly respond, not trying to make myself look overconfident.

"Sovereignty (2) did do very well during her assessment, but you're trailing behind her by a head!" Caesar points out. "You've obtained the second highest training score in your district, whilst being placed 11th comparing results! Very impressive results, what are your thoughts?"

"I think I could've done better, though I'm happy with what I've gotten. I hope I've represented District 2 well, though only one of the two reaped females can proceed to the final arena. If I can't beat Sovereignty, I'll fall under the bottom half of the competition, far behind my predicted placement. Though I think I have the confidence, drive, and skill to thrive. I'm going to try my best and fight for my limits in hopes of sitting in this exact same chair during my post-games interview." I beam, concluding my interview. Caesar opens his mouth to speak, but is soon interrupted by the buzzer. BUZZ.

"I'm afraid that's all the time we have. Let's give a hand to Timber Fable of District 2!" Caesar bellows. I run my hands through my hair as the crowd gives me a standing ovation. I blow kisses to the crowd as I walk off the stage, disappearing behind the curtains. I rush past the lobby, ignoring the staring tributes as I pass by, especially Sovereignty (2). Her looks of desperation makes me feel like she has something up her sleeve, I can't help feel she's trying to manipulate me. If so, I won't allow myself to follow under her spell. I only give a friendly wave to Elena (4), who returns the wave, as I exit the lobby. As I walk through the corridors, I'm drowned in silence. Looking around, the hallways are vacant of people. I'm alone in silence.

A menacing grin forms on my face. I throw my head back, letting out a devil-like cackle. Sovereignty (2) may try to take the upper hand, though I won't let myself lose to a 12 year old. I'll have everyone under my spell as I slowly backstab everyone one by one. The oldest trick in the book.

Let the games begin. I think to myself. Let them begin... for real.

Spencer Miernava

I adjust the bowtie on my tuxedo, making final touches to my interview apparel. I've been a bit anxious thinking about the games, though my allies are really close. We don't talk too much, though I'll settle it compared to the mean and harsh vibe you can sense in the presence of the careers. I dishonor the time when I was disciplined to be barbaric and remorseless. I'm glad I met Jade, the girl I loved back in District 1; she changed me on the better part of becoming a magnanimous person. Although she passed away, I've moved on. Even though the inconsolability I've suffered due to her demise, I've finally recovered and moved on as well.

I turn around to see the girl occupied in my train of thought for the past few days. I swear my heart skipped a beat the first time I laid my eyes on her. Her glossy hair whips around, revealing her flawless face. She's sure to win over the sponsors. My face flushes beat red, though I manage to fit in a smile. Not sure what to do, she returns a wave, turning back around. I finally constitute enough courage to slowly make my way towards her, finally ready to tell her how I feel. After all, the games are tomorrow, right now could by my last chance.

Just then, Sovereignty (2) steps off the stage. I can hear my name being announced by Caesar, which means I don't have any more time. I stare at her once more, deciding that this can wait. I shuffle to the stage, rolling up my sleeves to expose muscles for the sake of sponsors.

"From District 2, here he is, Spencer Miernava!" Caesar introduces me to the audience, who respond in an uproar of applause.

"Thank you, it's an honor to be here!" I exclaim as I take my seat. I quickly scan the audience, looking at all the bizarre yet unique outfits handpicked by the Capitol citizens. A taste in fashion like this would never cross my mind, but their preferred attire is the least the surrounding districts would feel discomfort.

"Spencer! So glad to have you here on this stage today. The careers look strong this year, fierce enough to dominate! It's a shame that the twist has to separate the career pack; the spot of District 2 male seems to be unpredictable, since the gamemakers have awarded both Ryan and you with the same odds of winning. Where do you think you stand?" Caesar throws a question at me. It surprised me that Ryan (2) had achieved identical training scores as I did, especially considering I wasn't up to my full potential. I'm not too sure what my skill standards would reach, though I am confident that if I intended to perfect my performance, I would've. However, do I want Panem to know that?

"At first, I was confident in going into the games. Now, I'm not too sure..." I ponder. "I think I have a good chance regardless. My height and experience is prominent compared to Ryan's. If I'm not left with a disadvantage, I should be secured to the next arena." I finish, staring straight into the camera to inform Ryan (2) that I'm not apprehensive; that I'm prepared for the worst. BUZZ.

"Quite a short interview, don't you think? Really quickly, before you go, can we expect anything else from you in the arena?" Caesar says with a wink. Although not communicating the topic specifically, I'm sure he's one of the many that has caught on.

"We'll see." I whisper alchemistical, leaving the Capitol with a cliffhanger. I'll let them figure that out. I step off the interview stage, trotting along the corridor.

District 3

Naria Avenforth

The crowd uproar pursues as the audience waits in anticipation for my interview. After all, rebelling against the Capitol resulted in a high training score. I bet thousands are surprised, I can imagine the bids I'm receiving from the Capitol citizens. I doubt no living soul would ever replicate my performance during my assessment. Now, the only clue the Capitol has is the senseless gamemaker being carried out of the gymnasium on a pallet with an "N" slashed across his chest. Any numbskull could've figured out who was behind this, after all, I'm just afraid about any possible punishment being carried over to my father back at District 3. I've already lost my mother to the accursed Capitol; an injured gamemaker is the least of what they deserve.

I don't want to do my interview. I wish I could just be plunged into the arena and get this over with; even if I do die. I wish our escort wouldn't also play the important role as our stylist too; Ladislava embellished me with the look of a maid. I'm pretty sure she just gave up and asked an Avox for one of their uniforms. She didn't even get the proper size right either, my hands don't even pop out of the sleeves. I'll embarrass myself in front of the nation because of my daft, dimwit Capitol citizen who doesn't have a proper sense in fashion.

I roll up my sleeves, though my horrifying apparel is too revolting to present to the Capitol. I look around at my district partners, all dressed up in the exact same attire as me. Digit (3) looks like he's being suffocated by his own interview outfit, one of the buttons have already fallen off. It's as if Ladislava is deliberately trying to sabotage District 3's last resort of sponsors. I look towards Zoe (7), who has been dressed in the most dazzling, admirable gown I've ever seen in the history of the Hunger Games. I can't help but envy her and her escort, who actually put thought and consideration into her outfit. I'm persisting with a devious scheme of stealing her dress; my name is already being called for the interviews. I mumble under my breath as I drag my feet up the stairs.

"Everyone, let's welcome, the sly and mysterious, Naria Avenforth!" Caesar exclaims. The Capitol audience goes crazy, despite my ridiculous outfit. I nearly forgot; the more hideous your outfit is, the more appealing you are to the gathering. I take my spot in an interview seat, rolling my eyes.

"Naria! Everyone's wondering about you! You've proven to be a real threat in these games, yet barely anybody knows anything about you! Let's start off with individual training. Any thoughts?" Caesar asks, pointing the microphone over my mouth.

"I did fine... I guess." I mutter. The Capitol audience starts to laugh hysterically before erupting in applause again.

"The gamemakers thought differently otherwise; they awarded you with the highest training score in the games! There must be more to that session, what exactly happened in there?" Caesar quiz's me once more. I briefly glance at the gamemakers from their balcony, some jumping when locking eyes with mine. I give them an unforgivable look, resulting in some of the gamemakers excusing themselves from the room. I shift my head back to Caesar, still awaiting an answer.

"Um, well, I'm afraid I'll have to leave that confidential." I snicker, winking into the cameras. There. Let them figure out what that means. I'm sure the unconscious gamemaker was a good enough hint. Then again, all Capitol citizens are compulsive idiots.

"Fair enough. Now, Naria, are there any tricks you have up your sleeves? Are there any final thoughts about your competition before we sign off?" Caesar urges me, practically prodding the microphone at my face. I ponder for a moment before abandoning the subject. I'd rather leave my capabilities and history secretive; I wouldn't want anyone to exploit my tactics.

"Let's just say, these games will truly be one of a kind..." I contemplate. BUZZ. I glance back at the audience once more, flashing a smirk before disappearing off the stage before Caesar can promulgate my name to the audience. I stomp down a flight of stairs, ripping my heels from my feet. My scorching blisters pulse once being exposed to oxygen. I swear Ladislava and her absurdity will result in my eternal rest. Whatever, I just want to get this over with. The Capitol will pay for the assassination of my mother.

Micah Gigga

Caesar: Now, let's welcome, Micah Gigga of District 3!

Micah: Thanks! I'm happy to be here.

Caesar: I'm happy to have you here! Are you enjoying your stay here? What's the finest luxury the Capitol has to offer?

Micah: I'm not too sure; everything is amazing here. District 3 isn't much compared to here.

Caesar: Well, all I can say is enjoy your time here while it lasts! So, during group training, we saw you with your alliance during the first day. You seemed to detach later on. How do you stand with your alliance?

Micah: Um, oh no. I'm still with them. I'd be better off with them than alone...

Caesar: The people running the alliance, Hadix and Carolyn, are definitely huge threats especially when allied together. What do you think about them?

Micah: Well, uhm, I'm glad to be on their side. BUZZ.

District 4

Elena Pierce

Caesar: Let's give a hand to Elena Pierce of District 4!

Elena: You look like a deformed clown.

Caesar: I'll take that as a compliment, I guess. So, your individual training score is truly astounding. It's tied for the highest in the games--

Elena: I know that.

Caesar: As I was saying, the only other tribute that could top that was the girl from three--

Elena: I said I know that. I don't want to discuss this topic any further.

Caesar: You guys have the highest odds out of your competition! Do you have any thoughts?

Elena: She made a bad mistake. If she thinks she'll be able to stand at my level, then she's wrong. She'll get her time of fame now, but her rise of success will plummet when I slit her throat. BUZZ.

Infinity Ocean

Caesar: Next up, Infinity Ocean of District 4!

Infinity: Hey, Caesar.

Caesar: So, your individual training score is impressive! You've definitely achieved a career's standard. Your alliance performed well also. Why did you guy choose to abandon the careers?

Infinity: The additional twist this year will split sides within the careers. I'd rather not be drawn between the conflicts. I guess my allies had similar intentions.

Caesar: I see. And what makes your alliance strong as a group?

Infinity: Well, we're all from career districts. I have to admit, we are outnumbered in this scenario, though we're all loyal with each other. We have good chemistry; something the careers will never have.

Caesar: I'm sure you guys will do great in the arena! Though, I'd bet my marbles that the careers ought to target you in the arena? Any thoughts?

Infinity: I'll be prepared for then. BUZZ.

District 5

Megan Land

Caesar: And now we have Megan Land of District 5!

Megan: Thanks, Caesar!

Caesar: Now, Megan, I'm sure you've been expecting this. This has definitely been a trending topic in the Capitol. What do you think about Jacob?

Megan: I'm happy to be with him again.

Caesar: Oh, so you've known him before? Tell us about that.

Megan: Well, he left for District 7 a while back. I've been missing him ever since. I'd never expect to reunite with him here.

Caesar: What a shame. You know what, though? I have a feeling that everything's going to work out.

Megan: You really think so?

Caesar: I'm positive. BUZZ.

Ryin Fizi

Caesar: Let's welcome Ryin Fizi!

Ryin: Hey, Caesar!

Caesar: So, what do you think about your fellow tributes this year?

Ryin: This year seems tough. Everyone seems to have their own unique talent. I'm still sure I'll do relatively well.

Caesar: This year will definitely be a year to remember! Your training score is very decent well, coming from District 5. Any thoughts?

Ryin: I could've improved on my performance, but I gave it my best. There's no turning back now.

Caesar: Lastly, what's your input about your alliance?

Ryin: We've sort of developed sub-alliances within our alliance, though I can tell we all need each other. We've got tributes of all different skills; we're a well-rounded group. I think we have great hopes. BUZZ.

District 6

Jeanette Hannity

Caesar: Now, we have Jeanette Hannity of District 6!

Jeanette: Hello...

Caesar: First off, you look wonderful tonight! Your escort truly captured your beauty.

Jeanette: Oh, thank you, I'm flattered!

Caesar: Now, most of the Capitol remember you from your reaping! This might be a sensitive topic, though it would've been brought up sooner or later. Who was that young lad on the stage?

Jeanette: My... my younger...-- My younger brother.

Caesar: It's alright; don't cry. He's in a better place now. I'm sure he's watching over you.

Jeanette: ... BUZZ.

Lance Majore

Caesar: Let's welcome Lance Majore!

Lance: Thanks, man.

Caesar: Now, you're alliance is quite the threat. Unanimously one of the greater in size. What's your input on your alliance?

Lance: We all have our different skills. I doubt the careers take lessons on knot tying in their respective training academies. We'll survive in the wild for a while with our combinations of strengths.

Caesar: You guys all seemed to co-operate together very well during group training. Your alliance literally flew by each station! Aside from your allies, what about your district partners?

Lance: Hadix and Carolyn isolate themselves from Jeanette and I, which I'm fine with. Jeanette is really sweet, we get along fairly well. She's so considerate and innocent; I'm sure I could trust her if we bumped into each other in the arena. BUZZ.

District 7

Sierra Waters

Caesar: From District 7, we have Sierra Waters!

Sierra: Whatever.

Caesar: Quite the training score you've obtained! How did you manage it?

Sierra: Why do you want to know?

Caesar: I'm just wondering. You must be skilled to achieve a score like that.

Sierra: What's it to you?!

Caesar: I'm sure I'm speaking for the Capitol when I say we're all dying to know. You've shown yourself to be quite fierce during group training; a great quality to have in the games! What's your secret?

Sierra: I owe the Capitol nothing, their just a nuisance to the nation. But, I'll tell you anyway to get my point across so you'll shut your god damn mouth. I'm not a weakling. I'm straight to the point. I don't have any time for that 'savoring the moment' bullshit. The careers have nothing on me.

Caesar: Well, not to be to direct, but I sensed some hesitation at that last sentence.

Sierra: Fuck you. BUZZ.

Kenneth Gropes

Caesar: Next up we have Kenneth Gropes from District 7!

Kenneth: Hi, everyone!

Caesar: Kenneth, it's a pleasure to have you here! Are you enjoying your stay at the Capitol?

Kenneth: I guess so. The Capitol citizens are very welcoming!

Caesar: I'm glad you're enjoying your stay here! Prior to arriving to the Capitol, what was your life like back at District 7?

Kenneth: Well, life there was always quiet. My family never had to worry about finances like other familes do in District 7. As far as luxury goes, we were able to enjoy the finer things in District 7. I'm really grateful to have a supportive and loving family. I wish I could see them again.

Caesar: I'm sure they're watching this interview right now! Is there anything you'd like to say to them?

Kenneth: I miss you guys so much. I promise I'll fight my hardest to return home. BUZZ.

Writers Note: I'm truly sorry, but ever since group training ended I've never had motivation for individual training and interviews. The routine just seemed identical every single time. It was like I was writing exactly the same thing twenty-eight times. This exact thing happened in my last games. I just shrugged it off, thinking that maybe I'm just running out of ideas, but it's happened again.

Furthermore, I've decided to completely end the interviews. I'm sorry if your tribute didn't receive their second PoV, though that won't change their placing in these games. I may specifically give tributes PoV's if they haven't received two yet, or maybe not. I'm just going to skip right to the games, which I've had ideas built up forever since the beginning! I've ached to begin them ever since sign-ups started. I'll try to update as much as I can! :D

The 2nd Hunger Games

Tribute Status Table

District Name Supplies Needs Location
C Morolith Dmitry Kopis. Cornucopia
C Louis Haymond Cornucopia
C Sapphire Blackwood Bow, Arrows (9). Cornucopia
C Callie Haymond Cornucopia
1 Ryan Roy Cornucopia
1 Nitro Shifter Cornucopia
1 Rebecca Roy Cornucopia
1 Mercury Shifter Cornucopia
2 Ryan Johnson Cornucopia
2 Spencer Miernava Cornucopia
2 Timber Fable Cornucopia
2 Sovereignty Song Cornucopia
3 Micah Gigga Cornucopia
3 Digit Starr Cornucopia
3 Naria Avenforth Cornucopia
3 Enera Summers Cornucopia
4 Creek Mooris Cornucopia
4 Infinity Ocean Cornucopia
4 Elena Pierce Trident. Cornucopia
4 Elizabeth Tunstall Trident. Cornucopia
5 Tameo Arghus Cornucopia
5 Ryin Fizi Cornucopia
5 Megan Land Cornucopia
5 Jade Venus Cornucopia
6 Lance Majore Cornucopia
6 Hadix Maven Cornucopia
6 Jeanette Hannity Cornucopia
6 Carolyn Maven Cornucopia
7 Jacob Gibsonn Cornucopia
7 Kenneth Gropes Cornucopia
7 Zoe Harrison Cornucopia
7 Sierra Waters Cornucopia
8 Kalab Harrah Cornucopia
8 John Kirk Cornucopia
8 Araneae Web Cornucopia
8 Camellia Winchester Cornucopia
9 Daniel Oakman Cornucopia
9 Connor Miller Cornucopia
9 Venaya Atlas Toast x2 (2), Matches, Night-Vision Glasses. Cornucopia
9 Treeden Smith Cornucopia
10 Satan Lockwood Cornucopia
10 Kahlo Mulciber Knapsack, Canteen, Spile, Burn Cream, Blanket, Sword. Cornucopia
10 Revolution "Eve" Militia Cornucopia
11 Barbarium Polar Cornucopia
11 Parker Viola Cornucopia
11 Sarah Clereden Axe, Poison, Rope. Cornucopia
11 Jay Sparrow Cornucopia
12 Art Caspania Axe. Cornucopia
12 Melanoi Jet Shurikens, Soup. Cornucopia
12 Firethorn "Fire" Massey Cornucopia
13 Alexander "Alex" Freefall Cornucopia
13 Collin Miller Cornucopia
13 Vanessa Barista

Knapsack, Poison, Iodoine, Neosporin, Water (2), Dagger.

13 Dyoski Milleray Knife, Tent, Water. Cornucopia

Death Chart

Place District Name Killer Method Day
56th 12 Alex Sequera Sapphire Blackwood Arrow punctured skull. 1
55th 10 Sydney Thesisen Art Caspania Cranium divided in two. 1

Day 1

Vanessa Barista - District 13

In an instant, I'm rendered purblind on account of blazing sun radiation. I rely on my auxiliary senses to temporarily identify the arena. The overall aura is unquestionably recognizable, as if I've visited this region before. As I regain visibility, I'm complimented with a blissful surprise. Everything is discernible, from the charcoal pathways to the series of decaying huts.

The Cornucopia's surroundings suggest it had been colonized recently. A sequence of deteriorating mossy stone brick buildings are distributed around the city. They're not dependable sources of shelter, however I'm sure tributes will pursue refuge in the shacks. Since this town was once inhabited, there is an opportunity for stock and rations. The Cornucopia is in the midst of the community. There are unusually immense amounts of weaponry equipment. In the interior of the Cornucopia, tiers of spears and bows line the central walls. I'm sure the Capitol is guaranteed an intriguing, berserk bloodbath purge.

Beyond the suburb boundaries, there is a smooth yet precipitous transition between colonization and timberland. The forest is relatively dense, a superb and ideal camouflaged location. I could slit a tributes cervix and drag their emaciated, blood-soaked, shrieking body down a vibrant path without anyone drawing attention; not like I'd ever consider committing such an atrocious felony. My aspiration is that I'm never compelled to engage in this massacre.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let the 2nd Annual Hunger Games begin!" The head gamemaker announces in an amplifier. The pressure sinks in and an automated projection is cast towards the heart of the Cornucopia. I promptly pinpoint Sierra (7) on her pedestal inspecting a bundle of sharpened axes strangely stationed yards away from her platform. Her intentions on the upcoming bloodbath are crystal. I'm astonished that tributes are considering participating in the carnage, whereas survival necessities are available at arm's reach, which will only seize half a minute retrieving. I can't establish Kahlo's (10) whereabouts, though I perceive we share identical motives.

As the countdown reduces to the single-digits, epinephrine glands pulse through my veins. Once the gong buzzes, I surge through the swarm of tributes, slithering a maroon knapsack around my shoulders. A spare dagger is strapped to its side, which I urgently constrict into my back-pocket. I'm preparing my departure when I overhear the grinding gravel trailing behind me. I spin around and wail in agony.

Sapphire Blackwood - Capitol

I gallop into the center of the massacre, extricating the stress from my body. I’m driven to blossom in this pageant in regards of my brother. His departure under no circumstances will be elapsed. His soulful essence will shelter me from tribulations. I’m determined to go down in antiquity, I’ll proudly bear an eloquent legacy that will even surpass Katniss’ heritage. I tug a shimmering, platinum bow and a sheath of arrows, bashing the residual weaponry to the rugged gravel. Now, everyone pursuing for a bow will be hindered while gathering Cornucopia reserves, including Callie (C).

I stroll into the clearing, surveying my competition. I deadlock my target, plucking various survival articles near the Cornucopia borders. I only reminisce her attendance because she’s associated with that hulking, colossal girl from seven. Except she isn’t meddlesome to my prey at the current moment. I soak my lips, stalking my prey like an aggressive lion analysing a feeble gazelle in the savannah plains. I swiftly chip an arrow, directing a lethal projectile perpendicular to her forehead. One quick release marks a deafening, beastly squawk. Her wilting body dives to the shingles in a terrible dance. I mischievously, cruelly snarl and cackle, acknowledging the first fatality of the games.

Or so I thought. I’m granted an infuriating surprise when Vanessa (13) faintly rises, removing a single arrow entangled in her hair, a slender line of clot streaking her eyebrows. I grunt in resentment, reaching for another arrow. I deliver another missile concentrated on her skull. Kahlo (10), watching from afar, springs into combat. He dives towards Vanessa (13), sparring her from an excruciating, ghastly death. The duo hastily abscond into the depths of the arena. I curse heatedly. How did they flee so effortlessly?

I shuffle towards Elena (4), who has Alex (12) at her mercy. A golden, radiant trident is in her grasp as she torments the destitute fool during his finishing minutes of existence. I release a rapid arrow into the boy’s cranium. The arrow infiltrates his skull, propelling dense, concentrated plasma into Elena’s (4) face. Unlike Vanessa (13), I can guarantee his death. Elena (4) glimpses at me in revulsion with an indignant look in her cornea, cleaning the gore from her eyelids.

“You fucker, that was my kill!” She barks wrathfully, flapping her fist in the sky.

“Deal with it.” I scowl repulsively, turning my back against her. I sassily stomp away, snickering away savagely. I didn’t volunteer to be outshined by some obnoxious, demanding, spoiled girl. I’m here to win.

Art Caspania - District 12

Melanoi (12) observes Alex’s (12) cadaver in repulsion before tearing into the distance, vanishing behind a stone brick building. I feel appalling for expressing pleasure after my district partner’s passing, though I’ve just acquired a position in the final arena without raising a finger. What lies ahead is enigmatic, but what I can recognize is the gamemakers need their District 12 male. Perchance, if I persist during the bloodbath, I’ll be immediately relocate to the ultimate arena securely.

I close in on an alliance imprudently attempting to salvage an Oakwood crate. Elizabeth (4) observes the group as well, lobbing her glimmering trident into the air. The trident’s spike collides with the crate, spontaneously shattering on contact, survival provisions and wooden planks raining everywhere. In a hurry, the girls feverishly stampede to recollect supplies. However, one of them gradually raise their heads in extensive panic when I unlash my axe from my belt.

“Run!” Venaya (9) cries. Dyoski (13) plucks a hatchet resting in the grass and chucking the deadly blade. I merely duck from the weapon as it nicks my thumb, a slight grace but scarcely agonizing. The pact attempt to flee the bloodbath with limited resources. I wedge my axe in the ankle of one girl; she yelps in distress as she stumbles to the mud, blood gushing from her wound. As I tower her enervated figure, she overlooks me in shock. I pity the deprived girl, nobody should grieve and writhe through this.

“Pl-…please…” The girl whimpers and snivels before recognizing negotiation is impracticable; her survival is slender. “Make it fast…” I obey the grief-stricken maiden’s last request, digging my axe blade into her skull, washing her once beautiful figure with scarlet. There’s a cavernous crater with torn arteries and tissue colliding with a sticky, thick crimson liquid, oozing from her mutilated cranium. I hope her gruesome death was swift and utterly painless.

“Sydney!” Sarah (11) cries from a distance, blemished with the explicit, vivid murder, inadvertently forgotten by her allies. She ascents to her feet, bolting away leaving a veil of dust behind her. Morolith (11) blinded by his desire to eradicate and abolish, slides his Kopis from his sheath and pursuing his victim.

Sarah Clereden - District 11

Sponsoring System

How to sponsor:

In the arena, there will be a tribute status posting what a tribute has and what a tribute needs.

To sponsor a tribute, just post in the comments: "I sponsor "tribute's name here" "sponsor item(s) here"."

You start off with sponsoring your own tributes. You can also sponsor other tributes with the extra space you may have. If you don't have any tributes in these games, you can still sponsor.

There will be a list of sponsoring items you can sponsor a tribute. If you want to sponsor an item not on the sponsor list, I will review that item and add the item if it's reasonable.

You can ONLY swap tributes to sponsor if both tributes...

- Are not your tributes.

- Haven't died.

If your tribute follows those two categories, you can switch.

Each tribute will start off with $500 sponsoring money, and possibly more if they won their bets from previous games. If you run out of money for that tribute, you run out of money for that spot. If you replace a tribute with another, they keep the sponsoring money they had previously.

Sponsoring Table:

User 1st Tribute 2nd Tribute 3rd Tribute 4th Tribute 5th Tribute

Alex Sequera



Sarah Clereden


Kahlo Mulciber


Mercury Shifter


Vanessa Barista



Timber Fable


Daniel Oakman


Treeden Smith


Digit Starr


Tameo Arghus


Blissfully Mine

Sapphire Blackwood


Lance Majore


Sierra Waters


Firethorn "Fire" Massey



Enera Summers


Creek Mooris


Kalab Harrah


Venaya Atlas



Ryan Roy


Rebecca Roy


Vanessa Barista


Jeanette Hannity


Spencer Miernava



Nitro Shifter


Dyoski Milleray


Infinity Ocean


Camellia Winchester


Megan Land



Camellia Winchester



Megan Land


Jacob Gibson


Sydney Thesisen



Alexander "Alex" Freefall



Elena Pierce



Melanoi Jet


Camellia Winchester


Equestria Gurl

Louis Haymond


Callie Haymond


Rebecca Roy


Vanessa Barista


Revolution "Eve" Militia


Fawkes and Dobby

Naria Avenforth


Fluffeh Kitteh

Araneae Web


Hello im cat lady

Jade Venus


Araneae Web


Elizabeth Tunstall


Callie Haymond


Sierra Waters


Hermione The Erudite

Jeanette Hannity


Callie Haymond


Parker Viola


Art Caspania


Melanoi Jet



Sapphire Blackwood


Callie Haymond


Spencer Miernava


Elena Pierce


Jade Venus



Micah Gigga


Ryin Fizi


Parker Viola


Mercury Shifter


Jay Sparrow



Connor Miller


Collin Miller



Infinity Ocean


Barbarium Polar



Kenneth Gropes


John Kirk


Raven HG

Hadix Maven


Carolyn Maven


Rainbow Shifter

Nitro Shifter


Mercury Shifter



Art Caspania


Revolution "Eve" Militia


Melanoi Jet


Nitro Shifter


Alexander "Alex" Freefall



Nitro Shifter


Mercury Shifter


Melanoi Jet


Ryin Fizi


Naria Avenforth



Spencer Miernava


Araneae Web



Ryan Johnson



Digit Starr


Zoe Harrison


Satan Lockwood


Jay Sparrow


Spencer Miernava



Spencer Miernava


Tameo Arghus


Sarah Clereden


Dyoski Milleray


Timber Fable


Wikia Contributor A Sapphire

Naria Avenforth


Rebecca Roy


Kahlo Mulciber


Vanessa Barista


Firethorn "Fire" Massey


Wikia Contributor B

Jeanette Hannity


Vanessa Barista


Art Caspania


Naria Avenforth


Dyoski Milleray



Morolith Dmitry



Elizabeth Tunstall


Jeanette Hannity


Kahlo Mulciber


Art Caspania


Rebecca Roy


.:~*Golden Viper*~:.

Sovereignty Song


Revolution "Eve" Militia


Bolded tributes belong to the owner.

Italic tributes don't belong to the owner.

Green tributes are still competing.

Red tributes are dead.

Blue tributes won.

Yellow tributes escaped.


If you want anything added to the list, say so in the comments. If I think that item is reasonable I'll add it.

Climate & Shelter:

Blanket - $25

Coat - $25

Tent - $100

Food & Water:

Bread - $50

Canteen - $75

Dried Fruit - $50

Dried Meat - $75

Toast - $25

Spile - $125

Soup - $50

Water - $50

Potions, Medicines, Chemicals:

Antidote - $75

Burn Cream - $75

Iodine - $75

Neosporin - $75

Epic Toast (Instant Relief) - $400

Poison - $75


Arrows (12) - $50

Axe - $150

Awl - $100

Blowgun - $100

Bow - $150

Crossbow - $250

Cutlass - $175

Dagger - $75

Darts (10) - $25

Hatchet - $150

Knife - $75

Kopis - $150

Mace - $150

Death Stars (8) - $100

Scythe - $150

Shuriken - $150

Sickle - $100

Slingshot - $100

Spear - $175

Steel Ball for Slingshot (15) - $25

Sword - $175

Trident - $250

Throwing Axes (3) - $250

Throwing Knives (3) - $150

Tomahawk - $150

Unactivated Explosive - $400

Wire - $25


Empty Knapsack - $25

Fishing Hook - $25

Floatation Belt - $150

Matches - $25

Net - $50

Night-Vision Glasses - $200

Plastic - $25

Raft & Paddles - $175

Rope - $25

Wire - $25

Italic items cannot be found in the arena.

Day 1

Betting System

How to Bet:

In the Capitol, the residents bet tributes and recieve money when the tribute places well.

To bet a series of tributes, just post in the comments: "I bet "tribute name" will place "rank from 1-5", "tribute name" will place "rank from 1-5", e.t.c."

You can bet any tribute, the tribute doesn't have to be yours. You don't even have to have a tribute in these games, you can still bet. However, all sponsor money won in these games will only be valid in the next games in the series.

If the tribute ranks in the top 5, you get $100. If you guess the tribute's accurate placing, you get $200.

You can ONLY swap tributes before the games start.

You will be allowed to sponsor 5 tributes. You must list which tribute will place where in the Top 5. Once the games have commenced, your bet is set and there is nothing else you can do but send advice and sponsor. If a tribute you guessed doesn't make it into the top 5, you don't earn money. If a tribute you guessed makes it into the top 5, you earn $10 for my next games if you enter. If a tribute you guessed earns the accurate place you gave it, you earn $200 for my next games if you enter. All in all, the minimum you could earn is $0 and the maximum you could earn is $1000. The greatest percent of price money earned is 10%, 50/500, earned by ViniciusDeAssis1999 and ~PopTart~. Lets see if someone can break that record!

You may place & switch your bets at any time, though once the games have begun you can't change or place a bet.

TIP: If you give your tributes good advice and sponsor them well, that tribute will probably place well. Training scores sometimes do matter, though the best thought out tributes have more of an effect.

Betting Table:

User 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place Money Earned Percent
AxedFox Vanessa Barista Louis Haymond Sapphire Blackwood Rebecca Roy Treeden Smith $0 0%
Cloveismywife Rebecca Roy Vanessa Barista Firethorn "Fire" Massey Spencer Miernava Jeanette Hannity $0 0%
CloveJohanna Revolution "Eve" Militia Firethorn "Fire" Massey Venaya Atlas $0 0%
Equestria Gurl Naria Avenforth Sarah Clereden Callie Haymond Zoe Harrison Jade Venus $0 0%
Fluffeh Kitteh Rebecca Roy Camellia Winchester Zoe Harrison Elizabeth Tunstall Jay Sparrow $0 0%
Fawkes and Dobby Naria Avenforth Firethorn "Fire" Massey Spencer Miernava Timber Fable Nitro Shifter $0 0%
Dedejacob Megan Land Jacob Gibson Art Caspania Alexander "Alex" Freefall Morolith Dmitry $0 0%
Ducky35 Melanoi Jet Ryan Roy Callie Haymond Rebecca Roy Morolith Dmitry $0 0%
Eleni12 Rebecca Roy Sarah Clereden Elena Pierce Melanoi Jet Jeanette Hannity $0 0%
Hello im cat lady Sarah Clereden Kenneth Gropes Nitro Shifter Sapphire Blackwood Jade Venus $0 0%
HGClatoLover Firethorn "Fire" Massey Sapphire Blackwood Sierra Waters Vanessa Barista Rebecca Roy $0 0%
MissRandomStuff Zoe Harrison Dyoski Milleray Kahlo Mulciber Callie Haymond Louis Haymond $0
Moviepopcorn123 Parker Viola Art Caspania Mercury Shifter Callie Haymond Ryin Fizi $0 0%
MyWorld Art Caspania Spencer Miernava Rebecca Roy Nitro Shifter Infinity Ocean $0 0%
Nhtomahawks22 Melanoi Jet Spencer Miernava Rebecca Roy Ryan Roy Callie Haymond $0 0%
Ougi-kun Spencer Miernava Kahlo Mulciber Naria Avenforth Alexander "Alex" Freefall Kenneth Gropes $0 0%
TBWTPT Melanoi Jet Callie Haymond Timber Fable

Spencer Miernava

Art Caspania $0 0%
Theman77 Satan Lockwood Ryan Johnson Mercury Shifter John Kirk Megan Land $0 0%
TheMysteriousGeek Revolution "Eve" Militia Nitro Shifter Alexander "Alex" Freefall John Kirk Firethorn "Fire" Massey $0 0%
~PopTart~ Jeanette Hannity Nitro Shifter Callie Haymond Vanessa Barista Lance Majore $0 0%
ViniciusDeAssis1999 Naria Avenforth Sarah Clereden Vanessa Barista Kahlo Mulciber Melanoi Jet $0 0%

Wikia Contributer A Sapphire

Naria Avenforth Rebecca Roy Firethorn "Fire" Massey Vanessa Barista Kahlo Mulciber $0
.:~*Golden Viper*~:. Naria Avenforth Revolution "Eve" Militia Melanoi Jet Rebecca Roy Ryan Roy $0 0%

Green tributes are still competing.

Red tributes are dead, and did not reach the top 5.

Blue tributes placed in the top 5, but not in the accurate position.

Yellow tributes placed in the top 5, in the accurate position.

Purple user(s) are leading with the greatest amount of points.

Pink user(s) have broken the record of the greatest percentage of points.

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