This is my first blog and my first games I've made. However, to start off I'm going to submit my own tributes, because I don't think I will get very much tribute templates. Read, enjoy and maybe even sign up for the 2nd Hunger Games, which will accept tributes. If you put in tributes, they will not be in this hunger games, but I can hold them until the 2nd hunger games where I can put them in if you're still willing.

I'm bound to make some sort of mistake, since this is my first user blog post. If this happens feel free to correct me


  1. Do not submit tributes, I'm going to be using my own tributes for this first blog, however next hunger games I do will have sign ups.
  2. Although you can't submit tributes JUST yet, you can bet and sponsor other tributes in the arena.
  3. No spamming in the comments unless you've placed a bet and sponsored at least one tribute, although I doubt there will be any on this post
  4. I will be using foul language a lot, but there will be absolutly no sexual references.
  5. Have fun!

You may not be able to post tributes yet, but for the upcoming 2nd Hunger Games the template will look like this:
District: (List 3 in order of preference)
Age: (12-18)
Appearance: (I will accept typed or lunaiis)
Weapons: (List one or two)
Strengths: (List two to four)
Weaknesses: (List two to four)
Fears: (List at least one)
Interview Angle: (Can be filled out later)
Bloodbath Strategy: (Can be filled out later)
Game Strategy: (Can be filled out later)
Token: (Optional)
Alliance: (Can be filled out later)
Just in case you want to be prepared I guess? :P


This is the end of the Mocking Jay, except in my brand new version to bring a new era in The Hunger Games.

Katniss' P.O.V.:

This is it... I start to think. We failed; there is nothing we can do about it. I'm in my cell room, the rebellion ended and we lost and I'm to be punished. The Capitol is too powerful, they can do whatever they want and we can't stop them. I'm thinking of my sister, Prim. So light and fragile, why did she have to die in that bombing? I'd do anything to take her place. Even after that bombing, we still lose the rebellion. I'm waiting in my cell until my execution for leading a rebellion. Why did this have to happen? Maybe if I just killed Peeta that day, or wait for him to kill himself. He would've done it, and I wouldn't have caused a rebellion and I'd live to see my sister. Then again, I'm happy I did that stunt. What am I saying? Peeta deserved to live as well as every other tribute in the arena. The Capitol is the enemy here and we can't stop them.

I'm ranting about the Capitol in my thoughts until a group of Peacekeepers open my cell and swarm towards me. They take me to my execution, where I will be killed live on T.V. for all of Panem to see. What will my mother think? What happened to Buttercup? I used to hate him but now that he's the only memory of Prim that can brighten my mood. Well, of course it's not a positive memory of our hatred, but it's better than thinking of Prim dying from the bombing. Hopefully he's still alive, back in District 13. Maybe he made it back to District 12. I will never know. I am taken to a room where I am held against my will by some chains wrapped around my neck, arms and legs, with a whole audience to see President Snow's goons will kill me. The Hunger Games will surely start again, I know it. I think, I failed, but my legacy hasn't ended. Someone will stop the Capitol, I just know it. A future tribute, with enough potential to end this madness. I'm still thinking until I notice a stabbing pain in my chest. The pain ends quickly.


REMEMBER: You will NOT enter any tributes for these first games. However the 2nd Hunger Games you can submit tributes to compete.

Districts Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
Capitol Male Kaeden Humphrey 13 5'2 Trident Ninja~Toast
Capitol Female Jaida Lyubov 18 6'1 Bow & Arrow Ninja~Toast
1 Male Curtis Pramod 16 5'10 Sword, Spear Ninja~Toast
1 Female

Olivia Winter

17 5'9 Tomahawk, Throwing Knives Ninja~Toast
2 Male Emory Indigo 15 5'7 Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes Ninja~Toast
2 Female Hedena Fleurette 17 5'11 Blowgun & Darts, Bow & Arrow Ninja~Toast
3 Male Clifton Hamza 16 5'6 Snares, Sickle Ninja~Toast
3 Female Brooklyn Spirit 12 5'0 Awl, Bow & Arrows Ninja~Toast
4 Male Duncan Grier 18 6'2 Machete, Trident Ninja~Toast
4 Female Danica Dee 16 5'6 Trident, Dagger Ninja~Toast
5 Male Cyrus Haydn 16 5'8 Mace, Throwing Knives Ninja~Toast
5 Female Chrissie Seyong 16 5'8 Scythe, Blowgun & Darts Ninja~Toast
6 Male Silvio Crawford 18 5'11 Throwing Knives, Mace Ninja~Toast
6 Female Silvia Coscette 18 5'10 Spear, Sword Ninja~Toast
7 Male Phrixos Bacchus 16 5'7 Sickle, Poison Ninja~Toast
7 Female Camellia Cyrellia 14 5'1 Axe, Snares Ninja~Toast
8 Male Theo Clair 15 5'5 Throwing Knives Ninja~Toast
8 Female Reba Malandra 17 5'7 Bow & Arrow, Dagger Ninja~Toast
9 Male Grant Denver 17 5'9 Mace, Snares Ninja~Toast
9 Female

Rowanne Tamora

12 4'11 Slingshot, Throwing Knives Ninja~Toast
10 Male Duane Lőrinc 12 5'0 Snares, Blowgun & Darts Ninja~Toast
10 Female Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire 15 5'6

Scythe, Spear

11 Male Bennet Ormand 16 5'7 Hatchet Ninja~Toast
11 Female Brair Chausiksu 18 5'9 Blowgun & Darts Ninja~Toast
12 Male Ashton Yiennas 16 5'5 Throwing Knives, Knife Ninja~Toast
12 Female Savannah Storm 13 5'3 Snares, Wire Ninja~Toast
13 Male Phillip Gianluca 15 5'7 Sword, Explosives Ninja~Toast
13 Female Delilah Lexus 15 5'5 Dagger, Explosives



Carrers: Curtis Pramod (1), Olivia Winter (1), Emory Indigo (2), Hedena Fleurette (2),Duncan Grier (4) and Danica Dee (4)

District 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 Alliance: Cyrus Haydn (5), Silvio Crawford (6), Theo Clair (8), Grant Denver (9) and Duane Lőrinc (10)

District 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 Alliance: Chrissie Seyong (5), Silvia Coscette (6), Camellia Cyrellia (7), Reba Malandra (8) and Rowanne Tamora (9)

District 11 Alliance: Bennet Ormand (11) and Brair Chausiksu (11)

District 3, 12 and 13 Alliance: Clifton Hamza (3), Brooklyn Spirit (3), Savannah Storm (12), Ashton Yiennis (12), Phillip Gianluca (13) and Delilah Lexus (13)

Alone: Jaida Lyubov (Capitol), Kaeden Humphrey (Capitol), Phrixos Baccus (7) and Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire (10)

Tribute Gallery


Capitol - Jaida Lyubov

"That was some party you threw, it's going to be a nightmare to clean up!" my mother sighs. After the most exciting party of my life, I'm extremely tired and excited for the next day. However, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight. The announcement that the Capitol could participate for the Hunger Games just made my life, I had a party today to celebrate the reaping's that will happen tomorrow.

"Good Night, Jaida!" my mother, Veslemøy says to me before she closes the door.

"Night." I respond to my mother. She closes the door until I am left alone in utter silence. I'm left in my room, excited and anxious about Reaping Day tomorrow. That's the day, I'm going to volunteer. My parents don't know, they don't want me to volunteer, but the Hunger Games is what I live for. Even if I die, I died doing the thing I love. Half an hour later, I can't sleep. I just can't, I'm too excited! I get up, and turn on my television to recordings of the Hunger Games or programs involving the Hunger Games that I have. I turn it onto Katniss' execution, she was my favorite tribute. I'm so happy she survived the 74th and 75th Hunger Games. However, her execution makes me cry every time. She was my favorite tribute out of every single Hunger Games the Capitol had brought to us. Then again, if she were alive I wouldn't be able to have this opportunity, right?

I start a Hunger Games marathon, beginning with the 70th and ending with the 75th, the final Hunger Games until a new era of the Hunger Games was created. I'm about to begin the 74th, my favorite games! This may be the last time I got to watch it before tomorrow. However, I get very drowsy, and I soon fall asleep a little bit before the bloodbath ends.

I wake up in my bed; I guess my mother tucked me into sleep when I fell asleep. I rush downstairs to see everything cleaned up, and my mother sobbing. What have I done this time?

"Mom, what's wrong?" I say sadly.

"Jaida, listen to me." she says firmly. "Are you volunteering for the Hunger Games?"

How did she catch on? Well maybe I did make it obvious with the whole party thing and the movie night marathon.

"I'm sorry...." I say. She cries even more and wraps her arms around my hips. She then tries to convince me to not volunteer, but this is my only chance. I have to, and there is a chance I might come home!

"My mind is set." I tell her. "I'm volunteering." My mother stares at me; she knows she can't convince me otherwise.

"I wish you'd tell me sooner! There are so many things we need to discuss..."

"I didn't want to tell you because you would be miserable, if I volunteered at the reaping's without you knowing I wouldn't be talked out of it because it would be too late." Okay, so I'm not the best charmer with words, but whatever. "Now I must be going, the reaping's start in four hours!'

"That gives us plenty of time!" My mother retorts.

"I don't care, I want to be early." I walk out of the house, thinking of my mother's reaction to what I've just said, but my mind is clear. I'm volunteering. I take my car into the plaza; I guess I came too early because things are still being set up for the reaping's. I don't care; I just sit on a bench near the plaza, pondering on what I'll do during the games. My mind is wondering off until the reaping's finally set up. About time.... I think. I walk over to get my finger pricked. I'm the only one in line, since the reaping's don't start for three hours. The woman with the zapper looks at me weirdly, I have the creepiest smile on my face and I'm also the only one in line right now, I'm just so excited! She pricks my finger and I walk over to the girls section. There is no one on the stage yet, however there are a few Peacekeepers lurking around. After waiting for a while, the plaza fills and the escort walks onto stage. He has blue and pink shaggy hair as well as blue and pink eyes. His eye liner is as well blue and pink and his skin is a bright shade of red. I love his style!

"Hello citizens of the Capitol, I am Habacuc Mirza, and I am your very first escort for the Capitol!" He shouts into the microphone. "I'd like to welcome you all to the grand reopening of the Hunger Games and the very first reaping's taking place in the Capitol!" Everyone starts to applaud and Habacuc continues to speak

"Let's begin shall we? Ladies first!" He walks towards the girls reaping bowl and calls out the lucky winner. It doesn't matter, because I'll be taking her place. "Victoria Perlita!" He announces.

"I volunteer!" I shout. People start to applaud as I make my way up the stage.

"Lovely! What is your name, dear?" He asks

"My name is Jaida Lyubov and I will represent the female tribute from the Capitol in this year's Hunger Games!" I respond.

"Wonderful! Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applause to our very first volunteer of the Capitol, Jaida Lyubov!" Everyone starts to applaud, I feel like I'm on top of the world. I look at my mother, who is still crying. I turn my head to my little sisters and they're doing the same. I feel really bad for not telling them, looking into my sisters eyes makes me know I did something wrong.

"Now for the boys!" Habacuc announces as he walks to the boys reaping bowl. "Kaeden Humphrey!" The audience politely applauds as Kaeden walks up to stage. I see something following him. It's a tracker jacker! I've never seen one up close!

"Aww, your tracker jacker is sooooo cute!" I say. The tracker jacker flies away from him and lands on my shoulder. "How did you get it to be friendly?" He just shrugs, as if it were no big deal. I wish I had a magical talent like that. We both shake hands as Habacuc announces our names to the crowd. The tracker jacker flies of my shoulder and goes back to Kaeden (Capitol) as we are taken into the Justice Building to await our visitors. As expected, my whole family comes in sobbing.

"Why didn't you tell us you were volunteering? Asks my sister, Aura.

"I didn't tell you because I didn't want you guys to feel bad." I reply

"We would've found out eventually! My other sister, Becca yells.

"I'm sorry, I just didn't want to be talked out of participating. This is my life, and if I'm going to die, I'm dying doing the thing I love most." I reply

"This obsession is insane! What are you thinking? My father, Merrill retorts.

"I'm sorry; but it's too late now. I've already volunteered and I can't change my actions now." I say calmly.

"I'll hire someone to buy a time machine! We have the technology, I can do it!"

"Now you're just being silly."

"I'm the one being silly? You've just opened yourself up into a one way execution!"

"Well, yelling about the past won't do you anything. I promise I'll try my best to return home."

"Time's up." Says a Peacekeeper, he walks in and escorts my family out of the building. Aura looks back at me with desperation in her eyes and walks out of the door. Maybe this wasn't the brightest decision. I have no more visitors, so the Peacekeepers summon me and I am driven by car towards the train station. We are about to board until a Peacekeeper stops us.

"Stop. You can't bring a pet with you." A Peacekeeper informs Kaeden (Capitol). He tries to catch the tracker jacker, but instead the bee avoids him and stings him on the forehead. The Peacekeeper falls to the ground, I'm not too sure if he's dead or alive. The Peacekeeper is then dragged to first aid. After a lot of deliberating, no one dared to remove the tracker jacker from Kaeden (Capitol). The three of us board the train, although it will only take ten minutes to get there, it feels like an hour. I can't wait to get into the arena.

District 1 - Olivia Winter

I’ve been up for hours now, not too sure how to prepare my appearance for the reaping’s today. I’d probably be practicing at the academy right now, but my appearance is much more important to me.

“Open the door!” My sister, Lydia complains. “You’ve been in the bathroom for hours!” Okay maybe I’ve been here too long.

“I’m not done applying my makeup!” I shout.

“I realize that appearance means a lot for a girl,” Gloria says, in a calmer tone. “But really, 10 hours?” If you’re wondering, I was in the bathroom since 2 am. This stuff is very important to me, and I feel uncomfortable admitting this, but I’m really hurt when some random dude judges me on my appearance. It makes me work harder trying to look prettier. I hear a little fidgeting with the lock on the doorknob, and then the door clicks open. Gloria and Lydia appear at the entrance of the bathroom, and Lydia is glaring at me.

“How did you open the door?” I ask, nicely. “It was locked.” Gloria holds one of her hands up, revealing a paperclip. I swear, if Gloria was younger and volunteered for the Hunger Games she’d turn out victorious. She’s smart and athletic. However, I am too, so hopefully that brings me luck in the games.

“Why are you taking so long applying make-up?” Lydia asks. “The only time you do this is when…” Lydia stops. She realizes what day it is today.

“You’re… you’re going to volunteer?” Lydia whispers. I slowly nod my head up and down as my two sisters stare at me in shock.

“I thought you weren’t going to volunteer…” Gloria whispers as well.

“I told you guys I was going to… why is this so unexpected to you?” I demand. “I’ve been going to the academy, what made you think I wasn’t going to volunteer?” Both of my sisters look at me sadly and I immediately feel guilty.

“You know, there is going to be more than one person volunteering for the District 1 female position. I might not get reaped.” I tell them, in hopes of cheering them up. Lydia walks away sadly as if a storm cloud has unleashed over her head. Gloria watches Lydia sadly, and then she turns her head towards me. She glares at me and folds her arms. Finally, she slams the door shut and leaves me alone to apply make-up. I don’t like to fight with my sisters, especially considering the fact that I may no longer see them again. Maybe I should…

I hear the reaping bell chime’s echo flow all over District 1. I’ve got to get there immediately. I look into the mirror, and I look okay. Just okay. That won’t do, I can’t go out like this! I decide to just put on a hoodie, to hide my face from the world. My family and I load up into the car, and my sisters and I are silent the whole way there. The hoodie may have emphasized that I didn’t want to talk to my sisters, when that was technically not true. We all finally make it to the reaping’s, Lydia and I go to the zapper lady while my mother, father, and Gloria head to the section where non-eligible people wait until the reaping’s end. Once the both of us got our fingers zapped, Lydia heads to the 13-year-old girls section while I head over to the 17-year-old girls section. The escort was already on stage, and he finally starts the reaping’s as we find our way to our correspondent sections. The escort didn’t apply any make-up or anything like that, but his clothing appearance is terrible. Is he wearing a dress? I don’t know what he’s wearing, I just can’t tell.

“Welcome, District 1 residents!” The escort shouts. “I am Digby Lance, and I am District 1’s escort!” The crowd continues to applause until Digby signals to silence so he can continue the reaping’s.

“Let’s start off with the female tribute!” Digby announces, as he walks over to the girl’s reaping bowl. My arms start to shake, knowing that I have seconds to figure out what my move will be. Will I not volunteer, to make my sisters happy? Even if I don’t want to volunteer and regret it, I still have next year. However, if I do volunteer and regret it, I can’t take my decision back.

“Angelina Tyyne!” Digby shouts.

“I VOLUNTEER!” I shout along with a bunch of other girls. Too late now. Well, even if I do truly want to volunteer, there is always the chance of not being picked. My thoughts turn against me when Digby looks at me and widens his eyes.

“You!” He shouts. Alright, too late to take anything back now. I walk up the stage and I can hear a bunch of guys whispering, looking at me with awkward looks. I can’t tell if they’re judging my look, or liking it. Either way, this is really creepy. I look towards Digby and he has that exact same expression. Did he pick me because of my appearance? If he does think we could have something, think again. He is probably 10 years older than me. If not, then screw him.

“Alright… what’s your name?” Digby asks me.

“Olivia Winter.” I tell him. I look towards the guys section, still awkward. I look to the girls section, and I see some of my friends. They are smiling, but some of them tell me that they’re forcing it, and don’t want me to leave. I look to the non-eligible residents section and immediately regret it. Lydia is tearing up and Gloria is trying to console her, but she seems upset too. I didn’t realize that they were only trying to prevent me to volunteer because they loved me. I immediately regret my decision to volunteer, but there is no more turning back now.

“Time for the boy’s!” Digby shouts. I turn my head and he is already at the boys reaping bowl pulling out a name.

“Dragoslav Ermino!” Digby announces.

“I VOLUNTEER!” Screams about 50 guys. Digby gazes towards the crowd and finally settles on his decision and points to one of the boys in the 16-year-old section. Although he looks younger, he is taller than me and maybe even fitter. Either way, it doesn’t matter because him and I will be with the careers soon.

“What’s your name?” Digby asks the soon to be known tribute.

“Curtis Pramod.” He replies.

“Wonderful!” Digby says with delight. “Residents of District 1, let’s give a round of applause to our District 1 tributes! Curtis Pramod and Olivia Winter!” After, a bunch of applause follows as Curtis (1) and I are lead to the Justice Building. I wish that the 3 minutes of getting to say good-bye to your loved ones was banned. Not to sound harsh, but I couldn’t control myself after betraying my sisters. My family walks in and my mother and father seem to be okay with me volunteering. After all, I couldn’t have gone to the academy without being enrolled by a parent. However, my sisters aren’t taking it very well.

“Well, you didn’t think you’d get picked.” Gloria starts. “There is always that possibility you know. And here we are, in the Justice Building saying good-bye.”

“I’m sorry.” I say looking down.

“It’s okay; I really just didn’t want you to volunteer because I couldn’t think about not seeing you around the house. Olivia, you have to win. Please, for Lydia and I.”I turn my head towards Lydia, who can’t even look at me. She is swelling with tears and I can’t tell if she’s about to blow or not.

“Time’s up.” A Peacekeeper grunts, as he motions my family out the door. After, the Peacekeeper escorts me to the train station where Curtis (1), Digby, and I all board. The train ride will be an hour or two tops, so I spend the rest of my time in the train applying make-up. I cannot believe the set-up they have. Cabinets and drawers filled with unlimited make-up. I can’t help but try it all on, testing colors I like. I’m starting to get used to being a tribute, until I remember my sisters. I wonder what they’re doing now. They’re my inspiration to do good in these games.

I’ll continue to fight until I come out victorious.

District 2 - Emory Indigo

I wake up to the sound of rain drizzling against my window. The cold climate and the grey sky make it perfect for reaping day. Although I don’t plan on volunteering today, I still want to make an impression. I lay down some clothes I plan to wear for reaping day on my bed and I rush downstairs to the gym. I live in the training academy I enrolled myself in. I ditched my parents and I’ve never seen them ever since I left them. I don’t even remember their names or what they look like. That may sound harsh of me to leave my parents, but they would just hold me back from training. I burst through the doors of the gymnasium and my tutor/trainer, Otto is standing in the middle of the gym.

“I thought you’d be early today.” Otto says, as he grins.

“I’m ready when you are.” I grunt. Hours pass and there are about hundreds of dummies lying down on the floor. I’m just that badass. I toss 3 knives, and each knife finds its way through the neck of a dummy. Each head comes crashing to the floor. After, I pick up an axe and toss it through the air, the axe hurtles through 5 dummies necks, and every dummy falls to the ground. I throw my knife up into the air and gravity brings the knife down onto a dummies head.

“Come on, you can do better than that!” Otto encourages me. Pfft, he’s lying. I’m his best student, I’m better than all his trainees combined. I could probably even be able to kill Otto if I tried. I’m in the middle of my session when I hear a bell ring as if a class had just started. A bunch of people crashed through the gymnasium doors ready to train, until all of them lower their jaws at the sight of all the dummies lying down on the floor disfigured.

“Um…” Otto stutters. “Class is… um canceled. We’ve run out of dummies…” All the students stomp out the door, grumbling and mumbling. They’re probably all mad at me. I don’t’ care, I could take all of them.

“Well then.” Otto says. “We have 3 hours until the reaping’s start. So, do whatever you want.” Alright, I sprint back up the stairs and get dressed. I guess it won’t hurt to show up early today. I take a shower and put on the clothes I had assembled for me earlier. I finally leave for the reaping’s and get there with about 2 hours to spare. I march over to the zapper lady and start daggers at her. Her expression looks like she’d have nightmares for weeks. She zaps my finger and I finally make my way over to the 15-year-old boys section. I recognize a few guys from Otto’s class earlier today. They stare at me awkwardly as the escort comes onto stage. He seems a little more normal for a Capitol person, but he still dressed pretty weird. He applied make-up on his face like the red lipstick, red eyeliner, red contact lenses, and I think he dyed his hair red too. Besides that, he’s just wearing a simple red t-shirt and blue jeans.

“Welcome, District 2!” The escort shouts. “I am Burgundy White and I will be District 2’s escort. When they told me I was chosen to mentor District 2, I was extremely excited, and I hope you guys feel the same!” The crowd cheers and applauds as Burgundy continues the reaping’s.

“Now, let’s pick our tributes from District 2, ladies first!” Burgundy walks over to the girls reaping bowl and pulls out a slip. “Sandra Malvina!”

“I VOLUNTEER!” Screams about 50 girls in the audience. Burgundy looks over to the older aged group sections and he points towards a girl. She looks ferocious, maybe this will be District 2’s victor this year.

“What’s your name, dear?” Burgundy asks.

“My name is Hedena Fleurette and you are looking at the first victor of the grand opening of the hunger games!” The crowd goes crazy with applause and cheering.

“Wonderful!” Burgundy shouts with glee. “Now for the boys!” Burgundy trots over to the boys reaping bowl and pulls out a name.

“Emory Indigo!” He shouts. YES!

<“I VOLUNTEER!” I shout along with a bunch of other guys, and I make my way up the stage without being chosen by Burgundy. Maybe I should explain myself. There is a new rule in the Hunger Games, where if your name is called from the reaping bowl and you volunteer, you automatically make it as the tribute in the Hunger Games. Since my name was called and I volunteered, I’m automatically the District 2 male! I don’t really want to wait 3 more years to volunteer just to be chosen over some 12 year old loser. I run up to the stage, when a guy from behind me pushes me. I don’t fall, but he runs in front of me. He is about a foot taller than me, but I know I can take him.

“I’m assuming you’re Emory Indigo?” Burgundy asks the bitch.

“Yup.” The guy lies.

“NO!” I shout. I push over “Emory Indigo” and pin him on the ground. I’m a foot smaller than him, but I’m still stronger than him. I punch him in the jaw, and I don’t hold back. I’ve already given him a black eye and a bleeding nose. Just as I’m going to give him a fatal blow to the neck, I feel 4 Peacekeepers picking me up and throwing me off of him.

“What are you DOING?!” Yells a Peacekeeper. Those Peacekeepers know me, because I sort of get into fights a lot and get into legal trouble. They have to believe me when I tell the truth.

“That fag is pretending he’s someone he’s not!” I shout at the top of my lungs. “No matter how much you want to disagree with me, I AM Emory Indigo, and I can easily charge that criminal with Identity Theft!” The Peacekeepers look at me confused. There is a short delay of the games to figure out who was who. Instead of arresting that loser, he’s just sent back into the audience while I am crowned District 2’s male tribute.

“Well, sorry for the delay everyone!” Burgundy says, a little embarrassed with how things turned out. “But we have our District 2 tributes, Emory Indigo, and Hedena Fleurette!” The crowd goes crazy, more excited than before. I guess that fight got the crowd pumped up for the upcoming Hunger Games. I’m not going to let them down; they’re going to see a fight they’ll never forget. Hedena (2) and I are ushered into the Justice Building where I sit down in a room. I wasn’t expecting visitors, but Otto comes in any way to congratulate me.

“That was some fight you pulled there!” Otto chuckles. “I didn’t know you were going to volunteer today!”

“I wasn’t, but when the escort called my name out, I thought that was my chance."

“Well it sure is, but there is still so much to learn!” My eyes widen.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Have you ever thought about taking plant identification courses, or at least knot tying?” No. I haven’t thought about that. Maybe I’m not prepared for these games. Wait, what am I saying? Yes I am. I just took down a 6 foot tall guy, I can do this.

“I’m still even more than prepared. If I make the games quick, then I won’t need to use those skills.” I tell him.

“For your sake I hope you do.” Otto says, still concerned.

“Time’s up.” A Peacekeeper grunts. The Peacekeeper drags Otto out of the room while he forcefully pushes me into the train, where Hedena (2) and Burgundy were already waiting for me. The train finally takes off and I have a few hours to kill before we reach the Capitol. I can’t wait for these games, my heart beats with adrenaline just thinking about it.

District 2 is going to have its first victor in the grand reopening of the Hunger Games.</

And that person is me.

District 3 - Brooklyn Spirit

“Where’s daddy?” My sister, Candace asks me.

“I’m sorry, he’s gone to work early.” I reply.

“Oh….” A tear runs down her cheek. The most horrible day of the year and our father is gone when we need him most. Today is a very depressing day. Why? It’s reaping day. I’m not too sure why Candace is worried, because she is only 7 and not eligible to be reaped. On the other hand, this is my first year of eligibility. Although I’m only 12, I’m like the mother of the household. Or at least, I was.

“Let’s go to the orphanage, Candace.” I tell her.

“No!” She whines. “I don’t want to go there!”

“Don’t worry, it’s not like we’re up for adoption. We just go there for the day when dad’s not at home.” Candace and I walk over to the orphanage and believe me when I say it isn’t a suitable home. Candace and I have made it better by ourselves, but we are still residing here for the afternoon. I go into a room where I sit down on my bed. This is not how I thought I would spend my birthday; sitting in a room alone waiting to attend reaping day later. Candace walks into the room I’m in and sits next to me.

“We’ll see dad later today.” I tell Candace, trying to cheer her up. She nods her head, but she still tilted her head down in misery. I look out the window where I can see children running around playing outside. Some of them are looking right at me. I guess it’s a sudden move from turning from the girl nobody liked into the president’s daughter. The only reason the bullying had stopped is because the perpetrators got worried they could be arrested, which really isn’t true. With the power I presumably have, which I don’t even made me a bit popular, but most of the people that tried to be my friend only wanted me for power. I was foolish in believing they actually respected me. Candace is in a similar situation like me, except she isn’t taking it well.

“I want to go home..” Candace mumbles.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be home soon.” I say, trying to cheer her up. All of a sudden, the door creaks open and an unexpected visitor arrives.

“Dad!” Candace yells with joy, as she runs up to him and hugs him tight.

“Hi, Candace.” My father, Phillip says with a smile.

“Hi! What are you doing here?” I ask curiously.

“I was just about to go to the reaping’s, and I wanted to bring you two with me.” My dad answers, and Candace’s head is nodding vigorously. “I’ll also be home early today, so I can get some time with you guys.” Candace’s grin lights up the room.

“Sounds great!” I say, happily. “Let’s go to the reaping’s.” This isn’t totally bad for my first reaping’s. I get to see my father! Hopefully everything continues to stay the same. Candace, my father, and I walk out of the orphanage and hop into a limo. In no time at all, we all make it to the reaping’s. Candace and my father wait for me as two Peacekeepers escort me to the zapper lady. From there on, I go to the 12 year old girls section, and Candace follows dad backstage. The reaping’s start, but the escort doesn’t walk up onto stage. Where is she? Two peacekeepers go backstage to find her, and after a while they finally find the escort. She was late for the reaping’s because she was busy putting on makeup and getting dressed, why didn’t she do all that stuff before? Our escort is absolutely caked with makeup. Her face has about 50 coats of white lipstick, eyeliner, blush, and skin. She has flowing black hair and black eyes. She is wearing a long black dress and she even has tentacles extending from her dress too. She pretty much disguised herself as Slender Man.

“Hello everyone.” She says. Wow, deep voice. Now I can’t tell if it’s a male or female. “My name is Ladislava Krysten and I will be District 3’s escort for the next 25 years.” This escort has about as much emotion as a slug.

“To start of the reaping’s, I will draw a slip containing a female’s name from the girls reaping bowl.” Ladislava walks over to the girls reaping bowl and pulls a slip out.

“Brooklyn Spirit.” She says. Oh no. Two Peacekeepers rush down the stage and stand next to me. I am escorted up the stairs and plant my feet on the stage. The audience is negatively responding to my drawing, letting out gasps and boos. My dad starts to cry, and I think I can hear Candace crying from backstage. Candace runs onto stage and she runs into my arms, where I try to comfort her as much as I can. Two Peacekeepers come and escort Candace backstage once more as Ladislava continues the reaping’s.

“How exciting.” She says, though there is still no happiness in her tone. “Now let’s draw a boy tribute from the reaping bowl.” Ladislava struts over towards the boys reaping bowl and pulls out a slip.

“Clifton Hamza.” Ladislava announces. Another boy with red hair walks up to the stage. He is sniffling a bit, but quickly rubs away his tears and mounts his feet onto the stage.

“Yay.” Ladislava says. This girl is really starting to annoy me. “District 3, let’s give a round of applause to our two representatives; Clifton Hamza and Brooklyn Spirit.” The audience starts to boo, and Peacekeepers quickly usher us to the Justice Building. As I exit, I catch sight to the crowd, who is quickly filing out. I remain in a cold room alone, as I await visitors. Not to my surprise, my father and Candace rush into the room. Candace doesn’t hesitate to wrap her arms around me. Her tears are uncontrollable and they’re rushing down her face. My father isn’t putting up with the stress very well either, letting out a few tears too.

“Brooklyn you got to win. You have to!” Candace moans.

“I promise, I’ll try my best.” I say, though I know I’m pretty much a goner.

“Brooklyn, I was supposed to give this to you later this evening, but now seems like the right time.” My father says, trying to hold back the tears. He holds out his hand, revealing a necklace. It’s a very simple necklace, some thread and a single charm attached to it. The charm resembles a golden star. He hands it to me and I wrap it around my neck. I let out a smile.

“Thank you.” I tell my father. I hug my father one last time until a Peacekeeper comes in.

“I’m sorry, but time is up.” A Peacekeeper says sadly. My family exits the Justice Building and so do I. Clifton (3) and I exit the plaza, shocked to see what happened. What was an orderly placed was now ruined with vandalism, destruction, and mayhem. The crowds of people were gone, but they left behind a reminder that will never be forgotten.

“Oh no…” Clifton (3) whispers. He points out into the distance where smoke rises into the air. The Peacekeepers hurry us to the train station where we all board the train, not wanting us to be affected by the riot. I sit down at the dining table with Clifton and Ladislava, where a meal is being served to us. Although I was once hungry, my appetite has been driven away. I can’t imagine what horrible things are happening in District 3 right now, or worse. My father and Candace. I hope for their sake that they’re okay.

District 4 - Duncan Grier

“Good morning!” My mother, Marissa says with a smile. Don’t be fooled by this attitude, she’s usually more uptight than this. I’m surprised she’s in a good mood. “Do you know what day it is?”

“Not really…” I reply confused.

“It’s Reaping Day!” She beams. My heart sinks. Now I know why she’s in such a good mood. She wants me to volunteer for Reaping Day. I don’t, I’m actually sane. However, my mother has different plans for my brothers and I.

“Let’s get some last minute training before the big day!” She says excitedly.

“I just woke up… mom.” I say between yawns.

“I don’t care.” She snarls. “This is the last time you’ll be able to. You can eat on the train to the Capitol, now let’s go!” I sort of have no choice. My family drives to the training center where my parents force me and my younger brother, Blake, to train for the Hunger Games. Blake is lucky, he still have two years to live. Deandre, my other brother couldn’t be happier. Two years ago, he was forced to volunteer. Luckily, two other guys did too. One of them was chosen over him. I hope this is the case for me too, even if it does mean to be punished after, even if it wasn’t my fault.

“You’re not trying hard enough!” My dad, Bryce shouts from across the gym.

“I want to see you two sweating!” My mother yells. I give them a glare and get back to beheading a dummy. If I’m going to be forced to do this, I may as well try and learn something. I’ve already perfected this skill, yet I continue practicing it for a year. This will be my down fall; my parents are too blind to notice.

“The reaping’s are soon!” My dad yells. “You’ve accomplished nearly nothing!” Who’s to blame, dad? I wish I could learn something else, or do something I want to do. My mother’s watch starts to beep.

“Well that’s it for today. Come on guys, we’re going to the reaping’s!” I make my way to the change rooms and get the dress clothes I brought with me. We load into the car and we’re driven to the reaping’s, where my mother and father lecture me on what to do. We arrive to the reaping’s. Blake and I get our fingers pricked and we go to the boys section, filling into our age groups.

“Good luck.” Blake says before we separate. I don’t want to volunteer, but I’d probably get an even worse punishment. A punishment good enough to arrest for child abuse. The escort walks onto the stage and adjusts the microphone. The escort has long hair, although he’s a male. He has a long mustache and beard, almost like he’s never seen a barber. That can’t be true, because his hair is straight and even. His hair is all white, while his skin is a dark black. I know it’s not his natural hair or skin because he looks about 20 years old, his hair couldn’t be turning grey now. His eyes are blue, they look remotely unchanged. I can tell he hasn’t dyed his hair in a while, because I can see some blond hair growing in.

“Greetings to the residents of District 4! Welcome to the grand reopening of this year’s 1st annual Hunger Games! My name is Davin Emmett and I will be your escort until the next quell!” The crowd starts cheering; they seem pumped up for this year.

“Now, let’s get to the reaping’s! As usual, let’s start off with the girls.” Davin walks to the girls Reaping bowl and pulls out a slip.

“Adriana Sasithorn!” He yells

“I volunteer!” Screams about 5 other girls. Davin’s eyes monitor the volunteers and he point to one girl near the middle of the pack. The girl smiles and starts to walk up the stage.

“Let’s give a hand for District 4’s very first female volunteer! What’s your name?” He asks

“Danica Dee.” The girl says.

“Let’s give a round of applause for Danica Dee, the female tribute of District 4!” The crowd gives applause; I think I can see her parents. They’re clapping, but they don’t seem too thrilled about her volunteering. If I were their parents, I’d probably have a choice. I wish I was, and then I wouldn’t be in this position.

“Now for the boys!” Davin announces. I start to shake. I don’t want to volunteer, but I have no choice. I don’t want to die, but I’m going to die, soon. “Mangus Riley!” I have no choice.

“I volunteer!” I shout along with a few other guys. Davin looks around at the volunteers. Please don’t pick me. Please don’t pick me. Please don’t pick me. Please don’t pick me. Please don’t pick me.

“You!” He says, and he points to my direction. He picked me! I try to look happy, but it’s tough. If I were to rat out my parents, I’d be in even more trouble.

“What’s your name?” He asks me.

“Duncan Grier.” I struggle to put out.

“Ladies and Gentleman, let’s give a round of applause for the first male volunteer from District 4, Duncan Grier!” There is polite applause, but no one was applauding as much as my parents. They’re hooting, whistling and clapping. Danica (4) and I shake hands as we all go into the Justice Building. I am put in my room to wait for visitors. Not a surprise, my parents come in to visit me.

“That’s my son!” My father shouts, wrapping his arms around me. He’s only saying that because I got picked.

“I’m so happy for you!” My mother says, shedding a tear.

“If you’re going to win,” My father cuts in. “You’re going to have to make the right decisions.

My parents lecture me for the remainder of the period what and what not to do during the Hunger Games. Although it’s only 3 minutes, it feels like an hour.

“Times up.” Says a Peacekeeper, who escorts my parents out of here. Finally, I think. Deandre and Blake visit me after. I’m glad they’re here; they’re the only people I certain I love as a brother.

“I’m sorry this happened to you, if only you had the luck I did.” Deandre says, while frowning.

“I was hoping that you’d not make it.” My brother, Blake says between sniffles.

“Well it doesn’t help our parents make us apply for tesserae.” They do that so we’ll have a higher chance of getting picked. If we volunteer after, we automatically get the spot. All of us sit down in silence for a while, soaking up the last few moments we see each other.

“Times up.” Grunts another Peacekeeper, who drags my two brothers away. I get up and exit the Justice Building with Danica (4). We both aboard the train as we’re abducted to the Capitol.

“You’re going to LOVE the Capitol!” Davin says in excitement. “They have everything! Once we get there, the stylists will edit your horrible outfits!” The both of us glare at Davin in disgust. He’s one to talk.

“After,” He says between breaths. “You can do whatever you want. Just be prepared for the Group Training that will be later tomorrow. We’ve taken out the Chariots, so we’ll just skip right to Group Training!” That’s odd. I thought the Capitol loved the Chariots. Oh well, not like I would’ve wanted to do it anyway. Davin rambles about more things I couldn’t possible care less about while me and Danica (4) just stare at him. This is possibly the worst escort ever.

District 5 - Chrissie Seyong

I'm listening to the radio in my room, trying to make the best out of this gloomy day. Today is the reaping's, one of the worst times of the year. I try to make it my best, until it gets even worse. My mother, Shannon walks into my room.

"Hi, honey! We're going to have the Haydn's over tonight for dinner after the reaping's!" She says. I freeze. This isn't good news.

"Why? I hate Cyrus! I never liked him! Why do you keep on inviting his family over, it disgusts me!" I shout.

"Honey, you may not like him but the rest of our family does! Jermaine is a great friend of mine and you know that Vivian is very well Horace's best friend!"

"I don't care! Cyrus and I are not friends! This is unfair!"

"Well you just have to put up with it. They're over often as well as us going to their place. You're going to have to get used to it eventually. You and Cyrus have lots in common; maybe you two could become great friends!" I start laughing my head off. Cyrus and I? Friends? Never. We're bitter adversaries and that's how I like it. My mother walks out of the room to while I calm myself down. I still have lots of time until the reaping's, so I may as well enjoy the rest of the day. I walk out of the house and take a refreshing walk in a nearby park. The weather is always great here; it's one of the reasons why I do like District 5. I'm interrupted in my thoughts when I sense the presence of "Him".

"Hey, loser." Cyrus says. I hate him. What is he doing here?

"Leave. I'm trying to enjoy myself and you're ruining it." I say calmly

"That's exactly what I was doing! You can't tell me what to do, why don't you just run off and leave me in peace."

"Oh come on! Are you still jealous that I beat you in that race during Track and Field?"

"Tsk, jealous of you? No. I am faster than you! You just got lucky."

"Come on, admit it. You don't know the power I have."

"This is stupid! I'm leaving!" Cyrus storms out of here, for god sakes he argues about the silliest things. I storm off and return home. I enter my room and slam the door. Why does he always have to interfere with everything? The reaping's are soon, so I get ready in my best outfit and go to our family living room where my mother and brother are dressed up.

"Why do I have to attend, mom? Asks my brother, Horace.

"I've told you already, it's mandatory to show up at the reaping's." My mother answers, calmly.

"That's dumb!"

"There's no use in complaining, and this event is only once a year. Come on now, the reaping's are soon." It's funny, my mother is very mature, and her children are everything but that. Well, excluding me that is. The three of us walk to the plaza where the reaping's are. I get my finger pricked and I stand in the girls section. I see my friends, and start to talk to them until I'm interrupted when the escort walks onto stage. She has purple and black hair, with purple eye liner. We actually look a lot like each other, except I have red highlights while she has purple highlights.

"Welcome to the reaping's! I am your new escort, Dianna Noelle. I am happy to get District 5, I'm certain our winner is here!" She beams. She waits for applause, but as usual the crowd is silent. Dianna frowns and continues. "Well, I tried making this exciting. Anyway, time to announce our female tribute!" She walks over to the girls reaping bowl and picks out a slip. My names only on a couple of those slips because I don't take tesserae. However, that's the same with most of the other kids' eligible for the lottery, so I'm a bit nervous.

"Chrissie Seyong!" She announces. That's me. This can't be happening. I walk up the stage with an expressionless face; I can't show emotion now, at a time like this. I look at my mother and my brother. My brother is having a total melt down and my mother is trying to hide her emotions and calm him down. What really makes me mad is Cyrus. I move my eyes towards him and he's laughing his head off. I hate him. I try to hold back my tears as I plant my feet onto the stage.

"Now for the boys!" Dianna says. You can barely hear what she said over my brothers crying. She walks over to the boys reaping bowl and pulls out a slip.

"Cyrus Haydn!" Dianna shouts. Cyrus' victory dance turned into shock. I return the laughs to him as he walks onto stage. Isn't that karma for you? Cyrus' sister is now starting a melt down at the sight of him being drawn. I hate to see her cry; although I do hate Cyrus his sister is really nice. He is nothing like her.

"How exciting!" Dianna states.

"Put a sock in it." We both say simultaneously. We both glare at each other.

"Well we have some party-poppers here now don't we? I'd like to announce the tributes of District 5! Cyrus Haydn and Chrissie Seyong!" The crowd stays silent. Dianna tries to make us shake hands, but we don't dare. A group of Peacekeepers led me to the Justice Building. My family comes to visit immediately. My brother runs up to me and hugs me tightly.

"Please try and win. Will you? Pretty please?" My brother says between sniffles.

"I promise, I will try my best. I won't let you down." I reply. My mother is having trouble hiding her emotions. I can see it in her eyes.

"I'm sorry about this honey." She says. "This is my fault." I look at her.

"Of course is isn't your fault." I tell her. "You can't give up on me yet, I might come back you know." I say with a smile. She struggles to return the smile back.

"If I don't win, you're not to take any tesserae. Understood, Horance?" He may not be eligible for the Hunger Games now, but next year he is turning 12.

"Okay... just promise you'll not die. I can't imagine life without you. Will you try?" He asks.

"You have my word." I shed a tear. I can't fail him now.

"Time's up." A Peacekeeper announces.

"NO!" My brother shouts. He tries to resist but the Peacekeeper drags him away. This reminds me of Katniss' reaping's, well except I didn't volunteer for my brother. I am lead out of the Justice Building with Cyrus (5). We both enter the train. We both stare at each other for a while until Cyrus (5) speaks up.

"If anyone is going to kill you, it will be me." He states.

"You wish." I say.

"Now stop it, you guys. If you were to ally, it could mean the difference between life and death!" Our escort pipes in. Ally with him? Never. If I were to, I'd probably kill him in his sleep. We all remain silent for the rest of the train ride anticipating what could be our last days in Panem.

District 6 - Silvio Crawford

My dreams are to come true today. I don’t care if I’m from District 6; I am born to be a career. I’ve been training for the Hunger Games ever since I was little. I had no training academy to go to, but I improvise. I made a mace from carving a log, and I practice with it. I guess I’m not going to do as well with an actual mace in the actual games, but I’m still going to be pretty god damn good. I’m even better with throwing knives; how else would I have carved a mace? Normal kitchen knives are useful. I know about 50 ways to kill someone with a knife, though I don’t have the dummies to practice with. That’s why I hunt. Although I don’t need the food, I just sell it. Although it’s extremely illegal, I don’t care. I’ve never been caught. I’m daydreaming in my bedroom, thinking about the Hunger Games and then I look outside. It looks like it’s the afternoon by now. I should probably train. My parents don’t know I’m doing this and neither does my brother. Do you know how much they’d freak if I found out?

I grab a knife under my mattress and I sneak out of the house. Creeping under the electric fence is easy, although District 6 is decent in wealth, those capitol goons still don’t bother to repair the fence. I easily slip under the fence and head to a bush where I keep my wooden mace. I look to my side and catch sight with a rabbit sipping from a little puddle. I camouflage myself behind a bush and attack the rabbit. Its remains are caught on the spikes of my mace. I prepare the rabbit for selling and I head over to a secret black market. Don’t ask me why an 18-year-old is hanging out in a black market, I like it. I’m not too sure what kind of person in District 6 would buy my rabbits when they could by quality meat from a butcher, but it happens every once and a while. I receive money from my recent stock at the black market and I head home where my family has been eagerly waiting for me.

“Where were you all day?” Asks my brother, Preston.

“Umm… at a friends house.” I reply. For some reason, he always believes this. I should probably change my excuse, but if it isn’t broken why fix it? Besides, this is my last time I will use this excuse before I go to the games.

“Alright then. Anyway, you have to get dressed for the reaping’s. I left you a set of clothes upstairs, go put them on.” My mother commands me. I listen and rush up to my bedroom. What waits in my room is a suit and tie along with a pair of jeans. It’s a bit formal, but really what I’m about to surprise my parents with isn’t going to be a good thing. I may as well not have another reason for them to be mad at me. I put on the clothes prepared for me and I return downstairs where I walk to the plaza with my parents. My brother and I get our fingers pricked and we both go to our age and gender categories. Later, our escort arrives onto the stage. He looks like your typical capitol resident. He has light blue skin and dark blue eyeliner. He has black eyes and black hair. He seems to be wearing a long sleeved shirt consisting of black, blue, red, and green colors. The same thing goes for his jeans. For some reason, I’m not too annoyed by him unlike the other escorts from the Capitol.

“Welcome, everyone!” The escort pipes in. Wow, he has a very high voice. “My name is Gary Radclyffe and I am your escort!” The audience stays silent, irritating Gary.

“Well, let’s get to the female tribute!” He skips over to the girls reaping bowl and pulls out a slip. “Elmira Bilijana!”

“I VOLUNTEER!” Screams a girl. She rushes up to the stage and about everyone is looking awkwardly at her. I can hear a breakdown in the non-eligible section. I’m assuming that’s her parents, did they know about this? Now that I have a good look at her, I’ve seen her before. Her name is Silvia, and I’ve seen her frequently at the black market. We’ve a lot in common and look a lot alike. Some people mistook us as brother and sister.

“Wonderful! What’s your name, dear?” Gary asks Silvia.

“Silvia Coscette.” Silvia (6) answers.

“Fantastic!” Gary sings. “Now, for the boys!” Gary hops towards the boys reaping bowl and I’m preparing to volunteer. Gary pulls out a slip and clears his throat.

“Rudolf Servaas!” Gary shouts.

“I VOLUNTEER!” I shout. I run up to the stage and everyone is staring at me with similar faces they gave to Silvia (6). My parents are sad as well, but their tears are drowning from the cry of my brother.

“Wow, two volunteers! I wish District 6 was always this active with the Hunger Games!” Gary says, eagerly excited to have two good tributes.” He gets a good sight of me and widens his eyes. I’m not too sure what he’s trying to show, but whatever.

“What’s your name, hon?” Gary asks.

“Silvio Crawford.” I answer.

“Wow, you two look a lot alike!” Gary exclaims. “Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome our tributes from District 6, Silvio Crawford and Silvia Coscette!” The crowd still remains silent as Peacekeepers escort Silvia (6) and me to the Justice Building. I sit down in a couch, alone in the room. I’m not anticipating what my parents and brother will say about me. I know it won’t be good. My parents burst into the room and I’m not too sure what I’m going to tell him.

“WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?” My father yells at me.

“Uhh… I volunteered to save my friend?” I say, in an unconvincing tone. I can tell they’re not buying it.

“I want to hear the truth.” My mom says.

“Okay fine. I’ve been training for the Hunger Games for a while now. I’ve never been at my friend’s house. I’ve actually been training, and you can yell at me now.” I say, ready to embrace the impact.

“Why would you take part in something so FOOLISH?” My dad shouts, until my mother stops him.

“We may not be happy with this decision, but Silvio you should’ve told us anyway. We probably would’ve been less mad and less worries.” My mom says, in a sweeter tone. “We probably would’ve disapproved but we don’t have the right to keep you from doing so.”

“What do you mean?” My dad continues to yell. His yelling drains away from my mind when I look towards the corner and see Preston literally drowning in tears. I wonder if Silvia (6) is going through the same thing. Looking into Preston’s eyes makes me feel guilty about my decision. However, I’m still determined to become a victor of the Hunger Games. I mean, if I do come back my parents couldn’t be anything but happy I’m back. Also, they’d live a life of luxury with me; they couldn’t stay mad at me forever. Even if I do die, I don’t need to face the stress of the impact. However, I don’t plan to die. I plan to win.

“Time’s up.” A Peacekeeper says harshly. He instructs my parents and brother to leave and they’re forced to do so. I exit the Justice Building with the Peacekeeper by my side as Silvia (6), Gary, and I board the train. A feast is being served for the three of us. Silvia (6) and I are eating away at our feast, not tasting anything like it before, but I can’t concentrate or think because Gary is staring at me weirdly. What’s his problem? I look away from Gary as I start to think what my parents are doing back home. I can’t forget my brother’s face at the Justice Building; I can’t take it out of my mind. I hope that he’s okay.

District 7 - Phrixos Bacchus

I’m in my cave, which I’ve assembled into a working area. Being outside in the forests of District 7, this is illegal, though I don’t care. I’m nearly done my latest potion and most negatively effective potion too. I exit my cave and venture out deeper into the woods. I’ve ventured out here for the majority of my life; I know these woods extremely well. I’m collecting mandrake roots and rhododendron plants, combining them together who knows what they could do to a living being. I pull out the roots of each plant and travel back to my little dwelling. I mash up the plants and mix the two of them with water, with the other ingredients I assembled yesterday; I won’t be surprised if this kills someone. This may sound cruel, which it is, but I would do anything to have this tested. Though I’m smart enough to know that I’d be punishable by law, but I really want to test it. The question is… how will I do it? I write down the recipe for this potion down and place it on a counter, which I carved out of rocks with my sickle. I’m not too sure how I did it, but I did. Truly satisfied with my progress, I organize and put away my equipment and walk back to the fences of District 7 and returning to my home. If you’re wondering, yes I am not homeless. However, I just want time to stay away from everyone. Even if I were homeless, I’d still need to come back to District 7 for the annual reaping’s. I return home and I am welcomed with my parents at the door, wearing huge smiles.

“Why are you so happy?” I ask them.

“Today is the reaping’s!” My father, Philander replies with joy.

“Um… okay. How is that anyway to be excited about? I retort, a little concerned.

“It isn’t, but we thought after the reaping’s we could do something special. Just the three of us, as a family!” My mother, Pandora answers equally as happy. Ugh, no thanks.

“Um… sorry. I have to go straight to work after.” I say quickly. I use this excuse all the time; although it doesn’t work it still does the job decently. My parents frowned.

“You were working all day! In fact, we don’t even seem to ever see you in District 7!” My father says, his voice is rising to a shout.

“We never see you.” My mother says, much more calmly. “I think we should do something, to make our family relationship stronger.” This will be hard to make an excuse. As if god had made my wish come true, the second reaping bell sounded signaling the reaping’s going to start. The conversation ends quickly as we all rush to the reaping’s. We all make it as the escort walks up to stage. She has flowing brown hair and brown eyes, but it stops there. Her dress has an array of colors, representing the rainbow. The same thing follows for the hairband and gloves. Her skin is the shade of sky blue with imprints of white here and there. I think her skin is representing the sky and her clothes are representing the rainbow. Overall a silly fashion choice.

“Greetings!” The escort shouts. She is projecting her voice so it’s extremely loud. Everyone is cupping their ears; it seems I’m not the only person that thinks she’s loud.

“Oops, sorry!” She says, with sorrow. She gives the microphone to a Peacekeeper who rushes it off the stage and continues to talk. I’m finally at the front of the line as the zapper lady pricks my finger, while looking at me with a dirty look. I hurry to my gender and age category just in time as she is about to announce the girl tribute from District 7.

“And the tribute is….” she unfolds the slip of paper and announces the name to the crowd. “Casablanca Cyrellia!” She announces. A girl breaks down into tears; I’m assuming that’s her. Another girl, who looks exactly like Casablanca rushes to her and hugs her tight.

“I VOLUNTEER!” She shouts! The whole audience is showing respect for the girl who volunteered for Casablanca. Casablanca looked like she was 12, I’m not too sure if she’d survive in the games for too long. The crowd cheers as the girl who volunteered runs up to the stage.

“Wonderful! That was much heartwarming!” The escort says, already picking favorites. “What’s your name, dear?”

“Camellia Cyrellia.” The girl states.

“Oooh! So that must’ve been your sister!” The escort says, shocked. Thank you, captain obvious. “This reminds me of Katniss Everdeen’s games! Maybe District 7 will have a victor!” Camellia (7) responds with a smile as the escort announces Camellia’s (7) name once more to the audience. I’m surprised District 7 is so pumped up for the Hunger Games, or maybe they’re just showing respect for Camellia (7).

“Now, let’s move on. Time to choose the boy tribute representing District 7!” the escort states as she walks to the boys reaping bowl and pulls out a slip.

“And the tribute is…” she unfolds the slip of paper and announces the name the crowd. “Phrixos Bacchus!” There was no applause. District 7 barely even knew me, and it’s time they found out. I’m a tribute? Oh well. I don’t really care. I walk up the stage, and people stare at me strangely. I guess wearing a black robe and hood doesn’t exactly make me unnoticeable.

“Lovely!” The escort says, trying to improve the mood. “Ladies and gentlemen, our tributes from District 7! Camellia Cyrellia and Phrixos Bacchus!” There is slight applause, probably towards Camellia (7).

“Oops, I almost forgot! My name is Gylda Györgyi and I am your escort! Sorry I must’ve been distracted while I handed my microphone away!” she says blushing. “Have a nice afternoon, everyone!” Everyone exits the reaping's in lines as Camellia (7) and I are conducted to the Justice Building. Camellia made an amazing standout, well now that I think about it, if Katniss was from District 7, or at least a wealthier district she’d get praised too. I’m left alone in a room as my only two visitors come in. It’s my parents. They’re crying uncontrollably, now I regret ignoring them for the past years. All they wanted was to spend time with me, and now they can’t. The weird part is they can’t stop crying. For around 3 minutes, my parents sit on both sides of me as I just sit there awkwardly trying to cheer them up.

“I promise I’ll come back. I’ll try my best.” I say, trying to console them. It doesn’t work. They’re still crying and I decide I’ve done my part. I just sit there with a blank expression on my face until a Peacekeeper enters the room.

“Times up.” He says, harshly. My parents get up and walk away, while crying. That was weird and it made me feel even worse about myself. I haven’t realized what a horrible jerk I was towards my parents. I’m determined to win now. I know I have no more visitors, so I exit the Justice Building and wait for Camellia (7) with a bunch of Peacekeepers. She has many visitors, and I mean many. Maybe she was just liked beforehand and got applause by the people she cared about. About 15 minutes later, she finally exits and we are escorted onto the train. Our escort, Gylda is being really supportive. Since we don’t have a mentor, she is acting like one. Gylda lectures us on what to do in these games and I listen. Some of these tips I would never consider, but they’re brilliant. Camellia (7) is just wandering off into daze, probably thinking about her friends and family back home. It’s her loss. This cycle continues until we finally think we should get some rest. I can’t wait till tomorrow and until the games, where I can test my potions on other tributes. The best part is, if my enemies end up dying I won't get arrested. Maybe this could be a good thing...

District 8 - Theo Clair

I creep through the forest floor, spying on my prey. There is a deer, sleeping near a little body of water. I throw my knife in its eye and it makes no sound. I run to retrieve my knife from the body and call it quits for today. It's the first deer I've seen this month, I'm glad I got a clear shot at it. I rush home to where I can see my mother knit on the porch, well at least my foster mother. Izzy's helped me communicate in sign language, though I can still hear it's a challenge to go through. I'm not too sure why I'm still hunting in the woods, anything could sneak up on me with ease and I most likely couldn't hear it.

The reason why I'm so hard of hearing is because of the accident. I used to live in District 13. However my parents abandoned me, I don't even remember what they look like. I made a living hunting in the forest and stealing from the wealthy in District 13. I guess I got careless one day because I lost the knife I hunt with. I couldn't remember where I left it, so I went to a factory to steal one. The factory was high security, so I was lucky to nearly escape. However a Peacekeeper caught me and took me in for torturing. During the process I lost most of my hearing in both ears, which was a pain. One day, I was able to escape with my life. There was a bounty under my name with a reward for my capture, but they'll never find me in District 13. I fled to District 8, hopefully far enough so they won't catch me. No one recognized me in District 8, so that was good. I was quickly adopted by Izzy who is now my foster mother. Her daughter, Esther helped me learn sign language so we could all communicate better. We now all get along well and everything is fine.

I enter the house until my mom stops me.

"I have a gift for you." She starts making motions with her hands with a smile. Since I can't hear very well, she speaks in sign language to me. I'll tell you what she says as if I were speaking to her. She hands be a black and white scarf. Although it was handmade, it was high quality for a scarf in District 8.

"Wow, thanks!" I reply. I put it around my neck, it's a perfect fit and it matches my shirt. I think I'll wear this to the reaping's today. My new family is defiantly a lot more generous than my old family back in District 13. I wonder what happened to them.

"By the way, the reaping's are soon! You should get ready."

"I will!" I run up the stairs and get dressed. I return back to the front porch where my sister and mother are ready.

"You look great." Says my sister, Esther, with a smile. She is also using sign language, since she is deaf.

"Thanks, you do too." I reply back. I'm so happy to have the family I have now. Maybe it was a sign of being tortured; it gave me a chance to relive a new life. I walk to the plaza with my sister and mother. I get my finger zapped while we all go to our respective sections. I look over to my mother and sister and they look back and smile. Everything is going to be fine. On que, the escort comes on stage and speaks into the microphone. Nothing about him looks like he was from the Capitol. He looked remarkably wealthy. He was wearing a dress shirt topped with a tie along with jeans. Maybe this escort won't be totally horrible. I can't hear a thing what he says. I wish I wasn't so hard in hearing. The crowd is applauding a bit; he must be making it quick for us unlike most inconsiderate escorts. He walks to the girls reaping bowl and speaks into the microphone. I can't hear him, but I can hear a girl crying. If I can hear it, she must be in a lot of pain. She walks up to stage and the escort consoles her. Eventually, she's able to hold back her emotions and he walks over to the boys reaping bowl. He announces the name and I wait for a boy to walk up, but no one steps up. Another boy, standing next to me nudges me and I start to have a bad feeling. I look over to my sister and shrug. My mother tells my sister what happened and she tells me.

"You were reaped as the District 8 male." My sister says. My heart sinks. Everything good that's happened to me in District 8 tumbled. I remember in District 13, we didn't need to worry about being reaped. Though, because of a new era in the games they are being reaped. I walk up the stage. The escort is talking to me, but I can't hear a word he's saying. My mother shouts all the way from her section that I can hear her.

"He can't hear very well." She says. The escort looks in shock. He is talking to my mother about something, and then he turns to a Peacekeeper. He then announces to the microphone. I'm assuming he's introducing us one last time. Then the Peacekeeper starts talking in sign language.

"Shake her hand." He says. Phew, at least I'll have somewhat a voice in these games. I shake the female tribute counterpart of me and we are both escorted to the Justice Building. My mother and sister come to console me. They continue to tell me what to do during these games. However, they aren't given very long because I delayed the reaping's since I couldn't hear. The Peacekeeper summons my family and they exit the room. Before leaving, my sister tells me something.

"Good luck" she says in sign language. I want to return to my family. They care about me so much; life was just so great with them. I exit the Justice Building and I'm following a Peacekeeper to the train station. The Peacekeeper starts talking to me.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" He says using hand movements. Oh no. I recognize him, very well. He is the Peacekeeper that caught me robbing from that knife factory. I shake my head no.

"You look very familiar, like a thief I caught in my old district I used to be in." he states. No doubt about it, it's him. We board the train station and the District 8 female starts talking, though I can't understand what she's saying. I turn to the Peacekeeper for help and he translates for me.

"My name is Reba Malandra." He says. That must be the girl's name. The escort starts talking, and the Peacekeeper translates for him too.

"And my name is Johovanh Gerhard. I will be helping you two in these games." I suddenly feel a bit of hope. Maybe I can go home after all. Me, Reba (8) and Johovanh start discussing battle strategies with the aid of the Peacekeeper for the whole train ride. As long as this Peacekeeper doesn't know who I really am, or where I came from, I can get on his good side.

District 9 - Grant Denver

I’m just about to close the shop, the last customer exits with two rabbits as I lock the doors. I live by myself in a two room house. I’ve converted one of the rooms into my own little meat shack where I make my living. I don’t have enough experience at the age of 17, but I have to make a living somehow. I enter my other room, which is used for my own personal space. I look out my window, where I have a clear view of the plaza. Oh no, they’re setting up for the reaping’s. I’ve forgotten all about them and I still haven’t done my daily chores. Oh well, I’ll do some of them now and the rest after. I make my way through a hole in the electric fence and go to my snares. I’m happy to see I’ve made the best progress yet. I have 6 rabbits and a deer stuck in my snares. I couldn’t have hoped for better, I take the animals out of my snares and cook them over a fire. I take off the skins of the animals and what I have left is high quality meat. I put the meat into stock for my shop and the skins will make a good dinner for later.

I’m running out of time and I have so many things to do, but I have to get ready for the reaping’s. I fill a tub with water from the nearby lake and try to get all the dirt under my skin. I don’t have much nice clothes to put on that are any nicer than the ones I’m wearing right now. I don’t go for high quality, since a simple t-shirt can do the job just as well. I then store the meat in containers. I then make my way to the reaping’s, but along the way, I decide to stop somewhere.

I make a turn from the plaza and walk towards the graveyard. Here, is where my grandmother is buried. You see, I used to live with her for a while. Just recently, she died of an old age. Just 3 years ago, she died. However it feels like it was just yesterday. I stare at her grave and her name carved into a tombstone. I sit down and try to remember the days where my grandmother was around. I reach to touch the tombstone when I experience a flashback. I can’t make out what’s happening, but I see two shadowy figures making off into a house. Those two figures come out with objects in their hands. All of a sudden, more figures emerge from different street corners. The two figures start to run into a forest and I hear a woman’s shriek. Back to reality, I stare there in shock. What just happened? I don’t think in any way they could have related to my grandmother. My grandfather died before I was born. I’ve never met my parents, my grandmother never liked to talk about it. I start to think. Those two figures could’ve been them. What were they doing? As if on cue, the reaping bell chimes. The reaping’s are now. Oh well, I have lots of time to think after. I make my way to get my finger pricked and go to the boy’s section. A few Peacekeepers are looking at me suspiciously. This happens every year, in fact every time I see one. Why target me? It’s like I’ve done some sort of crime. Crime…. Could’ve those two figures been thieves? That explains the objects. My thoughts are interrupted by the escort. Her skin is a dark red. She dyed her hair green. Her hair matches her eyeliner color. The only thing that seems unchanged is her eyes, which is a bold black. I’m not too sure if she’s supposed to look like a human watermelon.

“Hello everyone! Welcome to the reaping’s. I am Muna Eleonora and I will be your escort.” She says between breaths. “Let’s get started and choose our female tribute!” She walks over to the reaping bowl and knocks it over. The glass shatters on the ground.

“Ahh!” She shrieks. “I’m sorry.” The Peacekeepers are picking up the broken shards while she picks up a slip that landed next to her.

“Rowanne Tamora.” She speaks into the microphone. A girl breaks down in tears; I look in terror to see a twelve year old girl walk up the stage, still sobbing. She probably only has one slip, yet she is drawn. I guess it was just unfortunate, if Muna didn’t drop the bowl she probably wouldn’t have gotten picked.

“And now for the boys!” She says. She walks over to the boys reaping bowl and trips over some wire connected to a speaker. Her shoe brings the wire up, as well as the stand and the bowl falls on her. The slips flutter in the air and fall over the crowd, the majority on Rowanne (9). Wow, this escort is extremely clumsy, dropping two bowls in one reaping. Well, at least the second bowl didn’t break. She picks up a slip and starts to read it.

“Emily… no wait that’s a girl.” She says, blushing. She bends down and picks up another slip, tossing it again. “That’s a girl too…” She informs us. This is the most hilarious reaping’s ever. She finally picks one up and smiles.

“Ahh, here we go.” She clears her throat and announces the name “Grant Denver.” She finally says. Wait a second… that’s me. I walk up the stage, and take my place next to Rowanne (9). This is terrible. Why couldn’t she just pick Emily? I wouldn’t care if there were two female tributes as long as I wasn’t one!

“Here are our two tributes from District 10… err I mean 9. Rowanne Tamora and Grant Denver. Sorry about the little incident, I’m sure everything will go fine next year!” She announces. Rowanne (9) is staring at the ground. I reach for a handshake, and she hesitates to lift her hand up. After, we are both lead into the Justice Building, where I await visitors. I’m happy to get one; a familiar customer comes through the door.

“I’m sorry you got reaped. At least you didn’t follow your parent’s footsteps.” He says. I look at him confused.

“What do you mean?” I ask. He returns the look to me.

“Did you not hear about your parent’s death?

“No, I surprisingly haven’t. My grandmother never liked talking about her children.”

“Well that’s not a surprise, they were horrible crocks.” He clears his throat and begins to tell a story. “While you were still a toddler, your parents were criminals. You lived with your grandmother because she thought they were a bad influence. They robbed my cousin’s house, and he quickly informed a Peacekeeper. They quickly fled to the forest, but instead of being arrested they ran into a ferocious mutt. The mutt killed them both, so the Peacekeepers were never able to return the items they stole.” I look at him in shock. That explains the flashback, but how would I remember it? Maybe my grandmother was sending me a signal, because she didn’t want to die without me knowing. Ugh, what am I saying, that’s just silly.

“I never knew that…” I whisper.

“Times up.” A Peacekeeper informs us.

The man gets up and exits the building along with me. I had no other visitors. Me and Rowanne (9) go to the train station where we both board the train. Rowanne is silent the whole way, looking down at her feet not saying a word. Muna is talking to the both of us about how to survive, since we don’t have a mentor. However, I’m not listening. After the reaping’s, I doubt anything she’s saying is useful. Rowanne (9) isn’t listening either. She seems really shy; this must be a horrible position for her to be in. We both sit there in silence while Muna continuously talks about what will happen next.

District 10 - Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire

I'm walking on the streets of District 10, its still dark out but the sun is beginning to burst across the sky, I hope to get to my house as soon as possible before the sun comes out. As I walk pass each dwelling, residents close their shutters and doors upon seeing my presence. I have a cold relationship with District 10 and I plan to keep it that way. I don't care what they think; I don't care what anyone thinks. I finally make it to my house along the path until I feel a strange feeling upon entering the house. The house has an empty feeling, like my parents are missing. Me and my parents have a bad relationship too, similar to about every other person in Panem. However, they're always around the house especially during this time of day. I don't want to go outside and look for them during the day. I walk to my bedroom and stare out my window where I can see about everything on my street and what's happening. That's when I notice it.

I can read it from here. I know what it says.

"For rent..." I say out loud. Those idiots. Trying to abandon me again! That won't do. You see, my parents are weirded out by me when I'm around them. I'd expect that, but they've tried to abandon me more than once. They've never been able to run away from me forever. I walk out the door and sprint to the nearest tree. I want to spend little time in the bright dawn as possible. I climb up there and have enough time to see my mother and father walking along the street with groceries in their hands. I jump out of the tree and sprint to the nearest ally. I grip onto the worn out walls until I hear something.

"Psstt." Says a voice. I look up to see a girl staring out from her bedroom window. She waves at me and I look at her strangely. Huh? This is the nicest treatment I've actually ever gotten. It feels very bizarre and abnormal... I don't know how to respond. I look back at where my parents were walking, ignoring the girl. I see them walk to the very end of the street, where a house, a brand new one in fact was just built. It's not luxury and expensive like the house's in Victors Village, but it's the best you could get in District 10. Those snobs, my parents thought they could abandon me. It's too late for that. I sprint to the house and enter the back door. I walk to the front door and wait for them to open the door. I press my ear against the door; I can hear my parents talking.

"Thank god we finally left her. I thought she would've followed us again!" Sometimes I wonder why I don't just give up now and live on the streets.

"I thought she'd be at the front door at midnight, but she wasn't here! What a relief" Because I was at the cemetery, moron. What makes me mad is I don't even disrespect my parents. They judged me for my look, and so does every other person in this town. I wasn't always this silent; I might've been social or made conversation with other people my age if they didn't judge me. The main reason that really creeps people out is my eyes, they are white. The pupil blends in with my eye and it makes me look like a zombie.

"Well, let's go pack these groceries and go to the reaping's." My mother opens the front door and sees me. I stare into her eyes and she lets out a shriek. She drops the groceries and startles my father. He runs to the front door to aid her and notices me to the realization I had followed them both.

"Ugh, what are we going to do with this girl?" He says. "I give up. I'll pick up the groceries." He picks up the groceries and puts them on shelves, since we can't afford a refrigerator. My mother walks to her bedroom and lies down because of the headache I caused her. I hate them. All I really did was stare at them and that was enough to put them into eternal shock. I walked to a spare bedroom; my parents didn't consider it my room because they didn't know I'd follow them. I walk into my bedroom and stare out the window. Believe it or not, this is how I show sadness, which I pretty much always am. I don't want to show emotion, it's a sign of weakness. Although, I really do hate having to do this, but they leave me no choice. Although everyone dislikes me, the actual closest relationship I have is with my parents. Well besides that girl I just met 5 minutes ago, she was pretty nice. Though, I'll probably never see her again. My thoughts are startled when I hear the reaping bell. I'm late! Oh god. I sprint out of the house with my mother and father trailing behind, and I make it to the reaping's just in time. There is still a line to get your finger pricked, because there are so many kids eligible in the lottery. I stand in the back of the line and clear my throat. Immediately, everyone starts clearing the way until there is a clear path towards the stand. I didn't even mean for this to happen, but oh well. I walk to the lady with the zapper and she pricks my finger. When I go over to the girls section, the girls in my age group back away from me. Well, at least I get personal space, I guess. The escort walks onto stage and she clears her throat. Although she is a girl, she has a buzz cut. Her skin is completely white and she has black eyeliner and lipstick. This is probably the worst style from the Capitol I have ever seen.

“Welcome, residents of District 10! I’d like to welcome you to the reaping’s! My name is Gwendoline Dulce and I will be your escort! I am so happy I got District 10, and I hope you all feel the same!” She says with a smile. Ugh, I already hate her. “Time for the girls!” She shouts. She walks over to the girls reaping bowl and pulls out a slip. She unfolds it and reads the name. “Tatianna Sapphire!” I’m speechless. I barely even went to school for the past 3 years. I guess they held my name for a while. I walk up the stage while Gwendoline encourages me. I want to kill her right now.

“Congratulations!” She exclaims. “Now it’s time to choose the lucky winner from the boys!” I glance over to my mother and father. They have the biggest grin on their faces. You know, I was just about to call it quits, but now this encourages me to come back. They don’t know what I do at the graveyard; I’m pretty talented with a scythe.

“Duane Lőrinc!” She announces into the microphone. A boy I’ve never seen before walks up to the stage. He must be new here, I feel a bit bad for him. A little bit. Although, he isn’t showing any emotion. He seems similar to me. Maybe we could get along.

“Let’s give a round of applause to our District 10 tributes, Tatianna Sapphire and Duane Lőrinc!” She shouts. “Come on you two, shake hands!” Duane (10) reaches for a handshake, but I glare at him. Looking into my eyes he immediately pulls back his hand and turns away. I don’t like being touched. A group of Peacekeepers conduct us towards the Justice Building. A Peacekeeper leads me to a room where I sit. He was planning to guard me, but I stare at him. He immediately leaves, I want to be alone. Especially at a time like this. Besides, no one will visit me. To my surprise, someone actually does. I recognize her very well.

“I’m sorry this happened to you.” She says. It’s that girl that waved at me from the window. I try to stare at her, but it’s not working.

“People may be a little uncomfortable around you, but I’m not.” She says. Wow. “Oh sorry, I didn’t tell you my name. My name is Eva Miroslava. I just moved here, when I realized how poorly people treated you, I felt really terrible for you. I just want to let you know that if you weren’t reaped, you’d have a friend here.” She says calmly with a smile. “If you make it back from the Hunger Games, you’ll have someone you can call a friend. Again, I’m sorry this happened to you.”

“Time’s up.” Grunts a Peacekeeper. Eva gets up and walks out of the door.

“Best of wishes.” She says before she exits. I’m speechless. A tear runs down my check. I’m crying, this hasn’t happened before. It feels weird. I’m happy that she said that though, all this time I’ve been waiting for a friend, and it happened. Although, I’m sad that it happened when I got reaped. I’m even more determined to make it back, for Eva. I exit the Justice Building, me and Duane board the train. Duane enters his quarters and he doesn’t seem to want to leave. My escort, Gwendoline was here for a while, but now she’s gone too. I wish Eva was still here. She made me feel good about myself. Now she’s gone, and I may never see her again.

District 11 - Bennet Ormand

“Get up you useless brat!” My aunt, Tendai shouts as she grabs one of my belts and whips it against my chest continuously. My howls of pain make her laugh with glee. “Today is reaping day, go get dressed you miserable brat!” I glance outside; the sun isn’t even rising yet.

“What… what time is it?” I ask, hoping my aunt isn’t offended by my answer.

“Don’t you dare talk back to your guardian!” She yells at the top of her lungs. “You will do whatever I say, get dressed NOW!” I won’t be surprised if she’s woken up the whole district. I jump off my mattress, or if you were to ask my uncle and aunt, “bed.” I see a pair of shirts and shorts laid down on the floor, but the clothing I was given is filled with holes and stains. I put my clothes on and I try to open my bedroom door, but no matter how much I jiggle the rusty doorknob, the door doesn’t open.

“Oh yes,” I can hear my aunt pipe in. “I locked the door. Have fun getting out!” She sings, laughing as I boil with anger. I lie down in on my mattress, until it rips open.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” My aunt whines again. “I cut open your mattress while you were sleeping; it was just a coincidence your mattress didn’t break while you were sleeping!” I take deep breaths in and out, trying to control my temper. I get up and rest my back against a wall, where I will sit for a few hours. Maybe I would have an easier life if I was just reaped right now. Even if I didn’t win, that meant I would die, and I wouldn’t have to live with my uncle nor aunt ever again. Yes, you got that right. I’d rather die than live with my uncle and aunt. Living with those devils made me suffer massive depression, strong enough to make me convince that I had died already doing something terrible during my first life, and this is my punishment in hell. I control myself thinking about happy thoughts about when I was young, when my parents were actually here to support me. Well, maybe not, but I was still happier than I am today.

I’ll tell you the story. My parents and I lived in District 11; my parents worked all the time and came home extremely tired every night. My parents were forced long hours and short breaks and paychecks. Although I never got to see my parents a lot, I thought that I should be appreciative that I didn’t live a life worse than the life I had then. Well now, my life couldn’t be worse. Back to the story, my parents were worked overboard; they just couldn’t take the long shifts. With no rest and lots of working, my parents had to force themselves to skip work one day. Not because they wanted to, but because they couldn’t get up from their beds because of how much they worked. I truly felt terribly bad for them, and I started to get anxious. Could this be me in the future? Anyway, skipping work is punished severely here. Missing the whole day will be taken very seriously. They were publically whipped, and because of their weak fragile bodies being so worn out because of how much they worked, they collapsed and never got back up. They took a death nap. I couldn’t stop crying that day; I never thought things would get worse than that. Well, unbelievably they did. Having no guardian to monitor me, I was placed in a house with my aunt and uncle. And lucky me, they hate humans. I don’t even think they’re human, because they are nothing like my parents and nothing like me. The way they are treating me today is common every day really. Want to know how I bare through it? Well, my uncle and aunt are probably the least bright people you’ll ever know. A horribly broken door rests in my bedroom. Opening my window will easily allow me to escape. Every day, I exit my window and cover my tracks to make it look like I’ve never escaped. They don’t check up on me, they hate me. Later, I go to the forests outside of District 11 and gather as many plants as I can. If I haven’t, I would probably be dead right now. My aunt and uncle are really puzzled right now, trying to figure out why I haven’t me died yet. They only supply me with water because water is a common resource in District 11, but people dying of starvation isn’t common. They’ve been waiting for the time where I leaned over from starvation, but they’re too dumb to notice the edible plants I preserve in my closet.

I look outside to see that the sun is finally up. I have probably hours of time before I have to do to the reaping’s, but I don’t care. I want to leave the house as soon as I can. There is just one problem; I can’t escape through the window to go to the reaping’s. My parents will realize I’m gone when they yell at me to go to the reaping’s.

“Tendai! Bongani!” I yell as I bang my door. “Let me out, I need to go to the reaping’s!” I am greeted by my uncle opening the door, with a stern look on his face.

“No, you worthless fag.” My uncle grunts. That was harsh. “Stay in your room, maybe you’ll die.” I stop the door closing with my foot.

“The sooner I leave the sooner I won’t be in the house.” I say, trying to convince him. Really, this is the only way to get to him. He turns his head back to me and glares at me.

“Fine, get out of here.” He says. I look at him weirdly. “Are you fucking deaf? Get. Out. NOW!!!” I feel the anger surging into my skin as I stop out of the house.

“Oh and by the way…” My uncle says before I exit the house. “When the reaping’s over, don’t bother coming back.” I flash the middle finger and slam the door as hard as I can; I stomp over to the town square of District 11. See how nice my uncle is? Well, I have to admit I wasn’t very nice either. As you can see, I didn’t do anything. He still yells at me. In my opinion, that gives me the right to yell at him. Well, honestly it’s not a good way to fight back, but really I can’t get on their good side no matter how hard I try. I finally make it to the reaping’s, it doesn’t officially start in 30 minutes, but there is still people here. I go over to the zapper lady and she zaps my finger. There is a mark on my finger, yet I feel no pain. I file into my correspondent gender and age section as I finally decide what I’m going to do. I am going to volunteer. I don’t care if I die; I just want to get away from my parents. Of course, I will try to survive, but really nothing matters at this point. I decide that this decision is final and I plan out what I’m going to do in the games. I pay attention to the stage as our new escort walks in. She has long black hair, and bright red skin. Her dress brings out a spooky and creepy vibe, a dark black dress with various holes and skulls in it. I can hear the audience mutter as she walks onto stage.

“Welcome, District 11!” She announces into the microphone. “My name is Petunia Phantom, and I will be your escort until the next quell! Let’s get things on a roll, first up the girls!” Petunia walks across the stage until she reaches the girls reaping bowl. She pulls out a slip and announces the name to the crowd.

“Brair Chausiksu!” She sings, she starts to clap but doesn’t get any applause from the audience. She is awkwardly clapping by herself while a girl with black hair and dark skin walks up the stage. She seems to be sad, but she shows no tears. There’s a possible ally.

“Now for the boys!” She announces. For someone who is supposed to look scary, her personality is the opposite of that. She should’ve dressed like some sort of demented butterfly or something.

“Vernon Harald!” She screeches. This is my chance.

“I VOLUNTEER!” I shout. I rush up to the stage; the audience is looking at me strangely, letting out whispering and muttering. Even Petunia’s eyes are wide open at the sight of someone volunteering.

“Oh what a surprise!” Petunia says, still puzzled. “Everyone, let’s welcome our very first volunteer of our new era of the Hunger Games, what’s your name hun?”

“My name is Bennet Ormand.” I tell her, happier than ever.

“What’s your reason for volunteering?”

“Because my aunt and uncle are bitches.” There are several chuckles around the crowd, but they were drowned from the yelling of my aunt and uncle. They were making a ruckus over where they were standing and four Peacekeepers are holding them back.

“Alright… Ladies and Gentlemen, your tributes from District 11, Brair Chausiksu and Bennet Ormand!” Brair (11) and I are all conducted into the Justice Building. I am left in a room where I sit and wait. I know I don’t think I’ll have visitors. However, 10 seconds later I hear banging on the door. My aunt and uncle. They’re shouting every foul curse word at me while a few Peacekeepers hold them off. Soon, I hear two loud bangs. The Peacekeepers yell at me to exit the building, and when I leave my room I see the dead carcass of my guardians. They’re dead! Yes! This is the happiest day of my life. No matter how harsh this sounds, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I exit the Justice Building and Brair (11), Petunia, and I board the train which will take us to the Capitol. Brair went into her dorm because she had a headache, and Petunia went into her headquarters to apply another 50 coats of makeup onto her face. I look out the window; happy about how great this day has went. My aunt and uncle died, and I will never see them again. However, now that I think about it, I didn’t have to volunteer just so I could never see my aunt and uncle again. Either way, this is still better than waking up to those two idiots hitting me with leather belts.

District 12 - Savannah Storm

I wake up at the dawn of the day and let out a big groan. I push off of my old bed, or should I say mattress and stare at the photo of my family. I’ve never met my mother, and I still don’t know what she looks like. She’s not in the photo, but my father is, but he is long gone too. It was years ago, but I still wake up every morning screaming for him to run. It was the exact same explosion which killed Katniss’ father too. I wish she’d never died, and then these games wouldn’t cease to exist. The Hunger Games before her, my brother was sadly reaped too. I don’t know how I’m surviving, but I’m glad my brother taught me a trick or two in getting food, and since I’m only supplying for myself I’m not exactly starving. However, if I don’t want to starve I have to go and get food now. Ugh, this is a pain. I sneak into the woods when the Peacekeepers aren’t looking, although I don’t think they care, and get to work. I brought the book, or should I say sheets of paper listed with a ton of plant. I’ve recognized nearly every single plant in this book, but I’d be getting even more if I brought it. Besides, I can’t exactly hunt my way out of this. I am able to work with basic snares, but I’ve not caught anything. Not because they’re bad, but because wire isn’t cheap, and you can’t exactly recycle a snare all the time.

The reaping bell chimes, although this time signaling an hour before the big day, I look at my progress. Three buckets of edible plants. Well it looks like I’m having salad again. I’d trade these but absolutely nobody wants any of these, because most of the morons out there don’t know they’re edible. Maybe if they used their brains to know I’ve had nothing but salad for the last crappy years, they’d get a hint. Well, not like I expected anything more from District 12. I drag the buckets back home and set it on the table. I take some water and use it to wash the plants and set it down on a table I take some edible berries and grind about half of it into a sauce which I’ll pour onto the salad as salad dressing later. I pile the rest of the berries into the salad and start mixing into plant until another reaping bell echoes into the house. Uh oh, I’m late… like I care. I’m late every year. The reaping’s aren’t that long, so I’ll just eat when I get home. I walk towards the plaza and make my way to the lady with the zapper. No point to dress to impress, because let’s face it; most of the district can’t afford it. Once I am pricked, I make my way to the girls section and stand in my age category. The escort then walks up to the stage, thank god they replaced Effie Trinket, but this new one looks a lot like her. Same puffy Afro, just it’s a blend of purples and yellows. She wears the skimpy dress Effie always wears and her skin is a light shade of purple. Her eyes are bright yellow. Is she like her sister or something?

“Hello, District 12! My name is Heilwig Trinket and I will be your escort!” She beams. Well, I was right about the sibling’s thing. “I’m glad I have District 12, and I’m sure you guys feel the same!” She’s also as confused and dimwitted like her.

“Well, let’s start off with the girls!” She says as she skips over to the girls Reaping bowl. She takes out a slip and unfolds it. She pauses to read the name and holds it up high. I can feel sweat coming down my forehead, the tension is driving me crazy. I needed tesserae, but I only need it for me so it hasn’t added up too much. Though I can tell you, the grain isn’t worth it. It doesn’t last for a year and I need to stick to crappy salad for a few months and I’m getting sick of it. Though, I need it to survive, I have no choice. I’m shaking now, she won’t say the name. Hurry up!

“Savannah Storm!” I stand still for a second. Me? This can’t be happening. First my brother and now me. I look to my side and look at a girl. I push her to the pathway to the stage to make it seem like it was her. Although, the Peacekeepers are smart, four of them pick me up and lift me towards the stage. They drop me and I look up awkwardly to the crowd.

“Well, we’ve got ourselves a clever one this year, now don’t we?” Heilwig says, obviously a little annoyed by me. Is she going to be a manner critic too?

“Anyway, without further ado, let’s draw a name from the boys Reaping bowl” She sings as she prances to the boys Reaping bowl. Once again, she unfolds it and holds it up high and takes a long pause before she announces the name. All of District 12 is staring at her; I really don’t know what this is achieving. Surprisingly, she is more clueless and dumb then Effie.

“Ashton Yiennas” She finally says. An older boy emerges from his spot and walks towards the stage. I recognize him; he healed me when I foolishly tried to untangle an alive animal from my snare, who was enraged. Yeah, it’s pretty pathetic but I was still learning snares! I probably would’ve healed eventually, but Ashton was certain I could be killed by that wild animal eventually. Some disease called Rabies. I don’t know what that is. Though, he healed me and the scar on my leg was completely gone in a few days. District 12 is going to have a big impact with him gone.

“Phew! This one didn’t put up a fight.” She says, glaring at me. I want to punch her. We are both then escorted to the Justice Building where I sit in a room and wait. Not like I have any visitors, but I’m sure Ashton does, and tons. It seems like hours, and I just sit here and wait. What am I going to do? I know I can’t win, I mean I’m not strong and I have no experience with ranged weapons. The best weapon I can think of right now is a piece of wire. Actually, I also have snares. Unlike that year where I got injured by that animal in a snare, I’m now really good at it. If I get my hands on some wire, I will get some food in the arena, if there is food. I may not be getting lots of money at the Hob, but I do get some from my edible plants every now and then. Maybe I can do this. A Peacekeeper opens the door and leads me to the train station. Ashton, Heilwig, and I all board the train and the train takes off. It will take a full day to get to the Capitol, though I don’t mind. More time to think. I really have nothing else to do, so I decide to enrage the escort. I remember something Katniss did on the train, stabbing a knife between Haymitch’s fingers. I take a knife and stab it into the table.

“That is MOHOGANY!” Heilwig shouts at me. Are Effie and her twins or something? Could that really just Effie dressed up in a totally different outfit and disguise? That’s exactly the same thing Effie had said to Katniss. I laugh in my head as Heilwig lectures me about manners; the next few weeks will be interesting.

District 13 - Delilah Lexus

Today is a gloomy day for all of District 13. I can hear thunder clams echo in the sky as the downpour of rain makes its way through the cracks in the roof forming puddles on the floor. Everyone in my family is shivering uncontrollably, huddling with each other trying to get warm. Why is it such a horrible day? I think I have the answer. Today is reaping day. We’re all tired from work yesterday, and we’re trying to recharge and rest our bodies for tomorrow’s work shift. At least we get a day off for the reaping’s in District 13. However, shivering alone to die in our own house isn’t exactly a thrilling day off. Why? Because we choose to make it that way, I have an idea. I get up from the corner I was shivering in and I walk over to Connor, Robin, and Todd; the younger siblings of me.

“Hi guys, want to go somewhere?” I ask them

“I-it’s-s-s-… t-t-t-too…c-c-c-cold!” My youngest brother, Connor mumbles.

“I can’t feel my legs…” My youngest sister, Robin complains.

“Why should we go anywhere? Today is reaping day. Nothing good happens on reaping day.” Todd explains.

“Not if you don’t make it happen. Come on, let’s go.” I can see Connor curious on where I was getting at, and he follows me. Once Connor and I leave the door, Todd and Robin couldn’t resist but follow. You see, during the explosion of District 13, a forest grew onto of the rubble. Luckily, this forest exists past the newly built electric fence and has no carnivores lurking in the forest. It’s overall safe enough to venture through. Connor, Robin, Todd, and I enter the forest. We sit down next to a tree, although it’s not a safe place to be, sitting under a tree is safer than sitting in the home I have now.

“See, not as much rain is passing through.” I explain to them. “Isn’t it better?”

“Sort of.” Connor says.

“I’m not shivering anymore, so that must be some sort of sign.” Robin replies.

“Exactly, and there is so much more things to do out here in the forest, than in our out-dated house.” I tell them. “Follow me; I want to show you something else.” I lead them to a cave I used to go to as a child with my mother. I used to draw on the cavern walls whenever I was bored. I just dipped my finger into some mud and used my finger as a pen. Playing in the mud does sound a bit gross and dirty, but really if you see the residents in District 13, they should clean themselves with mud. I go just about a few inches into the cave so I’m not drowned by darkness, but I am still able to cover myself from the rain. Just so you know, on days where the sun is shining you can see all the way to the back of the cave; nothing lives there.

“Watch,” I instruct Connor, Robin, and Todd. “Dip your finger in the mud and you can create pictures on the cavern walls.” I say as I perform the action. In District 13, a paper and pencil you can never come by. Unless if you stole it from school, but that’s about it. Immediately, the three of them wanted to try. I sat back against the cavern walls, trying to get some rest as the three of them drew whatever their minds desired. This cave was probably more peaceful than the house we live in now. We can’t legally live in here, but we can’t get arrested for spending a few hours in an area of District 13. I ask the oldest sibling with me, Todd, to go to the house and bring the whole family with us. In minutes, we’re all telling jokes and socializing in the cave. I’m not too sure why resting in here is a safer place then our own house, but it is. I lie down on the cave walls and continue to rest. Just as I’m about to drift to sleep, I hear the reaping bell. We’re not late, but the reaping is defiantly starting soon. The family gets up and heads off towards the reaping’s. We don’t bother getting changed into nice clothing; we don’t have any and even if we did, they’d be soaking wet. All of us head arrive at the reaping’s. My siblings Todd, Jasmine, Merit, and I all get our fingers pricked. We all fill into our respective age, gender, and eligibility sections as the escort makes her way onto the stage. The escort died her skin pink and has purple make-up all over her face. She’s basically dressed up as a human Barbie with pink skin. She even has a matching pink and purple umbrella she brought to protect her from the rain.

“Welcome, citizens of District 13!” The escort announces. “I am Magenta Grace, and I am District 13’s escort!” The audience stays silent like expected, but Magenta doesn’t argue.

“Let’s get started! Let’s draw a slip from the girls reaping bowl!” Magenta says as she struts over to the girls reaping bowl. I start to reflect; I have 44 slips in the bowl and the odds are not in my favor. My sister, Jasmine has 66 slips which is even worse. However, there is still the chance that I get reaped.</p>

“Delilah Lexus!” The escort shouts. NO! I break down to tears on the spot. Why me? It can’t be me. Jasmine helps me up and leads me to a Peacekeeper, who escorts me the rest of the way to the stage. I’m trying to hold back my tears but I can’t help it. I’m going into an arena where I probably won’t come back. I rub my eyes as Magenta is about to call the male tribute. Please, may it not be any of my siblings.

“Phillip Gianluca!” Magenta announces. A boy this time breaks down into tears like me. I do feel happy that none of my siblings got reaped, but I feel bad for this boy that I don’t even know. He doesn’t deserve this treatment and neither do I. Phillip (13) makes his way up the stage, able to recover from his break down a little easier than me.

“Now that the waterworks are over, let’s give a round of applause to our District 13 tributes!” Magenta shrieks as she bangs her hands together. Nobody applauded back, but Magenta doesn’t let that ruin her attitude. Peacekeepers escort Phillip (13) and I to the Justice Building, where I break down into tears all over again. At least I’m not being recorded here. Immediately, my family arrives into the room and they all pity me for being reaped.

“Delilah!” Robin shrieks as she grasps her hands around my hips. My brothers, sisters, and parents follow her as we all hug each other and remember our last moments as a family.

“I’m going to miss you.” Connor says, as everyone else nods.

“We’ll make sure everyone in the family makes it out okay. Now it’s time to worry about you, okay Delilah?” My father commands me. I nod my head as my mother begins to speak.

“Keep a low profile during the games and try your best.” My mother adds.

“Your good with explosives, you can use that as your weapon.” My eldest brother, Carson pitches in.

“I don’t want to kill anyone….” I whisper.

“I know, but this is in order for you to get home. We all can’t live without you Delilah.” My eldest sister, Andrina explains. “You make every moment a brighter one and light up moments when they’re not at their best.” Our conversation is interrupted by the creak of a door opening.

“Time’s up.” A Peacekeeper informs us.

“Can’t we have a few more minutes?” Connor says, letting out puppy dog eyes.

“No.” The Peacekeeper answers. My family files out of the Justice Building, with sad gloomy looks on their faces. Magenta, Phillip (13), and I soon travel to the train station and board the train.

“What are we going to do during the games?” I ask Phillip (13).

“I’ve got an idea, though we’re going to need more than us to help. Are you in?” Phillip (13) asks me.

“Yup, let’s do it.” I say. I’ve made myself an alliance, great. This will help me blend in with everyone else. I don’t want to fight in the Hunger Games, it’s my greatest fear. However, if I give up now I will never see my family again. I can’t let that happen. I will try my best no matter what I have to do.

For my family.

Group Training

Day 1

Grant Denver - District 9

The instructor finally stops talking and we are finally allowed to roam wherever we want. I immediately went to ally with Theo (8) because he had a Peacekeeper following him, he must be cool. Until I realized he was deaf and the Peacekeeper was basically his translator. He’s still pretty cool though, and I’ve learned a lot about him. We’re at the knot tying station, and Theo (8) is making some wacky knot I don’t even know. I’m pretty impressed. I’m really not doing anything; I’m too busy observing the tributes we’re facing. The Capitol tributes are surprisingly imitating for their first year, and the Capitol female seems like the strongest non-career threat. The tributes from 1 aren’t as good as usual, but the tributes from 2 are menacing, the 2 male is probably the biggest threat in the arena. The 3 tributes aren’t standing out here, they’re average. The 4 female could be better, but the 4 male seems pretty good. The 5 tributes seem pretty athletic, but the 6 tributes are even better. They look like they’ve been training their whole lives for this opportunity. The 7 male is very mysterious only keeping to himself; I haven’t seen enough to judge him. The 7 female is pretty good overall, but there are people better than her. My ally isn’t very strong physical wise, but the Peacekeeper told me he’s great with a knife. I’ll have to see it for myself later. His counterpart is even worse than him skill wise, she isn’t standing out. I’m not too sure how well I’m doing, but I know I’m doing better than my counterpart. No offence, but she’s terrible. The 10 male isn’t very good either. I can’t tell anything about the 10 female, but her looks are extremely scary. Does she have pupils? The 11 female isn’t good at all, but the 11 male looks pretty strong. The 12 tributes are pretty decent; the female however seems more skilled than the male. The 13 tributes are the horrible; the 13 female is probably the worst here. My thoughts are interrupted when Theo (8) nudges me on the shoulder and points to the left where the 5 and 10 male are standing. They smile and approach us closer.

“Alliance?” The 5 male asks. I nod my head and the two of them sit down.

“I’m Duane, and this is Cyrus.” The 10 male says, happy to increase his alliance. The four of us continue to tie knots and I realize that Duane (10) may not be very intimidating physical wise, but he is extremely smart. Cyrus (5) was very annoying, but he was a very strong and talented ally to have. Overall, I think my alliance is pretty good.

Silvia Coscette - District 6

Silvio (6) and I are walking towards the careers alliance. We're both confident that we can make the alliance; after all we were better than some of them.

“Hi!” Silvio (6) says, being as kind and polite as possible.

“What do you want?” The 2 male grunts.

“Um... can we join you guys?” I ask as nice as I could possibly tone my voice.

“First, show us what you got.” The 4 female replies. “Here’s the weapon rack. Show us what you got.” Silvio (6) and I smile as Silvio makes his way to the weapon rack first. He holds 5 throwing knives in his hand and tosses them in one throw. Each one hits the neck, shoulder, head, bulls-eye, and arm respectively. Although it’s not a bulls-eye, I think it’s impressive, and the careers obviously think the same with the expression on their face. Silvio (6) finally takes one knife and tosses it as hard as he can towards the neck, decapitating the dummy. He goes to another rack and picks up a mace. Silvio (6) does all these unique tricks with the mace equipped and several dummies fall to the ground. He moves off to the side and it’s finally my turn. I decide I’m going to do something similar to Silvio’s (6) performance. I pick up 5 spears and place them on the ground. Throwing one each time, each spear lands in the head of one dummy. To finish it off, I line up the dummies and throw the spear. It rips through 5 dummies before landing on the ground. Finally, I pick up a sword and do similar tricks that Silvio (6) did. I place the sword back after cutting through a few dummies and wait for the career’s answer. All of them huddle up, and by the comments I can make out from their whispers, I’m happy. They finally finish talking and they give their answer.

“You guys are very talented, I’ll admit…” The 2 male starts to explain. “But we’re still not letting you pass through the careers.”

“What?” I shout, aggravated about his choice.

“What?” The 1 male also says, making it seem like the 2 male didn’t agree on their decision. The 2 male tackles him and the 1 male falls to the ground.

“Umm… nev…never mind.” The 1 male manages to say, his voice is barely audible. I don’t think about talking back after that stunt. I do not want to go into hand to hand combat with the 2 male.

“You may be talented…” the 2 male continues after being interrupted. “But we’re sticking with the dominate districts who normally train for the games. We are not going to be intimidated by weaker districts like you. It makes us look weak and needy.” I look over to Silvio (6) and he is boiling with anger. I can feel his pain; we’ve been working for this moment our whole lives just to be rejected because one person is picky.

“So you guys are rejected.” The 2 male says, harshly. “Leave.” Silvio (6) stomps away, and I follow him. He starts to mumble curse words under his mouth while leaving.

“Alright, so we’ll go solo.” I pitch in, trying to switch the subject

“Alright.” Silvio (6) sighs.

“Good luck in the games.” I tell him, relieved he’s over being rejected.

“Thanks, you too.” We both walk away in different directions; I head over to the fire making station. I’m struggling to make a fire; this may be harder than I thought going alone. I’m about to go back to Silvio (6) and ask for an alliance before the 5 and 8 female stand before me.

“Hi!” The 5 female says happily. “You were AMAZING with a spear and sword! I’m not too sure why the careers didn’t take you into their alliance. Do you want to join ours instead?” I look past her shoulder and I smile when I see that a group of male tributes are asking Silvio (6) to an alliance, I don’t want to go into alliance by myself and leave Silvio (6) by himself.

“Sure, I’ll join.” I say, excitedly.

“Great!” The 8 female jumps with joy. “My name is Reba, and this is Chrissie.”

“We’re planning to ask the 7 and 9 female to join our alliance. Let’s go.” Chrissie (5) tells us. The three of us march over to some new tree climbing station the Capitol added to the training center and ask the duo to join our alliance. Although I didn’t make the careers, I’m extremely happy I have an alliance now. I hope we do well in the arena.

Cyrus Haydn - District 5

I’ve build an alliance consisting of Silvio (6), Theo (8), Grant (9), Duane (10), and me. My alliance is pretty amazing, consisting of both physical and mental attributes. I’m really looking forward to these games; we’re going to be a power house. We are all at another weapons station, which the Capitol added because of the careers using up the weapons station all the god damn time. We’ve seen Silvio (6) with throwing knives and a mace, and he may be the strongest member on the team. Theo (8) is first up and picked up a knife. He throws the knife and he hits bulls-eye. And another. And another. And another. Wow, we’ve got ourselves two experienced knife throwers! Grant (9) is up next and he swings a mace against dummies. He isn’t as experienced as Silvio (6) is with a mace, but he is pretty decent. He said that he is better with snares than a mace, and I hope he’s right. Duane (10) takes a turn with the weapons and he hits most of the moving targets with a blowgun. It was personally better than I would’ve thought he could ever do, though he wasn’t the most experienced tribute with a blowgun. I’m the last person at the weapon rack, but I’m certainly not least. Surprisingly, I use the same weapons as Silvio (6), and I’m pretty good with them too. I pick up 2 knifes and throw both of them, one making its way into the neck and the other into the chest. I pick up a mace and swing it at a dummy and the dummy separates in half. I wasn’t as good as Silvio (6), but I was pretty good. I’m very impressed with our alliance. However, the careers finally leave their weapons station for some odd reason, and some other alliance comes and tests their skills. Let me see… there is the 9, 8, 7, 6 females and…. Chrissie (5). Why doesn’t she just give up and kill herself now. Chrissie (5) holds a scythe in her hands and slashes a dummy in half. Her alliance starts clapping and applauding her skills with a scythe, and for some reason this angers me. I pick up the mace again and slash a dummy. The noise informs Chrissie (5) of my presence, and she glares at me. She slashes another dummy with her scythe. For the next few minutes, Chrissie (5) and I try to taunt each other by slicing dummies. I slit a dummies throat, and Chrissie (5) marches towards me.

“If you think you’re better than me in any way, forget it. You’re not.” Chrissie (5) says to me, in an angry tone.

“You try fighting with a mace.” I retort back. “It’s harder than it looks.”

“You have absolutely no experience with a Scythe.” Chrissie (5) argues. “You shouldn’t be talking!”

We both storm of simultaneously and yell at our alliances to follow. I don’t know why those tributes decided to ally with Chrissie (5), she’s a terrible person. Just terrible. Silvio (6), Grant (9), and Duane (10) all walk away, until I realize Theo (8) is missing. I turn around to see he is staring at the 7 female. I’m not too sure what he’s doing.

“COME ON!” I yell at Theo (8).

“LET’S GO, CAMELLIA!” Chrissie (5) yells at her. I guess her name is Camellia (7). Theo turns around, and I motion him to follow me. He runs to catch up to our alliance and we all head to the fire starting station.

Brair Chausiksu - District 11

Bennet (11) and I formed an alliance once we arrived to the Capitol. We decided that we didn’t want anyone else in our alliance, just keep it the same size we have it now. Most of the other alliances have tons of people in it, but we’re not afraid. I’m giving the gauntlet a try while Bennet (11) stands at the sides to wait for me.

“Next” A trainer says after a tribute finished the gauntlet. I step forward and wait to start.

“Ready?” The trainer asks me and I nod approving that I’m ready.

“Go!” I dash through the gauntlet leaping from platform to platform. I see a trainer swinging a paddle, and I duck right under his attack. Another trainer ahead of me tries to swipe a paddle to my chest, but she narrowly misses as I jump over the paddle. A third trainer is thrusting paddles, but I push right through the paddle during a weak point when he wasn't focusing. I dodge the obstacles and I finish the course.

“Not bad, one of the better runs we’ve had all day.” I smile knowing I didn’t do terribly horrible. I rush back to Bennet (11) and he high-fives me.

“Good job!” Bennet (11) congratulates me.

“Thanks,” I say blushing. We both flee the gauntlets and make our way to the hand to hand combat station Bennet (11) wanted to try. Bennet (11) is the first up and starts wrestling a trainer. I daze off and look to the weapons station. The 10 female I think is there, is Tatianna (10) her name? I’ll just call her that anyway. Tatianna (10) holds a Scythe in her hands, but she can barely lift it. After, a series of laughter is followed. I shift my head to the second weapons stations where the Careers are watching Tatianna (10) miserably fail. She puts the Scythe back and holds a knife, well she can hold that. She throws it, but the knife only hits the foot. The careers laugh even harder as Tatianna (10) looks down. She puts the knife back and holds a spear. She tries to throw it, but it narrowly misses her own foot. The careers start laughing like crazy as the 2 male comes up to her and pushes Tatianna (10) on the ground. I think Emory (2) is his name. What a brute! A Peacekeeper arrives to the scene and separates Emory (2) from Tatianna (10), who I think may be bleeding. I feel really bad for her, but her demeanor is so mysterious and… well I just can’t explain it. I feel uncomfortable even mentioning her.

“I did it, I took down the trainer.” Bennet (11) says, excited with his achievement.

“Oh!” I say, realizing I missed it. “Good job!”

Bennet (11) and I ponder what station we should head to next, but I can’t stop thinking about Tatianna (10). Something tells me she’s pulling something, but I can’t tell what.

Duane Lőrinc - District 10

Training ends eventually, and what do you know? It ended. All the tributes file out into the elevator. Hedena (2), Phrixos (7), Savannah (12), and I go on the first load. We all remain silent all the way up the tribute floors. On my stop, I leave without saying a word to Savannah (12). I want to spend the night doing something I want to do, study. Sadly, that’s not the case. If the Hunger Games depended on brain power, instead of physical power, I would win hands down. I enter my dorm and flop right into bed, excited for a little nap.

There is a bang on my door and I rub my eyes. Who was that? I open the door, but there is no one there. I exit my dorm, and I see Tatianna (10) and my escort, Gwendoline sitting at the dining table, about to start a feast. I see a prepared plate and chair on one side of the table; I guess that’s for me. We all sit awkwardly as we eat dinner. Tatianna (10) doesn’t seem to like the social moments, and I hate Gwendoline with all my heart. I excuse myself early, just to try and get away from the both of them. I turn of the lights and finish the nap I started earlier.

There is an even louder knock on my door. Oh my gosh. What could it be this time? I get dressed and open the door to find Gwendoline standing there with a worried look on her face.

“Have you seen Tatianna?!” She shrieks.

“What do you mean?” I ask her.

“I heard footsteps earlier tonight, because I couldn’t sleep. They were coming from Tatianna’s room, so I checked in on her to see if she was okay. When I entered her room, she was gone!”

“Mm, I have an idea where she is.” This is so simple; I don’t know why anyone can’t see this. If she heard footsteps earlier this night, it must’ve been Tatianna (10). She couldn’t have gone to another floor to visit a tribute; she hasn’t made any friendships with anyone. The only logical place she could be is the gymnasium on the ground floor.

“I know where she is. I’ll go find her, and confirm her location, alright?” Gwendoline nods her head vigorously as I make my way to the elevator at the end of the hall. I press the button that takes me to the gymnasium and I run down the hall. Opening the doors, I walk into the gymnasium. And that’s when I hear it.




That must've be Tatianna (10).


I follow the noise as is echoes off the gymnasium walls.


I approach the weapons station.


My jaws drop at the sight of what Tatianna (10)’s skills with a spear. I see her retrieving her spear from a dummies chest. She stands a distance from another dummy and keeps her back facing the dummy. She pauses for a moment. In the speed of light, she turns around and tosses the spear with tremendous speed; the spear finds its way through the dummies chest as the dummy falls to the ground. She retrieves her spear once more and places the spear back on the rack. After, she holds a scythe in her hands, and does a bunch of tricks involving speed and agility. She cuts through several dummies heads, and then stops. She stands there for a while, and then turns her head towards me. She saw me. She continues to walk up to me.

“Did you see what just happened?” She whispers.

“Yup, sorry. Gwendoline was worried about where you were,” I reply.

“That’s fine, but please don’t tell anyone about my plan.” Her plan is pretty obvious if you thought about it; she is pulling off what Johanna Mason had pulled off years ago. Since the Capitol decided that the gymnasium was open all hours, tributes were allowed to train here. However, it was only mentioned for a brief moment while the head instructor was going through the list of rules. It would’ve been hard to catch that, but Tatianna was one of the few who did. I admire her work, and she may have thought this through better than I could’ve ever done it. Besides, she’s my district partner, I can’t snitch her secret.

“It’s safe with me.” I tell her.

“Thank you so much.” She says with a smile. She heads back to the weapon station to decapitate dummies with her scythe while I go back to my district floor. As I arrive back there, Gwendoline is eagerly waiting at the doorstep.

“Where was she?” Gwendoline asks, still hysterical.

“She was just training late.” I reply “Since the gymnasium is open 24 hours a day, she decided to use it to her advantage.” Gwendoline opens her eyes.

“Is it?” She asks.

“How else would’ve I gotten into the gym?” I tell her, proving my point.

“Well she certainly is a clever one, isn’t she?”

Hmm, I guess she is.

Day 2

Ashton Yiennas - District 12

Just yesterday, I joined an alliance consisting of Clifton (3), Brooklyn (3), Savannah (12), Phillip (13), and Delilah (13). We’re probably not the most threatening alliance, but I still feel much safer with them. We’ve not really taken the Hunger Games seriously so far, the most we do is go from station to station socializing instead of focusing on the actual station. All of us really don’t want to enter the games as a killing machine, so we’re making the best out of the few days we have left. Our alliance is at the weapons station, though we’re not exactly trying. We all eventually do end up giving a go with the weapons, but we all know we could do much better.

Clifton (3) steps up to the rack to try a weapon, and pulls out a sickle. He sprints up to a dummy and slashes the dummy through the chest. After, Brooklyn (3) picks up a bow and shoots and arrow, getting a bulls-eye. She took a long while to aim, but her aim is still pretty good. It’s my turn next; I pick up a throwing knife from the rack. I turn around and quickly, whipping the knife at the dummy with little time to get a good look at the dummy. The knife lodges into the stomach; if that was a real tribute without instant relief he or she would be a goner. My alliance starts to applaud and cheer, though I know there are stronger people than me here. Savannah (12) picks up some wire, and holds the dummy in a headlock. I could tell within a few seconds that dummy would suffocate if that were a real person. She’s really good, though if someone were to come up towards her with a range weapon, she may be vulnerable. Phillip (13) wields a sword; he uses all his might to slash through the dummy. He seemed to have little experience with a sword, though at least he knows how to use it. Delilah (13) is last to go, and she picks up a dagger. She isn’t very good with it, but she is able to make a kill with it. We quickly leave the weapons station after seeing what our allies are capable of and head over to the camouflage station, not bothering to focus. Instead we talk and joke with each other for the rest of the day.

Reba Malandra - District 8

My whole alliance is over at the plant identification section, but I’m struggling horribly. Although my whole alliance, even Silvia (6), know a little bit about Plant Identification, I don’t know a thing. Camellia (7) is desperately trying to mentor me on Plant Identification while Rowanne (9) is teaching Silvia (6) more information.

“Okay, so Nightlock is edible?” I ask Camellia (7), while pointing to its picture. I look up to her; Camellia (7) isn’t paying attention to me. Instead she is staring at the alliance consisting with most of our male counterparts.

“Camellia?” I ask her, wondering what she’s up to. She won’t stop looking towards their alliance; her eyes are drawn towards Theo (8), my district partner.

“Camellia!” I yell, trying to get her attention. She immediately shoots her head towards my direction, looking a little bit frightened.

“Don’t startle me like that…” Camellia (7) says, laughing.

“Do you like him?” I ask Camellia (7).

“Like who?” She asks back.

“Theo. From my district.” I reply. She looks down and starts to giggle and blush.

“Um, maybe.” She whispers, still giggling.

“Don’t worry. I just wanted to know what was going on. Now tell me, is this plant edible?” I ask her, pointing to the picture of Nightlock.

“Are you crazy?” Camellia can barely say, uncontrollably laughing.

Okay, so maybe Plant Identification isn’t my best skill.

Duncan Grier - District 4

For two days so far, all I’ve done is watch my fellow careers practice their weapons. Whatever they’re best at; blowguns, throwing knives, spears, maces, axes, I’ve seen them all. I’ve only throw a Trident and slashed a Machete at a dummy a few times, just to let the careers know what I can do, but after the repetitiveness got really boring. I’ve been doing nothing but training for my whole life. For some reason, I’m in the Hunger Games, yet it’s the only time where I can have a break from my parents. Olivia (1) is sitting down on a bench and is sitting next to me, leaning her head against my shoulder. I think she has a thing for me, and I feel the same way about her. Emory (2) and Hedena (2) are also stirring up a romance, but there was nothing romantic about it in any way. They both have the same personalities; cold hearted and evil. I’ve got my eye on them; I’m pretty sure that when the careers get into the arena, the 2 pair will run deeper into the arena during the middle of the night along with most of our supplies. I saw Danica (4) staring at Emory (2) for a while too, I think Danica (4) may like him. However, Emory (2) doesn’t notice this; I think I’m sensing a love triangle between the three of them. I hope that doesn’t affect the careers alliance. I’ve sat here for about most of the training session, and the careers have done nothing but practice at the weapon station. Any other station but this one, I would try.

Just then, Tatianna (10) emerges from the elevator. She was the only tribute to not show up to training this morning, which was weird because she showed up the morning yesterday. Something tells me that her decision is involved with the bullying situation yesterday. Emory (2) immediately spots tossing his axe at a dummy and starts to walk over to Tatianna (10), and all the careers follow him excluding Olivia (1) and I. Tatianna (10) immediately runs over to the 7 male, presumably for help, but the careers are already up to her by then. I can see Emory (2) push Tatianna (10) down, and start to punch her while the other careers that followed him laugh. It’s sick, I know that we’re supposed to be the dominate alliance in the arena, appear as vicious as possible, but we could hold off all the violence until we get into the arena. That’s the whole purpose. Peacekeepers immediately pull Emory (2) away from Tatianna (10) once again, and instead of leaving Emory (2) be, the Peacekeepers take Emory (2) away from training and out of sight.

Olivia (1) looks at me, with a sad look, and I wrap my arm around her shoulder trying to comfort her. When I watched her reaping’s, she seemed like what a career is supposed to be like, however ever since she arrived for training she had that innocent look about her. Maybe something influenced her. The remaining careers, Curtis (1), Hedena (2), and Danica (4) arrive back to the weapons station where they continue to practice their dominate weapons. We probably won’t see Emory (2) until tomorrow.

Hedena Fleurette - District 2

Emory (2) was conducted out of the gymnasium with two Peacekeepers following him. What in their right mind were they thinking? If Emory (2) was allowed to, he would be able to kill the both of them with a weapon at hand. However, I have something more important I need to deal with. Danica (4). I realize she may like Emory (2), because I caught her glaring at me whenever I talked to Emory (2). I can tell you one thing, and Emory (2) is mine. Danica (4) won’t get in the way with it, she knows I can kill her in a heartbeat, so she’d better lay off or else I’m killing her in the arena.

“Hey, you!” I shout at Danica (4). She throws her Trident at the dummy, knocking its head off, and then pays her attention towards me. She looks down, showing her hatred towards me, and speaks.

“What…” She replies, ready for the worst.

“I realize you may have a little crush on my man. MY MAN. I suggest that you should stop being a little diva, and just admit to the fact that you’ll always be a low-life slut. If I catch even one more look from you, I promise that the person that will kill you in the arena will be me.” I yell at her, maybe it’s too harsh but that’s what I’m going for and I don’t care what anyone thinks about me. All the other careers are looking at me with their mouths dropped, except Duncan (4), who looked like he expected this coming. I even see the District 3, 12, and 13 alliance staring at us, like they have nothing better to do. I stare back at Danica (4), who has an angry expression on her face.

“After all this, I have no idea why Emory even likes you. You insult people just to make you feel more important than everyone else. Reality check, the only person who is acting like a diva here is you. I’d love to see you try to put your money where your mouth is, because I guarantee that you’ll die before you’ll get the chance to kill me.” Danica (4) retorts. Oh, she did not just go there.

“THAT’S IT!” I shout. I lunge towards Danica (4), I am about to tackle her until she steps out of the way, narrowly dodging me. I turn around and sprint back towards her determined to not miss this time, until a few Peacekeepers block my path. My eyes sink as the Peacekeepers motions his hand to follow him. I walk towards the gymnasium doors following the Peacekeepers, with my head up high. I’m not too sure where they’re leading me, but anywhere is better than being in the same area as Danica (4).

She thinks she’s safe now; or she thinks. That bitch will have it karma coming towards her tomorrow.

Kaeden Humphrey - Capitol

Wow, that was some fight. Both of District 2’s tributes were sent out of the gymnasium. I’m not too sure what they’re doing right now, but whatever is happening can’t be good. Jaida (Capitol) and I have been around each other for training. We’re not allies or anything, but personally we’ve got nothing better to do. Jaida (Capitol) is extremely strong, so I’m happy that I’m on her good side. If I were to bet anything, my money would be on her. Jaida (Capitol) is randomly walking around the gymnasium, while I follow her, my pet tracker jacker not too far behind. The Peacekeepers decided as long as the tracker jacker does no harm to a tribute, he can stay with me during my stay at the training center. However, my pet can’t go with me to the arena.

“Let’s go over there!” Jaida (Capitol) exclaims, as she points to the station. I line her finger, and she is pointing to the fire starting station. Oh no.

“No… I can’t. I’m afraid of fire…” I whimper.

“How else will you be able to face your fears?” Jaida asks me, she does have a point. Sort of. “Come on, I’ll teach you.” Jaida (Capitol) hops towards the fire starting station, and I hesitate to tag along. My pet tracker jacker lands on my shoulder to comfort me. As long as I have him with me, I should be fine. The two of us arrive at the fire starting station, and Jaida (Capitol) demonstrates how to start a fire.

“A simple match will do, but if you don’t have any matches the best technique is to rub two sticks together.” Jaida (Capitol) explains, as she acts out what she says. She starts a base for the fire to start, and demonstrates what she told me. In a little under 30 seconds, she got a fire starting.

“Scarping bark from trees can help get a fire starting, especially birch bark. I’ll tell you what that is in the Plant Identification center after.” Jaida (Capitol) says to be, trying to be helpful as possible.

“Alright, I think I’ll give it a try…” I say. Jaida (Capitol) gets some sticks and logs from a bin and dumps them in a pile on the ground. I grab two sticks and rub them together as fast as I can. I can feel sweat pouring down my face and my arms shaking like crazy. I don’t want to start a fire… Just then, like magic, a fire appeared.

“Good job! You did it!” Jaida (Capitol) cheers. I feel very happy of myself, knowing that I conquered my fear, until I feel a burning sensation on my scalp.

“Man, is it hot in here?” I tell Jaida (Capitol).

“IT ISN’T! YOUR HAIR CAUGHT ON FIRE!” Jaida (Capitol) shrieks. I feel the burning sensation even more, and I realize she is right. I start to panic and run around in circles, thinking that I may not survive this. I command my pet tracker jacker to stay a distance from me, and he flies off unharmed.

“STOP, DROP, AND ROLL!” Jaida (Capitol) panics. I listen. I drop to the ground and roll my body, until I can’t feel the flames scorching my head. I can still feel blisters on my head; nurses come and put me on a stretcher even though all I need is burn cream. I am taken to the infirmary, and I am taken there for the rest of the day, which wasn’t too long. Once the burn cream was applied, I felt completely fine. However, looking into a mirror, I can see that most of my hair had been scorched off my head. Some of my flowing green hair still remains, but I look hideous. I lay my head back as I decide that a nap would be beneficial. My pet tracker jacker finds his way back to his owner and he lays down on a table next to me.

I’ve decided that I hate fire. I’m dead afraid of it, and I will never come in contact with fire again.

Day 3

Camellia Cyrellia - District 7

I think the tension has finally got to me. I feel so nervous and anxious about individual training; that training score can decide my layout of sponsors. I'm sitting down on one of the benches, leaning my head against Theo (8). When I first saw him during the first day of training, I felt a connection with him and I didn’t even know his name at the time. Being beside him makes me feel safe. He gives me the security I didn’t have before. I realize he is nearly deaf, but knowing he is right by my side is enough for me. Despite his disability; he is one of the only few people here I can trust.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” A voice shrieks, echoing off the walls. I look up to see Chrissie (5) storming towards me.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH HER?” Another voice pitches in; Cyrus (5) starts to stomp over to the scene as well. Theo (8) is still continuing to look at me and stroke my hair as if nothing ever happened. I can understand that.

“YOU SHOULDN’T BE ANYWHERE NEAR HIM!” Chrissie (5) yells at me.

“How about both of our alliances co-operate together? We will be able to take down the careers if we just made a truce.” I reply, trying to negotiate with her. Chrissie (5) glares at her district partner.

“THERE IS NO WAY THAT OUR ALLIANCES WILL CO-OPERATE. COME WITH ME AND I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU NEAR HIM AGAIN!” Chrissie (5) yells. She drags me by my shirt collar and delivers me back to my alliance. I can see Cyrus (5) yelling at Theo (8) and he looks shocked as well, probably not knowing what was happening a few seconds ago. Chrissie (5) continues to yell at me, and I’m thinking about leaving this alliance right away. I look back to the area where I was just sitting before, and I see Theo (8) being dragged out of sight. I’m about to quit the alliance, when I see the faces of my other allies. I can’t leave Rowanne (9), or Reba (8), nor Silvia (6). All three of them have been nice and respectful to me throughout the past two days. I can’t leave them, but I need to see Theo (8). Even if I do try to leave, Chrissie (5) will just stop me right away. There really is no point.

“I’m sorry…” Rowanne whispers.

“Don’t worry, and don’t feel guilty you didn’t cause it after all.” I reply back. Our alliance is sort of annoyed with Chrissie (5), but she is a very strong competitor and ally to have. Also, I don’t think she wants to separate the alliances because she is a bad person. I think it is leaning more towards she hates her district partner. Either one of them will snap if the other does something the least bit threatening. The conflict between each other is too noticeable to not see.

I’m just afraid that their conflict will be both of our alliances downfalls in the arena.

Clifton Hamza - District 3

Our whole alliance was told to meet in training early today. Phillip (13) and Delilah (13) had some sort of plan they wanted to share. We are all gathered at the camouflage station, where we continue to practice. Delilah (13) and Phillip (13) immediately tell us the plan, once they assumed no one was looking. The rest of the alliance was amazed of what they’ve thought of, but we’re going to need more people help in order to make this plan successful.

“Wow…” Brooklyn (3) replies, admiring the plan.

“That’s a pretty good plan.” I reply, agreeing with the group. “We should go ask them now.”

“No need.” Kaeden (Capitol) says, startling the alliance. We all turn our heads to the voices direction and see Jaida (Capitol) and Kaeden (Capitol) standing in the shadows. The two of them approach us closer.

“Did you hear our plan?” Savannah (12) asks them, and Jaida nods.

“We know that you guys are loners, but do you want to help our alliance?” Ashton (12) asks the two of them. Both of them look at each other and nod their heads.

“Perfect!” I say, eager and happy. Our whole alliance is going through the plan once more, and I turn my head towards the careers. Since our alliance is presumed weak, they’ll never see what’s coming. I turn my head back towards the alliance, Jaida (Capitol) and Kaeden (Capitol). We all mischievously talk about our evil plan.

This plan won’t fail.

Curtis Pramod - District 1

I never thought I would be in the careers alliance like this. There is a couple, a love triangle, and then there is just me. Hedena (2) and Emory (2) are being their evil selves while Danica (4) is standing in a corner being forever alone, glaring at Hedena (2). Olivia (1) and Duncan (4) have an awkward relationship, just sitting there like they’re not supposed to be there. I’m trying to focus, tossing a spear towards a dummy. The more I’m here, the more I want to stab someone. I absolutely hate the careers this year, they may be as strong, but I feel really awkward surrounded by couples. The love triangle will be the downfall of us. I look over to the largest alliance going into the arena; the 3, 12, and 13 pair. Although they’re extremely weak, if I were to join I’d probably be safer with them than I am with the careers. With the combination of my strength and their presumed knowledge, we could be a good alliance. Though, I’d probably be an insult to District 1, joining another alliance. If I were to win, I’d get absolutely no support from District 1. I’m about to toss a spear, but it’s impossible.

“YOU JERK!!” A voice shouts. I throw my spear, but with horrible accuracy. My spear clatters on the ground next to a dummy I wasn’t aiming for. I hear some whispering, and I look up to where the game makers are. Damn it, they saw me miss. They’re going to decrease my odds, just because my fellow allies are stupid. I look towards my careers, and Hedena (2) is fighting with Danica (4) again. Hedena (2) has the sense not to try and tackle Danica (4), but that didn’t stop her from picking a fight. The fight alarmed the Peacekeepers, and they’re heading over there to stop the fight. I guess they’re tightening security because of the fights yesterday. I face palm while Hedena (2) goes back to shooting darts with Emory (2) while Danica (4) is walking back to her forever alone corner.

Ugh… I look over to the 3, 12, and 13 alliance one last time. Should I ask to join? Nah, I don’t want to ruin my chances. Well, I’m not saying they’re weak, but I’m afraid that my decisions may be bad. My district has had luck with the careers, so I’m hoping I’ll receive that luck in the arena. I walk back to the weapons station and lunge at a dummy with a sword, trying to regain my previous odds.

Phillip Gianluca - District 13

Training’s ended, and private training is starting soon. Luckily, being the last and least wealthy district I at least perform last. It gives me lots of time to arrange my tactics. I observe the gymnasium one last time, and decide what I am going to do. If only I could use my knowledge of explosives to destroy the gymnasium. If that was allowed, Delilah (13) and I would get two 12’s hands down. Sadly, that isn’t the case. I look towards the weapons station. Sword; that should be my first weapon. Although I can barely kill anyone with it, that is my best bet. I’ll still probably get a low score only presenting that, what else should I do?

“Well… I guess it’s time to go…” Delilah (13) says who is sitting next to me.

“I guess it is.” I reply back.

“Good luck…” Delilah (13) says. She hugs me tight, and then dashes out of the gymnasium doors where she will wait to be called into private training. I’m glad to have her as an ally. She may not be as strong or intimidating as the other tributes, but she will always brighten the mood in there. Also, if she gets a hold of an explosive our alliance is unstoppable. How will we get an explosive? Well, that’s what part of the plan is. I look up, and the game makers are looking at me. I guess I overstayed my welcome. I slowly stand up and walk towards the door. What’s going to happen during private sessions? I guess it won’t mean my entire life, but I really need sponsors in the arena.

I’d do anything to achieve that.

Individual Training

Jaida Lyubov - Capitol

Yes. This is my chance. I recall Katniss' training session in my mind. The game makers are focused on me, because I'm the first person in the gymnasium. Okay, so first I thinks he picked up a bow and shoots an arrow at the dummy. I mimic the same thing, and pick up an bow. I'm pulling the arrow back, ready to release. I'm about to hit a bulls-eye when it hits me. Didn't Katniss miss? I'll stay safe. I purposely miss the dummy, and the game makers are murmuring, disappointed. Are they in for a show. I aim at the dummy again, and I hit the dummy dead center. Perfect. I then aim for a punching bag handing from the ceiling. My arrow rips the rope, and the bag falls to the ground. I aim for a ceiling light, and I hit it dead center. Sparks of electricity fall from the sky. I got all of the game makers attention now. Well, not for long. Quickly, I fire an arrow straight at the game makers. Specifically, at a waiter bringing in food. Don't worry, I wasn't aiming for the person. The arrow breaks the plate filled with food, as the goods shatter to the ground.

"Thank you for your consideration." I tell them, just like Katniss said. I dash out of the gymnasium, overwhelmed with happiness. I did it! I role-played Katniss' private training session. How do I know her training session? I'll just say, I have my ways.

Curtis Pramod - District 1

I walk into the gymnasium, and the game makers are focused on me. During training, one of my spears pierced through a dummies neck and lodged in the stomach of a dummy behind it. That got the game makers attention. I walk over to the rack containing weapons, determined to give the game makers a show. I pick up a sword and I dash towards a dummy. I simply give it one slash, and the dummy slices in half. Now with the tricks. I toss my sword in the air, and dash to a dummy. I jump in the air and catch the sword in the air. I swoop down on a dummy and stab it in the shoulder. Hmm. Not where I was aiming. Oh well, I didn't exactly fail so it's good enough. I place my sword back on the rack and pick up a spear. I continuously throw spears into the dummy. I got side track; I was to repetitive. The game makers call my attention and dismiss me. I bite my lip. I could've done much better. I walk towards the elevator and head to my district floor. I walk into the door, to see Olivia (1) sitting on the couch, just chilling out like nothing happened a few minutes ago.

"So, how did you do?" Olivia asks me, curiously.

"I'm not too sure..." I reply.

Emory Indigo - District 2

Finally. It’s time. This is the moment I’ve trained for years, and now I’m here entering the doors to the gymnasium where the game makers will judge my performance. My goal is to have the best training score and odds in these games. No one is going to stop me. Most of the game makers have my attention, but some are staring off into space. I pick up a knife and toss it over to the net station. I cut open the knot tying the net from the ceiling to the floor, and the whole net reaches the floor with a large thud echoing off the walls. I turn back to the game makers who now have their eyes towards me. Perfect. I pick up my knife and throw it with all my might. It makes its way to the weapons station and into a dummies chest. Not a bulls-eye, but extremely close addition to the fact that I’m throwing from a different station. I make a fast dash back to the dummies station and grab a sword without stopping from the rack. I speed up towards a dummy and do a bunch of fancy tricks. I pounce on a dummy and slash the dummy in one simple flick of the wrist. I pick up a knife while still gripping onto the sword. I toss my knife to a dummy and the knife lodges in the head, falling towards the ground. I turn around, and throw my sword. The sword blade pokes its way out of the dummies back. The game makers applaud my performance as I exit the gymnasium. From their reaction, I know I did good.

I make my way to the elevator and make my way to my district floor. I open the door, and see Hedena (2) waiting for me near the door.

“So, how did you do?” Hedena (2) says, with a wicked grin. I return the grin.

“You’ll see,” I say, as I make my way towards my room. In my own sort of way, I think I’m falling for her.

Clifton Hamza - District 3

I burst into the gym, and the game makers don't seem to be interested, yet they're monitoring me anyway. I'm fine with that, I don't have so much talent to show anyway. My first instinct is to go to the nets station, to climb. I approach it, and the net is cluttered on the ground. I stare at the station puzzled, and then back to the game makers who are chuckling a bit. Well, there's my best talent gone. I head to the knot tying station, and make a human trap. I ask a trainer to come and step into the trap, and he is flung into the air and dangles upside down from a tree. The game makers are looking at me, slightly impressed. I head over to the weapons station and grab a sickle. I slash a dummy, though I only make a mere scratch on it's skin. Maybe it would bleed to death? I'm about to slash the dummy one more time for the finishing fatality, until the game makers dismiss me. I walk out of there, in shame. I don't think they were too impressed.

I walk to the elevator and click the number "3" button. As the elevator starts to lift into the air, I start to think. I wonder how Brooklyn (3) is going to pull this off. Her specialty was climbing, and now she can't demonstrate it. She already went, because now female tributes start off their private sessions first, so I wonder what she did. I finally make it to my floor, and I exit the elevator. I enter the door that leads to the residence. Brooklyn (3) is nowhere to be found. I enter my dorm and sit down on my bed.

They're probably tabulating my score right now...

Danica Dee - District 4

"Good luck," Duncan (4) tells me before I enter the gymnasium. I ignore him as I enter the gymnasium. Well, I guess I'd better look at the bright side. I can use my hatred for Hedena (2) to encourage me to do well today. The game makers were slouching like they didn't care, but once they lay eye contact on me they immediatly sit up properly. I strut over to the weapons station and pick up a trident. I toss the trident in the air, and gravity pulls it back down onto a dummies head. The game makers are now all staring at me. I grab two more tridents and toss them both, one by one. Each trident lands in the neck of two dummies. I take out a dagger from the rack, and I rush a dummy. I jump onto it and stab the dummy in the throat. I'm doing suprisingly more well than I thought I would do. I never do this good, maybe my rivalry between Hedena (2) will help me in the arena. I rip the dagger out of the dummies neck and step off of it's disfigured body. I look towards the game makers and they dismiss me. I walk out of the game makers, impressed with my work.

Duncan (4) is called into the gymnasim as I board the elevator and make my way to my district floor. I enter my room, and sit on the couch. Hmm, a few hours until the training scores are televised. I wonder what Emory (2) got, probably the best training score. I wonder what Hedena (2) got too. She isn't that strong, I'm not too sure why she is even considered a career. Why does Emory (2) like her? I can't stand her.

She thinks she's so good, well let's see who laughs when I'm standing over her with a trident.

Cyrus Haydn - District 5

I enter the gymnasium, and a good majority of the game makers are giving me their attention. Eh, good enough. I pick up a mace and I slam it into a dummy. It's head cracks in half and the dummy crumples onto the ground, while the two halves of a head roll away. I look back to the game makers; same reaction. The game makers that had been watching me are looking at each other and nodding. However, some of them are still not paying attention. That won't do. I put my mace back, and I try a set of throwing knives. I remember trying to throw two knives at once; that's not something I want to present to the game makers. I take all 6 knives in my hand, and I throw them all, one at a time. I time it perfectly, throwing one knife followed quickly by a second one. Each knife makes it's way to the stomach of a dummy. Now I've got all of the game makers attention... but what else am I supposed to do? I've already presented my skills with a weapon. I try the mace again, and hope for a better results. I rush over to the dummy and swing at the dummy. The dummy flies through the air and hits the wall of the gymnasium. I turn to the game makers and they dismiss me.

I exit the gymnasium, overwhelmed with joy. I bump into Chrissie (5) in the halls near the elevator, and I stick my tounge at her, showing her I was confident of my training session. She glares back at me as I make my way back to my district floor. I head back upstairs and sprint into my room, doing a little victory dance.

I did it! I conqured my training session! Now all there is to it is the interviews, and then we go into the arena! The training scores the game makers give us today will determine who is the strongest out of Chrissie (5) and I.

And not to sound cocky, I know that the stronger one out of the two of us is me.

Silvia Coscette - District 6

Cyrus (5) just exited the gymnasium, and I'm right after him. I enter the gymnasium, and the game makers tense up with my presence. They know about the district 6 pair. I head straight to the weapons rack, as intended. I pick up a spear and toss it at the dummy. The spear head sticks out of the dummies back, and the game makers continue to maintain full attention towards me. I pick up another spear and aim. This throw has to be perfect. I toss the spear, flicking my wrist making the spear spin in circles. The spear reaches the head of the dummy and the dummy colapses to the ground. Now it's time for my sword skills. I pick up a sword and target a dummy. I do a front flip while holding onto the sword and land straight onto the dummies head, where I plung the sword into it's skull. The game makers dismiss me, and continue to chatter. From the remarks I'm hearing from them, my performance must've been good. Maybe not the most frightening they've seen, because they didn't seem to be intimidated by me. Not only do you have to be talented, you have to be intimidating in some sort of way. I exit the gymnasium, and I give Silvio (6) the thumbs up, telling him my performance was good. He smiles back, and he enters the gymnasium.

I board the elevator and head up to my district floor. I enter my room and sit down on the couch, eagerly waiting for Silvio (6), so I can tell him all about my performance during the individual session with the game makers.

That was a moment I will never forget.

Phrixos Bacchus - District 7

I've got a great idea in mind. The plan might not get me the best score ever, but it definatly works. I wait until it's my turn, and I sit up from my seat.

"Good luck..." Tatianna (10) tells me. I nod and enter the gymnasium. Tatianna (10) and I really have no one to talk to, which isn't bad. However, surviving will increase our chances if we were to at least co-operate. We aren't allied, but we've agreed on a truce. I walk into the game makers room, and I immediatly know that the game makers are starting to get bored. They're still paying attention, but I know that they're starting to get bored. They're reaching the weaker districts, and there usually isn't anything entertaining about us. No matter. I go to the plant identification center, and I start to pick up some plants. They're edible, but they also produce drowziness. They don't harm in any way, excluding the fact you'll become very sleepy. I think they're called Jasmine and Lavender. I go to the water purification center, where a few canteens rest on racks. I mash up the Jasmine and Lavender, and add water to the mash up. I place my contents in a canteen after. Finally, I go to the fire starting station and start a fire. I keep the canteen open, and place it infront of a fire. I use a bunch of sticks and rope to keep the canteen in place. Soon, the smoke spreads all across the gym. I dash out of the gymnasium, laughing, as the game makers start to cough. I close the gymnasium doors tight, and I start to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Savannah (12) asks. I control myself, and just shrug. I exit the gymnasium and enter the elevator.

I wonder what they'll think of my performance.

Reba Malandra - District 8

I've been waiting for a while to do my private training session, but just recently a Peacekeeper came into the room where the tributes waiting, and said that private training session was delayed. We weren't allowed to leave either, because apparently the individual training sessions were supposed to continue. We're all bored and tired, what did Phrixos (7) do in there? The Peacekeeper returns to the room.

"The Private Training Sessions are continuing." He grunts, as he slams the door behind him as he leaves. I guess it's my turn, then. I clutch my necklace and I get up from my seat and wave to my alliance and District partner. I had that dream again, the vision of my parents. They died during the uprising, but I have no clue how. Once I got this necklace which previously belonged to my mother, I've had strange dreams. I still can't tell what is happening, but I'm certain is has something to do with my parents. I enter the gymnasium doors, and I see the game makers. The place looks like it's in decent condition, well except for the nets station. The net had completely fallen to the ground. I look over to the game makers, and they have absolutely no attention span. They're all look like they're going to pass out. Most of them are drowsy, and some of them are lying down on the floor sleeping. The snores of the game makers echo throughout the area and it makes me growl. I realize that District 8 isn't the most exciting District ever, but this is probably the worst treatment a game maker has ever given to a tribute during training. I head over to the weapons station and grab a bow. I haven't had much practice with this, but this weapon is my best. I aim at the dummy and release a bow. The arrow lands in its shoulder. Oops. I aim again, and this time it hits the head. There we go! I look back at the game makers. Some of them have sobered up to watch, but most of them are still giving me that cold treatment. No matter. I head over to the fire starting station. Once I get there, all the game makers excluding the ones that are sleeping start to waken up and open their eyes. I wonder what’s causing them to act like this. Some of them have worried expressions on their faces while others are vigorously shaking their heads. I ignore them and continue to start a fire. In no more than a minute, I have a complete fire going. Once the flame starts to burn, the game makers shriek. All of them are begging for mercy.

I stomp out of the gymnasium, extremely angry. What was their problem? I literally feel like crying. This treatment is unacceptable.

“So… did you do…?” Rowanne (9) hesitates to asks me. I storm right past her and march towards the elevator. I feel bad for ignoring Rowanne (9), but I’m even madder at the game makers.

It was almost like they thought the smoke from the fire was poison.

Rowanne Tamora - District 9

It’s my turn already? I’ve barely made a run through of what I’m going to do. I can’t face the game makers. It’s just too much pressure.

“Good luck,” Grant says to me, trying to boost my confidence. I put my head down and ignore him as I walk through the gym doors. I don’t want to ignore him, but I really don’t want to talk. I usually can make out a phrase, but not in front of someone I've barely known. Especially not like a time like this. I walk into the gymnasium doors, and the game makers aren’t even paying attention to me. Are some of them sleeping? Oh well, this is how I like it. I pick up a slingshot and place a steel ball on the sling. I pull back on the sling and the metal ball pierces the neck of a dummy. I’ve made a whole indent in the neck of the dummy that is sure to kill. I look at the game makers, and some of them are staring at me. Oh no…. I try again. My arms are shaking. They’re watching me… What will they think? My fingers slip from the sling as the steel ball lodges in the arm of a dummy. I hear the thud of a game maker, who must’ve gotten overwhelmed with drowsiness and the game makers continue to walk around like they’re zombies. That shot would’ve affected my mark, but oh well at least they’re not looking at me right? I place a third steel ball on the sling and fire at another dummy. It lodges in the left side of the head. I place a fourth steel ball and do the same thing, except lodging the steel ball on the right side of the head. The steel balls represent eyes, just what I was going for. I look up at the game makers, and now all of them are looking at me. Oh god no. I start to quiver even more, this last shot can depend my training score. I load my last steel ball in my sling and pull back. My shaking arm shifted my sling at the last moment, making me completely miss the dummy. No! The game makers dismiss me as I run out crying. What have I done? I had everything going my way, until I messed up on my last shot.

I run out of the doors, and the remaining tributes stare at me as I run pass them and into the elevator.I rush to my district floor residence and slam my door leading to my dorm. I flop right on my bed crying. I’ve blown it. I thought I’d do decent during my training session, yet I’m going to completely realize that I miss-judged myself when the number “2” shows up on the screen next to my name and picture during broadcast of the tributes training scores.

I’ve blown it. Could I mess up anything else?

Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire - District 10

Grant (9) just came out of the gymnasium, which means I’m next. I remember the plan; purposely fail during training sessions. The careers will probably laugh when they see the “1” next to my name and picture, but they’ll be the ones laughing when I conquer them with my scythe. I enter the room, and the game makers got even more bored than they were before. Some of them are even leaving the room, after staring into my pearl white eyes. I wasn’t exactly anticipating this, but I guess it isn’t that bad since I’m not trying to impress them. I head over to the weapon rack, and pull out a scythe. I drop it and pretend that the scythe is too heavy for me. I pretend to struggle to pick up the scythe. I slowly drag it to a dummy and lightly cut the dummy. The game makers groan and moan, like they’re eyes are burning from my performance. Next up, a spear. I struggle to pick that up too. Eventually, I pretend to get a hold of it and toss it. However, I pretend to purposely not throw it any far at all. I pretend to squeal as loud as I can as the spear crashes to the ground, nearly hitting my foot. I start to scream and whimper, until the game makers dismiss me. I keep my head down, pretending that I was ashamed of myself. I continue this motion when I exit the gymnasium and head for the elevator. Once the elevator doors close, I bring my head back up and give a slight grin.

That was exactly how I planned it, and I’m happy with what I performed. I head up to the district 7 floor, to see Phrixos (7). I enter the residence, and Camellia (7) stares at me with an awkward expression, probably wondering why I’m here. She is freaked out by my eyes, like usual, but I don’t care. I walk into Phrixos’s (7) room, where he is patiently waiting for me near a desk.

“Alright, I am assuming that the careers will target me first; so here is the plan.”

Brair Chausiksu - District 11

We're getting to the end. Duane (10) finally exits the gymnasium, which means it's my turn. I enter the gymnasium, waving at Bennet (11) before I go. I enter the gymnasium, and about 1/3 of the game makers are actually awake. I never thought that even one game maker would fall asleep, though that doesn't seem to be the case today. I'm more considerate than I would be, I'm facing the fact that I'm going to do horrible. If the game makers don't even pay attention, then maybe they won't see me fail. I hop over to the weapons station, and pick up a blowgun. I take some darts and aim at a dummy. I fire a dart, and the dart barely misses the neck. I fire another dart, and this time the dart lands dead center into the head. I just got lucky, I fire a third and final dart and the dart lands on the left hand of the dummy. I hear another game maker collapse to the ground, and I decide to abandon the weapons station. I skip over to the gauntlet, because of my performance a few days ago, I think that this will be my best bet into getting a good training score. A few trainers prepare themselves and arm themselves with paddles and I start the course. I try to complete the course as fast as possible. I jump over each paddle with great speed and I hop from platform to platform like I was born there. I've never started off the course this fast before. I dodge each obstacle with ease, until I get to the third trainer with a paddle. I try to duck over the paddle, but the trainer whacks me with the paddle to my side, injuring me. I trip and my ankle twists as I fall off the platform. I struggle to get up, but I can't stand on my ankle very well. The game makers dismiss me and I limp towards the gymnasium exit. Maybe I shouldn't have gone so quickly...

I push open the doors and I slide my aching ankle towards the elevator.

"What happened?" Bennet (11) asks me, worried.

"I... I fell of the gauntlet and twisted my ankle." I reply, sad and concerned. That performance on the gauntlet will defiantly not give me a positive impact on my training score. However, I completed most of the course easily, maybe the game makers will take that into consideration. Bennet (11) is called to the gymnasium.

"Get well soon," Bennet (11) replies as he rushes into the gymnasium. I struggle to reach the elevator and I lean back on the metal elevator wall as I am lifted to my district floor.

Although I didn't do very well, I hope Bennet (11) does better than me during individual training.

Ashton Yiennas - District 12

I enter the gymnasium, and I have only one plan: knives. That is the weapon I know I'm good at. There are other tributes that are more experienced with knives and throwing knives than me, but that doesn't mean I'm not good. I step into the gymnasium, and the game makers look like they were drugged. I'm not too sure what's up with them, but once I toss one knife they'll know I am good. I go to the weapons station and I palm a knife in my hand. I whip the knife towards a dummy and I get a bulls-eye on the first time. I pick up another knife and repeat the process. I do it again, and again. I look towards the game makers and the ones that seem to be awake have their eyes drawn towards me. Some of them are passed out on the ground, but the remaining game makers that are conscious are giving me their un-divided attention. I couldn't of asked for more. I take another knife, and I aim for the neck. Direct hit. I aim another four knives at four dummies and each knife lodges in the neck of a dummy. The game makers probably never seen an experienced knife thrower like me, though I'm not too sure if I could pull of a Katniss Everdeen, but I definatly am someone to look out for.

The game makers dismiss me, and I leave the gym proud of my performance. I walk towards the elevator and then I realize it; I didn't show them anything else. I just showed them my skills with throwing knives. I only showed one skill and I didn't exactly throw a knife at the game makers to imitate them.

Oh well, my performance was still pretty good. After today's training score broadcast, there must be a few Capitol citizens that are considering to sponsor me.

I feel a boost of confidence. Maybe I can win this.

Phillip Gianluca - District 13

I'm the last person. I walk into the room, with my head down. It's like all the game makers left, only a couple game makers remain standing, watching my performance. Most of them are bored, and can't wait to get home. I am the last performance, and I am expecting the worst out of me. I didn't think the game makers would sleep, but at least they're here. I'll make this session quick. I rush over to the weapons station and hold a sword in my hand. If I could demonstrate my power with explosives, District 13 would have repetitive 10's on their first year. I lunge towards the dummy, and slash the dummy. He's still standing. I slash it again, and the dummy finally falls to the ground. However, so does the last game maker. I can't see any of them anymore. Their snoring is ruining my concentration. Besides, all the game makers are asleep. What else do I have to do now? I'm not too sure why they're sleeping, because I doubt this has ever happened during the previous training sessions from the past 75 hunger games. Why are these games so boring to the game makers? There must be some reason that the game makers are all of a sudden drowsy, and whatever happened couldn't been good. Maybe the reason was because of the delay half way through the training sessions. No matter. I silently walk out of the gymnasium, trying not to be too loud so the game makers can sleep in peace. I waltz out of the main corridor and enter the elevator. I press the button "13", and the elevator proceeds up. The training sessions are broadcasted in around an hour, and I want to be as early as possible. I would've had much more time to get ready until the broadcast, but the delay of the training sessions set me back.

I guess I'd better prepare for the worst.

Training Scores

Tribute Training Score Odds
Kaeden Humphrey (Capitol) 6 30-1
Jaida Lyubov (Capitol) 11 4-1
Curtis Pramod (1) 10 9-1
Olivia Winter (1) 9 14-1
Emory Indigo (2) 11 3-1
Hedena Fleurette (2) 10 6-1
Clifton Hamza (3) 5 40-1
Brooklyn Spirit (3) 5 43-1
Duncan Grier (4) 10 8-1
Danica Dee (4) 10 11-1
Cyrus Haydn (5) 10 12-1
Chrissie Seyong (5) 10 12-1
Silvio Crawford (6) 11 5-1
Silvia Coscette (6) 11 5-1
Phrixos Bacchus (7) 8 16-1
Camellia Cyrellia (7) 7 22-1
Theo Clair (8) 7 24-1
Reba Malandra (8) 6 32-1
Grant Denver (9) 8 17-1
Rowanne Tamora (9) 4 61-1
Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire (10) 1 100-1
Duane Lőrinc (10) 4 56-1
Bennet Ormand (11) 8 17-1
Brair Chausiksu (11) 4 50-1
Savannah Storm (12) 6 28-1
Ashton Yiennas (12) 6 30-1
Phillip Gianluca (13) 3 70-1
Delilah Lexus (13) 2 80-1

Lime tributes have an extremely high chance of winning.

Green tributes have a high chance of winning.

Yellow tributes have a moderate chance of winning.

Red tributes have a low chance of winning.

Dark Red tributes have an extremely low chance of winning.


Kaeden Humphrey - Capitol

I look past the curtain, and I see Jaida (Capitol) talking up Caesar. She's one of the favorites, being from the Capitol and getting the second highest training score. I wish I was as good as her. I guess I should look at the bright side; at least she isn't my enemy.

"Let's give a round of applause to Jaida Lyubov, the tribute from our very own Capitol!" A bunch of applause and cheering follows after that. That must mean I'm next. Jaida (Capitol) waltzes off stage and heads back-stage.

"Good luck, you'll do great!" Jaida (Capitol) assures me as she leaves backstage and heads back to her residence. I'm signaled onto stage and I walk to the stage, waving to the crowd.

"Let's welcome our other Capitol tribute, Kaeden Humphrey!" Caesar announces, as the crowd starts to applaud. I take my seat, and I look straight ahead.

"Hi everybody!" I say, smiling. I run through the instructions my escort ordered me to do in my mind. Smile, laugh, compliment, overall have a nice, bubbly personality on stage.

"So, Kaeden, what does it feel like to be the district partner of one of the biggest threats in the arena? Does it encourage you to do better?" Caeser asks me. I give myself some time to think, and then I answer.

"I'm very happy for Jaida, and I think she is very talented. However, I think as long as I do my thing I won't go unnoticed." I reply, in the most cheerful voice I could do.

"Speaking of which, what do you think your biggest skill is and how will you use your dominate skill to stand out in the arena?" Caesar asks me. Well, that was straight forward.

"I think my communication with animals will benefit me in the arena. I can track down nutrients with my animal companions and I can also use the mutts I tame as weapons. It may not compare to some of the tributes I'm facing, but I'm certainly not one to count out." I answer. Maybe too bold, but I'm not going to lie.

"Wow! I'd not want to get near you in the arena!" Caesar exclaims, as the audience applauds. "Now, since that skill can't be demonstrated during Private Training Sessions, what other skills did you present?"

"I can't exactly say what I've done in there, sorry, but I must admit I am pretty handy with a trident."


"Oh, we're out of time. However, we're bound to see more of you in the arena. Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a big hand to Kaeden Humphrey, the Capitol male in this year's 1st Hunger Games!" The crowd applauds like crazy, and I lift from my seat. I walk back off stage, as most of the tributes glare at me. Being from the Capitol, they probably won't get as many sponsors as I could. I rush out of sight before any of the tributes could pick up anything more than a glare and I enter the elevator that takes me to my dorm. Jaida (Capitol) was sitting on the couch, and was just watching my interview. Right now, Olivia (1) is starting her interview, but just a few seconds ago I was being broadcasted to all of Panem.

"Nice job." Jaida (Capitol) exclaims. I'm glad that I survived the interviews, I don't really need to do well during the interviews to get sponsors from the Capitol, since that is my home, but I'm glad that I pulled off a decent interview.

Olivia Winter - District 1

I'm going crazy. The guilt is overwhelming me. I'm not too sure what my sisters are doing now, but they're probably doing better than me. I feel bad about abandoning my sisters, and I haven't been as confident as usual. I'm embarrassed about my score; I would've done much better if I wasn't this stressed. I'm heading onto the stage, trying to fight back my headache.

"Let's continue onto District 1! Olivia Winter!" I appear towards the crowd, and I try to act sensible. My mentor told me to go sexy all the way, and that's what I'm doing. I strut across the stage, showing off my long, sparkling purple dress. The crowd admires my dress, as I sit down onto the chair provided.

"Now, Olivia, what do you think about your training score?" Caesar asks. I clear out my mind, and start to focus.

"I'm sure I could've done better. I was confident going into the games, but let's just say the stress is very overwhelming." I respond, not exactly telling the whole truth.

"Aww, that's a shame. I'm sure that the weight will lift from your shoulders once you enter the arena. Speaking of which, do you think that your stress and training score will affect your chances of surviving?" Caesar asks, oh gee thanks. Very supportive.

"I certainly hope not, I'm still confident that I have good chances to win." I reply.

"I'm sure you will. I'm sure your family is rooting for you back home. What do they think about you volunteering for these games?" Caesar asks me. Oh no. I think about my sisters, they're certainly not anticipating the arena. My parents and friends are rooting for me, and my sisters are too. However, my sisters are defiantly not happy about me volunteering.

"Hello?" Caesar asks me. I must've dazed off.

"Excuse me?" I ask him, pretending I didn't hear.

"What do you think your families thoughts are about you volunteering?" Caesar asks me, eager for an answer.

"I'm sure that they're all crossing their fingers for my return." I reply, trying not to reveal too much.

"Yes, but what are-"


"Oh, I guess your time has been spent." Caesar realizes. Phew, I'm really uneasy about talking right now. My head hurts. I just want to get out of here...

"Without further ado, let's give a round of applause to Olivia Winter!" Caesar announces, closing my interview session. I walk off the stage, waving at the crowd. Once I step off the stage, I immediately slip off my high heels; they're uncomfortable and are giving my splinters. I hold my head as I walk down the hall, and head to the elevator. I am taken to my district floor and I rush into my headquarters. I flop onto my bed, awaiting a good nap.

I can't handle this. I thought this would be easy, but the guilt is killing me. I feel guilty for volunteering, and pretty much betraying my sisters. I'm a terrible person.

Hedena Fleurette - District 2

Curtis (1) finally finishes his interview session. He sucked. Everyone sucked. The only decent one was maybe Jaida (Capitol), which really wasn't the best. I'll show the Capitol a tribute they should look out for. Curtis (1) runs down the hall, while I am signaled to the stage. I plant a kiss on Emory's (2) cheek, to piss off Danica (4). She glares at me, while I let out a wicked smile. I rush up to the stage, just as Caesar is announcing my presence to the stage.

"The lovely, deadly, Hedena Fleurette!" Caesar shouts, as I stomp onto the stage. I sit down on a seat, and I glare at Caesar. He seems to be crept out, but he tries to ignore me.

"So, Hedena, you and Danica have been seen fighting during training, how do you think this will affect the careers?" Caesar asks me. My first instinct is to make fun of Danica (4), and that's what I'm going to do.

"Nothing at all. She'll be dead before the real games begin." I reply, cocking my head to the side. The crowd is itching for back talk and drama, as Caesar tries to calm the audience down so he can ask me another question.

"This conflict between Danica and you," Caesar continues. "Does it have to do with your District partner?" I pause. In retrospect, it's exactly how the conflict started. However, if Emory (2) wasn't here I would've not been friends with Danica (4) in any way. We would've probably been enemies if Emory (2) wasn't here.

"I guess so, but that wouldn't stop me from killing her." I reply, as coldly as I could make myself appear. "That bitch should've seen this coming, and I'll show no mercy."

"Alright, I guess, one more question." Caesar clears his throat and continues to speak. "Are we going to see anything between you and Emory in the arena?" I shoot a glare at him, and raise my eyebrow.

"You'll see." I say, in a stern harsh tone.


"That's it for now. Ladies and Gentlemen, Hedena Fleurette from District 2!" Caesar yells, and the Capitol audience give a slight applause. I get up, and walk off the stage. I hate Caesar. I hate the Capitol. I'm not here because I like them, I'm here to win. I walk down the hall past the line up of tributes, and I can see Danica (4), staring daggers at me. I don't care what she thinks.

I don't care about what anyone thinks.

Well, almost everyone...

Brooklyn Spirit - District 3

I'm clasping my hands together, as I watch the District 2 male is really exciting up the crowd. I can't do that. I can't make one word answers and expect the crowd to rile up with excitement. My mentor couldn't come up with anything for me to do, so I guess I'll just go into the interviews being myself. I hear a loud applause, and I quickly jerk my head back to the monitor. The 2 male is getting up from his seat. That means my interview is now. Emory (2) stomps past the line of tributes, as the Peacekeeper signals me to go onto stage. I gulp as I slowly walk up the stairs leading to the stage. I silently walk across the stage to where my reserved seat for the time being is. The crowd silents at the sight of me, some of them are murmuring but that is about it. Without making a rustle, I sit down on the stage, staring into the silent crowd.

"So Brooklyn," Caesar starts, and I immediately move my head towards him. "You must be the Presidents daughter, correct?" I nod my head, as I hear a slight applause from the crowd. Wow, that was easy. Maybe this wasn't as hard as I thought.

"What was your fathers response to your reaping's?" Caesar asks. Hmm. I reflect back to my reaping's.

"He defiantly wasn't happy," I reply. "He left the Justice Building in tears. I hope he is okay right now."

"From the news today, I've heard not otherwise." Caesar responds, sadly.

"What do you mean?" I ask him, as if I was the interviewer.

"It seems as if District 3 isn't as what it used to be, but that is besides the subject." Caesar says, cutting off the subject. "Back to topic, what do you think about your statistics in these games?" I clench my hands into a fist. What's happening in District 3?

"Um..." I respond, too focused on my family. What is happening over at District 3? "I could've done much better, but I guess I can't complain." Continuing the sentence with long pauses, in hopes that the buzzer rings.


"That's it for now, but I'm sure we won't see the last of Brooklyn Spirit, the female tribute of District 3!" Caesar shouts, with much more excitement than before. The crowd cheers like mad, as if I'd just discovered a cure for cancer. I'm silently walking off stage, with a blank expression. Once off stage, I dash to the elevator and hurry to my district floor. I head to my residence and turn on the television in the den. Turning onto the news, the main highlight was the havoc in District 3. Half of District 3 is a disaster. Riots, fires, and destruction.

What is the meaning of this? The one thing I know, is that this riot has to do with the Hunger Games.

And I think more specifically, me...

Duncan Grier - District 4

Danica (4) is continuing her interviews, and it's about the same thing. Hedena (2), Hedena (2), Hedena (2), Hedena (2). After ranting about her, Danica (4) finally finishes her interview. Hedena (2) is probably looking at the interviews from her district floor, and is probably planing Danica's (4) death right now. This is just horrible. The Peacekeeper calls me up, and I walk up to stage. I can't wait until I get into the arena. Not because I'm confident about winning, but because I just want this whole mess to end. I know I have a chance at winning, and I will try, but really the sooner the better. I walk up the stage, and put up a tough yet kind act. I can't go full out nice, because the Capitol will expect more from a career, which sadly I'm not.

"Hey, Caesar!" I reply, and smile.

"Hi Duncan!" Caesar says, finally relieved to see someone who is able to put up a conversation. "So Duncan, what do you think about the careers this year?"

"Well, Caesar, I think that the careers are one of the strongest physically, but there are also a lot of strong tributes in the arena. However, since we're all banded together I still think that the careers are the upper hand alliance in the arena. The conflicts may bring us down, but on the most part I think that the careers are extremely great this year." I lie. They're horrible. Well, except for Olivia (1) and Curtis (1). I don't let him know that. The other 3 tributes, they'll kill us all before the second day with their constant fighting.

"My thoughts exactly!" Caesar replies, agreeing with me. "Now, is there anyone specifically in the careers you've got your eyes on?" I'm not too sure what he meant by that.

"Um, not really..." I reply.

"Are you sure?" He asks, raising his eyebrows. "During training, we've seen you "around" the District 1 female, Olivia Winters. What do you think about her?" I blush, realizing he's expecting romance between her and I. I stand there, and think... maybe this is a good thing. The star-crossed lovers Katniss and Peeta won, and their strategy sort of helped them. Maybe if Olivia (1) and I were to do the same trick, we could find a way to get out of the arena together.

"Well, for some reason I feel being around Olivia makes everything safer. Being around her offers me the protection I couldn't get in the arena. Someone I can trust. I couldn't bare to go into the arena without her." The crowd get's all sappy, as Caesar is left to calm them down and ask the next question. Even after saying that, I can't say I didn't lie. There is a connection between her and I, and for some reason I can't explain it. There is just something about her that makes me all tingly inside when I think about it. There must be something between the two of us, and although we don't mean to, we can use it as an advantage.

"Will we be so-" Caesar is cut off.


"I guess that's all the time we have. Let's give a round of applause to Duncan Grier, the District 4 male in this years 1st Hunger Games!" The crowd goes nuts, as I walk off stage, waving to the Capitol citizens as I go. I walk off the stage and I sprint down the hall. I've been hiding my feelings from Olivia (1) the whole time, but I won't hold them back now. I continuously push the "1" button, as the door closes. The elevator door opens, and to my surprise I see Olivia (1) standing right in front of the elevator doors. Olivia (1) doesn't hesitate to fall into my arms, and neither do I. She quickly plants a kiss on my lips and whispers.

"I feel the same way."

Chrissie Seyong - District 5

Finally, that interview was over. The District 4 male's interview just screamed desperation. The last thing I'd turn to for survival is romance.

"Now, let's welcome Chrissie Seyong, the District 5 female!" I hear from the stage. I quickly run up to the stage and stare to the ground. I sit down, as Caesar clears his throat.

"Chrissie," Caesar pitches in his silly Capitol accent. "You scored pretty well during your individual training sessions, didn't you?"

"I guess I did..." I reply.

"Comparing your allies scores to others in the arena, what do you think of your chances?" Caesar finally asks.

"I've one of the strongest alliances in the arena. We may not be the strongest, but we defiantly beat the stupid alliance my District partner has assembled." There is a sense of urge for violence in the crowd as Caesar continues to speak.

"Wow, you have really high standards for yourself. Now, wh-"

"What does that mean?" I ask, in a much louder tone.

"Nothing! I'm just saying that you've-" Caesar says, trying to talk himself out of the subject.

"No. Just no. Are you suggesting that I'm thinking too highly of myself compared to what you think my actual skills are?" I ask, rising my voice to a shout.

"No, nothing like that! I'm just saying that Cyrus' alliance-"

"NEVER mention Cyrus. That brute has NOTHING to do with this!" I retort back, not letting him finish his sentence.

"I'm just saying that Cyrus-"



Silvio Crawford - District 6

D5's reaping's were overall the same. Cyrus (5) was ranting about how annoying and terrible Chrissie (5) is, when really the both of them were extremely annoying. Past that, Silvia (6) is on stage, and she is really getting the crowd excited. I guess the Capitol is fond of this year's District 6 tributes.


"Let's give a round of applause to Silvia Coscette, of District 6!" A bunch of applause follows, so loud I can hear it from the line-up backstage. Silvia (6) walks down the stairs, and runs past the line up of tributes. She gives me a thumbs up.

"You'll do great! Those Capitol citizens will cheer at anything!" Silvia (6) assures me.

"Everyone, let's welcome the counterpart of Silvia Coscette, Silvio Crawford!" I smile, and I turn my head to a Peacekeeper, who is signaling me to head to the stage. I speed up to the stage, and wave at the crowd. The crowd's roar is extremely loud, and it takes a while before they settle down for the actual interview to begin.

"Alright, so Silvio," Caesar says. "What we know, is that you and Silvia have known each other for a while. What kind of connection have you guys had in District 6?"

"Well, we've bumped into each other when we sold "products"," I continue, trying not to reveal the black market. "We've known each other and seen each other around the neighborhood, but I never thought we've shared the same dream of competing in the Hunger Games..."

"Wonderful! Now, what an impressive score you've gotten during training! Your score has beaten almost every career! What do you think of your chances of surviving in these games?"

"What can I say? The careers aren't very strong this year." I can hear the careers raging from their district floors. Not literally, but I can just sense that they're not happy. I may be a target right now, but I'm not afraid of them; which is why I'm talking badly at them. "They're not as good as they were years ago. Either that, or the outlying Districts are getting better and the careers are way behind their game." I hear the crowd gasping, and then a loud cheer, I guess they're excited for conflict.

"Wow, you seem confident for these games. Now that you have your chance, what do you want to say to the whole careers pack?" Caesar asks me. Oho, this will be exciting. Although I don't feel very cocky and I'm not 100% confident I can take all the careers at once, but really I'd love to mess with the careers right now and see their reaction. I look at the timer, and I have seconds left. Better make this quick.

"You'll all be gone by the end of the day." I say, and wink.


"Well, that's the end for now. However, I'm sure he'll put on a show in the arena, Silvio Crawford of District 6!" The crowd yells and shouts as I exit the stage and rush past the line of tributes. They're clapping for me; probably for standing up to the careers, as I run past them. I high-five each tribute as I pass the line. I head up to the elevator, and I click the "6" button. When I'm passing District 2's floor, I hear banging on the elevator door. I wonder who that is. I finally make it to District 6's floor, and I open the door to my headquarters. I quickly lock the door, just in case those careers think of giving me a surprise visit. I see Silvia (6) standing in the den, clapping.

"Good job there, I would never have the guts to do that." She says, as she continues to clap.


"I wonder who that is?" Silvia (6) asks, sarcastically and laughing.

Camellia Cyrellia - District 7

I high-five Silvio (6) as he runs past the line of tributes. That was a pretty gutsy move. I immediate forget his interview when the Peacekeeper calls me up to stage. I'm next. Oh no. I wonder how I will make myself appear. I didn't want to get any mentoring from my escort, though I'm guessing I'd be better off getting advice from her, even if she does blend in with the sky. I walk up the stairs and onto the stage. I wave nervously at the crowd, as they reply with a polite applause. After sitting down on the chair, I realize this isn't so bad. I put on a grin and I let the nerves disappear as Caesar asks the first question.

"Camellia! All over the Capitol, everyone is calling you the next Katniss. Tell me about your sister, Casablanca, what does she mean to you?" Caesar asks me. That's what I love about Caesar, he makes easy questions to answer to, and no matter how horrible your reply is Caesar can turn your answer to a world known quote.

"Casablanca just means the world to me, along with all my other siblings. I would give and do anything for them just so they're healthy and happy. I'd do anything to protect my siblings from danger, and even if I do end up dying, I want to die knowing that all my siblings are alive and living happy." I hear "aww's" throughout the audience, and I think I can see a tear running through Caesar's eye.

"What did they ask of you in the Justice Building?" Caesar asks.

"If-if I could try my best to win..." I reply. The crowd replies with another "aww", and Caesar is rubbing his eyes.

"Speaking of winning, what do you think of your chances of winning? What are you thinking of your skills and pre-game status before entering the arena?" Caesar asks me.

"I'm not too sure, really. I don't commonly judge myself." I reply, as nice of a tone as I could do. "But if I were to guess, I'm hoping that I have a good alliance right now. We've got lots of strong tributes, but I'm afraid that the conflicts in the alliance will bring us down..." I'm sure not to involve Chrissie (5) in that sentence, because she'd tear me apart if I had. Besides, the Capitol knows what Chrissie (5) is like, and it's not like I should make it worse. Though, if Cyrus (5) and Chrissie (5) were to settle their differences, our alliance would dominate the arena. Plus, I'd be able to spend more time with Theo (8). I'd love that. The only thing positive I can think about this fight to the death, is that I can spend the last few days of my life with a person I'm sure I love.

"Speaking about the conflicts arising in the two alliances," Caesar continues, knowing I was referring to the District 5 pair. "What do you think about the "other" members of your opposing alliance?" Caesar winks his eye at me, but I have no idea what he is referring to.

"What do you mean?" I ask him, for clarification.

"Well, on the third training day, we've seen you in the arms of Theo Clair. Tell me, what do you think about him, hmm?" I'm about to reply, when the buzzer goes off.


"Aw, I guess that's all the time we have. Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a hand to Camellia Cyrellia, the District 7 female!" The crowd cheers, as I get up from my seat and walk to backstage. I smile as I make my way to the elevator. I think I did pretty decent. I'm not too sure what Theo (8) thought about it, but I'm not too sure how he reacted to the last question. In fact, I'm not too sure if he even heard what Caesar was asking me during the interviews. However, I plan not to hide my answer forever. I am watching the interview of Phrixos (7), who is doing everything but answering the questions properly. I grip my hand, as I think of Theo (8). I can't hide forever. I get up from the sofa and jiggle the doorknob open.

If I'm going to die in the arena, I'll make sure I won't take my thoughts with me.

Theo Clair - District 8

I look up at the monitor as Phrixos (7) continues his interview. His mouth moves, but he makes no sound. The most I can hear is a slight whisper of cheering, presuming from the audience. I'm going soon, and hopefully I can pull this off. If a Peacekeeper can translate for me, I can easily reply back. I can briefly hear the crowd applaud again, and I see Phrixos (7) walking off the stage. That means I'm next. The Peacekeeper signals me onto stage, and we both run up the stairs. I wave to the crowd, as the Peacekeeper stands next to my seat. Once I'm seated, the interview starts. I see Caesar moving his mouth, but I can't tell what he is saying. Once he pauses, I turn to the Peacekeeper for a translation.

"What was your childhood like?" The Peacekeeper briefly sums up, using hand motions. Wait. Childhood. I can't tell the Panem about my past. That would decrease my actual chance of winning to 0%. I'd get in severe trouble, and I couldn't imagine what would happen next. I take a deep breath in and out. Just lie, Theo. Just lie.

"All my life, I was living in an orphanage until about three years ago. I've never met my parents, and remained in my orphanage until I was adopted." I lie. Hopefully no one researches deeper into this, or else I'll be in even more trouble. Caesar starts to talk again, and I turn to my translator for help.

"Were you always hard of hearing?" The Peacekeeper says, summing up the whole question I was given.

"For the most part, yes. I was told that I wasn't always hard of hearing, but that was when I was very young, so I can't really remember the day." I lie again. I hope the interview isn't always like this. Caesar once again continues to talk, and I'm hoping I won't have to lie again. Caesar continues to talk, and man he won't stop. It drags on for minutes, yet there is no end. Finally, he stops talking, and the Peacekeeper starts translating in sign language.

"Describe your relationship with Camellia." A bit straight forward, but just mentioning her name gives me the chills. In a good way, I mean. I'm not too sure why this question took 5 minutes to talk about, but I know Caesar is referring to the day during training where Camellia (7) and I were actually able to spend time alone without Cyrus (5) or Chrissie (5) arguing again.

"Well, Camellia just makes everything feel safer. Just being around her for a few minutes that day during training made that moment the highlight of this whole experience so far. If I were to emerge as victor and look back on my games, the first thing I'd remember is Camellia. If we could, I'd try my best so that there would be two victors for these games; Camellia and I." Caesar starts to talk, and I look towards the Peacekeeper; he doesn't respond. However, I can hear the crowds cheer. I'm just sitting awkwardly here as I stare at Caesar. I look towards the Peacekeeper.

"Your interview session is over." Oh. This is embarrassing. I get up from my seat as the Peacekeeper and I walk down the steps towards backstage. I hope Camellia (7) saw my interview. Although Cyrus (5) would be mad about my interview, I don't care. Maybe he didn't see the interview. As for my other allies, they couldn't care less. I'm crossing my fingers that Cyrus (5) didn't see my interview. I walk past the line of tributes as I make my way to the elevator. The elevator doors open, and I see Camellia (7) is standing in the center of the elevator, smiling. She starts talking, although I can't hear what she is saying. She surprises me by wraps her arms around me, and I do the same as she lands a kiss on my cheeks. She drags me into the elevator, and clicks the "8" button, my district floor. I wrap her arms around her shoulders, as she leans against me, just like that last day during training.

Rowanne Tamora - District 9

I'm happy that Camellia (7) found love, someone to make her happy during these games. I'm happy for her, though I have to worry about myself now too. I cringe my face together as the Peacekeeper signals me to head onto stage. I start to shiver as I walk up the stage. I peak through the opening to the stage, and I see the crowd of hundreds. Oh god. What am I going to do? I finally walk onto stage, and the crowd makes a polite clap. I'm shivering like crazy as I sit down.

"Rowanne! You've surprise the Capitol during training with your slingshot skills. However, the Capitol citizens are wondering if the training score given to you isn't appropriate for your skills. What do you think about this?" Caesar asks me. I look down to the floor and start curling my hair.

"Um...." I stutter. I can't do this. I look towards the crowd, and I see everyone staring at me. I can't handle this, it's just too much. I am trying to reply, I really am, but it's like duct tape is sealing my mouth shut.

"Um...." I repeat once again. I can feel beads of sweat rapidly running down my face. Caesar is looking at me, puzzled, as I try to reply.

"I c-could've d-done bet-t-tter..." I whisper. I'm glad that I was able to make a reply, but I doubt that anyone heard.

"Excuse me? May you repeat that?" Caesar asks me, trying to be reasonable.

"Um...." I say, still absolutely terrified. I can't do this.

"So Rowanne," Caesar says, trying to change the subject and trying to help me out. "Although the Capitol was puzzled about your training score, they still believe you'll get far. What do you think about your standings in these games?"

"Err...." I mutter. I start to grind my teeth and tap my foot. I stare at the ground, trying to avoid the interview. I'm reaching to bite my finger nails, but I can at least hold that back.


No! It's over, and I couldn't even respond to one question.

"Well, although you couldn't hear much about her during the Interviews, I guarantee we won't be seeing the last of Rowanne Tamora, the female tribute of District 9!" Caesar cheers, trying to motivate me. I sit up, and immediately run off the stage. The crowd stays silent, no applause what-so-ever. I feel the water works starting as I run past the line of tributes. I've ruined my Private Sessions, and now I've ruined my Interviews! This is just horrible. How could I mess this up too? I continuously punch the "9" button in the elevator as the elevator doors close and proceed up. I sit down and rub my eyes, though the tears still continue to fall. Once I'm at my district floor, I run into my headquarters and flop onto my bed, where I cry uncontrollably. This is it. I have no chance in surviving. Any sponsors that were considering sponsoring me were just flushed down the drain all because of my performance.

I thought things couldn't get any worse, but I was wrong.

I dread the day I step into the arena.

Duane Lőrinc - District 10

There has been so many good interviews, yet so many horrible ones. I guess I can relate to some of them, which makes them even better. However, I can't just worry about my fellow tributes interviews, I need to worry about mine too. I'm not too sure what I should do either. I can't pull off a tough guy act for obvious reasons. I really can't pull off a serious or cheery attitude either, because my emotion will tell everyone "I was forced to do this." I may as well just act like myself. I'll decrease my chances with getting a sponsor, but really when did I have a chance of actually winning. I look up to the monitor, and I see Tatianna (10) continuing the interview. She really isn't trying, which I admire.

"Ugh, will you answer any of my questions?" Caesar asks, totally annoyed.

"No." Tatianna says, in a stern voice.


Caesar breathes a sigh of relief, as he concludes the interview. That means I'm up next. I take deep breaths in and out, and try to release all the nerves in my body. I can do this. I won't exactly pull off an interview like Silvio (6) did, but I know I can do better than Rowanne (9). I march up the stage once being signaled and I make my way to my reserved seat for the moment.

"Salutations, Caesar." I say, trying to be a bit friendly.

"Hi Duane!" Caesar exclaims, trying to boost my energy. You wish. "So, what do you think about that training score you required during training?"

"Well, my isolated training score could've been ameliorate, though what I've dispensed is the paramount of my proficiency and I am overall highly exultant of my resulted mark. My grade exposed my enervated, fragile self. However, my fellow antagonists may unsuccessfully distinguish my profound, sharp, and resourceful side and misconstrue my pure superiority." I reply. The crowd stays silent, as well as Caesar.

"Um.... what?" Caesar asks, as everyone else tries to manage what I had just said. Sometimes, I wonder how my own species survives in life. I take a deep breath in, and translate my sentence into a version where these morons can understand.

"My training score isn't the best, but I believe that I did my best in the training session. Do you understanding now so far?" Caesar nods, as well as everyone else in the audience.

"My fellow tributes will think of me as weak, however they may also not catch my intelligence. I put brains before brawns." I say, finishing my sentence in a simpler version. The crowd nods their heads, confirming they understand me this time. It's like I'm speaking another language. Hmm, that may be fun to do.

"Wonderful! You've already proven how smart you are already!" Caesar exclaims and chuckles. "Do you think that your alliance will benefit you positively or negatively to your chances in the arena?"

"Oui, parce que je crois que je ne vais pas survivre aussi longtemps si je n'avais pas quelqu'un d'autre pour m'aider à nu à travers ces moments difficiles dans l'arène." The audience looks at me with an even stranger look than before, and so does Caesar.

"Um... in English." Caesar mumbles.

"Hein? Je vais parler anglais" I reply, while chuckling. I'm glad I'm finding so much content in making fun of these Capitol morons.

"Are you going to act just like your District partner?" Caesar asks.

"Oui." I reply, trying to keep my laughter back.


Aww, I was just getting into it.

"Phew, well I'm guessing that this tribute will prove us wrong in the arena, Duane Lőrinc of District 10!" Caesar says, relieved he is over with District 10. I stand up from my seat as the audience politely applauds. I run back stage, where the remaining tributes are laughing at my interview. I laugh with them, as I go to the elevator and press the number "10".

I'm overall happy about my interview, if I've already given up on myself I guess it won't hurt to have a bit of fun during my last few days of living.

Bennet Ormand - District 11

This death trap is nearing the end. My time is limiting until I get into the arena. I can't wait until this whole thing ends. Hopefully my death will be quick. And who knows? Maybe I'll win. I look up to the monitor and see Brair (11) continuing her interview. If I don't make it out of the arena, my hopes are that she does. However, the odds aren't in her favor. She told me what happened during her training session, and her swollen ankle is yet to recover. I also sort of feel a bit bad for Kaeden (Capitol), half his hair is singed off and he has blisters all over his scalp. And the Capitol will throw the two of them into the arena no matter what condition they're in.


I hear the audience clap as Brair (11) walks off the stage and heads backstage. She is grinning with excitement; I guess her interview was good.

"Good luck! Those Capitol morons will applaud at anything." Brair assures me. I return a laugh as she walks down the hall and enters the elevator. I turn to the Peacekeeper and he gives me the signal to head onto stage. I walk onto the stage, and I start to wonder if my aunt and uncle are watching. I wonder what they're thinking now. Just kidding. They can't be thinking anything, those idiots got themselves killed. That's just the way I like it. Sometimes, I think I could've gotten them killed by doing something else. Although living in an orphanage wouldn't be the best, I'm sure I'd at least get food. I look up to the crowd and wave as I sit down on my reserved seat.

"Everyone, let's welcome Bennet Ormand from District 11 to the stage!" Caesar announces, as the crowd claps. Man, Brair (11) was right.

"So, Bennet," Caesar starts. "Everyone is talking about your reaping's. The Capitol can't get enough of it! What inspired you to do such a stunt?" Hah, I will enjoy this. Especially since my aunt and uncle are dead. I hope that they're looking up to my interview in hell, and can hear everything I'm saying.

"Well, my aunt and uncle are devils. Each one of them. I don't usually curse, but those douches are an exception. I'm lucky I received a bedroom with a single mattress. They never gave me food; they wanted me to die, and blame it on "hunger", which was true. However, they were able to feed themselves. They wanted to let me starve. I'm not too sure why they hate me. But those morons do otherwise." I reply, wishing that my aunt and uncle could hear every single word. If only they were standing in the crowd, but like maybe put in a steel cage. I'd love that, however I guess I can't get everything I want in life.

"Yikes, that sounds awful! How did you get food?" Caesar asks me. Oh. I can't exactly tell him I went into the forest and gathered greens. Hmm, I need to think.

"I snuck out of my bedroom window when they weren't looking, and a very generous friend donated food to me because he knew the situation I was in." The crowd shows pity towards me, then claps towards my "friend."

"Wonderful! Do you want to give a shout out to your friend? What's his name?" Caesar asks me. Oh god. He's making this tougher and tougher.

"Um.... Bob. Bob... um.... Jones. Bob Jones." I lie. What was I thinking.

"Fantastic! Let's give a round of applause to Bob Jones!" I can't believe he bought that. The crowd starts to applaud, and I'm sitting here thinking that all of the Capitol's citizens are morons.


"I guess we're out of time. Let's give a hand to Bennet Ormand, the male tribute from District 11!" The crowd applauds once more as I walk down the stage. I think my interview was horrible, but I guess that's not what the Capitol thought. I had no choice of appearance. I'm glad I pulled it off, I'm satisfied. I walk to the elevator and head to my District floor, eager to tell Brair (11) about my interview.

Savannah Storm - District 12

I stare coldly in front of me, as I wait for my interview. It seems like forever, however my district partner and the 13 pair will have to wait longer. Since we've got this time to ourselves, we decided to talk about strategy, which really trailed off topic because we didn't really care. The Peacekeeper signals me, interrupting my conversation.

"Good luck!" Phillip (13) chants.

"You'll do great!" Ashton (12) assures me. I smile at the two of them as I make my way up the stage. My escort told me to pull off a sly and elusive act, because I wasn't seen much during training and no one knows how I got a decent training score. However, the last thing I'll do is listen to someone like her. I swear, she is just like Effie but worse. She almost tied me up and started to whip me, just because I didn't put my fork on the right side of the plate during a meal. She makes me sick. I'm walking onto stage, and the crowd starts to clap. I take my seat as Caesar clears his throat.

"Savannah! That was pretty impressive odds you've gotten during training? Is there anything you want to reveal?" Caesar asks me. Although it's against the rules, I'll tell the truth.

"I was assertive and forceful." I reply, not giving him much to work with.

"Um, alright.." Caesar says, trying to process what I've said in his incompetent mind. "How about that alliance?"

"I guess it's alright. It's defiantly better than going into the games alone, by far." I say.

"Alright. I have one more question." Caesar admits. "What do your loved ones at home react to your reaping?" I don't have any loved ones; I have no one to take care of me. I can't tell them that, but really admitting this won't get me into any trouble.

"I have no one left I love." I reveal.

"...What?" Caesar asks me, concerned.

"I said I have no one left. I look after myself. I have no one left in my life." I say, looking down. I don't want to remind myself about this, but I can't hide from the fact forever.

"You don't have any other family member or guardian?" Caesar asks me one more time. Did he NOT hear me? I just repeated myself twice.

"I lost my mother when I was young, I lost my father in a mining accident, and I lost my brother in the Hunger Games. I've already told you. There is no one left I love." I reply, in a loud voice so I don't have to be asked again.


"Well, that's it for now. However, this tribute is sure to make an appearance in the arena, Savannah Storm of District 12!" The audience applauds for me as I strut off the stage and head towards the elevator. I see Ashton (12) being called for his interview as I walk to the elevator. I press the "12" button as I feel myself being lifted to my district floor.

Sometimes I wonder how the Capitol has been on top this whole time.

Delilah Lexus - District 13

District 13 is the last District left. I turn to Phillip (13), who is still eagerly waiting for his Interview. I turn back to the monitor, where Ashton (12) is just finishing up his interview. I cross my fingers for luck as Ashton (12) makes his way down the stairs and rushes to the elevator without saying a word to us. The Peacekeeper signals me to the stage.

"Well.... this is it...." I stutter.

"Good luck." Phillip (13) tells me. I hug him tightly and I rush to the stage. I feel my nerves tensing up as I enter the stage and take my seat. I wave at the crowd and Caesar, as he starts up the first question.

"Hi Delilah! You're training score isn't the most impressive score ever, but the Capitol is still expecting great things from you. What do you think about your odds?" Caesar asks me.

"Well, I guess I could've done better. If I were able to present my power with explosives to the game makers, I'd get a 10 hands down." I say. Hmm, maybe I'm being too cocky. I want to stay clear from that. "However, I'm not too sure how I will use explosives in the arena, so I'm afraid that my skills won't help me win." I finally finish.

"Aww, that's a darn shame. However, the Capitol is still rooting for you. Who else is rooting for you at home back in District 13?" Caesar asks me.

"My whole family is rooting for me. My parents, 4 brothers, and 3 sisters. I love them all very much and I know they will always have my back. I would never let them volunteer in my place, because I don't want them to sacrifice their life for me. I always know that we will always support each other in a time of need. They're the people I'm certain I love." The crowd applauds even more this time, addition to the few "aww's" here and there.

"Speaking of your family, how much tesserae do you have? With a big family like that, I can't even imagine how many extra slips you had this reaping." Caesar asks me, drowning me with questions.

"This year, I had a grand total of 44 slips in the reaping bowl. Most youth eligible for the Hunger Games have a lot of slips, but I have to admit I was one of the children with a high chance of being reaped. When I was only 12, I would've had 11 slips. However, the reaping's didn't exist during that time, though if they had, I defiantly would have a big chance of being reaped. I thought that this day would be very likely to happen, but I never imagined that I would be the first District 13 female tribute." I reply, giving them as much information they could carry."


"Aww, I guess we're out of time for now. However, we're expecting lots of great things from this tribute, Delilah Lexus of District 13" The crowd chants my name as I wave at them with delight. I never knew I had people cheering me on. I make my way down the stage, tearing up. I never knew I could make that great of an appearance during the Interviews. I run up to Phillip (13) and hug him even tighter than before.

"You did it!" Phillip (13) cheers. The Peacekeeper signals Phillip (13) to the stage, and he lets go. He walks up the stage, anxious for his interview.

"Good luck." I repeat.


How sponsoring works:

Each user is given sponsoring money, $500 to be exact. The money could be more if you get your bet right in the last games. Normally, you'd sponsor their own tribute, but since no one except me has tributes in these games, users can handpick tributes to sponser. If you want your bet to be correct, sponsoring will help a lot! You are allowed to sponsor at least 5 tributes. In my future games, you will be able to enter as many as you want, but a maximum of two will be chosen by me depending on how detailed they are. You will automatically sponser your tribute(s) and you are also allowed to use the remainder of your space to sponser other tributes. Wikia Contributors will be allowed to sponser if they do enter a tribute, but they will not be allowed to sponsor other tributes besides the tributes they enter.

For example, if I made Cyrus Haydn (5) and Jaida Lyubov (Capitol), those two tributes would automatically be on my sponsoring list. If I wanted to sponser Rowanne Tamora (9) as well, I would type in the comments "I will sponsor Rowanne Tamora." I would receive $500 to sponser Rowanne with, and maybe even more if I got my bet right in the previous games. Pretty easy, right?

There is no time sponsering will be closed, however you'd probably want to sponser before the games start, that's when you can bet and earn some money.

You CAN sponsor people in the games, if you haven't sponsered anyone already.

You CAN change tributes to sponsor anytime you want. However, you can NOT swap it from your main tribute.

You can NOT swap tributes if the tribute is dead.

For every kill they get, +$50 will be added to their sponsoring money.


Danica Dee (4) is my tribute but I want to sponser Delilah Lexus (13). I cannot swap Danica (4) with Delilah (13) while the games are proceeding.

Brair Chausiksu (11) is not my tribute, but I'm sponsering her. I want to sponser Emory Indigo (2) instead. I can swap Brair (11) with Emory (2) while the games are proceeding.

Reba Malandra (8) isn't my tribute, but she just died. I want to sponser Olivia Winter (1) instead. I cannot swap Reba (8) with Olivia (1) while the game is proceeding.


If you want anything added to the list, say so in the comments. If I think that item is reasonable I'll add it.

Climate & Shelter:

Blanket - $25

Coat - $25

Food & Water:

Bread - $50

Canteen - $75

Dried Fruit - $50

Dried Meat - $75

Toast - $25

Spile - $125

Water - $50

Potions & Medicines:

Antidote - $75

Burn Cream - $75

Iodine - $75

Neosporin - $75

Epic Toast (Instant Relief) - $400

Poison - $75


Arrows (12) - $50

Axe - $150

Awl - $100

Blowgun - $100

Bow - $150

Dagger - $50

Darts (10) - 25

Hatchet - $150

Knife - $75

Mace - $150

Ninja Stars (8) - $100

Scythe - $150

Sickle - $100

Slingshot - $100

Steel Ball for Slingshot (15) - $25

Trident - $250

Throwing Axes (3) - $250

Throwing Knives (3) - $150

Tomahawk - $150

Spear - $175

Sword - $175

Unactivated Explosive - $200

Wire - $25


(Empty) Backpack - $25

Matches - $25

Net - $50

Night-Vision Glasses - $200

Plastic - $25

Raft & Paddles - $175

Rope - $25

Wire - $25

Italic items cannot be found in the arena.

Sponsoring Table:


Tribute 1

Tribute 2 Tribute 3 Tribute 4 Tribute 5

Theo Clair

Camellia Cyrellia

Rowanne Tamora

Ashton Yiennas

Jaida Lyubov


Brooklyn Spirit

Rowanne Tamora

Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire

Reba Malandra


Kaeden Humphrey

Danica Dee

Silvia Coscette

Chrissie Seyong

Curtis Pramod

  • Red means this tribute died.
  • Green means this tribute is still alive.
  • Blue means this tribute won.
  • Yellow means this tribute's status is unknown.
  • No color means this tribute's rank is currently unknown.


How betting works:

In the comments, you will comment before the games who you think the top 5 tributes will be. They have to die in the exact same order in order for you to get your guess right. You cannot be a Wikia Contributor to bet, the reason why is because I can't prove your identity, someone else could steal your reward if your bet is accurate! However, if you do have an account and you're not logged in just sign your name at the bottom of your comment.

Anyway, comment saying who you think will place 1st-5th. The tributes have to die in the same place in order for your guess to be right. You can guess any tribute, it doesn't matter.

For example, if I were to guess that..

Camellia Cyrellia (7) placed 5th

Savannah Storm (12) placed 4th

Chrissie Seyong (5) placed 3rd

Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire (10) placed 2nd

and Kaeden Humphrey (Capitol) placed 1st...

They would have to die/win in the top 5 to get money. If they're place is accurate, you get more.

For example, Camellia Cyrellia (7) places 5th, Kaeden Humphrey (Capitol) placed 4th and Tatianna "Tania" Sapphie (10) places 2nd in the Hunger Games, I would get an award. In the next games, you get sponsoring money for each tribute in the top 5 you guess right and more points if they die/win in the place you put them in. If a tribute ranks a different place in the top 5, I get $50. If a tribute places my accurate bet, I get $100. Since I guessed two tributes into their accurate placing I get $200 in sponsoring money, since I guessed one tribute would place the top 5, I get another $50 for a total of $250. Simple enough, right?

Betting WILL be closed once the games officially start, but once I set training scores you will have a good idea of what could happen. Also, the interviews will hopefully give you enough time otherwise.

You can change your bets anytime you want, though once the games first start you're not allowed to change. Though, if they haven't, you can change anytime you want.

Betting Table:

User 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place Money Earned
~PopTart~ Camellia Cyrellia Emory Indigo Theo Clair Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire Hedena Fleurette $50
ViniciusDeAssis1999 Delilah Lexus Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire Jaida Lyubov Curtis Pramod Hedena Fleurette $50
  • Red means this tribute did not make the top 5.
  • Green means this tribute is still alive.
  • Blue means this tribute placed the top 5.
  • Yellow means this tribute died/won in the accurate placing.
  • No color means this tribute's rank is currently unknown.

Death Chart

Place Tribute District Killed By District Cause of Death Amount of Time Survived
28th Emory Indigo 2 Delilah Lexus 13 Activated explosive -5 secs
27th Savannah Storm 12 Bennet Ormand 11 Hatchet to the back 1 min 48 secs
26th Brair Chausiksu 11 Savannah Storm 12 Suffocated with a wire 1 min 51 secs
25th Phillip Gianluca 13 Hedena Fleurette 2 Snapped neck 36 hours 25 mins 12 secs
24th Hedena Fleurette 2 Delilah Lexus 13 Ran into explosive 36 hours 26 mins 55 secs
23rd Clifton Hamza 3 Danica Dee 4 Dagger to chest 49 hours 54 mins 4 secs
22nd Duane Lőrinc 10 Reba Malandra 8 Arrow to back 51 hours 9 mins 43 secs
21st Reba Malandra 8 Duncan Grier 4 Machete to skull 51 hours 10 mins 21 secs
20th/19th Camellia Cyrellia 7 Camellia Cyrellia 7 Suicide 51 hours 25 mins 30 secs
20th/19th Theo Clair 8 Theo Clair 8 Suicide 51 hours 25 mins 30 secs
18th Bennet Ormand 11 Delilah Lexus 13 Ran into explosive 58 hours 13 mins 49 secs
17th Curtis Pramod 1 Phrixos Bacchus 7 Poisoned 81 hours 5 mins 46 secs
16th Ashton Yiennas 12 Phrixos Bacchus 7 Sickle to back 82 hours 27 mins 48 secs
15th Grant Denver 9 Olivia Winter 1 Tomahawk to skull 89 hours 58 mins 11 secs
14th Danica Dee 4 Rowanne Tamora, Jaida Lyubov Capitol, 9 Blowdart to stomach & arrow to knee 105 hours 21 mins 58 secs
13th Jaida Lyubov Capitol Olivia Winter 1 Tomahawk to throat 105 hours 23 mins 13 secs
12th Kaeden Humphrey Capitol Phrixos Bacchus 7 Sickle to forehead 115 hours 48 mins 38 secs
11th Phrixoc Bacchus 7 Kaeden Humphrey, Muttation Capitol Rib cage torn open 115 hours 49 mins 21 secs
10th Brooklyn Spirit 3 Camellia Cyrellia 7 Poisoned 116 hours 34 mins 4 secs
9th Delilah Lexus 13 Delilah Lexus 13 Suicide 122 hours 12 mins 33 secs
8th Silvio Crawford 6 Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire 10 Scythe to back 129 hours 40 mins 45 secs
7th Olivia Winter 1 Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire 10 Scythe to forehead 129 hours 40 mins 58 secs
6th Silvia Coscette 6 Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire 10 Scythe to stomach 129 hours 41 mins 25 secs
5th Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire 10 Duncan Grier 4 Machete to stomach 129 hours 41 mins 27 secs
4th Duncan Grier 4 Cyrus Haydn 5 Knife to forehead 129 hours 42 mins 52 secs
3rd Rowanne Tamora 9 Mutation, Flood Capitol Tore open and drowned 129 hours 45 mins 28 secs
2nd Cyrus Haydn 5 Chrissie Seyong 5 Pushed off of tower 130 hours
1st Chrissie Seyong N/A N/A N/A N/A 130 hours

Tribute Status

Tribute Area Supplies In Need Of Alliance
Chrissie Seyong (5) Cornucopia Knife, Water x1 1/2, Wire, Dried Meat 2/3, Rope, Poison, Bread Nothing No one

The Games

Day 1 - "'WE NEED FOOD GOD DAMN IT!" - Chrissie Seyong

Silvio Crawford - District 6

"I'll miss you, honey!" My escort shouts at me, as I'm entering my tube and lifted up into the air. He's weird, but I guess it's the same situation with most of the other Capitol citizens. I start to wave awkwardly at Gary, until I'm drowned by darkness. I put my head down and close my eyes, trying to calm myself down until the opening bloodbath. All of a sudden, the light floods into my tube and I open my eyes. I'm lifted all the way up until I'm up to the surface. I regain vision and look in front of me. The Cornucopia. The glass tubes descend back down, giving me room to move. I remain on my plate, and look at the Cornucopia. Theo (8) is a few tributes to me left, and I yell at him. He doesn't respond. Of course. I look to my left, and I see Duane (10). I shout for him and give him the thumbs up, reassuring him protection.

Brair Chausiksu - District 11

The arena. It's beautiful. The Cornucopia is on a dirt and gravel surface, where all the tributes are standing on now. What surrounds us is an old, yet modern village. The buildings look like they could offer security, though I don't plan to make that a camp because it is much too close to the Cornucopia, and the careers camp. Each building looked old, but still very sturdy. I look down a road, and I see a forest. A forest surrounds the fine village, which could make a good camping place. I'm not too sure where the forest ends, but from what I can see from here it looks never-ending. I hear a lush rainfall, and I look up into the sky. There are no clouds in sight, but very far from this village is a huge mountain, which leads to a waterfall if you were to climb it.

The game makers really went all at it this year. The arena's beauty will make a great tourist attraction after the games are over. However, I need to worry about myself, not the scenery. I look in front of me, and I see a single backpack. I plan to get just one backpack, but the supplies are all too tempting. I'm making my mind, until I hear the timer.


I start to panic.

Emory Indigo - District 2

I stand on my plate, which is placed next to Brooklyn (3) and Tatianna (10). I can just jump on one of them when the gong rings out and choke them in their own blood. I think I'll go for Tatianna, she's the weakest tribute here. I stare at her, with an evil expression, and the reaction she returns is priceless. She knows she'll die. She immediately turns away from me, as I plot my kill.


We're running out of time. I examine all of the goods, even though I'll have more than half of them. However, I'll need a weapon if I want to dominate in the bloodbath. I lay my eyes on about 10 throwing axes bundled up together. That's perfect. However, that is deep into the Cornucopia. I must get it first.

I look way to my right, and I see Delilah (13) biting on her arm. What is she doing?

Delilah Lexus - District 13

Hurry.... hurry.... I don't have that much time left....


My bracelet finally falls off of my wrist, after 45 seconds of trying to gnaw it off. The bracelet falls off, and nearly exits my tribute plate.

"NOO!" I shout, as I grab my bracelet just before it falls to the ground, activating the explosives. Phew...

I nearly killed myself, and the games haven't even started. What next? Oh well, I'm still alive, so it's not my time. I palm the bracelet in my hands. My mother and father gave it to me for my birthday. The bracelet isn't valuable, just some sort of cheap worn-out leather, but really it's the priciest thing my parents ever bought. And they bought it for me. My tears start to swell.


Oh no! I'm running out of time. I quickly look where Emory (2) is. He is standing there, ready to make a move. Well, not for long. I aim the bracelet at him. I'm sorry mom and dad... I think as I release the bracelet. The bracelet starts to fly over to Emory's (2) plate. Luckily, the bracelet lands next to his plate. The explosives activate and the biggest threat in the arena is blown sky high. The death was quick. There is nothing to burry. His arm lands right on Danica's (4) plate. She screams in agony. She loved him. Luckily, Hedena (2) is on the other side of Emory (2), so she never saw it.

"WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!" Hedena (2) shrieks. At least she won't be after me, but I've got bigger problems. Danica (4) is staring at me coldly. It looks like I'm her next victim.

3...2...1... GONG! The gong rings out, however most of the tributes weren't paying attention because of the explosion just happened. Olivia (1), Duncan (4), Silvio (6), Silvia (6), Rowanne (9), Duane (10), and Phillip (13) were the only tributes who are actually at the Cornucopia now. I doubt Theo (8) heard the explosion, or the gong. Danica (4) comes hurdling straight at me. Oh no. I run away from the Cornucopia bloodbath and sprint through the deserted village. I enter the forests, with Danica (4) right at my trail.

Camellia Cyrellia - District 7

Everyone is looking at the remains of Emory (2). I didn't imagine he'd die before the games actually begun. What happened?

"CAMELLIA!" A voice shouts. I turn my head immediately, and I see Rowanne (9) waving at me with excitement. She is standing outside of a building that says "food store" and has four backpacks in her hand. How did she do that? Wait.... the gong sounded? I look towards me, to see several tributes at the Cornucopia. There is no time to waste. I sprint towards the Cornucopia, and I grab a plastic bag. Quickly examining the bag, it has Iodine and a piece of Toast. It could've been better, but it's my own fault for wasting so much time. I sprint to the food store where Rowanne (9) is, and she gives me a backpack.

"Thank you." I say, fully ecstatic. We enter the food store, and plop as much food as we could into our backpacks. We gather every single product except for a shelf filled with bread.

"Can I see your backpacks?" I ask Rowanne (9). She is more than welcome to hand them over, and I start to search through the backpacks. Hmm, a couple of rocks, dried meat, an axe, and a blanket.

"You can keep the axe. I don't know how to use it." Rowanne (9) tells me.

"Thank you, again." I repeat. I search the second backpack. A spile, dried fruit, a slingshot, and poison. Poison! I hand Rowanne (9) the slingshot, so she can use it with her rocks. I take the poison and contaminate the rest of the bread on the shelf.

"Okay, let's go!" I holler. Rowanne (9) and I sprint out of the store, and head into the thick forest.

Bennet Ormand - District 11

I pick up a hatchet, and a plastic bag containing a canteen and a spile. I may not have water, but I can easily obtain it with these goods. Now, all I need is food. I see a few tributes ready to attack, and I decide I have no time. I rush out of the Cornucopia. I head down a street, and I see a forest. I turn to Brair (11), to see if she's alright, but I realize I forgot her. Snap. I turn around and head back to the bloodbath. I run to see Brair (11) picking up a backpack and I sigh of relief. I start to run towards her when Savannah (12) approaches her with some wire. She starts to strangle Brair (11) right in front of my eyes.

"NOO!" I shriek. I start to yell as I hold my hatchet up high. Brair's (11) face is turning blue and I'm afraid that she will die. I slam my hatchet onto Savannah's (12) back and she falls and releases her grip. However, it's too late. Shortly after Savannah dies, Brair (11) slowly dies from suffocation. I rub the tears from my eyes as I pick up her backpack, and Savannah's wire. I sprint out of the bloodbath, trying to erase Brair's (11) death from my mind.

She was my best friend in the arena, and now she's gone.

What will I do?

Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire - District 10

I pick up a scythe and a backpack. I can't check what's in it now, I need to get out of here now. I look left and right, and tributes are vacating the bloodbath. Why aren't the careers going after them? I step out of the Cornucopia, but I am stopped when 4 careers surround me. Just as I thought; Curtis (1), Olivia (1), Hedena (2), and Duncan (4). Olivia (1) and Duncan (4) don't look too pleased about doing this, but here they are.

"Well, well, well." Hedena (2) says. "Look who we have here!" I pretend to wimper like the "weakling" I am, and I try to run away as the careers close in on me. Curtis (1) raises his sword, and I get ready for my next move.

"See you later, District 10." Curtis (1) threatens me.

"NOW!" I shout. As Curtis (1) lowers his sword upon me, I swiftly dodge out of the way. Phrixos (7) was hiding behind a tree, and he threw a smoke bomb. The container breaks open and smoke clutters my area. I hold my shirt over my mouth and nose, so I don't inhale the smoke, but the careers are coughing like crazy. It's time to finish them off. I slash a scythe towards Curtis' (1) direction, and I make a cut on his knees. He screams as he falls to the ground. I'm about to kill him, when the clouds part open, and the sunlight shines on me. The smoke clears, and I shout. I start to feel weaker and un-easy. Before my conditions get worse, I quickly run into the forests, avoiding the sun. I smash into Phrixos (7), and we both plummet to the ground.

"What was that about?" Phrixos (7) asks me.

"S-sss...sunlight." I stutter. "I can't stand it!"

"Well, at least we're out of there." Phrixos (7) assures me. "See you around." Phrixos (7) runs deeper into the forest, carrying another backpack in his hands. I recover from my trauma and I get up and head towards the waterfall.

Curtis Pramod - District 1

All the tributes left. What were we thinking? We only went after Tatianna (10), because she was strange and weak. However, she was just pulling off a Johanna Mason. She's probably one of the biggest threats in the arena with Phrixos (7) by her side. My knees hurt like crazy, the bleeding finally stopped but the scars are still there. We've tried various medicines in the Cornucopia, but none of them seem to be affecting me. We need a plan. We've only lost 1 career, which isn't totally bad, but who knows how many tributes in total died?


That's it? Three tributes? What a boring bloodbath. So in total, only 3 tributes died, minus Emory (2) which makes a grand total of two non-career tributes that died. I'm ashamed of myself. At the Cornucopia, Olivia (1), Hedena (2), Duncan (4), and I are scavenging through supplies.

"Where is Emory?" Hedena (2) asks. Oh no. She doesn't know?

"You don't know?" Olivia (1) asks.

"No. I don't. Where is he?" Hedena (2) asks one more time.

"He died. The girl from 13 killed him." Duncan says. Oh boy. I can almost feel the steam coming from Hedena (2).

"What..." Hedena (2) says, in shock. "WHAT?!?!?!?" She stomps away from the Cornucopia, along with some supplies that will last her for a day. She goes into the woods, trying to let out all the anger.

"She'll be back by tomorrow," I assure the alliance. Man, this is terrible. Emory (2) is dead, and Danica (4) and Hedena (2) are missing. Although we've got the Cornucopia, how long will we have it?

Day 1 Aftermath

Reba Malandra - District 8

We've heard 3 cannons just after the bloodbath, and we can't find Camellia (7) or Rowanne (9). We're afraid they might've died. Chrissie (5), Silvia (6) and I gathered just about everything except food. We've got an amazing supply of water, which will probably last us for a while. However, if we can't find food soon we'll be in trouble. Chrissie (5) is the only person that is good with plants, so we'll have trouble gathering plants. We're just outside of the old village, so we are hidden yet have a good sight of the Cornucopia. I was shocked, because Silvia (6) came back with 3 backpacks, yet there was no food in any of them.

"Hmm... I'm really hungy..." Chrissie (5) moans.

"Me too." Silvia (6) replies.

"DIANNA!" Chrissie (5) shouts into the sky "I NEED FOOD!" I collected a bow, and Silvia (6) had a quiver of arrows she didn't need, so she gave them to me. Silvia (6) has no weapon with her, but Chrissie (5) has a knife.

"DIANNA YOU LAZY BASTARD!" Chrissie (5) yells again. "WE NEED FOOD GOD DAMN IT!" Still no response.

I hope Camellia (7) and Rowanne (9) didn't die, then we can reunite.

Grant Denver - District 9

Our whole alliance made it out of the Cornucopia alive, and we're all very happy. However, I wish we'd gotten better supplies. Cyrus (5), Theo (8), and I were distracted by the explosion, but Silvio (6) and Duane (10) had gathered many lifesaving goods, which they offered to share. We have enough food to last us for a while, but we are going to need water, very soon.

"Well, I bet Chrissie's alliance is doing worse than us." Cyrus (5) says.

"Why do you keep on talking about her?" Duane (10) says, annoyed. "All we ever hear from you is how much you hate your District partner. It drives me crazy! Just worry about ourselves for now, and if you do emerge as victor, you can complain." Cyrus (5) immediately shuts up, and everyone is relieved. Well, except for Theo (8), who doesn't even know what we're talking about.

Danica Dee - District 4

I've been chasing for hours, and I've finally given up on chasing Delilah (13). She's lucky. Delilah (13) ran up a tree, and I didn't have the energy to follow her. I'm walking back to the Cornucopia, assuming that the careers captured it. I'm tired, hungry, and thirsty. I can't wait until I get there. My stomach growls non-stop as I walk through the forest. I can't even see the village from where I am, I was blinded by my rage of Delilah (13). I stop in my tracks, as the anthem plays.

In the sky, the first picture to appear is Emory (2). I cry all over again. Why did he have to die? I'm filled with rage all over again. I'd chase after Delilah (13) again, but she is way too far away. I don't know where she is now. I've now set a new goal for myself; kill Delilah (13). I will avenge Emory (2).

I won't let anything get in my way.

Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire - District 10

I'm finally at the waterfall, and I face it. The lush sound of the water lightly fusing with the river down below is so calm, so soothing. I look deeper past the waterfall, and I think there might be a cave behind the thin sheet of water. I open my backpack, and fine a couple of rocks. At least I can use them. I pick up a rock, and toss it into the waterfall. I hear the rock tap some sort of surface behind the waterfall. I toss another rock, and another until I can confirm something is behind the waterfall. There must be a cave. I pick up my scythe, and toss it into the cave. If there was nothing behind the waterfall, the scythe would've been carried by the currents of the flowing river. I finally toss my backpack into the cave behind the waterfall. Now it's my turn. I walk away from the waterfall, until I feel like I'm at a distance where I can pick up speed. I now face the waterfall, and sprint into the cave with full speed. I leap into the air, and I collide with the falling water. I land inside the cave, intact.

To my surprise, this cave has been set up, as if someone had been living here for years. There is food, water, shelter, and other goodies that I don't even need. A bunch of furniture has been set for me to use. I place my scythe leaning against a bookshelf, and I place my backpack next to my bed. Finally, I exit my little dwelling and go outside. The night is dark and cold, the perfect time for me. I look up into the stars, and plan what I will do during my second day here in this arena.

Rowanne Tamora - District 9

Camellia (7) and I have settled in the forest. We were searching for our alliance of Chrissie (5), Silvia (6), and Reba (8), but we couldn't find the three. We've finally decided that we will camp for the night and search tomorrow. We've got a never ending supply of food on our hands, which is amazing. Even for 5 tributes, we'd have enough food for a while. Also, Camellia (7) and I know a lot about plant identification, so we're going to have a lot of food on our hands. However, we're lacking water. We have a spile, but we need a canteen to place the collected water in. We've just saw the tributes that died today, and I'm assuming that the Capitol is getting extremely bored. I wonder what the game makers will make us do tomorrow.

"Good night, Camellia." I tell her, before we go to sleep.

"Good night, Rowanne." She replies back. I rest my eyes and go to sleep, as Camellia (7) takes the first watch.

Bennet Ormand - District 11

I can't believe Brair (11) is already gone. It was just so soon, she didn't deserve it. Watching the anthem in the sky made me depressed all over again. Although I did avenge her death, I still feel that her death was my responsibility. I could've prevented her passing extremely easily. I wish she was here with me right now.

I've resided in the old village, and I've entered a hotel. I chose the hotel, because there are so many rooms here. If someone wants to search for tributes here, it will take an awfully long time. At first, I didn't have enough water. However, after checking Brair's (11) backpack, I found a canteen already filled with water. That should last me a day or two, but soon if I don't get any water I will run out very quickly.

Phillip Gianluca - District 13

Our whole alliance made our camp in the village, where we're residing in an average house. The house was already pre-stocked with food and water, though not food to last us for a while. We have some alliance members here that know how to find edible plants, so we're hoping we can keep a maintainable supply of food. We've just watched the anthem, and we were very depressed to find Savannah's (12) face in the sky. We were all very sad, especially Ashton (12), because we've bonded so close during the past few days. However, it won't hold us back to perform our plan. Also, we don't know where Delilah (13) is. She didn't appear in the sky, so we know she is still alive out there some where. We just need to find her.

Although today wasn't a very exciting day for the Capitol, tomorrow will be filled with excitement. It will be a day no one will forget.

Day 1 Odds

Tribute Odds
Kaeden Humphrey (Capitol) 27-1
Jaida Lyubov (Capitol) 4-1
Curtis Pramod (1) 9-1
Olivia Winter (1) 13-1
Hedena Fleurette (2) 6-1
Clifton Hamza (3) 38-1
Brooklyn Spirit (3) 39-1
Duncan Grier (4) 8-1
Danica Dee (4) 10-1
Cyrus Haydn (5) 11-1
Chrissie Seyong (5) 11-1
Silvio Crawford (6) 5-1
Silvia Coscette (6) 5-1
Phrixos Bacchus (7) 15-1
Camellia Cyrellia (7) 20-1
Theo Clair (8) 22-1
Reba Malandra (8) 29-1
Grant Denver (9) 16-1
Rowanne Tamora (9) 55-1
Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire (10) 90-1
Duane Lőrinc (10) 51-1
Bennet Ormand (11) 14-1
Ashton Yiennas (12) 26-1
Phillip Gianluca (13) 63-1
Delilah Lexus (13) 64-1

Day 2 - '"'WHAT DID YOU DO TO OUR CAMP!?!?!?!?!" - Hedena Fleurette

Jaida Lyubov - Capitol

I wake up to the sound of birds singing along. I look up above me, and I see a birds nest. How adorable! I think they're mocking jays. I start to sing a melody and they immediately reply back. I feel just like I'm reenacting Katniss' games. I know with Emory (2) gone, I am the biggest threat in the arena. I couldn't feel any happier, as Katniss was the biggest threat in her arena. I have a lot of goods too; food and water to be exact. However, I still need a weapon. I can hunt very easily with a bow, so now I'm praying I get a sponsor before the big plan today.

Just my luck. Around an hour later, I receive a sponsor balloon, which lands on my lap. I eagerly open up the balloon, slightly disappointed. The good news, there is a weapon. The bad news, I have no idea how to use these. I have 3 throwing knives in the sponsor balloon, and I'm extremely grateful. However, how do I use this? Hmm, well I guess I can't put it to waste. I place the 3 knifes in my camp site, and I take one of them to hunt. I find a bunny, quietly hopping along a trail. I immediately pounce on it and stab its tail with my knife. It can't run away now. I quickly grab another knife, and stab the bunny in the eye; just like Katniss does with all of her kills.

Although I don't have any matches, that won't stop me from holding up cooking up this rabbit.

In a few hours, I'll have more food.

Ashton Yiennas - District 12

Some of our alliance members haven't eaten yet. We promised to give food to them, once we got more sponsors. However, we haven't received one all morning and some of our allies are getting hungry. If we don't get any sponsors soon, we'll run through all our food. My allies are sitting around in the den, not saying a word. We're trying to get some rest for later today, but we've got nothing so far.

Clifton (3) had just place some snares out in the forest with his wire, but we aren't getting any progress what so ever.

"Nothing..." Brooklyn (3) says, after checking on the snares again. We all moan, as we ration out some of our food. We still have a decent supply, but how long will we have it?

They only food we have currently is Brooklyn's (3) bread, but I guarantee you that it will run out before the day ends. Just then, I hear sudden beeping coming from outside. This makes our alliance tense up. Phillip (13) goes outside, and peers through a corner to see what she is. I hear a gasp, and I wonder what's happening. Phillip (13) rushes back into the house, with a grin on her face.

"It's for you, Ashton!" She hollers, and we all get really excited. Is it food? I open up the sponsor balloon, to find some Dried Fruit inside. Addition to Brooklyn's half eaten bread, we'll have enough food for 3 tributes for the whole day. Since we have 4 tributes in our alliance, we won't have enough to eat for a whole day. However, this is much better than nothing, and it will keep us fueled for a while.

"I caught a deer!" Clifton (3) cheers, as he returns with a deer in his hands. When did he leave? Who cares, we got a deer! We all cheer with joy, as Clifton (3) gathers some wood and place it into the fire place in the den. That deer should give us all 3 days of food for each of us at least; even with Delilah (13) was here. I wonder where she is. Although we don't have any matches, Clifton (3) is an amazing fire starter. We shouldn't have a problem. All of a sudden, the door slams open and we see the panting body of Delilah (13) standing in the door way.

"Finally, I've found you guys!" She says, with a smile. We all rush to hug Delilah (13), as our alliance is re-united again. We can finally start our plan.

Silvia Coscette - District 6

Someone from the audience must've been tired of Chrissie (5) moaning about food; because she finally got the dried meat she wanted. I was shocked when Chrissie (5) wanted to share with us, because I thought she'd hog the whole thing. We've eaten about a third of it, and I'm starting to think her meat will be gone by the end of the day. I wish Camellia (7) and Rowanne (9) would show up.

"Hi guys!" A voice says, in excitement. I think that's Camellia (7). I turn around, to see Camellia (7) standing there with Rowanne (9).

"Are you guys hungry?" Rowanne (9) asks us, as she plops a bunch of food in front of us. We all widen our eyes at the sight of it. How did she get that much?

"You can thank Rowanne for that; she was the one that pointed out all this food. I just helped her collect." Camellia (7) says, shrugging. Chrissie (5), Reba (8), and I slowly eat a portion of the food, but not all of it; that would be rude. We are relieved that Camellia (7) and Rowanne (9) are here, and to thank them we gave the two of them water to drink.

This couldn't have turned out any better.

Phrixos Bacchus - District 7

I'm going back to visit Tania (10), and see what she's up to. I don't know where she is, but I'll try to find her. I'm searching near the waterfall, the last section of the arena I haven't checked, and I'm starting to wonder where that girl could be.

"Psstt." A voice says. Did it come from the waterfall?

"Come in here..." The voice says again. I peer behind the sheet of water and I see Tatianna (10), and she waves at me. I quickly squeeze myself between the sheet of water and the mountain, hopefully trying not to get wet. I look around the cave behind the waterfall cave in shock. There is everything in here, and if I'm correct, I think the food is regenerating.

"If you want anything, just ask." Tania (10), tells me. I smile as I take some food; I recently got water from my spile, so I didn't need it.

"Can I chill here?" I ask her, and she nods. I smile, as I lay down on a bed, taking a needed nap.

"Shh!" Tania (10) says, alert of something.

"What's happening?" I ask her, in a some-what loud tone.

"SHUSH!" Tania (10) whispers as I quickly shut up. I look past the some-what transparent rainfall of water and I see Danica (4) stomping, madder than ever.

"What is she doing here?" I ask. "Should we get her?"

"No, leave her. She'll take out a few tributes, so the competition will be easier." Tatianna (10) replies, and I nod in agreement.

Kaeden Humphrey - Capitol

I'm standing next to a tracker jackers nest, and I've already befriended about 10 wasps. They all swarm near me, and buzz some sort of melody.

"That's amazing..." Jaida (Capitol) compliments me.

"Thank you." I reply back, trying to be polite. "Are you almost done?"

"Actually, I am now." Jaida (Capitol) replies, placing the last log in the pile.

"Alright, here are some matches." I say, handing Jaida (Capitol) some matches. She takes the matches and starts to whistle some signal. The mocking jays mimic it, and she starts the fire. The smoke rises high into the air, and I try to comfort the tracker jackers; they're not fond of fire. Luckily, these tracker jackers seemed to cope with the fire, and even more tracker jackers swarmed out of their nest and next to my side. Perfect

"Now, we wait!" Jaida (Capitol) says, sighing.

Olivia Winter - District 1

"Look over there!" Curtis (1) chants, as he points off into the distance. Duncan (4) and I follow his direction, and we see smoke rising into the air.

"Tributes! Let's get em'!" Curtis (1) cheers, as he gets up and rushes.

"Wait..." Duncan (4) stops him. Curtis (1) looks back at us, puzzled.

"What's wrong with you two?" Curtis (1) asks us.

"Why would some tribute make that ridiculously huge fire? Besides, although you've already received Neosporin, you still need to rest your leg." I retort, surprised by his dumbness.

"Who cares? That means our opponents are stupid. They'll be an easy kill." Curtis (1) shouts, as he runs over to the fire. Duncan (4) sighs, as the both of us grab our weapons and follow Curtis (1).

Duncan (4) and I agree to stay some-what behind, worried about some sort of ambush towards us. The two of us are talking and just enjoying ourselves, and we finally catch up with Curtis (1). We reach the fire, but not until Curtis (1) realizes the mistake he made. Some distance between the fire and the camp, is a tracker jackers nest where Kaeden (Capitol) is currently standing. Kaeden points to our direction, and chants some sort of weird phrase. The tracker jackers zoom past him and come our way.

"RUN!" I shout, as Curtis (1), Duncan (4), and I take off back to our careers camp. I look back behind me, and see Curtis (1) struggling behind. His cuts are really affecting him, even after applying Neosporin. Duncan (4) realizes this too, and lifts him on top of his back, as we both sprint away from the tracker jackers and avoid the worst damage, excluding Curtis (1).

Delilah Lexus - District 13

"Go, go, go!" Clifton (3) chants, as Phillip (13) and I dig up the mines. Phillip (13) seems to be struggling, but I've already dug up my mine and I'm reactivating it in the careers camp. I knew this plan wouldn't fail. I wire some the explosive, and place it back in its original place. I wait by Phillip (13), as he is just about to dig up his mine. He places it in his backpack, and we start to clap in cheer. Our plan was a success.

"They're coming!" Ashton (12) yells. Sure enough, 3 careers are sprinting back towards camp. 1 is critically injured, but isn't dead yet. The other 2 careers are sprinting towards us, with angry expressions on their faces. I quickly take an antidote, from the careers camp before our exit.

"RUN!" Brooklyn (3) squeals, as we're all lifted towards our feet. We think we're out, safe and sound, until we're surprised. Hedena (2) jumps out of no-where, and pounces on Phillip (13). Before Hedena (2) can land on Phillip (13), Phillip (13) throws me his backpack, which only consists of his unactivated explosive.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO OUR CAMP!?!?!?!?!" Hedena (2) shouts at his face.

"Nothing! I swear! Please spare me!" Phillip (13) pleads to Hedena (2). Hedena (2) spreads a wicked smile across her face as she snaps Phillip's (13) neck.' 'BOOM

"NOO!" I scream in agony, as if I were the one dying right now.

"Come on!" Brooklyn (3) shouts, as she drags me by the arm.

Danica Dee - District 4

The 4th cannon sounds in the arena, and I know the action is just beginning. I sprint towards the Cornucopia, hopefully able to refresh on goods, and I see Phillip's (13) body being lifted in the air. Hedena (2) is watching; I know she was the one who killed him.

"YOU!" Hedena (2) shouts at me, and I know I'm dead. If I had a weapon, the match would at least be fair. However, I am left without a weapon as Hedena (2) hurdles towards me with her blowgun. That's when I see it.

Something is plopping out of the ground. Is that a mine? How did that get reactivated? Oh well, who cares. The only thing that matters is that Hedena (2) doesn't notice and that mine is far away from our supplies, so they will be unaffected. I stand a few feet back from the mine, so Hedena (2) can't shoot at me until she reaches the mine. The last thing I hear from Hedena (2) is her ear-piercing scream as she is exploded. I fly backwards, with dust flying into my face.


I grin evilly, knowing that I sort of tricked her into killing herself in a devious sort of way. Will it count as my kill? Probably not. However, knowing that Hedena (2) is gone, I am happy. I look towards my supplies, and I'm relieved to see that they're still standing. I look at the Cornucopia, and see that only a fraction is toasted brown. I look at myself; I have various burns all over my body. I'll need burn cream for that.

"What happened?" Olivia (1) asks.

"Well, the 3, 12, and 13 alliance set an activated mine." I start. "It killed Hedena (2), though she was able to kill the 13 male before she died." The careers look overall sad, they've lost 2 careers and there has only been 5 deaths in the arena so far.

"Will you be alright?" Duncan (4) asks me.

"Good enough, just some burn cream will do the trick." I say, as I gather some food, water, and weapons for myself.

"We can't identify any burn cream in the supplies, sorry..." Olivia (1) says, sort of embarrassed.

"Worry about me? Look at Curtis. He is covered with bumps and stings. If he doesn't get any instant relief soon, he's dead."

Theo Clair - District 8

We've been doing nothing, but sitting around all day. I've just been trying to occupy myself, while my alliance seemed to be talking. If I were to guess, they're arguing about something. Cyrus' (5) voice has risen to a loud shout. If I can hear him, he is talking way too loud. An alliance will pounce on us any minute. I've been waiting and waiting, but no one has come to try and kill us. I guess we're lucky.

"MY DESICION IS FINAL, DUANE!" Cyrus (5) shouts. I can see Duane (10), Grant (9), and Silvio (6) trying to negotiate with him, but so far Cyrus (5) doesn't seem to want anyone else's opinion.

"WE'RE ATTACKING CHRISSIE'S ALLIANCE TOMORROW, AND I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANY MORE ARGUMENT!" Cyrus (5) shouts once more. Oh no. Please no. I shake my head "no" vigorously, with a sad expression on my face. Firstly, Reba (8) is in that alliance. I can't hurt my District partner. More importantly, Camellia (7) is in that alliance. I can't be a part of this. If I were to kill Camellia (7), I'd kill myself right after due to guilt. I refuse to be a part of this. I'll run away if we end up doing this. I just can't do this, it's unfair.

"NOBODY CARES, THEO!" I bring my head down. Cyrus' (5) mind is set. And mine is too.

If this plan goes forward, I'm leaving.

Day 2 Aftermath

Bennet Ormand - District 11

I don't have the courage to make a performance. With Brair (11) gone, I don't know what to do at all. I've been hiding in the hotel, and right now I doubt that anyone knows where I am. I hear the anthem play, and I peer out the window to look at today's deaths. There were only 2 cannons today, though really two deaths is a lot for a regular day. During the bloodbath, I was surprised only 3 people died. I wish one of those people didn't have to be Brair (11). The first person in the sky is Hedena (2). Hedena (2)? Oh my god, the District 2 tributes are already dead, and only the careers from 1 and 4 are left. The next portrait to appear in the sky is Phillip (13), and he dissappears quickly. I look at my water supply, and I realize I'm low on water. By tomorrow, I'll have no water at all. However, I have to look on the bright side.

I'm 2 tributes away from winning.

Rowanne Tamora - District 9

"Is this an edible plant?" Reba (8) asks Camellia (7).

"Okay, so that is Poison Ivy and that is Pokeweed. Both are poisonous. By the way, don't touch Poison Ivy. You'll be itchy all over." Camellia (7) replies. Reba (8) grunts as she goes back into the forest, disappointed with her progress.

However, on the bright side, we've got enough food and water for a while. We may need water soon, but that isn't for a while. For now we should be fine.

"I think we should attack Cyrus' alliance tomorrow." Chrissie (5) randomly pipes in.

"I'm sorry, but I'd really prefer if we didn't." Camellia (7) whispers. She obviously doesn't want to kill or even try to harm Theo (8), and I respect that.

"I agree... there are too many tributes. It's too risky to take, at this point of the games." I pitch in, trying to help out Camellia (7).

"Hmm, maybe you're right. However, let's see how it goes. I think it'll be fine..." Chrissie (5) states her opinion. We drop the conversation there, and focus on how we'll survive this thing.

Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire - District 10

Phrixos (7) is resting on an extra bed, as I fuel up on food before I leave the waterfall. Don't get me wrong, I am coming back, but this is the best time of day to go out. Well, at least for me.

Phrixos (7) and I have no chance of being disturbed, if I were to guess we have the best supplies in the arena. We also are pretty strong as a duo. However we're only having a temporary truce, Phrixos (7) ended up being a somewhat of an ally. He may leave later, but for now he's sort of melted in here. I set out into the forest, and start to pick plants. Phrixos (7) gave me a list of poisonous plants to get, so he can make some sort of evil potion. I'm not too sure what that's about, but I really like the sound of it.

Brooklyn Spirit - District 3

Delilah (13) has been very distraught of the loss of her District partner, so we've let her have the whole upstairs floor to herself so she can mourn over him. Clifton (3), Ashton (12), and I are just chilling in the den, thinking of plans.

"Do you want to mess with the careers again?" Ashton (12) asks us.

"I don't think so. We'll just lose another alliance member." I reply.

"This will be harder than I thought." Clifton (3) whispers.

"Don't worry! We've got a decent amount of water, and lots of food. I think we'll be okay." Ashton (12) laughs. Hmm, I certainly hope he's right.

Day 2 Odds

Tribute Odds
Kaeden Humphrey (Capitol) 25-1
Jaida Lyubov (Capitol) 4-1
Curtis Pramod (1) 10-1
Olivia Winters (1) 12-1
Clifton Hamza (3) 35-1
Brooklyn Spirit (3) 36-1
Duncan Grier (4) 8-1
Danica Dee (4) 9-1
Cyrus Haydn (5) 10-1
Chrissie Seyong (5) 10-1
Silvio Crawford (6) 5-1
Silvia Coscette (6) 5-1
Phrixos Bacchus (7) 14-1
Camellia Cyrellia (7) 18-1
Theo Clair (8) 20-1
Reba Malandra (8) 27-1
Grant Denver (9) 15-1
Rowanne Tamora (9) 50-1
Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire (10) 81-1
Duane Lőrinc (10) 46-1
Bennet Ormand (11) 13-1
Ashton Yiennas (12) 25-1
Delilah Lexus (13) 58-1

Day 3 - "I love you too." - Theo Clair

Phrixos Bacchus - District 7

Do you wanna hear a secret? Well, here it is. The District 3, 12, and 13 alliance asked me a favor. Tania (10) returns to the waterfall cave, with the plants I asked of her.

"Thank you, dearly." I say, truly grateful. She nods, as she gives me all the poisonous plants she could find. I exit the cave, and head to a tree. I place my spile near the trunk, and water pours out. I fill my canteen half way with water, and I head back to the cave. I'd use the water Tania (10) had, but I prefer declorinated, bacteria free water. I mash up all the poisonous plants and fill the rest of the canteen.

"Wow, I'm impressed. What damage could you do with that?" Tatianna (10) asks me.

"At most, death. Though I'm crossing my fingers for a coma." I reply. "Let's go to the careers camp." Tania (10) and I walk over to the careers camp. We left when the night was still progressing, and in fact it still is. We make it to the Cornucopia, just in time. A sponsor balloon lands on the ground, next to Curtis (1). He looks horribly injured, I can't imagine what happened to him.

"Go for it." I tell Tatianna (10), as I hand her the canteen. She tip-toes to the careers camp without making a sound, and opens up the sponsor balloon. She takes out the sponsor, which seems to be toast, and replaces it with the canteen. She quietly tip-toes back and hands me the contents.

"I'm not too sure why the sponsor sent toast, Curtis seems extremely hurt. What would toast do?" Tania (10) asks. I look at the toast carefully.

"This isn't ordinary toast." I tell her, examining how it sparkles in the shine of the moon.

"Um, no. That is definitely toast." Tania (10) retorts.

"Of course it is, but this has been altered. It shines in the moonlight, and maybe even sunlight." I say. Tatianna (10) shivers when I mention the sun. "I think that this may be a new form of Instant Relief." Expressing my opinion.

"Really?" Tania (10) asks me.

"I'm pretty sure it isn't ordinary food, I'll examine this later when the day is brighter." I reply. Tatianna (10) and I head back to the cave, and get ready for the rest of the day.

Duncan Grier - District 4

I'm applying some sort of medicine on Curtis (1). Right now, he needs it.

"Can I see that?" Danica (4) asks me.

"The can is empty now, but sure." I reply, as I hand her the container. She slaps her forehead.

"Duncan, this is Burn Cream!" Danica (4) shouts at me. I look down, realizing I've been applying the wrong medication, when Danica (4) could've used it.

"Well, I'm sorry. But the canteen Curtis got isn't helping him. If anything, he looks like he's getting worse." I reply. Curtis (1) starts to groan in pain.

"Besides, there is a sponsor balloon over there for you. It probably has Burn Ceam." I reply. Danica (4) turns around in confusion, but sure enough there is a sponsor balloon waiting for her. She opens it up, and it contains Burn Cream, just as I predicted. She applies it on her burned areas, and we are already seeing progress.

"We're not going to get anywhere. If we want to save ourselves, we should go hunting." Olivia (1) pipes in. She's right. I command Curtis (1) to sleep in the Cornucopia, where no one can see him. However, he wants to go with us, so we allow him that. Although we deeply disagree, we let him anyway. Curtis (1), Olivia (1), Danica (4), and I grab our weapons and search the village.

"I hear laughter." Danica (4) announces. We look through the window, and we see an alliance of 4 talking. 3 of them notice us, and rush in different directions as 1 of them look at his allies with confusion.

"RAID!" I shout, as we storm into the house.

Ashton Yiennas - District 12

I panic, as I rush to a hiding spot. I rush upstairs to a bedroom, and hide under the bed. I see Delilah (13) run in the bedroom with me, and hide in the closet. BOOM

I guess that was one of our alliance members. Now we're done to 3 people... oh no. The careers run into the bedroom, and I try to stop myself from breathing deeply. Their approaching the closet, until one of them falls short. The District 1 male, I think his name is Curtis (1), collapses on the floor.

"Curtis?" His District partner asks.

"Alright, let's call it off for now. Bring him back to the Cornucopia!" Another female shouts, as her District partner carries Curtis (1) to the Cornucopia. I take a sigh of relief, as Delilah (13) emerges from her closet. I hear the door click shut from downstairs, and I'm guessing the careers have left. But who died? Delilah (13) and I rush downstairs, and I see a hovercraft picking up a body outside. The tribute had red hair, and I know that tribute was from our alliance.

"What is that noise?" Delilah (13) asks. It sounds like crying. I look in a corner of the fireplace, and I see Brooklyn (3) hiding in the fireplace. She is slightly covered in ash, but we can easily clean her.

"I saw them... I saw Danica kill Clifton..." Brooklyn (3) stutters, before she bursts into tears.

"It'll be alright, I promise you." I say, cheering her up as Brooklyn (3) continues to cry.

Cyrus Haydn - District 5

Now is the day of the attack, and I'm determined we'll wipe out all of Chrissie's (5) alliance.

"Let's go, guys!" I announce with glee, as everyone else groans. I wonder what got them in a bad mood. Although I don't have a weapon, I know I can strangle Rowanne (9) to death. Theo (8) starts to cry, as we all pick up our weapons, if we have any, and walk over trying to find Chrissie's (5) alliance. Once I hear rustling, I motion my alliance to quiet down. I peer from behind a tree, and I see Chrissie's (5) alliance. She is trying to convince her alliance to attack mine, and everyone else is disagreeing.

"NOW!" I shout. Duane (10) immediately pops from a bush, and throws his Awl at Silvia (6). She screams, as she shifts to the left. The Awl gets lodged in her right shoulder. Duane (10) defenseless, tries to run, but Reba (8) shoots an arrow at him before he can run. It hits him in the back. BOOM

Although Duane (10) died, I don't really care. At least his supplies are at our camp, more for us. I pounce on Chrissie (5), planning to suffocate her. She kicks me off of her, and pins me down. She tries to stab me with her knife, but I shift my head to the right narrowly missing her blade. I kick Chrissie (5) off of me. Everyone else is trying to drag Chrissie (5) and me off of each other. Why the hell aren't they fighting?

Camellia Cyrellia - District 7

I am tugged away from sight, and away from the battle. Although I am saved from harm, I know that I'm away from death. The grip is loosening, but I am still held onto. I turn around, and see Theo (8).

"We have to go, now. Away from the battle." Theo (8) tells me. I nod my head "no", and I point towards my alliance.

"Don't worry. You'll return to them soon. I just can't let you die. Let's go." Theo (8) tells me. He's right. We're about to run off, until Rowanne (9) looks in fear. I tug Theo (8) back, and I watch the scene.

"RUN!" Rowanne (9) screams. She pushes Silvia (6) out of the way, and immediately pulls Chrissie (5) off of Cyrus (5). She tugs her away, and motions Silvia (6) to follow her. However, she does not. What's happening? Immediately, Grant (9) does the same thing and makes Cyrus (5) follow him. For some reason, Silvio (6) stays as well. I'm shocked, as I see the fierce movement of careers heading towards the east. Duncan (4) holds his machete up high, and slams it onto Reba's (8) skull. BOOM

"REBA!" Silvia (6) shouts. Silvio (6) and her run off into the woods, and the careers look towards us. They see us! Immediately, Theo (8) tugs my shirt and sprints away. I regain sense and run along with him too and I don't look back.

Hopefully, the careers won't try chasing us.

Theo Clair - District 8

I run away with Camellia (7), not turning back. I run as fast as my legs can carry me, until I reach a large mountain. Without any hesitation, I run on the mountains slope. I reach the mountain, until I look at what's at the top.

"WHAT'S THAT SOUND?" Camellia (7) yells, so I am able to hear.

"I'm not sure..." I reply, curious of what we will find. I soon realize that it was a bad decision climbing the mountain. I see a river, travelling at high speed until it reaches the cliff. I see water rushing down the cliff, and into the streams below.

"Should we turn back?" I ask Camellia (7). She nods, and we both turn back. Uh oh. The careers. They're all trailing us. Olivia (1), Duncan (4), and Danica (4) are gaining speed towards us and they're not thinking of stopping. We have no choice. Maybe we can climb down the waterfall somehow? It sounds silly, but really I'm running out of options. Camellia (7) and I run alongside the river, and we stop at the edge of a cliff. I look down, to see the streams below. We have no chance in surviving this situation. We turn back; the careers aren't on the top of the mountain, but it's a matter of time before they do.

"WHAT WILL WE DO?!" Camellia (7) shouts, in a state of stress.

"I don't know..." I reply. I'm just running out of options as the careers are getting closer and closer to the mountain. Camellia (7) calms down, and points down below at the stream. Is she thinking about jumping off? I'm looking at her with a concerned look. She starts to talk, and I can tell she is mouthing out "please".

Well, when I think about it, I don't want to die in the hands of the careers. I think I'll probably settle with suicide instead of a slow, painful death, at the hands of the careers. I'm still sure that there are other options. I'm still not too certain until Camellia (7) says something that changes my mind. She starts to talk, though I can't hear her. However, I can still understand what she is saying, as if I was able to hear her.

"I love you."

I take a deep breath, and settle on an agreement.

"THERE THEY ARE!" Danica (4) shouts. I see the careers picking up pace, running towards us. I grip Camellia's (7) hand, as I count down.

"3..." I say. The careers are gaining speed. I grip Camellia's (7) hand harder.

"2..." I say. The careers presence is closer.

"1..." I say. I can nearly feel Danica's (4) hand, grasping around my body.

"JUMP!" I shout. Camellia (7) and I jump off from the ground, and plummet towards the rapid river. We hold hands and keep grip towards each other, determined not to let go. Camellia (7) hugs me closer, and kisses me. I tug Camellia (7) even closer, and whisper something in her ear. At a time like this, I can't let this moment pass away.

"I love you too." I say, as my last and final words on this planet. I sink into the river, and the current drags our bodies along. BOOM BOOM


Silvio Crawford - District 6

I am running out of breathe. I take a moment to rest against a tree, as I pant and pant. Silvia (6) is with me, and it didn't mean to happen, though we sort of ran away together. We're not allies, but we need an alliance. We've lost ours, after all. Besides, we wouldn't dare kill each other. There is only one other reasonable choice.

"We've lost our alliances..." I say between pants, and Silvia (6) nods, even more tired.

"Should we ally? That is, until we find our alliances." I repeat again. Silvia (6) nods, as we both take off and assemble camp.

"I lost some of my items back at my old camp. I know where it is, but I'm lost at the moment." Silvia (6) announces, finally regaining her breathe. "I only have a knife, and lots of water." She admits, sort of embarrassed.

"I have some food, which we can both share. Along with a few other things." I say. "But I'll need some water. Share?" Silvia (6) nods, as we both walk deeper into the forest, searching for a good camp site. I give Silvia (6) some Neosporin for her wound, given by Duane (10), and she recover slightly.

Brooklyn Spirit - District 3

My tears have degenerated into sniffles, though I'm still deeply depressed about the passing of Clifton (3). We were always close as friends. Not only that, but I had to watch him die right in front of my eyes. That was not a pleasant sight to watch, I can assure you.

"Can I borrow this?" Delilah (13) asks me. She holds up my empty backpack, and I nod. Not like I need it right now. She goes into the forest, and brings her unactivated explosive with her. What is she doing? Well, as long as she comes back in one piece, I'm fine. I'm left with Ashton (12) in the house. If Delilah (13) dies out there, I'm left with only Ashton (12) to comfort me. Ashton (12) isn't bad, or anything, just our alliance will be much quieter without Delilah (13) by our side. I rest by the fire place, still sniffling, worn out by the long day. I'm still worried that the careers may attack soon, and I'm ready if that were to happen. I curdle in a ball, and I try to go to sleep. Ashton (12) strokes my hair, as I painfully go through one of the worst ours in my life.

I wish Candace was at my side again.

Bennet Ormand - District 11

Dizzy, so dizzy. I can't regain my senses. I'm seeing things I shouldn't be seeing. I'm toppling and turning, falling to the ground every now and then. I'm suffering from dehydration. I need water, and fast. I stumble into the forest, not sure where I am exactly going. I need to find a lake; I know there is one in the arena. There has to be. Just, where is it? I stumble and turn from corner to corner, getting double vision. No signs of water. Except...

A backpack! What's it doing here? Oh well, who cares? That backpack could have water! I'm not too sure who left their backpack here, or why it's by itself, but I don't care. The contents in that backpack could mean the chances of life and death. I sprint with all my might, not letting this backpack slip out of my hands. I rush up to the tree the backpack is leaning on, and reach to wrap the handle around my wrist.

I see Delilah (13) sprinting away, laughing, as I realize what was happening, but not until I am exploded sky high. BOOM

Day 3 Aftermath

Chrissie Seyong - District 5

We've set up camp again, only bringing the supplies we had. Rowanne (9) and I are the only survivors of the whole event. I think that Camellia (7) or Silvia (6) are still roaming around somewhere, but right now they're not here. Luckily, I took some of Silvia's (6) supplies before we ran away, so we're a bit more safe now. Rowanne (9) has been crying for the last few hours, and I let her. She basically saved my life, and as much as I don't want to owe her, I do.

"She was just so close to me. She was my best friend in the arena..." Rowanne (9) murmurs, wiping away her tears. Oh boo-hoo. At least we've got enough supplies to last us for a while, and we don't have anything holding us back. I feel confident that Rowanne (9) and I will survive for a while, because she is strong in her own ways. As for Silvia (6)? Well, I'll just say she'd better return to us soon. If she's found a new ally member, I'll rip her throat out with my teeth. She'll by my target.

We'll, second to Cyrus (5). I hate him.

Kaeden Humphrey - Capitol

Wow, there were so many deaths today. Even more than the bloodbath a few days ago, which only had 3 cannons sound. I'm really surprised; I wonder what was going on.

A sponsor balloon flies across the air, and it's a humongous package. Surprisingly, the sponsor balloon lands next to me. For me? Sweet. I open the sponsor, and I see a trident in my hands. Once again, for me? I can't believe it. I already have a knife, but I'll do much better with a trident.

"Thank you..." I say up to the sky, to whoever sent me this wonderful gift.

The Capitol anthem plays and I look up into the sky. I see the pictures of who died today. Firstly, I see the picture of Clifton (3). So Jaida (Capitol) is still around, and I'm relieved. However, I worked with Clifton (3) for a short time period, and I'm a little bit upset. The next picture in the sky is Camellia (7). Hmm, I thought she'd survive much longer. Next, is Theo (8) and Reba (8). District 8 done, already? Well, it wasn't as quickly wiped out as District 2, and they're a career District. Duane's (10) picture floats in the sky. Could've Ashton (12) or Delilah (13) died? I hope not. Luckily, Bennet (11) is the last picture to appear in the sky, and the arena turns dark once again.6 dead? That's double of the deaths compared to the bloodbath. I have nothing against Bennet (11), but I'm happy that Ashton (12) and Delilah (13) are around for another day.

Cyrus Haydn - District 5

We've suffered a major impact in our alliance. Looking up into the sky, I discovered that Theo (8) died and Silvio (6) is still alive somewhere. Grant (9) and I returned to our camp, happy to return home. Although we lost a few members, at least we got what was their supplies.

"I got a rabbit with Duane's wire and rope." Grant (9) informs me. "Should be good for us for a day or two." Good, we could use some food. I'm not too depressed about Theo's (8) or Duane's (10) passing, because I never grew too close to them. However, Grant (9) seems to be upset about their deaths. I guess he's grown close to them or something, especially Theo (8).

"I just wish he was here again..." Grant (9) admits.

"Me too." I say, and I don't lie. If he were here, I'd have a better chance at winning this thing.

Head Game Maker - Capitol

Another year of the Hunger Games, and another new Head Game Maker replacement. Although I'm from District 2, I was still able to apply for the Head Game Maker. Since Seneca Crane got executed, there had to be a replacement, and I was the one who applied for the job. I don't even like the Hunger Games. However, I applied anyway. Why? You'll see, later.

"What? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T FIND THEM?" President Snow shouts. I wonder if he figured out what I just figured out. I walk down the rows of Game Makers, controlling the arena, pretending to monitor their progress, making comments here and there. I head over towards the entrance door and push it open. I see President Snow arguing with another Game Maker.

"I'm sorry sir... but we've tried our best. We just can't find them!" An anonymous Game maker says, trying to break the news pleasantly.

"WELL I DEMAND-" President Snow stops, at my presence.

"Ahh, just the man I was looking for!" President Snow exclaims. "I've notice a minor flaw, but I've came to talk with you about it."

"That's exactly why I'm here for." I reveal. "I'm sorry sir, but we've tried our best here. But we just can't find their bodies.

"Yes, I know." President Snow whispers.

"We've found Savannah's and Brair's bodies, and picked them up after the bloodbath." I say. I continue. "We've also collected the bodies of Phillip, at the Cornucopia, Clifton, outside the house, and finally Duane's and Reba's bodies near a camp site. I realize that Emory, Hedena, and Bennet suffered in an explosion, which is why we couldn't pick up their bodies. However, we've still got their DNA like requested before." I finish, as President Snow continues to nod.

"However, Camellia's and Theo's bodies are missing. Although the current took their bodies downstream, they should've been found in the lake. We couldn't locate the trackers for some odd reason, so we've scanned the whole lake. We've also scanned near to the whole arena, and Camellia's and Theo's bodies' locations are still unknown." I reveal.

"Yes, I realize this. And this is exactly what I wanted to talk about." President Snow cuts in. "We must establish a search right after the games, if their bodies aren't found soon. Understood?" President Snow asks of me.

"Understood." I reply.

"Good, carry on." President Snow finishes, as he walks back along the hall.

Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire - District 10

I'm happy with our overall progress today. Although Phrixos (7) didn't kill anyone with his contraption, I'm sure that Curtis (1) will die tomorrow.

"Good job today." I compliment Phrixos (7).

"Thanks..." Phrixos (7) replies.


"Did you hear that?" I ask Phrixos (7).

"Hear what?" Phrixos (7) asks me back.


"That..." I reply. I'm not too sure if Phrixos (7) heard it, but I certainly can. Someone is crying for help, and for some reason I can hear this faint sound below us. What follows is a shriek, which frightens Phrixos (7). The shriek sounded so close to us, yet so far at the same time.

Camellia Cyrellia - District 7

"Theo!?" I shout as loud as I can. I shake his body, trying to get him to wake up, but I'm not getting a response. I check for a pulse, I can't find it. Am I not searching well enough? I hope that's the case, because I do not want to live through this without him.

You may be wondering how we've survived; the answer is, Capitol magic. A trapped door was under the river, which opened when the door sensed my tracker. The door opened extremely quickly and sucked me and Theo into the secret underground chamber, letting as little water as possible through. I regained consciousness a few minutes later, but Theo has been lying down on the floor for hours. My tears start to swell, and I let out an ear-wrenching scream. This can't be happening.

"Stay with me... Theo..." I mumble, with tears rushing down my cheeks. It's no use. I think he may be a goner. I lose what sanity I had and rest my head on Theo's (8) chest, drowning myself in tears.

This foolish attempt was useless. I can't go on in life without him by my side. I'm wiping my eyes, just to have more tears grow again. I'm waking for myself to wake up, but it never happens. This all seems like a dream, and I wish I could just wake up with Theo (8) by my side.

"Urrghh..." A voice moans, and I shriek, only to shout again with joy.

"What... what happened?" Theo (8) asks me, still a little weak. I don't answer, because I'm too busy wrapping my arms around him, hugging him tight. My nightmare is turning into my fantasy, and I never want it to end. I help Theo (8) up from the puddle he lay in and I help him get on his feet. At first, he seemed a bit wobbly, but now he is walking steadily.

"What happened?" Theo (8) asks me. I put my index finger over my lips, telling him to be quiet until we are through with this mess. He listens, and wraps his arm around my shoulders. We reach the end of the chamber, and Theo (8) widens his eyes with surprise.

"You!" Theo (8) exclaims.

Day 3 Odds

Tribute Odds
Kaeden Humphery (Capitol) 23-1
Jaida Lyubov (Capitol) 4-1
Curtis Pramod (1) 50-1
Olivia Winters (1) 11-1
Brooklyn Spirit (3) 33-1
Duncan Grier (4) 6-1
Danica Dee (4) 7-1
Cyrus Haydn (5) 9-1
Chrissie Seyong (5) 9-1
Silvia Coscette (6) 5-1
Silivo Crawford (6) 5-1
Phrixos Bacchus (7) 12-1
Grant Denver (9) 14-1
Rowanne Tamora (9) 45-1
Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire (10) 73-1
Ashton Yiennas (12) 23-1
Delilah Lexus (13) 47-1

Day 4 - "SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!" - Danica Dee

Olivia Winter - District 1

Duncan (4), Danica (4), and I stand around Curtis (1). He's slowly dying, and we've still received Instant Relief for him. His eyes are closed, and he's in a deep sleep. His pulse is still beating, but we're not too certain when it's going to stop. We tried to give him an antidote we received from a sponsor, but it didn't work. I expected that, since he wasn't poisoned.

We're all standing around Curtis (1) waiting for a response. Danica (4) is digging through the supplies.

"What are you doing?" I ask her.

"Looking for the so called "Instant Relief" we gave him." Danica (4) replies. She finds the container and holds it out.

"I told you that the container was supposed to look different. This is probably just an average canteen, that a sponsor sent him to kill him." Danica (4) retorts.

"Or someone sabotaged the sponsor before we woke up." Duncan (4) adds.

I turn my head towards Curtis (1) and check for a pulse. There isn't one.

"You've done good in the games, buddy." I tell him, before his cannon sounds. BOOM

I put my head down, in remembrance of Curtis (1).

"Wanna go hunting?" Danica (4) asks me. Of course she'd ask me that.

"I'm not too sure...." I reply. I don't want to risk another death, we're down 3 careers and there are still so many tributes left. I don't want to risk any more of us dying.

Ashton Yiennas - District 12

Delilah (13) just came back from her little "mission". I can't believe she's killed 3 people so far. I won't be surprised if she has the most kills in the arena. I didn't think she had it in her.

Sadly, Bennet's (11) supplies died with him, so we didn't get anything. However, I think our supplies will be enough for now. None of us know how to work snares, so we just made one with the best of our judgment. I wish Clifton (3) and Savannah (12) was here. They were the only ones that could assemble snares. Brooklyn (3) could be hunting, but she doesn't have a bow. We decided that I'd just gather a few plants if we ever run low on food, however that isn't the case right now.

"What should we do today?" Delilah (13) asks us.

"I'm not too sure. It would be nice if I got a kill though." Brooklyn (3) replies.

"We all would, but the question is would it be too risky..." I add. We're plotting our plan, until I feel a blade pierce my back. I see a sharp curved blade stick out from my stomach as I fall to the ground. BOOM

Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire - District 10

The two remaining girls scream when they see Ashton's (12) body fall to the ground. Brooklyn (3) takes her awl, and stabs Phrixos (7) in the head. The two girls run out of the house, taking only some of the supplies. I look at Phrixos' body (7), as his light begins to dim.

"Oh no..." I say. I pick up his backpack and search through it. I pick up the toast he was examining earlier. Why not? He expected it to have some sort of use. I shove the toast down Phrixos' (7) throat, and he starts to glow gold. He slowly stands up, looking better than ever.

"I told you that had a purpose." Phrixos (7) says, as he smiles. Phew, that was a close one. We pick up the supplies the two girls didn't bring with them, and we exit the village. After Phrixos' (7) near death experience, I'm really not in the mood to try and hunt them down again.

Besides, we took down one of them, that's good right? We go back to the waterfall cave, where we enjoy the rest of the day.

Delilah Lexus - Distirct 13

I now know how horrible it is to watch someone die right in front of you. Brooklyn (3) stabbed Phrixos (7), though we've heard no cannon after. That's sad, because we didn't avenge Ashton's (12) death. Brooklyn (3) is full with hysterics all over again, and I can't help but feel depressed at this time. We just grabbed our backpacks and ran, so we didn't get all of our supplies. After thoroughly checking the backpack, we've brought no food. And that's a problem.

Brooklyn (3) and I don't even know where we ran to. We just saw a huge tower and decided it was safe. It's not. There is only one exit, and the staircase is sort of delaying an escape. We keep on hearing a loud ticking sound, which is driving us crazy. I can't imagine how I'll be able to sleep tonight, because I can't stand this sound. On the bright side, Brooklyn (3) and I can be as loud as we want and we won't be heard. However, our position is pretty bad, especially because we can't exit the tower.

The tower is right in front of the Cornucopia, where the careers are. I don't know why we ran in here, we weren't thinking. The careers are out currently, but I'm afraid that we'll exit the building just to have the careers come back. This is insane. Brooklyn (3) and I sleep on the cold metal floor, trying to sleep through the rest of the day.

We have no food, and we don't know how to get more.

This couldn't have possibly turned out any worse.

Cyrus Haydn - District 5

Our alliance is now only consisting of 2 members, so we're trying to keep a quiet appearance in the games today, until the tribute count lowers. I'm resting in a tree, as Grant (9) is planting snares all across our camp. Man, he's really good at this. With only a bundle of wire, he's made so many traps around our camp. The best part is; they're all camouflaged. You can barely see them. This is perfect.

"ATTACK!" I hear. The careers jump up from their hiding spot in the bush and attack Grant (9). I'm about to jump out and help him, because with me there we might even be able to take them, until I realize something; I have no weapon. I'm stronger than maybe Olivia (1) or Danica (4), but once Duncan (4) gets in the fight I'm a goner. I round up to one decision; stay in the tree. As long as I'm safe, I don't care.

"CYRUS, HELP!" Grant (9) shouts. He knows I'm in the tree, but he shouted his plead for help in the air, making it look like I'm somewhere else. Grant (9) is choking Danica (4) with a wire; however he releases his grip once Olivia (1) smashes a machete onto his skull. BOOM

Olivia (1) helps Danica (4) help. Danica (4) has a huge red scar on her neck; however that should heal with no medication needed. The careers leave, and Duncan (4) wraps his arms around Olivia's (1) shoulders. Once I decide the coast is clear, I jump down from my tree and take Grant's (9) supplies.

Although I'm alone, I still have a lot of supplies. Hopefully I'll survive for another day.

Day 4 Aftermath

Jaida Lyubov - Capitol

I walk through the forest, kicking back dirt as I pass by. I arrive to where Kaeden (Capitol) is, and he is taming a creature I don't even know. He is about 5 times his height, and I think the Capitol sent that mutt towards him so Kaeden (Capitol) would stop humiliating the Capitol by taming their precious mutts. However, it didn't work. After a few seconds, the mutt is curled up next to him going to sleep. When I approach the two, the mutt immediately becomes protective. Kaeden (Capitol) scratches him behind his ear, informing the mutt that I'm safe.

"Hi, Jaida!" Kaeden (Capitol) exclaims.

"Hi..." I reply, sort of shocked about the mutt he tamed.

"I named her Petunia." Kaeden (Capitol) replies.

"Um, alright." I reply. "Anyway, I think that these games are going to slowly. I think we should speed up the process a bit." I say, cutting to the chase.

"Alright, how does that sound?" Kaeden (Capitol) asks his mutt. She, or it pants with delight. Awesome. With that mutt by our side, we'll be unstoppable.

Rowanne Tamora - District 9

Chrissie (5) and I have made the day, undisturbed. After the results of yesterday, I really don't think it could've been worse. The two of us have enough supplies to last for now, because the decrease of tributes in our alliance, but I'm sure that we would've had enough food and water anyway even with 5 tributes. Silvia (6) still hasn't showed up, and Chrissie (5) is assuming she's betrayed us. Even if she did join another alliance, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't attack us at all. The anthem starts to play and I gaze up at the sky.

There were quite a few deaths, and the death count was equivalent to the amount of deaths in the bloodbath. The picture to appear first is Curtis (1). I thought he was injured in some sort of way, because he wasn't with the careers when he attacked the two alliances. However, I didn't think he'd die. The next picture is Grant (9). I frown. My district partner died. If I didn't win, I wouldn't mind if he did. It would mean extra food for my brothers. Finally, Ashton (12) concludes the anthem and the sky goes dark.

"3 tributes gone, and we're closer to winning." Chrissie (5) says. She only cares about herself. And I had to go through her for the whole day, by myself. However, I don't dare backtalk her. She could kill me in any second, and I wouldn't have anyone else to support me. Either way, not like she is being mean to me. I count the tributes that had died. 15 died, and 14 left to play. We're half way through the games, and it's already Day 4. Hopefully this will end soon.

Danica Dee - District 4

Olivia (1), Duncan (4), and I are leaning against the Cornucopia. Olivia (1) and Duncan (4) are eating each other, while I watch in disgust. After Emory (2) left, I really couldn't care less about love. And don't think that I'm jealous. I'm not...

Anyway, I think we did well today. We killed a tribute without any of us dying during the process, which is better than usual. Hopefully this will continue, and I will come out of these games alive. Tomorrow, we're going hunting, and I won't accept my two so called careers saying no. I'm not even too sure how out of those two, they survived compared to the other careers. In fact, I'm surprised Emory (2) died first. Well, I guess he couldn't help it since he was sort of mounted on his plate. This reminds me, I need to avenge his death. I'm not too sure where that Delilah (13) is, but we're searching for her at dawn. I go inside the Cornucopia, and snuggle in a sleeping bag. Outside, I can still hear Olivia (1) and Duncan (4) licking each other, watching the stars.

"SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!" I yell at them. They don't listen. I groan, as I grab a spare blanket and cover it over my head trying to block out the noise.

Kaeden Humphrey - Capitol

Jaida (Capitol) just went through a plan. It's overall pretty basic, though it definitely works. Also, it's not very risky on my account because I have this ferocious mutt to protect me. Petunia falls asleep, and Jaida (Capitol) finally leaves. I think she was uncomfortable around Petunia, which is weird because she was fond about my pet tracker jacker during the reaping's. Not like she's scary or anything. Jaida (Capitol) lends me some food, while I give her some water. Not much, but we're set for a short time period.

I organize my supplies and lie down. Petunia gets up, and lies down beside me.

Phrixos Bacchus - District 7

I owe Tatianna (10) my life. Although all she did was pour the toast in my mouth, I couldn't of done it myself.

"I wonder how they made that..." Tania (10) says, still curious on how a piece of toast saved my life.

"I'm not too sure; I guess you can never expect what the Capitol will do." I reply. Tania (10) nods, breaking off into silence.

"I guess I've overstayed my welcome here." I reply. "I guess I'll travel off alone while my supplies last." Tania (10) nods in understanding. She gives me some supplies to last me for 3 days, and I make my partings.

"If you need anything, you can come to me." Tatianna (10) says as I exit the cave. I nod.

"I'll come back every now and then when I have some sort of plan." I assure her, as I take off into the forest and embracing the darkness.

Day 4 Odds

Tribute Odds
Kaeden Humphrey (Capitol) 21-1
Jaida Lyubov (Capitol) 4-1
Olivia Winter (1) 7-1
Brooklyn Spirit (3) 28-1
Duncan Grier (4) 6-1
Danica Dee (4) 7-1
Cyrus Haydn (5) 9-1
Chrissie Seyong (5) 9-1
Silvio Crawford (6) 5-1
Silvia Coscette (6) 5-1
Phrixos Bacchus (7) 5-1
Rowanne Tamora (9) 41-1
Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire (10) 66-1
Delilah Lexus (13) 43-1

Day 5

Rowanne Tamora - District 9

"We're not getting ANYTHING done! For the past 5 days, we've achieved nothing. The only kill our alliance achieved is Reba (8), and she died right after!" Chissie (5) shouts at me.

"We're down to the final 14. That's pretty good, I'd have to admit. Further than I would've expected." I retort.

"If we're down to the final 14 already, then we'd have gotten a kill by now! Instead, we're just standing out here in the open. We need to act now!" Chrssie (5) shouts once more.

"Or we can hide for the most part of the games, and kill when it comes to the final 2. One of us could win." I reply. Although Chrissie (5) doesn't want to admit it, it's the safer route.

"I don't care! I could be dominating the arena, and you're just slowing me down!" Chrissie (5) screams into the air. "I WANT OUT OF THIS ALLIANCE!" I pause for a second.

"Fine... if that's how you feel. I won't try and stop you." I reply calmly. I grab my supplies and leave.

"WAIT!" Chrissie (5) yells at me in dispair. I turn around and smile. Has she decided that I'm right?

"Give me some food. You're loaded with that stuff." Chrissie (5) demands. How dare she.

"I thought you already had food..." I reply.

"Well I don't have enough. I'll ask you one more time. Give me food." Chrissie (5) retorts. I frown. I dig through my backpack and I toss her a loaf of bread. She catches it and eats it like mad.

"You know that will last you for two days, right?" I ask her. She ignores me as she gnaws into my bread.

"Can I have some water? I don't have any." I ask, realizing.

"What have you done for ME?" Chrissie (5) yells at me.

"Give you food you don't need." I reply.

"I don't care. Go die of dehydration." Chrissie (5) tells me. I grunt as I stomp away from her camp. Why did I give her bread. I shouldn't have expected anything from return, she wouldn't of given it to me. I'm so foolish.

Anyway, Chrissie (5) messed with the wrong person. If she thinks I'm slowing her down, she'd better think again.

Danica Dee - District 4

I literally can't think straight. I couldn't sleep all night with Romeo and Juliet's make-out session. I groan, as I rub the bags under my eyes. I look to my left, and guess what? Olivia (1) and Duncan (4) are kissing. Oh god that was so surprising.

"I love you.." Duncan (4) tells Olivia (1).

"HAVEN'T YOU PROVED THAT FROM THE LAST 12 HOURS?!" I yell at him. The two of them look at me weirdly, and then start kissing again. I groan, as I fall back asleep again. I soon realize that I won't be able to fall asleep because of the bright dawn. I'm about to kill myself, until something unexpected happens; they stop kissing. Oh my god, it's a miracle! Wait. Why would Romeo and Juliet part? There must be something wrong. I get out of my sleeping bag, and I see Olivia (1) and Duncan (4) running away. Those bitches. I aim a trident at them, but I feel a sharp pain in my stomach. They aren't ditching me. They're running away from something else. I pull out a blowdart from my stomach and an arrow from my knee. The last thing I hear is a loud growl as I kneel over. I see Rowanne (9) ducking into the bushes and Jaida (Capitol) chasing the love duo as I pass out. BOOM

Jaida Lyubov - Capitol

I shot an arrow to Danica's (4) knee, though I doubt that was the thing that killed her. Olivia (1) and Duncan (4) come spritning at me with anger. Without hesitating, I dash away from the scene. Kaeden (Capitol) is still searching the Cornucopia, he doesn't know where we are. I sprint away from the madness and into the forest, where the two remanining careers trail me. I dash and dash, until I feel a tremendous weight on my back. I fall to the ground, and see Duncan (1) ontop of me. Although I'm strong, he's stronger by a landslide. He pins me down, while Olivia (1) holds a tomahawk to my head. She raises her weapon, then slams it on my neck. BOOM

Duncan Grier - District 4

We step back from the body that once belonged to Jaida (Capitol), as the hovercraft picks her up. We knew if only one of us ran after her, she'd kill us in a heartbeat. If we didn't double team her, we'd be gone right now.

I turn towards me, to see Olivia (1) shaking. This is about her second kill, and I'm not too sure if she can handle it. She is looking at her hands; covered in blood. I approach her, and comfort her. She stops shaking and I walk her back to the Cornucopia. We're the last two careers in the arena. I'm not too sure how many tributes are still alive in the arena, but there must be several of them. How will we survive. I lay Olivia (1) down in what used to be Danica's (4) sleeping bag. Not like she needed it anymore. I let Olivia (1) have some time for herself, as I guarded the Cornucopia. Olivia (1) drifts to sleep, as I watch every waking moment.

She's so cute when she's asleep.

Silvia Coscette - District 6

Silvio (6) and I are just sitting around, telling jokes. We're really happy about how far we got, and we've gotten further than the career who rejected us from his alliance, Emory (2), as well as a bunch of other careers. We've proven that we're a strong duo. If they'd just accept us, the careers would probably be the best here. Silvio (6) and I are interrupted by the sound of footsteps. Immediately, we draw weapons and point them in the direction where the sound was coming from. It's Duncan (4).

"Relax, I won't try and hurt you." He says, with a smile.

"What are you doing here." Silvio (6) demands.

"I need your help..." Duncan (4) admits.

"Why should we help you? YOU'RE the ones who rejected us from our alliance? Look how far that's gotten you, you're the only career left!" I retort.

"No, Emory rejected you. The whole alliance wanted you guys, he was just too stubborn. May I continue?" Silvio (6) begins to smile, knowing that he would've been apart of the careers afterall. I nod my head and Duncan (4) continues to speak.

"Well, I need your help singling out the threats in the arena. Olivia is at the Cornucopia, asleep. We'll let her rest, and tomorrow we're going for the major threats in the arena." Duncan (4) asks of us.

"Sure." I say. "What do we get out of this?"

"Well, firstly Cornucopia's supplies." Duncan (4) says. I kind of like this. "Also, you'd be in the careers. Isn't that what you guys wanted?"

"Alright. We'll join you. Who are we targeting?" Silvio (6) asks.

"Tatianna." Duncan (4) reveals.

"Didn't she get a 1 in training?" I ask.

"Yes, but she was faking it. It was so obvious. Her escape at the Cornucopia was just too well planned for a tribute with a 1. Are you guys coming?" Duncan (4) asks us. We follow Duncan (4) through the forest. The Cornucopia is a long walks away, but we'll get there sooner or later.

Phrixos Bacchus - District 7

I'm roaming through the woods, looking for a kill. I haven't seen Tatianna (10) for a while, I hope she's alright. It's near to night, and the sun is about to set under the horizon. I'm walking through the forest and I'm alarmed when I hear snoring. The snoring sounds as if it came from a monster.

I track down this sound and I see Kaeden (Capitol) sleeping next to some giant black furry thing. I can't even tell what it is. I don't see Kaeden (Capitol) snoring, but the giant black thing is. Without hesitation, I plunge my sickle into Kaeden's (Capitol) forehead. BOOM

I walk away, proud with myself, until the giant, black, furry thing get's up. He's a monster! Some sort of mutt generated by the Capitol, that's for sure. The monster roars a terrible roar, and is distraught by the death of it's master. It looks like it's crying. Then the monster turns to me, thinking I killed him. He growls to the moon, and sprints towards me. I widen my eyes as I sprint away with all my might. The muttation is faster than me, and picks me up with his bear hands. He picks me up, and seperates me in two. My rib cage tears open, and all my gutts open up from my body and plummet to the ground. I lose connection to the world as my chest slowly releases the blood from my body. The giant creature roars into the sky, and stomps away into the forest, on a rampage. BOOM

Delilah Lexus - District 13

Olivia (1) is still sound asleep in the Cornucopia, and Duncan (4) hasn't returned for a while.

"Brooklyn, I'm telling you. He hasn't returned in hours, the place is safe. Let's get out of here!" I encourage her. Brooklyn (3) sighs, and gets up. We both walk down the stairs and exit the clock tower.

"Let's find some food." Brooklyn (3) says, right after her stomach growls. I laugh, as I point out a food store. We both sprint into the food store. I look out the window, and I can make out 3 figures returning to the Cornucopia.

"Duncan brought some friends." I inform Brooklyn (3). "Though it should be safe to exit without them seeing us." Brooklyn (3) nods, as she's checking through a refridgerator.

"There's nothing in here..." Brooklyn (3) says, dissapointed. I look all around the place, and see a shelf occupied with bread.

"How about there?" I ask, pointing out the shelf filled with bakery products. Brooklyn (3) smiles with delight as we both take a loaf of bread. Brooklyn (3) immediately bites into the bread, and I laugh as I take one as well.

"Mm, the bread tastes a bit bitter. Though it is bread, right?" I ask Brooklyn (3). All of a sudden, her body slumps to the ground. Dead. BOOM

"BROOKLYN!?" I shout. All of a sudden I feel a burning sensation in my stomach. Poison! Wait.. I have an antidote. I rush through my backpack and plop the herb into my system. I can feel the Poison lifting out of my body; I'm safe. However, it's too late for Brooklyn (3). I look at her pale, lifeless body. My eyes fill with tears as I drop to the ground myself, depressed.

My best friend in the arena, gone. With her around, I could remind myself hope isn't lost. Now she's gone.

I'm all alone.

Day 5 Aftermath

Rowanne Tamora - District 9

I'm walking in the early dusk, finding a good place to camp for the night. I'm so proud of myself; I finally snagged a kill at the last waking moment. I got a kill before Chrissie (5) could, and I proved her wrong. She thinks she is right, when she's wrong. I'd love to see her crawling back to me, pleading me to return to her alliance.

I finally rest against a tree, figuring that I'd better get some sleep. I look around me, and I decide I'll take shelter hidden between a series of bushes. I finally get myself comfortable and I eat a bit of my food. However, I still need water.

Once I've given up on sponsors and decided to sleep, a sponsor balloon flies across the air. The beeping sound isn't occuring, though it's still there. The sponsor balloon lands right in front of me and I squeal with glee. My first sponsor! What could it be? I open up the package and inside I find a bottle of water. I immediately take a sip of water and place it in my backpack.

"Thank you..." I say into the sky. I lie down on the cold grown and shiver my way to sleep.

Olivia Winter - District 1

I get up from my sleeping bag and see that it's night out. I exit the Cornucopia, and I see Duncan (4) along with Silvia (6) and Silvio (6). I don't remember agreeing to this, but I couldn't be more happier they're here. We could really use a power duo like them, so I don't question there arrival. I slump next to Duncan (4) just in time to watch the anthem. The first portrait in the sky is Kaeden (Capitol) and Jaida (Capitol). They died? Wow. I thought one of them would win if the careers didn't. Next up is Brooklyn (3). Once her portrait appears, a ear-wrenching scream distrupts the village. A shout of distress. Followed is a series of loud crying that makes you cringe. The next person in the sky is Danica (4). I shutter when I see her. Although I've rescued her a first time, I wasn't there for her the second time. Finally, Phrixos (7) concludes the anthem and the crickets resume their melody of chirping.

Duncan (4) stands up, and settles in a sleeping bag to sleep. I volunteered for first shift, so Silvia (6) and Silvio (6) can get some sleep. I walk over to Duncan's (4) sleeping bag, and kneel next to him.

The end of these games are near, and I can't wait for them to end.

Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire - District 10

I stomp off into my waterfall cave and sit on my bed.

Phrixos (7).. dead? He's helped me through some harsh times, I wouldn't of gotten to this point of the games without him. How did he die? Erghh..

I feel his death was my fault. If I just told him to stay put in the cave, he'd be safe. Besides, we had every single supply in here, there was no reason to leave.

However, maybe he didn't want it to come down to the two of us. If we were the final 2, I wouldn't want to kill him either. Did he walk off because of that? I will never know.

I pack up my things, and run off into the forest. I have a headache, and staying in that cave is making me claustrophobic. Besides, there are too many memories in that cave. Staying in there reminds me too much about Phrixos (7).

Cyrus Haydn - District 5

I can't handle this. I've had no one to argue with. Being alone is just so, quiet. I'm settled in a tree, the tree that saved me. If it can do it once, it can do it again. I've strapped myself to a branch and I'm about to drift to sleep until I hear a series of stomping. I try to stop myself from breathing as the stomping comes closer.

What is that? Is that a person? No. It's too big. Too... furry. It looks like a muttation. The mutt roars into the air, looking for predators. I guess the Capitol is trying to speed things up. Tomorrow will be the finale. The muttation starts to sniff, and then looks directly into my tree. Has he seen me? I haven't climbed very far into the tree, because I'm not an experienced climber. I'm probably double my height up into the tree, which isn't very much. That muttation is four times my height, that thing could easily get me. I can see the muttations eye through a part in the tree. The muttation finally gives up searching for prey, and stomps away. I breathe a sight of relief.

This isn't over.

Delilah Lexus - District 13

This can't be happening. This can't be happening. I've fled to an Apothecary shop after my screams of terror. Those careers could pin-point my location any second. All the medicines are neatly labeled and have definitions on them. I've decided to let them be, because knowing the game makers they could be traps.

Besides, like I've been caring about survival strategy lately. I've been having a meltdown in a corner with no one to support me. Watching my friends die before my eyes is just too much. I hate it, and I never want to experience this again. Even if I do win, that just means that I'll have to mentor District 13's newest tributes just to watch them die all over again. I won't be able to take it.

Sometimes I just wish I died at the bloodbath. It would've been much easier, and I woudn't have to go through all this pain. I've already? killed 3 people in the arena, and I won't be surprised if I have the most kills out of everyone. I'm shaking, and I'm unstable. I can't take this.

I just wish the pain would go away.

Day 5 Odds

Tribute Odds
Olivia Winter (1) 5-1
Duncan Grier (4) 6-1
Cyrus Haydn (5) 9-1
Chrissie Seyong (5) 9-1
Silvio Crawford (6) 5-1
Silvia Coscette (6) 5-1
Rowanne Tamora (9) 32-1
Tatianna "Tania" Sapphire (10) 60-1
Delilah Lexus (13) 39-1

Day 6 - "I'm sorry mom and dad..." - Delilah Lexus

Delilah Lexus - District 13

I wake up on the apothecary shop floor. I cried myself to sleep. I can't take this stress. I don't want to play these games. I can't take part anymore. Tears start running down my eyes, as I remember Brooklyn (3), Clifton (3), Savannah (12), Ashton (12), and Phillip (13). They all were ripped away from me so quickly, until I was the last person left.

I walk outside so I can take a few deep breathes and try to release the stress. I look towards the Cornucopia. Olivia (1) was on guard the whole night, and she doesn't even look tired. I pass the Cornucopia, without her seeing me and I flee into the forest along with my supplies. I hear a loud roar, as if the dinosaurs came back from extinction. Today will be the last day.

I walk towards the forest, and I see a bush, invested with berries. I walk over to the bush and palm a berry in my fingertips. I squish the berry, and a gooey red liquid drips out. Nightlock. The same thing Katniss used to kill Foxface and win the games with Peeta. I remember those games as if it was last year, well that's because it was last year. I look at the berries that can separate me from life and death. I want to see my family again, but I don't want to kill another person to achieve that. I don't want to spend another second in this arena. I'm not going to lay a kill just so the Capitol can have some more fun.

My eyes swell up with tears as I make up my mind.

"I'm sorry mom and dad..." I say into the sky, as I shove the berries into my mouth. I kneel into a tree and close my eyes, as I wait for death to come.



Olivia Winter - District 1

The cannon wakes up my allies as we all look into the sky. On the last day, or what the game makers try to force to be the last day, they display portraits in the sky right after the cannon. Delilah's (13) picture appears in the sky, and the projection disappears. Danica (4) didn't avenge Emory's (2) death, but someone did. I have a feeling that it was Delilah (13) herself. I get the careers up as we plan on who we're going to attack.

"Tatianna." Duncan (4) says. "We're going after her."

"Why her though? Maybe it was just a coincidence she got this far." Silvio (6) pipes in.

"This isn't a mistake. We're going after her, let’s go." Duncan (4) says as we march into the forest. Duncan (4), Silvio (6), Silvia (6) and I are walking in the forest.

"Danica told me she was near a waterfall, before she passed away." Duncan (4) reveals.

"How did she know that? And when did she tell you this?" I ask Duncan (4).

"I have my ways." Duncan (4) says, as he winks at me. I smile. We're walking towards the waterfall until I hear a series of rustling.

"Do you guys hear that?" I ask them. They all nod their heads "no". I keep on shifting my head to directions where I hear the rustling, and I see nothing. The careers are catching onto the sound too. We hear a final rustle behind us. We all turn around to see what the noise is as we lift our weapons. Then I hear a blade glisten in the sun. BOOM

Silvio (6) plops onto the ground, and Tania (10) is on top of him with a scythe in her hands. She's also carrying toast. What's that about? I toss a knife towards her, but she jumps out of its way. She throws her scythe with amazing strength, and it connects to my head. I fall to the ground. BOOM

Cyrus Haydn - District 5

I see the portraits of Silvio (6) and Olivia (1) appears in the sky. So they added more to their careers alliance. More importantly, there is killing going on and I'm not a part of it. I sprint through the forest, opening my ears finding the sight of fighting. Instead, I see Chrissie (5) sprinting through the forest just as fast as I am. I laugh as I pick up a wire. Although it isn't my best weapon, all I need to do is sneak up on her and I've got it. I sprint at her, but she is just as fast as I am. I continue to sprint after her, until I stop in my tracks.

I see a knife popping out of a tree. Why is it here? I dig the knife out of the tree's trunk. Sweet. Just what I was looking for. Although I've lost Chrissie (5), I've now entered where the real action is.

Tatianna (10) is slashing a scythe at two careers. I duck into a bush, and wait until it's safe to attack. With only one knife, I can't just throw it and win.

Silvia Coscette - District 6</span>

"NO!" Duncan (4) screams. Olivia (1) is on the ground and Tatianna (10) is taking her scythe out of her head. She runs towards me, as Duncan (4) cries at Olivia's (1) body. I throw my sword in the way, but Tatianna knocks it away with her scythe. She jumps on me and holds me down. For someone so light, she is very strong. She takes her scythe, and savors the moment. She slowly starts to cut my neck, as I scream in agony.

"DUNCAN! HELP!" I shout. Duncan (4) turns his head over to the scene and sprints to my rescue. He pushes Tatianna (10) off of me and he starts to brawl with Tatianna (10). I sprint over towards the sword and pick it up, then I run over to help Duncan (4), though Tania (10) pushes us both down in one move. She holds us both down, and decides to finish me until the clouds part away from the sun and it shines. A ray of sunlight shines on us, and Tatianna (10) screams in agony. I feel her weakening as I power through her. She falls off us and she trips over towards the ground. This is our chance.

Duncan (4) and I pounce on Tatianna (10) and try to keep her down. She struggles to break free, though she can't fight both of us. Duncan (4) holds his machete up high as I hold my sword in the air. Tania (10) desperately reaches for her scythe, and eventually grabs it. Duncan (4) and I slam our weapons down onto her as Tatianna (10) flings her blade towards our direction. BOOM BOOM

Duncan Grier - District 4

I stab Tatianna's (10) body once more, to insure she doesn't come back. The toast she was carrying previously acted like some sort of resurrecting spell. I stab her one more time, to insure she doesn't come back to life. I emerge off of Tatianna's (10) body and I look at the mess. 4 bodies lay on the ground, and I'm the only one left standing. I walk over to Olivia's (1) body and I say my final good-byes to her.

"I'll win for the two of us." I say, as Olivia (1) is lifted by the hovercraft. I then stare coldly at Tania's (10) body as it is lifted into the air as well. She looks lifeless, just like she had looked before she died. The hovercraft picks up the 4 bodies and zooms out of sight.

A lot of deaths have happened here, and I am responsible for one of them. I'm still so shocked that Tatianna (10) took down 3 of us. I bet she would've killed me, but the Capitol made the sun come out just so Tatianna (10) couldn't win. So they could show Panem that they can kill anyone with just a slight weather change. It's horrible. All of us deserved to live, even Tania (10). I hear a howl in the distance, and a horrible scream after. It startles the whole arena, and is possibly heard by all of Panem. A girls scream. But who? I turn back, just in time to see a knife enter my skull. I shakily fall to the ground, as I see Cyrus (5) retrieving the knife from my head. BOOM

Rowanne Tamora - District 9

A blood-thirsty beast stands before me. I aim my slingshot at the beast and fire, it doesn't even flinch. I throw my knife at the beast. It lodges in its skin, though it just pulls it out right after. At first, blood came out of i's wound. Though the mutation's reaction seemed like nothing happened to it. I run away from it with all my might, but the beast is faster. I look up to see a tree. I immediately start to climb it, and I make it to the top. I'm safe. I look down towards me, and I see the mutation. I am a few inches from it in arms reach, and I'm at least 15 feet in the air. The mutation holds onto the trunk and starts to shake the tree. I slip from the branch I was on, and grip the branch with only one hand. I scream in agony as I slowly lose grip with the branch and fall towards the ground. The mutation catches me, saving my life, though it doesn't mean it won't kill me. He stomps over towards the waterfall. It’s going to drown me. Drown me in the river. I think. He throws me to the ground, and starts to claw and bite at me. I can feel my own skin and flesh ripping off from my body as I die a slow painful death. I can see blood flowing from my body as fast as the river current. I can see the gooey organs in my system start to bleed as it is clawed at. The mutation starts to tear me to pieces. It starts to feast on my organs and blister my body. Why aren't I dead yet? Just kill me now and finish this. It is about to finish me until the arena starts to shake.

It feels like an earthquake. The earthquake scares the mutation away, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to die. My body is still in one piece, but my organs are clearly visible. Not even instant relief will save me. I groan and moan, thinking that the end is near. I hear another rumble and I force my head to slowly tilt towards the river. The river's tide is increasing. The game makers are going to flood the arena. Water flows out of the river, and starts to increase. I can feel my organs wash away from my body, as I slowly drown in the water and blood. I hear the howl of agony from the beast; I guess it just died. I slowly let out one more shriek of pain as I pass out and my world goes black. BOOM

Chrissie Seyong - District 5

Run, run, run. It's not over yet. I look into the sky and I see Rowanne's (9) portrait. I sort of feel bad. With the screaming she's made, her death must've been gruesome and terrible. However, right now I have to worry about myself. I run into the village, which is high up from the ground compared to the forest. However, it won't be high from the ground enough, and I won't escape the flood. All I need to do is get on a high part of the village, and hope that Cyrus (5) drowns in the flood. Then I win. I run into the village, and think about the highest point in the whole village. I hear a clock ring, and I look up towards the clock tower. The Clock Tower! That'll work. I rush towards the Clock Tower, and I see a fire exit. Instead of going down the stairs however, I travel up. I travel from level to level, until I am on the top. I burst out of the fire exit, and I make it to the top. I look down off of the tower, and I see the water level stopping. I made it! I am on a sturdy metal platform; hold up by even more layers of metal. There is a triangular metallic roof, sheltering me from the rain, and a metal fence making sure no one falls off. However, the fence is only so big in height, someone could easily been thrown off. The only thing besides that is a door that leads to the stairs.

Good news is, I escaped the flood. Bad news is, I can see Cyrus (5) opening the door, and fleeing the penthouse.

Cyrus Haydn - District 5

I make it to the top floor of the Clock Tower as I pant and pant. I had to run to escape the flood down below. If I chose any alternative route to escaping the flood, I would've drowned. This was the only way to escape the flood. I stop panting and look in front of me. Chrissie (5). It isn't over. I regain focus as I hold my knife up high. Chrissie (5) holds two knives up high. Two? No fair. I scream as I charge towards Chrissie (5). I stab my knife towards Chrissie (5), but she dodges the attack. She pounces on me and cuts off a piece of flesh and hair from my head. I fall to the ground, but instantly get up. I feel the spot where Chrissie (5) hit me, and I can already feel the blood pouring out. I charge at Chrissie (5) again, and this time I stab her in the stomach. She screams in agony and stumbles backwards. She throws her knife with all her might, and she surprises me when she hits me in the chest. I stumble backwards and fall to the ground. I'm losing consciousness slowly, as Chrissie (5) slowly gets up and limps towards me.

With her last bit of strength, she picks me up with all her might. She throws me over the fence and off the tower. My body connects with the water, as I slowly sink down. The water around me turns red as I slowly choke on the water. My world turns black, and I slowly close my eyes and drift to an everlasting sleep. BOOM

Post Game Interviews


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