So, my Monster Games were a bit failed (note that they're not cancelled and will be finished sometime though!). I've realised I, as a slow writer, may take time on ordinary Games, but in RP Games others write as well, right? I've also noticed that RP Games are a bit popular again, and I'm going to make one of these before they become unpopular again. So, without further notice, here is Infinity - RP Games (because what would the Games be without an epic name?)!


  • There aren't enough people for all 24 spots, so the first eight users to enter will have the chance to RP as two characters (if you want to). Note that you will not have a higher chance to die if you RP as two characters.
  • One character per person (with the exception of above).
  • Submissions will be open for [unlimited] hours. All unfilled spaces will be filled with random people. 10 people entered and then we're ready to go!
  • No godmodding. At all. If a person is godmodding they'll get a warning. If they do it again they'll get injured. A third time and they die. (I assume you know what godmodding is. If you don't, just ask me and I'll be happy to answer.)
  • Don't worry. I give everybody a second chance if they do something wrong.
  • Please stay active. I know it's hard for some people, but if you just write something once every second day you'll survive (if the others don't kill you that is).
  • Don't insult others and all that. Use common sense and it'll be alright.
  • Have fun!


  • Name: (obviously)
  • District: (1-12)
  • Weapon(s): (preferably one or two, not more than three)
  • Gender: (male, female or anything in between)
  • Age: (12-18)


The Arena will be revealed once 10 people have entered. I can tell you one thing now though - it's totally awesome!

10 people didn't join, so I'll save the Arena for later Games. A less awesome but still cool Arena:

Forest in the south, mountains in the north, lakes in east and swamp in west. Cornucopia in the middle.

Tribute charts

District Gender Name Age
1 Male Ben 18
1 Female Freyja 18
2 Male Stein 18
2 Female Emilia 15
3 Male Blake 14
3 Female Marina 16
4 Male Connor 14
4 Female Billie 14
5 Male Omar 12
5 Female Brittany 17
6 Male Gareth 15
6 Female Summer 14
7 Male Herbert 17
7 Female Gwen 13
8 Male Talbot 12
8 Female Mary 13
9 Male Erland 16
9 Female Lily 16
10 Male Eli 14
10 Female Anna 15
11 Male Warthon 17
11 Female Ursula 13
12 Male Thor 15
12 Female Queen 15


Careers: Ben, Freyja, Stein, Herbert, Warthon, Queen

Anti-Careers: Brittany, Gareth, Lily, Anna, Thor

Young people: Omar, Gwen, Talbot, Mary, Ursula

Death Chart

Rank Tribute Killed by ToD
24 Gwen Eli Bloodbath
23 Ben Brittany Bloodbath
22 Ursula Mutt #3 Bloodbath
21 Thor Emilia Bloodbath
20 Anna Mutt #3 Bloodbath
19 Connor Water Day 1 (evening)
18 Billie Water Day 1 (evening)
17 Warthon Stein Day 1 (night)
16 Omar Brittany Day 2 (morning)
15 Gareth Talbot Day 2 (morning)
14 Blake Stein Day 2 (afternoon)
13 Stein Emilia Day 2 (afternoon)
12 Emilia Emilia Day 3 (afternoon)
11 Erland Shrek Day 3 (afternoon)
10 Mary Summer Day 4 (noon)
9 Marina Eli Day 4 (afternoon)
8 Lily Summer Day 4 (afternoon)
7 Queen Eli Day 4 (afternoon)
6 Brittany The Arena? Day 5 (noon)
5 Herbert (Blake) Summer Day 5 (noon)
4 Eli Freyja Day 5 (noon)
3 Freyja Talbot Day 5 (noon)
2 Talbot Freyja Day 5 (noon)
Victor Summer Nobody After the Games

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