The time has come.

Tributes killing each other isn't fun anymore, so the Capitol has come up with something new...

Here are

The Monster Games!


Hi everyone. I've been a member of this Wiki for a while now, and it's time for me to create one of these Games myself. First off, I'm sorry if anyone's come up with my idea before. I haven't been here for so long, and I can't exactly look through all blogs of the Wiki to see if my idea's already been used. These Games will be pretty ordinary - one winner, and Districts 1-13. There will however be one (or maybe more) twist(s).


  • Be nice, don't swear, etc.
  • Up to 5 Tributes per person, however they can't all be of the same gender (so if you only submit 2 Tributes, they have to be one male and one female).
  • You can reserve up to 2 spots. Reservations last for 3 days.
  • No anons!
  • Be sure to use interesting Tributes, as they will have a greater chance of winning.
  • I will randomize most things, like if a Tribute dies or not, but the odds of surviving will be greater if the Tribute is interesting, if you send advice, etc.
  • Don't be mad if your Tribute dies, only one can win!
  • Read the Tribute template carefully, since the major twist will be included there.
  • Don't spam to get the 100th comment or something like that. It won't do anything for you, except killing your Tribute.
  • Remember to send your Tributes advice!
  • Good luck, and have fun!

Tribute Template

Name: (Very needed)

Age: (12-18)

Gender: (Female or male)

District: (1-13)

Height: (Part of appearance, but an own category here)

Appearance: (May be lunaii)

Personality: (This is important)

Backstory: (This might give your Tribute much greater odds in the Games)

Strengths: (Kind of needed)

Weaknesses: (Just like strengths)

Fears: (All Tributes fear something... what do your Tribute fear?)

Weapon: (You only need to list one, though you can list more if you want to)

Token: (This is the twist! All Tributes this year will have their tokens removed and replaced. Instead of the original tokens, all Tributes will wear pins with letters on them. Each letter can only be chosen once, and the letter you choose will have a great impact on the Games)

Alliance: (E.g loners, Careers, etc)

Interview Angle: (Optional)

Training Strategy: (Optional, you will have a chance to post these later on as well)

Bloodbath Strategy: (Optional and like above, you'll have another chance to post these later)

Games Strategy: (Optional, but will increase chance of survival)


The twist this year is that all Tributes will get a pin with a letter on it. These pins will have a great impact on the Games. The Tributes can't remove their own pins, and if a Tribute loses all their pins they will die. When a Tribute dies, the pin is still active. The killer or anybody else can pick up the pin, thus having more than one pin. The winner of these Games will be the Tribute collecting all pins. The pins, and especially the letters on them, also have another function, that will be revealed later.


Name District Gender Age Height Weapon(s) Strengths Weaknesses Fear(s) Pin letter User
Joshua Woodart 1 Male 16 5'4 Katana, blowgun Agile, friendly Not strong nor smart Death S Lady
Kitty Mew 1 Female 12 4'9 Claws, scythe Manipulation, speed, ripping Swimming, water Becoming a cat C Rebekah
Darius Asterin 2 Male 18 5'9 Battleaxe, swords Reacts fast, good melee fighter Bad climber, not agile, too soft Failure, not being able to save an ally W Amina
Irelia Frostfang 2 Female 16 5'6 Swords Smart, fast, agile Generous, bad temper Agliophobia (fear of pain) I Erland
Puppet Marionette 3 Male 14 5'8 Katana Strength, camouflage Bad swimmer, trust issues Becoming insane O Rebekah
Clara Crescent 3 Female 16 5'7 Kama, throwing axe Stealthy, fast, smart Terrible survival skills, lack of strength Not being able to detect gamemaker traps N Nick
Billy Davis 4 Male 16 5'10 Sword, throwing knives Strong, good swimmer Slow, bad at hiding and climbing Fire X World
Nami Njord 4 Female 16 5'5 Trident, sword Fast, smart, good swimmer Not strong, anti-social Bears, burning alive J Raymon
Johnathan Mikeal 5 Male 17 6'5 Sword, machete Strong, fast, smart Stealth, honorable Claustrophobia M Eli
Lucinda Irongate 5 Female 13 4'12 Traps, Spear Smart, good runner Shy, clumsy Losing best friend P Rebekah
Duo Kily 6 Male 12 4'4 Mallet Strong, smart Bad temper Bugs, Hazel dying D Lexi
Hazel Michel 6 Female 12 4'1 Mallet, bow Smart, good swimmer Small, paranoid Darkness, spiders H Lexi
Akumai Kubaya 7 Male 17 6'3 Greatsword, throwing knives Fast, strong Bad climber, stealth Death U Blake
Cynthia Elfrich 7 Female 16 5'7 Axe, spear, bow Climbing, hunting Swimming, making friends Darkness V Alex
Connor Smitherson 8 Male 14 5'6 Scythe, hands Fast runner, close combat Socially awkward, confusing Heights T Harai
Amaya Selene 8 Female 17 6'2 Spear, mace Strong, good runner Not smart, makes slow decisions Nightmares about dead family B Bee
Steel Elegy 9 Male 16 5'10 Sickle, sword Fast, smart, good climber Not strong, range weapons Spiders, drowning G Raymon
Bell Fladgate 9 Female 18 5'9 Club, mace Strong, survival instinct Can't swim, bad runner Claustrophobia K Lady
Eli Winersin 10 Male 14 5'2 Axe, sword, spear Strong, fast, good swimmer Arrogant, annoying Not growing E Eli
Eliza Herader 10 Female 14 5'1 Axe, bow, knife Fast, good climber Bad hunter, dislikes cold Centipedes Z Eli
Ikaika Mathilda 11 Male 14 5'0 Throwing knives, sickle Smart, fast, survival skills Bad climber and swimmer, getting sick Being 2 last Tributes with Maala L Nick
Maala Mathilda 11 Female 12 4'8 Crossbow, axe Fast, smart, taking care of Ikaika Bad climber and swimmer, survival skills Being 2 last Tributes with Ikaika Y Nick
August Rose 12 Male 18 6'0 Mace, axe Runs fast, strong Bad hunter, swimmer and climber His sisters dying F Bee
Spring Rose 12 Female 16 5'7 Throwing knives, spear Smart, charismatic Not strong, bad swimmer and runner The Careers A Bee
Damien Tirips 13 Male 17 5'7 Knife, scythe Stealthy, fast Panics when demon disappears Never seeing his demon again R Wong
Leela Johnson 13 Female 15 5'5 Traps, knives Climbing, hiding, traps Bad swimmer and fighter Having to swim Q World


Careers: Joshua Woodart, Kitty Mew, Nami Njord, Billy Davis, Akumai Kubaya, Bell Fladgate

Anti-Careers: Steel Elegy, Leela Johnson, Connor Smitherson

Rose siblings: August Rose, Spring Rose

6 Alliance: Hazel Michel, Duo Kily

10 + 5 Alliance: Eli Winersin, Eliza Herader, Johnathan Mikeal

Mathilda Siblings: Ikaika Mathilda, Maala Mathilda

The 2 + 5 alliance: Irelia Frostfang, Darius Asterin, Lucinda Irongate

Loners: Amaya Selene, Cynthia Elfrich, Clara Crescent, Damien Tirips

Not in an alliance yet (don't worry, they'll be put in a fitting alliance during Training if you don't find one for them): Puppet Marionette

Status Chart

This chart will show the status of the Tributes. It will show where they are, what they have, etc.

Tribute District Gender Alive Location There with Weapons Food and water Other supplies Pins User
Joshua Woodart 1 Male Yes The Capitol Careers None None None 1 Lady
Kitty Mew 1 Female Yes The Capitol Careers None None None 1 Rebekah
Darius Asterin 2 Male Yes The Capitol Irelia, Lucinda None None None 1 Amina
Irelia Frostfang 2 Female Yes The Capitol Darius, Lucinda None None None 1 Erlend
Puppet Marionette 3 Male Yes The Capitol Nobody None None None 1 Rebekah
Clara Crescent 3 Female Yes The Capitol Nobody None None None 1 Nick
Billy Davis 4 Male Yes The Capitol Careers None None None 1 World
Nami Njord 4 Female Yes The Capitol Careers None None None 1 Raymon
Johnathan Mikeal 5 Male Yes The Capitol Eli, Eliza None None None 1 Eli
Lucinda Irongate 5 Female Yes The Capitol Darius, Irelia None None None 1 Rebekah
Duo Kily 6 Male Yes The Capitol Hazel None None None 1 Lexi
Hazel Michel 6 Female Yes The Capitol Duo None None None 1 Lexi
Akumai Kubaya 7 Male Yes The Capitol Careers None None None 1 Blake
Cynthia Elfrich 7 Female Yes The Capitol Nobody None None None 1 Alex
Connor Smitherson 8 Male Yes The Capitol Antis None None None 1 Harai
Amaya Selene 8 Female Yes The Capitol Nobody None None None 1 Bee
Steel Elegy 9 Male Yes The Capitol Antis None None None 1 Raymon
Bell Fladgate 9 Female Yes The Capitol Careers None None None 1 Lady
Eli Winersin 10 Male Yes The Capitol Eliza, Johnathan None None None 1 Eli
Eliza Herader 10 Female Yes The Capitol Eli, Johnathan None None None 1 Eli
Ikaika Mathilda 11 Male Yes The Capitol Maala None None None 1 Nick
Maala Mathilda 11 Female Yes The Capitol Ikaika None None None 1 Nick
August Rose 12 Male Yes The Capitol Spring None None None 1 Bee
Spring Rose 12 Female Yes The Capitol August None None None 1 Bee
Damien Tirips 13 Male Yes The Capitol Nobody None None None 1 Wong
Leela Johnson 13 Female Yes The Capitol Antis None None None 1 World


Some might call this a twist, but I don't think it is. Sponsor money will only be awarded to the Tributes with a 12 or 11 in Training Score, and to the final 13 (there might be other ways as well...). This is because you must show yourself worthy in order to recieve sponsor money.

Last night of the Games

I am running. That beast is right behind me, and soon I'll be caught. I can't be caught now though, there's only 5 Tributes left and I'm about to win this. I almost have the win in my hands, I just have to survive a little longer. The night is dark, and I can barely see where I'm running. I just know I have to reach the Cornucopia, there I'll be safe! Suddenly I see it! It's there, only some meters away from me! I put my last energy in a jump, but it's too late. The beast grabs me mid-air, and as it takes my pins I feel my life leave me. I let out one last sigh, before I die.



District 1 - Citizen Shiny Sparkles' POV

The day of the reapings is here. As I get up from my bed I slowly start to think about it. I only have one year left before I will volunteer. It's a bit exciting and frightening at the same time. I know I won't go this year, but seeing the excitement of somebody that volunteers is so amazing! I get dressed before going to the kitchen to eat. I have to be at my best today. After all, it's the last reaping where I can get home afterwards.

The District square is really an impressive sight. As I walk up to the peacekeepers my eyes can't stop looking around at the beauty of District 1. The buildings and people are all just so great and amazing.

"The winner of this year's Hunger Games is standing in this crowd", I think. "Hopefully".

Last year's Tributes were a shame to the District. One of them was killed in the bloodbath by some kid from 10, and the other one joined the Anti-Careers. Luckily she only survived to day 3. The peacekeepers are now done with me, and I get in line. All the other girls beside me look just as excited as I am. After all, the reaping day is among the best days of the year. After another 10 minutes the escort finally enters the stage.

"Hello District 1!", she says. "Welcome to another great reaping day! I know District 1 didn't do too well last year, but I have a feeling that the winner this year will be from here!"

The crowd cheers as she speaks. I'm one of the ones cheering the loudest. Our escort is just so great at cheering us up.

"So, let's see who's the lucky girl to compete this year." Her hand goes into the glass ball and she picks up a piece of paper. "Kitty Mew!"

I start to look around. Why is nobody volunteering? Suddenly a girl comes out from the group of 12-year-olds. She's wierd in some ways. Her ears are similar to those of a cat, and is that a tail?

The girl slowly walks up to the stage, as the escort says: "So, do we have any volunteers?" It's quiet.

"Nobody? Oh my..." The girl is taken up to the stage.

"So, we have Kitty Mew here as the female of this year! Now let's go to the boys!"

Her hand takes a piece of paper from the second ball as well. "Joshua Woodart!"

A boy from the 16-year-olds steps forward. Both him and I wait for somebody to volunteer, but not a sound is heard. What is wrong with the District today? The boy is relativly short for being 16, and Kitty that was reaped earlier is only 12! Does everyone want history to reapeat itself? Joshua walks up to the stage.

"So, here are the Tributes of District 1 this year! Give them some applauds!" The District is uncommonly quiet, and only some boys in the 17-year-olds section are cheering for Kitty and Joshua.

"Oh well, whatever. Shake hands now, you two!" The Tributes shake hands and walk away. I'm a bit disappointed this year again, but who knows, they might actually win. If not, I'll become greater when I compete next year.

District 2 - Irelia Frostfang's POV

I wake up. It's dark. My eyes look around in the sewers, and I get up. It's full activity down here as usually, and people are already asking me if I have something to give them. "Not today, sorry...", I answer them all.

Ever since my parents were killed I've been living down here. I go up to the surface occasionally to steal things, but I often give much away to the people down here needing it more than me. That's made me popular, but I don't care, I just want everyone to be able to have a somewhat good life. As I walk through the sewers I start to think of what kind of day this is. It's reaping day. I'm only 16, but I probably have my name in that ball the most times because I take tesserae to help the people down here. I've now reached the way up to the ground above and I start climbing.

The climb up is not hard at all. After almost no time at all I'm up. I'm in a small alley between two buildings, and nobody's seen me come up. I walk out of the alley and enter the main street. There's people moving everywhere, most are dressed up for this special occasion. People wrinkle their noses as I walk past them. I'm not exactly fitting in the crowd. I don't really care though, I just want this day to be over, so that I can stop worrying about getting caught. I've now reached the square, with peacekeepers standing everywhere. I walk past them and try to stay calm. They don't know who I am. Or do they?

After the peacekeepers were finished with me I got in line. The other 16-year-olds keep their distance, and it's almost like everybody's pointing me out. Suddenly the escort comes up though and everybody becomes quiet.

"Hi there, District 2! You know what today is, right? Today is the... reaping day!" The crowd starts cheering and Frodic, the escort, just makes them happier.

"You all know the story, so now let's pick a lucky female!" His hand picks up a name from the glass ball.

"Irelia... Frostfang!" Oh no. That's my name. I see peacekeepers everywhere start looking for me and I just wait for somebody to volunteer, but nothing's happening. After a minute I step forward, and start running up to the stage. Peacekeepers follow me, but I reach the stage just in time.

"I got reaped! Didn't you hear him? I'm reaped and nobody's volunteering, that means you can't get me!" The peacekeepers get angry faces but most just go back to their spots.

One peacekeeper walks up to me though, and whispers in my ear: "You're lucky now little rebel, but soon you'll be doomed. If you somehow manage to survive the Games, I'm going to personally execute you. The name's Marshbanks, if you hadn't guessed that already."

The man walks away as the escort picks another name, this time the name of a male. "Julius... Heirlock!"

A young boy starts walking out from the 13-year-old section. He looks so small, I don't know how he will be able to survive this. Suddenly though, somebody screams out: "I volunteer!"

An 18-year-old walks up to the stage. "Ah, a volunteer. Now this is what I'm talking about. Am I right District 2?" The crowd cheers louder.

"So, what's your name?"

"Darius Asterin."

"Great! Let's give it up for this year's Tributes from District 2: Irelia Frostfang and Darius Asterin!" The crowd cheers even louder, if that's even possible, as Darius and I shake hands. The Games are now in front of us, and Darius and I walk away, towards the Games of our lives... 

District 3 - Gamemaker Scorpius Scalamon's POV 

Finally! I have been waiting so long for this day to come! Last year's Head Gamemaker Draco Raugher had the Games become really boring, and therefor he was executed. The Capitol came up with a competition, where the person with the best idea for next year's Hunger Games would be the Head Gamemaker. I won, and ever since then I have longed for the Games to start. Now that they're here, I can't wait to see the Tributes that are going to compete in my beautiful creation! The ones from 1 didn't look so great, and from 2 I only got impressed by the male. It's always nice to see someone volunteer, even though it seemed like he wasn't as eager as most Careers. Nevermind about that now though, I just hope the ones from 4 will be real Careers. However, it's not time for them yet, because right now it's District 3 on the chopping block!

On the screen I can see the square of District 3. It's very small, which isn't wierd with all the buildings in 3. It's as, if not even more, advanced as the Capitol, and most of the Tributes from 3 know a lot about technology. All the people have now gathered, and the escort Nina Gallaba enters the stage. Nina's been the escort for over 30 years now - even when I watched the Games as a child she was there. Personally, I think it's good to have an escort people know of, even though most people think she's too old to still be the escort. When I talked to the escorts pre-Games, Nina was the most outstanding one to me, together with District 7's escort Conrad Scrubble. They were outstanding because of completely different reasons though. Nina was the only one who showed some personality and seriousness, while Conrad mostly drank and talked about how he hates his job. I still don't know how he could be made an escort.

After some welcoming words, Nina starts with the serious talk. "As you know, we're here today to pick two Tributes to compete in this year's Hunger Games. They will most likely not make it, but we've seen before how brains can win over brawn. Anyway, let's start with the female Tribute as usual."

Her hand goes into the ball and she picks up a name. "Clara Crescent!" A girl from the 16-year-olds starts walking up to the stage. Nobody reacts except for a couple of teenagers, so her family is probably dying.

"So Clara, what do you think you're advantage is, compared to the other Tributes?"

"Probably my knowledge about the Games in general. Ever since I was a child, I've studied and learned about the Games, comparing traps and arenas and seeing how technology has evolved. It's all so interesting, I..."

"Thanks for that Clara, but if I let you continue we might not be finished with the reapings when the Games are about to start. Now, over to the boys."

Nina's hand enters the second ball, and once again a name is chosen. "Puppet Marionette!"

A very pale boy comes forward from the 14-year-olds, and his appearance sure is fitting for his name. "So Puppet, who will miss you the most if you die?"

"Nobody, my whole family is dead..."

"Oh... Anyway, I think both Clara and Puppet deserve an applaud." As usually, not many people cheer for the children that most likely are going to die. The Tributes shake hands, and as they walk away the scenary changes. District 3 provided some decent Tributes, but now it's time for my favourite District - District 4. I lean back as the reaping starts, hopefully providing some good Careers...

District 4 - Escort Noah Dragomir's POV

And so, it's reaping day. I'm sitting in a train on my way to District 4, where I'm going to choose the Tributes for this year's Hunger Games. Or well, if nobody volunteers that is. Usually I don't even have to read the names on the papers I pick up. People here can't wait for the Hunger Games usually, even though it's not as intense as in 1 and 2. That's why I like being the escort for 4 - the reaping is always a joyful event, but it's not a fire of cheering voices. Last year was a good year for District 4. They had the winner, Scalmer Dawkins, one of the two Career Tributes that survived the bloodbath. He made the District proud, so this year it will be easier to keep the atmosphere on top. After all, this is my last year as escort and I want it to be a good one.

The train slows down and through the window I can see that we've entered District 4. The District is famous for it's fishing industry, and you can see that as soon as you come here. Everywhere you look you see boats, fishermen and nets. The ocean is surrounding the District almost completely, and not much of it is on the ground. I step out of the train and walk away against the square. Peacekeepers are following me, to prevent something happening. Not that anything ever happens though. When I've reached the square I go to a small building behind the stage. There I prepare for what's going to happen. Not that I need it though, I'm pretty experienced. I've been an escort for 20 years now, and 17 of those years I've been in 4. I sit down and go through everything in my head once again, waiting for the square to be filled.

Finally! Everyone's entered the square and I'm ready to go. As I walk out of the building and up on the stage I hear cheering from the crowd. I'm quite popular, if I can say it myself, and it's going to be hard leaving this beloved District.

"Hello District 4!" I say. "You all know the story, and if you don't know, I can tell you that it's true - I am retiring next year."

The crowd becomes a bit sad. Atleast they pretend to be. "But don't worry about that now, I've had some great years here, and even though I'll miss you all, I'm sure that next year's escort will be just as good, if not better than, me. Now is not next year though, and I think we should get this reaping started, don't you agree?"

The crowd lets out sounds that show that they agree. "As usual, let's start with the girls!"

I put my hand in the glass ball and pick up a name, then I prepare to read it out loud. "D..." I get interrupted by a girl screaming from the 16-year-olds.

"I volunteer!" She's already up on the stage and I start talking to her.

"Wow, you seem eager to compete."

"Yeah, the Hunger Games are just awesome!" This is the only volunteer except the male from 2 so far, and I actually think she has a decent chance to win this thing.

"Great that you think so! Now, what's your name?"

"Nami. Nami Njord."

"Well then Nami, you're the female Tribute of District 4 this year! Now, let's see who becomes the lucky boy to compete against Nami."

I move my hand to the other glass ball and pick up a name from there as well. This time they let read the name atleast. "Billy Davis!"

A tall and skinny boy walks out from the 16-year-old section. He stops and waits for somebody to volunteer but not a sound is heard. Then suddenly the two so common words are heard. "I volunteer!"

A child that looks like he's 8 screams out the words. Billy however, doesn't react too much, but just walks up to the stage. Seems like there won't be any more volunteers these Hunger Games.

"So Billy, you got reaped. How do you feel about nobody volunteering?"

"Nobody volunteered? I definitely heard something. You might want to test your ears Noah." The crowd giggles.

"Looks like you got me Billy. Anyway, give it up for Nami Njord and Billy Davis, this year's Tributes for the Hunger Games! Now, shake hands you two." The crowd starts cheering, and after Billy and Nami shoke hands they walk away.

"That's it for me District 4! We'll probably never meet again, but who knows what destiny has planned? I want to thank you for the years we've had together, but now it's time for me to go!" The crowd cheers and claps their hands as I follow Billy and Nami. It's almost over now, only the Games are left. The Tributes might have a chance to win, and who knows? Maybe I'll end my career with a last victor. I begin walking back to the train, leaving District 4 forever.

District 5 - Citizen Duncan Halloway's POV

It's here again. Reaping day. One more poor child to be brutally slaughtered while people are betting on others' survival. I still can't believe how this happened to the world. We should help, not kill, each other. Then we could create a world where we all could live in peace. I guess greed and evil never leaves the world though, it's a deity that controls us together with goodness and thoughtfulness. The balance between them is just off right now, and I really hope it comes back. Because we still have one thing, and that thing is hope. Teenagers hope they will win the Hunger Games if they're reaped, everybody hopes that the cruelty that runs this world one day will be over. As long as we have hope, we're strong. And together we're stronger than any alone President, if we just realise that we might actually win, and break free.

As it's reaping day today, I don't have to go work. That's the only bright thing about this dark day. As I leave the house together with my two children and my wife, I start to think about what would happen if my children were reaped. One of them is 10, so he can't be reaped yet, but in two years I'll fear for him every reaping day. My daughter's only 7, so it'll take a while for her to have a chance at being reaped too, but when that happens I'll have two children to worry for. If one of them's not dead or a winner that is. We continue the walk through the city. District 5 is basically only power plants and houses, which makes the air here pretty dirty. I've worked in a power plant for almost whole my life, and now I'm the boss of it. It's probably because of my hard work and knowledge. My position has helped my family a lot, and we've never had to worry about money.

After reaching the square and getting in line, the reapings begin. Our escort Holly Mahogny enters the stage. "Hello District 5!" The crowd is silent, as usual.

"You all know the story, and as usual two Tributes are going to get reaped. I know that it didn't go too well for this District last year, but don't despair. Everything can happen." District 5's Tributes both died early in the Games, like usual, but sometimes we do have a victor. It's only happened once during my lifetime though. Holly continues talking. "So, let's start with the females as usual? I think we should."

Her hand enters the first glass ball and a name is chosen. "Lucinda Irongate!" A small figure from the 13-year-olds enters the stage. Her brown hair flows in the wind, and she does look scared. Unfortunately I don't think she'll survive. It's always sad seeing young children get reaped.

"There we have our first Tribute! Now over to the males!" Holly's hand enters the second glass ball. "Stewart...!"

"I volunteer!"

What? A volunteer? That's rare, during my life I've only seen 3 volunteers from District 5. One of them volunteered for me. He was killed first of all, and today I still haven't overcome his death. The volunteer this year comes out of the 17-year-old section. He is tall, taller than most, and his black hair lies steady on his head as he enters the stage.

"A volunteer! That's so great! You're my first volunteer ever, do you know that? I'm so happy, this is awesome!"

You can tell that our escort is a young woman, she's only 20, and this is her second year as escort. If she was more experienced she'd never talk like this. The Tributes shake hands, he has to lean forward to be able to reach her hand. This might be the year for District 5 after all. Even though I don't think she'll be too great, he might actually have a chance. He did volunteer, and even though I think that's stupid, he might know what he's doing. The Tributes walk away, and so do I, but I'm together with my family. I just hope I'll never see my children walk away like that, to their expected deaths. Because if they were to, my life would never be the same again afterwards.

District 6 - Duo Kily's POV

I wake up. Today is the day of the reapings, and I would be lying if I said I weren't scared. My sister died in the Games two years ago, and it was horrible. She came third, by fighting until the end. The other two Tributes remaining decided to kill her off before fighting one vs one, since she was the biggest threat. Together they were too strong for her. Both my parents and I became devastated when she died, although my dad seemed to come over it very quickly. The real bottom was reached one month later, when my mother died. She was run over by a train while walking on the tracks. She shouldn't have done that, but it was my dad's birthday and I guess she wanted to come home quickly. Especially affected I became, since me and my dad hate each other and never talk. He's just mean to me, and him being a peacekeeper doesn't make things better.

I walk into the kitchen to get something to eat. My dad isn't home, since he at reaping day needs to prepare things early. After I've eaten, I hear someone knocking on my door. It's my best friend, Hazel.



We just stare at each other for some seconds. She's so amazing, I just love being with her. One day I'm going to tell her about my true feelings, and I hope she feels the same for me.

"Duo, we really need to go to the square now!" Right, it's reaping day... For the first time ever I have a chance to get reaped, but I won't get chosen probably, there are so many people older than me in there, with their names entered many more times. I won't be chosen, I won't...

District 6's square is among the smallest ones. It lies just beside the main train station, and is surrounded by houses. Usually there's full activity here, but now people stand gathered for the Hunger Games. Hazel and I walk up to the peacekeepers. We have to split, and I look at her as I get in line. I don't like being this far away from her, but we'll meet again soon enough. Our escort enters the stage.

"Hello District 6! I know you might be scared to get reaped, but just think positive thoughts and it'll all be over fast. Now, you know what we're going to do. Pick two names. Let's start with the girls."

Her hand goes into the glass ball. It choses a name, curses a person forever. "Hazel Michel!"


I barely notice myself screaming. Hazel moves forward a little, I guess she's in shock still. A peacekeeper grabs her arm and drags her up to the stage. He is really rough against her, and I can see that she's hurt. Then I get angry, as I see that my dad is the peacekeeper.

"Now let's choose a boy name!" The escort doesn't get a chance to say anything more though. I run against my dad, and attack him with my bare hands. He pushes me away and tells me that I'll be lucky if I'm still alive when I get home. Meanwhile the escort has chosen a boy name. She never gets the chance to read it though, because my voice sounds first.

"I volunteer!"

My dad gets a shocked face, but after a second he realises what I just did. He walks towards me, filled with anger, but another peacekeeper stops him before he reaches me. I walk up to the stage, where our escort and Hazel stand.

"What's your name?"

"Duo. Not single, as I'm here with my friend. But Duo, Duo Kily."

"Then here we have our Tributes of District 6 this year - Hazel Michel and Duo Kily!" The escort tells us to shake hands, but Hazel and I go further, and hug each other. We walk away from the stage as some in the crowd clap their hands. I know that Hazel can do this with my help, she can win, but I know another thing is going to happen without a doubt, and I've even started to accept it. I am going to die.

District 7 - Stylist Helen Fritt's POV

The day is here! Today I will get to know which Tribute I will style, and I couldn't be more excited! This my the third year as a stylist, and this year I'll have District 7! I've progressed pretty fast during my time as a stylist, faster than the most. My first year, I had District 11. I had just finished my designing school that I'd gone to for five years, and was filled with ideas. The year after that I got District 10. I had a huge success, and the audience just loved my outfits! It's a shame the Tributes didn't do so good in the Games though. While District 7 may not be as good as 4 or 2, it's still a lot better than 10. If I'm lucky these Games, I might get promoted again!

The reaping is about to start now, so I better go check it out! The camera shows us District 7, a large District consisting of mostly trees. The square is barely seperated from everything else, and you can only see where it is because of all the people standing there, waiting. I look through the children standing there. I'll be styling one of these poor souls, but which one? I'll get to know very soon, because the escort now enters the stage. His name is Conrad Scrubble, and he's probably the worst escort I've ever seen. During the pre-Games meetings, Conrad drank more than enough to cover for everyone in the room. He then talked about how horrible it was being an escort, and how his biggest dream was to get fired. How he's managed to become an escort is unknown, and how he's managed to keep the job is an even greater mystery.

Conrad starts talking, and to be honest he does look a bit drunk now as well. "Good day District 6!", he says. "Does anyone remember what we're here do to today?"

People think he's joking, but after a half minute of silence somebody says: "We're going to choose the Tributes for this year's Hunger Games, right? And we're District 7, not 6..."

"Yes, that's right! Thanks for reminding me!" He stumbles a bit on the stage, as he walks towards the glass balls. "Now, let's choose a name!"

For the first time today he is right. His hand finds the opening after a couple of failed attempts, and he picks up a name. "Ejol... Eynl... Can somebody help me over here?" This has to be a joke. He's too drunk to read the name on the note!

A peacekeeper walks up to him and whispers something in his ear. "Thanks SO much! The name is Cynthia Elfrich!"

I try to get a good look at the girl, because she's the one I'll be styling. Cynthia walks out of the 16-year-old section. Her brown hair rests on her head, and her green eyes look confident.

Once she's entered the stage, Conrad starts talking to her. "So Cynthia, please tell me, do you have many elves at home?"

"No, why would I have?"

"Because you're elf rich! Rich on elves! Hahaha!" Conrad can't seem to stop laughing, but after a minute he's calmed down.

"Whew, that was fun! Now, here's your Tributes this year! Cynthia Elfrich... Hahahahaha... Elfrich..."

"Don't we need a male as well? And you really need to stop laughing at my name, it's really annoying and offending to me."

Cynthia seems to have snapped Conrad out of his laughing. "Yes, another name!"

His hand enters the second glass ball. "And the name is...!"

Conrad falls together at the stage. He seems to have passed out. The peacekeeper from before walks up to him and takes the note out of his hand.

"Akumai Kubaya!" A boy walks out of the 17-year-olds. He looks a bit insane, and I'm glad I won't be styling him.

"Here are the Tributes of District 7 this year: Akumai Kubaya and Cynthia Elfrich!"

"Actually, I like to be called Tenshin. It's from a group of video recorders I am in."

Wow! The Tatsumaki Crew were huge in the Capitol! They posted an offending video a while ago though, and I thought they all were in prison. Apparently I was wrong! Tenshin and Cynthia shake hands, before walking away from the stage. Conrad is put on a board, and carried away. I look forward to meeting the Tributes. Cynthia seems great and easy to style! Maybe I'll also get to know how Tenshin avoided capture... The camera switches to District 8, but I don't care so much about them. I just think about how Cynthia and I will do great this year, and that's the important thing!

District 8 - Escort Ypsillon Wright's POV

I sit in the train. The landscape outside me flashes by, making the train appear as fast. And fast it is, rushing forward like a Career at the bloodbath. I truly hate the Hunger Games. I've never seen the good of it, even though I do see why it happens every year. When the second rebellion finally stopped the Hunger Games, they never realized something: evil can not be stopped. After 20 years of peace it happened. President Snow's last followers went on a killing spree. They killed most of the old victors and high ranked people, bringing the country to chaos. Nobody could fight back against them when they took control once again. The surviving victors, Johanna from 7 and Beetee from 3, were captured and was put in a rebuilt arena together with some high ranked people that had survived, including the president, Paylor. They all were told to fight each other until only one survived, like in the old Hunger Games.

At first everybody refused, but after 2 days of hunger an old general couldn't take it anymore. He strangled Beetee to death, and got rewarded with food and water. When the other people saw that, many of them started killing as well. After 4 days, only 5 people remained, including Johanna and the by then crazy general. The general killed 2 more people, before finally being put to rest by Johanna. The finale was between Johanna and an unknown man. Johanna fought with an axe she had found and it looked like she was going to win, since the man was all beaten up while she only had recieved a bite from him. That's when the hope disappeared from peoples' hearts. Johanna suddenly froze, before falling down on the ground. The man, who was laying on the ground in front of her, barely reacted before falling down as well. Now that the people had seen all their leaders disappear, they were doomed. The Hunger Games were reinstated, and now after 60 years everything is back to the time before the second rebellion.

The train stops, and I walk out of it. District 8 is a boring District, having mostly factories and living houses. I can however see the famous Clock Tower, which is sky-high. After some walking I've reached the square of District 8. I walk up to the stage and start speaking.

"Hello District 8! Today we are going to choose two brave Tributes to represent us in this year's Hunger Games! Let's start with the females!"

I just want to do it as fast as possible, it's horrible enough without making it longer. I put my hand in the first glass ball. "Ann..."

"I volunteer!"

A girl steps forward. She's 17, and you notice her easily. She's very tall, taller than most other girls. Her hair is black and white, fitting her clothes which are all black.

She's up on the stage, and I pick the next name from the other glass ball. "Connor Smitherson!"

A boy steps out from the 14-year-olds. He walks up to the stage, looking down like he's afraid.

"Here they are, Connor Smitherson and... what was your name again?" Great. I forgot to ask for her name in my wish to speed things up. This will not look good.

"Amaya Selene."

Thanks! Now, here are they, Connor Smitherson and Amaya Selene, the Tributes of District 8 in this year's Hunger Games! Shake hands now, you two."

Both Amaya and Connor look a bit shy - they slightly match each other, actually. They shake hands, and then I follow them out. I always try to help the Tributes as much as I can, but they seem hard to reach this year. That might be a good thing though. Maybe they won't have to suffer anymore soon, unlike the rest of us...

District 9 - Citizen Gray Wheeter's POV

Reaping day. It's always such a joy. People getting killed because of failed revolutions. Great. I myself never had to experience such a horrible event, since my youth was during the good old time before the reinstatement of the Hunger Games. I do remember the second rebellion's fall so well though. It's one of the few memories I still have. I'm going to die soon, being an old man at the age of 85. I can just hope the best for my remaining family. I've already lost one of my grandchildren to the Games, and hopefully I won't lose any more. My youngest daughter enters the room and helps me up. Together we walk out in the kitchen. Three of my grandchildren are already there, having breakfast. I sit down next to them. My whole body aches, but I try to not show it too much. "Good morning grandpa!", they scream out. "Good morning, my little angels!" I slowly eat breakfast as well, before slowly starting to walk back to my bed, once again with the help of my daughter.

When I wake up it's already late. My dauther's husband, Frank, is the one waking me up. "Gray, we have to go now if we want to make it in time."

"Ugh..." Getting up is really hard. I manage to do it though, with Frank's help. Frank help me out and I notice everybody were waiting for me. I let out a short  Frank is married to my youngest daughter, Olive. Their three children are all too young to be reaped. Soon they'll experience a true reaping though. My oldest child, Raise, is married as well. She and her husband John are living in the house just next to Olive. My middle child, Bane, is just like me a widower. His only son was reaped for the Hunger Games, and died in the bloodbath. Bane's wife committed suicide that same day, and since then he only comes out of his house when he has to, and he never speaks to anyone.

After some time we've finally arrived to the square. There are people everywhere, and the small square is crowded. We meet up with Raise and John to talk. Luckily nobody we know has a chance to be reaped this year. That means especially much to me, since this may very well be the last reaping I'll ever experience. Suddenly John says something chocking though.

"There is something you all need to know. Years ago, I was part of a rebel network, with the goal to set the Districts free. The Capitol killed most of us long ago, but some of us survived. I'm one of them. We all split and almost nobody kept contact with someone else from the network. Until now. A girl named Bell has come up with a great plan - she'll shut down the power generator during the reaping, and then some others from the network will kill some people, I don't know which ones. Just stay away from them when the power's out and we'll all be fine."

"John, why haven't you told me about all that before? I thought we were supposed to tell each other everything!"

"Raise dear, calm down. I didn't tell you before because it's part of my past - I'm not that person anymore. I just happened to get to know this, and I decided to tell you since I didn't want you to be harmed. Now, I believe we all must go to our places."

I don't have to go far to get to my place. I've barely reached it before the escort enters the stage though.

"Hello District 9!"

The escort's name is long forgotten by me, and I don't care to be honest. "Welcome to another reaping day! Let's choose a girl, shall we?"

I assume the escort grabs a name from a glass ball. "Bell Fladgate!"

A girl steps out from somewhere. I don't see much of her, except for her brown hair. Wait, wasn't the rebel girl's name Bell? Not much time to think about it before the escort speaks again though.

"And now to the boys! Steel Elegy!" A boy steps out from somewhere. My poor eyes are starting to make me blind.

Suddenly I hear the escort again. "Shake hands now, you two!"

As the reaping is over I start to feel dizzy. My legs fall apart under me, and my ears shut down. My last sight in life is my children coming for me, though they're too late. I was right about this being my last reaping. One thing I never would've guessed though, was that I would be reaped by death.

District 10 - Eliza Herader's POV

I wake up. It feels strange to not be woke up by my brothers. Usually I'd be frozen and wet by this time, but not today. Not that I mind it, I hate being cold, but I can't stop wondering why they didn't do it today. Then I remember. Today is the reaping day. I get dressed and walk down to where my family is eating breakfast. They're all silent, and I know why. Years ago my grandmother's uncle, a previous victor, was reaped and on the second day he was eaten alive by a terrible beast. We are all afraid that someone in our family will get that horrible fate as well. It's probably not going to be me though. I'm only 14, and I've never taken any tesserae. The odds are not in favor of me being reaped. After the breakfast I decide to go hunting. After all, you need to eat to survive. I say goodbye to my family before leaving the house.

Today is a good day. I've already caught five birds, and there's still time left before the reaping. Just when I'm about to start climbing, somebody comes though. I look behind me and see a group of about ten other teenagers.

"Hey, Eliza!" A boy named Eli speaks. He's the strongest 14-year-old I know, and he's usually seen chasing and wrestling dogs. "We're going to the lake to swim before the reaping. Wanna join?"

I'm surprised Eli hasn't joked yet. Usually he always does.

"Sure", I say. Might as well do it. I have the birds I need, and the water shouldn't be cold now. Eli and the rest of the group continue, and I follow them.

After some swimming (and endless times of Eli calling me herring), I return home. It's almost reaping time, and my family's ready already. I quickly leave the birds before going with my family to the reaping.

The square of District 10 is familiar to me. The ground, bloody because of the butchers working here usually. The buildings surrounding it, all homes or working places of butchers. The people, most of them being animal breeders and farmers, but some also being things like butchers. I seperate from my family, and take my place amongst the 14-year-olds. I can see some people I know beside me, but many are strangers. I can also see my brothers, but they are all three far away from me. Luckily I won't be here long.

After some time the escort enters the stage. "Hello District 10", he says. "Today is the reaping day, as you may know. That means we'll choose two Tributes. Everyone gets it? Great. Then let's start." His hand enters a glass ball.

"And the female this year is... Eliza Herader!" Oh no. That's my name. I decide to not get upset and a grim expression covers my face.

Soon I've reached the stage. The escort has already chosen another name. I think he just wants it to be over soon. I look at my upset family, and tell them inside my mind that I will win for them.

"Eli Winersin!" So, Eli was chosen as well. Now that's a coincidence. Soon Eli has entered the stage.

"So Eli, how do you think your similar names will affect the Games?"

"Well, you know what they say. Great Tributes sound alike." Sigh. Seems like he's the same old Eli.

"Yes. Now, shake hands you two!"

The crowd is almost quiet, only some people clap their hands. Strangely enough, they seem to actually be happy. As we walk off the stage Eli starts whispering to me. "You know what they say about allies, right? They're good to have. Maybe you and I should..."

"Sure Eli", I tell him. Looks like I just made myself an ally. It will hopefully help out there, in the Arena. And even though the competition is tough, I think I actually can make it with a little bit of luck. Luck, and Eli.

District 11 - Mentor Harv Ester's POV

Another year of death is here. District 11 is not only one of the poorest Districts, it's also one of the largest. Every year thousands of people die because of starvation. And the number increases each year. Almost everything that grows here goes to the Capitol. We have very little food for ourselves, and the ones that do survive barely make it. That goes for everyone. Everyone, except me. I am a victor, the only one alive from District 11. Our only other victor, Sicke Shy, my mentor, passed away two years ago. She had gone insane after she'd won her Games, and I was her only friend. She was one of my only friends as well. Because of the lack of food, you can't really have any friends if you're a victor in a poor District. When I came home I tried to hang out with my old friends, but riches tore us apart. I was wealthy, while they were starving. The ones who asked for food were greedy, and I soon stopped spending time with them. The few ones that remained weren't much better. They insisted on me not sharing, since they didn't want to make everybody else jealous. My heart broke when I saw them starve to death. And it all was because of my victory. The only one I could spend time with without feeling bad was Sicke. She wasn't great company though, so I retook contact with an old friend of mine. Now we're engaged, celebrating at the cost of the rest of District 11.

"Good morning honey." She greets me with a kiss on the forehead while I eat breakfast. "You're worried for today, right?"

"Why would I be?"

"You can't deny it Harv, I know you."

"Well, maybe I am a little worried. But they are so young, and they definitely don't deserve to go through it! It's a death sentence with no escape!"

"You escaped."

"That was different. And I didn't go through it without changing."

"Atleast you didn't kill more than neccessary..."

Her words take me by surprise, and the room I sit in changes. It's now a forest, and a young man is standing in front of me. He's defendless, and is no threat to me. Still, I walk up to him, take his head and...

"Harv!" My fiancée's voice wakes me up. "Don't tell me it happened again..."

"I can't help it. Those memories are a part of me and no matter how horrible they might be, they'll always be there."

"Like me."

"Yeah, like you. But we have a lot to do today, and we better get ready!" I wait until her breakfast has been eaten up as well, before stepping out of my house in the Victors' Village.

Some time later I walk against the square of District 11. As a victor, I must mentor the reaped Tributes. It's so depressing to every year see the glow in their eyes fade out when the escort says their names. The only ones that have a chance are the ones who volunteer, but we still haven't had a victor for over a decade. Maybe this year is the year though...

The square of District 11 is huge. There's a countless number of people here, and they all look at me when I walk by. I depart from my fiancée, and enter my rightful spot as a victor. After a couple of minutes the escort enters the stage.

"Hello District 11!" Her powerful voice echoes through the quiet District. "Today we are going to choose the two Tributes that are going to represent us in this year's Hunger Games!"

Her hand enters a glass ball and picks a name. "Our first Tribute is..."

"I volunteer!"

Wait, what? A girl steps out from the 12-year-old section. She is very short and has no hair. She's barely stepped forward before something else happens though.

"Maala, no!" A boy in the 14-year-olds elbows the child beside him in the face and runs forward to the girl whose name I presume is Maala.

"I, I volunteer!", the boy exhaustedly screams out while hugging Maala.

"It's not yet time for... whatever... what're your names?"

The children enter the stage. "I'm Ikaika Mathilda and this is my sister Maala. We're here to win this."

"Great! We could definitely need a winner from District 11. Now shake hands, you two."

As the siblings shake hands, our escort proclaims: "Here are the two Tributes of District 11 this year - Maala and Ikaika Mathilda!"

The siblings walk away from the stage. So, we have two very young and small siblings that both volunteer with the confidence that they'll win. I like this. I say goodbye to my beloved before entering the train together with the siblings. Destination: the Capitol. Chance to win: high.

District 12 - Escort Folik Griduk's POV

So, reaping day it is. The only day of the year when I have to travel to the horrible District 12. I hate that District, but hopefully I'll get promoted soon. I've had 12 for 5 years now, and I couldn't be more tired of it. The train moves through the forest with an amazing speed, and I continue my rest. Soon I'll have to use all my energy to not shout out how much I hate District 12. However, soon my rest is interrupted by Pimper, the mentor from 12.

"Folik, are you sleeping again? You know how grumpy you become when you sleep before the reaping."

"I know Pimper, but I need to rest, and as you can see I decide what I want to do."

"Sorry Grumpy, I won't disturb you anymore until we've reached our destination."

"Thank you." Sigh. I really hate it when she calls me Grumpy.

Pimper and I have known each other for 5 years now. She won some years before that, but she was District 12's first mentor. She had nobody to talk to, since the escort before me didn't like her. Not that I do, but atleast I can stand her. She and I have talked constantly since we met, and you could say that we've become friends now. She also lives in the Capitol, very close to me, due to the fact that the Victor's Village of District 12 is still under reconstruction. I just hope that she one day can have some real friends. And that she stops calling me Grumpy.

The train finally slows down now. I look out through the window with my sleepy eyes. I see the coal District. District 12. Hopefully I'll never have to visit it anymore. Suddenly, I notice that Pimper is sitting next to me. "Awake yet, Sleepy?"

"I don't like that name either. And yes, I'm awake."

"Well, I need to get some things ready, but I'll meet you afterwards! Bye Folik!"

"Bye Pimper..."

The square of District 12 is just as hateful as the rest of the District. It's filthy and gross, and I can't believe how the people living here are able to see it as a home. As I walk by the people I look into their eyes. Some look brave, some frightened. Some have lived lives full of joy and love while others have lived with nothing. They all look completely different as well. Some are tall, some are short. Some have green eyes, some have brown. Some people have brown hair, whereas others have black. And two of those unique faces will be reaped. Maybe they will go, maybe not. Most likely they will though, as volunteers are rare here.

As I enter the stage the people in front of me stop their mumbling. I look around and see Pimper. She looks out over the crowd, probably wondering who she'll mentor this year. Personally, I just want to get away from this tremendous place.

"Hello District 12! Let's do this fast and just choose the Tributes now, shall we?"

I pick the name of a female. "Spring Rose!"

A girl from the 16-year-olds step forward and enter the stage. I hurry to pick a male name as well.


"I volunteer!"

A pretty tall guy from the 18-year-olds steps forward and quickly hugs Spring. They've soon entered the stage.

"So, what's your name?"

"August Rose."

"Well District 12, here are your Tributes this year: Spring and August Rose! Shake hands now, you two." The siblings shake hands before leaving the stage. Soon I'll get to know them better, although I'm not sure I look forward to it.

I meet up with Pimper after the reaping. "So, how do you think they'll manage?" I ask her.

"I hope they make it. It's always sad when two siblings enter and know only one can make it."

"Well, it's not like it's the first time that's happened, and it could have been avoided. Anyway, the train leaves soon, we better catch it."

"Fine Grumpy, let's go to the train." Sigh. I really hate it when she calls me Grumpy.

District 13 - Unknown POV

The last reaping of the year. All Tributes are finalized except the ones for 13. But soon they will be as well. I'm walking around the square in 13, listening to what others say. The square is the only place above ground here, everything else is taken care of underground. The people here are not used to the sunlight, so many spend the hours before the reaping here, getting used to the light. I am already used to it though, because of my work. Suddenly I hear something that catches my ears.

"Yes! They couldn't do it in 9 since the girl got reaped, so it's cancelled here too!"

"But shouldn't we do it anyway? I mean, they don't expect something now. We have the element of surprise on our side."

"But that's the point! We were meant to do it to enhance the effect, without 9 we're nothing!"


"End of discussion! Remember who's in charge here."

"Sorry sir. But can we do it next year then?"

"Perhaps. We'll see. We should split up now, but we'll see each other on the meeting next month."

That was great news. Even though I couldn't see their faces, I now know that a rebel group indeed exists here. The company will be happy to hear that. I walk away from the spot where I was, and get ready to listen to other dialogues. After all, you never know what you might hear, and who you might catch.

After hours of sneaking and listening I have enough information for today. I walk away from the square to report to the Boss.

"So Agati, how are you today?"

"I'm fine."

"Do you have anything for me?"

"I have a lot actually, but the most important thing is that I've got info about the rebels."

"Great! We'll save that for later though. I need you out in the field again."


"During the reaping, people talk. I know you've collected a lot already, but we have nobody to put out there except you."

"Fine. I'll do it."

And that's how I came back to the square later that day. The reaping was just about to start, but somehow I managed to come there just in time to make it.

Now I see the escort enter the stage. "Hello District 13! Today it's time for another Hunger Games! You're the least experienced District, but I know you're just as good as the other ones! Now to the Tribute choosing!"

A name gets picked up, and read out loud. "Leela Johnson!"

As the blonde girl walks out from the 15-year-olds I can hear some people clap their hands. I guess Leela isn't that popular.

"And now to the boys! Damien Tirips!"

A slim boy walks out from the 17-year-olds. It looks like he hasn't slept for days, and under his black hair crazy eyes can be seen.

"Here we have them, the last Tributes for this year's Hunger Games! Shake hands now, you two!" Leela and Damien shake hands.

I don't know what the Boss expected me to do out here, but the reaping's finished now. All Tributes have been chosen, and soon almost all of them will be dead. I don't know much about neither the Tributes nor the Games, but I do know one thing: this year's Hunger Games will be something to remember.

Group Training

Akumai Kubaya's POV

I wake up. The bed is unusually comfortable, and when I open my eyes I see a huge room. Suddenly I remember where I am. In the Capitol. Yesterday was the first of the 5 days we spend here before we go to the arena. The chariot rides occured yesterday. I was dressed as a tree. Great imagination. Today is the first day of the training. We'll train tomorrow as well, and the day after that we'll have private training. The fifth day is interviews and preperations before the Games begin. I get dressed and walk out of the room. The room I now enter is even larger than the last room. A table stands in the middle of it, and I can see Cynthia eat breakfast together with our mentors. "Good morning Akumai! We were just about to wake you up!"

"It's Tenshin." I take a seat at the table and eat breakfast. Today will be a long day, and I'll need as much energy as possible.

Spring Rose's POV

The breakfast is amazing. It's similar to what I ate when I was a child, before we started to become poor. I barely remember the food from then, but the memories grow strong now when I eat this food from the Capitol. August sits beside me, and I can see that also he is impressed by the food.

Suddenly we hear a message though, just as I'm about to eat some more. "Hello Tributes! We hope that you've enjoyed your stay here in the Capitol so far, and that you will enjoy it in the following days as well. We want to tell you that all Tributes must be at the training area in 15 minutes. Those not there will not be able to train today."

"We better get going", August says and gets up from the table. I do the same and follow him to the elevator.

"Good luck!" I hear a mentor say. Then I take the elevator down, together with August, getting prepared for what's coming.

Head Trainer's POV

The Tributes stand in front of me. Some look scared, some hold their heads high. Most of them are not fit the be in the Hunger Games, and that's what I'm going to change the next days. An assistant gives each Tribute a drink. They have no idea what's waiting them. "Welcome Tributes! This is the training area, where you will spend your next days. You all have got a drink in your hands. Don't drink it yet. First you need something else." The assistant comes back, this time with pins. He gives the Tributes one pin each, leaving them in the Tributes' arms.

"Ouch! It hurts!"

"Do I really need one? Can't you just skip me?"

"Stop complaining. It doesn't hurt that much."

When the assistant is done I continue my speach. "Now you may drink your drinks."

I wait until they're done before I continue. If they knew what I'm going to say they'd never drink it. "This year the Hunger Games will be... special. You are all now poisoned. The poison is extremely dangerous and will kill you in less than half a second. There is, however, a cure. The cure is split into 26 parts, one part in each of your pins. One part of the cure will keep you alive as long as you're connected to it, but to be fully cured you need all 26 parts. That's the challenge this year. To collect all 26 pins. The Tribute that does that wins and becomes fully cured. Be very careful with your pins though, because you'll die if you lose all of them. And one last thing - you're not the only ones looking for the pins. The arena is full of surprises... Now, let's go through the training area." I walk away from the spot, with the probably scared Tributes following me. They should at least be scared, and would definitely be if they only knew what was waiting for them.

Lucinda Irongate's POV

The Head Trainer walks away and we're left, ready to start our training. I look around me and see people starting to move. Johnathan walks away towards the Tributes from District 10. They really bonded yesterday during the chariot rides. I don't really know anybody, so I walk away towards the ninja stars. I start throwing them, and I'm surprisingly good. Suddenly the Careers walk past me. They don't seem to notice me, but I notice that niether of the District 2 Tributes is there. That's wierd. Usually the main Careers are the Tributes from 2. I decide to continue with my throwing.

After some time, somebody approaches me. I recognize her as Irelia, the girl from 2. "Lucinda, right? I noticed you're without an alliance, and I wondered if you'd want one. Darius and I have a small alliance, since we didn't want to join the Careers. Are you interested in joining it?"

I quickly scan Irelia. She is strong, but she does look trustworthy. And somebody from 2 not joining the Careers can't be a bad thing. "Sure", I say. Guess I have an alliance now.

Billy Davis' POV

"No, we are already great with our weapons. I really think we should train our survival skills."

"Survival skills won't help us kill the other Tributes! I mean, not that they're dangerous or something, but we can't risk anything." Nami and Joshua are having a fight. They can't decide what to do. Kitty and I just watch them, knowing that they're ruining the picture of strong, invincible Careers.

"Can't we split up? Everybody would be happy, and our knowledge would be more spread out."

"You do have a point there Billy. That's what we'll do. I'll go to the survival stations, and everybody is free to follow me."

"I'm going to train more with my weapons. Anybody coming with me?"

"I can come", Kitty says. Everybody walk away and I'm left, not knowing what to do. Luckily I don't have to make a decision. The male from 7 comes up to me.

"I'm joining the Careers. The name's Tenshin."

"I guess we'll accept you. Show me what you can do."

Tenshin takes a greatsword and starts attacking. He's amazing, and when he finishes with knife throwing there's no doubt about it. "Tenshin, welcome to the Careers!"

Clara Crescent's POV

The axe flies through the air and hits the target. I'm pretty skilled with those axes. I'd rather use a kama than them, but kamas are really rare in the Games, whilst throwing axes are almost always there. I need to be even more skilled with the axes though, so I walk to the moving targets. It's much harder now, and only 6 of my 10 axes hit the target. A bit away from me two people stand. They are improving their throwing knife skills, and I recognize them as Billy from 4 and Akumai from 7. It seems like Akumai's joined the Careers. That's not especially surprising. Akumai seem strong, and his ruthlessness fits the Careers perfectly. A bit away from them I can see Kitty and Nami. I can't seem to find Joshua, Irelia and Darius though. Either they didn't join the Careers, or they are just doing something else. Either way the Careers are split up, and that's a good thing.

Suddenly a small voice speaks to me. It's Lucinda from 5. "Clara, isn't it? I noticed you're all alone and I wondered if you might want to..."

"Start an alliance? Thanks, but no thanks, I'm better off on my own."

"Oh, I see. Well, I guess I won't disturb you anymore then."

"Don't worry, you didn't disturb me. It's nice to talk to somebody actually." I smile at her and she smiles back. I'm glad to know that at least one person isn't totally ruthless around here.

Scorpius Scalamon's POV

The Tributes are training below me. Some of them are doing good, and there might actually be a chance for them to survive. Others will for sure die though. If not by other Tributes, then by me. Like that Bell from 9. I was told that she must die, but not in a rebellious way. Well well, I'll figure out how to kill her later. Because I'm pretty sure I'll have to kill her. She looks strong where she trains - her mace splits the dummy in two. Not even the Careers are that strong. Talking about Careers, there they are. Not all of them are there, but it does look like Billy, Akumai and Joshua are discussing something. Suddenly they start walking towards Bell. They seem to talk to her about something, and now they're shaking hands. I guess the Careers just got one more member. I walk out of the training area and enter the room where the arena is shown. It looks wonderful. Even though I didn't do it all by myself, I'm proud of the arena's design. The different areas all around the place, and of course the secret area as well. I wonder if any of the Tributes actually even will go there. I walk out of the room and enter my private room. I need to rest a bit while I can, because soon I'll be fully wrapped up with the Games. As I fall asleep I think of the Tributes, and how wonderful it will be when they die.

Leela Johnson's POV

The second day's gone really fast. My alliance with Connor and Steel is great, we're the Anti-Careers this year. The Careers are more than us, and better trained as well, but we won't stop because of that. It feels like it's time for one of us to win this year, and the Careers won't stand a chance. I say goodbye to Connor and Steel before I walk back towards my room. The male from my District, Damien, is staying away from everyone, or rather, everyone is staying away from him. It's probably because he talks to himself and whispers about demons. I go to sleep after having a meal. I need to be rested, because tomorrow is the day of Private Training. District 13 is last of all Districts, so I'll have much time to rest before I have to go in. Just when I'm about to sleep I hear something though. It appears to be coming from the roof. I enter it and see Damien standing there. He's looking out over the Capitol below. There's lights everywhere, and some are even flying in the sky, making loud noices. It's a beautiful sight, and it's unfortunate that it celebrates something horrible. After some time I walk back to my bed, and I quickly fall asleep.

Private Training

Darius Asterin's POV

Today is the day. The day that will decide how good we are. The day of private training. I have to prove myself worthy, I can't let anyone see anything else than my strength. We've already had breakfast, and Irelia and I are in the elevator that takes us down. We'll be in the training area soon.

"So, what are you going to do?", I ask Irelia.

"Oh, I don't know. I'll probably come up with something. What about you?"

"I'll show them my strength. The Careers will see what they're up against. Hopefully Lucinda will do something good as well." We don't speak much more during the elevator trip, and after barely any time we've entered the training area.

Few people are here when we enter. Only the Tributes from 1 and 4, Joshua, Kitty, Nami and Billy, are already here. The Careers seem to discuss what they'll do during the private sessions.

"I'll show them my sword skills! The dummies won't see what hit them!"

"I think I'll show them my katana and blowgun skills, as well as my recently learned survival skills."

"Survival skills, hah! Weapons are the way to go Joshua! My trident and sword skills are the best!"

Soon Akumai and Bell join them, and almost everyone is here. Last of all, Lucinda and Johnathan come. Johnathan walks towards the ten pair, and Lucinda joins us. The Head Trainer enters the room and begins to speak. "Welcome Tributes! As you all know, this is the day of private training. One at a time you'll all show us your best skills, which will give you scores from 1 to 12, 12 being the best. We'll go by order of the Districts, starting with District 1, and the males will go before the females. Joshua Woodart, you'll be taken in soon."

After Joshua and Kitty, it's time for me. The training stations stand empty. I can see some dummies on the ground, probably they're rests from Kitty and Joshua. "You may start." This is it. I walk towards the weights, and lift up the heaviest of them all. It's extremely heavy, but I can, though barely, handle it. I throw it away, and a few of the people above me seem impressed. Far from all are though, so I decide to show them what a battleaxe can do. I choose the biggest one, and start swinging it at dummies. After a while I'm told to go out, and I feel overall satisfied.

August Rose's POV

The training stations look so lonely without people using them. It's easy to get lost in the never ending amount of killing tools lying around. If I didn't know what to do before I went inside, I probably would've been standing here like a fool, not knowing what to do. Luckily I do know what I want to do though - I'll show my mace and axe skills, as well as my physical condition. I start by running towards the weapons. I quickly grab an axe while running, and continue forward towards the dummies. I slice three of them with my axe, and throw it into a fourth one, all of this while running. The people above me don't seem too impressed though. Guess they're tired after a whole day of watching. I don't want a low score though, and suddenly get an idea of what to do. I grab a mace and a dummy, and take them to the middle of the room. I then hit the dummy with all my force, and it flies in two parts up in the air. Everyone seems surprised and impressed by my trick, and I feel good.

My sister meets me in the floor we've been assigned. "How did it go?", she asks me.

"It went great! At first they didn't seem to notice me, but then I sent a dummy towards them, and after that they didn't take their eyes off of me. How did it go for you?"

"It went fine. Only some of them noticed me, but the ones who did seemed impressed."

"Oh, you're back!" It's Pimper, our mentor. "I hope you're ready for dinner! It's even more tasty than yesterday, and you need to eat. The Games aren't called the Hunger Games for nothing." Pimper's a great mentor. She's helped us a lot, and she sure is nicer than Folik, our escort. Speak of the devil, Folik enters the room.

"Is it dinner yet? I'm starving."

"Oh, quiet now Grumpy. You're lucky to eat of the food served here most days of the year."

The dinner is indeed amazing. The food tastes great, and both Spring and I enjoy it. "No need to steal the bread here, right?"

"I did it for our survival. At least I wasn't put in jail for beating up a peacekeeper."

"True sister, true."

While Spring and I talk quietly to each other, Pimper and Folik have a much louder discussion. "I did NOT do that! You did, remember?"

"Grumpy, do you really want to discuss that now? People are eating here!"

"Don't call me Grumpy! And those 'people' will die soon anyway."

"Oh no they won't, I have faith in them!"

"You have faith in everyone Pimper..."

I don't really get what's up with those two. They say they dislike each other, at least Folik does, but when they're together they always laugh and have fun. Oh well, guess some things are better left as they are.

Scorpius Scalamon's POV

This has certainly been an interesting day. Some of the Tributes that showed their skills were letdowns, but some greatly surprised me. Ah, the wonderful sight it will be to see them face off against not only each other, but also what I've prepared for them. The one I'm most interested in is Nami, the girl from 4. She has a peculiar path ahead of her - and most importantly, I know she won't let me down. No, she and the others will make sure I'm celebrated for years to come...

"Mr. Scalamon."

My thoughts are abruptely interrupted by a young man. "Yes?"

"It's time. The broadcast will start any second now."

"I'll be right there." I glance at the man's face. His eyes won't meet mine, his mouth is tense and he's completely unmoving. I recognise his expression, as if his face was my own. He's hiding something. "Was there anything else?"

"N-no, sir. Nothing at all." He leaves as quickly as he came, looking back only once as his steps quickly carry him away.

Yes - he's definitely hiding something. And I'm going to find out what that something is.

Kitty Mew's POV


Aure and Saff, the mentors for Joshua and I, look at me with disappointment. I'm not sure whether they expected a higher score from me or if Joshua's 10 would've made anything look pale in comparison, but whatever the case is, Joshua will be their focus from now on. I don't mind that though. If Joshua steals the spotlight away from me, I'm more than happy. Nobody wants to see a freak like me win anyway...


I almost miss the announcement of the next score. Darius is a big and strong guy, so it makes sense he got a... Wait, did they say 7? I got the same score as Darius?


The District 2 girl... Irelia. I thought she would get a much higher score than that. What happened?

The cheering surrounding Joshua has quieted down a bit, and he now gets over to me. "You got a seven! That's a great score!"

His positivity and cheerfulness is contagious. I can't help but smile a little. "It's your ten everyone will talk about."

"We both did great." He replies, patting my back. He actually... Wants to touch me? People are usually scared they'll get a hairball if they do. "We'll get in there and together we'll survive!"


The score announcements continue, but I'm not listening anymore. I know Joshua has my back now, and he's actually a good guy - despite being together for days now, I've seen him as nothing but an ordinarily ruthless Career.

"Thanks, Joshua."

"Call me Josh. All my friends do."

"Got it... Josh."


"Let's get back to watching the training scores?" I ask his smiling face.


Maybe this isn't so bad. If Josh accepts me, maybe others will too. Maybe my future is looking bright, after all.

Amaya Selene's POV

The scores have been fairly low so far. Sure, the guy from 1 got a 10, as did the girl from 4, but nobody else has really stood out. Good. Makes it all the easier for me to win.


Even my District partner is a failure. I just want to rip him apart, where he sits quietly for himself. I think he found himself a couple of friends in some people from other lower-end Districts - not that I've paid attention to it. They're all the same for me - people I get to crush, so I can win. So I can get a life. My head turns to the screen before me, as my score is read out loud.


Everyone in the room goes crazy, jumping up and running over to hug me. I push them aside, but even I can't help but smile. A 12. The top score. The Gamemakers really did see what I could do.

"Amaya, you're amazing!"

"That's incredible! How did you do that?!"

"...the best Tribute District 8 has had in..."

Connor just looks over at me, smiling awkwardly. I quickly look away. Ugh. Why can't I face people unless it's to kill them? That doesn't matter. He'll die anyway, no matter if I kill him or not. He's too weak to survive these. Unlike me.

As the training scores announcement comes to an end, I'm still the only person to receive a 12 or 11. Those two Careers, as well as the 12 siblings, for some reason, were the only ones even close to getting the same score as me. This is going to put a big target on my back, but I can fight it off. I'm not a stranger to killing. After all, I did kill... No. I can't think of her right now. I need to focus. I don't want to win these Games, nor do I have to - but I will, and that's just a fact. In a few days, I will walk out of that arena as the sole survivor, richer and more loved than ever before, ready to start a new life - a good life. A life I deserve. And no one can stop that from happening. No one.

Training Scores
Name District Score
Joshua Woodart 1 10
Kitty Mew 1 7
Darius Asterin 2 7
Irelia Frostfang 2 8
Puppet Marionette 3 2
Clara Crescent 3 6
Billy Davis 4 8
Nami Njord 4 10
Johnathan Mikeal 5 7
Lucinda Irongate 5 2
Duo Kily 6 2
Hazel Michel 6 3
Akumai Kubaya 7 5
Cynthia Elfrich 7 6
Connor Smitherson 8 6
Amaya Selene 8 12
Steel Elegy 9 8
Bell Fladgate 9 8
Eli Winersin 10 5
Eliza Herader 10 7
Ikaika Mathilda 11 6
Maala Mathilda 11 5
August Rose 12 10
Spring Rose 12 9
Damien Tirips 13 8
Leela Johnson 13 8


Eli Winersin's POV

I wake up. The sunlight from outside the window shines into the room, gives the walls a golden shade. Today is the day of interviews - the last day before the Games start. My score was far from what I thought I would get - a 5(?!) - so this is my last chance to make an impression. Energetically, I jump down from the bed. I've grown used to its softness during these last few days, strangely enough. As I get dressed, I remember Eliza. I wonder how she's feeling. Whatever the answer is, it can't be good. Not after what happened with her family all those years ago. Eliza and I don't know each other too well, but we're still friends, and I'm going to make sure she doesn't die. Luckily, I'm not alone. Johnathan, the District 5 male, is an all of me and Eliza. He's a caring, honest guy and I like him a lot - partially because he loves my jokes.

After leaving my room, I find the big common room to be empty. Everyone's still asleep? Why?

My thoughts get an answer soon, as a nearby door opens and our escort enters. He looks pretty bored, as he sits down on a nearby chair, which I can't blame him for. It's not like this event is something people watch because it's fun. Except the Capitol. The people of the Capitol, laughing as innocent, young children rip-...

"Eli! Good morning!" My thoughts are interrupted by Eliza's happy voice.

"Good morning." I hear my own voice talk with a complete disinterest. I should light things up. "Still feeling like a fish out of water?"

She giggles. "The water here is actually really nice. I'd love to take a swim in it!"

Her words give me an idea. Quickly, I rip off my shirt and throw it on the floor.

"Eli, what are you doing?"

"I'm gonna take a morning swim. Are you coming or not, herring?"

She looks at me, surprised for a second, but then a wide grin covers her face. "Let's go!"

Together, to the fear of the escort, we run out of the room, and into the elevator. A shouted "Wait!" sounds behind us, as the doors close and we're off towards the pool at the top floor. If this had been 10 years ago, we wouldn't have been allowed to enter the top floor right now, much less would there have been a pool in it, but a rich man rebuilt the Training Center a decade ago, making it even more luxarious than ever before. His only demand for doing it was that us Tributes would be given the freedom to roam the entire tower however and whenever we wanted to, which the Gamemakers at the time accepted. I'm glad they did too, because otherwise this week would have been unbearable.

The elevator stops, and we exit. Eliza and I both breathe in the fresh air of the top floor. A forcefield surrounds the otherwise open roof, and below it is a beautiful garden. Small paths and benches are all around the area, and many other exciting things are also here - such as the pool only a small bit away from us. Eliza runs ahead of me towards it, but I quickly follow behind. The light of dawn washes over us, as we both reach the pool. She looks at me, untying her hair from the ponytail it's usually in. She looks... Pretty. Suddenly, I feel myself fall, and before I know it, I'm all wet. Eliza jumps in only a second after pushing me. We laugh and swim around in the pool, our thoughts far away from what lies before us. Though they won't stay this way for long, things are good, and if I can get only one hour of joy, I'll take it.

Steel Elegy's POV

Oh no! I've overslept! I get up from the comfort of the bed as quickly as I can, before I rush out of my room. On the other side of the door, I get greeted by voices of all kinds - annoyed and relieved, stressed and tired. Seems like they've all been waiting for me. A bit away, I can see my District partner, Bell. She seemed like a nice girl, but... Then she joined the Careers. As part of the Anti-Careers, I know I'll probably have to fight her at some point. I'm a bit worried I wouldn't be able to defeat her, because she has been cruel during training, but both of us also got the same score. The Gamemakers must see something in me, and I'm not going to prove them wrong. I'll get in there, get the job done and make sure our alliance takes the Careers down.

Henri, my stylist, immediately starts working on me.

"Get that grim look out of your face! Smile!" He tells me to smile, but I don't see any reason to. Instead, I look over at Bell. She must've been up for hours, because she's almost fully stylised. Wait, why are they styling us in here? Aren't we supposed to have special rooms for that?

"Steel! Did you hear me? Smile! Nobody likes a frowny face!"

Ugh. I know he means well, but Henri really does annoy me sometimes.

As they continue to style me, I look down, to the pin on my arm. It's the only thing keeping me alive right now, protecting me from the poison in my blood. Will I really die without it? Probably. The Capitol doesn't joke around when it comes to the Hunger Games. No, what I need to do is get all 26 of those pins, so I can be cured. Yes, that's what I have to do. However, I wonder what they meant when they said that we wouldn't be the only people looking for pins. Who else did they refer to? I'm not sure I even want to know.

"Well, that's the best I can do." Henri says with a disappointed voice. He shoves me in front of a mirror, showing me how I look. I don't care anyway, but Henri did do a good job - if his job was to make me look like someone from the Capitol, that is. But I can stand looking ridiculous. There's only one thing that matters anyway, and that's winning the Games.

The Monster Games

Part 1 - The Beginning

(Day 1)

Part 2 - The Book

(Day 2/3)

Part 3 - Fall Of The Empire

(Day 4/5)

Part 4 - Monsters, Monsters Everywhere!

(Day 6)

Part 5 - The Finale

(Day 7/8)

Death Chart

Rank Tribute Killed by How Where When
1st Nobody Won Day 8


Monster Games arena

The arena of the Monster Games

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