I'm making a Hunger games but with Degrassi characters.


District Name Weapons Allies Enemies
1 Drew Bianca, Adam, Nobody
1 Bianca Drew, Adam, Nobody
2 Dallas Luke and Owen Clare, Jake, Eli, Katie, Maya
2 Fiona Imogen, Holly J, Anya None


Connor K.C. None
3 Alli Clare, Eli, Dave, Jenna, Becky Bianca
4 Imogen Fiona, Anya and Holly J None
4 Jenna Clare, Eli, Dave, Alli, Becky Luke
5 Owen Luke and Dallas Campbell
5 Eli Bow and Arrow Clare, Jenna, Dave, Alli, Becky Becky, Dallas and Luke
6 Marisol Katie, Maya, Campbell, and Jake Everyone
6 Jake Katie, Maya, Campbell, Marisol Luke
7 Sav None None
8 Adam Bianca, Drew None
9 Tori Tristan, Zig Marisol
9 Tristan Tori, Zig Luke and Dallas
10 Holly J. Anya, Imogen and Fiona None
10 Campbell Katie, Jake and Maya, Marisol Dallas and Luke
11 Maya Campbell, Katie, Jake, Marisol Dallas, Owen,
11 Katie Campbell, Maya and Jake, Marisol Drew and Bianca
12 K.C. Bianca, Adam and Drew None
12 Zig Tori and Tristan Marisol
13 Dave Clare, Jenna, Alli, Becky, Eli Luke
13 Clare Dave, Alli, Jenna, Becky, Eli Dallas and Luke
CAP Becky Dave, Alli, Jenna, Clare, Eli Eli,
CAP Luke Dallas and Owen Jake and Eli

President- Mr. Simpson

Head Gamemaker- Mrs. Hatzilakos

Gamemaker- Winnie Oh

Gamemaker- Mr. Armstrong

Gamemaker- Mr. Perino

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