The 1st Twist There will be 2 more twists and many in the games.

The 2nd Twist Someone will die right on the platform before the games but goes straight to his second life.

The 3rd Twist Note. The tributes dont know about this until they die for the first time. They get told about it before they start there 2nd life.

This is an example of what might happen. It starts out with 24 tributes one dies on the platform then boom 23 then GONG, 9 people die and it starts at the 2nd life arena while people in the 1st life arena are still dying until 5 tributes are left in the 1st life arena and there are currently 5 in the first arena (The current first arena alive people have been taken out of the arena and have been passed out) 10 in the 2nd and 8 in the third and then one dies in the second and the third starts and then 4 people die in the 2nd arena (All 5 remaining 2nd arena are taken out of the arena and knocked out) and then everyone fights in the third arena until 4 are left. (And all remaing 3rd arena are taken out of the arena and knocked out). Then it starts with 7 two on two matches and then there are 7 tributes left after the two on two matches. Then it becomesWhen To Give Up. This show will torture the Tribute in 5 different ways. In each stage one person must give up, that person will then be gassed in a glass room while the others watch. At the top two tributes they will have to do one on one on each other.

So then they'll be 6 In 1, 5 in 2, and 4 in 3

so then it'll be 2v2. 2v2, 2v2, 2 will be saved and then they'll be 8 left

then they'll be 6 rounds of when to give up and whoever wins, wins.

Surprise Twist (10/26/12) Since the reapings are tomorrow the gamemakers will be making D6 male and D10 female and they will be athletic and mean

Another New Twist (10/31/12) Two tributes can win.


  1. 3 tributes max
  2. Can only have 2 careers
  3. Dont get mad if your tribute dies

TRIBUTES!!! Closed!

District!!! Gender!!

Name Age Personality Weapon Allies User
1 Male Broedy Maslow 16 Nice, Smart, Trustworthy Bow and arrow Careers Brocky292
1 Female Diamond Pearl 17

Funny, Brutal Attractive

Knife Careers Raven HG
2 Male Raven Mockingjay 16 Brutal, Agressive Sythe Careers Raven HG
2 Female Jackie Devilin 16 Sly and charming Bow and arrow Careers Theman77
3 Male Ruby Hyrglass 15 care-free and happy Throwing knives Ares EvilhariboMadness
3 Female Ares Jones 16 Angered quickly Kives Ruby EvilhariboMadness
4 Male Josh Egleye 17 Funny and likeable Sword/ Spear Amanda Bluefire16
4 Female Amanda Hawks 16 Funny and likeable Throwing knives Josh Bluefire16
5 Male Veto Magnate 13 Likeable and Smart Nunchucks Smarties The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
5 Female Dysterin Braine 15 Nice Smartness, Knife Smarties Xx Kaitlyn xX
6 Male Surprise Guest #1 18 Mean, tough Knives Capital Careers Gamemakers
6 Female Swift Mage 12 Flirty Mace Careers The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
7 Male Blaise Cooper 15 Nice Knife, Axe Underdogs A Wiki Contributer
7 Female Cleo Jonsi 14 Nice, sweet Bow and arrow Underdogs Maybell Rocks!!
8 Male John Madrick 17 Mean Machete Careers Theman77
8 Female Elizabeth Pumpkin 14 Quit, kind Stealth, traps, Fish A Wiki Contibuter
9 Male Onyx Blight 18 Nice, caring Knife None Raven HG
9 Female Aurora Anderson 17 Aggressive Bow None A Wiki Contibuter
10 Male Jake Lance 17

Tought kid, cowboy

Bow and arrow Underdogs Bluefire16
10 Female Surprise Guest #2 18 Mean, tough Sword Capital Careers Gamemakers
11 Male Fernando Lian 18 Sarcastic Sword, Axe Underdogs Rainbow Shifter
11 Female

Chrysalia Fortuna

17 Kind hearted Pitchfork Underdogs The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
12 Male Cole Minner 16 Nice, Sweet Dagger Underdogs Brocky292
12 Female Ann Reed 12 nice, brutal Bow/arrow, knife, axe Underdogs Kikieverdeenreed


The lovebirds- D1 (Diamond P) D2 (Raven M)

The Smartie- D5 (Veto M)

The Fish- D4 (Josh E, Amanda H)

The Underdogs- D11 (Fernando L, Chrysalia F,) District 7 (Blaise C,' Cleo J) D10 (Jake L)


Note: Diamond P and Raven M are in love so is D11, D8 Hates each other

John M (8)

Elizabeth P (8)

Chrsalia F (11)

Jackie D (2)

Raven M (2)

Cleo J (7)

Amanda and Josh E (4)

Training scores DONE

Name AgeDistrictScoreFateAllies
Broedy Maslow 16 1 M 8 Dead Careers
Diamond Pearl 17 1 F 9 Alive Careers
Raven Mockingjay 16 2 M 10 Alive Careers
Jackie Devilin 16 2 F 10 Dead Careers
Ruby Hyrglass 15 3 M 6 Dead Smarties
Ares Jones 16 3 F 6 Dead Smarties
Josh Egleye 17 4 M 11 Alive The Fish
Amanda Hawks 16 4 F 10 Alive The Fish
Veto Magnate 13 5 M 4 Alive Smarties
Dysterin Braine 15 5 F 2 Dead Smarties
Surprise Guest #1 18 6 M N/A Dead Careers #2
Swift Mage 12 6 F 7 Dead Careers
Blaise Cooper 15 7 M 5 Alive Underdogs
Cleo Jonsi 14 7 F 10 Alive Underdogs
John Madrick 17 8 M 9 Dead Careers
Elizabeth Pumpkin 14 8 F 5 Dead Fish
Onyx Blight 18 9 M 6 Dead None
Aurora Anderson 17 9 F 3 Dead None
Jake Lance 17 10 M 6 Alive Underdogs
Surprise Guest #2 18 10 F N/A Dead Careers #2
Fernando Lian 18 11 M 7 Alive Underdogs
Chrysalia Fortuna 17 11 F 10 Alive Underdogs
Cole Minner and Ann Reed 16 and 12 12 M and Female 8 and 6 Dead Dead Underdogs

Other Training DONE


Diamond (1)

I'm standing with Raven from 2 and he's kinda cute. We ask each other who should be in careers. I suggest 8 male, he nods. Then we see Swift (6) and she's kinda good so we ask her she says yes.

Jackie (2)

Diamond and Raven come over with 6 girl and 8 boy, we agree to them. "District 4 said no* Broedy said when he came back from talking with them. We all walk to lunch and look at the other allies none of them look like a threat except the one with D4. I walk over to to Raven and whisper "Doesnt thats Swift girl look a little weak" He nods and says "Dont worry she'll be the first to go" We smile and walk away from the other alliances. "Good luck" Broedy says before we leave to the D4 crew who call them selves The Fish.

The Fish

Josh (4)

That Broedy boy is getting on my nerves "I swear I'm gonna kill him first" I say to Amanda and Elizabeth. Amanda looks so preety I wish she was my girlfriend but we dont talk about that we're friends back home though, good friends.

Amanda (4)

I smile at Josh to make him feel better about Broedy being mean. I tell Elizabeth that he can get temper mental. I like him though he's my friend back home and I wish we could be more but he never asked me so it's proably never gonna happen. I hope I win but if not I hope he does.


Ruby (3)

Me and Ruby want to ally with the D5 five people. We walk over to them and they ask us surprisingly if we want to be in an alliance. (I know this was kinda short but do you want ther games to begin or what)


Chrysalia (11)

I see Fernando (11) talking with the careers, if he joins with them I'm gonna kill him first. But I know him and he's not gonna with them, would he? No he wouldnt. I wait for him to finish talking to them and I walk up to him. He tells me they offered him a spot in the careers. I frown and start to tear. "But I said no, we're gonna join the Alliance with those D12 people" he says. I smile. "They seem.....Nice" I say.


Onyx (9)

I dont wanna be with one of those snobby alliances I can win this on my own, because I am unstoppable. Nobody can stop me, I'm aggresive, I'm tough, I can do this thing, I can win.........

Chariot rides (Both)

Ceaser Flickerman: Welcome To The Chariot Parades Our Tributes While Arrive Shortly!

Jennifer Quesis: Not Shortly Enough, Here Comes District 1

District 1: Female: Spray Painted Gold With A Lovely Fushia Dress Coverd With Dimonds And Glitter. Male: Spray Painted Gold Too Has His Hair Greased Behind And A Suit With Glitter And Jewelery.

Cearser: Isnt That Eye Grabbing

Jennifer: It Sure Is! Here Comes District 2

District 2: Female: Wearing A Samurai With A Mask Wield A Sword Hair In A Ponytail. Male: Same Thing

Ceaser I Think They Could Have Done Better

Jennifer: I Dissagree This Show Oh Tough They Are

Ceaser: Here Comes District 3

District 3: There wearing gray suits

Ceaser: ..........

Jennifer: ......

District 4: Female Is A Mermaid Sitting On A Rock With A Crown. Male: Posiden Wielding A Trident With A Beard.

Ceaser: Thats Was Cool

Jennifer: Yup!

District 5: Female Is A Power Line Same As The Male

Ceaser : *Yawn*

Jennifer: Terrible

District 6: Female Is A Car Same As Male

Ceaser: Ouch!

Jennifer: .....

District 7: Female: A Dress At The Torso The Dress Is Wavy Like A Pine Cone Tree. Male: Green Suit With The Bottom Being Brown To Simulate A Tree Trunk

Ceaser: Finally Something Good!

Jennifer: Tru Dat!

District 8: Female Mismatch Dress With Different Fabrics On The Dress: Same With Male Execpt Suit

Ceaser: Not my cup of tea

Jennier: Hmm

District 9: Female: Has Her Hair Braided With Wheat Grain Dresses With Grain On It. Male: Suit With Grain On It

Ceaser: Nice!

Jennier Not my favorite

District 10: Female: Wearing A Fur Dress With Cheetah Print Shoes Are Brown With Cheetah Print. Male: Zebra Print Suit

Ceaser: Pretty!

Jennifer: Thats So Stylish but not impressing

District 11: Female: Is a beautiful green dress with a beutiful red pedals abover her head and is squrting out seeds Male Same but a tux

Ceaser: Best yet

Jennifer: I Like It alot!

District 12: All Dressed As Miners but with fire all over them and then they hold hands and raise them up and the line of fire stays there

Ceaser: Cinna has really amazed us this time

Jennifer: I know right

Favorite chariots by fans

District Placing
District 12 1st Advantages
District 11 2nd Advantages

District 4

3rd Advantages
District 7 4th Advantages
District 1 Tied for 5th
District 2 Tied for 5th
District 9 7th
District 10 8th
District 8 9rd
District 6 10th
District 5 11th
District 3 12th
The #1 stylist is....... The District 4 stylist

District 12, 11, and 7 also 4 will have the advantage of being 2 yards closer to the cornucopia and getting to bring a backpack full of supplies (Including Water and crackers). And if District 12 makes it there they wont have to do the two on two matches.


Placed Name Age Dist. KillerHow
24th Aurora Anderson 17 9 Amanda (4) Stabbed
23rd Swift Mage 12 6 Elizabeth (8) Sword in the neck
22nd Broedy Maslow 16 1 Josh (4) Sword in the heart
21st Ann Reed 12 12 Raven (2) Knifed in the head
20th Cole Minner 16 12 Diamond (1) Throat snapped
19th Onyx Blight 18 9 Jackie (2) Knifed
18th Jackie Devilin 16 2 Special Guest #2 Stabbed in the heart
17th Special Guest #2 18 10F Raven (2) Sythe
16th Special Guest #1 18 6M Jake (10) Axe to the head
15th Dysterin Braine 15 5 Jake (10) Knife in heart
14th Ruby Hyrglass 15 3 Amanda (4) Stabbed
13th Ares Jones 16 3 Josh (4) Speard in chest
12th Elizabeth Pumkin 14 8 John (8) Spear
11th John Madrick 17 8 Elizabeth (8) Knife in arm
Alive #1
Alive #2
Alive #3
Alive #4
Alive #5
Alive #6


1st life arena

Day 1


Ann Reed’s POV

5…..4…..3….2……1 GONG I step off my plat form and wait and see The district 4 tributes find each other and grab a ton of weapons and kill the District 9 female and D6 female. I see the district 11 and 7 crew get weapons and run away before I can catch up with them. BOOM BOOM Before I start to run I see D4 Male kill Broedy from 1. BOOM The next thing I know I see Raven Coming at me with a Knife and then I see black. BOOM

Jake Lance's POV

I'm trying to find my alliance but I cant find them I grab a bag and run into the woods not knowing where my alliance is I hear a BOOM and I look behind me and see Coles (12) throat get twisted by Diamond (1).

Raven Mockingjay's POV

I see Jackie (2) kill Onyx (9) by running up from behind and stabbing him. BOOM Then I see the special guest girl (10) stab Jackie (2) in the heart and I hear a BOOM, then I take my Bow and shoot her in the arm and then finish her off with my sythe. BOOM Now all thats left is me and Diamond (1) everyone else left or died. Guess the bloodbath is over. Until John (8) comes out. I forgot about him and then we rest and store our weapons and prepare to hunt.


Jake Lances POV

I'm walking through and looking for my alliance and suddenly I come across the 6 male I believe. I take my Axe and stab him in the head. BOOM. I keep walking and for about five minutes I sprint until I hear talking I see The district 3 people and the D4 crew. I take my knife and shoot the D5 girl in the heart then I see the D4 female stab the D3 male and The D4 male shoot his spear at the D3 female but the 5 male gets away. BOOM BOOM BOOM I run and I hear Fernando (11) and the rest of the gang talking. I walk in and Cleo (7) alomost takes off my head. But they see me and they congratulate me on finding them and they apologize to me. Finally Fernando continues. "Now that we're complete.....(Chuckles) lets find better shelter so the careers dont find us". I murmer to Blaise (7) "I guess we know who wants to lead the pack". He smiles and we follow them walking.

Amanda Hawks POV

We're walking when we hear the careers near I yell RUNNNN. I catch up with Josh and I dont know where Elizabeth (8) went. We decide to let her go so we just both climb some trees and we fall asleep. I dont really care about the anthem.

John Madrick's POV I'm trying to run up to those D4 people when I run into my district partner. I dont know if I should kill her but she takes out her weapon so I just decide that it doesnt matter. "Your family killed my father". The next think I know I have a knife in my arm so I throw a spear at her and it goes right through her heart. BOOM. The last thing I see is Raven (2) walking away with Diamond (1) and he says "I told you". I guess I wasnt tough enough. Then I see black. BOOM.

Cleo Jones POV

Im sitting in a cave with my alliance so I decide to crawl out and look I skip until I see 3 careers then at the end I see a 4th. So this means we're stronger than the careers.

Day 2

2nd life arena


3rd life arena


Two on two matches

  1. _ and _ vs _ and _
  2. _ and _ vs _ and _
  3. _ and _ vs _and _
  4. _ and _ make it through because they were the fan favorites.

Note: There will be a vote by non tribute owner which tributes makes it through

When to give up

Twist and fall (Round 1)




Arena 2

Dist. Name Age Ownings What they need Allies
1 ---------
1 ---------
2 -----------
2 ---------
3 ---------
3 --------
4 ----------
4 ----------
5 ----------
5 ----------
6 ------------
6 ------------
7 -----------
7 ---------
8 -----------
8 -----------
9 ----------
9 ----------
10 -----------
10 -----------
11 ------------
11 ----------
12 ----------
12 -----------

Arena 3

Dist. Name Age Ownings What they need Allies
1 ---------
1 ---------
2 -----------
2 ---------
3 ---------
3 --------
4 ----------
4 ----------
5 ----------
5 ----------
6 ------------
6 ------------
7 -----------
7 ---------
8 -----------
8 -----------
9 ----------
9 ----------
10 -----------
10 -----------
11 ------------
11 ----------
12 ----------
12 -----------


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