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  • Nommehzombies

    Hello guys.

    I'm about to say some TMI stuff but who cares because I can hardly breathe right to now and I just want to get this out.

    Well earlier today my step mom found some vodka and pills hidden in my room (I won't say what) and was furious. I was tinychatting with Haley, a friend from another wiki. My step mom who is strangely religious started yelling at me, waking up my dad. My dad then asks where I got them, which I refuse to say since I like the person I got them from.

    So, here comes the snooping. I dated a guy named Clay in school two years ago. Well I broke up with him because of something only a few people know about (Alice, you know what.)

    Well I decided to text him yesterday since we talk a lot and we still, have some sort of roma…

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  • Nommehzombies

    AS you all know, I started a games but neglected to finish them. So, here we go!

    Lorelei (7) must have dissapeared, because when I open my eyes she is no one in sight. The sky is gloomy, heh, the sky is always gloomy. Has been since the feast. I guess I lucked up not going to that trainwreck. I roll over on my side, looking around. I still don't see her. I see my backpack with all my weapons leaning against the dead tree next to me, right where I put them when I laided down. She was sleeping right across from me, and it just seems weird she would go without doing anything... without killing me. I will never understand that girl. I yawn, and pull on my arms, trying to get them alive again. But, it is as I am sitting up I see the trap. A cold…

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  • Nommehzombies

    New Chat Bot!

    October 31, 2014 by Nommehzombies

    Hi guys, I just wanted to inform all the users that are active and use chat that, with the permission of Erlend, we now have a chat bot! This chat bot will mainly be used to log chat and help prevent spam, and was set up by one of my friends at Creepypasta wiki. Logging chat is a good way of keeping track with certain problems that might arise in chat, and someone didn't screenshot the incident etc, etc. 

    Note that this chat bot cannot kick people even though it does have "Chat Moderator" abilites. It is simply there for logging chat and that is all. And this bot will ALWAYS be in chat. 

    Here is the bot....

    and here is the page of chat logs that it will be continuously updating!

    Alright, thanks!

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  • Nommehzombies

    Sort of a Leaving Blog

    September 16, 2014 by Nommehzombies

    Hi guys, I just wanted to tell you all I might not be active on this wiki's chat or the actual wiki anymore. I am going to most likely move wikis, (moving to Creepypasta) because nothing really needs to be edited here, whereas, I have plenty of things to keep me busy over there. Not only that, but this chat may have about 10 people a day in it, but it is a DEAD chat. I'm sorry it's one of the most boring chat's I have ever been in. People join and talk for 1 minute, and then go AFK. Whereas, Creepypasta usually has about 18-20 people on their chat, and I might become a chat moderator there soon. 

    Now, this is not goodbye, as I will get on chat if it is not deader than my ex-wife. But other than that, I will only be on to help Liza, Summer, …

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  • Nommehzombies

    I dont know if I am the only one but I went on Community Central because chat wasn't working for me on here and apparently chats arent working anywhere... is anyone else having this problem...?

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