Hello guys.

I'm about to say some TMI stuff but who cares because I can hardly breathe right to now and I just want to get this out.

Well earlier today my step mom found some vodka and pills hidden in my room (I won't say what) and was furious. I was tinychatting with Haley, a friend from another wiki. My step mom who is strangely religious started yelling at me, waking up my dad. My dad then asks where I got them, which I refuse to say since I like the person I got them from.

So, here comes the snooping. I dated a guy named Clay in school two years ago. Well I broke up with him because of something only a few people know about (Alice, you know what.)

Well I decided to text him yesterday since we talk a lot and we still, have some sort of romance thing. Well my step mom found the conversations on my kik, saying we love each other and talking about that about that thing that happened, she started hitting me calling me a little faggot.

Well my dad, who got insanely mad at her, pulled her by the hair and threw her out the door and said go stay with your parents.

She threated to call the cops but then she just left, and then things didn't get better.

My dad, called my ex's dad and then talked about what he was reading. I could literally hear screaming on the other end.

Well after my dad hung up, he told me to go into my room and basically just went into his room. My stepmom came back later that night and I guess things are okay with them now I don't give a fuck.

Well, they took my phone my computer and the only way I am even posting this is because I dung out my old tablet and thank god it worked.

Guys, mainly people I talk to everyday, I hope you see this. Please see this and know where I went. I have to go to a teen rehab for a week and I don't know what after that. I got in hold of my ex with my home phone after my parents went to sleep and he was crying. Part of me felt great he was considering what he did to me.

I don't know when I will be back, rehab is going to suck. But anyways, I hope you see this.

I am deactivating my wikia account, and leaving all wikis permanently. I hope that doesn't delete blogs....

But if I ever get my stuff back, which I might not, I'll be on kick and twitter.

Thanks for listening, and I'm thankful for all the years I had here.

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