Hello! My Cannibal Games are almost finished, which means it's time for a new games! ONLY these will not be your traditional games. I will explain everything and more below. These games will not have any of the pre game events, because of the twist that is taking place. 


Alright, if your reading this then I have your attention! Firstly, these games are going to be MEGA-huge. I having a large number students/tributes for it. Why? Because I like writing games, and this will keep me busy. 

Alright, now time to explain all the twists. 

 ⓚⓘⓛⓛ ⓣⓞ ⓖⓡⓐⓓⓤⓐⓣⓔ...

These games are based off ideas created by the anime Danganronpa, which is about a spirit that kidnaps 15 students and tells them the only way they can escape the school he imprisoned them in is by murdering another student secretly, then they can "graduate" out of the school.

I am doing something similar, only it will be up to you and you alone if your tribute survives a murder.


  • Then you have to cover your tributes tracks. For example, being active in these games will lessen your tributes "murder percent", which will be by their names.
  • The lowest, 0% which will be green, means your are actively mentoring your tribute to live. 60% and higher, which is red, means you are highly inactive or making bad choices. 
  • I will write by how you make your tribute seem in the comments. 
  • You can also target other tributes if you want! Just comment it, and we will see what happens. BUT TAKE NOTE, the owner of the tribute might see the comment, and become highly alert. Be as secret as possible, PM me in chat even. Just get the info to me without the others knowing.
  • If this is confusing, I will simplify it: There will be a large number tributes, yours included. By commenting and staying active and telling me what you want your tribute to do, you increase you chances of not being murdered by another tribute. If you are inactive in these, your percent will drop and drop. Then someone can take you out. (I recommend targetting the inactive people first)
  • Any questions about the rules just ask in the comments. 


As part of a social study, Panem leaders abducted 107 youths around all the Districts, and put them in one large campus near the Capital. This gated campus is monitored, and can be altered in any way just like a regular arena. The youths that have been kidnapped were hand selected due to some excellent or excel in life. They are told when they are dropped off, that the only way to "graduate" (go home) is to secretly murder another tribute. A special Weapons room will be open on the first floor! Yay! Killing is not allowed the first 2 hours. Whenever a student kills another student and gets away with the murder, they are bought to a different section of the campus after a certain time limit (and if they stay alive) and deemed "Prodigies". There will be 24 Prodigies. They will then have a bloody fight to the death until only ten remain. Those ten, will be brought into the final floor, where they will attend the graduating ceremony. Panem thanks you for allowing this social experiment to conduct throughouly, and that this will help society understand the bettering of human behavoir.


  • You can submit 15 tributes. You can do links, but the template will have a special question you must answer, which is the excel they did to get hand selected. I highly recommend you only submit a few due to the fact that you will have to mentor them, and mentoring 15 tributes seems a little hard. 
  • These games will be NSFW for: Strong Language, Grisly Violence and Gore, Minor Sexual Content
  • Please do not advertise in the comments. It is highly annoying.
  • I recommend you also submit a tribute that you like, because you will be mentoring them, and if you submit one you hate or don't use that much... whats the fun in that? :P
  • Complaining if you die is allowed because I find it funny.
  • YOU WILL DIE IF YOU AREN'T ACTIVE. I got 107 tributes I can kill, don't think yours is special. Its your job to make me LIKE your tribute. 


Name Age Gender Tribute # Danger of being Murdered 
James Swan 18 Male 1 100
Tahlia Swan 17 Female 2 100
Lisa Swan 16 Female 3 100
Anais Swan 15 Male 4 100
Louis Swan 14 Male 5 100
Karl Swan 13 Male 6 100
Darcy Swan 12 Female 7 100
Mitchel Salmon 17 Male 8 100
Rebecca Lotus 15 Female 9 100
Hannah Lopton 18 Female 10 100
Jeorge Klarge 15 Male 11 100
Maria Johnlog 13 Female 12 100
Joshua Kellerman 16 Male 13 100
Iggy Xealucasix 13 Shemale


Mykro Laporte 17 Female 15 100
Foxy Fazbrulian 18 Male 16 100
Sharpe Cindre 12 Female 17 100
Zoey Proasheck 15 Female 18 100
Grao Dariisha 17 Male 19 100
Icicle Flame 18 Male 20 100
Aqua Mancerr 16 Female 21 100
Pryo Mancerr 14 Male 22 100
Cirrus Montabello 15 Male 23 100
Audrey Lancaster 14 Female 24 100
Tobias Drew  17 Male 25 100
Emilia Oswald 15 Female 26 100
Elliott Harrison 16 Male 27 100
Alexandrine Haines 15 Female 28 100
Jayson Huff 17 Male 29 100
Katarina Drusjenka 17 Female 30 100
Gregor Huffglomple 18 Male 31 100
Ann Dragoto 12 Female 32 100
Artemis Moonsliver 13 Female 33 100
Honeysickle Ash 13 Female 34 100
Citrine Blowengam 12 Female 35 100
Eric Broadman 16 Male 36 100
Silya Seier 18 Female 37 100
Isis Caprino 13 Female 38 100
Alver Weston 15 Male 39 100
Colom Forrest 17


40 100
Eivør Rebecca 15 Female 41 100
Ansel Frairt 18 Male 42 100
Guinevere Bordeaux 15 Female 43 100
Waylain Boreas 16 Male 44 100
OC Character 14 Male 45 100


I am accepting links, but this could be easier.







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