Introduction I actually cannot believe I am going to write one of these. But I am going to try if people join them!

These are a basic games. I am going to do training scores, and then the games, because I don't feel like I have enough time to write an epic month long span of brutal murder. 

Mature writing will be invovled because I usually curse much in my games, as well as write as violently as my mind will allot. 


  • I do take links from the HGRPG
  • I do take profiles
  • You can post ads for your games if you want
  • You CAN rant if your tribute dies, because I would dot the exact same thing
  • Yes, I permit "troll" tributes. 


District Name Age Gender User
1 Soul Silence 14 Male Erlend
1 Raven Silence 15 Female Erlend
2 Markey Primal-Omega 18 Male Oli
2 Hope Vicuna 17 Female Wes
3 Mahruo Firee 13 Male Vinny
3 Petra Mines 17 Female Joan

Cristopher Kosmos 

16 Male Joan
4 Bubble Snap 15 Female Justin
5 Theodore Vendetta 19 Male Sam
5 Auburn Friday 17 Female Sam
6 Blade Spectrus 14 Male TBD
6 Katherine Decauville 17 Female Huguenotical
7 Rubin Sticks 12 Male Justin
7 Eileen Shade 17 Female Anna
8 Gavin Roche 13 Male TWTM
8 Fantasia orangegladthatididntsaybananainmyhoodyo 17 Female Emma
9 Grafite Mallence 14 Male Vinny
9 Miley Cyrus 20 Female Joan
10 Jules Circenses 15 Male Vinny
10 Bella Mustang 15 Female Kekai
11 Tempesto Callops 15 Male Vinny
11 Gemini Greenway 17 Female Chloe
12 Mors Minervus 15 Male Huguenotical
12 Delilah Brooklyn 14 Female Sam

Tribute Gallery

Training Scores

Green= 9-10

Yellow= 8-5

Red= 5/lower

District Name  Score
1 Soul Silence 9
1 Raven Silence 8
2 Markey Primal-Omega 11
2 Hope Vicuna 10
3 Mahruo Firee 6
3 Petra Mines 8
4 Cristopher Kosmos 10
4 Bubble Snap 7
5 Theodore Vendetta 4
5 Auburn Friday 6
6 Blade Spectrus 7
6 Katherine Decauville 3
7 Rubin Sitcks 6
7 Eileen Shade 9
8 Gavin Roche 6
8 Fantasia O. 7
9 Grafite Mallence 8
9 Miley Cyrus 2
10 Jules Circenses 6
10 Bella Mustang 5
11 Tempesto Callops 7
11 Gemini Greenway 10
12 Mors Minervus 6
12 Delilah Brooklyn 10

Twist Annoucement! 

I am writing the bloodbath right after this annoucement is posted. I am having QUAD arenas. 

And if you don't know what quad is, that is four

Tributes are going to be split by gender, then by random selection on who gets into the 2 different gender arenas.

Note that the final TWO from each arena progress into the final arena.

(So eight tributes will make it into the last arena)

Female Arena #1

Arena is: Plain Woodlands

Females Randomly Selected are:

Hope Vicuna (2)

Bubble Snap (4)

Katherine Decauville (6)

Fantasia O. (8)

Bella Mustang (10)

Delilah Brooklyn (12)


Delilah Brooklyn's POV

The darkness is surrounding me at all corners. I know this is suppose to happen, but, I never thought I would have to experience it personally. The feeling inside the glass is frigid... or is that just the arena? Is it going to be a snow storm? The never told, they only said a "rule" change was going to be put into the games this year, and god forbid what it is. When they first announced it, I was seperated from all the males, and a couple of the female tributes. I wonder how Mors (12) is... but he could already be dead for all I know. Something in the back of my mind tells me to stop this. Stop this negative energy from circulating within myself, but I know I have no chance of winning these. Sure, swing a mace, and stabbing dummies to get a lucky training score is something, but being out here, with people that have trained to kill me, well, I know something is just going to to terrible wrong.

Now, the plate that has been stapled beneath my feet has finally risen to the last stretch of darkness, and the light shoots out from the top of the cylinder of black. Soon, I am standing in a crisp, light air, nothing surrounding me but trees. The glittery aura of the cornucopia stands in front of my, while I am flanked by 2 girls on my right and left. I recognize them instantly. They are the two careers in this part of the arena, Hope (2) and Bubble (4). The look in their eyes is almost lustworthy, hungery. The are in a postion where they will dart right when the timer, (now at 30 seconds) goes off. Once that gong sounds, there is no going back, no hiding in a corner. It is killed or be killed, and no one is going to say otherwise. So I take my last few seconds to see anything that would help me in this suicide mission. And that is when I spot a small black bag, and I see the metal tips glinting out from the bag, and I know that it is knives. The sudden nausea in my stomach is churning as the clock ticks down into the 20 second mark. There should be no fear, no worry, only the mindset of survival. But, I still cannot shake the dread of fear marking my body. 





I look around once more. There is so little of us, maybe this will be it.... the last fight. No hiding, just the bloodbath. But when I see the girl from district 6 turned completely around on her plate, facing the woods, I know that is just going to be more time in this arena. I suddenly get so mad at her, wasting time for me to get home, to win these games. But nothing can stop her, not me, not the career girls, no one. Only she can control her actions. But, she can't control the outcome.


I am totally unprepared, dazzed as I take off like a clumsy baby bird. Bubble (4) is the first one there, but I turned about 10 feet back, so I am facing the other side of the cornucopia. Katherine (6) escaped into the woods. The bag that I was contemplating on getting is no longer in question, so I grab a small, yellow bag on the ground and a dagger about 2 feet from it. I then notice I am taking my sweet damn time getting this stuff, so I start up. But not before a huge force knocks me off my feet, and rolls me out on the ground. Hope's (2) arm is cut, and the blood is running like a drawn line down her skin. But she east obtained a scimitar at the bloodbath, holding it at her side, like she is unafraid of anything behind her. My dagger is horrifingly knocked away from me about 5 feet away, so she smiles, and laughs. 

"You're pathetic.... did you actually think you could get out of here alive.... And YOU of all people scored a 10. The gamemakers must have wanted you to be a target." she says as she slowly walks over to my postion. I gained my footing back, and turn to run, but she grabs my arm, and twists it behind my back, and holds it there. I grunt in pain, and sweat beads at my forehead. Her sinister laugh tickles my ear like sour candy, as she raises her sword to my exposed neck. I can't stop my constant panting, but my heart sinks. I know my district, my family is watching.... about to watch me get slaughtered by this monster.

No... I will never go out like that. 

With one swift move, I jab her in the stomach with my elbow. She lets out a cry of pain, as I trip her by the legs, and she plummets to the ground. I retrieve her weapon, and raise it to slice her head off, but out of the corner of my eye, Bubble (4) throws her trident sprialing toward my head. She runs at me with a sword, but not before Fantasia (8) runs out of the cornucopia, screaming wildly, slashing her axe at Bubble (4) The trident luckily missed me by inches, stabbing into the earth near where my dagger is. Hope (2) is starting to regain her footing, but I run away from the crowd, grabbing the black bag of knives with me. As I corner the cornucopia, Bella (10) accidently headbutts right into me, holding a bow she must have found around the cornucopia. She looks terrified, because she fell to the ground, unprepared. In that moment, I could have ended her life. I could have gone a step ahead in these games, but instead, I hold out my hand. 

"No time to talk, alliance?" I say, swirling around. Fantasia (8) is still holding up good against Hope and Bubble (2, 4).

"I-I guess...." she shakily replies. I get her bow. She has a sheath of 14 golden arrows, and a pack on her back. 

"Lets go then." I grab her arm, and we both run away from the cornucopia, escaping with some hope, and a newfound footing in this game.

Hope Vicuna's POV

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