Okay, so these games are going to be based on The Cabin in the Woods, on of my favorite movies. So, I deicided, that I can create a hunger games around this. Each person will have their own trait. In the movie, there was 5. The Fool, The Whore, The Virgin, The Athlete, and The Scholar. Each of your tributes will have one of these, which will deffine who they are. There is also "an army of nightmares", which is a collection of monsters, all you can think of. I am going to have a poll, and the top 5 monsters will be put into the arena. Instead of doing Districts, you are going to chose one of the open traits. I am going to have 12 tributes for these games.


1. You may have 1 tribute. And 1 worker. Workers are like the gamemakers ;3

2. You may chose one of the traits. First come first serve.

3. I take profiles and THGRPG

4. MAKE SURE TO VOTE. (I may have the poll up later.) CHOSE YOUR FAVORITE MONSTER!

5. The traits are uni-sex. So you can post a male for The Whore.

Template for the Workers:










The Sacrifices (Closed)

Color Key-

Green= Alive and healthy

Orange=Wounded or hungry/thristy

Red= Dead

Name Trait Status Kills Weapon User
Banniss Jones The Virgin Alive 1 Hairbrush Jasmine
Clementine Andorra The Fool Dead 0 Sushi Knives Erlend
Cole Harrison The Athlete Alive 0 Baseball Bat; Javelin Kaehgan
John Smith The Scholar Alive 0 Pencils Kekai
Jessica Smith The Whore Dead 0 Bow Zach
Victoria Chambers The Calm Alive 0 Daggers Zach
Thalia Combe The Sadistic Dead 0 Throwing Knives; Bow Emily
Loren Magalang The Vain Alive 1 Dart Gun Emma
Malakai 'Kye' Twist The Quiet Alive 0 Meat Cleaver Callam
Chardonnay Aude The Sugar Alive 0 Spear Caylin
Kree Finch The Sunny Dead 0 Knife Kaeghan
Asher Mantine The Neutral Dead 0 Knife


Tribute Gallery

You are not required to submit a picture, but if you did, this is the tributes.Lunaiis! Heh no, I hate lunais.

The Workers (Closed)

Workers Department User
Shayleen Payne Demolition Emma
Irene Glaskity Officials Emma
Richard McKneles Chemical Finnicky1345

The Arena


It will be like the movie. This will take place at a cabin by the lake with woods. SO ORIGINAL RIGHT? :)

The Monster Poll

<poll> Vote for your favorite monster! The top five will be placed in the arena. (These are monsters from the official movie!) Angry Molesting Tree Alien Beast The Bride Clowns Deadites Demons Dismemberment Goblins The Doctors Dolls Dragonbat Giants Giant Snake Hell Lords The Huron Jack 'o Lantern Kevin Merman Mermaids Mummies Mutants The Reanimated The Scarecrow Folk Sexy Witches Snowmen Sugarplum Fairy The Twins Unicorns Vampires Werewolves Witches Zombie Redneck Torture Family Zombies </poll>

Sacrifice Chart

Name Trait Death By: Killed By: Placing
Jessica Smith The Whore Molested and Ripped Apart Angry Molesting Tree 12th
Asher Mantine The Neutral Bleeding from open neck wound Sexy Witch 11th
Thalia Combe The Sadistic Poison from dart Loren 10th
Clementine Andorra The Fool Skull penetrated with spikes Banniss 9th
Kree Finch The Sunny Decapitated and eaten Redneck Zombie Torture Family 8th

Day I- The Ritual Begins

Workers POV

Irene just arrived in the command room when the quaking beneath her feet began. She knew they were getting excited down there, excited for the bloodlust to come. She flicked the, first dimming, but soon lights on. The large monitors and dials were still grey and cold. Her sigh of exhaust came in too early, as she entered her key into the mainframe controls.

Irene Glaskity, Officals Department, sector 9-23.

The dials and monitors flashed on within a second. An orchestral gathering of beeping and blinking filled the room in a blizzard.

"All systems online."

The computers monotone was soothing somehow. It reminded her that these things sort of did the ritual, not her. Her almost serene silence was ended when Richard of Chem. department entered the room. He placed his key into the computer, and set his coffee on the table. After the computer was finished identifying him, he pressed the intercom button.

"Nora, did you get the 66 milliliters of perxsicicide 3-G pumped into the north side of the cabin?" an uneasy static and then,

"To increase libido or frustration?" She answered back.

"Libido, you know that is where The Whore is being placed." He sighed.

"Sorry, I don't keep up with that shit... Communications does." She sounded frustrated.

"You should know." Then he turned off the intercom. They didn't speak a word, which didn't bother her. Irene focused the camera on the interior of the cabin, making sure Home Tech. did their job right. "Smart..." Richard said without looking over, "Home Tech usually fucks us."

Irene did crack a smile at that, but only because it was true. The only time we ever glitched was 3 years ago, when Home Tech mixed up the chemicals in the cabins air, which poisoned everyone. "They" did not like that, it has to be bloodshed.

"Where the hell is Shayleen? She needs to blow the rocks away from the waterfall on the south end," he focused the cameras on the waterfall, put there only because the ritual said so.

"I think she is over at the Zoology department... Wondering what the monsters are this year." Irene spoke with pace. The last thing she wanted was for Richard to throw a tantrum. Richard pursed his lips. "What the fuck for?! She is going to see them in a few goddamn minutes when we release them!" Of course he threw a tantrum. Irene just puffed her cheeks, threw her long brown hair back into a ponytail, and added the last temperature adjustment to sector B.

Shayleen barged into the room, 6 minutes till launch. She huffed, identified her presence to the computer, and sat down in the last computer chair next to Richard.

"Lemme guess," Richard started, "Fairy apes with large tits?" Shayleen slapped his arm, "No, but there is a tree that rapes people." She laughed.

"Tell me that again, only slower..." He closed his eyes. Shayleen just rolled hers.

"Launch in 3 minutes." The automated voice said.

Shayleen just finished clearing the rocks, making a hollow behind the waterfall. She pressed the intercom button, "Botanical Department? Can I get 3 squares of green grass in the waterfall? Maybe some tulips?" The intercom crackled,


"All right it's show time! Computers focus on the kids." Richard ordered.

One screen spilt into twelve boxes. The cameras turned to 12 unconscious people. Their heart beat pulses, health rates, and needs appeared on another. "Irene, did we get the bloodworm back on Finch, Smith, Harrison, and Aude?" Shayleen asked. "Yes, the records are in the back." She replied, and retrieved them.

The three workers all waited, waited till the computer showed the first one rising up, dazed and confused. All three of them systematically touched the circular amulets on their chests. They recited the same thing every year, to signify the Ancient Ones they were about to begin.

"We offer these lambs to you, our ancient lords. May their souls be bathed crimson for their youth. We offer these, for Panem's safeguarded veil. Accept them with love from us, and may they be brought forth to the killing floors."

They each kissed the circle of bronze. LE hunger games

Cole Harrison's POV

Cold shivers awakened inside me right when I opened my eyes, only to be greeted by more darkness. My head was playing games, switching from cloudy to dizzy in a few seconds. An arch of fear threaded within me, as I jumped to my feet.

Where am I? Who am I?

My feet kicked something by my feet. It felt like a bag, so I picked it up with one hand, and my instincts were correct. It was a green, or so I think, backpack, that seemed to have something inside of it. So, I did what anyone else would do, I unzipped the bag and reached inside. What I found was an empty bottle and a loaf of bread. Just double checking, I turned the bag upside down and shook it hard. The only other thing to fall out was a card. It looked like a business card to begin with, but once I flipped it over, I found out that it was not a business card, but a card with one thing printed on the front.

The Athlete.

What does that mean? I decided to ignore it, and look around at my surroundings. It seems that the darkness wasn't too dark, because I could tell I was in a dense forest, and the smell of lake water filled my nose. Sure enough, I could hear, and maybe see, the small splashes of a lake down to my right side. As I started to walk down toward the water for something to drink, my mouth just became incredibly dry for some reason, I noticed something leaning on a tree to my left. Once I picked it up, felt its weight and sharp tip, I could tell it was a spear of some sort. Closer examination made me realize that it was a javelin.

I don't know why, but I really wanted to throw it at something. Or someone. Why did that feeling just appear? That seems wrong and psychotic. I started to the shore of the lake, the etching moonlight my only guide through the forest.

Malakai 'Kye' Twist's POV

I swear, I've been walking for fucking 7 miles. Just trees, and trees, oh look! More goddamn trees! I finally decide to sit down on a fallen leg, next to a stream. Streams? Must be a lake nearby somewhere, but that doesn't concern me at all. What does concern me is where the hell am I? What am I doing here?

When I first started to stir awake, I was in some cave near a mountain side. All I had was a blue backpack, inside a loaf of bread, empty water bottle, and a meat cleaver? Why a meat cleaver? Although, I did think it suited me somehow. Oh, and some weird card that had The Quiet typed onto it. The Quiet? Is that suppose to define me or something? I guess I don't talk a whole lot to other people. In fact, humanity itself it kind of weird and scary. But.... I mean... What the fuck? Where am I?

After taking a short rest, I start again, this time following the stream, hoping it leads me somewhere. Anywhere but these damn trees.

Jessica Smith's POV

Blurred lines meet my vision, as the world comes into focus. Some sort of light it filtering the room I'm in. I turn my head side ways, and see a lamp. Wait, a lamp?

I jump up quickly of the, now I see, bed I was laying on. The walls around me are wooden, like a wooden prison entrapping me like a snare. Now I catch glance at a door, on the corner of the room. I run to it, an it opens with a click. Right as I am about to dart out of the room, I see a pink bag on the foot of the bed. Maybe this has something to do with something, as the contents spill onto the bed. Empty water bottle, of freaking course, and some bread. I bit a little into the warmth of it, and notice a card laying on the bottle. It reads

The Whore

What? I hope that is not directed toward me.... But whatever, as if u really care. I am... What's my name? Who the fuck am I? I mean...

Once my moment of hysteria is over, I grab the things, put them securely into the bag, and exit the room. Right their, on the table, is a bow. I am somehow drawn to it. I have a feeling of familiarly when I hold it in my hands.

I finally realize that I am in a cabin. I check the cabinets, the fridge, everywhere for some water, to moist my sandpaper tongue. Right as I am leaving the door, I bump into someone. My scream is drowned out by someone muffling my mouth. I look into the girls eyes.

"Shut up!! It might freaking hear us." She hisses with malice.

What might hear us? She looks me in the eyes, and I understand to shut up. She releases her grip. She pulls her long, wavy blonde hair behind her back.

"What might hear us?" I whisper. She points at the dead trees around the cabin. "Them." Her short reply is instantly serious.

Fucking trees? Really? This hoe is geeking.

"The trees?" I snort loudly. The slaps me hard across the face.

"I will not let you get me killed, bitch." Her voice ices my body. "If you won't shut up, I'll make you."

Once she raises the spear, lethal and long, from her back, I don't have enough time to retrieve my bow. She is fast, going for my abdomen with her spear. It clips me just a little, as I back into the wall. She starts a solid sprint, spear held like a bayonet, and runs straight at me. Narrowly dodging my death, her spear is now safely jammed into the wooden wall. She shrieks with fury, tackling me into the small table. We roll on the floor, punching and kicking, until she has me pinned beneath her, a sinister smirk on her face.

"I told you, you will NOT get me killed." She laughs.

Her punches soon crack my nose open, a steady line of blood dripping on the floor where my head is turned. Her other hand is slowly freeing the trapped spear. I don't have much time, and time might be ending here soon.

Just as she has released the spear from the wall, pointing it straight down to my chest, a tapping at the window begins. At first, we are both confused, but soon her eyes grow big with shock and fear, and she removes herself off the top of me, and darts out the back door. Even though one of my eyes is swelled shut with crusty blood, I look out the other toward the window. All that was tapping was the branch of a tree. I snort blood out of my nose, just glad to be alive. I don't even know who that girl is, and why she had a weapon. But I too have a weapon, and who knows their might be others out there, deranged with weapons. I lifted myself of the ground, and return to the room where I came from.

Chardonnay Aude's POV

I am running. Poor bitch back their doesn't know The Sugar is not getting killed tonight. The Sugar? Heh, long ways from that. I turn my head back toward the cabin, now disappearing behind me. I know one thing, I made it out just in time. Because when the branches broke into the windows, and the screaming began, I had to keep myself from smiling. My spear is a little bent, but a buffing or two will defiantly get it straightened out. I said down in time to hear the announcement,

"Attention! Citizens of Panem. You might wonder why you have all been brought here, why you are being classified, or why you cannot remember who you are. All you need to know, is that your lives are for a greater good. For the sake of humanity, duty for your nation has brought you to the ritual grounds. You each possess a weapon. Use it on each person you meet, and you might be able to have your memory restored, and go home."

So, that just made me more confused. But, I do know one thing. I can, and will get to go home.

Asher Mantine's POV

Damn bugs! They are everywhere in this place. My only goal is to find the others, and kill them. Find and kill. Simple really. My thoughts are distracted my the sound of water pounding rocks. As I turn the next corner, my jaw widens.

It has to be one of the largest waterfalls I've ever seen. I run over to it, going to parch my thirst, when something makes me stop dead in my tracks. Up on one of the rocks, cascading with water, is a girl. She has her fully nude back turned away from me. I must have stepped on something, because she instantly turns around. Before I can hide, she spots me. I thought anger and disgust would cross her face, but she only smiles, and starts moving toward me.

My eyes avert from her face to her bare chest, bare legs, and bare....

"What's you name?" she quirks, 10 feet away. She runs her fingers through her water, golden hair.

"I-I don't know.. Um sorry"

"Oh, I don't mind." Her voice is like velvet, trickling into my skin. The crotch area of my pants starts to get tighter, and even worse when she come right to my face, and presses her tender, wet body against mine. Oh god, I know she feels it.

"Relax...." She whispers into my ear. She plays with my belt buckle.

"I don't know you... I-" she cuts me off. "Just, relax.."

Before long, she has my pants completely off, and her fierce kisses aren't warded off. Her jasmine perfume is emendation to my nose.

"I've met many, and my heart has been broken....-" she cuts into a long song, which I never really hear.

"Look at me." She said. So I'd did. "Close your eyes." So I did. "Don't scream...."

Before I could do anything, her razor teeth are tearing into my throat. My muffled gagging, and spurts of blood only make things harder for my sudden shock. She screams with pleasure, and my vision darkens. Before everything goes black, she stares at me. Her smile is obvious, and her teeth are stained with blood and flesh.

"Thank you, for not screaming." Croaked her newly found devil voice, as she continued to eat.

Loren's POV

I finally push the bitch off my pinned shoulders. Thalia falls with a grunt and scream as she races back to me. Her determination to kill me is very admirable. But hell knows I am not dying tonight. I load one of the small darts into the gun as she runs at me, and fires with all my air. The dart jabs into her upper shoulder.

"You fucking gutter hoe!" She screams. I swear that is all this chick does, scream and try to kill. The next dart easily hits her forehead. I know the poison has to be seeping into her veins by now, but she still trucks like a mother trucker toward me. I rumble to the left with little to no grace as she dives. Her impact into the hard soil only fuels her rage. But the shimmery dullness in her eyes tell me that she is start to get the right effects. Her face splotches in her upper cheeks. I gather my bag and turn around, right when she hits the ground with a thud.


End of Day 1

As the first day draws to an end, the gore has been quite flowing into the floors today. Here is the review.

  • Only the Angry Molesting Tree and Sexy Witches have been released so far.
  • Thalia Combe, Asher Mantine, and Jessica Smith have been sacrificed now.
  • Most of the sacrifices are just now waking up, honestly.
  • Tomorrow, 2 new monsters will be released.


Name Area Food Water Odds
Loren Near Waterfall Full Full 2-1
Chardonnay Near Cabin Full Full 3-1
Clementine Forest Full Full 5-1
Kree Forest Full Full 7-1
John Forest Full Full 6-1
Cole Forest Full Full 8-1
Victoria Forest Full Full 10-1
Banniss Forest Full Full 9-1
Malakai Forest Full Full 4-1

Day II- The Zombie Redneck Torture Family, Not Just Zombies

Banniss Jones's POV

As I wonder around trying to find my way to somewhere, I am doing a try to rejog my empty and clouded memory. My name is.... my name is.... Banniss. Yeah. But that is all I seem to get in there

Nothing seems right with this whole situation. Maybe they want to torture us because we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. 3 people are already gone, and I have just gotten up... So how long will I have? Trekking to the nearest foliage, I sit down for a drink of water, and put my bag down. At least they gave me a weapon. Wow, so thoughtful of them. A rustle in the bushes next to me makes me jump to my feet.

A girl, kind of pretty, comes crashing at me with long, thin knives. I barely can roll over before one is stuck into the trunk where my head was. How they hell can she be so trained?

Career districts...

That thought just randomly popped into my head as I look in my bag for a weapon. I pull out a hairbrush. Are you fucking with me? The girl laughs with malice and continue to me. I get up, and crash through the evergreens long, bushes branches low to the ground. I can hear her heavy tred behind me. I don't even notice the boy that steps out and crashes into me. I fall hard with a grunt, but he is already to his feet with something that looks like a cleaver used for cows. The girls come into the scene, her long knives aimed at the boys head. I hear the stick, but yet again, it is into a tree. The boy is already up near her, and she lashes out at him with the knives. But he grabs her hand, and she starts screaming, making feeble jabs at his side.

What the hell am I doing? I should be running.

But I am frozen to the ground with fear, and nothing but a hairbrush. I grip the handle lightly, and feel something. I looked at it, and it is a small black button near the front of the brush. I hesitate at first, but then push it because she just got a stab in on his shoulder, and his is now at the disadvantage.

When I push the button, large spikes rise out where the thristles are. It makes me jump at first, but I take the brush, and, while the girl now has the boy pinned to a tree, a knife at his neck, and shove it into the crown of her head. She shrieks with agony, batting at her head like crazy. Dark blood runs in tiny streams along her blond hair. Finally, she falls to her knees, her energy dipleated. Her eyes glaze over with nothing, and she falls to the earth.

I look at the boy, a skinny knife stuck into his shoulder. He grabs the handle, and lets out a cry as he rips it out of his shoulder. He then hands it to me, and keeps trucking through the forest. I, being the idiot I am, follow him.

Victoria Chamber's POV

Shivering is not fun, lemme tell you that. Somehow, it went from 80 to 30 in seconds, and the icy touch of my skin only adds the fuel of angry into my fire. I've been wandering around, wondering where the hell am I, why I'm here, and I get no sort of feedback. It it awful. The fact that I also woke up with two small, but razor sharp dagger in my bag only made me worry that something is out here. I am not alone. The Calm? What does that mean?

Now I am coming through a clearing, and sure enough, that feeling of not being alone is back again. The dense air is pounded down on me, and something is eerie in this small clearing. A slow fog starts...  what the hell?

Fog? Now I begin to panic.

I quickly try to rush out into the nearest trees, when something scratchy and forceful grabs my ankle. My squeal is cut off by my rising panic as I look down and see the wet, disfigured hand poking out of the soft soil. It's thumb is broken back, yellow bone jutting into my ankle bone.

Another hand rises, and sadly this time holding a sharp, rusty knife. I noticed there is hands coming up all around me, and this time, my screams do come out when I see the first face, outlined by dark soil and plants.

First, I get my shit together, because dead fucks are rising out of the ground to eat me, disenbowl me, whatever. I grab my dagger, which has been in my back pocket, and start jabbing the tight hand. A black fluid pours from the puncture wounds, and the hand releases its grip tremendously. I take this time to finally jerk free, but of course, she is already out of the ground.

Her frilly dress might have been cute decades ago, when it wasn't stained with dirt and blood. She groans with a small axe in her hand, and nothing in the other because there in no arm in the socket. Her torn, fleshly eyes are glazed with a look of coldness, as the small axe flings into my leg. Right now, it only felt like a needle stick because of the adrenaline, but I can feel the rusty damn thing soaking into my pants. I limp-run past her, and turn around to see her inbred bitches also up and ready to kill. Black stained dagger in hand, rusty, nasty axe in leg, hillbilly zombies chasing me.

Boy it's a fun, fun day!

I realized I left my bag back at the clearing, and all I have now is an axe and dagger to defend myself with. Scratch that, there is no way I am pulling this bitch out right now, so just the dagger. I can hear the moans and rustle far behind, but they are there. And they are coming, slowly but surely.

That is, until I hear the girl scream.

She sounds like she is just waking up, so I stop. First she is pleading, hmp... they are totally going to listen. Then, the worst part comes. She starts to hysterical freak the hell out, as I hear cracking and gushing. The noises make me cringe with agony, until there is nothing but munching and slurrping sounds, which makes a nice ball of nausea curl into my stomach. I turn around and continue on, sad for the girl, even though I never met her.

The Worker's POV

Shayleen has to turn from the screen when the the family get to The Sunny. Poor girl, she never saw them coming. All we gave her was a knife anyways, she would not have much of a killing ablilty. Irene is saying the chant, and marking down Kree's blood records.

District 7?

Shayleen thought she might be 5 or 6, but hey? She wasn't in that department.

"Can I get land cleanser on sector B-67?" Richard said into the mic.

Shayleen got up, and did what they always do when a sacrifice, is well, sacrificed. She pulled down hard on the 8th lever, which poured Kree's fresh blood down a metal tube, which is then dispensed into the "Void", where "they" live. Make sure it is fresh blood, they like it warm, not cold.

"Lets get the unicorns ready zoology, cmon cmon!" Richard shouted into the intercom.

Fucking unicorns never get tamed in time.

John Smith's POV


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