AS you all know, I started a games but neglected to finish them. So, here we go!

Kalmah XXlV's POV

Lorelei (7) must have dissapeared, because when I open my eyes she is no one in sight. The sky is gloomy, heh, the sky is always gloomy. Has been since the feast. I guess I lucked up not going to that trainwreck. I roll over on my side, looking around. I still don't see her. I see my backpack with all my weapons leaning against the dead tree next to me, right where I put them when I laided down. She was sleeping right across from me, and it just seems weird she would go without doing anything... without killing me. I will never understand that girl. I yawn, and pull on my arms, trying to get them alive again. But, it is as I am sitting up I see the trap. A cold shiver runs down my spine and I fling back into a laying postion.... as I realize i'm not even close to the tree with my supplies on it. Im in the middle of a dried island.

That stupid whore... She must have drugged me, and put me on this place. I look over the edge, and it's a steep drop into oblivion. How the fuck did she drag me over here... Did she have a latter? A pulley? I don't understand this. My heart is pounding as I suddenly scream, and it echoes off the tiny island I am still laying down on. And that brings me to the reason I laided flat. There is a bucket on my stomach, whereas when I woke up I thought it was the heavy thermal blanket. This bucket is the same bucket we used to dump blood all over Joshua (2), and by the smell of it... I sense it is filled with blood. I cant move my arms to get it, because I can hardly move at all without falling into the pit. So for now I am letting it sit on my abdomen, as I calmly try to find my way out of this situation. I can't move, I can't sit up, and I can't stand up. My feet are dangling over the edge, as I slowly try to move them onto the terra.

The other side is a good 50 feet away so there is no jumping. I mean... this dried up island wasn't even near where I went to sleep. She must have moved me and my things, thinking I would just wake up and the blood would spill all over me, and that I would slip and fall into the hole. It is pretty clever I have to give her that, but not clever enough apparently. Hell... what am I saying.. I am stuck on this damn thing, and I guess I am going to have to let this bucket spill all over me. I slowly raise my arms, trying not to make my whole body lose balance and collapse into the the abyss, and I feel the dirt and soil giving way, every piece of it slipping into the hole. A band of hot sweat tires at my hairline, as I reache the handle of the bucket. Great! I might not even have to spill it on me. All I gotta do is move it carefully-

Right as I pick it up, the metal handles snap off, and the red water gushes all over my body. Some of it gets into my mouth, and I try and spit it out, but end up swallowing it. She rigged the fucking thing to break once I tried to pick it. I should have picked it up by the sides, GAH WHY AM I SO STUPID...

The blood is making loud echoes at it drops heavily off the small island, into the hole. And... something begins to stur below. Its the quietest little shuffles, that grow louder and louder by the second. I turn my head as far as I can, but still cant see the bottom. I feel a small box of matches in my pocket, those werent there before, and pull them off. I am going to light one and drop it to see what is at the bottom. I feel ever fiber of fear flaring up as I light it with a quick snap. And then I drop it. The light falls and falls, showing roots sticking out of the sides of the dirt walls. And it is hits the bottom. And then I scream. There is at least a hundred of them, crawling over each other. The match goes out, and it turns dark again... but now I know what is done their. A nest. A breeding nest.

She put me on an island, and doused me with blood over a pit of alligator mutts.


"Mother... fucker..." I whispered to myself. I can smell the saliva, the blood tongues affecting my vision from the bottom of the cavern. I had to think of something, and something fast. I can tell this tiny platform isnt going to last forever, and I need to figure out a way over the other side and join the fight at the cornucopia, because I know that is where Lorelei (7) went. To face Robin (12) and Julius (2), but from the sound of the cannon, I assume the little girl got killed. Lorelei (7) is sadistic. She wouldn't care to end the life of some little girl to win these. Even that would haunt me for a long time. Would I even be able to do it?

Fixing my gaze on the sides of the dirty mount, I make the riskiest move I have made in the games yet.

I dig my fingers into the clay, and use all my strenght to turn my body straight up, and steady myself on my feet. It worked! I can't believe it, but now I have to make it to the other side of the crevase.

There is a shot I can make it, and there is a shot I won't. Stancing myself perfectly, I look closely at the edge, sweat beading my forehead.

This is it. This is my only chance.

I leap, and it was the strongest leap I had ever given. I smack into the ground straight across the dark hole, leaving the hungry mutts drooling in the blood below them.

"HAH! Stupid little whor-" right as the words escape my lips, I felt it. It was the slightest pressure.

It was a homemade tripwire.

It took only two seconds, two seconds to relieve everything in my life as the sharp stick pendulum fell through the twisted trees and pierced my throat, blood exploding out the back of my neck.

I feel nothing, as my feet levitate off the ground slightly. I struggle at getting loose, just wanting to pass away on the ground at least, but it doesnt happen that way.

I should have known...

I should have know....

I sho..


Robin Smoke's POV

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