Okay, so while I write The Diaphanous Games, with Claudia, I thought I would start a short side games with a neat twist. This idea has been brewing in my mind for awhile now, and I want to see if I can make it work or not.

So, as you can tell by the title, these are The Cannibal Games, and promply named for its sick twist. 

I may do a sequel more in depth of Reapings and Interviews, but for these I am only having Training Scores posted, and then going into the games. 

Sign up okay?


  • There is no source of food AT ALL in the arena. Just weapons from the cornucopia and very little sources of deplenting water. Tributes will not find food in wilderness, and they cannot be sponsered food. So... the only way to get food? Tributes will be forced to EAT the dead bodies of fallen tributes to survive in the arena.
  • Water is slowly being drained from the arena right when the gong sounds the start of the bloodbath, Tributes will eventually have to start drinking the blood of fallen tributes as well.


  • You may enter 2 tributes. I do accept links to the Roleplaying site.
  • I HIGHLY advise you to submit your most insane tributes. I write by what you have put down for your tribute, and if you submit, persay, Sally Sunshine from District 11! Sally is going to have to choke down dead tributes and probably end up killing herself. Just saying....
  • Don't advertise
  • If you are squemish to gory games, I would advise you to also go somewhere else. These games are NOT going to be pretty. I actually want to test how twisted I can get with my writing while also making it stable. 
  • I don't care if you bitch if your tribute dies. I like the drama. 
  • There is no sponsering, sorry. I feel if I added sponsering it would degrade the games of its insanity and such. 


Name District Gender User
Sonia Arakawa 1 Female Yoonie
Julius Spring 1 Male MyWorld
Persia Cassava 2 Female District3
Joshua Woodart 2 Male Ladysi
Daenerys Kystrel 3 Female TBD
Textil Archeus 3 Male TBD
Amalia Lucy 4 Female MissRandomStuff
Kalmah XXIV 4 Male Icanhasnofriends
Osanna Hex 5 Female PPPumpkin
Gary Spade 5 Male YFS
Lana Khloros 6 Female District3
Eli Winersin 6 Male YFS
Lorelei Damion 7 Female Rainfacestar
Jayson Huff 7 Male Nlby001
Chakra Fatalis 8 Female District3
Augustus Powers 8 Male

Sushi Foxes

Bell Fladgate 9 Female Ladysi
Elias Angerrage 9 Male YFS
Ewa Thyren 10 Female Yoonie
David Johnson 10 Male MyWorld
Jessica Woods 11 Female MyWorld
Martin Fleshtooth 11 Male TBD
Robin Smoke 12 Female Ladysi
Finn Inwonderment 12 Male Sushi Foxes

Training scores/odds

Name District Score
Sonia Arakawa 1 3
Julius Spring 1 9
Persia Cassava 2 7
Joshua Woodart 2 7
Daenerys Kystrel 3 6
Textil Archeus 3 6
Amalia Lucy 4 10
Kalmah XXIV 4 9
Osanna Hex 5 2
Gary Spade 5 4
Lana Khloros 6 8
Eli Winersin 6 2
Lorelei Damion 7 7
Jayson Huff 7 8
Chakra Fatalis 8 8
Augustus Powers 8 1
Bell Fladgate 9 7
Elias Angerrage 9 2
Ewa Thyren 10 3
David Johnson 10 7
Jessica Woods 11 5
Martin Fleshtooth 11 10
Robin Smoke 12 2
Finn Inwonderment 12 4


Warning! The following games are NSFW for the following:

  • Intense Violence
  • Explicit Gore
  • Sexual Violence
  • Profanity
  • Its no worse than Battle Royale if you have seen that.

Don't read them if you are squeamish or not familiar with what NSFW content is!

Death Chart

Place Name Killer
24th Finn Inwonderment (12) Amalia (4)
23rd Ewa Thyren (10) Lorelei (7)
22th Sonia Arakawa (1) Gary (5)
21st Gary Spade (5) Persia (2)
20th Elias Angerrage (9) Daenerys (3)
19th Jessica Woods (11) Lana (6)
18th Osanna Hex (5) Eli (6)
17th Joshua Woodart (2) Alligator mutts
16th Lana Khloros (6) Bell (9)
15th Daenerys Kyrstel (3) Persia (2)
14th Augustus Powers (8) Lorelei (7)
13th David Johnson (10) Lorelei (7)
12th Bell(e) Fladgate (9) Lorelei (7)
11th Chakra Fatalis (8) Persia (2)
10th Jayson Huff (7) Robin (12)
9th Eli Winersin (6) Amalia (4)
8th Persia Cassava (2) Robin (12)
7th Martin Fleshtooth (11) Poisoned food
6th Textil Archeus (3) Amalia (4)
5th Amalia Lucy (4) Julius (1)
4th Julius Spring (1) Lorelei (7)

Arena Design

Arena Introduction:

The arena is a huge bayou. If you don't know what a bayou is, it's like a swamp, only... prettier. Bayou's have large amounts of water, but since the water is draining quickly, it will all be gone by a day. Tributes can find shelter in the large, broken down Plantation style mansions scattered around the arena. There is also going to be alligator mutts. These mutts are blind unless they smell blood, then there senses are heightened. They will be in the water at first, but once the water drains, they will navigate to the land. As for food and water.... you know what to do.

The Games

Day One

The Bloodbath

Amalia Lucy's POV

The smell is overwhelming. It smells like a thick mixture of salt, blood, and deep shit. I look around at my new surroundings, just now coming out of the arising tube. We are in a large, vast bayou, the trees hanging dangerously low, and moss is covering everything like dripping paint. The water surrounding the cornucopia is deep, dark and murky, and jagged sticks fling up and different directions. The sky is a deep blue, and few clouds brave the sun. I see the other tributes, all circling around the cornucopia. The ones closest to me is Textil (3), the quirky guy from three, and the always large Joshua (2), from two. The timer is booming down, and I take the time to plan on what I should do. I need to think fast, no time to dawdle. I see the cornucopia offers no food, which I am entirely aware of. I need to get a few extra bottles, and fill them before the water drains by tonight. I want to try to keep from drinking blood as long as possible. No telling what kind of diseases these idiots are carrying in their skins. A bird chirps in the distance as the timer gets down to 20 booms. I need to see what weapons I can get. Luckily the closest to me is a nice bow with a quiver of 13 arrows, and next to it is a awl. They will do fine until we careers can regroup after the bloodbath. I give one finally look at Joshua (2), who nods, giving me the lets-get-some-dinner tonight look. I smile a devilish smile, and ready my stance. I'm going to have to trek through the mud and try not to fall in the scattered ponds of water. 10.... 9.... 8.... 7..... 6.... 5.... I get ready to pounce. All my instincts are focused in trying to get into the bloodbath. I want nothing more than to get food.... they didn't give us any 5 hours before the games, making us all have a twinge of hunger. Some of these tributes are already to dig in. 3.... 2.... 1......


I rush off my metal plate, and the wind hits my face. I slam into the thick mud, and Joshua (2) is right next to me, keeping pace. We sludge through it, and notice we both are the closest to the cornucopia supplies. We instantly get to the supplies at the same time, and I grab up the bow and arrows, and instead of getting the awl I saw, I equip a dagger I saw behind it. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a tribute get to the make shift island, and run up the side. I instantly aim at his leg, and fire the first arrow. It hits it's mark right through his calf, spattering bits of muscle and skin against a crate. It sends a small stream of dark burgundy blood down his leg, and I run to tackle him to the ground.

Finn (12) hits my face with his right fist, jarring my vision, but I gamble with a swing of my dagger, and it slides with ease across the bones of his knuckles. As he recoils in pain, I rocket the knife into his stomach, and he groans in agony. Once the knife is tight in his lower abdomen, I twist it around and around, making a small gap, and his shirt is soon soaked in red blood. Once he is barely breathing, I jerk the knife out, sending a bloody spray everywhere, and slash the knife in a quick motion across his neck, making a red smile. It take a second, but soon I am covered in a red mist, and his whole head is shaking with the force of the expulsion of blood from his arteries. Soon he falls over, limp and dead, and I grin, and turn around to see what else is happening. Most of the tributes are still struggling in the thick mud, but Joshua (2) is talking with Julius (1) and Perisa (2), finding suitable weapons to slaughter with. I run to join them, not even bothering to wipe the flesh and blood from my face. Instead, I find my tongue licking it from my lips, getting use to the metallic taste.

Lorelei Damion's POV

I can't get through this fucking mud, and I am at a perfect angle. The careers are on the other side, apparently murdering already, due to Finn's (12) pale, blood drained body laying over a newly sticky red crate. The only tribute even near me is Ewa (10) from ten. She is struggling greatly, and I see an opportunity to get some food early. She has her angle turned away from me, but all I have to do is reach over and pull her hair to get in a successful kill. I wait till we get near one of the long, jagged sticks, then with one swift leap, I grab her long hair, and she screams in shock. She claws at my hands, but that hardly stops me. I take her head with both of my hands, and slam it down on the jagged stick, and I instantly feel a wet splatter on my legs and hands. Her eyes go limp for second, till she starts a awful whimpering sound. It takes a few more times, even with more force and precision, to skewer her head straight through the stick. Her entire body goes limp, and her arms dangle in the breeze. It takes force, but I push her body down, dragging her skewered head down with it, and hide it deep in the mud. The stick has strands of blond hair stuck together with brain matter and red skin, so I wash it away quickly with murky water, and finally get to the island.

I haven't got a lot of time, but I grab the nearest thing I see, a whip with metal razors at the end, and look around. I see Textil (3) and Robin (12) fighting for a backpack near the edge of one of the ponds, and the careers, all four of them, guarding the entrance of the cornucopia. I think I shouldn't push my luck with anymore kills, and run to escape into the jungled bayou, when I headbutt right into Augustus (8). He falls and cowers in fear when he sees I have a whip and he is unequipped. But a new idea draws in my mind,

"Come on, I won't hurt you... I need a.. big strong guy to protect me." I say in my best innocent voice.

"O-okay." he stutters

I throw him a sword propped against the cornucopia, and we both make our way back through the mud. I feel Ewa's (10) cold hand brush my leg,

"Help me." I tell Augustus (8)

"With what?" he asks

I pull up Ewa's (10) dead arm, and he looks shocked.

"How else are we going to eat huh?" I ask.

"I don't know..."

"Just grab her arms. I'll get the legs."

We are wasting time standing out in the open like this, and I know most the tributes are either gone in the bayou, or fighting for weapons and the limited water supply. We count to three, and with a sickening crack, we tear Ewa (10) off the stick, and pull her out of the mud. We carry her off into the woods, looking instantly for something to start a fire with.

Robin Smoke's POV

That boy from 3 knocked me in the jaw, and made off with the backpack I was trying to get, so now I am trying to hide in the outskirts, and try to locate something easy to get. That's when I see Gary (5) knock Sonia (1) over the head with a huge rock on the small island, denting her skull in with a crack. He then jumps on top of her, and with his bare hands and teeth, starts to rip her face apart, breaking her teeth and tearing her hair out, and ripping the tissue on her face like paper with his canines. His loud laughs are chilling. Julius (1) and Perisa (2) notice the commotion, and quickly throw him off of her. Julius (1) then picks him up with ease, holds him with an iron grasp, while Persia (2) take a small knife, and stabs him right in the crotch repeatedly, until his tears turn to small droplets of blood, and he falls over on top of Sonia (1). They look upset, especially Julius (1) but they turn back to the other tributes. That's when I see her, crawling on top of the cornucopia.

Daenerys (3) has a long Bowie knife held tightly by her teeth, crawling on her stomach. All the other tributes are oblivious to her. Soon, she rises slowly, into a leaping position. She must spot her target, and jumps like a spring off the cornucopia. She lands violently right on a fleeing Elias (9), and take her long Bowie knife out of her teeth. I can't figure out why she rips his shirt off, revealing his exposed chest. But I wish I would have averted my eyes for the next part. I watch it absolute horror as she takes she knife and peels the skin from his chest. He his screaming, and fighting against her, but he just can't seem to get her off. She takes the knife out of his chest, and then plunges it deep into his right pectoral muscle, and carves out a large crescent slice. Elias (9) has either passed out, or has died, because his eyes are closed and his body is limp. Daenerys (3) continues to de meat his chest, putting it into a small backpack. The blood is literally pooling around them both, and eventually, she arises. Elias's (9) chest is a unrecognizable piece of boney meat. She must not trust that he is dead, because her knife finds it's way to his stomach, and a fountain of blood shoots from the new wound. She then runs down the hill with her meat, and diss appears around a corner of hanging moss. I am truly shocked that no one bothered to kill her. It must have took at least a minute to take that much meat.

Eventually, I end up just running away. I am truly sickened by the events I just saw. I can't even begin to explain.... How am I going to eat a person? I keep running deeper and deeper, the woods getting darker and thicker, the briars cutting my legs. Then I see a large, dark silhouette in the distant, and head quickly towards it.

Bell Fladgate's POV

Chakra (8) is currently trying to get a sword, she told me to stay here and stay out of the way. I try my best not to rush to her, but I force myself to stay put. Chakra (8) is really close to the sword, when Jessica (11) grabs it first and slashes at her face. I shriek a little, then start to run towards her, but Martin (11) trips me, and I fall straight into the the deep mud.

"JESSICA (11) WE GOT LIVE MEAT!" he yells to his partner. She hollers in delight while beating Chakra (8) with the butt of her sword.

"Got me a alive one here!" she tells back

"Knock her on out so we can get going!" Martin (11) calls.

Jessica (11) raises her the butt of her sword, but a spear bursts through her chest, sending tissue matter everywhere. As Jessica (11) vomits her life up, Lana (6) comes up behind her and pulls the spear out with a squishy pop.

"Sick fuckers..." she then spins in a quick motion with her spear, and slices Jessica's (11) neck wide open with a forceful smack of the sharp end, and a storm of sticky blood coats the ground. Jessica (11) falls over into the swamp water. Martin (11) yells in rage, but as Chakra (8) arises with Jessica's (11) sword, and I quickly jump up to join them, he sees he is outnumbered, and yells violently to the air, and runs into the jungle.

"Thanks..." Chakra (8) tells Lana (6) Lana (6) shrugs and motions for them to follow her away from the bloodbath, and with nothing more to do, we follow just as she wants out of the woods. But I do grab a rather large backpack, with something metal sticking out of it.

Jayson Huff's POV

David (10) and I quickly round Osanna (5) to the ground. As she is weapon less and we both obtained swords and knives in the cornucopia. We have been chasing her for 29 minutes running though the woods. Her wet teary eyes means nothing to us.

"What should we do with her?" David (10) asks me

"Eat her obviously." I reply

"Good idea."

"No... no no no no please!" Osanna (5) begs.

"Remember, the meat is better fresh and alive.... not dead and tainted. That's what the trainer told us." David (10) says, and grabs Osanna (5) by the hair, and jerks her up against a tree.

"Hand me that backpack." he tells me, and I throw him the orange backpack next to my foot. He pulls out some long rope. Osanna (5) is screaming and yelling as we tied her against the thick dead tree bark. Pleading for us not to eat her... blah blah blah. I'm wish I could deep fry her intestines, but it looks like we are going to have to eat it raw tonight... considering its getting late. That's when the cannons go off for the bloodbath,


6.. just 6? Pitiful... just pitiful. How hard is it to kill people? Not at all if you think about it.

"Let's start with her arms, keep her alive a little longer...." David (10) tells me.

"Now boys, you won't wanna do that." a voice comes from the bushes, and both me and David turn around instantly with our swords.

Eli (6) comes into the clearing, holding some throwing knives.

"You wanna get a bigger meal, so start with the stomach. Just rip it open and dig in. They pumped us with so much drugs before we came in here, this meat should taste like a hamburger."

"Why should we just not kill you now?" I ask.

"Powers in numbers my friend!" Eli (6) smiles.

"Y-yeah let's all work together...!" Osanna (5) whimpers

We all look at her, we look back at each other and nod. Eli (6) steps close up to her, and pets her hair.

"Then.... what would we eat?" he says in a sweet voice. A knife suddenly appears from the lining of his pants, and Osanna (5) screams in terror. He takes the knife and stabs her between the hole between the two ribs, and wiggles the knife up and down. He pulls it out, a few drops of blood pelting his face, and does this again, only lower, until his knife is at the spot to where he can start carving downwards. Osanna's (5) screams turn into grunts and gurgles as he saws down the lining of her stomach. The sawing noise is painfully to listen to, and we hear the BOOM of the cannon signaling her death. He didn't even make it half way down. Once he finally makes it to her upper public area, he takes both hands, and jerks the slit open where the knife was. Her intestines and other miscellaneous organs pour out suddenly onto the muddy ground. A heavy steam pours out of the inside of her body, and her ribs can clearly be seen.

"Hope you all like spaghetti..." Eli (6) whistles

The Night

Daenerys Kyrstel's POV

The woods are dense and foggy, and I can't hardly see a thing in front of me. I try and move through the brush, but end up sitting at a tree in the clearing, and organize my supplies I got away with. I pull the backpack from my shoulder, and open it. Inside is the slices of jagged raw meat I cut out of the boy I attacked at the cornucopia. My trusty Bowie knife is attached to the loop of my belt, and I got 2 bottles of water. I thought I had gotten more than that, but it doesn't seem that's the case. I finally realize I am starving, and take out one of the pieces of meat, and realize it still has pieces of chest hair and skin on it. I take my knife and scrape the top of it till it's down to the red meat. The first bite is tough and the meat it wet and chewy. But I choke it down quickly, and attempt to keep moving through the woods.

The pond I am drinking from looks like it's seen better days, but I try to overlook that, and realize its draining right before my eyes, and that I need to hurry and drink what I can. That's when the water gets down low enough for me to see the giant black lump floating on the surface of the pond, silhouetted by the grey fog. I start to think it must just be a dead stump, but when it slowly moves around, my heart starts pounding. It's took big to be another tribute, and that is what is worrying me the most. I take the Bowie knife out of my belt, and grip it in my left hand. That's when I quietly slink along the edge of the pond

When I get close enough to see what it is, my palms are drenched in sweat. The black silhouette turns out to be a medium sized alligator, gently floating on the top of the black water. I know there shouldn't be any other sources of food, but this could be worth a shot to try. I doubt he sees me sneaking up behind him, and once I am close enough to touch his rough scaly tail, I take a huge risk, and jump right on top of it. He instantly jumps with tremendous force out of the water with me still hanging on his back, and I realize he is going to knock me off it less than ten seconds. I take the knife, and jab him in the face, near his nose, but his struggle doesn't slow. I do this again, but this time when I hit it in one of his eyes, sparks fly out like and fountain, and steam comes bellowing out of his mouth. The creature instantly stops the fight, and twitches with spasmic movements, until he is complete still, floating on the water. It take only a few second for me to realize that it was a robotic mutt, and if I was to try to eat it, I would die and or get electrocuted to death. I sigh, and push the robo-alligator away from the bank, and it drifts off into the murky lake.

It seems like I've been walking for ages through the dense moss and sharp twisting branches. The twilight night sky offers little light, so I haven't the slightest idea where I'm going. I trip over a couple of branches throughout the night, and my growling stomach tells me it's time for another piece of chest, when I see a large, dark object ahead. Out of instinct, I quickly duck behind a large black rock, and pull out my Bowie knife. When I take a timid look from the side, I can tell the object hasn't moved, so I slowly stand up.

"Hello...?" I say in a talking whisper

Nothing replies back, so I continue forward with caution. Out of the fog emerges one of the largest, dilapidated houses I've ever seen. I quickly put my knife back, and take a step back.

It was quick, but I saw it. Whoever is up there put it out quick, but not quick enough.

I saw a lantern, and a human shade on the wall.

Persia Cassava's POV

"I think he's on there good enough Amalia..." I yell at Amalia (4). She then takes the boat, a small little paddle one we found in the back of the cornucopia, and balances herself in the middle. The glow of the lanterns is casting eerie spots of dark light all around the pond, and bugs are swarming everywhere. I smile when I see Joshua (2), unconscious and bleeding, tied to the post in the middle of the pond.

"Don't fall in Amalia (4) those things will go crazy!" I tell her, taking notice of the large alligators laying almost everywhere in the dark water. She flicks me off, and then takes a bucket from underneath her. Finn (12) was delicious, but he was also very helpful in what is about to happen. Kalmah (4) suddenly appears beside me, holding a lantern close to his face, making it look ominous and long.

"He could be a good meal." he questions me

"He doesn't deserve to even be meat..." I spat.

Amalia (4) takes the bucket, carefully balancing herself, and completely dumps its contents all over Joshua's (2) head. At least a gallon of blood spills down his whole body, and soaks the post behind him. Amalia (4) quickly paddles back to the bank, and joins us. It takes only a minute, until the entire ponds erupts into violent splashes and the large alligators become active. Joshua (2) starts to stir, and becomes aware of his situation.

"Wha....WHAT? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS FUCKING DOING?" he starts to panic trying to get out of the ropes.

"YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID YOU CUN-" Kalmah (4) starts, but I raise my hand to silence him.

It only takes half a minute, but once that time is up, the alligators find Joshua (2). They instantly begin jumping out of the water, tearing chunks of him off with one jump at a time. Blood is flying in dark spots everywhere, as he is currently screaming at the top of his lungs. I can't help it, I start laughing, and Amalia (4) joins me, her hands coated it blood from the bucket. Kalmah (4) just stares with a grin.

"After this, we find Julius (1)..." I say. The others nod.

Joshua's (2) screams start to die as his body slowly disintegrates into bones and hanging skin. At last, one of the large alligators jumps up and takes out his entire throat with a violent rip, leaving only a mass of red and the bottom of his exposed phalanx. A stream of newly black blood pours down Joshua's (2) entire body, and his left foot twitches. A loud cracking sounds signals that the alligators have chewed through the blood soaked post, and it slowly falls over with Joshua's (2) body still attached, into the dark red water. This only makes the frenzy even worse, and soon all we can see is splashes and dark red water flying everywhere.

BOOM! His cannon signals his death to the entire arena. Amalia (4) claps with pleasure, and I yawn.

"I'm tired.... let's look for the other fucker at morning." I shake my hand at them, and we leave the pond and the alligators to their pleasure.

Textil Archeus's POV

I know it's stupid to start a fire at night, but the bitter cold got to me. The flames stay low to the ground, and I try my best to find all the dry wood I can. Since most of them are soaked by the nearby ponds, my search comes up with nothing. I sigh and lie down on the wet grass. I can feel it getting drier though. It seems like the water won't last for long. I bet it will all be gone by morning. I already filled all the empty bottles I had in the backpack I got from that girl at the bloodbath, so I try to get some sleep. After just a few minutes, as I am slowly closing my eyes, a ear cracking sounds rings throughout the arena. I jump quickly to my feet, knocking my head over a low hanging branch. It sounds like a air raid alarm, and it's ear shattering ringing isn't stopping. I clam both of my hands over my ears, and look wildly around. That's when I notice all the water draining from everything.

The grass grows a dried grey color, and the tree branches become rigid and dull. All the water from the small ponds everywhere drain and become small black holes in the ground. Once the ringing finally stops, I uncover my ears. The water is completely gone, and everything look dry and dead now.

It's not really a problem for the insane nuts out here. If they are chewing on meat from corpses, I'm sure they can get by with drinking the blood from it as well. I yawn and lay back down. But once again, a crunching sound alerts me. I grab the dagger from my backpack. I can tell its a person from the footsteps. I grip it tighter when the sounds stop.

The sword misses my face my inches, because I duck and roll over to a nearby tree. Julius (1) is bleeding from his arm and has a long sword gripped in the other one.

"Oh.... I thought you were someone else..." he tells me, and sticks his sword in the ground. I instantly lower my dagger.

"Who did you think I was...?" I question

"Persia (2)..." he stutters and leans against the tree.

"But aren't you guys allies?"

"Heh.... not anymore."

I have loads more questions, but since he is already asleep, I decide it can wait till morning, and try to go to sleep. Once I lay down I think of all the things wrong with this situation. I think of why he didn't just kill me. All I had was dagger and he is probably much stronger than me. And he is a career. Why is he not with the other careers? And why is his arm bleeding? I try to calm my mind and get some sleep, but I can't even begin to think about sleep knowing he is sleeping just inches away from me. I could probably slit his throat right now.... and have food. But I decide that wouldn't be a good decision. I sit against the tree and watch and the sky, probably just a projection, and the stars twinkle against the black painted night sky. I think by morning, we can head out somewhere. But then it hits me.... are WE even a alliance? Did that non verbal agreement of not slaughtering each other make a pact to stick together? I don't want to hunt Persia (2) and the other careers. I want to avoid conflict as much as possible. But, considering he might have some food.... I shiver at that thought, I should probably stay with him.

"I want to kill you, but I won't.... for now." I silently whisper.

I nearly jump out of my skin when he replies,

"Okay, just make sure I'm dead when you do." he whispers back.

Day Two


Lana Khloros's POV

Charka (8) does what we have all been dreading. With no water left in the arena, and since we haven't found another tribute, she does it. And it's sickening, but we decided not to drink each other's blood, for fear of cutting too deep, and or bleeding out. Her small fingers enter her mouth, and slowly her whole fist is emerged between her lips. A few seconds later, she starts retching. I avert my eyes, as her retching turns to watery gags. Once I hear the small splatters against the ground, I know she has finally vomited.

"Uggg.. barely anything...." she spits.

The vomit is a clear color, and is in very small patches around the ground. Bell (9) instantly wrinkles her nose.

"Guys... I just-just can't do this..." she stutters.

"It's do or die now, no turning back" I reply

"B-but.." Bell (9)

"Fine, thirst to death. I don't care. We can eat you after you die." Lana (6) hardly changed her tone of voice

Bell (9) instantly closes her eyes. One saline tear travels down her check, and she licks it.

"Okay... okay..." she finally gets out.

I take a leaf, a small dead one, and carefully hold it, being aware not to break it in half. I start with the patch of vomit nearest my foot. I scoop it up with the leaf.

"Bottoms up..." I say, and tilt the leaf up to my lips.

Once we have licked up every bit of it we could, Chakra (8) is starting to get pale. Since she drained herself, she is probably in the first stages of dehydration. We decided we absolutely have to find another person to survive. We need a life, to sustain ours. But since we can't really attack the careers head on, and since we have no idea where the other tributes are, we decide to start hunting randomly. The day etches out shadows from the hanging moss, now no longer lively looking, but dead and stale. Once our searches come up dead, we gather by a large tree.

"Maybe we can start a fire, and lure someone over here?" Chakra (8) suggests. Her face is growing even more pale, and now her eyes are getting glazed.

"And risk the careers coming over here? No thanks." I reply.

"What are we going to do? We can't live on just barf..." Bell (9) adds.

"That's because it's our turn to contribute Bell (9)." I turn towards her.

"What do you mean?" she questioned

"This is how it's going to be. We play rock-paper-scissors. Loser will have to slice open the upper part of her arm. Then we have some sort of water."

"What? NO. NO NO NO I AM NOT CUTTING MYSELF!" she screams. Chakra (8) is moving something around behind her, but I shrug it off.

I take the butt of my spear, and jab her straight in the stomach, pushing her against the tree. She let's out a grunt, and tries to throw it off of her, but I push even harder, and she whimpers.

"You will, and goddamn it you will play." I tell her.

"O-okay... get your fucking spear out of my stomach..." she barely gets out.

I remove it from her abdomen, and she let's out a heavy breath all at once.

"Ready?" I say.

"Sure." she says uncertainly. Chakra (8) is whistling. Bell (9) holds out her fist.

"Rock" I start

"Paper" Bell (9) huffs

"Scissors" I say quickly

"Stab..." Chakra (8) giggles. I can't move fast enough, but Chakra is there, with a dagger I didn't even know she had, filling my side with burning, searingly jagged knife stabs. Bell (9) punches me straight in the nose, and I scream going backward. She takes my spear, which fell out of my hand, and holds it to my face. I can feel the hot tears pouring down my face, and I try to scream but the sound gets caught in my throat. My side is nothing more than a fucking piece of red meat. Surprisingly, even though I am laying in my own blood, it feels numb. And I know it's the adrenaline.

"Told you it would work, babe." Chakra (8) giggles, and grabs Bell's (9) with both hands, and kisses her with great force, her hands traveling up the contours of her body.

"The fuck..." I manage to get out.

"We were waiting so FUCKING long..." Bell (9) laughs with delight, "We starved and acted scared, we fucking ATE VOMIT, and let you push us around.... because we love each other. You should have let Jessica (11) end it..."

"You fucks... you... you..." I can feel my vision darkening

"We didn't even know each other. We connected during the trainings. Why do you think we were together in the bloodbath. I love her you cunt... and you have no idea." Bell (9) continues

"ITS SO BEAUTIFUL.... MAYBE... MAYBE", Chakra (8) shakes the bloody dagger, making the drops hit her already crazed face "Maybe we can make sweet love next to your half eaten corpse..." she giggles, then hits herself in the head for no apparent reason. I try not to cry, I don't want to give them the pleasure. I stare them both in the eyes. "We can do anything to her hon," Bell (9) kisses Chakra's (8) neck, and Chakra (8) moans a little, "We can take this spear and tear her up inside.... Give the maggots a camp after we have romantic dinner...."

I can't find anyway out... but I do see a rock, I slide it slowly behind my back, the blood sliding across my fingers. Bell (9) finally raise the spear near my neck, and Chakra (8) starts chanting some weird poem.

I throw the rock at Bell (9) and it misses by about 3 feet. The spear doesn't though, and it pieces straight through my neck, stabbing right into the tree behind my. I gurgle one last time, and then there's nothing. Nothing at all.

Robin Smoke's POV

Daenerys (3) sits across me, scraping her knife on the floor.

"It's funny..... when I saw this house, I thought it would be all mine.... but I guess that wasn't the case, huh?" she snickers

Weaponless, all I can do is cower in the corner. She re-lit the lantern I was stupid enough to light last night. She has just been sitting across me all night, staring and smiling, playing with her Bowie knife. I can't help but just want to break down. I feel my mind slipping.... my hunger becoming unbearable. I feel the need for freedom, to just be free. She can offer that....

I trash the thought. Why would I just let her kill me? That doesn't make any sense, I am not the kind of person to just curl up and die. I think if I can just play my cards right we can be good. I simply lift my arms over my head and stretch, which causes her to jump up. I shrug at her, then she tensely sits back down. So, there's one thing I learned about her. She is always on guard. That's a nice quality to have.

"So, have you met anyone else?" I ask her

"Not sense the bloodbath. Elias (9) was a cute guy and all, but survival of the fittest you know?" she replies, and takes out another rotten piece of flesh which I now know was Elias (9).

"Why are you just sitting there? Go ahead and eat me." I test her

She scowls, "Maybe I don't want to.."

"Why, you had to problem killing that guy..."

"Because I needed food. I have plenty right now. What the hell? Do you think I'm sadistic? I have to live." she finishes

"Your eating a fucking person." I spit

"To survive. Humans adapt to survive, and I adapted with what we have." she calmly states.

I take that into consideration. It's somewhat true, but humans are also humans, and that ties with humanity. And I think eating people is frowned upon in society.

"Want some? You can just pick the chest hair off." she holds out a piece of slightly green hanging flesh.

"No." I state

"You'll starve..." she starts

"I don't care... I won't eat another person."

She then just tosses it at my feet, and stands up. She starts walking towards the door, and I stand up as well.

"Where are you going?" I blurt

"Somewhere else..." she calms replies


"I can't survive with you."

"But-" I start, then she just turns around

"I respect you want to maintain your humanity. But I have to maintain survival. Sure I feel bad when I chew on a piece of meat, but I know it's okay because I have a will. And that will is to sur-" she stops speaking instantly, and her whole body jars slightly backwards.

"D-Daenerys (3)?" I say quietly.

I scream when she turns around, hold the arrow jarring out of her throat. Blood dances down her shirt, and she drops to her knees. I don't even blink, until the next arrow breaks through the window, shattering glass everywhere. I get down on my stomach, and crawl over to Daenerys's (3) body. She is wheezing slightly, and looks me in the eyes. I don't even know this girl, yet she tried to help me. Blood is pooling around her entire head, her hair getting stuck to the ground. Slowly, she raises her hand. It still has a tight hold of the Bowie knife, and I take it from her. I grab her other hand, and soon she closes her eyes. As her cannon ratchets around the arena, I slowly climb out the back door, just as I hear Persia's (2) hoots and Amalia (4) laughing. I ran straight into the woods, and I feel a single tear streak down my face. They are going to eat her.... I should have tried to take her body. They are seriously going to sit down by a fire... and EAT her. I never stop running, I don't even stop when a branch smacks my face, and I headbutt straight into Martin (11).


Augustus Power's POV

Lorelei (7) has already eaten half of my right leg, and the remaining meat on my leg is a pinkish white due to the fact of her disinfecting it. I've passed out a few times, tied to the base of the now decaying swamp tree. She comes and goes, taking little pieces at a time. She was so nice.... so nice when we were eating Ewa (10) by the campfire, and so nice last night. This morning, I awoke with half my leg gone restrained to a tree. She keeps me alive by feeding me my own leg meat, and makes me drink the remaining pints of Ewa's (10) blood. I stopped screaming a long time ago. I only moan in pain and weep silently. Every time she comes, she just smiles, and sticks down, tearing my leg apart. Once she is done with that one, she said she would move on to the arms.

I know I have to get out of here, but I have no energy left. I vomit every hour of so, taking the cold blood and flesh with it. It's now noon, and I rest my head on my chaffed arms and try to sleep, that's when I hear the Nutcracker. When I say that, I mean Lorelei's (7) whistle. She always whistles the Nutcracker. She comes up next to me, from seemingly out of nowhere.

"Hey.... sleepy." she smiles, I try to turn my head as far away as I can from her.

"Good news! I met three boys in the woods awhile ago. And they said they would trade me you for some water! And I already have a bunch of your leg so... I said yes!" she's pouring out with joy. It's sickening.

"....stupid cunt.." I barely get out through the haze of my seemingly endless twilight of pain. She only pats my sweaty head.

"Oh... but there is one thing." she kneels down next to me, and unbuttons the top part of my pants. This causes a surge of newfound energy in me, and I flail and kick, but she just grabs my hair and slams my head against the tree. I already feel the blood vein down my neck.

"Don't fuck with me." she says like warm poison.

"W-what are you doing.." I start

"Your a boy... when they skin you they said they would prefer not to see your dick and balls." she states I legitimately begin to freak out. Screaming and trying to break the ropes holding me, I manage to kick her in the stomach, knocking her back a few feet away from me. This only infuriates her.

"Listen you little fucking shit," she pulls her knife out from her side, "You will NOT ruin this for me." Then her knife plummets straight through my good leg, causing me to scream. I feel it grate against my leg bone, scraping up and down in a white painful motion. She then sighs, and kneels next to me, and I spit on her chest. She smiles, and takes some of the leg meat she has had stores in her backpack and shoves a fistful in my mouth, gagging me. Tears flood my eyes, the smell of my own flesh is putrid.

"See, it didn't have to come to this..." she says in a cheerful tone, "Now please hold still."

She unbuttons my pants again, and I don't have the energy left to fight. My gagged screams mean nothing to her. She pulls out a knife from her other belt loop, and slowly rips my pants off. My thermal underwear is soiled and dirty, but she just laughs. Once my underwear is cut off my her knife, and im left exposed, she leans down and whispers in my ear,

"It will be like a vasectomy, just more parts taken and a little more pain." she giggles

She grips me tightly, pulling hard, and begins raggedly cutting it off. Soon, darkness swells to my eyes, and then I don't see anything.

David Johnson's POV

"Where the fuck is she with him? She took 6 galleons of water..." Jayson (7) scoffs.

"She is your piece of shit district partner..." Eli (6) laughs, "You tell us."

Jayson (7) leans against a tree and sighs. I feel as if we are getting tricked. I still can't believe we have her that much water for another tribute, but we had no choice. Osanna (5) didn't last long. We literally feasted on her. She was gone by morning. But she still might be... removing things from him. Right as I sit down, Lorelei (7) comes into the clearing, dragging a pale, naked, probably knocked out Augustus (8) behind her. He has a large bloody gash where his crotch use to me. She gives Jayson (7) a wink.

"About fucking time..." he mutters

"Pleasure doing business with you all." she laughs.

"Your sure he'll survive a little while?" Eli (6) questions her, "If he died that means the meat slowly rottens.."

"Of course. I snacked on him for a day." she replies. But right when she said that, a cannon rings throughout the arena. Jayson (7) immediately becomes alert. He turns in all directions, looking around with his sword drawn.

"Wait....." I start, and lean down and put to fingers to Augustus's (8) pale neck. No pulse.

"You bitch..... he's dea-" I never get to finish that sentence, because she immediately slits my throat open with a violent fling of her arm, and I watch my own blood shower over Augustus's (8) naked white body. The last thing I do is hold my throat and all I can think is.... nothing. My eyes see white stars, and a deep red sets over me.

Lorelei Damion's POV

I can still hear them following me. I am running through the woods, trying to escape Jayson (7) and Eli's (6) wrath. I cradle the water bag they gave me with dear life as I hop over fallen water drained trees. BOOM! David (10) must have finally bled out. I knew I had to get out of there, and he was in my way. I find a place obscured by branches and chose to jump there in a split second. I cross my fingers and hope they don't find me. I heard their heavy thuds getting closer, and I pull my knife out and prepare for a battle, when they both whoosh past me. I almost laugh at their stupidity as I crawl out of the branches and run the completely opposite way they were going. I want to get back to where Augustus's (8) and David's (10) bodies are to collect some meat, but now I am only slowing down into a sprint and realize I probably already passed them. I decide to not go back because that could be too risky. So I continue to trek the woods, unsure of my designation.

The house is huge. I step up on the dilapidated steps and step inside to the smell of blood. I see red stains on the rotten floor panels, and broken shattered glass glimmering in the afternoon sunlight. A single arrow sticks out from the opposite wall. I step in as quietly as possible, with the only crunching sound of the glass pressuring under my steps. Someone obvious died here, and or put up a struggle. It makes me feel uncomfortable, so I want to see what I can find. I make my way upstairs, and check all the rooms. Most of them are empty, with the exception of some bandages. When I get to the last room, my heart jumps in my throat, and I quietly put my ear to the door. I swear I heard I someone. Or people, I couldn't really tell. Listening closer I can come to this conclusion. Someone is killing someone, and or eating them. They are moaning and banging around a lot. As I start to back away, I trip over some god damn object on the floor, and cause a huge bang that echoes throughout the house. Before I can even move to run, Chakra (8) opens the locked door so fast it's insane. She looks down and smiles, and I notice her shirt is slightly torn near the chest, and her pants are unzipped.

"Sorry, we get rowdy sometimes..." she giggles, as Bell (9) comes up behind her and stares at me. She gives me a warm smile.

"What.." I manage.

"Are you alone? Do you need food?" Chakra (8) helps me up and all three of us enter the room.

"We had a friend.." Bell (9) says after a few minutes of greetings, "She was killed by those damn careers.." she wipes her eyes.

"Who?" I say

"Her name was Lana (6). She was the girl from six, and we really got close with her. But now, maybe you can replace her." Bell (9) smiles strangely.

Kalmah XXIV's POV

Persia (2) is going crazy. Ever since she found out about Julius (1) and Joshua's (2) plot to kill her, she has been relentless about finding Julius (1) and putting him to the stake like Joshua (2). And the only reason she even knew about it was from me. They approached me and said let's over take Persia (2) and Amalia (4) and end them, and become an all male power group in the games. I think he still mad that we ended up eating his district partner Sonia (1). I lean against the cornucopia, and chew a on a piece of cooked leg meat, compliments of Daenerys (3). Poor girl didn't even see us. We wanted Robin (12) as well, but the slimy bitch pulled away fast. As I look into the now draining afternoon sun, Amalia (4) comes from behind, with what looks like a cooked finger on a long stick.

"We could do you it you know..." she mumbles

"What?" I ask

"Kill her... kill Persia (2) and find Julius (1) somewhere." she states calmly. I am in shock that she would even mention it this out in the open. Persia (2) could be anywhere.

"Just eat your finger." and I start to walk away, but she stops me again

"You know she is just going to turn on us whenever." she starts

"No. We have a nice order going on and I don't want it ruined."

"Listen.... it would be so easy..." she begs

"No." I pull away

"Fine, but I'm going through with it." she turns around

"If you fuck with the order of things, I will fuck you up 10 times harder." My face turns to stone as I give her a piercing stare. She returns it with a vengeance.

"Fine, liver under her lock and key, I don't care. I'm going to find Julius (1). If she asks, tell her I went hunting. Alone." she turns on her heels and strides off.

I sigh, and turn around to go back to camp, but a rustling in the bushes causes my skin to jump, and I draw my axe from it latch. I grow cold when Persia (2) emerges from the ethereal darkness.

"You find out who your friends are.... huh?" she smiles, and starts in the direction Amalia (4) went off in.

The Night

Martin Fleshtooth's POV

Robin (12) is turning over in her sleeping bag while I stay watch. The stars twinkle songs in the programmed night sky, and I whistle silently to myself. Why didn't I kill her? I thought I told myself no pity. I guess I just aren't as strong since Jessica (11) dies. I want to find Lana (6) and rip her spine out. But she is probably laughing it up somewhere with Bell (9) and Chakra (8). It makes me sick, this whole place makes me sick. Robin (12) turns over again. I have no idea why she let me do this. Why she trusted me. Maybe people just have nothing left to loose out here. Maybe she just wants to die. Sadly I won't be her liberator, I just can't. I have no idea what these feelings are. When she ran straight into me, running from something, she had tears running down her face, and blood on her hands. I didn't ask her how she got the blood stains, but I did tell her to get down when we heard the careers laughing about something. Then she just sat on the ground, sobbing after they left. I wanted to kill her... I was getting insanely hungry. But when she looked at me with that drained stare, that I have nothing stare, I just didn't see the point. So we went back, together, to my makeshift camp, and then here we are now.

I want to sleep, and I can feel my eyelids growing heavier by the minute. Maybe just a hour. I mean, there isn't a lot of tributes left, and what changes are there of the other tributes finding us here. I lean my head against the tree and find silence to be my pillow. Right as I am nodding off, the anthem plays loudly throughout the arena, and it causes me to shoot straight up, and Robin (12) jerks up out of her sleeping bag.

"What's going on?" she yells.

"Anthem... it's okay." I tell her, and we both look at the sky.

The first face to appear fills me with a surging warmth of joy,

It's Lana (6)

Next is Daenerys (3) from three. She was the crazy girl that demeated Elias (9). After that Augustus (8) comes in, then David (10) the boy from ten. Soon after his face disappears, then blue screen disappears and the night sky turns black again.

"Only four...." Robin (12) whines

"Don't worry, we are getting near a feast. And everyone will go to it." I tell her

"But not us right.... if there is an us." she whispers

"But not US." I put emphasis on the us, and smile at her. She returns it, but then a confused look crosses her face.

"Why didn't you kill me. I was weak, and I almost wanted you to." she rubs her arms.

"I... I honestly don't know. No offense."

"None taken." she laughs.

We sit back down and just look into the dark sky. I feel as if this is the first time I have been safe in these games. Maybe it was because I have been alone since the bloodbath. Or maybe it's because of her. I think about her a lot. I try not to, but I just can't get her out of my mind. But I also have to remember my love for killing, and for being a competitor in these games. Sure, she is great now, but when make it to the final 2, she will be dead faster than the trumpets announcing my victory. She sighs, and lays back down in her sleeping bag, and I lean against a tree and keep watch again. Robin (12) is already sound asleep. I think about what would happen if she died before the final 2? Will I be alone again?

"I wonder... will I be able to kill you when the time comes?" I tell her quietly. She snores a little for a response. My senses jolt alive when I hear footsteps, and I draw my sword.

"Robin!" I screech her whisper. Her eyes open in alert,

"What?" she yells

"Shhhhh!!" I tell her, and she crawls over to me. The footsteps are definitely getting closer, and I am steeling myself for a good fight. Robin (12) takes out her Bowie knife, which she had when I met her. Since it's dark, they both emerge quietly, from seemingly out of the darkness, looking straight at us. They both have nice sword, but one of them seems injured.

"It's not them." Julius (1) huffs. Textil, the boy from three, puts away his sword.

"You are dragging us everywhere.... we won't find them." Textil (3) tells him.

"Hey, what else do you have to do..." Julius (1) spats.

Textil (3) huffs and looks at us,

"Are you guys bad?" he tells us

"Define bad." Robin (12) immediately comes up from behind me, her knife still gripped in her hand.

"Killing for pleasure." Textil (3) tells him.

"No... and thought he was a career." Robin (12) looks over to Julius (1).

"Heh, that's who we are hunting." Julius (1) laughs, "I'm no career."

I don't know what to make of the situation, so still have my sword drawn. They seem okay, but you really never know. This sword won't go down till they leave or are dead one. I prefer the second option.

"Why?" I ask

"Persia (2) is a poisonous bitch as well as Amalia (4). And Kalmah (4) is a little rat." he tells me. I notice a red bag tied to his belt. He notices my gaze.

"Hungry huh? I looted lots of meat from when I was still with the careers." he tells me. Robin (12) looks away in disgust.

"Let's say," he continues, "You both help us.... we could give you food." he offers. Textil's (3) eyes widen.

"Deal." I say instantly. Robin (12) grabs my arm

"No way." she spits

"DEAL" I say with anger. She releases me and sighs, and then Textil (3) seems to be arguing quietly with Julius (1). It ends with Textil (3) crossing his arms.

"So we are all at agreement?" Julius (1) directs this mainly at Robin (12) and Textil (3). They both nod with resentment.

"Good." Julius (1) smiles, and hands me a dirty red bag.

"Enjoy it. I forgot who it wa- oh yeah, it was Jessica (11)-" he immediately stops, knowing the mistake. But i don't care, as I open the bag and tear away at a chunk of skinned red meat. Robin (12) gags a little.

"Eat something." I tell her.

"Your eating your friend.." she tells me

"And she doesn't taste that bad." I smile

I finally get her to munch on a finger. All four of us start a fire, knowing no tributes other than the careers will mess with us. That's when the announcement comes on.

"ATTTTEEENNTTIOOON TRIBUTES! Congrats for making it to day two! For a celebratory occasion, a feast will be hosted at the cornucopia tomorrow afternoon! All you kids camping there should move out or you'll be blown up! We have to set up sillies! Now, this will be an actually FEAST! Haha! A big table with a white tablecloth with candles and ornaments, oh my, look at me being boring! But... you will be pleased to know that all the food will be non HUMAN! That's right! There will be cakes and chicken and water! You can have a romantic dinner... or have a sitting with friends!!! Now, it's up to you! Attendance is not mandatory, but highly recommended! Good luck."

The announcement ends, and we all look at each other, unsure of what is to come next.

Day Three


Chakra Fatalis's POV

Lorelei (7) is currently sleeping in the south corner of the room. Me and Bell (9) are dying just to rip her open, but we decided we might get more stuff from the feast if we just waited it out a little longer. I creep my fingers along Bell's (9) long arm, and she shivers. I would do anything for her. Anything. If it being me that dies, and her that gets to escape the arena, and live her life, then that is how it is going to play out. I'm not saying I am not scared of dying, im terrified. But for her, I could die right now and have no regrets. None at all. Bell (9) is digging into her back for something, and I lean over to see what she is trying to find. 

"Where the fuck is it...?" she mutters under her breathe.

"Where is what?" I reply

"The breast ripper we got from the corn. YOU SAID WE COULD USE IT!!!" she cries

"I have no idea where it is!" I yell at her

She starts laughing and hitting herself in the face. It freaks me out a litte, but I grab her hands with my own, and hold them close to my chest. She instantly calms down. I smile, and give her shaking hands a small squeeze.

"Do you feel that?" I ask her, her hands still postioned on my chest

"Mhm." she smiles slowly.

"My heart beats fast when I look at you. I go all fuzzy." I continue, "You make me feel safe and calm, and I want us to be together forever." I laugh, and press forehead to hers. It happens fast, but I could feel it within every drop of blood flowing through my body. Her lips flow into mine, and we are one. The energy is couldn't be cut with a knife.

"Lets try and get some sleep before the feast." I tell her.

"Okay..." she lays her head on my stomache, and we both manage to get comfortable in the corner we are in. I close my eyes, and think about what the feast is going to hold for us. Hopefully food, water, and a few kills. I want to be completely replenished, and try to get us to the final two. Then I will attempt to find something to kill myself with quick. I can't have her watching me do it, and then just have herself go insane and probably hurt herself. I never want to see her get hurt, it would be awful. I think would cry. I think I would cry. I think I would cry. Hehe... i would cry, and then I would drink the tears for water and imagine life, then if she does die I can drink her blood, and we can become WHOLE. Heheheh. I love that idea... I love it. Maybe I can do it now, maybe I can just stab her and become one. Become one with my soul. Become perfection, become everything in life that I want. I want love, I want love... I want her she is so beautiful. She makes me happy... I can't stand it. I just can't.

Why do I want to scream? What are these feelings? WHAT IS THIS. I am feeling sick. Should I go outside... NO NO NO! SHE WOULD BE ALL ALONE I CAN'T DO THAT TO HER. SHE WOULD CRY.

I start to laugh, and laugh and laugh with my eyes still closed with a iron grasp. Then, its the most subtle movement, and a dash of wind, but I jar my eyes open. I see Bell (9), snoring quietly. But I also don't see Lorelei (7) in the corner anymore. Thats when Lorelei (7) blows a little gust of air in my ears, and before I can even jump to my feet, she has a rag suffocating my face, and her other hand is occupied by pulling tangles of my hair downwards in fiery jerks. The rag has a tear jerking smell, and soon, my body feels numb, and I see white dots popping up everywhere in my vision. I stop struggling against her, and soon a darkness coats my vision, and I feel nothing but a deep haze of uncomfortable sleep.

The first thing that I see is blurry. But I think its a tree, and some grass along the bottom. I feel my head pounding from pain, and the sun is no help at all to my vision. A dark shadow is flanking my left field of vision, and I am still unsure of what is happening. When my eyes clear up some, I can tell the shadow is a human. A girl. I attempt to stand up, but something powerful is keeping me down. My head is nodding like a fishing bobber, and soon, I meet darkness again. 

This time, my head stays aware. I instantly jerk up out of my haze, and frantically look around from my location. When I try to run, rusty chains keep me bay at a large tree at the edge of what use to  be a pond. I start yelling for help, but no one answered my cries. As I am looking around, thats when I see it. I see someone else tied the tree opposite of me, with a small dirty bag over their head. I yell out for them, but they just stand there, with their heads leaned against the tree. As my panic grows stronger, thats when I start to yell for Bell (9). The figure opposite of me jerks upward at the response, and my heart plummets to the ground. I should have been able to tell just by what she was wearing, but the bagged person is Bell (9).

"Bell (9)! I'M OKAY! I AM JUST A FEW FEET AWAY FROM YOU! DON'T PANIC!" I yell towards her. She fumbles around with a response. 

"Hi ya..." I nearly bang my head against the tree in shock when Lorelei (7) skips around the tree, smiling. 

"You STUPID GUTTER SLUT LET HER GO FUCKING RIGHT NOW!" I scream, but she just giggles. I can feel the hot, angry tears already flooding my face.

"Okay.... but first I am going to have a little fun!" she laughs, and walks over to Bell (9), and removes the bag. Bell's (9) face is beaten and bruised, and she has a gag stuffed in her mouth, and she franticly is trying to say something, but the words get choked back by the gag. Her whole face turns red, and she starts to make an awful sound, her throat pulsing. 

"Oh.... I can't have you getting choked and dying on me just yet!" she laughs, and jerks the gag out. Instantly, vomit pours out of her mouth, and down her whole body. She is sobbing, and soon she has me crying as well. We should have never trusted Lorelei (7).

"Done? Good, because you don't have to wear the gag anymore!" Lorelei (7) throws the gag into the use to be pond, and walks over to a tree on my left side. Of course, she has all our supplies gathered together, and she pulls a something out, still covered in a white cloth. Bell (9) is still choking and coughing from her own vomit, trying to expel it all from her weak system. I try to look her in the eyes, but her head is leaned downward. 

"I think.. you girls were missing something right?" Lorelei (7) unwraps the item she had pulled from the pile. My eyes grow wide, and Bell (9) starts screaming. It's the Iron Spider

"No... no no no... Please, please I'm begging you. Don't her- hurt.... don't hurt her.." Bell (9) gags out. 

"Who said this... was for her?" she points the trap at me, and I start cursing her and screaming her to leave Bell (9) alone. Bell (9) shockingly laughs in relief.

"I'm sure.... i'm sure you want me to cry, and scream and beg for mercy," Bell (9) spits out some leftover vomit from her mouth to the ground, "But I won't."

"Huh" Lorelei (7) seems puzzled.

"You won't get the pleasure of my death." she laughs.

"PLEASE STOP THIS LORELEI (7)!" I cry out in pain. I see Bell (9) still giggling. 

"Okay.... I will maybe... let you both go, if you can say "I'm a stupid bitch." one thousand times." Lorelei (7) laughs. I start immediatly, and it turns into a sort of chant.

"I'mastupidbitchI'mastupidbitchI'mastupidbitchI'mastupidbitchI'mastupidbitch" I cry out as fast as I can. Lorelei (7) whistles, and walks over to Bell (9).

"I wan't to show you how strong I've gotten.... Chakra (8). I WON'T CRY! I WON'T!" she yells at me. She laughs.

"I'mastupidbitchI'mastupidbitchI'mastupidbitchI'mastupidbitch" I never stop, tears running down my face. 

"WATCH ME I'M STRONG!!!!! I"M STRONG HAHAHAHAHAHH!" Bell (9) looks Lorelei (7) straight in the eyes.

"I'm tired of hearing both of you." She opens the two sharp mouths of the Iron Spider, and sits it on the ground. She then takes a knife, and cuts off Bell's (9) shirt, leaving her exposed with nothing on but her soiled brown sports bra. 

"I'll give you the dignity to keep it on. Once this thing clamps down, it can cut through steel." Lorelei (7) smiles.


"I'mastupidbitchI'mastupidbitchI'mastupidbitch" I never stopped, not once. I continued. 

"Suit yourself!" Lorelei (7) unclasps Bell's (9) bra, and it falls down her chest, leaving her naked from the waist up. Lorelei (7) turns around and smiles at, but I am looking at the ground, continuiously chanting I'm a stupid bitch over and over again. 

"Oooohhhh! So close... you only needed about 800 more." she picked up the Iron Spider, and places it on Bell's (9) left and right breasts. 

"I'mastupidbitchI'mastupidbitchI'mastupidbitchI'mastupidbitchI'mastupidbitchI'mastupidbitch" My voice grows higher and more faster, but I know it too late. 

"HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAH LET IT FLY YOU FUCK!" Bell (9) screams right in Lorelei's (7) face. That was the final straw for her. Lorelei snapped the trap into action, and it sliced right into Bell's (9) breasts, completely servering the right one, and leaving the left one a hanging piece of flesh. A sea mist of red sticky blood blew out of Bell's (9) chest, smacking right into Lorelei's (7) face. Bell (9) continued to laugh, and curse, until she finally gave out, and hung her head down low. She raises it up one last time, and looks me in the eyes. She smiles, and mouths, thank you, before her entire head went limp, and her cannon boomed around the arena. I am speechless, my mouth shaking. Lorelei (7) is smiling, and tells me she is leaving.

In an almost monotone reply, I tell her to go fuck herself. She giggles, and leaves the clearing, with me still attached to the tree. My face is frozen, my mind is blank. I feel nothing but the sunlight hit my skin, and I hear the wind blowing in the breeze. 

Amalia Lucy's POV

The smell of sticky hot air clutters into my nostrils. My head gets sweaty, causing my hair to trail against it. I've been on my own for awhile, heading out to find a good spot tot hide close to the Feast. I know Persia (2) will be there, and so will I. I broke away from the careers, only for a chance to survive longer. Persia (2) will kill us all, I know it. I find no pleasure in staying with a group of fools waiting for their death. I came here to win, and I will be the victor. I can see it, through the dead branches. I can see the golden light sparkling along the dead wood. I know I have made it to the cornucopia. I get into one of the patches of dead twigs, and peer out into the clearing. There is nothing here yet. Just the empty plates, and the cornucopia, almost cleared of supplies. The blood stains spattered all over the side are dried now, and the water and mud that previously inhabited the area is either dried up or gone. I inhale and exhale. I keep a rhythm going with myself.

I must have fallen asleep, because I when I wake up, something large and black is nearly in front of my face. I jump up quick, and back away slowly. I slowly realize it is a large black dome around the cornucopia. They must be setting up the feast. I gently tap the dome with my sword, and it doesn't recoil, doesn't make a single noise. I press my ear to the dome, and it is icy cold. I hear no noise from the inside. It must be thick, soundproof, designed for us not to be able to get a jump on the other tributes. I sigh, and return to my little hovel in the twigs. I haven't seen any other tributes since Kalmah (4). I need to find Julius (1), he hasn't died yet. He didn't come up in the sky last night. He probably found a group, he was always so charismatic. And nice... I don't know why I didn't leave with him, or why I helped kill Joshua (2). Well, Joshua (2) was a dick so I really don't care about that. Persia (2) had us all fooled with her lies. Poor Kalmah (4). I was lucky enough to see it. That's when I see them. It is hard to make out, but they are there. Then I see someone on the other side. Shadows in the twigs, like a hunters.

It's the other tributes. Almost all of them. I can make out Persia (2) on the left side... but where is Kalmah (4)? As I am trying to figure it out, something strange happens. The arena becomes deadly quiet, all sounds have stopped. A quiet static pur can be heard, subtle, but it's there. Then the organ music starts. It's bone chilling, and I know the game makers are probably getting a kick out of creeping us out with it. It's strange, but right when they played that, I knew the feast would start.

The dome, literally, disintegrates into black powder. And the image that laid behind it makes my jaw drop to the floor. The organ music starts again, and I feel my whole body quake with awe inspiring joy. It's.... incredible.

The Feast

Robin Smoke's POV

The golden grass swaying back and forth is blinding, yet mesmerizing. I try to focus on the event and hand, and Martin (11) seems dazzled by the low hanging chandeliers, the sunlight refracting the crystals across the ground. The smell of the exotic foods is overwhelming. I smile, and me and Martin (11), sadly along with Julius (1) and Textil (3) scamper over into the tables. Pink and red leaves are blowing with the rhythm of the dark organ music, and I can't decide what to eat first. We do need to just restock on weapons, and I instantly go over to the cornucopia while the others inspect the food items. I find a nice bow, with a quiver of arrows, and start testing the draw string. It's sudden, and quick, but out of the corner of my eye, I see a girl get tackled behind the cornucopia. I yell for Martin (11) and the others, and they run over. We cross behind the cornucopia to find Persia (2) about to stab Amalia (4) in the chest. But Julius (1) yells in rage, and draws his sword. Persia (2) looks startled to see all of us, and quickly rolls off of Amalia (4).

I aim my arrow at Amalia's (4) chest, ready to end her life, but Julius (1) pushes it sideways.

"We can trust her for now." he tells me. I don't fucking trust him, and fire it anyways. It cuts right into Amalia's (4) left thigh. She screams in pain and shock, grabbing on to one of the low hanging chandeliers. Persia (2) is laughing.

"You stupid fucks... did you think.... you could kill me so quick?" she laughs. Then I see her. The girl from eight. She screams coming into the clearing, and her knife digs into Persia's (2) back. Chakra (8) has no emotion on her face. I was too busy watching them fight, to even notice Amalia (4) getting closer to me. Before I can do anything, her sword slashes into my face, cutting my cheek. I can feel the depth of the wound as I cry out in pain.

"You bitch! Don't come any closer or I swear to god I will make you drown in your own blood.." I aim my bow at her exposed throat.

"Hehe go ahead." she turns to watch Persia (2) ripping out Chakra's (8) tongue with her own teeth. The tongue is hanging by mere fleshy strands, and blood is gushing out of the pink stump, down Chakra's (8) throat. Textil (3) takes his sword and starts to run to her, but Julius (1) stops him.

"No. It has to be fair." he tells him, "I will kill myself, face to face."

Persia (2) jerks her head back furiously, and Chakra's (8) tongue rips into her mouth. Chakra (8) is gagging on her own blood, it seemingly seems to be pooling in her mouth, flowing over her lips. Persia (2) laughs, and chews Chakra's (8) tongue right in front of her eyes, and spits the now mushy piece of pink matter at her face. She then rises off the ground, a dark smile drawn across her blood drenched mouth. The collar of her dirty shirt is stained with a fresh wet red stain of blood, and she seems to be silently laughing. Chakra (8) turns over on her side right behind Persia (2), and a river of blood swims onto the golden grass. Her eyes are becoming duller, and she is gagging and making painful noises.

"Uggg uggg" is all she can get out. Persia (2) rubs her back.

"Bitch got me pretty good..." she laughs

"Persia (2)... it's time to die now." Julius (1) steps forward. The organ music seems to quiet a little.

"Someone is going to die. Whether it be you..." Persia (2) coughs in pain, "or one of your friends here. I see Amalia (4)! Lucky bitch got saved though."

"Hush. I don't have the patience to hear you bitch anymore." Julius raises his sword, "Prepare yourself."

Right as he says this, Textil (3) screams in agony. Lorelei (7) is standing by the weapons at the cornucopia, and holding several deadly sharp throwing knives. I look at Textil (3) in panic, wondering wear he was hit. I almost gag when I see the knife sticking out of his crotch. He falls to the ground, holding the end of the knife.

"Let's play!" she cries out

"Robin (12), Martin (11) go fight her off." Julius (1) tells us, never moving his eyes from Persia's (2) evil gaze. We both nod. Lorelei ducks behind the cornucopia as we coming running, Martin (11) taking the front, and me behind him with my arrow ready. A cannon fires, and I sharply look back at Textil (3). But he is still behind Julius (1), screaming with tears running down his face. That's when I think of Chakra (8), and look over behind Persia (2). Sure enough, her lifeless body lays on the side, red blood and what looks like vomit, oozing out of her mouth. She seems... peaceful somehow though.

We looking around the cornucopia, still unsure of where Lorelei (7) went. That's when we hear her scream on the other side of the cornucopia. When we round the side, Eli (6) has her against the side of the cornucopia, and Jayson (7) seems to be groping her chest.

"Didn't think you see us again huh sweetie..." Eli (6) laughs as he presses against her body. She struggles against him, but he clearly is much stronger. They must not see us, because I aim my bow right at Jayson (7). I let it fly, slightly closing my eyes. I hear a spatter and a cannon. The arrow went straight threw his skull, pieces of his cranium and brain tissue spread across the cornucopia. His cannon fires, as Eli (6) instantly backs away from Lorelei (7). I keep my bow aimed at her as Martin (11) goes for Eli (6). Eli must not see her, but Amalia (4) appears from seemingly nowhere, a red ghost behind him. She grips his head, and her knife draws a straight line across his throat. It is like something you see in a movie. It takes a second, but the blood spews out of his open neck. She takes a fist full of his hair, and pulls his neck back, only ripping the wound open more. He gushes now, a red rain staining against one of the chandeliers. She suddenly releases him, and he drops face first into the now red stained chandelier. It shatters into a thousand pieces, cutting into his face and body, and he hits the ground, bloody crystals dug all around his skin, his eyes open and vacant. His cannon booms, and Amalia (4) stayed perfectly still while this all happened.

"Well... I assume we are good now." she coughs mainly at me. I stare at the arrow sticking out of her leg, and nod at her.

"Yeah." I tell her. I aim back to my left to shoot Lorelei (7) through the heart, but I notice she has already left, and I see some of the food missing from the tables. I sigh, and we all walk and limp back to Julius (1). Textil (3) is leaned against the tree, and Amalia (4) tells him she can probably get it out without much more bleeding. He groans, and tells her later.

Julius (1) and Persia (2) just stand there, looking at each other. Both have swords, one is injured. We all know if Persia (2) somehow kills Julius (1) we will end up murdering her. But for now, we watch from under this pink leafed tree. It smells strongly of peaches and blood.

"Hehe..." Persia (2) breaks the silence, taking out her long sword. Julius (1) raises his silently

"Persia (2)... this is it. I am going to be your liberator. I am going..." he pauses, "to fucking kill you."

"Come at me." she sounds suddenly angry.

Then, they both run at each other, and their swords both clash with ferocity, a rain of sparks flying off the metal.

Julius Spring's POV

She arches her arm, her sword and mine opposite forces with the same power on each side. She is strong, even while she is injured and bleeding out. Her face is nothing but a stone expression, completely focused. I release my grip suddenly, and spin out of the way, causing her to stumble forward. She regains her footing almost instantly, and jacks her sword around towards me, missing my face by mere inches. I lunge for her, taking the sharp end of my sword as a banner, aiming for her chest, but she sees this coming, and takes the butt of her sword, and hammers my back down. I grunt, and hit the ground hard. She grabs my hair, and smiles.

"You should have known how this was going to end." she whispers, holding her sword to my neck. I think I am done for, but a monumental force lifts her off the ground, and throws her away from me. Martin (11) has a angry look sketched on his face. Persia (2) is coughs on the ground about a foot away. I look stunned. He threw her... a foot away.

"Thanks..." I tell him, getting off the ground.

"What happened to no-" Persia (2) coughs up blood on the golden terrain, "no interferences."

"Your not leaving here alive." Julius tells her directly, "Whether you kill me, and everyone in my alliance. You will die."

Persia (2) laughs, and gets on her hands and knees.

"Get up, and fight." I (1) spits.

"Give an old lady a second." she snaps

Persia (2) finally returns to her feet, and grabs her sword which fell right next to her. Martin (11) leans back in next to Amalia (4), and crosses his arms. I (1) run at Persia (2), knocking her to the ground again, kicking her stomach till more darker blood retched out of her mouth. She is gagging now, and flailing her arms to protect my sharp kicks. She is helpless and broken now.

"W-what are you doing.... stop it... just kill me.... please...." she breathes heavily throughout each word.

"No. We have... something else planned." I reply, and grab her by the hair, dragging her back to the cornucopia. Her own senses seem to be dulling. I can feel her fading. Don't die... yet.

I hear the group following me. I don't know, especially Robin (12), will like what I am about to do, but maybe they will see it my way. I make it with Persia (2) near the spot of the table Lorelei (7) cleaned clear, and throw up up on the table. She moans, her eyes somewhere distant in the sky. I take my knife out.

"What are you doing?" Martin (11) asks

"I think we should have one last meal." I tell them all. I motion to Persia (2) with my knife. Martin (11) immediately agrees, while Amalia (4) and a still teary eyes Textil (3) seem hesitant.

"Why when we have all this food around us?" Amalia (4) questions

"This is purely sweet vengeance." I tell her. After those words leave my mouth, her and Textil (3) agree. Robin (12) looks disgusted, and walks away over to the weapons. Persia (2) seems to come to a little.

"Am I dead yet...?" she whispers

"Not yet." Julius (1) tells her. She sighs.

"Hurry up then." Persia (2) tells us.

I push her whole body up on the table. I take my knife and stab her hand into the white tablecloth. She groans in response. Amalia (4) pierces her other hand into the table with her knife. Little lines of red blood flow down the white cloth. Persia (2) seems to be hanging on by mere short spastic breathes.

"What a nice appetizer." Amalia (4) laughs.

Martin (11) bites into her arm, tearing a huge chunk of steaming red flesh into his mouth. Persia (2) jolts up with pain, screaming. Amalia (4) bites into her other arm, as I start ravaging her calf. Her screams continue, only changing when she sobs in pain. Textil (3) is eating around her lower abdomen, trying not to bend that much. Then it happens, so sudden that we all go deadly silently and stop what we are doing. Robin (12) jumps up on the table, almost animal-like, and sinks her teeth into Persia's (2) strangled jugular. With a few crazed head movements and jagged bites, she tears out Persia's (2) phalanx, the juicy blood dripping from the salmon colored organ held into her teeth. We stare stunned as she lets it drop out of her mouth. A cannon fires.

"There, now you don't have to worry about torturing someone one." she leaves to go browse the food. We follow.

"I was about to kill her." I tell her. She ignores me, looking hungrily at large chicken, still warm and buttered, sitting on a metal plate.

"Well...." Martin (11) exclaims, picking up some sausages, "What are we waiting for?" he bites into one, some of the grease coating his bottom lip. He looks overly pleased, but then a strange look glazes his eyes. He sits down for a second, and I look over at him.

"Are you okay Martin?" I say softly.

He looks at me, still holding the sausage. Then, his eyes turn completely milky white, and his head slams down into a bowl of soup. Robin (12) screams, as Amalia (4) throws the chicken leg she was about to bite into as far away as she can. His cannon fires.

"Wha.... what the fuck.." Textil (3) is shocked.

"But he just ate a sausage." Robin (12) whispers in shock.

"The food..." Amalia (4) starts. It hits me like a bullet, the sudden realization,

"They poisoned it... they poisoned all of it." I finally state. The organ music suddenly stops, the leaves from the colored trees die and fly into the wind. The sky turns suddenly dark, making everything seem like it's in black and white. Most eerie of all, the chandeliers turns a strange red color.

"What's happening...?" Robin (12) whispers. Amalia (4) draws her sword, and Textil (3) moans in pain.

"Tributes...." an announcement states throughout the arena, "You seemed to have figured out something..." the voice sends shivers down my spine.

"These are the Cannibal Games, and there is no other way out of that." It cuts off, and we stand in the swaying light of the now red chandelier.

It seems colder now, it seems darker. The red light meets the newly dead trees with monsters cast on the ground. I know one thing.

These aren't nearly over yet. They played us right into this trap. We should have known better.

The Feast

Kalmah XXLV's POV

With all the cannons going off, I can honestly say I made the best choice of all the tributes. Sure, whoever outlasted, probably Persia (2), now has real food and water, but so? They are probably near death from wounds. I am trekking not north or south, but east, hoping I run into someone running away from the feast. Maybe they got away with some food, and I'll just "borrow" some from them. The air seems humid ever since the sky got darker out of nowhere. It got darker right after the string of cannons went off. I wonder if Amalia (4) made it out okay... and what about that girl from eight. She seemed strong. But even the strongest people can be brought down somehow. The leaves seem drier, deader, as they crunch underneath my heavy tread. I am trying to also find somewhere to hunker down for the night, someplace open to the sky to I can see the anthem tonight. I have a weird feeling... like the people I am suspecting to have done well in the feast actually did awful. They might even be dead. Persia (2) might be dead. And that seems impossible. She seemed so indestructible. I know one thing for sure, she didn't go down without a fight. She had to have made a few of those cannons fire.

When sweat starts to drip off the top of my nose, I know I have to stop. Luckily, I make this decision near a cozy looking tree, and a nice clearing to see the sky tonight. I set my stuff down next to a brown, corpse like bush, and lay down on the strangely soft bark. The sky and it's twinkling stars are comforting. My eyelids feel heavy as I continue to stare into the never ending abyss of white dots. The blaring music of the anthem starting rockets any sort of hazy sleepy feeling I had out of my system. The blue grid appears into the sky, and the faces begin to appear. I am thoroughly shocked.

Chakra (8) appears, smiling. Then comes Jayson (7) and Eli (6). I wasn't really surprised with that. Then my jaw drops on my chest when I see Persia (2) come up. I honestly can't believe it. I wouldn't have if I hadn't had seen it with my own eyes. They... brought down Persia (2)? She seemed extra pissed when I left her. I simply refused to even go to that suicide mission, and she told me to go crawl in the wilderness and die. Well, well... The last face is Martin (11), and I can honestly say I am surprised he was on there. He seemed so.... crazy. Like Persia (2). The sky then turns black and stary again, and I close my eyes to go to sleep.

I awake to footsteps. I slowly rise from my leaned position, into what I would call a crouch. My knife finds it's why into my hand, and I looking all around, finding it hard to see in the grainy darkness. Then I see a darker outline, leaning against a tree.

"Come out. Now." I say clearly. The person steps into the moonlight, and Lorelei (7) gives me a strange smile.

"Pretty ballsy... sleeping in the open like this. You would think that you would seem a little more smarter than that." she giggles

"There is only 6 of us. The arena is huge. You are lucky you even found me." I spit

"Probably.... but still. I could have slit your throat."

"Well, why didn't you?" I question her, somewhat confused.

"We would survive longer together." she looks me in the eyes when she tells me this.

"No." I tell her

"I can give you food." she tells me, and I instantly know I am going to have to say yes. I am in no position to turn down food.

"From where?" I ask her.

"The Feast." she tells me, pulling her backpack in front of her chest.

She pulls pieces of delicious looking chicken from her backpack, as well as cakes and honey. I almost drool in response.

"So.... alliance?" she smirks

"Yeah..." I say, mesmerized by the food.

"Alright, first thing we need to do is destroy this food." she says sadly.

"WHY?" I almost shout

"It's poisoned.... I saw Martin (11) die from eating it"

"But..." I almost whine like a child

"No, you can have some of Eli (6). I picked off someone of his arm." she pulls out grossly jagged ribbons of arm flesh.

So, we knock over all the food into a deep empty ravine that use to hold water, and silently eat some of Eli (6). The night is quiet, and the dread is even heavier.

Day Four


Amalia Lucy's POV

"Alright, bite down hard." I tell Textil (3). He is writhing in pain on the ground. We are still at the cornucopia, feeding off the dead bodies. Textil (3) still has the crescent knife lodged in his crotch. I am trying to help him by giving him a pair of dirty socks to bit down on while I take it out. The others are out foraging, and I told them they wouldn't want to see this anyway, because I have him naked completely from the waist down. The knife is dug in his testicles, all the way to the handle. He is sweating with teary eyes as I tell him I'm going to have to tear it out, then stitch it. I dig it my bag for some disinfectant, and find some alcohol.

"This is going to hurt like a bitch.." I tell him. He starts to shake his head in no, but I hold it down and dump the contents out on his privates. White, sizzling foam condenses around the knife, and he arches his lower back upward in blinding pain. Luckily the sock is cutting off most of his screams. I grip the handle of the knife.

The blade goes right in between the testes, and straight through the scrotum. The tip of the blade is cut into the back part of his calf.

"Bite down hard." I tell him. He closes his eyes, veins popping out on his forehead.

"1..." I start the countdown to three, gripping the handle hard.

"2...." Before I even get to three, I rip the knife out of his crotch, and the tender frail scrotum rips in half, and two light pieces of hard flesh dangle from the ripped skin. I nearly gag, and notice that he has passed out.

"Okay... let's start to stitch it u-" It hits me faster than a brick wall. The thought of it cuts me deep, but in honesty it's the truth. I look at the knife, soaked in nut blood, and I just stare at it. After 30 seconds of thoughtless ponder, I stick the knife into the boy's unconscious throat. Warm blood travels down his muscular naked body, and his eyes are doe like and in shock.

"Please... please forgive me." I choke out, and stab his neck again. This time it's like a sticky spray on my cold face, as a tear runs down mine. I stab his now shredded and blood drained neck a third time, as his cannon booms. I drop the knife instantly, and stand up shaking. My hands are a dark red, stopping at my wrists. I have hot tears in my eyes, looking down at Textil's (3) lifeless body, and a needle of overwhelming sadness and guilty pierces me. That's when I hear a gasp behind me. I turn around slowly, still holding my dripping wet hands out in front of me.

"I'm so.... so sorry..." I tell to Julius (1) and Robin (12). They are looking at me with shocked faces.

"I wanna go home.... why... are we helping him if we wanna go home...?" I say between tears, "IM NOT CRAZY! IM NOT!"

"Amalia (4)... put the knife down." Julius (1) says calmly. What? I thought I dropped it. But sure enough there it is, sticky in my hand.

"I-I dropped it... I dropped it when I did this... I dropped it.." I am trying to find the right words. Did I not drop it and believe that I did? Am I going crazy? I let the bloody knife hit the dead grass on the ground. Robin (12) runs over to Textil (3) and touches his neck. She sighs and looks at Julius (1) with a grim face. She takes Textil's (3) ripped dirty shirt that I took off early, and covers his privates with it. I am shaking so badly, I fall to my knees.

"I'm not crazy.... IM NOT" I cup my hands over my ears, because now there is a strange ringing sounds intruding them.

"Amalia (4) please... just stop." Julius (1) says, and crotches down in front of me. He gently holds my hands where my ears are. I look into his eyes. He smiles.

"Look...." he points over to the ground left of me. I look, and there is flowers. Red ones, yellow ones... and blue ones. Blue is my favorite... I love blue... I smile.

"Just... look at the flowers..." he tells me, somewhat more distant now.

"They... they are so pretty Julius (1). I love the blue pretty..." I can't stop smiling. I don't even stop smiling when I hear Julius (1) unsheathing his sword, and when I hear footsteps stop right behind me. There is a silence.

"so..pretty." I smile, as a tear prances down my face. I feel warm inside now, as if this was all worth it.

I have... no regrets.

Julius Spring's POV

It got bitter cold. I mean the gamemakers had to have done this themselves, as it was unnaturally windy and chilling. Amalia's (4) clothes weren't enough to keep Robin (12) warm, as she is shivering by my side in the back of the cornucopia. I feel as if I am almost done. Everyone is near death, and everyone wants to be done. I can feel the vibes running in the arena, and I know the time is close. I think... I think I have decided what I want to do. I think its very clear what I have to do. Robin (12) is coughing, her white skin turning a hazy creme blue. Her life is draining, and I don't think she will have much time to do anything else if I can't find someway to keep us both warm. I try to get up as slow as I can for fear that I would wake her up, but part of me thinks she has passed out from the cold. I need a way to keep her warmer. I try and think and find something to do, but it seems like she isn't gettting any warmer.

Once I leave the cornucopia I try and find something laying around that I can use. The tables are still full of the poisonious food, and Martin (11) and Amalia's (4) bodies still lay on the frozen grass. Then I think...


I run to the end of the table and grab the ends of the table cloth, and yank it off the wooden table, the plates and the food falling onto the ground in a loud clatter. I nod and go back inside the corncucopia and quickly wrap Robin (12) tightly in the blanket, and then lay her back on my legs. I hold my finger underneath her nostrils, and feel short, warm clutters of air on my finger. I think she is getting a little warmer and a little less rigid. I sigh, and wrap my chilled arms around myself, and shiver silently. I want this to be over with, but I have to make sure Robin (12) is okay before I let go. I dont want her to become just another victim in these games, I want her to become one of the few people that have the satisfaction of beating not just the games but the capitol as well. I want her to leave the arena, and go somewhere where she can live out the rest of her life in peace, wealth, and perhaps a partner. I just want her to be safe.

The night is drawing on, and I can't even think about sleep. Surprisingly enough, the tablecloth must be made out of good fabric, because she becomes a snoring heater on my legs. I smile, and lay my head against the icy cool metal of the cornucopia, trying to find some sleep in my mind. I think about all my favorite things, and contemplate everything that has ever happened in my life, knowing this might be the only time I ever get to do this. I could have one of those "life flashing before you eyes" sort of thing when I do meet my end, but I think this is much more steady and warm. I can feel the memories with my mind, and grasp them with every thought and feeling in my bones. I want it to be okay, I really do. But nothing in the world is sane. Nothing. Everyone functions to it. Making them just as corupt as the world. All this thinking, and so little time. I feel like I am a lost cause, because I just get added to the pile of people that have already lost their lives dumbly to these games. Even if... Even if I did win, why would I want to go home and face the people I know with bits of human flesh in my teeth.To look in the eyes of the families of the fallen and say I ate your children. I ate them and they digested in my fucking stomach. I just... couldn't.

The night almost feels warmer now. I think about my family, and I think about the people I know. I really needed to do this a long time ago. It feels nice. It feels like something right in a infinte sea of wrong. I rub Robin's (12) hair, and feel it moving in my my fingers. It's damaged, sweaty, and greasy, but it still feels like silk. Its a feeling of a human being that doesn't want to eat you. It's something no one can really feel, unless they have lived it all and came to this moments, and felt it.

Enough with being deep about myself and the meaning of life, I stand to my feet, and leave Robin (12) curled agaisnt the side of the metal wall. I walk to the entrace of the mouth of the corn, and sqat on my feet, sword in my hand and a nervous feeling in my gut. I don't know where the other two are, and I really don't want to. They might have found each other, and teamed up. Or they could be slowly killing each other and not caring about their lives. It's better for us anyways, it will make it easy to end it so she can go home. I watch woods, dark and the movements unhinged. They could be standing in the shadows, they could be watching me watch them, but not knowing I can't see them. They might think I see them, so I smile. Hopefully they are watching, hopefully they can feel myself, ready to go through anything, ready to end it now.

And when the first branch snaps on the far left side of the clearing, I know. It's time.

Robin Smoke's POV

Julius (1) is alert at the entrance of the cornucopia when I awake suddenly. I feel the smooth fabric of what appears to be a tablecloth around my body. I quietly lean up, and walk over towards him. I squat next to him, and he raises his arm in a move back motion. So I scoot backwards a few inches, my heart slowly starting to pound. What did he see? What did he hear? Was it that crazy girl? Was it Kalmah (4)? I try and find my bow I had, and see it leaning next to the spot I was sleeping. I have three arrows left in the quiver, and sigh when I realize out of all the weapons we went through during the feast, this was the only now in the gigantic pile. I assess the situation. Two vs two. Me and the other girl have ranged weapons, and Julius (1) and Kalmah (4) are both strong hand to hand combat. Lorelei (7) is insane and tenacious, Kalmah (4) more quiet and withdrawn. I suspect she would strike first during a battle, and I doubt she would play fair at all. Kalmah (4) might be more into a fair fight, but I assume he would still like to win. And against all odds, here I am in the middle of these three dangerous people with a bow and three arrows. I could pull some knives out from the pile of weapons, and right when I start looking for some Julius (1) whispers to quiet down because the clanging is making noise. So I sit back down and grip my bow. I ready an arrow, and I cross my heart it will meet it's targets. It's funny... 3 people... 3 arrows.

Julius (1) crouches back over to me, his sword at his side.

"I think they are outside in the woods. I heard crunching noises, and branches breaking. So, get ready." he tells me quietly.

I nod at him, and gingerly move against the wall. He is in front of me, and we both take different sides of the cornucopia. We decided cover inside would be best, since Lorelei (7) has throwing knives at the ready. I try and look around, but the grey darkness is interfering with my vision. I want to see around the cornucopia, but it's too risky to go outside the protective shell. Julius (1) tells me he is going to go outside, and I grab his arm.

"Are you insane??" I whisper quite loudly

He smiles "Just a little."

"They will kill you.... she will kill you. They have cover in the woods" I tell him.

"Yeah, but who says they are together? I could have just heard a squirrel, or a really fat chipmunk." he laughs

"Please... please don't leave me alone." I am begging at this point.

"I will be right outside. You should go to the back wall and draw your now and keep it pointed at the entrance, and shoot anything that isn't me." "Please.... please." I am gripping his arm tightly, like it's my last hope.

"It will be alright... Look, I decided I am going to get you home. You have a life ahead of you, and you are three people away from getting out of this hell hole. I want you to be happy in life, and live it to the fullest", he smiles, "Because we can do this, we can make. It will just take a little finesse, and together... we can defeat the-" Just within seconds, and a gust of wind, a knife spirals right through his throat, and exits the other side stick into the mesh golden wall. My eyes widen, as I feel the warm drops of his blood beaded on my cheeks. He grabs his throat, and collapses to his knees, red lines running between his fingers and drenching his shirt.

"No.... nonononono!" I start screamed, and grab his shoulders. He is gurgling blood, and gripping his throat tightly. I see tears on his face and realize I am crying. He takes his hands off his neck, and grabs my face.

"Do.... this." He barely manages to cough out. I grab his hands with my own, and squeeze them. I can feel the blood on my face from his hands, and see the mixture of my tears with his draining life. And somehow, through my mind, after his hands go limp, the cannon goes off, I find it. I find it deep within myself. Still holding his limp cold hands to my face, I slowly let go, and they fall limp on his torso.

"Thank you." I lean down and kiss his forehead. I take his sword, along with my bow, and slowly creep back into the darkness, now drawn and pointed at entrance. Part of me thinks she didn't see me, and when she comes in, I will not hesitate. I will not wait. I will kill her, even if I have to sacrifice myself.

Julius (1) did something I haven't been able to do in a long time.

He found my courage again.

Kalmah XXlV's POV

Lorelei (7) must have dissapeared, because when I open my eyes she is no one in sight. The sky is gloomy, heh, the sky is always gloomy. Has been since the feast. I guess I lucked up not going to that trainwreck. I roll over on my side, looking around. I still don't see her. I see my backpack with all my weapons leaning against the dead tree next to me, right where I put them when I laided down. She was sleeping right across from me, and it just seems weird she would go without doing anything... without killing me. I will never understand that girl. I yawn, and pull on my arms, trying to get them alive again. But, it is as I am sitting up I see the trap. A cold shiver runs down my spine and I fling back into a laying postion.... as I realize i'm not even close to the tree with my supplies on it. Im in the middle of a dried island. 

That stupid whore... She must have drugged me, and put me on this place. I look over the edge, and it's a steep drop into oblivion. How the fuck did she drag me over here... Did she have a latter? A pulley? I don't understand this. My heart is pounding as I suddenly scream, and it echoes off the tiny island I am still laying down on. And that brings me to the reason I laided flat. There is a bucket on my stomach, whereas when I woke up I thought it was the heavy thermal blanket. This bucket is the same bucket we used to dump blood all over Joshua (2), and by the smell of it... I sense it is filled with blood. I cant move my arms to get it, because I can hardly move at all without falling into the pit. So for now I am letting it sit on my abdomen, as I calmly try to find my way out of this situation. I can't move, I can't sit up, and I can't stand up. My feet are dangling over the edge, as I slowly try to move them onto the terra. 

The other side is a good 50 feet away so there is no jumping. I mean... this dried up island wasn't even near where I went to sleep. She must have moved me and my things, thinking I would just wake up and the blood would spill all over me, and that I would slip and fall into the hole. It is pretty clever I have to give her that, but not clever enough apparently. Hell... what am I saying.. I am stuck on this damn thing, and I guess I am going to have to let this bucket spill all over me. I slowly raise my arms, trying not to make my whole body lose balance and collapse into the the abyss, and I feel the dirt and soil giving way, every piece of it slipping into the hole. A band of hot sweat tires at my hairline, as I reache the handle of the bucket. Great! I might not even have to spill it on me. All I gotta do is move it carefully-

Right as I pick it up, the metal handles snap off, and the red water gushes all over my body. Some of it gets into my mouth, and I try and spit it out, but end up swallowing it. She rigged the fucking thing to break once I tried to pick it. I should have picked it up by the sides, GAH WHY AM I SO STUPID...

The blood is making loud echoes at it drops heavily off the small island, into the hole. And... something begins to stur below. Its the quietest little shuffles, that grow louder and louder by the second. I turn my head as far as I can, but still cant see the bottom. I feel a small box of matches in my pocket, those werent there before, and pull them off. I am going to light one and drop it to see what is at the bottom. I feel ever fiber of fear flaring up as I light it with a quick snap. And then I drop it. The light falls and falls, showing roots sticking out of the sides of the dirt walls. And it is hits the bottom. And then I scream. There is at least a hundred of them, crawling over each other. The match goes out, and it turns dark again... but now I know what is done their. A nest. A breeding nest.

She put me on an island, and doused me with blood over a pit of alligator mutts. 


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