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District 1- Full!

District 1 Male: Jeramy Al

District 1 Female: Kezaiah Bianca

District 2- Full!

District 2 Male: David Pierce

District 2 Female: Micaiah Valgus

District 3- Full!

District 3 Male: James Gear

District 3 Female: Myra Worthy

District 4- Full!

District 4 Male: Harvey Free

District 4 Female: Fleur Splith

District 5- Full!

District 5 Male: Tristan Cale

District 5 Female: Lenora-Mae Trixa

District 6- Full!

District 6 Male: Jonathan Ford

District 6 Female: Lynnette Handsows

District 7- Full!

District 7 Male: Atlas Dunnin

District 7 Female: Mika Lycer

District 8- Full!

District 8 Male: Aston May

District 8 Female: Luna Snare

District 9- Full!

District 9 Male: Aaron Mercury

District 9 Female: Wendy Zirbel

District 10- Full!

District 10 Male: Jackson Jackson

District 10 Female: Sanne Smiths

District 11- Full!

District 11 Male: Tristan James

District 11 Female: Pearl Langston

District 12- Full!

District 12 Male: Matt Coupe

District 12 Female: Yasmine Haken



NEW UPDATE: Instead of boring you with scores and interviews and such, I know that the majority would just like to continue with the games. So instead of doing all the extra junk, I think I am just going to go on with the games!



Ranked Name Death Killed By


Jackson Jackson (10) Maced David (2)
23th Sanne Smiths (10) Slit Micaiah (2)


Wendy Zirbel (9) Arrowed Aaron (9)
21th Pearl Langston (11) Knifed Aston (8)
20th James Gear (3) Smashed Atlas (7)
19th Atlas Dunnin (7) Maced David (2)
18th Lynnette Handsows (6) Stabbed Fleur (4)
17th Fleur Splith (4) Stabbed Jonathan (6)
16th Harvey Free (4) Tortured Careers/Jeramy (1)
15th Tristan James (11) Stabbed Jonathan (6)
14th Kezaiah Bianca (1) Speared Luna (8)
13th Micaiah Valgus (2) Tripped/Stung T. Jackers/Jeramy (1)
12th Aaron Mercury (9) Stung Tracker Jackers
11th Jonathan Ford (6) Stabbed Yasmine (12)
10th Yasmine Haken (12) Slashed David (2)
9th Mika Lycer (7) Exploded Bird
8th Tristan Cale (5) Choked Luna (8)
7th Jeramy Al (1) Axed Luna (8)
6th David Pierce (2) Axed Luna (8)
5th Lenora-Mae Trixa (5) Speared Matt (12)
4th Matt Coupe (12) Neck Broken Myra (3)
3rd Aston May (8) Suicide Himself
2nd ???? ???? ????

VICTOR: You decide.

The Games

Day 1 (The Bloodbath)

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... GONG!

The tributes were off, all of them focused on getting the supplies from the golden cornucopia. Jeramy (1), picked up a nice sword and swung it at Luna Snare (8), but she dodged it, and scurried to grab a pack, and ran into the woods. David (2), had a mace, and was swinging it toward Sanne (10), who was trying to evade everyone, but out of nowhere, Jackson (10), ran in front of her right when the mace was about to hit, and stuck him in the chest. He fell down, and David (2), slammed the mace down of his head. BOOM! Jackson's (10) cannon sounded. Sanne (10) cried in terror, and tried to run into the woods, but was tripped by Micaiah (2). She laughed at Sanne (10), and slit a red smile around her throat with a knife. BOOM! This all happened within 30 seconds. The careers were centered at the cornucopia, fighting off other tributes, when Aaron (9) came around from the bushes edgeing the cornucopia, with a bow in hand. He aimed at Harvey (4), and fired. But his arrow went in the wrong direction, hitting his district partner, who was running to meet him. Wendy (9) fell on the ground, but she looked at him and smiled. BOOM! Hot tears flooded Aaron's (9) eyes, and he retreated into the forest. Matt and Yasmine (12) both escaped with a pack, and water. Tristan (11) was calling for Pearl (11), who was hiding in the cornucopia, but Aston (8) saw her and threw a knife at her head. She fell down, and blood trickled down her head. BOOM! Tristan (11) just lowered his head, and walked away into the woods with nothing in his hands. James (3) was going for a nearby bread basket around the careers, but Atlas (7) grabbed him by the hair and slammed his head into the cornucopia. This drew attention to the careers, and David (2) smashed Atlas in the face with his mace. BOOM! BOOM! Mika (7), saw Atlas (7) die, and ran into the woods with some water, and food. The district 6 tributes were going around the corner but Fleur (4) stopped Lynnette (6) and stabbed her repeatedly in the chest. BOOM! This angered Jonathan (6) , and he pushed Fleur (4) back against the cornucopia, and grabbed a nearby knife hidden in weeds. "I WILL KILL YOU FOR THAT!!!!" he shouted. "HARVEY!!! HARVEY!!!" she cried to her district partner, who was gathering supplies. "Fleur? WHERE ARE YOU???" Jonathan (6) jabbed her face with his knife, and kept stabbing out of anger, and when he ended, he grabbed her pack, said goodbye to Lynnette, and ran into the woods. BOOM! A career dead, and Harvey (4) knelt down next to his partner, and was saying sorry over and over again. Aston (8) was hiding behind the cornucopia, and was gathering stray supplies. He then felt good about what he had, and that he killed one tribute, and ran into the forest. Jeramy (1) and David (2) apparently had found another tribute that was looking for her now dead partner. Myra (3) trembled at the sight of the brute's in front of her. "How about we rip out her eyes, and then let the birds eat her?" said David (2) smiling. Myra (3) was in shock, that she did not realize that her knife was still in her hand. She threw it at David (2) and hit his leg. She then ran into the woods, and never turned back. But while she was running she ran straight into Aston (8), and he was ready to kill her. "Just... make it painless." she muttered. "Well, I would, but you wouldn't like that now would you dear?" he smirked. Her face grew bright red. "Alliance?" he held out his hand. "Sure." she said, taking the hand. Behind them, and little girl jumped out of the tree. "May... I please join?" said Lenora (5). She looked like she was crying. And then Aston (8) said, "Yes." He looked at me, and I nodded. Then our trio headed into the forest. The career's gathered at the centre, and then David (2), the career leader, counted who was there. Jermay and Kezaiah (1), Himself and Micaiah (2), and Harvey (4). He thought that they could make it, that they could dominate, but then he knew that one was already killed, and that was what bothered him them most. This is the Hunger Games. And the eight cannons sounded. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!


24th: Jackson Jackson (10) Maced by David (2)

23th: Sanne Smiths (10) Throat slit by Micaiah (2)

22th: Wendy Zirbel (9) Arrowed by Aaron (9)

21th: Pearl Langston (11) Knife throw by Aston (8)

20th: James Gear (3) Head Slammed by Atlas (7)

19th: Atlas Dunnin (7) Maced by David (2)

18th: Lynnette Handsows (6) stabbed by Fleur (4)

17th: Fleur Splith (4) stabbed by Jonathan (6)

Day 2 (The Mockinjay Alliance)

Tristan Cale (5) wandered the forest, looking for food. When the gong rang, he ran straight into the woods, to aviod the bloodbath. He was now nearing a river, when a rustling in the bushes happened. He turned around, and began to panick, because he didn't get a weapon. He picked up the nearest rock, which he guessed would do. Then he saw the girl appear. Luna (8) looked at him, and said, "I am not going to kill you." He lowered his rock, only a little. "What?" he said. "Listen, I am looking for an alliance, and I could kill you right now, but you seem helpless, so I guess I will take you in." she said. "What, am I your dog?" he spat. "Suit yourself, but listen, I heard the careers last night in this area, and that rock is not going to protect you much. David (2) is a brute!" she said in a rush. And then she started to walk away. "Wait!" he said. She turned around. "Fine, I guess I will... go." he finally said. "Alright, here, get rid of that rock." She handed him a blowgun, and some poisonious darts. "You trust me this much?" he said. "Sure, why not?" Then they headed into the forest, and she told him one more thing. "You know, this is not going to be a hide alliance, we are in this to kill." He gulped. The careers were arguing about food. "DUDE! You stole the food!" David (2) shouted at Harvey (4). "No, Jeramy (1) did!" he said back. "Check my bag, idiot, I saw you take it. Hell, there is a piece of bread hanging out of your damn pocket!" Jeramy (1) shouted. "This is ridculous..." Micaiah (2) uttered. She walked over to Harvey (4) and said, "Give it, now! Last chance..." "I DID NOT TAKE IT, HE IS FRAMING ME!!!!" Harvey (4) shouted. Micaiah (2) then kneed his legs, and took her knife, then started to cut his throat. "No." David (2) grabbed her knife. "We can't just kill him..." Harvey (4) smiled. "We have to torture him first!" The careers circled him, and took turns cutting of his fingers, and then, started to tear his scalpe. His screams of agony ended when Jeramy (1) took his knife and jabbed his knife into his eye. BOOM! "God, he was a pest." Jeramy (1) said. He smiled, and took the bread out of Harvey's (4) pocket, and stuck into his mouth, when everyone was gone. Mika (7) was still crying that her partner was dead, and then, Jonathan (6) came out of the woods. He growled still mad, and ran toward her with the knife. She screamed, and started to run, but he caught her leg, and then he was on her stomach, cutting her face. "She... is gone!!!!!" he screamed. He lifted his knife and was ready to end it, but then Tristan (11) came up behind him and bashed his head his the butt of a sword. This made his even madder, and he snorted with rage. "RUN!" Tristan (11) yelled to her. Mika (7) looked around, and narrowed her eyes at his bag. He nodded, and she ran to grab it. Jonathan (6) took his knife while Tristan (11) was turned and shove it up his stomach so hard, it came out on the other side. Mika (7) screamed in terror. BOOM! She heard the cannon while running away from the scene. She was tired and collasped at a tree, but someone grabbed her sholder, and she screamed again. Luna (8), and Tristan (5) looked down at her, and saw her tears and the blood stains on her shirt and face. "Looks like you need help..." Luna (8) bent down, Mika (7) winched, but then felt relief at the feeling of pain lotion on her face. "We all will live longer with an alliance." said Luna (8). Tristan (5) and Mika (7) nodded, and then Luna (8) handed Mika (7) and knife, and said, "But we kill the careers first, and we need a name, something new that all the District's can start a stand against the careers..." Mika (7) heard a chirping, and then the name hit her, "Mockinjay alliance, I mean, that can be our name..." "I like it." Luna (8) said. Then the trio headed into the forest. Mika (7) then thought about something, why that District 11 boy saved her... "My name is Tristan Cale." he held out his hand, and she blushed. "Mika." Tristan, that was what that boys name was, Tristan... Tristan.... The District 12 alliance was getting cold in the night, so Yasmine (12) lighted a fire when her partner went to sleep. He said not too, so she waited until he went to sleep. She was so warmed, he blood felt warm, like it was oozing up to her skin, and she could just feel the heat... But she noticed that a dart was in her cheek, and collasped. Matt (12) woke up and, got up, grabbed his sword, and her pack, and ran as fast as he could into the darkness. Kezaiah (1) and Jeramy (1) came out laughing... "What loser lights a fire at night???" she giggled. "Wait where is the boy?" he said. "URG! He got away, oh well, at least I killed one tonight!" They both laughed and began gathering what was there. Lenora (5), Aston (8), and Myra (3) were at a creek, drinking water, and Myra began to look into the sky, and Aston (8) laid beside her. Lenora (5) was asleep beside them. "What are you thinking about?" he asked her. "Nothing, just about home..." she began to tear up. "Hey, hey, don't cry..." he said. "But I want to go home, but we agreed that we let Lenora (5) go home...." she said. "And I will keep that promise, but, you should to..." he said. "I WILL! DON'T YOU EVER THINK THAT I WILL LET THAT LITTLE GIRL DIE!!!!" she suddenly shouted at him. And then she felt sorry, and started to cry again. Aston (8) wrapped his arm around her, and she buried his face into his chest. She looked at him, and he looked at her, and the didn't realized that there faces were growing closer, until their lips touched for 10 seconds heat filling Myra (3), when Lenora (5) screamed. They jumped up, and saw the district 6 guy running at her. Aston (8) grabbed his axe, and Myra (3) her bow, and aimed it at his chest. She fired and it struck the tree beside his face. This starled him, and he ran back into the woods. Lenora (5) was petrified on the ground, and Myra and Aston (3, 8) went to lay beside her, and they fell asleep together, all wrapped around each other. And for once, Myra (3) thought that she had a family. "Oh, and guys..." Lenora (5) said. "Yeah?" Myra (3) muttered. "I am not as little as you think, I am 17..." Myra (3) could not believe that...


16th: Harvey Free (4) Tortured by the Careers, and killed by Jeramy (1)

15th: Tristan James (11) Stabbed by Jonathan (6)

(*SPOILER ALERT* Yasmine's death is mistaken.)

Day 3 (A Storm of Venom)

Luna (8), Tristan (5), and Mika (7) were at the egde of the careers camp, watching them laugh, and, actually enjoy this hellhouse. "Our goal, Mockinjay's, is to kill the District 2 male." She pointed to David (2), who was eating a turkey leg by the tent, laughing at a joke. "How, they overpower us, I still think we need more people before we do this..." said Tristan (5). "Please, they are strong, but there is something that we have, that they don't, and that is wits." "Oh..." Tristan (5) still did not like the idea. He looked over at Mika (7), and she nodded. "I think you guys... need some help?" said someone behind them. The three turned around, and looked at the other three staring back. "We want to help." said Aston (8). "Yeah." Lenora (5) and Myra (3) said together. "6 in a alliance... that is a little much..." Luna (8) said to them. "We just want to help for now, to help take out the careers." Myra (3) said. "Fine, but you listen to me, got it?" said Luna (8) with order. The three nodded. Luna looked around at everyone's faces. Me, Tristan (5), Mika (7), Aston (8), Lenora (5), and Myra (3)... That should do. "Okay, we head out on 3, get your weapons ready." Luna (8) ordered. They all got there weapons ready. "1... 2... 3!"

Matt (12) was walking throught the forest alone, and he thought about Yasmine (12). Why did she not listen to me? She would be right here walking with me if she had not lit that stupid fire. He never really wanted to think about it, just, it kept surfacing. Then something caught his eye. An eerie purple glow was leaking through the trees, and he didn't now what is was. Then a buzzing noise was surfacing the trees. And then he knew what it was. Tracker Jackers, thousands of them... And then he heard 3 people screaming... 3? Jonathan (6), Aaron (9), and... Yasmine!! (12) Then it hit him, the gamemakers must have thought she was dead... And they rang her cannon, but when the careers left, she got up and ran away! "YASMINE!!!" he cried out. "RUN!!!!!!!" she screamed. He also remembered the Tracker Jackers, and ran beside her. But he didn't care. SHE WAS ALIVE!!! They were running straight to the cornucopia.

BOOM! Luna (8) pulled the spear out of Kezaiah's chest, and noticed Jeramy (1) running at her. She ducked at just the right moment, and kicked him in the head. Aston (8), and Myra (3) were fighting Micaiah (2) off. And Mika (7) and Tristan (5) were battling David (2). "Heh, you losers can't fight, your lucky the little 8 girl is with you.." he laughed. This made Mika (7) upset, and she sliced his face with her knife while he wasn't looking. "RRRRRR!" he growled. Luna cartwheeled past one of Micaiah's (2) airbourne knives, and then, at the right moment, slammed into David's (2) right arm. A sickening snap echoed in the sky, and David (2) cried in agony. "You little bitch!" he cried. He lifted his sword, and was ready to end Luna's (8) life, when a storm of buzzing started. Jonathan (6), Aaron (9), and the 12 alliance came screaming into the clearing. "AHHHHHH!!!!!" Lenora (5) screamed. She was already covered in them, and Myra (3) cried out to her. "LENORA!!!" Every tributes then went running expect Micaiah (2). She was running in front of Jeramy (1), and he whispered in her ear, "I stole the food, idiot..." She gasped, and then he tripped her. He looked behind him. And he screamed. It was completely black with the Tracker Jackers, and he saw her overly large swollen mass far behind. BOOM! The mockinjay alliance then made a sudden move. Luna (8), Mika (7), and Tristan (5) saw a pit to the far right. "JUMP!" Luna (8) screamed. The three tumbled into the pit, and layed flat down. The tracker jackers flew right over there heads, following the others. David (2) looked for Micaiah (2), and then looked at Jeramy (1), who was running beside him. He bowed his head, and shook it... David (2) started to slow down, but then he fell into another pit like the one the mockinjays went in. He started to sob in there. Jeramy (1) then made a risky move. He turned completely right, took one more look at the huge black cloud behind him, and escaped into the woods. Aaron (9) saw him, and tried to do the same thing, but he tripped, and the tracker jackers turned him green with ooze. BOOM! The 12 alliance went to a close pit, and hugged each other, glad that they both were alive. Jonathan (6), Aston (8), Myra (3), and Lenora (5) were still being chased. "ASTON! OVER HERE!!!" Myra (3) cried out. Him and Lenora (5) ducked into the wood, and kept running. Jonathan (6) was the last one left. But then he heard something, the buzzing was dieing out. He turned around, and saw that they were gone.. He laughed, ran back to the career camp, and gathered all there supplies. And for once he thought that he had a chance. David (2) crawled out, and saw Jonathan (6). He grabbed his spear and headed over to him. "Hell no.." he muttered. Then he threw the spear and hit Jonathan (6) in his arm, and pinned him to the cornucopia. "PLEASE! DON'T!!!" he cried out. "I'm not, I will, but you, me? Alliance?" he asked. "Uh, but your a..." "Career? Heh, no more left..." He looked into the sky. "We... just thought it was a game.... A GAME! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!!!!" he kicked the cornucopia hard. "Yes, to the alliance..." David (2) looked at him and said one more thing, "We kill Jeramy (1), because he killed the love of my life...."


14th: Kezaiah Bianca (1) Impaled by Luna (8).

13th: Micaiah Valgus (2) Tripped by Jeramy (1), and stung to death.

12th: Aaron Mercury (9) Stung to death

Day 4 (A Bleeding Heart)

Credit to Mockinjay, for the purple light trap.

The 12 alliance has been at it all day, aruguing about food, where to go, and what to do about the other tributes. "You know what, I think that we should separate." Yasmine (12) finally said. She grabbed a pack, and left and she had no idea where she was going. She just kept walking, and never really thought that she was heading right into the cornucopia. A twilight had just set, and she had tears growing in her eyes. She already missed Matt (12), so she would go look for him tommorrow. She remembered that the careers had cleared out due to the tracker jacker invasion, so she thought it would be okay to sleep here tonight. She headed inside the cornucopia, and pulled out her sleeping bag. She laided down and she really was tired, so she started to nod off, but hear a stern laugh. And she froze in terror. "I never really thought that you would do something so stupid." David (2) was holding a large sword, and was coming closer, and closer. She pulled the knife from her jeans. She is not going down without a fight. He creeped closer, and closer. She held the knife tighter and tighter. Then he lunged. She quickly rolled over, and he hit the cornucopia with a thud. She then ran out of the cornucopia, and she heard him growl. He chose a spear right near the ground, and spiraled it at her. RIP! The spear went right through her arm. She screamed in agony, and he came behind her, and pulled her up by her hair. He then got his sword, and began slicing her neck. She made one more drastic move. She lunged her knife, and it hit sqaure in his stomach. she did this reapeatedly. BOOM! She noticed something, that this was not David (2), it was Jonathan (6). She started to run out of the cornucpoia, but was tripped on the way out. She hit the ground hard, breaking her nose, and she had another snap. It was the arm that hadn't got speared. "Okay, okay, MOM! Maybe you don't like that I liked the guy..." he was talking to himself. David (2) sauntered over and looked down at her. "Like this! What is there to like about this.?" He pointed her up and down. He started to laugh, but she was deathly quiet. "I really liked that guy, to bad the tracker jackers got him, I never really even talked to him, but, crushes and all..." he smiled at her. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!" she screamed in pain, frustration, the whole 9 yards. "Heh, you will never know..." he had a stren look when he said this. He finally pulled out an eloganted sword. "Now, I can give you a chose..." he started. She looked at him, tears filling her eyes... "I .... know, what you mean....." she sobbed. " "Clean?" he questioned. She nodded her head.

BOOM! The sound woke the mockinjays up, and they began to see if they were all there. Luna (8) went to get water, and Mika (7) asked Tristan (5) something, "Who do you think that was?" But he was looking at something else over in the bushes. She followed and was greeted by a beautiful bird, with long colorful wings. Luna (8) was calling out something that Mika (7) could not hear, but Tristan (5) left. She was hypotized by this bird Just letting her watch it. Suddenly while she was inching closer and closer, she birds mouth flew open and started to flash this dark purple light. Like the one we saw behind the tracker jackers. She knew it was a trap, and she knew she was to late. Her eyes started to fill with liquid, hot blood running down her ears mouth nose, eyes. Oh the eyes felt the worst, she was blinded with red. She started to screamed, and then she fell on the ground, and started to have a panick attack. Luna (8) came back, and screamed at the sight of her. Finally with one big push, Mika (7) face exploded, organs and all fell back on Luna (8) and she screamed. BOOM! Tristan (5) came back, anc dropped all the water. "What the hell did you do Luna (8)?" he looked at her with furious eyes. "It was the bird.... the bird?" It had flew away, right there, and made her story more unbelieveable. Tristan didn't talk anymore after that, instead, he pulled out his knife and slashed her face. "YOU ARE DEAD!" he screamed. Luna (8) didn't think twice after this. She had some leftover barb wire from she cornucopia, and to get it, she reached down it the bag next to her foot and hid it in her back. She then pretended to fall. Bad choice. The wire cut into her back. But she held in her screams. She then saw Tristan running at her, and she readied herself. She wrapped the wire around her hand. He jumped, and she was quicker. She wire was now incircled around his neck, but he still went forward. The wire cut his neck and his face was turning blue. "STOP!" she screamed repeatdly. She was killing this guy, her friend... "STOP IT!" she screamed again. The wire had to be cutting into his jugular by now, but something fueled him to keep going. She started to cry, and now had to saw it back and forth. Right when the knife was inches from her face, he fell over, blood rushing the ground. BOOM! She started to sob, her face in her hands. She kept a study posture, and held all of her emotions in, but this was the breaking point, and she knew everyone had one. What made it worse was that she was covered in both of her friends blood. Not to far away, Aston (8) heard the cannons and his little gang laid down to see who died tonight, and they were shocked to see Mika's (7) and Tristan's (5) faces in the sky. Myra (3) huffed, and turned around. Aston (8) was holding her hand. Then something in the bushes started to make a hissing noise, and Lenora (5) screamed in shock...


11th: Jonathan Ford (6) Stabbed by Yasmine (12)

10th: Yasmine Haken (12) Slashed by David (2)

9th: Mika Lycer (7) Exploded.

8th: Tristan Cale (5) Choked by Luna (8)

Day 5 (A Bloody Feast)

A long snake came through and wrapped around Lenora (5). Her face turned blue, but Myra (3) got an axe, and chopped it's head off. Lenora (5) fell over with gasping pain, and Aston (8) helped her into the sleeping bag. "Heh, she is like a little sister you know..." He finally said. The moon was full, and it cast ghostly shades around the ground, making everything look like a horror that the gamemakers sent to kill them with. "Yeah..." Myra (3) replied, and wrapped around Aston (8). "I... love you." she finally said. She thought that this might be the only time she would every get to say it. "I love you too." he said. They fell asleep, not afraid of the shadows anymore

BOOP* A noise sounded throughout the arena. Hello!!!! Remaining 7 tributes! Claudius boomed from nowhere. You all need something, whether it be food, mediciene, or... vengenace. A feast will be held in one hour, come or leave. Myra (3) woke Lenora (5), and Aston (8) up from slumber and told them about the feast. "We all need to go." she said. "We are dangerously low on food." "Agreed." Lenora (5) rose with sleepy eyes. "Lets head out." said Aston (8). They gathered their things, and left toward the cornucopia. Luna (8) was aware of the feast, and soon was soon running to get their. I will win. I will win... She kept that saying through her head the whole time she was running through the woods. David (2) was already there, so he just waited in the cornucopia, waited for the people to come, and to kill. Jeramy (1) had been camping in a tree, and laughed when he heard about the feast. His food was okay, and he was beside a stream. And he had been spying on Myra's (3) little group. They were heading in this direction. Perfect for an ambush. As for the feast, he would set it out. Let little David (2), and Luna (8) rip each other apart. Matt (12) was going, he needed to join Aston (8). He no longer had Yasmine (12), and he felt bad, because it was him that really pushed her over the edge. And he had an idea about a certain District 2 tribute that might have killed her...

Luna (8) was the first to arrive, and then David (2) appeared. "Sup, sweet thang..." he smiled. "Bastard..." she spat. Her axe went toward his head, and gazed the side of his head. "Whoa! Little mean, don't you think." he smiled. She hated that damn smile.He took his sword, and swung it near her face. "ARGH!" Her next axe hit his high thigh, and he screamed in terror. "WHAT THE HELL!" he cried. His leg flowed with hot, sticky blood. She raised her last axe, and was about to chop his head off. But a spear went straight through her raised hand. She cried and cursed. Her axe fell. "Now hold on!!!!" Jeramy (1) shouted. "I was not coming.... But you know, I have to be the one to kill big guy here." He pointed at David (2), and laughed. Luna (8) fell over. "I stole the food, idiot, I tripped her! And it took you, and brute, perfect guy to know that? My glorious stradegy worked!" Suddenly, Jermay (1) fell over, blood filling his mouth. "Huuu..." Luna (8) raised up, and tore the spear from her hand. An axe now embedded Jeramy's (1) back, and she tore it out. "How..." he mumbled other stuff. She raised the axe, and chopped him in the back one more time. BOOM! His cannon echoed throughout the arena. She looked at David (2), and raised her axe once more, and brought it down on his neck. BOOM! David's cannon sounded throughout the arena. The final 5 remained. She grabbed 2's, 1's, and her backpack's and left, satisfied for her doing's. Matt (12) arrived and hid in the cornucopia, he was detrimined to kill someone. He heard someone come up, and threw his spear. BOOM! Lenora (5) fell to the ground. He ran out, but was stopped by Myra (3), who was furious that he did that, grabbed his head, and broke it in a sadistic rage. BOOM! 12 was over. Myra (3) was crying, hugging Lenora's (5) body, saying stuff. Aston (8) comforted her. They knew that is was down to the final 3. And somehow, something was going to go wrong. A kawing rang in the distance, an evil kawing. And they did not know wheter to be scared, or relieved at this point. Relieved that this might be their iminent death.


7th: Jeramy Al (1) Axed by Luna (8)

6th: David Pierce (2) Axed by Luna (8)

5th: Lenora-Mae Trixa (5) Speared by Matt (12)

4th: Matt Coupe (12) Broken Neck by Myra (3)

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Day 6 (A Feathery End)

The day was starting to start, and Myra(3) woke up with eager ambitions to kill. She started to say something, but looked over to Aston (8)and screamed in horror. He was lying on the ground, blood filling his mouth and a bloody knife was in his hand. She never even heard his cannon, she thought between her screams, sobs, and tears. She just felt like picking up the knife and dying next him, but then she thought would he want that? There was a leaf next to his body, and she picked it up. He carved a message into the leaf. It read, I know you are upset, but you have to win, you have to go home, me in they will stop your chances, and now you must please, promise me to win. I love you.


This made her even more unbearable, she couldn't even she the ravens dropping down on her head. She screamed and started to run, and soon, she was at the cornucopia and the flock flew away, and seesaw something right across the clearing. It was Luna (8). The game makers lead them straight to each other. No time for words, only action. Luna (8) threwher axe straight for Myra's (3) head, but these narrowly missed. Myra (3) had a new found detreimination to go home, for her love..

She threw lunged with her knife, and cut into Luna's (8) stomach. Blood poured onto her feet, and she then felt an axe burrow into her chest. The both fell on the ground, and were to weak to reach for their weapons. So now they waited for the other to die. They both were fading. They both were thinking about their family, and their loves. The moon cast shadows around the trees. And they heard a noise, and saw a large flock of purple glinting ravens coming down on them. They both were soon engulfed. They both knew something, and they knew that one of them is just about to die.



Aston May (8) Suicide.

This is a huge acomplishment for me. This games, has greatly increased my writing skills! I thank all the people that liked my games from the very beginning. And as for the ending, I think that writing is about imagination. So I will let you decide in you minds, who won.

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