As you all know, I stopped writing games for awhile because I got serious writers block. After I made the Manor Games, and got like, a tiny portion done, I was totally stupmed on what to do next. But I think I have conquered the problem, and hope to do these! They are going to be a full games, excluding interviews.


  • These games will contain language, and some sexual situations.
  • You may submit as many tributes as you want, and I am chosing them at the end of the week based on how good a tribute they are.
  • I will do links and profiles, but it will hurt there chances of getting picked.
  • Illusio means illusion in latin, if your wondering. ;) The title explains the games. 
  • There will be 48 tributes. 4 from each district.
  • NO ADS! Your tribute will be killed.
  • I will update as much as I can! My internet got cut off, so I am bumming Wifi from places, or going to my grandma's. It will not be a daily thing.

Overview of the Games

The Illusio Games are based on illusions. The gamemakers release a gas into the arena that causes the certain tributes desires, fears, and emotions to intensify. Example, someone might thinking they are being stung by tracker jackers if that is one of there main fears. If someone wants water, they might think that sand is the water. etc. I hope you get the picture, and if you don't, you will when the games begin.

The Tributes

District Name Gender Status Sponser Money Kills Hunger Thrist

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