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    Okay guys, first of all, hey. I apologize for my absence, I was away on vaca and had jet lag//drama and other stuff for a long time.

    'Kay, so I'm here to talk about VoNC.

    A VoNC is, well, just like it sounds. VoNC can be filed against Chat Mods, Admins, and Rollbacks if a ceartin user feels they aren't doing a great job.

    Things I can understand for filing a VoNC

    • If the staff member has been inactive without ANY notice at ALL (vaca, computer issues, etc.) for over a few months, you can file a VoNC against them
    • If the staff member has bullied, or lashed out harshly, or cursed in chat, (multiple times) you can file a VoNC against them. Some people just have bad days, but staff should set the example for the others, so if they violate the policy, t…
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  • Oblivion1001

    Chat Mods

    June 25, 2012 by Oblivion1001

    Hey! Hey guys.

    You really need to step it up a little using the chat ban template. I've seen a lot of users who get banned and don't have the template on their talk so they can understand what they did wrong. So.... what can I say.... -.- just have it in your heads that every time a user gets banned, they're not going to/might not know why. So you need to tell them. Or if you're having trouble with the template, just give them q simple, understandable explanation.

    Y'all know I still love ya though, right? owo

    Night y'all.

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  • Oblivion1001

    All right guys, I've been acting like a byotch. I'm sorry about the way I act sometimes. When I get mad, I don't think before I speak, and I said some things I want to take back. I want to make friends with y'all. I don't like feeling hated. I just want to start this all over again. And I'm sorry. I really, really am.

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  • Oblivion1001

    Okay, guys, I know you're getting fed up with my constant blogs, but I think we should cite our sources. That way, we won't have to explain in parentheses (in the book) or (in the movie). We can just have this: [5] next to our thing, and when you click it, it takes you to the bottom of the page and shows you the source (highlighted) you just look fro the number 5 at the bottom followed by something like: The Hunger Games, page 287. It would be an easier and better way to just be able to cite your sources. Unfortunetly, we don't have a template for that and I'm not fabulous at template stuff, so I think we should make one. It should be like this: and have that be that. So... thoughts? It would just be a more organized, better, faster way to…

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  • Oblivion1001

    OKay, welcome to the 421689561093768910658927389168392e2986531896920653th Hunger Games! Nah, just kidding; 79th. But since my last games were kind of iffy since most of the users left, I'm starting a new one


    District Male Female User
    1 Aurum Livingstone Katelynn Huxley Sky Time Girl/Callam
    3 Some guy. Uh....

    Skye SIlverguard

    (OMG PRETTY NAME -freaks)

    Annamissa (forgive me, I can't type)
    5 OPEN Avril Winters Oblivion1001
    6 Open Open Open
    7 Jason Neel Jasmine Greft Nate777 (comebacknao D8888)
    Luna Snare Justafox/
    10 Willow Clove Feline Ster Brynn1999/Justafox
    11 JJ Schmidt Emma Lien Beetee19
    12 Mason Cradel Demitri Cradel Havy Rotation

    Augh the game of n00bs o.e

    So hi yah I'm not going to bother with reapings and crap. …

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