Hey guys.... this is about everyone's Games. Like Wolverine, I came up with a few categories....

But these are for Games, like

Saddest Death

Worst Antagonist (I think Tux wins this one)

Scariest Death

Favorite Character

Most Supportive User

Best Commentator (JK! JK!)

Which games would make the best Movie

Best Scene

favorite Character

Best Overall Games

Best Twist

Best Pair of lovers (romantic)

Strangest scene

Most relate-able scene

So yeah. And these aren't just for my 98th (sorry about the title... that's how I came up with this) this is for whatever Game you have read and if you think something about it fits these categories, shoot :) Yeah, so write down anything. If you think I should come up with more, post a comment and I'll write it down.

~~ Clove :) 19:41, November 24, 2011 (UTC)

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