All my Tears Start a Waterfall... and something else: Colbie Cain after her Games

Chapter 1:

"Colbie, hey." All my friends come up for another round of hugs from me. I'm gratefull they've come. I'm

Colbie cain


still really sad about the Games, but I'm glad I won. "Thanks, guys, but I have to get home," I smile. Running down the dirt path towards the new house, I don't look back. "COLBIE!" Year yells when I enter the door. "Where in Panem have you BEEN? We have to get you well-rested for tomorrow!" "Right, yeah," I say. My brothers and my sisters trample each other for the chance to say something to me first at dinner, and sit by me. I'm flattered.

I go to bed that night, and look around my new room. Unlike my old, no shadows dance around this one, no brances moan as they scrape against the side of the house. I am comfortable in a white fleece blanket and a silver-colored sheet. I put my head down on the matress and start to fall asleep.

Chapter 2:

I wake up. 3 people stand over me. One is bright purple, one lime green, one jet-black. My prep team come to fix me up. I stretch and blink, taking off my tunic and leggings, leaving on only my underwear. "Colbie! How ARE

you?" Rotasha beams. She's the one with the purple hair, makeup, and gems all over her. "I'm fine, thank you," I say, remembering the manners the escort taught me at the start of the Games. They set to work, showering

my eyelids with silver eyeshadow, making me sparkle with powder the color of my eyes. My lips are



slathered about 15 times with a reddish stick of lipgloss. When I say I look great, they nearly faint. Literally. I'm not making this up.

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