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One Lance Tynder Ryley Caylyatt Clove1001
Two Skar Skull Rose Thorn Jabberjay78
Three Digit Twek Micy Cumput Moviepopcorn123
Four Logan Blue Misty Blue Nate777
Five Maxwell Liang Julia Manganese EffieLuna
Six Sebastian Vire Robin Miller Kenzen11
Seven Zett Thunder Giselle Sunburst Jabberjay78
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Nine Markus Brown Sheila Swift Skybender101
Ten Venom Strike Sunny Blares Nate777
Eleven Uniform Strut Lemon Grain EffieLuna
Twelve Byrd Alexander Summer Myne Tommyboy97

Hey! I'm Clove1001 and this is my first games. I hope you like it!


The arena is square with 4 main areas: the dark forest, the caves, the valley, and the lake. Muttations such as 2-headed wildcats and tracker jackers, and 3-foot-tall rabid dogs and 2-foot-long vampire bats. The caves have one entrance, one exit, and 200 tunnels. Once you're in deep, it's almost impossible to find your way out. However, there are no muttations here. They are mostly in the dark forest, which offers most protection. At the middle of the games, the caves will cave in, destroying the tributes inside. The dark forest also has herbs and berries, and wood for fires. This is the only place in the arena where they have game safe to eat, but it is risky to get in and out alive. The lake is calm, but due to the rain throughout the games, it will burst its banks and flood the valley. Tributes must get to higher ground when the rain gets heavier. the only safe place is the forest, because with all the rainwater, the caves will cave in. It will flood for 1 day, then stop. And don't forget, the tributes are all strong and also have each other to fight. But due to all the obstacles, the Capitol sees fit there be 3 victors this year. (below are the dark forest, the lake, and the caves)



The Dark forest


The lake

Chariot Rides

District 1

The streets of the capitol are packed and everyone is crowding to get a spot since this is District 1.

The chariot pulls out, and everyone realizes it's made out of diamond, 24 karat gold, and sterling silver. Everyone stares in awe at the tributes.

Ryley is dressed in a silver tunic and silver leggings with her hair in a ponytail. She looks scared at everyone watching her, then starts to smile. Her only makeup is a ruby red lipstick she keeps swiping at, as if to remove it, but it won't come off. Lance looks exactly like her, only he is dressed all in gold and isn't smiling at the crowd. And has no lipstick on.

District 2

The whole chariot is spherical and black like a bomb. Then the top shoots off and out come the District 2 tributes, eyes flashing malevolently at the crowd.

Rose looks almost unrecognizable in a tight black dress and metallic makeup. She has a knife headband in her hair and she looks proud. Skar has his face painted white with red streaks for blood, and he's wearing a tight black outfit that goes from his shoulders to his waist. Everyone starts calling out their names, their first names, and they stare back looking cold and proud.

District 3

The crowd calms down, then goes wild again as the District 3 chariot pulls out. It has flashing lights and different colored wires. Then the wires begin to glow as Digit flips a switch and everyone is amazed.

Micy is wearing a glowing white outfit and her hair is in an undone chignon. She has no makeup, but her eyes seem to glow different colors. She smiles at the crowd and somebody throws her a flower and calls out her name. Digit is also wearing glowing white, and his eyes seem full of electricity. Then he stops the chariot and everybody goes ballistic with cheering.

District 4

All the Capitol residents can see is a giant sky-blue oyster. Then it pops open and inside is a pearl - no, the tributes from district 4!

Misty wears a green sash around her white gown and a belt made out of shells and coral. Her wedding ring gleams as she reaches out to Logan, who also wears a white gown with a se-foam-green sash. They wave at the crowd, and the crowd immeadiately loves them, competing to see which could be the first to call out their names.

District 5

The District 5 chariot pulls ot and there's 2 smokestacks. The tops pop off the smokestacks and the tributes jump out. Everyone stares in awe as they calmly brush the soot off their amazing costumes.

Julia is dressed in a white dress with reddish bubbles snaking their way up and down it. She has a red rose in her hair made out of the bubbles si milar to the ones on her dress. Maxwell is dressed in white pants/shirt, and his bubbles are all green. The Capitol audience is stunned by the beauty in these simple clothes.

District 6

District 7

Nobody is expecting District 7 to be as stunning as it is. The actual chariot comes out, and it's a tree with a fork in iot. The two tributes sit on opposite sides of the fork, then slide down to meet each other in the middle.

Giselle is wearing a green full-length dress. If you look closer, you'll see it's made from 1000 tiny glittering leaves.Her makeup is green and her hair is streaked green and put in a braid that comes over her shoulder.

Zett's outfit seems to be changing. As the chariot moves forward, his clothes, also made from 1000 tiny leaves, seem to be falling off. The crowd gazes in horror as the final reddish-gold leaf falls to the ground, then look up at him. He is suddenly wearing silvery-grey pants and a shirt. The crowd is going wild.

District 8

The crowd sees the chariot, covered in elaborate fabrics and cloths. Then there is a great burst of light and the cover is ripped off, revealing the figures below. The cover rises up and is caught by 200 Capitol citizens, all reaching to touch a part of the cloth.

Lia has on a beautiful blue silk gown she made herself, and she looks happy and amazed, and keeps slapping herself when somebody throws a flower at her feet, just to make sure it's not just a dream. She's ecstatic and happy, and her eyes shine as they call her name. Zewt has on his cloak, but under that he's wearing blue silk like Lia. he looks a little scared, but then he begins to look more confident and happy. He starts overdo-ing it a little at the end, though, puffing out his chest and flexing his muscles and shooting everyone looks like 'don't mess with Zewt'. But as the crowd grows quiet for the next chariot, he feels inclined to stand still.

District 9

The district 9 chariot comes out and it's entirely covered in gold and wheat stalks. It is pulled on 2 gold horses. Then the tributes rise in the chariot...

Sheila is dressed in a tight gold dress from her chest to her knees. It is strapless. She has a crown of grain woven around her head and more grain woven into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. She seems to be pleased at all the attention this costume is getting her. Markus is dressed in a gold sleeveless shirt and short pants that come to his knees. He also has grain woven into his hair and a golden tattoo just above his left eye that is shaped like a stalk of grain.

District 10

The chariot for 10 comes out, and it isn't pulled by horses - it IS a horse, decorated with precious stones. The crowd goes silent then breaks into a storm of applause.

Sunny is wearing sparkling gold horseback riding clothes that match her hair perfectly. She has a golden horse tatoo on her forehead and below her eye. Speaking of her eyes, they are coated in gold eyeliner. Venom is wearing shiny bronze horseback riding clothes and there's bronze tattoos all over his face. He's smiling for the first time since the day before his reaping. Everyone is sad to see them go, but anxious to see what the next chariot will look like.

District 11

District 11's chariot comes out. Two giant bowls full of fruit and flowers. Then the fruit falls and out climb the District 11 tributes.

Lemon Grain is wearing green and there are berries and leaves woven into her hair. She smiles at the corwd shyly, amazed by all the attention she's getting, especially in this simple green dress. Uniform is wearing, well, a uniform. It is entirely green, and clothes him from neck to ankles. He is also wearing a crown of leaves in his hair and also has a bracelet of branches snaking up his wrist.

District 12

Okay. If the crowd was going NUTS before... Now they're going even NUTTIER. Cuz this is the District12 chariot! It comes out, enveloped in tonges of fire, so you can barely see the tributes from the harmless smoky haze. The smoke seems to be coming from the tributes. Then the fire fades and suddenly, they realize the purplish smoke is issuing from the tributes' costumes. Alarmed cries echo throughout the crowd, but then they reralize the outfits are designed to issue a harmless smoke like that. Then the smoke stops and hangs in the air like fog. Then it vanishes alltogether and the crowd is able to focus on the tributes, who are standing side by side next to each other.

Summer Myne is wearing a black strapless dress that swirls up around her like coal dust, or columns of smoke. She wears a fire-red crown and bracelts and necklaces of jewels the same color. The jewels seem to be on fire too. And her makeup is powdery peach with fire-red to draw back out the eyes and lips. There is no other way to say it - she looked amazing. Byrd Alexander was dressed in similar black pants and black shirt, but he is dull in comparison to his partner, his only other article of clothing being a crown the color of fire on his head.

TRAINING SCORES (these were totally random, so please don't get mad)

1 Ryley: 8 Lance: 10

2 Rose: 9 Skar: 11

3 Micy: 6 Digit: 8

4 Misty: 9 Logan: 10

5 Julia: 5 Maxwell: 7

6 Robin: 9 Sebastian: 5

7 Giselle: 6 Zett: 10

8: Lia: 8 Zewt: 8

9: Sheila: 10 Markus: 5

10: Sunny: 9 Venom: 8

11: Lemon: 2 Uniform: 8 12: Summer: 12 Byrd: 10


Girls - light brown blouse, long brown pants, brown belt, brown lace-up boots

Boys - light brown T-shirt, long brown pants, brown belt, brown lace-up boots


Digit Twek's POV

I'm standing in my metal circle and realize at the last second I haven't tied my boots... Oh well... The sound of the gong releases us and I jump out of my circle and grab the first thing I see - a sword. Oh, good, a spear. I'm starting to run and an arrow whizzes past my ear and hits the boy from 12. He'll be gone, surely. I wonder who else...

Sheila Swift's POV:

Running through to the caves now, I got a sword and some bread and I am PUMPED! I start setting up camp inside the caves. It's a little damp, but at least i'll be protected for any harm... I have food, shelter, a weopon...

Misty Blue's POV:

Ugh. Shame on me for killing that boy. I hold my bow closer to me. All I can say is, i hope Logan is safe... I twist my wedding ring, thinking about him. I decided to set up at the lake. That way I might actually stand a chance in these god-forsaken Hunger Games.

Rose Thorn's POV:

I run through the trees, good thing I have these excellent knives with me that I picked off the boy from District 5. Maxwell, or whatever the heck his name was. Skar Skull made it through, surely. Everything we do is perfect. I'm perfect.

Summer Myne's POV:

I have some medicine, but no idea how to use this knife. I've been trying to practice it, throwing it into the trees, but I just can't seem to get the hang of... somebody's coming. Somebody, something, I have no idea. I leave the knife stuck in the tree and grab my small leather pouch full of medicines. I need to get out of here. Now.

Robin Miller's POV:

I get up from where I fell in the woods. Alone, all alone. With nothing beside me. I stare out at the dark trees. I see the moon, and I feel calmer, like there's at least some hope for me. I'll need water soon I have to get to the lake. But for now, at least I'm safe here.

End of Day 1

Lives Taken:

Maxwell Liang

Sebastian Vire

Uniform Strut

Byrd Alexander


Skar Skull's POV:

I've met up with the Careers now, Rose, Logan, Misty, and Lance. We've got no idea where the heck Ryley is, but if she's not with us, she's not our problem. We've split up to hunt in the woods, and we have guards posted at the lake to watch the supplies. I hear rustling and draw out one of my three knives. With all my might, I hurl it at the threat and the cannon fires.

Zett Thunder's POV:

I'm lucky I made it through, and I didn't see Giselle in the sky so I'm sure she's fine unless that cannon 5 minutes ago was hers'... no, she's too smart to get killed on the second day. But what if it WAS her? Calm down, Zett, she's probably fine, I tell myself. I shift my backpack on my shoulders and stare out at the trees, coming back to color in the rising sun. I catch bits of the pink-orange sky through the leaves, and for some reason, it reminds me of Giselle.

Ryley Caylyat's POV:

I cry out as the two headed wildcat grabs me by my foot and pulls me toward it. I can see my reflection in the gleaming fangs, sharp as diamonds. I grip my knife and plunge it into the beast's throat. It lets go, and I have just enough time to pick up my backpack when it lunges at me, hissing and spraying me with blood from its throat wound. Aah, gross. I think I'm gonna puke. I throw my knife at it and it hits it in the eye, which, of course, only makes it angrier. Oh, crap, what am I going to do now? It jumps towards me and I pull out my other knife and plunge it into the mutt's neck.

Lemon Grain's POV:

I'm scared. I've set up my camp at the very front of the cave, but I don't know how long I'll stay here. I feel so scared. Uniform's already gone, so who can I ally with? Surely I can't operate alone... or CAN I? I grin as I sharpen the knife I pulled out of a tree in the woods. Maybe I'm onto something.

Logan Blue's POV:

Come out, come out, wherever you are, I think to the animals in the trees. Then I look up and find a girl sitting up in a tree. I'm thinking about hurling my trident at her. Just take her now, one less person to have to defend Misty against. Eventually, the part of me insisting not to throw wins over.

Rose Thorn's POV:

My knife hits the girl and she collapses, twitches, then lies still. The cannon fires and I retrieve my knife. A silver parachute floats down to me. Being the impatient girl that I am, I rip it open before it even hits the ground. Ahh, good. Food. I wrap up the meat and shove it into my backpack. The audience is surely seeing how good I am. I'll win, surely. Yes, I will win. Like I said, I'm perfect.

Lance Tynder's POV:

I yank out an arrow and cock it in my bow, preparing to shoot. "Please don't hurt me!" The girl falls to the ground, sobbing, and I recognize lemon Grain. I sigh, then let my guard down. Obviously the girl is no threat, and if I don't kill her now, she'll get killed later. She could hardly hold a knife correctly in training.

Lemon Grain's POV:

Well, it looks like my plan to act pitiful is working. I'll just hide out the whole games, steal food, and kill if I need to. Combining Foxface and Johanna's games is genius. I'm glad I thought of it. There's a reason I pretended to do so horrible in training. >:)

End of Day 2

Lives Taken:

Julia Manganese

Markus Brown

Day 3

Venom Strike's POV:

It's risky, but I've decided to team up with the Careers. They're big, strong, and powerful... like me, I guess. I hear something move and throw my knife in that direction. Then the dog jumps onto me. I can see the foam dripping from its mouth and I think, ohhh crap. I spear the thing in the mouth and it falls.

Giselle Sunburst's POV:

I am sitting in a tree.

Ryley Caylyatt's POV:

I'm luck I got away from that cat thing alive. I've been walking aimlessly around for an hour eating little bites of groosling and bread. I still have 2 knives and 6 arrowheads. I'm going to find some long sticks tomorrow to make spears. I'm sorting through my backpack and find that all that's in there is a coil of rope, a bag of medicine, and a 6-inch long loaf of bread.

Zett Thunder's POV:

I grip my backpack and growl at myself. I'm not gonna die. I'M NOT GONNA DIE! It's been a day since the tracker jackers invaded my camp, luckily I had the sense to pull out the stingers. I got a small pot of medicine, but it's almost empty now and I'd like to ration it out a little... at least I could kill the girl from 6 before she got to finish me off. I'm pretty sure it was her who dumped the nest on me...

Summer Myne's POV:

I rush away from the dead boy. From District 3, I think. My head hurts. My chest hurts. I just want to stop here, but I can't. The Careers are on my tail. Soon I'll be dead. Dead or dying. I trip suddenly, my hands flying out to break my fall. But my head hits a rock and starts bleeding...

Logan Blue's POV:

The lake rumbles and I look up from behind the huge rock I'm using as a shelter from the icy bullets of rain that started pouring down today. Next to me, Rose looks scared. It's the first time I've ever seen her wear a look that wasn't the 'I'm gonna kill you' look. Then I see what's happening. "RUN!" I scream at Rose and Misty and we all take off. Misty and I run uphill to the Cornocopia. Rose isn't so lucky. 'Helllllllp meeeeeeee!" she screams as she falls and the river washes over her. "Come on!" Misty yells. "No!" I yell. "Don't sacrifice yourself!" We stand there in the torrential rain falling like sheets of icy death on us. "Let's get to the Cornocopia," I say. Misty just stares at me, then agrees to go.

Rose Thorn's POV:

Cold, wet, dark. My chest, exploding, my head... exploding... exploding. Can't breathe. Choking, choking. Reaching. I reach up and my head breaks the surface but the water plunges me back down again. Can't breathe. Can't breathe. Can't breathe...

Sheila Swift's POV:

I hear the cannon's blast over the rain. The cave roof creaks and groans above me. I can hear the rain pounding over it. I run farther into the tunnel, trying to find the exit. I rush into different tunnels, hit dead ends, and by then I was so lost I could barely tell left from right. If I could retrace my steps, if only I could remember how to get back... the first stalactite falls in front of me, and I have a sinking feeling I'm not winning the games. More stalactites come down, like pointy rain. I dodge them, swerving all directions. Then it stops. I sigh with relief. Then a giant roar echoes through the cave and the roof crumbles and falls on top of me.

End of Day 3

Lives Taken:

Shelia Swift

Robin Miller

Rose Thorn

Digit Twek

Day 4

Ryley Caylyatt's POV:

I hear moaning and think, oh, crud! Another muttation! I walk out into the clearing and see that first it's covered in blood, and second, Summer's in it. I pull out my arrowheads in case this is a trap, but there doesn't seem to be anything. I see a silver parachute slowly floating towards me, from my district. Medicine. But why... Everything in my world tips upside down and I start applying the medicine to Summer's head.

Summer Myne's POV:

I can see. It's still a little blurry, but at least I can see now.

Micy Cumput's POV:

That. was. scary. I wake up to a pair of eyes in my face. AAAAAA! I sit bolt upright and the eyes fall out of my lap. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Then I'm brave enough to pick them up. Night vision glasses. Nerd goggles. I see the remains of a silver parachute. Geez, what a way to deliver a package. Thanks, oh idiotic mentor.

Skar Skull's POV:

I hear the cannon fire and I whip around. I wonder who it was. The Careers are starting to split now after Rose's death. Logan told me what happened and I was about reay to kill him on the spot. Now the figure that comes through the undergrowth is Lance. I jab him in the abdomin with my spear and he dies before he hits the ground. It's time to turn on those others.

Lemon Grain's POV:

I'm tired. I haven't slept for a whole day. But I have to keep moving on. I move a branch out of my face and stare out at what's before me, shocked. Then two seconds later I'm smiling. The Careers' food supply, I believe. Mwah-ha-ha! I dart towards the stash, then trip over a log. Omigoshomigoshomigosh. Tracker Jackers, tons of them, swarm out of the broken log. I jump to my feet and run as fast as I can before any can sting me. One manages to get me in the thigh, and I feel a little dizzy, but I'm strong enough to keep pushing on, yanking the stinger out as I run. Unfortunetly they're faster and in 2 seconds I'm lost in the swarm. While they keep pushing straight, I swerve to the side and collpse in a small lake, dragging myself to the shore. As a last ditch effort, I pull out the stingers so they won't get infected if I DO live. 2 on my legs and 1 on my cheek, I'm lucky there's no more. But I'm going to die. i can feel it.

Zett Thunder's POV:

"ZETT!" The cry cuts through the valley to the edge of the woods. "ZETT! HELP!" There's only one person who knows me. One person who could be calling for my help. "I'm COMING, GISELLE!" I scream. I run up the valley hills towards the forest and it's harder than it looks. Only the thought of Giselle, trapped and wounded at some Career's hands keep me pushing forward. "ZETT!" She's crying now, I can hear her piercing wails break the cool night air. The sweat pouring down my face is almost blinding me as I reach the forest. "Giselle!" I cry. "Zett..." I barey catch my name, just above a whisper. I reach her just in time to see Skar Skkull pulling his sword out of her left lung. Without thinking, I tackle him. I'm aware of the cannon firing, then somehow Skar's sword ended up in my hands and I slice down on his neck. I hold Giselle in my arms and it looks like she's sleeping. I know she's not going to be sleeping anymore. Or breathing even at all. I watch my tears drip down onto her face for a long time, listening to the moaning of the boy dying a few feet away. At last the cannon fires and I know Skar is dead and I'll have to move on. I'm so filled with sadness that Giselle is gone. Also other emotions. Rage and hate for the boy from District 2, for the Capitol who put us all here. But a more soothing, calm feeling keeps my mind clear, keeps me sane. Love, I think. Yes. Love, for Giselle and Giselle only. For a minute, there is no noise. Then the calming night sounds break the silence, but I am somewhat glad.

Logan Blue's POV:

I hear the cannon and think, good. One less person to defend Misty against.

Zewt Jarf's POV:

I wake up and my heard hurts. I shake it, ignoring the pain as I get up. I'm going to hunt when I hear something crash into the bushes behind me. I stare after it and see Micy Cumput chasing a white elk. I just HAVE to get that. I start running, and pretty seeon, I'm in a clearing. I scan the clearing and see 2 others - Micy and Zett.

Misty Blue's POV:

I can't stop running from the vampire bats. Mutts, because they don't want cow's blood. No. Mine. I trip, but regain my balance as the first animal swoops in to make its kill. All I can think of is Logan's face.

Micy Cumput's POV:

A force slams me to the ground and the elk materializes into thin mist. A trap - a Gamemaker trap to gather us all here. But I'm more occupied with the person sittion on me. I see the pointy arrowhead ties to the stick. Ryley's spear. She drives it dep into my arm and I'm too winded to yell or scream. Then, just as she's pulling it out, something yanks her away from me. Logan Blue has just come through, but pays no attention to me. He shakes the girl, demanding that she tell him about Misty. Ryley's sobbing now, choking out Misty's name and the word kill. That's all I get. Logan reaches up to impale the trident into her face.

Zett Thunder's POV:

This has to stop, all this killing. I know it won't, though. And I hate them all for it. Especially Skar Skull. Thinking back on it, Ryley Caylyatt was never part of the Career alliance. Logan was, and this fills me with rage that he was once Skar's ally, probably asociated in the plan that killed Giselle. I run up with my sword. I might not be as big as him, but there's a feeling that makes me feel like I'm as colossal as the sun. For Giselle, I think as I drive my sword into his body. I see the fear in his eyes. Then he drops the trident and ir sinks into Ryley's leg.

Zewt Jarf's POV:

I duck down, eager to stay away from all the fighting. I look up into the clearing, and the cannon fires. Logan, Ryley. One of them lies dead on the ground now. Then out of the blue, I see another figure creeping out of the shadows, ignored by the others. She grabs Ryley's pack. Then Zett's, then runs away, both packs slung over her shoulders. No doubt about it, Lemon Grain is still alive and I go to follow her.

Zett Thunder's POV:

I won't watch another tribute die. I stare around the clearing for my pack and find it gone. Micy is gone, too. If she took my bag I swear... sorry. I fish around in my pockets to find something for Ryley. Then as a last-ditch effort, I unclip her belt and find a leather puch. Inside of it are 2 arrowheads, a thin slice of bread and a metal pot containing herbs and that white Capitol medicine. I pull out a glob of it and smear it around on her leg. She looks up at me and smiles, mouthing, 'thank you.'

End of Day 4

Lives Taken:

Misty Blue

Logan Blue

Skar Skull

Lance Tynder

Giselle Sunburst

Tributes Remaining

Ryley Caylyatt (1)

Micy Cumputt (3)

Zett Thunder (7)

Zewt Jarf (8)

Lia Kipple (8)

Venom Stryke (10)

Sunny Blares (10)

Lemon Grain (11)

Summer Myne (12)

Day 5:

Sunny Blares' POV:

There isn't a lot of action in the valley. I mean, the caves were broken and the lake was flooded and the forest was crawling with mutts and other tributes. But nothing here. I wonder if there'sgoing to be some trap sprung here... But I'm good enough to make it into the top 9, maybe District 10 will have a winning tribute this year... calm down, Sunny, I think, taking myself out of my glory daydream. You haven't won yet.

Ryley Caylyatt's POV:

I'm starting to think I should get to the valley... it seems like the place to be. I can't go anywhere else without being in danger of something...

Zett Thunder's POV:

I decide to head towards the valley.

Lemon Grain's POV:

I shift the packs on my shoulders. After a few hours of stopping for water, hunting, resting, I finally reach the valley.

End Of Day 5

Lives Taken: --

Day 6

Lia Kipple's POV:

It seems as if for some reason, everyone's decided to go to the valley, because here we are, all positioned around each other in a big circle. Ryley. Micy. Zett. Summer. Sunny. Zewt. Venom. Lemon. And me. Nine of us left, three of us can win. Then the fighting breaks out. I see Zett fighting Micy a few yards away. Ryley jabs her spears into Venom's body and he retaliates by slicing at her with his sword. Lemon is fleeing. I think I'll go hunt her down. I'm almost at her when she whips around and stumbles. She cries as she hits the ground. I stand over her and take out a knife. "No!" she sobs. "No, no, please!" I sigh and let down my guard. Before I know what's happening, I hit the dirt and Lemon is on top of me. She grabs my knife. "Do you really thnk it would be THAT easy to kill me, Kipple?" she sneers. She plunges the knife just below my rib cage, and the pain is intense. Then something grabs her from behind. She screams and bites Zewt as he throws her against the ground with such force I think she might break. But she doesn't. She surprisingly lands on her feet and regains her balance in a matter of seconds. She's running now. I hold out my hand to Zewt. "Stay, please?" I say. "Yeah, he says, and all the fighting around us seems to vanish. He holds me until I die.

Zett Thunder's POV:

Keep fighting, Zett, I think to myself. You can't stop. You have to win for Giselle. I'm fighting Micy now, and for a scrawny District 3 girl, you can't deny that she's tough. I shoot a quick look around at the others. Lia is dead. Lemon has vanished. Summer lies on the ground in a pool of blood. I feel a pang of sorrow. I want the dying to stop, but I know it won't. As a sort of last-ditch effort, Micy grabs my spear and snaps it. I can tell this has taken all of her strength. The girl looks so miserable, shaking and twitching on he ground and I see the sharp shard of wood embedded in her hand.

Venom Stryke's POV:

I'm really very scared. I don't think I've ever been as scared as I am now. But I try not to let it show as the diamond tipped spear misses my face by a hair. I spin around and kick Ryley and then she's on the ground. there's a splitting pain in my thigh, and blood gushes from my wound. I jump up, hitting her in the face. Blood squirts out of her nose and lip. One eye is swollen shut. Somehow, she's still on her feet, and I have to keep fighting. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a girl lying on the ground and the cannon blasts. Sunny Blares. I charge Zewt, who's standing over her. I leap up and stab him in the throat. I whip away from the dead boy only to find everyone else fleeing the valley. We will meet again, all of us, I'm sure of it. But for now, I'm tired...

End of Day 6

Lives Taken:

Zewt Jarf

Lia Kipple

Summer Myne

Micy Cumputt

Tributes Remaining:

Ryley Cayllyatt (1)

Zett Thunder (7)

Sunny Blares (10)

Venom Stryke (10)

Lemon Grain (11)

Lemon Grain's POV:

We stare around at each other. Once again, we're positioned around the cornocopia. It's piled high with stuff, weopons, food, water. Just like the beginning. Just like the beginning! I stare around the circular platform. We're not alone. Wolf muttations, like the 74th Hunger Games. They're coming back, two times better than they were. And what are we? Beaten up, bloody... the five of us living stare around at each other. Then Ryley pulls a Cato and sprints to the Cornocopia. Her small body scrambles up it and she takes on the mutts from the above. A mutt lands in front of Zett and he spears it with his broken shaft. "DUCK!" he screams at me, and I don't have to be told twice. The other half whizzes over my head and lodges in the mutt next to me. Lia... I stare around. The one with scars and black fur... Skar Skull. Misty Blue's mutt jumps at me and I pull out my knife blade. I smack one with the butt of my blade and slice another. I can't run now. The mutts swarm me, and I find I can't even find the strength to scream.

Zett Thunder's POV:

I find it a miracle I made it this long, and I'm not going to lose. But then as I see Giselle's mutt, it fills me with sorrow. How can i fight when I feel like this? I gather all my strength and grab the nearest mutt, flailing it high over my head. I let go and it hits another, and they both crumple in the dirt. Giselle's mutt... STOP! I command myself. It's not the real tributes! They're mutts and they want to kill you!

Sunny Blares' POV:

I have a feeling Lemon Grain is dead and I kick the dirt in fury. What a waste. I just want somebody to die to end this he...uhh, nightmarish hunger games. I grab the nearest weopon from the Cornocopia and dig it into Logan Blue's mutt. It crashes to the ground with a scream of fury and hate. I'm cornered now, until a diamond tipped arrowhead spear lands in a mutt's back behind me. I jump over the slumped body and take a second to count the mutts left... 10.... surely we can take on 10. Then I see the mutts drag Venom into the Cornocopia and rip open his chest. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Through the blood and tears that blurs my vision, I hurl myself at the mutts. But they vanish into the mist. The cannon fires, and we all should clear out. But I can't. I sink to my knees, sobbing so hard I can barely breathe. Then I feel somebody patting me on the back softly and hugging me, telling me I'll be okay. I can barely see, but the small hand wipes away my tears and I know it's Ryley. Instead of helping me to my feet, she sits down next to me and holds my hand. Then Zett sits down next to me. We all hold hands, and I never want to let go. But as the hovercraft clears the horizon, we all get up and walk slowly towards it, and the only thing I notice is our little group, slowly walking across the valley.


Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it! Stay tuned for Clove1001's 326th Hunger Games if you liked this one!! And please tell me if you liked it.


  • Sunny blares
  • Zett Thunder
  • Ryley Caylyatt


1 Zett Thunder

2 Sunny Blares

3 Ryley Caylyatt

4 Venom Stryke

5 Lemon Grain

6 Micy Cumputt

7 Summer Myne

8 Zewt Jarf

9 Lia Kipple

10 Giselle Sunburst

11 Skar Skull

12 Logan Blue

13 Lance Tynder

14 Misty Blue

15 Sheila Swift

16 Digit Twek

17 Rose Thorn

18 Robin Miller

19 Markus Brown

20 Julia Manganese

21 Uniform Strut

22 Maxwell Liang

23 Sebastian Vire

24 Byrd Alexander

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