Hey all! This is the Canada Day Games! As for the number, I just typed a random one.

ANYONE CAN ENTER but if you are already in my 98th Games, I have to ask you to only enter up to 2 tributes.

I will need name, age, district, skills, weakness, strategy, token, appearance (lunaii preferred) and history. Good luck and may the odds be EVER in your favor!! :)

Clove 13:11, November 5, 2011 (UTC)


District Boy User Girl User
0 Oparnler Parker QuinnQuinn Elacey QuinnQuinn
1 Kyle Sutherland Emily Nguyen Esmerelda Emily Nguyen
2 Slate Obsidian Necterine411 Amber Quartz Necterine411
3 Cameron Jacque Skybender101 Lily Sage Skybender101
4 Titanic De Leon Anna-Athena Brittanic De Leon Anna-Athena
5 Toby Bendan Hungergamesrocks Grizzly Girl Hungergamesrocks
6 Golden Hawbrook Rockman117 Pema Alderwheel Rockman117
7 Sam Sammon Rueflower Kallmi Silvers Rueflower
8 Hades Bringer Mopping Amanda Hills Mopping
9 Sam Jones Brony12 Spring Howards Brony12
10 Talon Faust Firecatcher3 Kedzie Woods Firecatcher3
11 Gavin Octavin Tomgurl22 Estelle Mar Tomgurl22
12 Charlie Holmes Sky Angel Ruby King Sky Angel
13 Herflex Nome QuinnQuinn Lanila Boress QuinnQuinn

Thanks! :D


The arena looks.... well it looks just like Canada. Lots of snow and hills, and maple trees.


The mutts will all be animals found in Canada

Beaver Mutt: Teeth strong and sharp enough to chew through flesh and bone

Polar Bear Mutt: Fast, and very strong, very sharp teeth

Moose Mutt (I've hit a new low): Huge really sharp antlers for goring tributes

Dah Twist

OK I might take these in a little bit different direction then people would think because I came up with a really good idea for Games. So if you kill a tribute, the tribute just comes right back to life as a zombie sort of creature. The tributes can be killed by zombies or other living tributes. The zombies can't win the Games, but only 1 living tribute can win.

Dah Games

Day I

Tatanic DeLeon's POTS

24 of us. 24 of us positioned around the large gold horn. 24 of us will sprint for the packs in the middle that carry the best supplies. About half of us will die. The strongest will be left. Then I see my sister Brittani lunge forward and scoop up a single loaf of bread and a small knife. Already I see the boy from 2 already at the horn, cleaning up supplies. I pick up a knife and hurl it at him, hoping to stop him, but he only catches it by the hilt in mid-air, by one hand. He disappears down the hill, then comes back up again, without the stuff. I see him hit the girl from 9 with his sword. She collapses. She's dead ceartinly. The other Careers will follow. Already the girl from 2 has taken down more tributes than anyone else. Most of us are getting the sense to run. But I grab a dark green bag before running off into the woods, Brittani by my side.

"Come on, Titanic," Brittani says, pulling me towards the woods. "No," I say, nodding towards the hills. She tries to pull me back to the woods. I start to follow. Then i see something flying towards me. "DUCK!" I scream at Brittani. She recieves the message, but not in time. The knife lodges in her skull and she collapses in the dirt. I run for the woods and collapse in the snow. "BRITTANI!" I yell. I run forward and drag her body into the woods with me. I pull the knife out of her skull, but she's dead. I know she's dead. But I still hold her hand, until I realize that I can't bring her back, ever. I retreat back into the woods as the night begins to sweep ver the arena.

The trees throw shadows around all over the ground in the dimming light. Finally I stop to examine the contents of my bag. I look inside and find a small loaf of bread and a knife. Too small, not enough. I rip off the bark of a pine tree near me. Slowly I put it in my mouth and chew it and the sharp tang of it fills my mouth. I sigh, looking up at the sky, and wait for the cannon shots to ring out. Boom! Boom! Boom! I count the shots. 9 of them died today. I stare up at the sky, eager to see who else died. The first in the sky is the boy from 0. Next is Brittani. The boys from 5 and 6. The gir from 9 who I saw get killed. The boy from 10. The boy from 11, the girls from 12 and 13. But the image of Brittani, up there in the sky sticks in my head while the anthem plays. Then the pictures of the lost fade into the stars, and she's gone. She's gone forever and there's no more hope of getting her back. I can't get her back. I can't. A pang of sadness and anger consumes me at that thought. Why did she have to die? My only hope was that her death was quick and painless. I sit and wait for dawn to come. Snow begins to fall, soft and silent, coating the ground with a thin blanket of white. The pine trees rustle in the wind. Soon I can find the careers. I close my eyes and wrap my arms around me, but the strangest thing is, I'm oblivious to the cold.


Grizzly Girl's POTS:

Seeing that mean idiot Toby Bendan in the sky made me feel good.


Day II

Now he's gone forever, and everyone will know now how much better I am. That I can outlast a mean boy who teased me my whole life. I run over to hide behind a rock when I hear someone coming. "Just great-- the Careers!" I whisper as I hear them loudly making their way across the snow.

By the looks of it, they have that girl from 0 working with them. I see her up ahead, pushing around the Career pack, stocked with weapons.

I turn around and am surprised to see a large cave, filled with snow. The Careers start to split up. Then Titanic sees the cave. He motions for them to go towards it.

Then an idea hits me What if I can kill the Careers without having to reveal myself? I look back at the cave, icicles dangling from the ceiling. It's clearly cold in there.

Very cold. I know what I am going to do.

The Careers disperse. No one goes into the cave. They go back into the woods, perhaps thinking that they can come bck to the cave by nightfall.

Then I hear something up ahead, someone scuttling back to the cave. They walk in and sit down.

Then 2 more people.

I hear their voices. 2 girls and a boy. Kyle, Esmerelda, and Elacy.

They talk breifly. I hear them whining about the snow in the cave, and trying to shovel it out.

"We got enough supplies anyway," Kyle says, and they fall asleep after a little wait.

Now or never, I think. Getting up, I begin to roll the boulder I was hiding behind. I can barely do it. About halfway to the cave, my arms ache and I almost collapse. I'll never get this boulder to the entrnce in time. I start to roll it faster. Thankfully, the snow is slick and helps me along. Finally, the boulder is just in front of the cave entrance. I secure it so that n one an escape.

I can imagine their cold death. Asleep, not knowing that their hair is becming froted, their lips turning blue.

By the time the Careers from 2 get back, it will be oo late to save them.

I am admiring my handiwork when a voice comes from behind.

"Hey there!" it says cheerfully.

The last thing I see is a giant spiked ball hitting me in the face, and I black out.

Kedzie Woods' POTS:

Talon's already dead, last memory I had of Todd.

I sigh and look out into the piney trees. Everything's quiet. A cloud floats over the sun, shading the forest. A lump of snow fall of a tree, barely missing my head. I finger the bands on my wrist, the stories echoing in my mind.

I give my blonde curls a small shake and get up. I need water. No doubt I'll be able to find some, but still, tributes have died from lack of water. Of course, I could always eat snow. I hear shouts up ahead. Getting up, I run straight into the forest. "Get them!"

Great, that's the career tributes from 1, 2, and 4. Unless some of them are already dead, I'm taking on all 6 of them. No, 5 The girl from 4 perished last night.

I grab my knife and streak through the trees. It seems as if they're chasing something. Something? Probably more like someone.

"Go, go, go," I urge myself on. Finally someone stumbles in front of me. It's Kallimi Slives, District 7.

She stares up at me with fear in her eyes. My own eyes are burning now as I stare down at her.

"Please," she whispers, staring at my knife.

My eyes close. "No time," I say shortly. "Who's chasing you?"

"DeLeon. The boy," she says.

"We have to get away from here."

We get up and run away, splitting up.

In front of me is a mountain.

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