Male Female User
One Syr Wrath Bliss Creme Brony12
Two Grey Wolf Cindy Regar Nate777
Three Cameron Jacque Lily Sage Skybender101
Four Max Blonde Cherri Blonde Foxface911
Five Tsawwassan Linda Pierre Foxface911 and TikiTooki
Six Cho Abiko Lucifer Shadows Tommyboy97
Seven Ograssu Crasser Herba Hemway Totaldramarox
Eight Zeus Leo Juno Scarlet Something482?
Nine Bulgar Millet Kasha Farro Nectarine441
Ten Fall Sky Holly Honey MoviePopcorn123
Eleven Lion Coy Alice Wonder Kenzen11


Aaron Winters Lilac Coalburner


Hi, it's me, Clove1001! I just wanted to thank everyone who took the tinme to read my last games, and anyone who wants to help me with this one. May the odds be ever in your favor!


This arena will be entirely empty of trees, except for small clusters up and down on the hills. There will be a thin layer of soft grass and thick spongy black earth and lots of foliage. There will be a saltwater ocean on one side and a freshwater lake on the other, completely surrounding the arena. There will be no water anywhere else in the arena. In the middle of the games, the sand along the saltwater beach will turn to quicksand. There will be scorpion mutts whose stings are 2x as poisonous and hurtful as normal, and cougar mutts on the giant rocks behind the cornocopia. Other than that, there are no other mutts, and though these mutts are not hard to encounter, the tributes will usually encounter each other before most of them find the mutts. The Cornocopia will be stuffed with knives, spears, arrowheads, swords, throwing stars, spiked balls, and javelins.There will be no food or water supply at the Cornocopia, only weapons and thinks like tents, blankets, and jacket for the freezing nights. Tributes must rely on their own skills and sponsors to get food, water, and medicine. The games are expected to last around 4 to 5 days. There is a waterfall. There will be a solar eclipse. There is a giant crater where a trap will be sprung.


Tan shirt/pants, tan boots and a brown belt

Chariot Rides:

District 1:

The crowd goes ballistic as the District 1 chariot comes out, pulled by snow-white horses. They catch their breath because the chariot is in the shape of a diamond - made out of thousands of tiny pink, black, and white diamonds that sparkle in the late afternoon sun. The chariot has 2 jewel-encrusted wings that slide out from the sides. The tributes rise...

What could be more beautiful and stunning than the chariot? The district 1 tributes themselves! Bliss Creme is dressed in a glittering gold tunic with matching bracelets, necklaces,a and hair ensembles. She is decked from head to foot with rubies and topaz, and she looks so amazing the Capitol residents' eyes can hardly progress to the next District 1 tribute. Syr is also dressed from neck to ankles in shimmery golden clothes. he is smiling and his eyes are shining. they match the copper rhinestuds on his tunic. The two tributes give a final wave to the crowd and smile, earning them at least 21 roses thrown at their feet.

District 2:

The chariot is extremely dangerous looking, with skeletal black horses pulling it. They are NOT majestic ponies. The chariot looks even scarier, looking as if it were made out of 2 giant knife blades with a small cushioned seat in the middle. The whole thing is black and metallic-silver.

Cindy Regar is dressed in a tiered blackish-blue gown, the color of a bruise. How ironic. But it does look stunning on her. She wears a circular charm made of small curved knives around her neck with a skull in the middle of all the knives. Her makeup makes her look metallic and extremely dangerous. She is. Gray Wolf is also decked out in black with metallic makeup and a skull pendant with a key made of rubies hanging out of its mouth. He wears a black suit and a tie that is shaped like a knife. "I'll kill all of you." He doesn't say it, but the malevolent way his eyes flash, you know he's thinking it. Hard. Hard at everyone here.

District 3:

District 3's chariot is just pretty much a chariot with a white sheet over it. Nobody can see the tributes and the audience gets bored. Just as they're about to force the chariot off the stage, the cover flies off. The chariot is made from platinum with platinum covered wires strapping the wire horses to the chariot. The chariot is woven from entirely wire!

Lily Sage's dress is also made of wire. It's tight and only comes to her knees... but it's made out of thin wire! She brushes her hand down it and the wire has been smoothed down every time she moves, light bounces off her metallic-y dress. Cameron Jaque is wearing similar to her, decked out in wire with a wreath of wire on his head. You can see he doesn't really like it by the way he's tugging at it...

District 4:

There's a smell of salt, of the ocean... and then the reason: District 4!!! Their chariot is an enormous silver clam shell with bits of white pearl and aquamarines. Then the shells split apart, the top one rising until it reaches its limit of height. In the lower half are Max and Cherri Blonde.

Cherri looks absolutely amazing. She is decked out in a sea-green dress with frothy hems on the tiers that make her look like the ocean. Her shell earrings, hairclips, and the shell designs painted on all of her nails are pretty, but her face is entirely white, her hair in a loose side ponytail over one shoulder. She wears jet-black eyeliner and red wine lipstick and her golden hair is curled with blue streaks in it. She has to be the prettiest tribute so far and everyone calls out her name. Her brother Max is wearing a sea-green tunic and leggings. These too have hems much like the ocean foam. His expression is blank, his tail pefectly still. His hair has blue streaks too, but he refused to get it combed.

District 5:

The power district. Shaped like a lightning bolt and glowing red-orange, I give you... THE DISTRICT 5 CHARIOT!!!! There is a hollow carved-out spot in the bolt where the tributes stand. They stare out at the crowd smiling and waving.

Linda's dress makes her look like electricity. Her hair flying up and swirling around her head, the golden makeup on her eyes and cheeks, the lightning bolt earrings. But her dress is truly the most stunning thing ever and it's sparking like it's made of bolts of electricity. She grins and her teeth have gold filings in them. Tsawwassan looks like electricity too, in long pants and no shirt. The pants have electricity sparking up them. He has golden makeup too, and his eyes look dangerous. The crowd doesn't want to tamper with these tributes or sparks will fly.... ;D

District 6:

The medicine District. It's shaped as a giant medicine bottle and then... the top pops off and out come the tributes!!! Cho's dress is made of purple liquid, her makeup purplish, her earrings misty purple orbs. She represents medicine. Lucifer has on all red for the red cross. He looks very strange and creepy because his makeup is red, too. He stares mutely out at the crowd, not daring to open his mouth to let anyone see his maimed tongue.

District 7:

District 7 is decked. out. The chariot is made of vines ending in a leaflike loveseat. On the seats are the tributes...

Herba is wearing a springy green dress with emerald slippers. The rings on her fingers are brightly colored, green and silver and she has green clips in her hair. She waves to the crowd tentatively and they smile back at her, which encourages her. Ograssu looks like he'd rather be anywhere but here, even hanging by his toenails in a rotting cellar. He returns the crowds' stunned looks with an impaling icy glare and they fall silent, staring at him with a mixture of admiration and a little fear. Half the crowd is taking out their betting papers, and despite his misery, his hate for all these people here, Ograssu can't help but feel a bit proud, and his eyes become softer slightly. Only slightly.

District 8:

District 9: The district 9 chariot is a wheatfield. It is woven out of straw and wheat, and looks extremely delicate, but the stalks are very strong.

Kasha Farro is dressed in a dress woven out of the same stuff as the chariot, he hair combed neatly so that it fans out and shimmers around her head. She grins, hoping there's no lipstick smeared on her teeth. Bulgar looks like Kasha, in a golden tunic and leggings, but he isn't smiling. There is a grain pattern stenciled into his forehead so it looks like a wreath under his hair. The crowd is getting bored as the chariot procedes to the end of the long line of exquisite chariots.

District 10:

The District 10 chariot is just a plain white chariot with horse designs carved into it. The Capitol likes it, but it isn't very exciting.

Holly is dressed in rider's clothes, like she is about to ride a horse, and her boots and blue plaid jacket are studded with small jewels. The audience like her, but not enough to cheer or call out her name, ore even smile at her much. Fall doesn't look very confident but soon he is getting into action and blowing kisses to all the ladies. He is also dressed in rider's clothes, the same getup as Holly. They're both nice looking, but not in the way the Capitol likes it.

District 11:

It's District 11 now and the audience is hoping for something amazing. Instead they find a simple chariot with grasses, nuts, and frost-colored berries on the vines snaking around it. But then something happens that changes everyone's mind.

Alice Wonder steps out of the chariot. She is dressed in a white gown that trails on the chariot's hard floor coated in moss. Alice wears all sorts of jeweled clips and headbands shaped like leaves and berries. Lion Coy is wearing a white tunic that falls to his knees and he has a greenish powder sprinkled in his hair. His tunic waves in the wind that slowly washes the streets of the capitol.

District 12:

District 12 are dressed as flames again, no surprise there. The chariot is pulled by horses with flaming manes and the chariot has flames running up and down it sides.

Lilac is dressed in a firey red dress, her lips and eyes coated in the same hue. Her cheeks are covered in sparkly silver powder to represent coal or smoke. Her leggings are black and she wears black shoes and a crown of coal around her head. The flickering faux flame on the coal crown is stunning all in itself. Aaron is dressed in a long sleeve shirt and pants that go to his knees, the same color as Lilac's dress. He is also wearing a coal crown, leggings and shoes, and the same makeup as the other. The crowd likes it, but for some reason, it doesn't stun them like they thought it would.... oh well, maybe next year....

District 13:

A burst of light and then there's the chariot of the nuclear weapons District! It is glowing and shooting off little bursts of light. Then there's a huge BOOM and the sky lights up with a giant glowing firework shot by a nuclear lance. The crowd claps, and then the tributes burst forth.

Sadie looks good, in flowing robes of glowing satin. She smiles and a hundred hands reach up and wave. She waves back tentatively and they begin to clap quietly and politely. Alexander wears a tunic of the same material and he doesn't smile, but you can tell he is proud to be here.

The crowd claps as the chariots once again circle the loop and come to a stop in front of President Vixen. "May I welcome you all to the 326th Hunger Games...."

District Male Female
One Syr-10 Bliss-8
Two Gray-9 Cindy-10
Three Cameron-5 Lily-6
Four Max-11 Cherri-7
Five Tsawwassan-6 Linda-7
Six Lucifer-5 Cho-6
Seven Ograssu -7 Herba - 8
Eight Zeus - 6 Juno - 8
Nine Bulagar-5 Kasha-6
Ten Fall - 5 Holly - 7
Eleven Lion- 10 Alice -6
Twelve & 13 Aaron - 6 Alexander-5 Lilac-9 Sadie-6

Day 1

"Let the 326th Hunger Games.... hold on, where's my yogurt, ah got it, LET THE 326TH HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!"

Bulgar Millet's POV:

The sound of the gong sends me sprawling forward as I scoop up the nearest thing I can find - a pack. I don't bother to look to see what's inside of it. Closeby, some tributes have already reached the mouth of the Cornocopia. Once I scurry behind a thick clump of foliage, I see the details. Max Blonde is becoming a demon, not even looking to see who he's fighting before bringing them down - Alice, Cho, Tsawwassan are already dead on the ground. I hear more cannon shots. A few have the sense to run. Now the Careers are gathering. I begin to run out farther to the ocean as the frothy green waves lap against the island shores. I dip my face in the water, and think, "what now?" I have to find Kasha.

Max Blonde's POV:

I rake open another tribute's neck with my claws as the cannon fires. The rest lie on the ground moaning or already gone. I count them. Count 6. 20 of us left, 20 who have to fight for the chance to get into the top 3. No way am I scared.

Syr Wrath's POV: I stare around at all the people who never even got a chance to see any terrain of the arena except the Cornocopia. How sad it must be for all their families and supporters... come on Syr, I think, forcing myself to stop. It's a competition.

Fall Sky's POV: I duck behind the branches of a large decidous tree. Scaling it 15 feet, I stare out at the terrain. It's nice, spongy black earth and dotted with crystalline streams and green trees. I pull out the weopon I recieved from the Cornocopia and turn it over and over in my hands. A small spear, good for fishing and hunting probably. But I don't know how to fish. So I assume I ca kill tributes with it. My throwing skills are decent so I lob it into the next tree. It lodges in a small space in the bark that I assume would be hard to hit. I'm lucky. This will make me look a lot better than I really am, and I'm grateful now I actually stopped by the spears station in the Training Center.

Lion Coy's POV:

I look around warily, watching for Alice or any threats. It seems like all the tributes are under the trees. I prefer the foliage. I duck past another bush, making sure there's nobody. But there is something. A small purple bug. A scorpion. My blood goes cold. I had seen people back in District 11 get stung by scorpions. But this is the hunger games, not District 11, so this must be a muttation, no doubt about it. Yes. It's faster than a normal scorpion, and it's barbed tail, hooked over its back, is dripping with deadly poison. I dart away without thinking but the thing seems to follow me. I can only hope I don't get chased by anything else. I must look so stupid on television. A big boy fleeing a tiny scorpion. I almost laugh at the thought, but I don't. I keep running. Up a hill, down again, through a cluster of trees. The bug follows me and I smash it. Smash it into a billion pieces, had it been a normal scorpion, it would have remained smashed. I get the heck out of there as the bug's parts start oozing back together to create the scorpion again. There's probably some way to kill it, but I can't find that out right now... I need water.

Herba Hemway's POV: I sit down next to a small stream and dunk my head in the water. Good, now I'm refreshed and ready. I pull my dripping face out of the cool, soft flowing current and look around. Surely there will be others coming to the stream. I plunge my face in again, filling my mouth with the waters of the crystallyne river.

End of Day 1

Lives Taken:

Alice wonder

Lucifer Shadows


Ograssu Crasser

Alexander Du Winter

Cameron Jaque

Day 2

Linda Pierre's POV: I sit on the hills, slightly calm as the wind cuts smoothly across the plain, waving my blonde hair to one side. I got away with a small pack full of medicine and an excellent knife. I walk away, trying to find something to eat. The rocks are off in the distance, and small shapes prowl around it. Tributes or mutts. At any rate, they're in no position to attack me. I wonder what time it is, wishing there was some sort of watch here. Maybe a sundial. I estimate that it's around 3 in the morning, because the sun hasn't broken the horizon. The sky is a deep midnight blue, though the sky is streaked with light blue, reminding me of the things I used to love to paint on the walls of my house... I smile briefly, sitting down and close my eyes, a song echoing in my head..."You're not alone, together we stand..." I sing the words to myself softly and fall asleep.

Lilac Coalburner's POV:

I dart through the trees, away from the Career pack. Syr Wrath is heavy on my tail. He raises the sword and I can almost see my reflection in the shining stainless steel. Without hesitation, he brings it down on me, hard. And the last thing I want is to die alone, unwanted. To think that I actually stood a chance in these games.

Syr Wrath's POV:

Good to know we've gotten rid of Lilac, Honey, Cameron, and Bulgar. Glad to know those IDIOTS who weren't good enough to last 2 seconds in the Hunger Games. And all the others we've killed. They were never meant to live. I've got this.

Cho Abiko's POV:

I'm one of the Careers now. My worthless District partner was hor-ri-ble, but at least I had the sense to make it through. My fighting skills have destroyed Holly and Bulgar. Max does damage, but he would never DREAM of hurting a fellow Career. Syr is a demon from hell, there's no other way to say it, but just not quite victor material. Hey, I'm in it to win it. As for the other girls, they freaking SUCK. Bliss and Cherri can barely hold a damn knife for crying out loud. An image of the sobbing girl I took out flashes through my mind. I have no mercy. I wipe a small bit of dried blood off my knife that had, just a few hours before, plunged into Alice's lung and Lucifer's throat and Juno's abdomin.

Zeus Leo's POV:

Juno's dead. The thought strikes me with such force I can barely breathe. Juno's dead. I have to win now. I duck under a low-lying branch, my stomach in knots. I take out my knife, ready for killing Cho Abiko.

End of Day 2

Lives Taken:

Juno Scarlet

Holly Honey

Bulgar Millet

Lilac Coalburner

Day 3

Cherri Blonde's POV:

"Where are we going?" I whisper with a yawn. We're trekking through across the plain now, looking for any danger. "To the rocks," Grey hisses to me. I look up, and see them a couple hundred yards away. "Why?" I ask. "There's caves there. Shelter, and probably food," Cho mutters. I can tell she doesn't like me much, by the way she keeps shooting me cold looks. But I catch her now and then looking at Max, and I now understand why she's letting me stay alive. Cho Abiko likes my brother. I almost giggle, but catch myself. I add another powdering of blush to my cheeks, and am just about to apply my eyeliner when Cho hisses, "Will you put that away, you idiot?" I sheepishly stuff it into my pocket and discover that we're surrounded.

Grey Wolf's POV:

Mutts. That's the first thing I register about these cougars. Their teeth enormous, claws almost 3 inches long and razor sharp. They growl and snap at us. None of us react. Nobody even dares to breathe. Then the first cougar, lips pulled back in a terrible snarl leaps in front of us. We scatter. I take Cindy and we dart away from the others. We spread out, preparing to take on the pack Cindy takes out the first cougar with her knife, but another comes out of nowhere and replaces it. The career pack fighting the cougar pack. I slash wildly at a cougar, and get it in the side. It growls and sinks to the ground. Cho Abiko is going nutto, slicing and screaming really insulting things. Her knife whistles past my ear and lodges in a mutt's eye. "CRAP!" she screams. "I WAS AIMING FOR ITS FOREHEAD!" But her hit was perfect. The beast falls to its knees. Then there's a spray of blood. Cherri Blonde collapses. BOOM! The cannon blasts and I know she can't be saved. "NO!" Max wails. Then he rips off his shirt. And dives into the sea of mutts. He slices, claws, and screams at the mutts until several lay deceased or dying on the ground. "MAX!" I yell, "SNAP OUT OF IT!" But he just shoves me aside and bellows profanity at the cougars. They retreat back into the rocks.

Fall Sky's POV:

I duck away at the sight of another tribute, back into my trees. Hmm, it's that District 9 girl, Kasha. I'm determining whether or not to kill her now, but I wait to see what she will do... She picks up a flower, and I stare at her. She has no weopon, no chance to survive, and she picks up a FLOWER? But I can tell there's something wrong with this flower. No, not wrong. What's the word... abnormal. That's it. It seems to pulsate and is bright red, unlike any normal flower. As red as blood, I think. Then suddenly I hear a branch crack beneath my feet. I plummet to the ground, trying hard not to scream. I hit the ground and knock the wind out of myself. The broken limb falls next to me, slightly muffled by a patch of soft grass and the squishy ground. But it's enough sound to tell Kasha where I am. She walks towards me, still holding the strange flower. But then a sound stops her. She whips around and I see Aaron Winters, the District 12 boy entering the plain. He stops dead when he sees Kasha. "It was you," he whispers. Then he charges Kasha. She looks at him, almost in content and blows the pollen from the flower into his face. He slumps to the ground and as the cannon fires, I understand what the flowers can do.

Cho Abiko's POV:

We flee the rocks, the place of Cherri's fall, the cougar mutt area. I try to calm Max down, and from time to time, he growls at me, but sighs softly. We decide to split up. I go into the woods, wanting to find some action.

Max Blonde's POV:

Cho Abiko cried to me. We went down to the lake and she told me about her boyfriend and how she wanted t avenge his death. And I could understand her. I understood her because of Cherri. She told me she didn't really hate Cherri. But Cherri wasn't doing anything to help us, so she thought that was a little bit of a waste. I curl my tail around her, thinking things I've never thought before. I feel somewhat sane now. I tell Cho we have to stay strong. "But I'll always be here for you," I tell her. Right before we get up, our eyes lock and I know we're thinking the same thing. I lean in o her, but then there's a scream from the camp, and we both shoot up and rocket to it, screaming all the way.

Lion Coy's POV:

Well, Day 3 and no sign of Careers... I sigh with relief, wanting to bandage up my cut from the low branch. I take a small leaf from a bush - a mint leaf - and wipe the blood off my wound. I jump to find another waiting beside me. Hmm, Fall Sky. I debate a minute whether he's safe or not, until he holds up a bandage. "Here," he says, "This will help it heal better." I take them and before I can say anything, he sprints back into the trees. "Thank you," I call, but I have a feeling he doesn't hear me.

Cindy Regar's POV:

"NO!" I hear Cho shout. She falls to her knees and grips my hand, trying to clean the blood off my face where a knife has dug deeply into my head. She yanks out the knife, causing a wave of horrible pain, and a gush of blood, but then a calm feeling grips me. "It's okay," I tell her, but I can hardly hear myself. "What happened?" she asks. I reply, "Syr Wrath turned on us." "No!" Cho screams. "No, it's okay," I say. "Grey is still alive. Will you make sure he's..." "Safe?" she finishes the sentencee for me in a dry whisper, but consiousness loses me.

Fall Sky's POV:

Kasha Farro is out to kill me, her and her little flower thingamabobbers. She's here to kill, nothing else. I pull out my silver sword and grip the hilt tightly, ready for her. I have just seen her walking through the trees, singsonging, "Where aaare you?..." I sprint one way, but it's the wrong way. I slip and fall into a marshy area, and I go under and come up spluttering. A small lake in a dark area. A swamp. I whip around and see a dim light, a flashlight probably. Kasha comes into the area, but doesn't seem to see me. I try to walk out of the swamp, but I'm glued in. Stuck.

Sadie Williamson's POV:

I cross the hills, counting down the remaining tributes in my mind. Day 3 and already 13 of us dead, half of us left. I wonder who. Chased by Syr Wrath, I run across the plain. I'm scared, but as I pull out a knife, I gain confidence, and sprint into a marshy area, slivers of the silver moon cutting through the trees, giving me sight of the shape of a boy stuck in the marsh.

End of Day 3

Lives Taken:

Cindy Regar

Cherri Blonde

Aaron Winters

Day 4

Lily Sage's POV:

I'm lured into conciousness by a loud voice and static... "MY YOGURT, PLEASE FETCH IT, PREFERABLY THE KEY-LIME-PIE...AHH, YES, THIS HUNGER GAMES, THERE WILL BE 4 VICTORS INSTEAD OF 3. THANK YOU AND MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN -THANK YOU, THIS YOGURT LOOKS DELICIOUS - YOUR FAVOR." Whoa. 4 victors? This is great news! I get up, gripping my broken stick. It's not much, but the end is sharp, like a spear. I found it in the woods, close to where... whatever her name is, oh yeah, Kasha killed Aaron. I wonder how the stick got so broken. I'm grateful for its length.

Fall Sky's POV:

I try to make my way out of the muck, but it's no use. I need something to pry myself out. I f I don't do it fast, I will go under and drown in the thick sludgy mud that already comes to my waist while it once oozed around my knees. I try to drag one foot forward, but I can't. Suddenly, I see a rope float down towards me. I look up and see Lily Sage sitting in a tree, but not K-I-S-S-I-N-G-ing anyone. No, she's holding the end of a rope, and as I see the loop moving slowly towards me, I remember she was amazing at knot-tying. Then I wonder if she's going to hang me. I lean away from the rope, but she gestures to her waist and I get it. Tie the rope around yourself and you'll get out of the mud by going up. I tie it tightly around my chest and she yanks hard. With an awful squelching sound, I am wrenched out of the swamp. Kasha Farro bursts through the trees just then, and with a yell, lunges at me and falls headfirst into the swamp that will slowly consume her piece by piece.

Lion Coy's POV:

I am hunting in the woods. A few squirrels have wandered into my snares, but there's this one elk I've been trying to catch... I squint at it, wondering if it could be a ploy like the white elk in the last games that lured competitor Logan Blue to his death... I back away from it, just as the loudspeaker blares to life. "ATTENTION ALL REMAINING COMPETITORS - OH GOOD, I'M INVITED TO THE YOGURT FESTIVAL TOMORROW- ANYWAY, I AM PLEASED TO INFORM YOU THAT SOMEWHERE IN THE ARENA, THERE WILL SOMETHING YOU DESPERATELY NEED LOCATED THERE. EVERYONE'S ARE AT ONE LOCATION BUT AT DIFFERENT POINTS OF THE LOCATION AND VERY HARD TO FIND." There's a small burst of static. Soo, there's a place I need to get to before the others do. I need to find it, it's somewhere in the arena. I desperately need some medicine. My cut, I think, is infected, luckily it's not that big.

Bliss Creme's POV:

Only 12 left, 8 to go and I'll win. I feel a small rush of happiness I've made it this far. And I'm the only tribute besides Syr who still has their District partner. I move aside a branch and look out at the plain. Then I see the first creature leap out at me. I begin to run away, zigzagging, but the thing is running close at my heels. I rocket straight. This is a Gamemaker trap, I think, to lead us all somewhere. I see more tributes, their shirts plastered to their sweating bodies, their panting heavy. Some look about ready to pass out, others look stronger. Huh. I'd better take on the weaker ones first. I grip my knife and gaze into the eyes of my nearest opponent - Lily Sage. Syr is here, too, with Cho and Max. Then the fighting breaks out. I bring my knife down on Lily's head. She crumples in the puffy black dirt as the cannon fires. I yank the knife out of her skull. Then out of the corner of my eye, I see Syr, sitting on top of Grey. He has him in a choke hold, killing Grey. Grey is turning a horrible purplish-red color, choking and gasping to no end. In a minute, his head falls to the ground and in the short minute it takes him to breathe, Syr has buried a sword in his chest. 2 down, 10 to go. I grit my teeth. Max throws someone against the ground. It's hard to see who exactly in all of the blood, but it seems to be Sadie Williamson. Linda Pierre - I haven't seen her all game - well, she's in close combat with Herba Hemway, and Herba falls to the ground at the cannon. Suddenly as I stumble back, I trip on something - a small brown rock - no, a bag! A nylon bag containing.... I rip it open to find a small loaf of bread. I check the name on the bag... Zeus Leo. Guess somebody'll be going hungry. I grin as I stuff half the loaf in each pocket. Then I charge back into battle.

Syr Wrath's POV:

It's nighttime when the fighting finally stops. We have all found our bags, all of us Careers, and even some others. Max, Bliss, and me. The others weren't good enough to make it. Cho catches up to us shortly, holding out a small wooden chest wrapped up in a silver parachute. I open it to find a long silver sword and 3 knives. I take the sword, and it feels good in my hands. The other 3 want the knives. Cho's is long and sharp, Max's hooked and deadly, Bliss' mirrored. Our first sponsor gift! Probably the audience are now seeing how impressive we are.

End of Day 4

Lives Taken:

Grey Wolf

Lily Sage

Herba Hemway

Sadie Williamson

Day 5

Zeus Leo's POV:

Oh man. The way that announcer guy keeps blabbing on and on about his stupid yogurt conventions and all that just makes me so hungry. I regret making it through the battle. That is, until a silver parachute flies my way. I open it and find a small can of peaches. ****! I look back in the bag for a **** can opener, but there's nothing. I grab a heavy rock and smash the can with it. It crushes it, and the top pops off. I dig my hand down to grab the peaches.

Bliss Creme's POV:

We are all at the ocean now. We have all come here to the ocean except for Fall Sky. But the rest of us are positioned around a bridge. On the bridge is a large ship leading to another island. we all want on, for the island is crawling with animals and bursting lush greens and fruits, spiking my hunger. But I realize I will have to fight everyone else to get on. I jump up and run to the bridge, which creaks and groans underneath my weight. Nobody else dares to move, fearing if they step on, too, the bridge will break. Then Lion Coy tries to get to the ship with me, but Max throws him back. Max tries to step onto the bridge, but just as he's about to enter the ship, there's a sickening crunch and the bridge shatters into millions of shards. Max screams and paddles madly to get back to shore. He's a strong swimmer. But something is pulling him underwater. I decide to call it the Thing. While the Thing is distracted with Max, the others seize their chance and dive in, paddling to the boat. Then the wind howls and bows a huge gust in our direction, sending us spinning. Then the boat tips to one side. "GET OFF THE SHIP!" I hear Linda cry. With a monstrous wave of wind, Zeus Leo flies overboard and we hear the crack of him hitting a rock.

Syr Wrath's POV: the ship shakes and I'm sure this is the end. The end of life, the end of the games.... the least we can do is hold on. The raging winds blow the ship ever closer to the island. we're all to frightened to kill each other on the ship for fear of going over. At last we hit the island. I get Bliss and we scramble over the side, both badly shaken from the ride. Bliss makes a beeline for the nearest bush and becomes motion sick. I turn away, grossed out.

Lion Coy's POV: I made it to the island! My legs are shaking so badly I'm afraid of collapsing, but I stumble into the woods first. I can see more of those scorpion thingys, and avoid them. Who knew there was another island? I figure there must be something with underwater volcanoes or something. I cut through a vine and it comes back to slap me in the face, almost putting out my eye. Ouch. Boomerang vines, maybe. Some Gamemaker thing to scare the pants off of the competitors. Nothing serious. Then the vine grabs me. I tear at it, but I can't quite get it off me. It tightens its hold on my neck. Yes. I think this island's going to be a LOT more dangerous than I thought.

End of Day 5

Lives Taken:

Max Blonde

Zeus Leo

Day 6

Cho Abiko's POV: I back away from the clump of berries. The blossoms are brightly colored, as is the luscious fruit thats smell lured me to it. Because out of the blue comes a fruit bat, and I'm aware of the foam on its lips. I flee the area, screeching at the top of my lungs. I collapse to the ground and the bat soars over me. I leap up and run to the left, away from there.

Bliss Creme's POV:

There are dangers on the island, but there are also other tributes. I see them darting through the forest, some in trouble, others just looking for a kill. I wonder how Fall Sky is making out in that old island. So smart of him not to come with us. Why didn't I think of it myself? There's a rustle in the bushes and I look to discover Linda Pierre. she narrows her yes at me and takes out a small knife. I grip my own. It's a lot longer and sharper than hers. I thrust it forward, barely missing her cheek. It lodges just under her lower lip, slightly to the right of it. She howls in pain and I dig my knife out of her chin and throw it. This time it catches her in the shoulder, sending a gush of blood pouring down her arm. I am again, for her eye, and open a deep cut in her forehead. She yells. And throws her knife. I'm very aware of somebody screaming. Somebody in pain. I want to help them. That is until I realize it's from me. Screaming because I have been knifed in the heart.


Lion Coy's POV: I drop to the ground, still shaking. Pieces of the vine come raining down, along with an acidic substance. Some sort of rain. I run under the trees as the rain pours down in sheets. The others appear to have the same idea. We are all gathered in a small area full of trees. Then Syr Wrath jumps over me, pinning me to the ground. "Think you won, Lion boy? well think again!" and I know my death will be quick and clean as Syr raises the knife above my head. Then just as he's about to plunge it into my skull, there's a sssssshing! sound and a gush of blood. Something heavy rolls across my lap. Ohhhh. I think I'm about to be sick. Syr's head, eyes still angled in hatred, mouth still grinning with sadism, is lying on the ground severed from its body. I am caked in his blood. The cannon fires. "ATTENTION COMPETITORS OF THE HUNGER GAMES. THE FOLLOWING TRIBUTES HAVE JUST WON... AHHH MY YOGURT IS DELICI- WAIIIIIIIT!!! THIS IS STRAWBERRY, NOT KEY LIME PIE, YOU BLUNDERING IDIOT!!!!!!" (I swear that if this annnouncer keeps up with this yogurt buisness....) "AHEM, ANYWAYS, FORGIVE MY BRAINLESS CATERER... THE WINNERS OF THE 326TH HUNGER GAMES. I GIVE YOU... LION COY, LINDA PIERRE, FALL SKY, AAAAAAND CHO ABIKO!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS - AAAHH, MY WONDERFUL YOGURT....DO YOU KNOW THAT KEY LIME PIE IS MY FAVORITE FLAVOR??? IT IS THE MOST STUNNING, CREAMY AND SWEET JUST LIKE KEY LIME PIE....ANYWAY, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE VICTORS OF THIS GAMES...I MUST AWAY TO ENJOY MY YUMMY DELICIOUS SWEET YOGURT..." And the loudspeaker crackles dead.

"And I was screaming long live al this magic we made so bring on all the day, we will be remembered!!" -Long Live, Taylor Swift


1st Cho Abiko

2nd Fall Sky

3rd Lion Coy

4th Linda Pierre

5th Syr Wrath

6th Bliss Creme

7th Zeus Leo

8th Max Blonde

9th Grey Wolf

10th Lily Sage

11th Herba Hemway

12th Sadie Williamson

13th Kasha Farro

14th Cindy Regar

15th Cherri Blonde

16th Aaron Winters

17th Juno Scarlet

18th Lilac Coalburner

19th Bulgar Millet

20th Holly Honey

21st Cameron Jaque

22nd Lucifer Shadows

23rd Alexander Du Winter

24th Tsawwassan

25th Ograssu Crasser

26th Alice Wonder

THANKS FOR READING! HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!! -Clove1001 Now go eat some yogurt.

  • Lion Coy
  • Fall Sky
  • Linda Pierre
  • Cho Abiko

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