I hate to say it, guys, but this wiki's "jumping the shark" so to speak, and it's got to stop. Come ON guys! WHY do we have to fight all the time? I hear the n00bs are... being mean to the older users and it's just not fair, and I KNOW I sound like a whiny brat, but this is just not the wiki that I used to know.

So... it's harder to clean up a problem than to start it. This problem's gotten way out of hand. This may very well be my last visit to the wiki. But, please, pay attention to this blog. Show some respect -- for EVERYONE! Even people you don't like. We can clean this up, I know we can. But we've got to start now. Even now was too late, we should have tried to stop it as soon as it happened, but I'm going to try right now. Now, as in right now.

So, you want chat back, huh? Well, why don't you show us you want it back? Even reverting an unhelpful edit is tremendously helpful. We're creating new policies. None of you are aware of how ////great//// that is. It is helping this wiki tremendously.

But we all have to do our parts. This wiki is becoming very social, what with chat and blogs and everything. I hope we can fix this. See y'all all y'all in the future.     Oblivie             talk at me here              17:19, May 15, 2012 (UTC)

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