Let's Go Career Style! The 74th Hunger Games by Cato, Clove, Marvel, and Glimmer with help a little help from Clove1001

OK I know this is kind of stupid, but I'm doing the 74th Hunger Games from the Careers' POV. I'm not done with my 274th Games, so I won't update much, but I will try to update when I can. Hope you like it!!

Clove's POV:

Ok. I look around at all the other tributes positioned around the Cornucopia... Ok... there's some knives up ahead of me. If I could just get to them first... well, of COURSE I can get to them first. After all, I'm a Career tribute. I'm probably so much better than all of them. Bang... The gong sounds and we are all released. I am sprinting towards the Cornucopia and laugh when I notice a few haven't even left their plates. But the real fight is beginning. The boy kid from 9 splatters to the ground in a puddle of blood. "Nice hit Clove," I hear Marvel yell, but now I'm too distracted at throwing a knife in Katniss' head.

Marvel's POV:

I scoop up a backpack and open it, dumping most of it on the ground but finally manage to find what I'm looking for. A spear. Then I see something flying towards my head. I raise the spear and knock it away, hearing the splatter as it finds its target. I'm too good for this. I run up to the boy from 4. And I jab him in the neck. He's too stupid to survive. He'll kill the Career pack.


Cato's POV:

We are walking in the trees. Marvel is going back to get the supplies from the Cornucopia, but I don't see why. We already have so weapons... Well, I guess you can never have enough weapons... I look around at Clove again, but she's just standing there. "Do you guys see that?" she asks. "What?" Glimmer says. "I want to see." "It looks like a fire!" I say. "Now we can go kill whoever started it!" A grin slips across Clove's face. "Then what are we waiting for?" I think for a second. "Geez Clove. We're waiting for Marvel." "No, we can just get him on the way. Come on. I pull out onbe of my swords, the longer, sharper one. Whoever started the fire is probably somewhere close. People are stupid like that, they don't move.

Glimmer's POV:

On the way there, we run into Peeta. "What the..." While the Careers escaped the Cornucopia with only minor cuts and scratches, this guy looks like he's been thrown around like a sack of potatoes. "Yeah. But I got a knife," he says. Oh really? A knife's gonna get you through the Hunger Games?' I turn away from him so he won't see me roll my eyes. Cato thinks for a second. "Um... I've seen you in the training center with that kind of stuff, so I guess... sure..." "Okay," Peeta says. "What do we do in a Career pack?" "Same as any other pack. We walk around killing stuff," I say, still reluctant to let District 12 join our alliance. What if now the audience underestimates the Career pack because this boy is now a part of it? I notice Clove looking a little weirdly at Peeta, too. But then she straightens. "Um... so are we gonna fight that firestarter?" "Sure," Cato says. He leads us down the hill.

Cato's POV:

"Look Loverboy. This is your chance to prove yourself, m'kay?" I whisper to him as he runs down the hill. "Okay," he says. We come first to the Cornucopia to get Marvel. Then we retreat back into the woods to locate the fire. Dawn is breaking the sky, so we might be late to them. We start to speed up. Finally we break into the clearing and I stick my sword straight into the girl's chest.

Clove's POV:

Her scream is long and terrible but at last it stops. "Yes!" I say, kicking at the bleeding girl on the ground. "Great," Glimmer says. "12 down and 11 to go!" Cato yells. We come a little farther into the trees. "Why haven't we heard a cannon?" Glimmer asks. "We should have heard a cannon," Marvel comments. "Hey, don't look at me, she's dead! I stuck her myself." "Somebody should go back and make sure the job's done. "I SAID SHE'S DEAD!" More arguing breaks out. "I'll go finish her off!" Peeta shouts above the others. I hear rustling in a nearby tree, but it's probably nothing. I look around just to make sure, but there's nothing.

Marvel's POV:

As the Careers regroup on the ground, I hear a noise above my head. I look up but see only the darkness. "Time to go to bed," I say to Glimmer. "I'll take watch," she replies. "Let me sort the packs." I hear Glimmer mumbling, looking over the packs, unzipping to check if everything's there. At one point she gives a sharp squeal and throws something to the ground, obviously repulsed by what it is. I look over. "That's Cato's hat," I say. "It LOOKS like underwear," he responds, flattening herself against the tree. "It is underwear. He ues it as a hat." "Wy are you guys playing with my hat, give it back." "I thought you were asleep, and no, we're only sorting the packs." "Okay." I sigh. "I'd better go to sleep," I say. "I'm exhausted." Glimmer looks in the same state but she is already sitting up against the trunk of the tree.

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