I'm sorry, but this whole situation makes me just CRACK UP. But some unnamed people think I'm mean because I give critisism. Well, all I can say is, never go to Warriors wiki. Becuase they give lots of critisism, as woowoo said, and the critisism helps you learn.

  • I give everyone critisism because I CARE.
  • OK?
  • I actually care,
  • unlike people who just go
  • and say, "You're writing's great."
  • when inside their head, they're saying
  • "this could be improved"
  • but they're all too nice to say that
  • so that's why there's people like me and Leshawna to open up people's eyes and show them what they do won't always be hands-down phenomenal.
  • And everyone's writing here is amazing
  • But when I give critique, it doesn't mean that I hate you or your writing. In most senarios, I love it. All of you write spectacular stories and such, and I love reading them all. But they could all be improved.
  • Flat out critisism is just mean and rude. Constructive critisism is caring.

I love you all. I love all of our pieces of writing. I think it's great and unique. But I just don't like it when if someone gives constructive critisism, it rebounds and smacks em in the face. And if you guys, want to go and constructively critisize my stories, go for it! I could use help. I can improve my writing. Guys, I'm not saying I'M perfect. We can all learn, and as a wikia, it's our job to help our fellow users.

Again, this is opinion. So please don't get mad at me. Thank you.

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