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Only One - The Clove Games

District Boy Girl Clove1001
0 Cotto Crest Brooke Fallowheart Clove1001
1 Sable Radiance Calypso Revine Clove1001
2 Shadow Dusk Amazon Glacious Clove1001
3 -- -- Clove1001
4 Caldacus Lustworthy -- Clove1001
5 Leven HUnter Evelyn Winter Clove1001
6 Rush Fall Quyhnn Driscoll Clove1001
7 Talon Frost McCall Tinder Clove1001
8 -- -- Clove1001
9 Damian Tinder Campbelle Frost Clove1001
10 Bronze Penner Amelia Feceneca Clove1001
11 -- -- Clove1001
12 Storm Spears Celeste Breeze Clove1001
13 Axl West Skye Harte Clove1001

Hey guys. This is my all-tribute games, so please DO NOT SUBMIT!!! You can read them, I'd appreciate it if you did. I'll be updating from time to time, when I don't have my 98th Games too held back. I'll be updating alot, I hope. Anyway, even though they're my tributes only, feel free to watch the Games!

Clove1001~ Lemonade 18:07, October 29, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter 1

This will be told from Calypso Revine's POV and Leven Hunter's POV


24 tributes stand around a large golden horn. I don't know some of them, just the Careers: Shadow, Amazon, and Sable. I listen for the gong. All grows silent as! Go! I rush out into the wave of tributes. Scooping up the nearest things I can find: a knife and a small metal pot, I run off into the pine woods. The sharp tang enters my nose. I keep running and fall into a small hole filled with water. I get up and look inside the pot to find a thick, white medicine. I stuff it into my pocket in my jacket. I haven't seen anyone else. No doubt the Careers are still back at the Cornucopia, still fighting it out. Others will take flight from the killers. I realize the dark woods will not camouflage my light hair and skin very well, but I can't worry. I rise up out of the pond, and my clothes are wet.

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