I know this isn't fully my decision to make, it's the admins and wikia, but I thought of a few policies that might you know, run the wiki better. It's fine right now, but it could be better. Everything could. But if you don't want to make these policies, by all means, do not make them. This wiki is fine, I'm just suggesting some improvements.


I know I've already brought this to life, but THG wiki can't have users under 13 without having to do lots of paperwork with COPPA; Don't tell me I joined when I was underage (I already know) but it would be safer to little kids. If you're underage, then you should get a ban from the chat and be able to come back when you turn 13. It would be a lot safer because some (SOME, not meaning any of you) can be a little bit... you know... not so careful about letting personal information slip. To avoid this, I think there should be an age lock. It even says you have to be 13 on the sign up.

Also, this wiki's an encyclopedia. I think that if new users have been on chat for more than a few (a few being 2) hours with 0 edits, they should get a kickban from chat until they make at least 3 constructive edits. This wiki is not a place to meet people. It's an encyclopedia about the Hunger Games, and new users who don't treat it as such need to know that.

Also, if you are feeling harrassed by someone, you need to tell an admin right away and never retaliate. The admins know how to deal with it, and will do so. Also, don't try to hide it from the admins and use it to get out of a kickban.

PROBLEMS SHOULD NOT GO TO INDIVIDUAL STAFF MEMBERS. If it's a problem in chat, then it can go to a chat mod or admin, but if it's a problem in wikia, chances are they're working on it, so please don't bring the already notified issue to THG wiki. We can't solve those kinds of problems. Well, maybe some of us can *coughcoughtalentedcoughcoughmoonbeamcoughcough* but the majority can't.


You're going to kill me for this, but I think there should be a limit to how many words there are in your signature. Let's say 4 words not counting your username. Your username should always be in there, so people know who the siggie is from.

I know you all use the white box on your preferences for signatures, but if you copy this code:

User:Kwanito44/FIGHTING! and replace Somethingone with this- User: and then your username, it would be easier. Then click the redlink and make the signature in the subpage. Here's mine:     Oblivie             talk at me here              14:20, March 27, 2012 (UTC)


To help not clutter the wiki with nonconstructive images, I think a limit of 3 personal images (that includes lunaiis, competition images, and other images for fun) should be uploaded per WEEK. Constructive images can be added whenever (again, this goes back to the encyclopedia thing). But it will help slow down the flow of nonconstructive images uploaded each day. And if every user uploaded at least 1 nonconstructive image per day... I don't know. I think there should be a limit. And I think all images should be called, "Username.Image name.extension" like "Oblivion.Sol.png" or "Firecatcher.Taylor.png" (for a lunaii) but for something else, such as a photo, it should be like "Foxface.image.png" and the next image Fox uploads would be "Foxface.image1.png" if it's like a thumbnail or something. To avoid confusion. I also think that everyone should choose a name to have their pictures uploaded under, so there won't be like... I don't know, this: Fox.Weedwhacker.png (Foxface911's image) and Fox.Somethingone.png (Justafox's image). See what I mean? You couldn't tell who's image is who's. So I'll start off with mine. It's pretty easy. I'll be Livi, so all my pictures will be Livi.(image name).(extension) with the image name being replaced by the name of my image, and the extension being whatever extension I use such as .png, .jpg, and such. I don't want to just say .png because I'm not sure if that's what everyone else uses.

Firecatcher3: Firecatcher.(image name).(extension)

Foxface911: Foxface.(image name).(extension)

Justafox: Fox.(image name).(extension)

Clove1999: Clove.(image name).(extension)

Oblivion1001: Livi.(image name).(extension)

EffieLuna: Effie.(image name).(extension)

KEAP: Keap.(image name).extension. (btw, does anyone else dislike having a username SCREAMED at you? I do)

Haybernathy: Hay.(image name).(extension)

So, that's how I think it should work. And if two people have the same type of username, like if it's

Somethingone-- Something.A various twinkie.png

and Somethingred -- Something.Great Big Hula Dancers.png

Somethingone would remain something and somethingred will be somethingred.


Foxface911 -- Foxface.Mountain Dew Code Red.png

Justafox -- Fox.Blah.png

if they both wanted to be called Fox, Justafox would be Fox and Foxface would be Fox911. Makes sense? It's not very hard to do, and I think y'all'll all catch on. All y'all are smart.

Thank you for your consideration.

    Oblivie             talk at me here              14:20, March 27, 2012 (UTC)

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