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District Boy User Girl User
0 Chaz Dusk Mnkygrlsj Sarah Joseph Mnkygrlsj
1 Brenden Downstreet QuinnQuinn Cariettum Downstreet QuinnQuinn
2 Calmo Hawthorne Clove1999 Eemit Flaxrose Clove1999
3 Digit Twek Moviepopcorn123 Sparkly Divend Moviepopcorn123
4 Adrian Christanson Anna-Athena Evelyn Dreamcatcher Anna-Athena
5 Manny Wolf Mnkygrlsj Pasha Marina TOWTGG
6 Jet Caver Hungergamesrocks Annamaria Lopez Hungergamesrocks
7 Carpen Shim Rueflower Shimmer Goldstone Rueflower
8 Hades Bringer Mopping Amanda Hills Mopping
9 Aden Sparks Everdeen Demetra Roselle Everdeen
10 Hanson Brown Mnkygrlsj Olivia "Livvy" Stock Mnkygrlsj
11 Max Summers Rockman117 Winter Grakineey Rockman117
12 Benjamin Cullen Finnick999 Jasmine Rosh Finnick999

Good luck & may the odds be EVER in your favor!

Good luck & may the odds be EVER in your favor!

The gem (red diamond)


The circular arena is divided dramatically into 4 sections. One section is connifer woods, the other is a dark, empty place with no signs of life. In one area, there are cougars prowling among the giant rocks and on the other side there is a giant mountain with water running down all over it. There are also large, steep hills in this area. The hills move up and down, and the area is prone to sinkholes. There's 3 victors, but if a secret gem is found in the arena, the number of victors will be those who are still remaining when the gem is found. Happy Hunger Games :P There are mutts (the usu. tracker jacker, mocking/jabberjays) and wolves. The wolves have muttation DNA but they are not quite mutts...

Chariot Rides

Soooo yeah... :P decided to do chariot rides, I know it's kinda sorta late for that now but y'know.

District 0:

The crowd is chattering spiritedly as the chariots prepare to march around the City Circle. Anticipating the first district, they look out, each citizen eager to catch the first glimpse of the chariot. Finally, 2 bright white horses bring the large, star-shape chariot into the Circle. The star-shape chariot is midnight blue with more than 1,000 tiny, glimmering stars painted all over it. The tributes look even more stunning, Sarah is dressed in a velvet dress the color of the chariot. It also shimmers with thousands of stars. Her eyeliner is silver and her hair looks as if it has been dipped into pure moonlight. She smiles and waves at the crowd shyly, but after seeing their stunned faces, she gets more enthusiastic. Chaz stays in his standing position, eventually his face breaks into a smile and he waves at the nearest Capitol citizen, and they applaud because he also looks amazing, in a midnight blue tunic, also dotted with little stars. His eyes glow with the silver eyeliner. Together, he and Sarah look like the night sky. Then, as the sky gets darker, the stars on the tribute's clothes begin to glow, taking both the tributes and the Capitol by surprise. Then the Capitol breakes into a storm of cheers and clapping, and the noise is deafening. The tributes grin at each other, their eyes shining. Time for District 1...

District 1:

After seeing the District 0 tributes, the Capitol is not sure that District 1 can outdo the previous. Then a glimmering flash sets all eyes on the large diamond as it comes out. The chariot is the diamond, it has tons of little black, champagne, red, and colorless diamonds all over it. It's dusk but the chariot sparkles brightly in the moonlight. the tributes in it are even more beautiful. Somehow, Carriettum's stylist has curled her hair so now it has a pretty wave in it, and there's silvery streaks in her blonde hair. Her dress, long and goddesslike, is the color of the diamonds on the chariot. It's soft, satiny, and is covered with diamonds. Around her neck is a thick, furry scarf with a silver vine of leaves weaving in and out of it. Her eyeshadow is silver, and so is her lipstick. It looks a little odd, but she is pretty enough to cover it up. Brendon looks handsome in a silk tuxedo also covered in diamonds, but the diamonds on his are black, not colorless like Cariettum's. He flexes the rubber sole of his shoes. There is a necklace with the red diamond gem dangling from it on Cariettum's neck. She pats it and waves to the crowd, blowing kisses and smiling brightly. They throw her roses. Her older brother seems to be enjoying himself, with all the attention focused entirely on him and his sister. The arrogant look on his face is getting bigger, and finally, it seems to tell the Capitol, "Let's move on to District 2, shall we?"

District 2:

"Eemit... scoot over. You're not giving me enough room," Calmo mutters as he gets up into the chariot. The district 2 tributes can hear the thunderous roar of the crowd. "Try not to fall out," Eemit whispers back, looking at the... Then the District 2 chariot surges forward, and Calmo loses balance and crashes to the floor. Eemit seizes him and yanks him up. Together, they look at the glittering streets of the Capitol.

The Capitol is silent.

Eemit looks at herself, flustered. "Is something wrong with us?" she asks, barely keeping her tone under control.

"No. They're looking at the chariot," Calmo laughs, then whispers, "Stupid Capitol. Like it could really hurt them."

"Maybe it could," Eemit says. She's right; maybe it could. Pulled by 2 jet-black-as-night horses, the chariot is a hollow half-sphere around 2 feet off the ground. The half-sphere, where the tributes are standing, is between 2 enourmous knives, sharp as razors and gleaming in the moonlight. The sides are decorated with swirls of sharp, metallic paint. The tributes, however, are decoraed as warriors. Eemit has on metallic silver makeup, her eyes glinting malevolently. She wears a headband with a skull on it, and a necklace made out of tiny knives curved towards her throat (but not sharp) with another black crystal skull in the middle. She is wearing a tiered black sleeveless shirt and tight black pants. Calmo looks similar, in the same clothes (but not a tiered shirt, instead it's a black turtleneck) and a pendant of a skull with a giant shiny ruby hanging from its mouth. The tributes faces are rigid and they stand stiffly, oblivious to one another. The Capitol audience looks warily at the chariot again before proceding to clap. When District 3 is announced, both the tributes and the Capitol are relieved to move on to District 3...

District 3:

"I'm nervous," Sparkle murmurs as she mounts the chariots. "It's okay," Digit soothes, shifting around. "A few minutes, and it will all be ove-- oh nooooo..." "What?" Sparkle gasps, looking up with a look of alarm. "It's... nothing... it's... GAH!!! We're going out!" Sparkle gets up, remembering her stylist's words. Back straight, head high, smile, wave. She murmurs this to Digit, and he stands so stiffly he might as well be a wooden board. "Can I add something to that?" he whispers. "Sure," Sparkle whispers back. "Don't fall out!" Digit hisses. "Oh!" he waves his arms frantically, balancing himself.The chariot is large and more than anything else: high. It is high. It's metal with insulated wires all over it and little studded lights. Sparkle is dressed in a simple white dress that sparkles and has small blinking lights on it, the lights are shaped like jewels. They blink on and off. Digit is dressed in a white tuxedo and he has a pendant with a large, blinking red light on it. On closer examination, the tributes clothes (as well as the straps of their sandals) are insulated coils of wire, coiling around and around to create clothing. The audience likes this chariot, and they clap politely, but this chariot did not rank high on their radar and the begin to get impatient waiting for District 4. At the sight that he is being passed up, Digit balls his hands into fists and hisses at the nearest Capitol citizen. Fortunetly, the citizen doesn't hear it until late.

District 4:

District 4's chariot isn't a chariot. It is a large, spakling blue shell. Then all of a sudden, the inside of the chariot begins to glow, and the tributes get up. The chariot emits a black glow, which is the same color as the inside of the shell. Then the inside slowly changes to white, and the glow becomes brighter and brighter until going out all at once. The tributes are now visible.

Evelyn seems to be wearing a dress. The dress is long and ruffly, kind of looking like the blue-green waves. A crown decorated with ocean rocks, shells, sea biscuits, and has been place on her head. Her dress is the color of the ocean at dusk. The fabric ripples as if this really is the ocean. The foam-crested ruffles on her dress are the waves that so resemble those on District 4's beaches. Evelyn smiles at the crowd and appears to be winning them all over.

Adrian wears long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Both are made of the same fabric used for Evelyn's but the shade of his is a bit darker because he is shadowed by the sun's position in the sky. He has no ruffles but is also wearing a crown of sea-like objects on his head. He appears to be happy as he looks out at the crowd. The crowd loves it.


Sarah Joseph

Ceasar greets the audience in his usual fashion; this year his color is neon orange, which everyone finds very distracting :P

Ceasar: Now, Sarah, you must be very excited to be in the Games. How are you doing so far?

Sarah: Well... I don't suppose I could tell you how, but I got my 7 in training... pretty decent score, don't you think?

Ceasar: That's a very good score. Good to go into the arena with. So, what do you find most impressive about the Capitol?

Sarah: Well, I loved the outfit I wore on my chariot rides. I felt so pretty. I never really felt like that before and I... I kinda liked it.

Ceasar: I'm sure you've always been beautiful. Can you let us in on a secret? What's your strategy?

Sarah: Get at least one ally. BUZZ!

Ceasar: Best of luck, Sarah Joseph, tribute from District 0.


Ceasar: Hello, Chaz.

Chaz: Hello.

Ceasar: Now... what do you like most about the Capitol?

Chaz: Probably the knife selection. I can do anything with knives. They're my best weapon.

Ceasar: Who would be your first choice as an ally?

Chaz: My district partner, Sarah.

Ceasar: That was quite an appearance you made on the chariots. You ceartinly implanted that image into my head! How did you feel?

Chaz: Anxious.

Ceasar: I wouldn't blame you. It's a lot of pressure to stand up there in front of everyone.


Ceasar: Best of luck, Chaz Dusk, tribute from District 0.


Ceasar: Hello, Carriettum. You look gorgeous tonight.

Carriettum: Thank you. I do look gorgeous.

Ceasar: Hm. How are you liking the Capitol so far? Is it much different from your own District?

Carriettum: It's nice, and I love the clothes you have here. The parties are extraordinary. It's great, but I miss District 1. And for the latter, not different by much, just more parties, fancier... you know... I'm just glad my brother's here with me.

Ceasar: That's right. Brendan. Are you going to make an alliance with him?

Carriettum: Of course I am! And I'll try my best to keep him safe. He'll return the favor, no doubt.

Ceasar: I bet he would


Ceasar: Best of luck, Carriettum Downstreet, tribute from District 1.


Ceasar: Hello Brendan. How are you tonight?

Brendan: I'm good. You?

Ceasar: Fine, thank you. So... after meeting your sister, she has told me that you will try your best to keep her safe. Is this true?

Brendan: Of course! But I'll probably outlast her. I'm so great.

Ceasar: Joining the Careers?

Brendan: Yes. I volunteered to keep my sister safe. My other brothers wouldn't, and of course, my sisters couldn't... I mean, they could have volunteered for Carrie, but they didn't. But I'll show them. I'll come back. I know I'm the best.


Ceasar: Best of luck, Brendan Downstreet, tribute from District 1.


Ceasar: Hello, Eemit.

Eemit: Hi.

Ceasar: Now, Eemit, being from a Career district, do you think you have a good chance at winning this year?

Eemit: Well, yes! But I've watched the other tributes and they're all very good.

Ceasar: So are you. Don't underestimate yourself. It seems as if that is your greatest weakness.

Eemit: *pauses* it is...

Ceasar: Well, what will be your greatest strength then?

Eemit: Bow and arrow. Probably... or knives.

Ceasar: I see. You're good with those weapons.


Ceasar: Best of luck, Eemit Flexrose, tribute from District 2.


Ceasar: Hi Calmo. How are you tonight?

Calmo: Not great

Ceasar: What's wrong?

Calmo: Just been thinking about stuff. Like what the Games will be like. I have no idea what kind of arena I'll be just thrown into and left out to die. If only someone could just... tell me how it might be, I might actually stand a chance. But I don't know.

Ceasar: Well, Calmo, the arena is divided into 4 sections, there's a waterfall and a pine forest, and there's a really dark place where no animals or plants live. There's giant --

Calmo: Giant what?

Ceasar: N-nothing. I - I um... so... anyway, you look fantastic! Your stylist really works wonders on you.

Calmo: Thanks, but I think they like dressing up Eemit more cos of she's so --


Ceasar: Best of luck, Calmo... Hawthorne, yes? Calmo Hawthorne, tribute from District 2

As Calmo leaves, Ceasar sighs and does a facepalm, having just revealed about the whole arena to Calmo. "That tribute's good..." he murmurs.


Part I:

Demetra Roselle (D9)

The Games will change my life forever. I will never be the same. To die, or to not die... that's the question. Anyone would say this was just anyone's ordinary Games. The tributes are all very good. Each one of us has at least a shot at winning. A lot of the tributes tried to show the Capitol what they were like in the shrt time we were given in the Training Center. Once this minute is up, we will all sprint to the middle.

Some will die.

Most of us will live.

Only time will tell. In 2 seconds, my minute is up. I prepare myself to run like I've never run before.

These Games will chnge my life forever.

The Next Move

Calmo Hawthorne is in trouble as the going rings out. Flying towards the Cornucopia, dodging knives. Brenden Downstreet throws a weapon. Calmo dodges it and runs the remaining feet to the Cornucopia. Then Carrettium smashes into him and he collapses.

What is it with District 1 today?

He roughly knocks the girl off of him and continues to the Cornucopia. Eemit blocks him.

"Let me go," he says, shaking his head.

"Allies?" Eemit asks."Yes, fine. Get out of the way!"

The cry of alarm is just in time. Eemit drops to the ground and a small bullet soars over her head. On closer examination, Calmo sees that it's actually a dart, dripping some kind of poison.

It buries itself in Benjamin Cullen's chest.

Jasmine Rosh (D12) and Hanson Brown (D10)

Startled by the shock of Ben's death, Jasmine streaks through the battling to receive a large green bag. Throwing it over her shoulder, she takes off into the dark, piney woods.

She is taken by surprise as Hanson Brown lunges out and grabs her, pinning her down.

"Can we have an alliance?"

"Fine... but you don't have to... unh... CLOBBER me," Jasmine mutters.

Sparkly Divend (D3) and Evelyn Dreamcatcher (D4) Manny Wolf (D5)

Just outside the Cornucopia, Evelyn has caught Sparkly Divend.

"Let me go," Sparkly struggles against the ropes. Evelyn tosses her long blond tresses behind her head.

"Did you honestly think it'd be that easy?" Ev growls. "To get away from me?"

Just as she is about to sink the knife into the District 3 tribute's neck, a rustling comes from the tree behind her. Manny Wolf's eyes widen in what seems to be horror. Evelyn turns, her grin melting into a look of pure shock. This action has given Sparkly just enough time to escape, when the malicious smile appears again on Evelyn's face. Manny turns back to the trees, but they're too far away. His eyes flit back to Evelyn just for a second. He dives into the bushes.

He never makes it.

Hades Bringer (D8) Amanda Hills (D8)

"You think this is far enough away?" Amanda asks. She and Hades have escaped the Cornucopia. "What now?"

"How many of them have died today?" Hades asks. "They'll fire the cannons any minute now... huh..."

Silently, they listen intently for the cannon shots. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

"Guess we'll have to wait till tonight to see who it was," Amanda sighs. "For now, let's set up the camp here."

"Good idea."

"You know, I haven't heard any cannons. For a while. I wonder what's going on?"

"People are probably just making alliances. The audience will get bored soon. I mean, I guess."

Calmo Hawthorne (D2) Eemit Flexrose (D2) Brendan Downstreet (D1) Carettieum Downstreet (D1) Adrian Christionson (D4) Evelyn Dreamcatcher (D4)

Er... well, here we are. This Hunger Games brings a new well-stocked Career pack. Brendan and Calmo lead the pack, closely followed by the pair from District 4 and then the girls from the main Career districts. Eemit runs her fingers over a knife, gazing at her reflection in its mirrored blade. Carriettum's face, smudged with dirt, has begun to make her feel self-concious. The pack heads across a long wide stetch of grass and sets up a camp on the edge of a gigantic, piney forest. Cariettum sighs and sits down. Little do they know of what lies in the branches above their heads....


Dawn of the next day Amanda Hills (D8) Careers (D1, D2, D4)

Amanda may not know much about nature, but she can climb well enough. Actually, she's an amazing climber. And she knows that she's not heavy enough to break the loose branches hanging on the tree. She balances in a fork before her quick-thinking brain can think up a trap that will send the alliance on the ground sprinting wildly for their lives. Slowly, she snaps off a giant branch, wincing at the sharp, snapping noise it makes. Then she holds it above a small opening. "Damn, this is dangerous," she whispers. "I could freaking get killed." She takes a deep breath and lets the branch fall from her fingers. It hits something with a sickening crunch. Amanda sneaks a glance at the tributes below. Cariettum's head is cracked open and bleeding.

"Carriettum!" Brendan shrieks, knocking Calmo aside.

Calmo hits the tree. Hard. Amanda, perched on a dead branch, begins to fall.

And before she has realized what happened, she is lying dead on the ground, and her back is broken.

Calmo regains his feet, and Brendan turns his furious, tear-stained face towards the other.

"Alliance over," Brendan mutters.

"What? You can't do that!" Calmo retorts, glaring at him.

"Cariettum's dead," Brendan hisses. "I don't need you anymore."

From his pocket, he pulls out something tiny and silver. Dart gun.

"No," Calmo laughs nervously. "No... you wouldn't dare."

"Oh, you recognize this," Brendan laughs, his sneering face dissolving into a grin. Turning, he fires the dart at the nearest target. She screams and collapses. Calmo's eyes widen and he charges Brendan. Brendan neatly dodges his outstretched fingers and tears away through the trees. Calmo sighs, defeated, and turns back to the girl. He looks down into the dying face of... Eemit Flexrose.

"It's up to her now."

"EEMIT!" Calmo drops to his knees and gingerly eases the dart out of her skin. The area around it has become tender and inflamed.


Both the tributes from 4 crowd around the dying girl, wrapping her shoulder and pouring medicine on it. Finally, Evelyn straightens and gazes into Calmo's tear-streaked face. "We've done everything we can," Adrian murmurs. "It's up to her now." Calmo stares off into the distance, and his mouth moves, barely whispering, "Thank you." Evelyn focuses on the ground and Adrian's eyes have been attracted to his boots.

"Come on. Think Carpen. We can win this..."

Carpen Shim encounters Brendan Downstreet on the outskirts of the forest. Brendan comes right out of the mist, eyes focused on the other boy. Carpen lowers his eyelids, looking haughty and arrogant. Brendan looks a bit scared at the sight of Carpen's murderous eyes. But he has something to ask him.

"Carpen," Brendan says cooly.

Carpen glares at him, scowling profusely while keeping his hand on the long, razor sharp sword at his side. "I'm not going to hurt you. If you tell me what you want."

"I want an alliance," Brendan says. "Come on. Think, Carpen. We can win this... can you see it? The two of us, together, in the streets of the Capitol, accepting the glory together... let's ally."

"That's not for you to decide," Carpen says, still glowering. "There is only one victor... but if you find the... the... stone? Yeah... if you find the stone, we can both make it..."

He mutters a few incomprehensible words to himself. Brendan can't hear him, even in the silence of dawn. Carpen looks up. Red-orange eyes shining, he opens his mouth.

"Yes, Brendan. I want an alliance."

I can't say anything.

I can't say anything. I can't they told me that I could never win. They told me I am too weak, I can't say a word, and I can't win. Here I am, thinking all of this in my head. Because I can't say anything. No one believes that I will be strong enough to win. But I will show them that even though they had no faith in me, I have perserverance. Even an avox like Shimmer Goldstone can win a Games.

(Sarah Joseph, D0)

I slip into the foliage and watch the others from above. A wind shakes my tree and I hang onto a limb. I can barely make out their words. "Come on, think Carp --" I recognize the outgoing boy from 1. This "Carp" can only be Carpen Shim, but before I can decide anything else, a wild gust shakes my tree and I just about fly off. Gripping the branch so hard my knuckles turn white, I keep my eyes trained on the Careers. It's raining hard now. The ground is flooded. Well, not that flooded. That was a lie. Well, it ain't that much of a lie either. More like an exaggeration. The pair of them depart. I climb down.

Day IV (Dusk)


It's been rwo days since Eemit died. She died last night, but I never saw her in the sky. Maybe I just wasn't watching. Not much has happened on Day 3 but the audience place bets and get bored. No doubt they'll be wanting some action soon. No, I haven't heard any cannons.

Too Scared to Scream (Midnight)

Carpen and Brendan reach the empty, hollow part of the arena. All is dark. Brendan turns to Carpen. "Why do you want our camp to be here?" Brendan asks.

"This is not where our camp will be, Brendan," Carpen mumbles. "I have brought you here because I didn't want the rest of them to hear you."

Brendan gives him a confused stare. "What?" he asks, face full of curiosity.

Carpen picks a knife off the ground and cleans the dirt out of his fingernails. "Oh, you know. Can't have too many tagging along, can we?" Carpen grabs at Brendan's neck. Brendan jumps away just in time as Carpen's fist closes on empty air. "There's 26 of us. Was. But only one of us comes out," Carpen whispers, thrusting his face close to Brendan's.

"No!" Brendan screams. "Stop!"

Or at least he wants to scream that, but his throat is consticted with fear at this boy. Carpen laughed as Brendan thrashed in silence. Somehow, Brendan manages to knock Carpen off him, then scrambles to his feet.


Brendan is thrown backwards and a girl's smoky figure appears from the mist. Brendan is beyond confused. Frustrated, he growls, "Eemit!? No... it can't be you!"

"That's right Brendan. It can't be me. Surely you think I'm dead!?" Eemit says, voice rising with each word. "Well, I am NOT dead."

Carpen just stands there, until Eemit confronts him. He had never been scared of anyone before, but when Eemit spoke, her tone was so forceful he obeyed her orders to leave. Turning back to Brendan, she matched the fury in her eyes with that in his.

"This is between you and me. What were you thinking, killing another Career?!"

"I said, alliance over," Brendan hisses defiantly. "Now let go of me."

She does, and he lunges at her, pinning her down, throwing her hands to the ground. She struggles but he is too heavy to knock off. Also, she isn't in the right position to knowck someone off.

"What are you going to do to me?" she whispers.

"I'm going to kill you. I torture you like I have never tortured anyone before. Starting here."

Brendan holds the knife just above her eye and releases it. The knife falls, but something knocks Brendan off Eemit right before it can hit. Squinting, she can just make out the figure, and the voice.

"What the HELL were you DOING!?" Calmo screeches at the enemy. "I hate you! I HATE YOU!"

Brendan picks up another knife. "Hate me when you're dead!" he screams as he plunges the knife into Calmo's chest. The howl of agony is long and horrible. But when Eemit stands, Brendan's eyes get big and he flees the dark place, headed for the woods.

"Calmo!" Eemit runs to his side, tears already starting to flow down her face.

"Eemit. Eemit, I wanna remember you when I die. Will you always remember me? Will you win for me?"

The odds are truly against Eemit, but --

"Yes. Yes, I will try, really, really try."

"I always knew how much you... loved singing," Calmo whispers. "You deserve something before I go."

"You're going to sing to me?"

Calmo nods, the barest motion up and down.

I have never heard Calmo sing before, but all the mockingjays have gathered for this number, even in this dark, empty place. No, the number isn't "Chopsticks."

"I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow
And each road leads you where you want to go
And if you're faced with the choice and you have to choose
I hope you choose the one that means the most to you

And if one door opens to another door closed
I hope you keep on walkin' til you find the window
If it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile
But more than anything, more than anything

My wish for you
Is that this life becomes all that you want it to
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small
You never need to carry more than you can hold

And while you're out there gettin' where you're gettin' to
I hope you know somebody loves you
And wants the same things too
Yeah, this is my wish..."

I sing the next with him. "I hope you never look back but you never forget
All the ones who love you and the place you left
I hope you always forgive and you never regret
And you help somebody every chance you get
Oh, you'd find God's grace in every mistake
And always give more than you take
But more than anything, yeah more than anything."

He sings the next alone.

"My wish for you
Is that this life becomes all that you want it to
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small
You never need to carry more than you can hold

And while you're out there gettin' where you're gettin' to
I hope you know somebody loves you
And wants the same things too
Yeah, this is my wish, yeah yeah..."

There's a pause. Then I start singing again. After a little bit, he rejoins me.

"My wish for you
Is that this life becomes all that you want it to
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small
You never need to carry more than you can hold

And while you're out there gettin' where you're gettin' to
I hope you know somebody loves you
And wants the same things too
Yeah, this is my wish
This is my wish
I hope you know somebody loves you
May all your dreams stay big..."

"Calmo? Did you know I loved you?"

"No. I loved you too... always. Not just now. I loved you forever."

"I've always loved you, and always will."

I lean down and kiss him. Long and slow. Then I whisper goodbye, and he smiles.

The cannon fires.

Behind the Waterfall

Evelyn Dreamcatcher's POV:

The bare slope of the mountain is the hill to the waterfall. And that is my best chance of survival: water. That is, if I could ever get there. It had begun to storm and the hill is steep and now extremely muddy. I try to calm myself with images of the river. Washing myself off. My clothes. Swimming. I'll stand a better chance in the water, I tell myself. Adrian is the last thought on my mind. I whip around to see him, struggling up the mountain, grasping at the muddy ground and trying to get ahold of something. I whip my hair back, the dripping strands now frosted with ice. Thunder explodes in my ears. This is going to be worse than I thought.


"EVELYN!" he roars back. I can just hear him over the raging storm. "EVELYN!"

"I'M HERE!" I yell.

"I'M STUCK!" he yells back, eyes wide. Panicking. Eyes full of pure terror.


"NO! IT'S TOO DANGEROUS!" he howls at me.

"YOU HAVE TO!" I yell. But I may as well have whispered it.

Adrian meets my eyes.

"You can do it," I say. "Take my hand. Come on..."

He briefly grasps at it. We face each other, match my terror with his. For one second, our hands are locked together. Then one foot takes a false step. Adrian falls down the mountain, eyes already losing the life in them. I regain my balance and grab hold to a rock sticking out of the ground. I can't get Adrian's face out of my mind, untill a giant bolt of lightning hits the ground mere meters away from where I stand, clutching the rock, frightened to move from this position, even though it is uncomfortable and I probably look like a spaz. I pull myself up and take cover under a large pine tree. It is alone... I mean, there's no other trees around it. I huddle by muself, shivering, watching water drip slowly off my face.

All I did to save him was in vain. He got away, despite my efforts, lost forever in the mud, the rain... and I am alone.

"If not for yourselves, do it for me."

The lightning all around the arena has forced the tributes to gather at the rocks, where the cougar mutts prowl hungrily around, waiting for a kill.

I stare around at my opponents, when a voice all of us are dreading slides smoothly into the air.

"Well, well. Everyone gathered here, nicely, yes? I think we'll have ourselves a little killing."

"C-Carpen?" Hanson whispers.

"C-Carpen?" Carpen mimics in a high, squeaky voice. "The way you said that, people would think you're afraid of me... and you are, all of you."

The silence was only to be broken by Hades' scream as Carpen stuck a knife in his back. The boy drops to the ground, dead. Then the fighting breaks out. Carpen smashes into Chaz Dusk, a tribute I have only seen in the training center, but now, with a fatal head wound, crumple at my feet. Carpen throws his last knife, sinking it into the young girl's skull, and running away

A few feet away, I see a small circle begins to form, as people gather aroud Jasmine Rosh. Hanson seems hysterical with grief at the sight of his ally. Well, all in all, he was her district partner. "Jasmine! No! Please!"

"Kill Carpen. Kill him. Please. Take him out, if not for yourselves, do it for me. He needs to come to an end... son of a..."

Demetra caresses her forehead. "We will kill him." Of course, it's a promise where we can't control the outcome, but it seems to put Jasmine at peace.

For a moment everrything is quiet, as if we've forgotten we're even in the arena. There's just this small, unmoving circle of tributes, the only movement is that of Demetra's hand.

Part II

The cannon fires. "Alright... go." Demetra walks over to me. "Go on, Jet. I'll take care of her."

There's 11 left. Which leads us to the ultimate question: who will win?

"Only the strongest can survive now," I said to him. "There's... what, twelve of us left?"


"You know, if they catch us, they won't let us go," I tell Digit.

"Chill, Sparkly. It'll be okay."

"Heh... no, it won't. What if you die? What if I die?"

"I'm telling you... don't worry. We got this far, didn't we?"

"Yeah... but don't you see? Only the strongest can survive now," I said to him. "There's... what, twelve of us left?"


"We're not gonna make it," I whisper.

"We're gonna make it," he replies. "One of us, will, I'm telling you. I have faith in District 3. We can win this, Sparkly."

I look long and hard at him, staring deep into his eyes.

"Okay," I say.

In Demetra Roselle's perspective

Hanson and I have crafted a temporary alliance. I think Jasmnie made a serious impact on him. I couldn't just watch him stand there until it got dark, watching the tears run down his face, glistening on his cheeks and then fading back into the darkness when the moon went behind a cloud.

"It's cold," I say. "Come on Hanson."

Sighing, he gets to his feet and opens his eyes, face turned towards mine, eyes ablaze with pain, loss, with a dangerous edge to them. If this is what love does to people, I swear I will never fall in love.

"Okay," he whispers. We head to the waterfall, where Carpen and Evelyn ventured. Who knows. There might be a battle -- and the perfect chance to kill Carpen -- waiting just for us.

In Evelyn Dreamcatcher's perspective

Hiding out behind the waterfall seems a better choice than I ceartinly would have thought. The District 3 boy was stupid enough to wander across her, right into my trap. Soon, I know, that will lure in the District 3 girl, nd that gets rid of 2 uneeded tributes, that is, if Carpen hasn't gotten rid of any more of them. That would leave me and him to vie for the crown. I can tak him any day. I'm not worried.

Sure enough, the soaking Sparkly Divend bounds into my lair. I have her now. I grab her and pin her down, throwing her on her back as she tries to bite my wrists.

"Let -- me -- go!"

"Why would I?" I ask, eyes gleaming. She struggles but all I have to do is tighten my grip on her. I've got her now. All of a sudden, a blast of water showers us. "What the --" I roll back, giving Sparkly time to go untie Digit and help him out.

Oh damn it.

As te blast of water surges forward, I am knocked out of the cave and land flat on my back, the wind knocked out of me. All of a sudden, the ground beneath me drops and I plummet until I hit the solid earth again. I am rising now. Gripping the soft green grass, I think, "What's happening?"

I look down. Hills. Miles of hills. Didn't I hear something about part of the arena where the hills roll up and down, changing always changing? Yes. Yes, I did. I am at the Rolling Hills.

"Look at this!"

I see Carpen's figure coming over the hills, carrying the D3 tributes by their collars. Sparkly is strugling, but Digit has gone limp. I can see the marks where my ropes cut into his arms.

"Tell me what I need to know," Carpen demands.

"I -- I don't --"

"You know something, you know where the jewel is. I know you know."

Digit crawls back, apparently slowly regaining conciousness.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Cute," Carpen snarls. Then he swings his fist at Digits head. "But not to me."

Digit, luckily, ducks just in time. Carpen loses his balance, but regains it quickly.

"Now, tell me everything you know." Carpen's hands fly to Digit's neck and begin to close on it. Digit gags. "Tell me and I'll release you," Carpen singsongs.

"The stone is -- cough -- in the c-c-cave... cave in the -- cough cough -- rocks!" Digit sputters. "Let me go!"

"Thank you. That's all I need to know. My plan is to find that gem and destroy it so I alone can be the victor. No one is going to take that glory from me! And it doesn't look like I have any more use for you does it? Too bad you can't run. You don't have any breath."

Carpen releases him, as promised, but as Digit turns to run, Carpen sinks a knife blade into his left thigh. It seems like he ruptured an artery, by the amount of blood pouring out.

"Too late to save your District partner now, I'm afraid," he smiles at Sparkly.

"I hate you!" Tears brim in her eyes. "I hate you, Carpen! I hate you! You are GOOD FOR NOTHING, and you don't deserve to win, damn it! Now get the hell away from me."

"You get the hell away from me."

Sparkly turns and runs for the rocks. With Carpen following close behind.


Vote here on who you think will win, and if Carpen Shim will destroy the stone. Vote honestly please, vote on who you think will win! This will not decide the victor, who I already have in mind. Also, tell me what you voted in the coments please! Also, anyone can vote. Thanks!


Will Carpen destroy the stone?





Who will win the 504th Hunger Games?












Demetra Roselle

I decide to ally with Sarah Joseph. Risky I know, but Sarah just seems so trusting. Also has good ideas. After we found the secre entrance to the cave, she ties one end of rope to a rock on the wall and fingers the other. Inside the cave, it's pitch black. Good. No one will see us, or undo the rope. I hear a running river, the sound of flowing water filling my ears.

Closing my eyes, I hear it.

"Where did he say it was again?" Carpen's tone is demanding.

"He said it was in the cave." A girl's voice. Evelyn Dreamcatcher.

More talking. I miss Carpen's next words while Sarah muses over what they could be talking about. Finally, coming up with nothing, we listen intently for more. Evelyn's voice gets high and shrill so we can easily hear her next words.

"You want the red diamond, well, turn on the damn flashlight and get it! It won't be hard to find a RED GEM in this GRAY STONE!" Evelyn bursts out.

"Don't get fresh with me," Carpen says in a fierce whisper. "Screw up and you're dead."

So Evelyn and Carpen are working together. I lose myself in my own thoughts for a little while. Then I hear 3 pairs of feet running, their footsteps echoing sharply off the walls. Evelyn, Carpen. The third name comes to us, me and Sarah, at the same time, as if someone came up and whispered it in our ears. Our eyes meet. Shimmer.

The mute. If Brendon had been there, they would have asked him questions, and he would have answered. And Brendon would have been talking, even if not directly spoken to, cutting in with his own remarks. But who would bother talking to a girl with a cut tongue? Surely you know you would get no answer.

Sarah makes an irritated sound. Moments later a small fire ignites. She ignites another and hands it to me. A match. Good.

The Gamemakers can'ts ee the activity going on inside the cave. Then I look up. The flourescent light from the match illuminates a small videocamera. One word across the side, just one, not split into two, tells me all I need to know about how they're filming us.

NIGHTVISION, the side lettering reads. No space. Just, NIGHTVISION.

That will make everything show up a shade of green.


We travel down a thin, spiraling stairwell into a small cavern dimly lit by torchlight. I swallow. Me and Sarah in one corner. Carpen, and Shimmer, and Evelyn in another. Hanson walks in next, looking loopy, then face gets hard at the sight of us. At Carpen. You killed Jasmine...

Eemit Flexrose, covered in a layer of sticky greenish foam sprints out of another tunnel and lands in the center of us, closely followed by Brendon. Last, Sparkly is wet as she enters our cavern and chooses the corner where Hanson is.

"How should we end this?" Carpen whispers, his eyes glinting maliciously, and as I notice he's not staring at any of us, I get a cold feeling that makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

He's staring at something behind Sparkly. Another tunnel. You can see cliffs and smoke and darkness. A steep dropoff. Something tells me our next fight is coming soon... and it just might be there...

The Final Chapter

Sarah Joseph faced the others defiantly as she slipped back into the shadows. No one noticed her disappearance, that is, until rocks began to pummel the tributes.

Demetra stumbled back, almost lost in the abyss forever. Somehow, she regained her balance and, though shaken, remained alive. All of a sudden, the cavern wall begins to shake. "Help!" Sparkly screams as she plummets over the edge of the pit. "Sparkly!" Sarah and Hanson yell in unison. Demetra faces the others. "You haven't won yet," she yells at Carpen. "Look."

She points to Shimmer. Shimmer lifts up her hand and in it is a small red gem. Brendon stares at it in awe. "Give it to me, Shimmer. I'm you district partner." Carpen's eyes glow with hate. Shimmer looks at him. She can't speak, but she shakes her head from side to side... the barest motion. With a bloodcurdling scream, Carpen lunges for her. She rolls out of the way, and the terror in her eyes is unmistakeable. Demetra grabs the stone. All of a sudden, the cavern shakes again. The stone drops into a fissure. "NO!!!!!" Carpen screams. He gets up and grabs Shimmer by the throat. She thrashes wildly, but after two minutes she starts to go limp. Four minutes till brain damage sets in, Sarah thought. I have to stop this insanity. She grabed a stone from off the ground and hurled it at Carpen. It hit him right in the temple. Carpen got up, head bleeding. He picked up the stone, and felt around for Shimmer's neck. He was going for her jugular, the all important vein. Sarah picked up another stone. The water below them churned and splattered against the rocks.

Time froze.

All of a sudden, the floor began to split open. A hole formed in the middle and slowly got bigger and bigger. They all backed up but it was no use. In a split second, Demetra took a step back.

Everything exploded and her hand went numb.

"Demetra?" Sarah was hovering over her. Demetra, knocked back by the explosions, discovered she was alive. Unless they were all dead. "I'm not dead?" she gasped, her voice low. The others, Eemit, Hanson, Sarah, Brendon, Evelyn, and Jet were all standing above her anxiously.

And there was no sign of District 7 at all.

She made Sarah tell the story. How after she touched the detonater Carpen would use to blow them all up, the explosions stopped the earthquake. Sarah pushed Carpen in after he dropped Shimmer over the side. Carpen had tried to fight her back but slipped and fell into the water. No, not water. Demetra saw something resting on the bank below them. A bleached, white skull. "Acid," Demetra whispered. The others nodded, looking solemn. "The stone's gone." Jet's voice was hollow. Sarah leaned against the wall. All of a sudden, she yelped and fell back as the wall disentigrated. The others were immeadiately on their feet. "Wow! A secret passageway," Eemit breathed. "It's not THAT special," Evelyn's arrogant tone cut in. "Anyone could have found it. And look -- it's all --" she broke off, sneezing. "Look how much dust is in here!" "Grow up," Sarah growled. "Guys... I'm not as brave as you all," Hanson said. "Well... that's true. No one's as brave as me, but I suppose I can help you," Sarah smiled. "You're not as brave as me. Or as good as me," Evelyn gloated in Sarah's face. They were now in a small room with a dome shaped ceiling. On the other side was a button. Evelyn ran across the room. "Maybe it opens up a secret door!" she said. She pushed it hard. "NO!" Demetra yelled. A voice above them said, "Sacrifice one." Then maiacal laughter. The dome ceiling opened up. "WAIT!" Demetra yelled. A bolt of lightening shot from the sky. All that was left of Eemit was a pile of ashes.

Sarah caught her breath. Tasted blood. The lightning bolt had cracked open the floor and sent stones tumbling down on them. They fell into the gushing acidic river. "That's it!" Demetra yelled. "I'm relegating you, Evelyn! Work by yourself!" Evelyn turned and fled. "86. To the showers," Sarah managed. The cave walls shook. Sarah reached toward the light. The light was getting farther away.

Color faded.

She was alone with a giant wolf. Jumping back, she saw it speak to her. "This is it. You kill me or I kill you. Without killing me, you have no hope of reaching the Shroud."

"Whats that?" she asked. It must be a mile to it. She could run fast. The cave walls around her dripped. All around her the fighting was projected on the walls. Brendon was sliced in the arm and fell to the dead waves. Jet collapsed and was still. Demetra shrieked as Evelyn's sword ripped off half her cheek.

"Where do you stand in all this fighting?" the creature asked. "You are nothing, Sarah Joseph. And you will always be nothing."

She knew someone was trying to provoke her into getting herself killed. "No. I am something."

She stood. She took out her sword and swung it right into the creature's face. A long gash formed from its eye to its mouth. She kept slicing its huge back until it finally collapsed under its weight, its legs no longer able to hole it. Sarah ran. She felt claws reaching out at her. Across the room, Evelyn ran too. The only ones left. Sarah screamed as she ran, but this was out of strength, not fear. Evelyn ran harder. Claws reached out to them. Hands grabbed at them. Evelyn tripped. Sarah kept running. She hesitated and hit the Shroud, a large hollow stone.


The stone exploded. She was back in the bloody clearing, and there was no sign of Evelyn. She stared at the hopelessly mangled bodies around her. The cannons fired. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5 cannons for the 6 tributes. I've won!

Sarah stepped down shakily from her platform. The announcer's voice blared in.

"Congratulations to the yogurt factory for inventing Strawberry Kiwi Banana blast! But I like my regular vanilla. So I will eat it. YEAH! Vanilla is aweeeeomsom,e And my vanilla is of course, yogurt, so it is the most superior vanilla. Oh, and I GUESS Sarah... what's her name? Did an OKAY job at winning the Hunger Games. But YOGURT is amazing."

Sarah couldn't stifle the grin. She'd won. This was all she wanted, to come home, to be a victor. And now that was possible. She knelt in the middle of the arena and cried. Cried for her District and cried for her family and friends. Wherever her teardrops hit the ground, a flower as green as the streaks in her hair pushed its way up from the ground. She smiled, picked it, and exited the arena.

The end~

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