I was bored so I'm writing the story of how my tribute Panther Clawell was turned into a half-mutt tribute.

Please don't comment if you hate it


I run down another set of stairs, away from my furious sister, Cheyenne Clawell. All because I broke her stupid necklace. It was inl an ACCIDENT! But my balance is nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Let me explain: we're in the Capitol, touring, because my mother was offered a job as a Gamemaker (which she was most likely going to turn down) and she was going to leave us with my friend, Hunter. Then Hunter's brother got sick and mom just took us here, saying, what's the harm?

Well, my sister shouldn't have brought along that stupid little necklace from her boyfriend. I told her not to ake it but she did anyway. Then when I almost fell, I grabbed the table it was on for suppor. It rolled onto te floor and broke. I mean, all the beads popped off. She was SO mad at me. So now I'm running away from her. Just until she calms down, though.



I run through a door. Not the smartest decision I made in my life. I slam it shut and lock it. Then I take in my surroundings. I'm in a chamber, filled with lots of lab equipment and white matresses. And cages with animals inside them. It hits me.

I'm in the room where they make mutts.

I walk over to a cat's cage and brush some fur off the counter, wping the ret of it on my pants. Then I hear a yowl. It's horrible. I see some of the already-made mutts, also trapped in steel cages. I want to get out. I run up to the door but it's no use, someone's bolted it from the outside. I start to scream, but I'm too scared to do anything but freeze in place. Then the sounds from the mutts send me sprawiling backwards into a machine.It starts to beep and whirr. I'm scared. "Combining items 1 and 2," it says. It hits me. Item 2 is the cat fur. Item 1 is me. "NO!" I scream. "STOP!" But it doesn't stop, just keeps on whirring and clicking. Waves of agony sweep over me and I lie down. I don't want this to happen... I don't.... I don't...

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