Katniss: Hello, and welcome back to the Hunger Games has got talent!!! We have the same judges this year, and now, users, YOU will all be competing to see who's the best. Let's see... so, we have 3 categories. You can either sign up to impress me, Cato, or Gale. Whoever impresses us the most is going out with us.

Cato: You mean like a blind date!? I HATE BLIND DATES!

Katniss: Well... sort of. But you can pick who you want to go out with.

Cato: CLOVE!


Gale: Okay. Let's get the show on the road! In the comments, please tell us who you are signing up to impress, and give us your act! Thanks!

Cato: Ahhh... one more thing. No blind dates.

Gale: You got it, Cato. 7 candidates can enter. Good luck!! :)

Katniss (Male only) Gale (Female only) Finnick (female only)
Nate777 Rueflower: Singing (DONE!) Everdeen: Jazz
Moviepopcorn123: Singing (Set Fire to the Rain) in beautiful voice w/ cheering fans (How's that, Movie? xD) Elviaalova (Dance & gymnastics) Necterine: Tap dance
Mikalmt: Dance to (Marry the Night) Iluvgale: piano (DONE!) QuinnQuinn: Sing (Complicated)
HGR: Singing (We Are Young) Peetasucks ~ilovepeeta~: Batons on fire
Clove1999: Singing (Beggin on your knees) (DONE!) Anna-athena: Singing (Breaking Free)
Rose Hathaway (Comedian Act)


Gale: Hey Katniss... where's Cato? The thing's in one day!

Katniss: I don't know. You think we should call?

Gale: Sure, let's see what's up.

  • Ringing...*

Gale: Cato?

Cato: What?

Katniss: Put it on speaker.

Cato: What's goig on?

Gale: Where the heck are you?

Cato: Id by roob. Why?

Gale: You have to come... hey wait...? You don't sound too good.

Cato: Of corse I don'd. I'b SIG YOU IDIOD. Where de heg were you when dey were handig out BRAIDS?!

Gale: I don't have braids!


Gale: Oh, BRAINS. And yeah, I DO have a brain thanks. And I know how to spell it, I'm not deaf, I'm not a cashewhead. Where were you on that day again?

Cato: Pwobabwy in de lide for cobbod sedse.

  • Gale burst out laughing

Gale: You have no common sense. Back to the conversation.

Katniss: Cato, you're sick? Oh great. Now what are we going to do? We can't just cancel the thing and dissappoint all these users! How long will you be sick for?

Cato: Ted-trilliod days. Now leave be alode.

Katniss: Don't be sarchastic.

Cato: Fide. Lige a week. Now leave be alode. Ged sobeode else if you have to.

  • Hangs up call*

Gale: Now what? We can't just...

Katniss: We need someone else. How about... Finnick!

  • calls Finnick

Katniss: Hey Finnick... we kinda need you here.

Finnick: Where? Why?

Katniss: Cato's sick.... we need you to fill in for him on this episode of "The Hunger Games has got talent!"

Cato: Bud I still ged all de cash, eved if you fill id.

Gale: What the... how'd you get on here?

Cato: I'b listedig to your codversatiod od de wireless phode. Keeb talkig, dis is fud!

Finnick: Sure, I'll fill in!

Gale: Great!

Cato: Ogay Fiddick, we gan split the cash 90-10.

Gale: Only, Finnick, you get the 90.

Cato: HEY! That was dot whad I MEADT.

Gale: See you downstairs Finnick!

Finnick: Okay. Bye

30 minutes later......

Finnick: hey guys!

Gale: Finnick! You came! Thanks!

Finnick: Sure I came, how many users do we have?

Katniss: Not many... hmm... EVERYONE! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell other users! Tell the old men at the bar! "Tell them The Hunger Games has Got Talent!" needs more candidates!

Katniss: Whoa! We sure got a lot of singers!

Gale: But still, we need everyone we can get! We'll take a few more singers, but that's it... we can't have too many people doing one thing. And remember, when you sign up you need to tell us your talent below in the comments!

  • Katniss Everdeen has officially tweeted about this to everyone*
  • Gale Hawthorne recently found out Katniss Everdeen tweeted to all the wrong people*
  • Soon the studio is barraged by Haymitch and his drinking buddies*
  • Katniss Everdeen refuses to admit her mistake*
  • Finnick Odair and Gale Hawthorne tweeted to all the right people while Katniss Everdeen was locked in the other room*
  • Katniss Everdeen swears vengence on the boys*

  • phone rings*

Katniss: Hello?

Cato: Hi people! Guess what?

Katniss: What?

Cato: Katniss! I'm not sick anymore! So I can judge the thingy!

Katniss: But... we already made the switch.

Cato: So? I drew a large picture of a toe sock and colored it yellow!

Katniss: That's great, but...? We already made the switch from you to Finnick.

Cato: But, what about the tomatoes?

Katniss: Tomatoes?

Cato: They're giving us tomatoes at the judging thingy. If Finnick's allergic to tomatoes, he can't judge.

Katniss: Tell you what, if there's a tie and one of either Finnick or Gale can't decide who to go out with, you get the girl the other doesn't decide on.

Cato: What about that's like a blind date, right?

Katniss: I'm sure you'll be happy with any of these users. They're all so nice and wonderful.

Cato: But Katniss, there's this one user called Everdeen? *whispers* I think she's a spy. I've watched her closely and she eats spaghetti.

Katniss: Just take whichever girl Finnick or Gale don't want, if they can't decide, okay?! I'm hanging up now.

Cato: Hey look!

Katniss: What?!

Cato's phone: *CLICK*

Katniss: Augh! HE hung up on ME!

  • In the past few hours, Katniss spent her free time sending out more tweets*

{C}Katniss: This is outrageous! NO ONE IS SIGNING UP!

Gale: Oh well... guess we'll have to make-do with the users we have.

Finnick: *sighs* okay

  • curtain opens*

Katniss: On that note.... Hello users! Welcome to... THE HUNGER GAMES HAS GOT TALENT! Thank you all for joining us tonight. I have a feeling this will be fun! Tonight we have judges, Katnis Everdeen (me), Finnick Odair, and Gale Hawthorne!!!!


Katniss: Oh yeah... we have Cato on the speaker phone. Enjoy the show! Up first is... Rueflower, for Gale! Gale will be judging first. Everyone, have as much fun as you can *winkwink*

Rueflower: Hi, my name is Rueflower and I'm singing occapella.

Gale: She's pretty...

Katniss: *slaps Gale*

Rueflower: Okay... you ready?

Finnick: Ready for amything.

Rueflower: He sits in his cell,
And he lays on his bed.
Covers his head and closes his eyes.
He sees a smoking gun,
And the coward he ran.
And in his arms is the bleeding,
Love of his life.

And she cries,
Kiss it all better,
I’m not ready to go.
It’s not your fault love,
You didn’t know, you didn’t know.

Katniss: Okaaay... well, thank you Rue, but that's all we have time for.

Gale: *standing ovation*

Rueflower: Thanks guys!

Katniss: Okay. Well, after that, our next contestant is... Clove1999!

Phone: WHERE?!

Katniss: Singing a solo, on stage.

Phone: You know, I think we should have done SKYPE.

Katniss: Shut up... watch the show.

Phone: I can't necessarily wa-

Clove1999: Hi everyone!

Phone: WOW!!! *hearts practically stream through the speakers*

Clove1999: You had it all the day you told me (told me) you want me I had it all but let you fool me (fool me) completely Yeah I was so stupid to give you all my attention 'Cause the way you played me exposed your true intentions

And one day I'll have you beggin' on your knees for me Yeah one day I'll have you crawlin' like a centipede You mess with me and mess with her so I'll make sure you get what you deserve Yeah one day you'll be beggin' on your knees for me I know I'm being bitter but I'ma drag you under 'Cause you just don't, don't deserve happy ever after For what you did to me after you told me you never felt that way It was only just a game (you had it all)


Clove1999: You liked it? Thanks!


  • Katniss disconnects Cato, Clove1999 exits from the stage*
  • phone rings again*

Phone: It's me! Somehow I got disconnected.

Katniss: PLEASE, Cato. I get enough of that from Peeta. Next contestant is... Iluvgale!

Phone: Guys, she sent me an email. It says...

"Cato do you want to go out with me to see a movie."

HECK YES! Which movie? I think right now they're playing "The Sock That Ate Manhatten." Well, anyway... YEAH!!!! But first, update that Nightengale story... it's about meee... Gale if you take her out I kill you...

Gale: Okayyy... next is Iluvgale... hm. I know who I'll be going out with. ;)

Katniss: *yawn* okay. I'm looking at my followers on Twitter

Iluvgale: Hey! I'm Iluvgale and I'm playing piano....

Gale: *sits up straight*

  • Iluvgale starts playing....

Finnick: zz.

Katniss: zz.

Phone: zz.

Gale: It's good... *yawns* it's really beautiful...

Iluvgale: Really? Thanks!

Gale: You are an amazing piano player :D

Katniss: WHA?! Ohhh yeah. Nice job, Iluvgale! Okay... since Elviaalova AND Peetasucks have failed to prove talents... we'll have to tack 'em on at the end. Up next is... Finnick! Our first competitor is Everdeen. Ooh! I love her username! What will you be doing for us today, Everdeen?

Everdeen: Jazz

Phone: WHAT?! Ohhhh noooo...

Finnick: Cato, shut. I can't wait to see her! Get the jazz music-- and sugar cubes!

  • Everdeen begins to dance, with Katniss videotaping her to send movie to Cato*

Finnick: Wow! You're so talented!

Everdeen: Thanks!

  • Katniss sends video*

Phone: Katniss, did you send me a video of this girl dancing?

Katniss: Um... YES.

Phone: Well she's... she's... UH. MAY. ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha... SOCKS! Geeez, I need her email too... she hot!

Katniss: Security? Please take this phone away.

Phone: ?!

Katniss: Just kidding... but seriously, shush.


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