This is a really lame idea, but I've been thinking about how to put this out for quite some time. Please don't yell at me for this, even I think it's an -iffy idea. But... maybe, like if one user made a tribute another user really liked (as in me with FC3. All her tributes are epic), then... maybe the users could set up a place where the... okay, I'm not making any sense.

1: Make a headline, call it "Tributes to trade" or something like that

2: Create some tributes

3: Wait for other users to ask if they can trade for one of the tributes to trade.

4. The user you're asking has every right to say "no"... so please son't get discouraged if they do

I know it's a baddish idea, and maybe some users won't get it, but it might work... I just wanted to know if you all would accept it. If not, please don't call me an idiot or lame or stupid or anything like that.


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