Okay guys, first of all, hey. I apologize for my absence, I was away on vaca and had jet lag//drama and other stuff for a long time.

'Kay, so I'm here to talk about VoNC.

A VoNC is, well, just like it sounds. VoNC can be filed against Chat Mods, Admins, and Rollbacks if a ceartin user feels they aren't doing a great job.

Things I can understand for filing a VoNC

  • If the staff member has been inactive without ANY notice at ALL (vaca, computer issues, etc.) for over a few months, you can file a VoNC against them
  • If the staff member has bullied, or lashed out harshly, or cursed in chat, (multiple times) you can file a VoNC against them. Some people just have bad days, but staff should set the example for the others, so if they violate the policy, they should be dealt with. NOTICE: Screenshots must be provided to back up the information. Whoever doesn't know how to take a screenie can contact me in the comments of this blog.

A VoNC should be filled out like so: (this is an example)

(Title)Vote of No Confidence: Oblivion1001

(Reasons)Oblivion has been extremely unactive, her last edit was 5 months ago, and mean to others on chat remember, this is fake :D

New Topic

And another suggestion, a reporting center.

The Hunger Games Wiki/Reporting Center/User Issues

something like that ^ to keep all the users in check, so that the admins can keep up with users violating COPPA, and cursing, and etc, so the staff knows what to do when staff isn't around.

Should look like: (again, example)

(Title includes User:Reason) Oblivion1001:COPPA Violation

(Reason) User admitted to being 12 in chat (this is NOT REAL. PLEASE.)

Screenshots should be provided.

And the user will be banned, because of their violation of COPPA//Chat rules//etc.

I'm done for now. Just say the words and I'll explain it more. I'm tired, bye guys.

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