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District Boy User Girl User
1 Aquarius Excalibur Rose Prezzie Nescaliar Bohemia Prezzie
2 Pices Levi Stone Necterine411 Maria de Caprio Necterine411
3 Aries Digit Twek Moviepop Holly Honey Moviepop
4 Taurus Logan Blue Nate777 Misty Blue Nate777
5 Gemini Torrin Faust ME! Dew Tinder ME!
6 Cancer Hayden Hawkins Rosella6 Prett Willis Rosella6
7 Leo Wood Green Everdeen Golden Axe Everdeen
8 Virgo Fredora Inp QuinnQuinn Noelle Vignios QuinnQuinn
9 Libra Ryan Die EffieLuna Karli Tweed EffieLuna
10 Scorpio Adam Beirne Firecatcher3 Taylor Thorn Firecatcher3
11 Sagittarius Torrin Fausten WooWoo Scourgey Wood WooWoo
12 Capricorn Cato Mellark Clove1999 Primrose Mellark Clove1999

May the odds be in your favor.


Okay. So. The arena is divided into 12 sections. The tributes start at the Cornucopia, which is in the center of the circular dome arena. The arena is shaped like a pie divided into 12 sections. A huge pie. There is a large triangle of land and what divides the land is a small strip of flowing river. The tributes are free to come and go on the land strips as they please, but they will face many dangers. At the very top of the Cornucopia, directly north, is the Aquarius strip of land, where the District 1 tributes will begin the Games on. The Aquarius strip is very watery, with lakes and sea monster mutts. The Pices area is worse for those who hate water, the land completely covered in a foot of shallow water. In the Aries strip, there are huge ram mutts, where in the Taurus, there are bulls. In the Gemini strip, there aren't many mutts, but if you do find one, it will soon multiply into two mutts, which will then multiply into 4, then 8, then so on. If the tribute escapes that section, then the mutts will go back to just being one mutt until the next tribute encounters it. Cancer -- large crabs with poison pincers. Leo -- lion mutts. Virgo -- nothing. That's the beauty of Virgo. But remember, the tributes can still kill each other -- and Virgo is where a lot of them might be hiding. Libra, the mutts weigh the same. They are cats and have excellent balance, as the Libra section is mostly fallen log bridges over creeks and rocky slopes and pits. Scorpio -- scorpions, Sagittarius -- nothing here either... another place where the tributes will fight a lot. And the Capricorn is a goat mutt... then back to the Aquarius!

The tributes will all wear colors that represents which Zodiac symbol they're on.

Aquarius: Blue

Pices: Blue-violet

Aries: Red

Taurus: Dark red-violet

Gemini: light purple

Cancer: green-yellow

Leo: Orange-yellow

Virgo: green

Libra: Orange

Scorpio: Gray

Sagittarius: black-purple

Capricorn: pink-violet

Reaping, October 17.

For some, the reaping is no big deal. For some, the reaping is just another day, where someone will go off to die, who it be your best friend or worst enemy. Our escort is a young girl with huge hair. She plasters an artificial smile over her face as she stares around at the lot of District 5. Everyone is here, since we're a relatively small district. She gives her speech and flourishes her hand as it dips slowly down into the ball. Retrieving a name, she pulls it out slowly.

She had been sitting down. She got up, looking around. The headstrong, brave, stubborn girl I knew my life was gone in the prescence of the reaping. On this day, of every year, Dew Tinder lost her courage. She walked to the stage, trying to look confident, but failing miserably. Pale, shaking, thin.


The word echoes in my mind: No. Dew can't go. She can't!

Dew reached up and touched her ear, shivering, and takes the stage. I looked toward her, and she met my eyes. "No," she was saying. "Don't volunteer."

I look over at Bethany, her sister. She swallows and turns away from Dew. Chancing a glance back at Dew, her eyes are full of sadness. Pain. Fear. And betrayel. I felt more for Dew than for anyone else. So I can hardly hear the words I yell, but as I take in what I have just done, I realize I was right.

I was right to volunteer.

Dew whips her head towards me and whispers something. I catch it on the wind before her word blow away forever.

"Torrin... maybe you will remember."

Taylor Thorn, tribute train

My head spins with the activity of today. I think about Adam again. He'll kill me. I know he will. He hates me. Although, I can't shake from my mind the thought that I could go far in these games; I'm intellectual, not to be underestimated. I'm a considerably fast runner. Looking back, I watch the tapes. Adam comes in. I scoot away from him, to the other end of the couch. He sits on the opposite end, eyes gleaming maliciously. "Just you wait," he mouths. I do not exactly care for this boy.

District 1. Both have smug smiles; the girl has blonde hair that cascades around her shoulders in ringlets. Boy has cropped blonde hair and mean little eyes like Adam's. I do not like boy.

District 2: Both have black hair. Girl, dangerous green eyes; boy, Amber. Someone calls him Levi. Weird name, but live with it, for the love of orange jelly.

3: Girl looks tricky, and smart. Boy looks intellectual, like el moi. Boy seems good-natured, also like moi. I think I might like boy.

4: Knockout gorgeous. He volunteered. Tall, strong, handsome. She has long curly hair, in ringlets like the girl from 1, but the ringlets on the girl from 4 look more like baby corkscrew curls. Okay, they're now making out, ewww...

5: Girl - brown hair, green eyes, adorable, but looks very weak of couerse she might be hiding her talents. She looks braver as she gets up there and now she looks really confident. Boy - reddish hair, handsome-ish face. Not bad I might want them for allies.

6: Whoa! Girl has pretty reddish-brown hair, boy has blonde hair, and looks cool.

7. Both look strong and fit. Girl has brown hair and axes on her vest. Boy holds an axe that drops to his feet when he hears his name. It almost falls on his foot. Ouch.

8. Girl looks shy. Brown hair with oramge streaks. Boy has weird name. Boy looks shy too. Girl starts to look headstrong as she gets up to get on the stage


10. Ten is Adam and me of course.


12. Girl has honey blonde hair and grey eyes. She's crying, poor thing. The boy pats her, and she hugs him, which makes him make choking noises and twist his face into something resembling someone horrifyingly disfigured after some ssort of accident. He finally breaks free and takes huge, exaggerated breaths, as if she had been smothering him.

Cato Mellark, Chariot Rides

I can't believe I have to wear this. I feel like ten tons of coal has dropped on me, it's so heavy. This year, the tributes chose songs for their chariot to come out to. Ours is yuck sap love because Prim picked it. If I'd chosen it, I would have chosen something to tell the other tributes that I am dangerous. But right now, it feels like I have a tablecloth down my pants.

1. "Brighter than the sun" by Colbie Callait. Both of them are wearing long, long flowing gowns. A long string of coins dangles from the girl's neck. I'm just gonna call her the girl, 'kay, because I can't pronounce her name. The sunlight bounces off the coins. Note: do not look directly at the coins, permanent blindness may occur. Their gowns are silver-blue with glittering sapphires on them. The girl reaches up to adjust an sapphire pin in her hair. Then I get why they'rre wearing so much blue ~ it's because they're District 1 so as they represtent 1, they also represent Aquarius. Oh my god that means I'm wearing pink-violet... *groan*.... Why couldn't I be blue?

2. They're wearing blue violet. Blue vilet, why couldn't I be blue violet? I don't know the song they come out to, but I thinkk it's Let's Kill Tonight by Panic! at the Disco. They're both wearing black with hints of blue violet, which is flashy but stupid; The girl is wearing a long flowing satin gown with a flower made of violet tipped knives in her hair. The districts thing is forgotten now that we're focusing on the zodiac. Heh. The boy, as you would suspect, wears a satin tuxedo. By the look on his face, I wouldn't be surprised if he ironed his undies for this event. He looks like the type of person who would do that.

3. Eh. Y'know? Nothing special. They're wearing red, which doesn't really suit them because they look kind of timid. Well, the boy does. The girl gives everyone a huge smile. Honey Holly, right? No. Holly Honey. No? What? Ok. They're both wearing glittery red jumpsuits, and their eyes are slowly changing from their natural color to red. On the left side of their jumpsuits, right in their chest area, is a small ram. Like, on a polo shirt or something. Why couldn't I be red? They came out to Reach by Gloria Estefan. Okay fine, they're amazing. Got it?

4. They come out to dark red violet. Why couldn't I be that? Misty wears a one-strap cream silken gown that wraps around her ankles and a shiny drak red violet belt that stands out and brings out her eye color because they clash. The boy wears a similar cream-and-belt-thing get up, but he is wearing a tuxedo too, like moi. I think my tie is choking me to death. they came out to My Wish by Rascal Flatts

5. They come out to I'm With You by Avril Lavigne. I think the bugs are coming out early. I slap myself off, and then look around. I see a bug on Prim. It's the perfect chance to hit her. I raise my arm and... the bug flies off.


I force myself to look at the tributes from 5. They're dressed in light purple, which is better than pink, but still not great. I don't believe what I'm wearing! Ugh! The girl's wearing a tunic-y thing that puffs out around her legs and has a belt at the waist, and her hair is down around her shoulders. She has these gold combes in her hair and a belt around her waist made out of hammered gold links that glow with electricity. The boy, like every other boy wears a satin violet tuxedo. With a lightning bolt necklace.

AHH THE VARIETY! Will this never end? I want to get out of the chariot RIGHT NOW! Oh, I HATE this!

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