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  • I live in a land where unicorns DON'T burp butterflies and s*** rainbows :c
  • My occupation is waiting for each other to come on chat(:
  • I am Claudia, she is Berry :3
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    Chat Cluedo

    April 13, 2013 by Obnoxious Blueberry

    Hai, it's Claudia . Well for now it is, Berry and I are doing this collab idea thingy. So anyways, here's the intro/idea x3!

    Okay, so as far as we have planned, it will start out as a murder. The user that was murdered will not be revealed right away, nor will the murderer. The main setting will be split between two places: The dinner party hosted by us (where the drama happens) and the arena. The arena will be like a games...except that tributes are only placed in an arena after guessing the murderer correctly. The murderer knows that the only people who know who the murderer is will be in the arena, so the murderer will work hardest to kill the other tributes, obviously. Since the murderer will have to either guess themself or face the co…

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