Hai, it's Claudia . Well for now it is, Berry and I are doing this collab idea thingy. So anyways, here's the intro/idea x3!

Okay, so as far as we have planned, it will start out as a murder. The user that was murdered will not be revealed right away, nor will the murderer. The main setting will be split between two places: The dinner party hosted by us (where the drama happens) and the arena. The arena will be like a games...except that tributes are only placed in an arena after guessing the murderer correctly. The murderer knows that the only people who know who the murderer is will be in the arena, so the murderer will work hardest to kill the other tributes, obviously. Since the murderer will have to either guess themself or face the consequences of not guessing, the hosts (us) will not tell the other contestants who the murder is, because there's still a chance that the murderer will die. Also, not all deaths will happen in the arena, people may get provoked. There will be different dinner parties where new clues will come, but if someone does not enter the arena/guess the murderer after a while.

Sounds confusing, but it's okay, the actual writing will (hopefully) clear things up.

Character Chart

Users Participating
Name Fate Role


Host, TBC
Claudia Undetermined Host, TBC
Erlend Undetermined Guest, TBC
Wes Undetermined Guest, TBC
Adrian Undetermined Guest, TBC
Oli Undetermined Guest, TBC
Lily Undetermined Guest, TBC
Emma Undetermined Guest, TBC
Kekai Undetermined Guest, TBC
Caylin Undetermined Guest, TBC
Ryan Undetermined Guest, TBC
Kiki Undetermined Guest, TBC
Anna Undetermined Guest, TBC
Colin Undetermined Guest, TBC

The roles will be revealed as things happen, some users will have multiple roles. Some roles will be pre-decided, too, but there may be more...

Main Characters

Name: Claudia Belu

Age: 23

Appearance: Claudia's favourite colour is blue. Could you guess? Her hair is silky and sits dead straight on her
Claudia Belu

Head Gamemaker Belu

shoulders. Her skin is unnaturally pale and her eyes are a glowing gold colour. Her and Berry are usually coordinate their clothing.

Personality: Claudia is a very cheery young woman. She loves fashion and technology, but hates excersise. She's still fit and healthy, but she doesn't have to like it, does she? Claudia loves the Hunger Games, and was ecstatic when she became a gamemaker.

First Dinner Party


Anna tip toes through the doors. A large, creepy manor on the edge of the Capitol, because they needed a secluded place to keep the tributes in hiding. It was grand and all, but when you walk in, it’s very empty. Anna turns around; there’s next to no furniture. An ivory piano stands in the middle of the floor, a thick layer of dust on it.

“Come. They should be in the dining room.” Alfonso says, pushing past Anna. Alfonso is a shifty looking man with completely green skin and orange hair, tasked with the challenge to get all 14 remaining Tributes across the Capitol to a ‘safe house’.

It reminds Anna of how back in District 10 they would give cow’s food and shelter before slaughter.

The tributes pass by 2 or 3 strange statues half covered by sheets, and that’s when Anna begins to slow down. This place was weird. There was nothing, nothing but the piano and statues. And all she could see was white. The marble tiles under her feet are cracked, and every step Anna made echoed throughout the halls.

“Ah! My friends.” Claudia Belu cries from the door way of the dining room, in her idiotic Capitol accent. This year herself and Berry Saint were co-Head Gamemakers that year. Rolling her eyes, Anna marches towards the doorway, trying her best not to meet Claudia’s eyes. But when Claudia catches a hold of a strand of Anna’s silky hair she stops dead. “So pretty…” Claudia then let’s out a demented chuckle and pushes Anna forward, making her stomach lurch. She stumbles forward, and then grabs a hold of a chair. But (oh, Lucky Anna!) a large splinter digs into her hand, to which Anna lets out a small yelp and squirms in pain. Oli, a career boy from District 2, snorts and mutters something to his District partner Lily.

“Oh, be careful of that.” says an airy voice, and a young woman’s pale hand snakes its way around Anna’s neck. She’s about to scream for help, that the murderer has come for her, until she sees that the woman is just pulling the splinter out of her hands.



The dining room consists of a long, rather chipped mahogany table, rough cream coloured walls and a small door that leads to some toilets. The ceiling was about 20 feet above all our heads, and it was very drafty. The floor was wood, and there were nails sticking up from some parts of it and there were remnants of the painting of the walls splashed on it. The chairs are tall and grand, made of mahogany but very uncomfortable. Wes cannot put his hands down in fear of getting a splinter and getting a hug from Berry.

He shudders at the thought.

Wes looks around, at Berry and Claudia who are still standing at the head of the table, mumbling about things. That’s when Claudia claps her heads and laughs loudly. All heads in the room whip towards her and Wes cringes when Erlend shakes his head and whispers to Kiki, the girl from 4,

“I think the Gamemakers like me. Look.” he nods at Berry, who’s sneering down at everyone.

Talk about a bitch.

Claudia is ranting on about food for some reason, then passes on to Bitc- I mean, Berry.

“We, the Gamemakers, believe another Tribute committed these terrible,” she puts such lavish on that word I have trouble believing she actually feels it. “Terrible crimes…And so, you will stay here, until we work out the Murderer. These deeds will not go unpunished.” The District 12 girl, Caylin, hisses and whispers something to the table.

“Then the Games will go on!” Claudia screams, making a few of the feeble tributes jump. “Now, Tuck in!” We’re handed a bowl of soup each and we all tuck in.

First Night

Meanwhile, in the empty arena...

The arena is far from asleep. Two creatures, miserable creatures, lurk in the night. Snakes. No, too human to be snakes. Studded with elegance, they slither into the golden woods. Twisted clockwork trees reach out their vines. No victims. Yet. The plump, blue snake checks the time which is counted on the dome roof of the arena. They're running out. The reptiles slither into shrubbery before they disappear in time for the night. TBC

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