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  • My occupation is amazing peoples :3
  • I am Kekai is a male (GET IT RIGHT), Julia is a female. xD
  • Obsessed Shadow

    Welcome to the 100th annual Hunger Games! This is a fanfiction that is being written by Julia and Kekai about our two characters, Peacock Feathers and Ridge Blaze.

    NOTE: These two characters are in fact gay, if you're uncomfortable with it just get off of the blog. We won't appreciate any rude comments about it. THANK YOU

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  • Obsessed Shadow

    Welcome to our games! :D I (Kekai) am the person writing this introduction but I'm not alone. This series is a collab Games series me and Julia are making! x3 So yeah, read the rules, the introduction and join! :D

    1. We're adding 0, 13, 14 and the Capitol
    2. Six tributes per user
    3. Reservations last two days
    4. No perfect tributes; They will die in the bloodbath
    5. Don't get angry if your tributes die
    6. No profiles but we will accept links
    7. Detailed tributes and tributes with advice have higher chances of surviving
    8. We swear. If you have a problem with it, gtfo :D
    9. Spamming is annoying. Don't do it unless you have our permission c:
    10. Please don't be rude to the other people here and swear at them in a mean way. We're all wonderful. And if you do such a thing, we will ki…

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  • Obsessed Shadow

    A long time ago, the Neutral realm was separated into sectors during the elemental war, blah blah blah, Kekai you know the rest. You can comment but this is just the planning blog, we'll start the actual Games when we have everything prepared.

    0: Ice

    1: Chaos

    2: Fire

    3: Electricity

    4: Water

    5: Light

    6: Metal 

    7: Earth

    8: Blood

    9: Nature

    10: Animals

    11: Wind

    12: Darkness

    13: Death

    Capitol: Poison


    Blitz is the young prince of the Fire Realm. He is known to be selfish, cocky, and a bit self-centered. TBA




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