Welcome to our games! :D I (Kekai) am the person writing this introduction but I'm not alone. This series is a collab Games series me and Julia are making! x3 So yeah, read the rules, the introduction and join! :D


  1. We're adding 0, 13, 14 and the Capitol
  2. Six tributes per user
  3. Reservations last two days
  4. No perfect tributes; They will die in the bloodbath
  5. Don't get angry if your tributes die
  6. No profiles but we will accept links
  7. Detailed tributes and tributes with advice have higher chances of surviving
  8. We swear. If you have a problem with it, gtfo :D
  9. Spamming is annoying. Don't do it unless you have our permission c:
  10. Please don't be rude to the other people here and swear at them in a mean way. We're all wonderful. And if you do such a thing, we will kick your damn ass off this block and make sure you never fucking return. Okay? Okay.


There were 4 realms, each signifying an element. They were Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. They were all separate, never conversing with each other. This way, they were balanced. There were no wars and everyone got what they wanted. That is, until the Days of Doom came upon them. A thief managed to steal the source of their power, their mana. As such, the realms went into a frenzy. They blamed each other for the lost of their strength and as such, they went into war. The long, hard battles they fought didn't get them stronger, it got them weaker. Most newborns now grew up without any signs of magic. The gods of the realms were still strong but even they grew weak. It was then they took notice of a realm they have never seen nor heard of. It was our realm, the Neutral realm. It had signs of all elements and it was rich in mana. When they saw this, all the realms wanted Neutral for themselves. With it, they could grow stronger and overpower the other realms. This whipped them up into another war but this time, Neutral was also affected in the process. Fire burned the land, Water raised the seas, Earth shifted the plates and Wind sliced through the skies. Finally, they noticed the destruction they were causing. Ignis, the God of Fire, suggested that they split the lands into 15 Sectors. A realm was then to be assigned to the chosen sectors. They would then train them and have them fight to the death. The realm with the most victors would then claim Neutral and all the other realms for themselves. A vote was set and the majority agreed. The ones who didn't were secretly killed. However, the realms have yet to notice of the unknown threat they must soon face.

Tribute Template

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Appearance (Lunaii, RL or description:







Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:


Allies (can be filled out later):











Classes and Terms

The classes are different compared to THG's ones.

Gods: You can call them the presidents of the realms. They are extremely powerful, with high amounts of mana. So far, only 4 gods have been revealed. They are: Ignis, the God of the Fire Realm, Aqua, the Goddess of the Water Realm, Ventus, the God of the Wind Realm and Terra, the Goddess of the Earth Realm.

Kings: They are like the second-in-command to the Gods. They don't have nearly as much power, however they have the ability to rule over the princes and princesses and any class below them. No kings have been revealed yet.

Princes and princesses: They are like the third-in-command. They have high amounts of mana but they have trouble controlling it. The only revealed one of them is a prince: Blitz, the prince of the Fire Realm.

Knights: They are like the peacekeepers of the realms. They prefer weaponry and strength over magic and they are known to be brutes. A single knight has been revealed - this is Kindle, one of the only female knights of the Fire Realm. She is also the youngest knight, being 18 years old. She's known to have a friendly relationship with Blitz and she often attempts to keep him under control.

Commoners: Some are able to use magic but after the Days of Doom, most are infirma.

Guardians: Guardians are past victors of Elemental Games. There are two guardians for each sector, one for the female tributes and one for the male tributes. No guardians have been revealed yet.

Tributes: Finally, we have our tributes. This class obviously shares the name of the regular tributes from THG. Tributes used to be simple Commoners that were reaped for the Elemental Games and each have discovered their ability to use more magic than they have before, if not for the first time. They are taught by their Guardian of each elemental spell that works in their sector.

Character Gallery


After the results of a poll, we are doubling the amount of tributes. If we do not get enough, we will lower the amount of tributes. Green - Alive; Red - Dead; Lime green - Victor

Sector Name Gender Age Height Weapons User
Capitol: Poison Serpente Fatale Male 17 6'4 Icepick, spear ViniciusDeAssis1999
Capitol: Poison Venom Siole Male 18 5'10 Dagger, Bow & Arrow HungryTeen
Capitol: Poison Arachne Widow Female 14 ??? Lasso EHKnight
Capitol: Poison Shay Cobblestone Female 17 5'6 Daggers, throwing knives Annamisasa
0: Ice Hail Destro Male 16 5'11 Trident, Sickle The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
0: Ice Nero Aquanine Male 18 6'9 Long knives, Battleaxe The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
0: Ice Call "Cold" Flake Female 14 5'8 Spear, Dagger HungryTeen
0: Ice Reserved Female XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
1: Chaos Grant Stevens Male 16 5'4 Sword, Hand-to-Hand Combat Misytmolla
1: Chaos Panther Doom Male 18 5'11 Anything Jabberjay78
1: Chaos Cruella Nightjay Female 18 5'7 Knives, spear FrostSnake
1: Chaos Reserved Female AxedFox
2: Fire Reserved Male FrostSnake
2: Fire Reserved Male Junior ii
2: Fire Katie Ferral Female 13 5'1 Throwing Knives Misytmolla
2: Fire Jenna Rod Female 16 5'11 Whip and blowgun Beautiful Mistake
3: Electricity Bolt Electra Male 16 5'4 Knife Misytmolla
3: Electricity Sparks  Fly Male 16 5'11 Machete, axe, sword, knife Prezziesnow9704:)!
3: Electricity Electra Queen Female 18 5'11 Throwing knives Beautiful Mistake
3: Electricity Spark Watt Female 13 5'4 Daggers, spears HungryTeen
4: Water Whistle Frost Male 12 5'3 Throwing Knives, Bow & Arrow The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
4: Water Maris Oceani Male 18 6'4 Trident, Net The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
4: Water Marina Reef Female 18 5'7 Spear Misytmolla
4: Water Bubbles Foam Female 17 5'7 Trident, grapple hook, spear, net Prezziesnow9704:)!
5: Light Male
5: Light Male
5: Light Lucinda Lucifer Female 18 5'4 Bow & Arrow TheMysteriousGeek
5: Light Blight SilverSun Female 18 5'10 Bow & Arrow
6: Metal Tyler Harte Male 13 5'5 Sword Jabberjay78
6: Metal Kyler Harte Male 13 5'5 Knife Jabberjay
6: Metal Reserved Female FrostSnake
6: Metal Metallix Gleam Female 16 5'7 Bow & Arrow, Blowgun The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
7: Earth Thorn Darkwater Male 18 6'2 Throwing Axe, Axe, Mace EHKnight
7: Earth Reserved Male AxedFox
7: Earth Damiana Silver Female 13 5'4 Bow and arrow, whip, throwing knives Beautiful Mistake
7: Earth Thistel Foxbell Female 12 4'7 Bow & Arrow, Poison, Blowgun EHKnight
8: Blood Male
8: Blood Male
8: Blood Lynette Sanguis Female 16 6'0 XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
8: Blood Reserved Female FrostSnake
9: Nature Ash Brooke Male 13 6'11 Spears TheMysteriousGeek
9: Nature Male
9: Nature Courtney Noble Female 17 5'7 Knife, Bow & Arrow Katniss992710
9: Nature Reserved Female XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
10: Animals Dalton King Male 14 5'8 Spear Misytmolla
10: Animals Male

10: Animals

Raven Wolf/Howl Female 17 5'5 Claws, hands, teeth TheMysteriousGeek
10: Animals Reserved Female
11: Wind Male
11: Wind Male
11: Wind Fawn Cloud Female 15 5'7 Sickle, throwing spears Beautiful Mistake
11: Wind Reserved Female FrostSnake
12: Darkness Abyss Jet Onyx Male 15 5'9 Sword TheMysteriousGeek
12: Darkness Male
12: Darkness Reserved Female Annamisasa
12: Darkness Maylia Hanura Female 13 5'2 Throwing knives ViniciusDeAssis1999
13: Death Maximus Jacknife Male 17 5'4 Hammer axe, gladius, scimitar AxedFox
13: Death Male
13: Death Genesis Ridd Female 16 5'9 Dagger, Scythe St.Berry4evers
13: Death Azriel Dart Female 17 6'4 Scythe TheMysteriousGeek
14: Life Athanasios "Ant" Vito Male 12 6'1 Gun TheMysteriousGeek
14: Life Yax Cratyr Male 18 5'6 Fists, Brute Force The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
14: Life Mackenzie Fern Female 14 5'1 Tomahawk Misytmolla
14: Life Reserved Female Atelda1001

Sectors the Realms Are Assigned To

Fire Realm: 2, 6

Water Realm: 0, 4

Earth Realm: 7, 9, 10

Wind Realm: 3, 11

Wild cards: Capitol, 1, 5, 8, 12, 13, 14

Sector Abilities


Poison. The tributes of the Capitol are gifted with the ability to poison others by the touch, to rot plants and rust metal with a simple thought. They are the perfect assassins and if you don't pay attention to who is approaching you, you might find yourself facing a slow and painful death by the venom of a tribute. They are unaffected by all poisons and they are known to enjoy the company with other venomous beings, such as snakes and frogs. They are very dangerous but they do have weaknesses. They need a douse of poison every day in order to keep functioning their venom sac, which stores their poison. They use a lot of mana when poisoning a large target and rusting things can exhaust them.


Ice. The tributes of S0 are able to freeze things with a simple touch, even a thought will able to freeze. They not only are able to freeze things but they can unfreeze things as well. An example? Say they come across a frozen lake. They could cross it and if someone comes after them, they can unfreeze the lake, making their pursuers fall in the water. They could then freeze the lake again, trapping them, leading them to their ultimate demise. They don't mind the cold and they actually enjoy it. However, they are helpless against hot temperatures, passing out from the heat and becoming rather ill. They are also terrible against fire and they need to be moisturized in order to function their powers.


Chaos. The tributes of S1 are able to completely demolish and destroy things with ease. They have attributes of almost all elements. They can call upon earthquakes, tsunamis, basically anything that can destroy things at a high rate. They are ticking bombs and very unpredictable. One step can lead to an enemy's death in a short amount of time. However, they are not truly invincible. Calling upon disasters uses up a lot of their mana. If they're not careful, they could use up their life force and burst away in flames. They also become very exhausted if they call upon a large disaster, such as an earthquake.


Fire. The tributes of S2 are able to call up flames of pure destruction. They can use natural resources of fire but they can also conjure it up out of thin air. They can be used as a counter attack against the S0 tributes. Also, not only can they call upon fire but they can also 'eat' fire as well. By doing this, they can get stronger at a high rate. They fair well excellently in hot temperatures and they love the desert as it brings their fire's power up. They hate cold temperatures, though and they have an absolutely large fear of water as it can easily douse their flames.


Electricity. The tributes of S3 have the ability to use the element of electricity to their advantages. They can do things such as bend wires in the walls of their homes, causing the power to either change or go out. They can control the lightning that flashes through the sky, aiming where it strikes. S3 tributes are also generally the most intelligent. They do, however, have their disadvantages. For example, other elements such as Earth can act as insulators and protect themselves from high amounts of electricity if they're able to, and since Water is a conductor of electricity, they have the ability to move their attacks into a different direction. Electricity doesn't use up the most mana, however, which is an advantage.


Water. Just as the name implies - tributes of S4 are the controllers and benders of water. They have power over every droplet of water on earth, from the drops of rain that fall from the sky to the gorgeous waterfalls to the deadly whirlpools in the ocean. They can drown their enemies in a lake that they create themselves. They can determine how shallow or deep something is. They're fantastic swimmers and they prefer living in warm, moist areas, although they work generally fine with cold air as well, as long as it isn't extremely dry. They aren't the best at surviving long periods without fluids, and they are nearly defenseless against Chaos, as both sectors have the ability to call upon water disasters such as tsunamis and extreme floods.


Light. The tributes of S5 are almost like angels. With light by their side, they can use it to make magical armor, a shield. They can also send their light through their weapons. Take the sword Excalibur, for example. There wasn't just one, but many copies of the same sword. Light users transfered some of their mana within the sword, making a Excalibur. They can also do this with other weapons, changing them into Excaliburs. However invincible they seem, however, they do have weaknesses. They despise users of the Darkness magic. They often get into fights with them. If they get hit by too much dark energy, they will be made powerless. To use their mana, they must stay within the light as the darkness neutralizes their magic.


Metal. The tributes of S6 are the perfect defence. They, themselves, are weapons. They can change their limbs into blades of death. Their nails become knives and their teeth, daggers. Weapons, such as swords and knives, are useless against them. Their defence is unbreakable and so is their spirit. As tough as they may seem, though, they can be defeated due to a couple flaws. Once in their 'armor', their footing becomes slow. Also, offense may be useless against them but one could subdue a S6 tribute easily by using Chaos, Fire, Water or Earth magic.


Earth. Although the tributes of S7 are the calmest out of the fifteen sectors, they can also be the deadliest. Perhaps for them there is no need for weapons, for they can shape jagged rocks out of thin air and aim them for their enemy's head, and they can make the ground underneath their feet shatter and cause them to plummet deep within the ground. The earth is their friend, and the plates beneath the surface will move on command, causing earthquakes to form. These tributes may be some of the strongest in the arena, but like everyone else, they do have their weaknesses. If any sector can call upon an element with just the right amount of force (ex. water with floods, wind with hurricanes, etc.) and attack them using it, they can possibly toss their own attacks to the side and overpower them. Their mana is drained easily. They are known to often ally with the Nature sector, though some are known to become Careers.















Tribute Gallery

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