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    Victory tour!!!

    October 1, 2010 by Obsessedperson
    • Soooo sorry I did this late... But here we go!*

    So, Kyra Abernathy won my Games, if you didn't know. If you submitted a tribute, let me know and I'll put an acknowledgement in for ya!

    District 11 was overjoyed at Kyra's homecoming, In a daze she made her way through the festivities. Her family was overjoyed to have her back. They moved into the Victor's Village. Carmichael's family grieved their loss, but had no hard feelings towards Kyra. Kyra is still feeling the pain of his death however.

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    The Hunger Games start..... NOW! Here are the tributes!

    Thanks for everyone who submitted a tribute!

    District 1: Lilliant Regnew, Clantick Tarfan

    District 2: Mello McCormick, Flinn Shethen

    The Cornucopia is in the middle. The entire Arena is a circle about 50 miles in diameter. One side of the Cornucopia is a thick forest, filled with caves. Another side is tall grass. The other two sides are empty plains. The only source of water is rain and a stream in the Cornucopia. There's game running around, but the only game are birds. There are mutations running around too.

    24. Serna O'Nelson (trampled by the others)

    23. Charleton Crosmonas (Chaia kills him)

    22. Sunny Cillana (stabbed by Elmen)

    21. Elmen Yokitour (Sunny kills him before she dies)

    20. Xenon Sha…

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    My Hunger Games

    September 11, 2010 by Obsessedperson

    Hi!!! I'm new to this wiki, but I've been on here a lot just reading stuff, and I noticed that a lot off people have their own Hunger Games! I reallllllly love the books so I'm gonna make one of my own! But I need help making tributes for mine.... So if you can help me out! If you see a blank spot, you can make a tribute for that spot!!! If I can get them by like Monday or Tuesday, the Games will start on Wednesday or Thursday! *I just noticed that the commenting box disappeared for some odd reason.... so yeah if you can make one just post it on my talk page!!!*

    Submit yours like this please!!!





    Weapon of choice:__________

    Special skills:___________

    Other info:_________________



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