The Hunger Games start..... NOW! Here are the tributes!

Thanks for everyone who submitted a tribute!

District 1: Lilliant Regnew, Clantick Tarfan

District 2: Mello McCormick, Flinn Shethen
  • Lilliant Regrew, District 1, deceased
  • Clantick Tarfan, District 1, deceased
  • Mello McCormick, District 2, deceased
  • Flinn Shethen, District 2, deceased
  • Sunny Cillana, District 3, deceased
  • Zephyr Saerelle, District 3, deceased
  • Sheminette Howslen, District 4, deceased
  • Shener Drematale, District 4, deceased
  • Chaia Killsman, District 5, deceased
  • Chan Stilton, District 5, deceased
  • Rayne Salvatore, District 6, deceased
  • Leroy Lesstat, District 6, deceased
  • Sermenelle Florska, District 7, deceased
  • Elmen Yokitour, District 7, deceased
  • Paige Keravnos, District 8, deceased
  • Charleton Crosmonas, District 8, deceased
  • Clytemnestra Vidal, District 9, deceased
  • Vladimir Archbolt, District 9, deceased
  • Andromeda Rouxa, District 10, deceased
  • Xenon Sharpe, District 10, deceased
  • Kyra Abernathy, District 11, VICTOR!
  • Carmichael Chan, District 11, deceased
  • Serna O'Nelson, District 12, deceased
  • Chase Siertion, District 12, deceased

District 3: Sunny Cillana, Zephyr Saerelle

District 4: Sheminette Howslen, Shener Drematale

District 5: Chaia Killsman, Chan Stilton

District 6: Rayne Salvatore, Leroy Lesstat

District 7: Sermenelle Florska, Elmen Yokitour

District 8: Paige Keravnos, Charlten Crosmonas

District 9: Clytemnestra Vidal, Vladimir Archbolt

District 10: Andromeda Rouxa, Xenon Sharpe

District 11: Kyra Abernathy, Carmichael Chan

District 12: Serna O'Nelson, Chase Siertion

The arena

The Cornucopia is in the middle. The entire Arena is a circle about 50 miles in diameter. One side of the Cornucopia is a thick forest, filled with caves. Another side is tall grass. The other two sides are empty plains. The only source of water is rain and a stream in the Cornucopia. There's game running around, but the only game are birds. There are mutations running around too.

Order of tributes

24. Serna O'Nelson (trampled by the others)

23. Charleton Crosmonas (Chaia kills him)

22. Sunny Cillana (stabbed by Elmen)

21. Elmen Yokitour (Sunny kills him before she dies)

20. Xenon Sharpe (Chaia brutally guts him)

19. Sermenelle Florska (Chaia and Chan kill her)

18. Paige Kervanos (Muttations kill her)

17. Sheminette Howslen (Kyra stabs her)

16. Vladimir Archbolt (Muttations kill him)

15. Lilliant Regnew (Chaia slits her throat)

14. Leroy Lesstat (Zephyr kills him)

13. Zephyr Saerelle (Killed by muttations)

12. Shener Drematale (Burned to death, caused by Rayne)

11. Rayne Salvatore (Pushed into her fire by Clantick)

10. Chan Stilton (Shot and killed by Chaia)

9. Chase Sierton (Mercy killing by Clytemnestra)

8. Clytemnestra Vidal (Killed by Kyra)

7. Carmichael Chan (Stabbed by Flinn)

6. FLinn Shethen (Killed by Kyra and Mello in vengence)

5. Mello McCormick (Killed by being shot in the back by Chaia)

4. Chaia Killsman (Killed by Kyra)

3. Andromeda Rouxa (Killed by Clantick)

2. Clantick Tarfan (Torn apart by muttations)


Day 1:

Day 1 in the Arena starts at dawn. The tributes are released into the Cornucopia. Clytemnestra, Kyra, and Carmichael head straight for the forest. Serna, Charleton, Sunny, and Elmen are killed, in that order. Chaia and Chan team up. The Career alliance is made up of Lilliant, Clantick, Sheminette, Shener, and Zephyr. Kyra, Carmichael, and Mello team up. THe other tributes hide in various locations. Xenon is caught by the Careers and Chaia kills him brutally with a knife gained from the Cornucopia. Night falls on the arena.

Day 2:

Day 2 starts with a bang. Sermenelle is ambushed by Chaia and Chan. She is killed by the two. The Careers continue searching for the other tributes. Kyra, Carmichael, and Mello take refuge in a cave in the forest. Chaia and Chan hide in the grass plains. Paige is in the plains as well. She encounters Chaia and Chan but manages to escape. Paige then encounters poisonous muttations that bite her. She dies of the poison. Night falls on the arena and more dangerous muttations are released.

Day 4:

Day 4 starts. Chaia and Chan are still hunting for the other tributes. Carmichael reveals to Kyra that he has had a crush on her for years. Kyra is shaken and goes with Mello to find food. Sheminette seperates from the rest of the Careers to find food and is found by Kyra and Mello. Sheminette attacks the two, but Kyra stabs her before either of them get killed. Kyra and Mello continue on their way to find food. Vladimir is wandering alone in the forest and is caught by muttations. He manages to outrun them, but it gets dark and they ambush him. Vladimir dies.

Day 5:

POuring rains wake up the tributes on Day 5. The Careers take refuge in the grass plains. They send Lilliant to hunt game. Lilliant is found in the Cornucopia by Chaia and Chan. After a fight, Chan holds Lilliant down and Chaia slits her throat. The Careers are infuriated at Lilliant's death and set their goal as hunting down Chaia. Leroy steals from the Careers and runs away. The Careers see him escaping and chase after him. Zephyr catches up to him and kills him. Zephyr is then killed by muttations. Kyra and Mello steal food from the Careers while they're occupied and start to head back to Carmichael.

Day 6:

On Day 6, temperatures drop low. Rayne lights a fire to warm herself. The two remaining tributes of the Career alliance are Shener and Clantick, Flinn having run off on his own, and Mello with Kyra. They spot Rayne and decide to attack her. Rayne lights a stick on fire and throws it at Shener. Shener burns to death. Clantick, in revenge, pushes Rayne into her own fire and kills her. Chaia and Chan are hiding from the Careers. Chaia lays down to sleep a little. Chan plans to kill her and therefore protect himself. He grabs a knife and is about to stab her, when she wakes up and sees him. Chaia is given a present of a gun. She uses it to shoot Chan and kill him. She takes his knife, and for good measure, slits his throat and stabs him in the heart. Flinn sees Mello and Kyra, but decides not to kill them-yet. Clytemnestra spots Chase wandering around alone and unarmed. He is injured severely and bleeding heavily. She goes down to see him, and he asks her to end his misery. Clytemnestra kills him quickly, and with that Day 6 ends.

Day 7:

Kyra and Mello are walking back to Carmichael. Clytemenstra and Flinn make an agreement. Clytemnestra attacks Kyra and Mello. Flinn sneaks to Carmichael and stabs him in the stomach, leaving him to bleed to death. Kyra stabs Clytemnestra, who, feeling pity, tells them of Flinn's plan. She then dies. Kyra and Mello dash back to Carmichael. Kyra holds him in her arms and he dies. Kyra becomes enraged and she and Mello hunt down Flinn. Kyra and Mello track him down and attack him. FLinn tries to convince Mello to help him. Mello gets angrier and stabs Flinn in the arm. WHile he's on the ground in pain, Kyra looms over him and stabs him in the heart, killing him. The two girls mourn Carmichael. They don't hear the sound of a twig cracking. Chaia shoots Mello in the back and runs off. Kyra holds Mello as she dies. Night falls on the arena.

Day 8:

Kyra is mourning Mello and Carmichael. She feels guilty about Carmichael mostly. She vows revenge on Chaia no matter what it takes. She teams up with Andromeda to take down Chaia. Clantick is also hunting Chaia. Clantick, however finds Chaia first. Andromeda and Kyra catch Clantick and knock him out. Andromeda pins Chaia to the ground. Kyra stabs her in the stomach and leaves her to die. Clantick regains consciousness, unknown to the girls. He slowly and silently gets up, pulling the knife from Chaia's gut. Kyra sees Clantick and tries to warn Andromeda, but Clantick stabs her in the back. Andromeda dies, and then Chaia finally dies. Kyra runs into the woods to escape Clantick.

Day 9:

Kyra is hiding out in the woods. Clantick is in the middle of the Cornucopia. A giant earthquake is triggered and Kyra runs to the cave for safety. Muttations instead chase her into the Cornucopia. Kyra climbs onto the Cornucopia. Clantick sees her and throws a knife at her. It catches her on the arm and she slips. Muttations surround Clantick and Kyra. Kyra is injured now. She is losing a lot of blood. Clantick thinks he has her, when the muttations start attacking them. Kyra climbs back onto the Cornucopia, and the muttations tear Clantick apart. Kyra is the victor!

Interviews with the families/friends of the remaining tributes(as of the end of Day 5)

District 1: Clantick Tarfan

Clantick's family consists of his parents Jake and Shenile, three sisters and two brothers. His mother says of him "Clantick is obviously the best in the Arena. No doubt he'll win. He just needs to kill off the others." His eldest sister remarks "We knew Lilliant... Clantick has to be hurting."

District 2: Mello McCormick

Mello had no real family left. She did, however, have a boyfriend, Matty. Matty said "Mello, I know you can't hear me. But I love you and I can't wait to see you when you win this!"

District 2: Flinn Shethen

Flinn has only his older sister Maya and younger brother Chass, who he volunteered in the place of. Chass said little. Maya said "Chass is still feeling guilt over letting Flinn go. But we know Flinn's gonna win this!"

District 4: Shener Drematale

Shener had his mother Moria. Moria said of her son "He's been hurting since Dren died in the Games. But I know he'll win this for Dren." She also mentioned that she was pregnant.

District 5: Chaia Killsman

Chaia had no living family left. She had a friend, Aimiee, who came. Aimiee said of her friend "She's a freaking psycho. I'd stay out of her way. That's why she's gonna win this."

District 5: Chan Stilton

Chan has no family. He was said to be a loner in school. The only person he was said to talk to was Chaia.

District 6: Rayne Salvatore

Rayne lives with her father. Her father said of her "Rayne'll win this. As long as she doesn't set herself on fire along with the Arena. Which could happen." He also said that he loves his daughter dearly.

District 9: Clytemnestra Vidal

Clytemnestra is a triplet. Her siblings came. Her brother Troy said of her "She's smart. She knows what she's going to do." Her sister Sheria added that "Cly is good at what she does. She'll be spearing people left in right. They won't know what hit them."

District 10: Andromeda Rouxa

Andromeda has her mother Miroare. Miroare said of her only child "I hope she comes home. We love her dearly back home and want her back. Andromeda I love you sweetie and I am so proud of you."

District 11: Kyra Abernathy

Kyra has her mother Nirorea, three sisters, and two brothers. Nirorea cried through the entire interview. Her eldest sister, Linni, spoke. "Our sister has always been so independent. We were surprised to see her in an alliance. But with Carmichael, I don't know what she's going to do."

District 11: Carmichael Chan

Carmichael has two sisters, his father Roel, and mother Leonira. Leonira said of her only son "My poor baby. Falling in love with another tribute. It'll kill him if he comes home and she doesn't." Roel added "My wife is right. But I know he'll do what his heart says."

District 12: Chase Sierton

Chase has his girlfriend Tisera. Tisera said of Chase "He's a good guy. I know he'll make it home. He has to. He has to. I'm pregnant and I can't do this without him. Chase sweetie I love you and I wish you were here with me."

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