Hi!!! I'm new to this wiki, but I've been on here a lot just reading stuff, and I noticed that a lot off people have their own Hunger Games! I reallllllly love the books so I'm gonna make one of my own! But I need help making tributes for mine.... So if you can help me out! If you see a blank spot, you can make a tribute for that spot!!! If I can get them by like Monday or Tuesday, the Games will start on Wednesday or Thursday! *I just noticed that the commenting box disappeared for some odd reason.... so yeah if you can make one just post it on my talk page!!!*

Submit yours like this please!!!





Weapon of choice:__________

Special skills:___________

Other info:_________________


District 1: Lilliant Regnew, Clantick Tarfan

District 2: Mello McCormick, Flinn Shethen

District 3: Sunny Cillana, Zephyr Saerelle

District 4: Sheminette Howslen, Shener Drematale

District 5: Chaia Killsman, Chan Stilton

District 6: Rayne Salvatore, Leroy Lesstat

District 7: Sermenelle Florska, Elmen Yokitour

District 8: Paige Keravnos, Charlten Crosmonas

District 9: Clytemnestra Vidal, Vladimir Archbolt

District 10: Andromeda Rouxa, Xenon Sharpe

District 11: Kyra Abernathy, Carmichael Chan

District 12: Serna O'Nelson, Chase Siertion


District 1:

Lilliant Regnew

Age: 14

Weapon: Hatchet, Knife.

Special Skills: Climbing, swimming, aim, camouflage, and strength.

Other Info: She is an only child, raised by her mother who was a victor in a past games. She was taught from an early age to survive.

Clantick Tarfan

Age: 18

Weapon: Spear, Mace

Special Skills: Brutal Strength

Other Info: He has a large family of three sisters and two brothers. One of his brothers and one of his sisters where sent into the games. His sister survived and his brother survived but was later on tortured to death.

District 2:

Mello McCormick

Age: 15

Weapon of choice: Giant gun

Skills: Great at using gun, weapons specialist

Other info: Has boyfriend back in District 2, British accent

Flinn Shethen

Age: 18

Weapon of choice: Dagger

Skills: Great aim

Other info: Volunteered in place of his younger brother Chass

District 3:

Sunny Cillana

Age: 14

Weapon of Choice: Combat Knife

Special Skills: She's fast-paced, and has very good reflexes.

Other Info: Sadly, Sunny isnt a fighter. She's more of a survivor. She gives up too easily, and is quite apathetic.

Zephyr Saerelle

Age: 16

Weapon of Choice: Sword or Spear

Special Skills: Like Xenon, he's manipulative. He's also very skilled with a sword, and is able to throw a spear very accurately.

Other Info: Zephyr is quite arrogant (not like Cato, however), but he can be caring and can treat others better than he treats himself. He seems to treat Clytemnestra as a friend and ally, and he might actually have some romantic interest for her (which she slightly returns, but tries to forget due to the fact that she has to kill him). He had a twelve year old sister who died on the first day of a previous Games.

District 4:

Sheminette Howslen

Age: 16

Weapon of choice: Mimicry and net

kills: Able to imitate voices well, great swimmer

Other info: Daughter of the mayor

Shener Drematale

Age: 12

Weapon of choice: Throwing knives

Skills: Great aim, silent, sneaky

Other info: Older sister Dren died in the Games three years before

District 5:

Chaia Killsman

Age: 12

Weapon of choice: Pistol

Skills: Great aim, psychotic

Other info: Has Russian accent, shows no mercy, enjoys killing

Chan Stilton

Age: 17

Weapon of choice: Sword

Skills: Crafty, ruthless

Other info: Has no family, parents killed, no siblings

District 6:

Rayne Salvatore

Age: 17

Weapon of Choice: She perfers to light fires to trap an opponent, and let them die that way. If they escape, she'll try and get 'em with a spear.

Special Skills: She's quite a riot when it comes to making plans for an attack. She's great when it comes to survival.

Other Info: As you can see, she's a pyromaniac. She's a bit...crazy in the head. She isnt in the least passionate, and she'll willingly kill another tribute (except the tribute from the same district as her; she's willing to help him). She lives with her father. her own mother when she was 14.

Leroy Lesstat

Age: 17

Weapon of Choice: Twin-Hooks (a weapon used by Shoulin Warriors (I think that's how you spell it o_0))

Special Skills: Leroy is extremely smart and has great tactic. He's also capable of intimidating others, due to being very tall (5ft 8in)

Other Info: He's generally a nice and calm person, despite being so intimidating. He has a best-friend back in District 6, who he actually misses greatly. He's also friends with Rayne Salvatore and he allies up with her during the games. He also has a British accent.

District 7:

Sermenelle Florska

Age: 17

Weapon of choice: Wit

Skills: Quick, smart

Other info: Uncle is mayor

Elmen Yokitour

Age: 13

Weapon of choice: Snares

Skills: Great hunter

Other info: Mother was killed in Games

District 8:

Paige Keravnos

Age: 15

Weapon of choice: Sword

Skills: Good at predicting weather

Other info: Unusual past

Charlten Crosmonas

Age: 16

Weapon of choice: Bare hands, wit

Skills: Strategist, strength

Other info: Hates the Games, both parents died in them

District 9:

Clytemnestra Vidal

Age: 17

Weapon of Choice: Spear or Staff/Bow

Special Skills: She's quite advanced in hand-to-hand combat. She's cunning and smart, but can be quite slow-paced when angered.

Other Info: Mm, she never talks. (similar to Thresh, somehow)

Vladimir Archbolt

Age: 12

Weapon of Choice: Katana/Sword

Special Skills: He's skilled in karate, and very coordinated with certain things such as planning an attack.

Other Info: He's left handed, which makes him better at certain things, and not so good with others. His strong point is literally his strength, which is pretty high despite his young age.

District 10:

Andromeda Rouxa

Age: 14

Weapon of Choice: Bow+Arrows, Knife

Special Skills: She's specialized in camoflauge and setting traps.

Other Info: She's very, very shy [and afraid of most of the tributes]. She gets sick when she see's blood. However, her personality can have a complete turn-on when in difficult situations.

Xenon Sharpe

Age: 18

Weapon of Choice: His own speed and mind, Chainwhip

Special Skills: He's very, very fast and smart. Manipulative, also.

Other Info: He's very calm and passionate. And hesitant whenever about to make a kill. However, he's diagnosed with Catatonic Schizophrenzia, which is a huge weakness against him (victims with CS sometimes have moments where they stand in rigid poses for hours, not paying attention to anything around them. That's why it'd be best to try and kill him when he's having one of those episodes~) He has a Russian accent.

District 11:

Kyra Abernathy

Age: 13

Weapon of choice: Bow and arrows

Skills: Sneaky, quiet

Other info: Three sisters and two brothers, Very independent

Carmichael Chan

Age: 14

Weapon of choice: Slingshot

Skills: Independent, level headed

Other info: Two sisters

District 12:

Serna O'Nelson

Age: 17

Weapon of choice: Disguise, knives

Skills: Great climber, artistic, quiet

Other info: Lives with her family in the Seam, hunting illegally

Chase Siertion

Age: 18

Weapon of choice: Rope, crossbow

Skills: Skilled in making snares and traps

Other info: Girlfriend back in District 12

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