aka Rachel

  • I live in Panem
  • I was born on June 10
  • I am Female
  • Odairess

    The pleading cries of the boy never left her head. Over and over she saw him die. The boy from her district, Layo, had been decapitated. She hadn’t been his friend, really, but she’d known him. They’d gone to school together. And then, just in an instant, he’d died. She’d truly believed that he would win. And his death, although Annie cared deeply for each of the other tributes, unhinged her. She may not have realized it then, but she would never be the same.

    Annie knew each of the tributes names, from the quiet girl from District 6 (Alli) to the monstrous boy from District 1 (Taol). It’s not that she wanted to memorize their strengths and weaknesses, or become allies to then betray them later; she had absolutely no desire to put forth the …

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