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  • Official Plastics

    Due to the large amount of chat fanfics atm Dustin and I thought we would make one ourselves, there will be swearing and since we plan to mostly stick to the script there will be insults and stuff like that, so if you can't deal with that don't join pls.

    Regina George - Dani

    Gretchen Weiners - Dustin

    Karen Smith - Oli

    Cady Heron - Summer

    Janis Ian - Mia

    Damian Leigh - Kaeghan

    Aaron Samuels - Ryan

    Glen CoCo - Justin

    Betsy Heron -

    Mrs. George -

    Shane Oman -

    Michigan girl -

    Trang Pak -  Jason

    Sun Jin Dinh -

    Coach Carr -

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