• Okkie-dokkie

    woo hoo my first hunger games i hope they go well and pleas tell me of i'm missing any thing plus criticism is good an will help me make any even better games.

    Fist off i want to apologize to Rockman because I'm takeing the idea of mega tributes and if you want me to delete them i'll just make it for district 13.


    district male


    female score

    Spider Tablo

    6 Mary Tablo 6
    2 Everest Sateer 8 Jupiter Dorthog 11


    Ceader Melark

    9 Kajama Odair 11
    5 Jack Merter 7 Tierry Chercheur 10
    6 Shane Hover 11 Carrie Hover 5
    7 Cypres Beech 10 Planke Oak 10
    8 Hades Bringer 9 Amanda Hills 9
    9 Jackson Hale 10 Tristen Take 9
    10 Cariettum Downstreet 9 Brandon Downstreet 9
    11 Sam Blah 5 Blue Ghost 10
    12 Evelyn Dreamcatcher 7


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