woo hoo my first hunger games i hope they go well and pleas tell me of i'm missing any thing plus criticism is good an will help me make any even better games.

Fist off i want to apologize to Rockman because I'm takeing the idea of mega tributes and if you want me to delete them i'll just make it for district 13.


district male


female score

Spider Tablo

6 Mary Tablo 6
2 Everest Sateer 8 Jupiter Dorthog 11

Ceader Melark

9 Kajama Odair 11
5 Jack Merter 7 Tierry Chercheur 10
6 Shane Hover 11 Carrie Hover 5
7 Cypres Beech 10 Planke Oak 10
8 Hades Bringer 9 Amanda Hills 9
9 Jackson Hale 10 Tristen Take 9
10 Cariettum Downstreet 9 Brandon Downstreet 9
11 Sam Blah 5 Blue Ghost 10
12 Evelyn Dreamcatcher 7

Adiran Christenson

mega wolverine 12 the humain torch



Scientist1 POV: We were asked to take 2 of everyones favourite super heros and put them in the games by geneticaly munipulating just normal animals. We did a survey and the people loved wolverine and the humain torch or THT hopfully nothing goes wrong.

Shane Hover POV: The reaping comences and my name gets chosen I walk up see my step fathers face and he looks very sad and take my place thene the gils. The girl that gets reaped is some girl Terry or Sherrie I wasn't really paying attention then my dad looks even more sad as he reads out what seems to be my familys birth records. Then he says apperently we have siblings in these games Shane and Carrie seem to be related.

Carrie Hover POV: As the mayor says that me and this guy are related I look over and see that he's just as suprised as me. He comes over for a hug and I shove him away the guy clearly knows nothing about me but a hear him wisper as he walks away I'll do anything to protect you and that fills me with some thing i've never felt befor compasion for someone else. Its like nothing i've felt befor it feels kinda nice warm instead of the cold I normally feel. SNAP OUT OF IT! I need to do whatever it takes even if it takes killing my own blood.

Kajama Odair POV: Once my name gets reaped I think this will be easy I can use my charm and good looks to get a great score then we all leav and me and this boy Jack I think it was get escorted to get read i see my mom and she looks confused and i blow her a kiss she catches it and stores it in her pocket.

Scientist1 POV: The animals are finally starting to take there form I'm really happy about that but the thing is the capitol sent a new guy here. I'm not upset cuz he's helping us out but it's just strange right whene he came the animals finally took form. I'm gunna keep an eye on him.

Kajama Ogair POV: It turns out Jake had a panic attack and was sent to the hospital and guess who showed up my best freind Ceader comes through the door but instead of being happy to see him I feel the look on my face turn into a frown. I wonder why then it finally hits me only only one of us comes out alive but hopefully we'll be able to follow in his pearents footsteps. hopfully .


District 1- female= is wearing a silk purble gown with a necklace with purple quarts with a purple quart headband

male= is wearing a nice suite with a purple dinner jacket and a watch with purple quart highlights with matching buttons

district 2: male= is wearing a blacksmith apron and carying a sludge hammer over is shoulder

female=is wearing clothes eith iron patches in them with comlete iron jewelery


district 4 female= is wearing a mermaid bikini with a seashell top peice and sunken treasure jewlery

male= is wearing tha bottom of the scuba suit and the back pack thinky with the air tanks

district5= male =is wearing a yellow suite that is powerd by watch batteries hidden through out it even the buttons are and it looks like there's electricity flowing through it

female= is wearing a compleatly black dress with light bulbs on the creases and again powerd by watch batteries all through out the dress

district6 male+female= wearing simulair cosyumes backpack wings visor visors and the airoplain jet things

district7= male= is dressed as a lumber jack wearing a plad shirt and overalls and carrying an axe femal= is naked exept for vines over...uhhhh surtaine places also a halo thing but without the front made out of vines

8 female= wearing sort of a belly dancer outfit but with out the vail and is rainbow coulourd male=wearing a rainbow vest an slacks

9=male=a suite made of inter woven grain thing befor they turn to the little things they make into bread (the plant form of the grain) female= same thing but in a dress form

10=both dressed like farmers

11=both dressed as trees

12= both are wearing old miner outfits with the hard hats with the lights and picks

MEGA= we dont know there still in there pods

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