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The 1st Food Games!

Hey guys, I'm new around here, my name is Carter and I'm Rainfacestar's cousin from France. I saw all these great games you were posting, so I decided it would be cool to make a new one. Bare in mind, I'm French, so my english may be terrible. And this is my first games, so I hope everything goes well.

The Twist

Well, the food games is quite explanitory itself, I am making each of the 12 districts represent a food. I will have careers and such, and I will try to do this well. I'm still thinking of a sequel, but it will be awesome, trust me!


I don't want to be real strict or anything, but I would like to enforce a few rules!

  1. Make these tributes new and good, I don't want old ones, and make them match the district
  2. Up to 4 tributes each, I don't want any hogs, especially career spots
  3. I will hold reserves for a small while.
  4. If your reading this, POST A TRIBUTE!


I don't need much info, just name, age, district and weapon :) (And yes D5 is for some humor)

Male Female
District 1 (Burger) Lion Scrapes
District 2 (Hot Dog)
District 3 (Pizza)
District 4 (Fish) Thomas Quince Allie Lynch
District 5 (Berries)
District 6 (Sandwhich) Brann Clatch
District 7 (Chicken)
District 8 (Pasta)
District 9 (Bread) Kevin Quince
District 10 (Beef)
District 11 (Fruit)
District 12 (Salad)

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